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Bonk Breaker softens up with new energy chews

bonk breaker energy chews nutrition for athletes

Bonk Breaker’s been known for their calorically dense, delicious solid food bars, of which they offer nine tasty flavors. Now, they’ve expanded into something a little lighter with chews, giving you a quick hit of energy when you don’t need to carry a full meal in your jersey pocket.

The ingredients list is very clean, keeping it simple and presumably easy to digest in the heat of battle. The Strawberry flavor gets 100mg of caffeine per bag from white tea, and the citrus remains buzz free.

Ingredients are: Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup Solids, Pectin, Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate, Color Added (Organic Black Carrot Concentrate), White Tea Caffeine, Natural Flavor, Ascorbic Acid, Sea Salt, Organic Sunflower Oil, Carnauba Wax.

All that adds up to 24g carb (15g sugar), 70mg sodium and 50mg potassium per serving. Two servings per bag, retail is $2.25 per bag or $36 for a box of 16.

Clif Introduces New Organic Energy Food Including Squeezable Pizza!

Clif organic energy food pizza sweet potato savory gel kits organic builder bar (2)

There are a lot of different approaches to exercise nutrition these days, but a lot of them have one thing in common – the trend towards more natural ingredients. Whether making your own bars or rice cakes, or buying ready made products from nutrition companies, ingredients are trending towards simpler recipes and things that would be found in your kitchen rather than a food science laboratory.

Clif is using this trend as an opportunity to launch their newest range of performance oriented products called the Athlete Series. Focusing on two different specific categories with sweet and savory, both options end up somewhere between a gel and real food. Describing them as more of a smoothie product, ingredients like coconut shreds and quinoa have been added to give them a slight chew. So while they are easier to digest than solid food thanks to a higher water content and squeezable texture, they provide more of a real food experience than a gel.

And there’s pizza.

Yes, Clif has invented a gluten free, vegan, certified organic pizza puree for your next long ride…


Skratch Labs sifts together homemade cookie mix to fuel your rides


As the story goes, Skratch Labs whipped up some cookies for the crowds at Tour of California and the riders ended up pocketing some to nibble on between rice cakes. They took a look at the nutritional profiles and found the treats were at least as good as most energy bars, so why not offer them up for any ride?

Available as a kit that just requires one egg and a stick of butter to make, the mix can be tailored to fit your own tastes by mixing in fruit, nuts, chocolate chips or whatever. It’s enough to make one 9″ square pan of “bars” or a standard cookie sheet’s worth of cookies. Ingredients and more details below…


Tasty new treats from Greenbelly, Clif, Purefit, Ally’s Bar & Hammer Nutrition


Greenbelly’s Meal Bar is massive, but it packs a third of your daily calories into a deliciously soft, moist brick of a bar. They’re almost too big for a jersey pocket, crowding out anything else you may have planned on taking with you, but they’ll provide a few pitstops worth of gnoshing to keep you going through longer rides. Heck, there might even be enough to share…


Physiology and Nutrition: Timing, type & quantity of protein consumption for optimal recovery

the-best-high-protein-foods-When it comes to protein type, timing and quantity, we see conflicting information regarding intake everywhere.

Recovery? Protein!

Weight loss? Protein!

Reduce blood sugar swings? Protein!

Body composition change? Protein! Protein! Protein!

But there’s much more to it than just eat more (or less) protein. In this month’s post, I’d like to focus on the athletic population (a way to state a disclaimer that the general population is different and has different nutritional needs).

Flipping through various peer review publications, several themes have come to the forefront: Daily protein intake vs training protein intake; Timing and distribution of protein for strength vs endurance athletes; and protein intake prior to sleep (to maximize recovery from a muscle and immunity standpoint). The actual accrual of skeletal muscle protein requires a sustained positive muscle protein balance (eg. rates of muscle synthesis exceed muscle breakdown). It is well known that a bout of exercise, followed by the ingestion of protein helps stimulate muscle synthesis and maintain a positive nitrogen balance; but the “gray” area is how much protein is necessary? Moreover, what are the critical windows for anabolic stimulus; post exercise or spread across the day via meals?

The long standing hypothesis behind protein intake post exercise is that ~20g provides a maximal anabolic stimulus in the early recovery process (~5 hours post exercise). This theory originated in the resistance training literature, and has been generalized to the endurance athlete. Upon examining the endurance literature, there are several other factors which come into play, including: if the athlete is male or female, if the athlete is energy deficit, the composition of the overall diet (high or low protein), and the composition of the protein ingested.


Wholedration Goes (Coco)Nuts w/ New Organic, Totally Natural, Non-GMO Sports Drinks

Wholedration organic all natural non-GMO sports drink with coconut sugar

If you’re already shopping the perimeter and the farmer’s market and eschewing packaged foods and artificial crap, then it’s time to look at what you’re drinking on the bike.

Wholedration did, and the result is the first sports drink we’ve seen that’s certified organic and non-GMO, and it’s using real food sources for the carbs and electrolytes rather than lab-made chemicals or cheap sugars.

Meant as a hydration sports drinks rather than an energy supplying, carb dense drink, it’s kept at just 7-9g of carbohydrate per serving. That’s inline with modern thinking about osmality and absorption, so it’s the source is what really sets the drink apart: Coconut palm sugar. That, along with dried coconut water and sea salt, also provides the electrolytes sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium in ratios that approximate what you’re sweating out.

Since different folks, activities and temperatures yield different sweat rates, there’s two versions to fit the situation…


Support Asheville Greenway Projects w/ Industry Nine I9PA Dry Hopped Brew! Party Tonight!


Made by the good folks at Asheville Brewing Co., the new I9PA is a 9x dry hopped pale ale that’ll be making its debut tonight at the brewery’s tap room from 6 to 9pm.

On top of the frosty beverages, they’ll be raffling off a set of I9 wheels and a Cane Creek DB shock. Those’ll sit alongside a silent auction with plenty of other amazing products from a huge assortment of local brands, shops and providers like Suspension Experts. To top it all off, they fabricated these sweet tap pulls from their hubs!

Check the flyer and PR below for full details…


IB14: Tasty Treats Roundup – New Flavors & Goods from Powerbar, Clif, Power Pancake, RAP & More!


Bar and drink samples around the show is pretty much what keeps us fueled at Interbike (and Eurobike, and Sea Otter), and there’s always new flavors to try from the big boys. Fortunately, there’s usually some treats from new and smaller brands, too, and Phil’s Power Pancake was one of the better ones I found.

It’s basically a muffin top, baked from real ingredients and available in a few flavors. Toast it, nuke it or just warm it in your jersey pocket for a delicious little snack. Chomp on through for plenty more to make you hungry…


Sufferfest’s The Rookie Gets On-Bike Footage from Team Giant-Shimano, Then Talks Nutrition

David at The Sufferfest has been busy. First, he’s just put together a new trainer video called The Rookie, which takes advantage of the new on-bike cameras in events to bring you a whole new perspective of suffering. Then,

The Rookie follows a young Sufferlandrian rider in his big break with Team Giant-Shimano at a top race, punishing his (your) legs through 55 minutes with 3×10 minute intervals to build speed, strength and stamina. Silly teaser above, actual video footage below, which shows off some of their new graphics and animations to help keep you on track. Plus their take on nutrition…