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Trailside Review: Gluten Free Goodness from EnduroBites & Skout

EnduroBites gluten free energy bars for athletesLooking for the next great energy bar? Or just one with fewer ingredients and potential allergens? Two recent additions -EnduroBites and Skout Natural- caught my eye and pleased my taste buds while keeping the legs spinning for long days on the trail and road. Both are gluten free and eschew some of the more common things people try to avoid, like dairy and soy, and they use all-natural (some organic) ingredients.

EnduroBites is the more unique of the two in that they’re made and shipped fresh, directly from the company’s Colorado Springs, CO, headquarters. They’re supposed to be put in the fridge once they arrive, something I failed to do for almost two weeks after receiving them due to travel and such. And since then, they’ve gone in and out of cold storage between rides and more travel, and they’ve held up just fine as far as I can tell. Repeat at your own risk.

They offer just two flavors, which are similar: Dark Chocolate Espresso and Fig & Dark Chocolate. Both are very good, with a moist, thick brownie consistency. The other unique thing is that each package is oversized and comes with four precut, 100 calorie “bites”. Hence the name. That makes portion management easy while giving you more for your money…


Fuelstrip: The Litmus Paper for your Sports Nutrition Refueling Needs

Fule StirpsAiming to remove the guessing game from refueling, Fuelstrip has created a product that detects the metabolites in your sweat and then tells you exactly how much refueling is needed.  That refueling comes in the form of their Fuelstrip branded chews that are specifically formulated to match up with the results from the test strip.  An orange result means you eat one chew, yellow equals two chews, green means three, and if you hit blue (meaning you are burning muscle at this point) you better consume four chews to keep going.  The idea here is to keep you in the fat burning zone, and to keep you properly fueled for the best results from your workout.

Their starter pack includes two vials of test strips and three bags of chews.  It is estimated to last you two to three hours of physical activity and costs $12.

Tradeshow Roundup: Nutrition – New Sports & Recovery Drinks, Pills, Powders & More


All the shiny new bikes and components in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t have the energy to ride them. Sure, whole foods are best, but a solid sports nutrition program helps put the finishing touches your hard training and ensures you have what you need on the road and on the trail. And sometimes we just like a little snack. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone one with the latest entries from LG, Cytosport, Kinetic Koffee, Supercandy and more.

While a Maple Lemonade flavor might sound odd and first, it’s darn tasty. The new Canadian-inspired flavor comes in both sports drink and recovery drink formulas. Check the ingredients and more below…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • The BC Bike Race (last years’ race pictured above) has announced it’s 2014 route. Registration is open – but already 92% full – so better get on it if you want to do this June 28-July 5th stage race!
  • Looking for something to do this weekend that isn’t shopping? NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) is offering a chance to watch the movie SingleTrack High for free from Friday to Sunday. Just fill out this survey, and use the provided password to view the film!
  • Near Portland, OR, and looking for handmade cycling-themed presents? Check out the BikeCraft 2013 Holiday Gift Fair this Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 6pm, at VeloCult.
  • Santa Cruz has created a Senior Engineering position and is actively searching for someone to fill it. More info here (and NO, Joe Graney is NOT leaving.)
  • Endurance House has opened a new store in Oceanside, CA. The store will cater to triathlon/marathon competitors and everyday endurance athletes.
  • Fuelstrip claims to test your energy deficiency by testing glycogen levels in your sweat – giving you an idea on how much you need to re-fuel. Conveniently, Fuelstrip also sells energy chews and “fuelade” to help you return to optimum glycogen levels.
  • The new Pafers XSPIN is a strap-on Bluetooth LE cadence module and accompanying iOS app that lets you get real time cadence from any stationary bike (at the gym, home, spin class, etc.) and link it to training software. You could even strap it to your own bike on the trainer, but heel clearance might be a concern for some. Check it out at
  • Competitive Cyclist is running a contest to win a full Castelli Scorpion Kit.
  • Tumbuk2 and Intrepid Travel are giving away a two week cycling trip “for deux” to France! Enter here.
  • A group of cyclists called the Coalición Ciclistas P R is organizing a protest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sunday, December 8th, to demand better cycling infrastructure and the enforcement of laws protecting cyclists. This protest comes from the frustration of more than 80 car on cyclist deaths, not to mention innumerable injuries, in less than 3 years. Check out the link for more information.
  • In the U.S., you can ask your congressman to support The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act. The League of American Bicyclists makes it super easy for you to do this now, right this moment: Click here, enter your address and you can send emails to your representatives with the click of a button. This act states that the lives of ALL roadway users are important and creates accountability towards needless deaths.

IB13: GU Offers Roctane in Pill Form, with New Electrolyte Capsules

Gu roctane electrolyte capsules (2)

No, GU isn’t getting into PEDs, this was just the display for the new Roctane Electrolyte Caps. Tyler got a sneak peek at these outside in the desert, but a much more finished product (read – not a nondescript pill bottle) was on display inside. The big claim for these little guys is the Ginger Root powder which is supposed to settle your stomach during hard effort.

The rest of the ingredients are more than just salt, check out the nutritional content after the break.


IB13: Kinetic Koffee Drops Blonde Bomb w/ new Super Caffeinated Light Roast – Plus Chocolate!

kinetic coffee (1)

Like many cyclists I know, I love me some coffee. I tend towards the darker roasts, but if you’re a fan of the lighter side or caffeine content is of the utmost importance, check out Kinetic Koffee’s Limited edition Blonde Bomb. The Super Light roast also means it is super caffeinated if you need an extra boost before (or after) your ride/work day/weekend/etc. Located in Humboldt County, CA, Kinetic Koffee is a small roaster that uses 100% certified organic beans and whose coffee can be found in your local bike shops and outdoor retailers, among other places. 10% of all net proceeds also go to non-profits for worthy causes.

They’ve also finally got those Go-Bars out, joined by some very, very dark chocolate…


Zym Electrolyte Tabs Adds Grape Flavor, Reformulates w/ Stevia


Zym electrolyte tablets have reformulated all flavors to use the all-natural sweetener Stevia, and they’ve added a new Grape flavor.

Grape joins Berry as a caffeinated option with 100mg per serving. Lemon Lime is the standard, and Orange Rival adds Rhodiola Rosea, an herb that supposedly boosts energy and reduces fatigue. The latter two are my personal favorites and among the better tasting electrolyte tabs I’ve tried (GU’s strawberry lemonade is the other). The new Grape flavor’s decent, though the caffeine’s bitterness is apparent on the first few sips. Tubes of 10 retail for $7.99 to $9.99. Check ‘em out at

IB13: Honey Stinger Kids’ Line will Make Children and Parents Happy

honey stinger kids (1)

Have an active kid? Looking for energy food or snacks that are healthier than the average Little Debbie/fruit snack/etc? Honey Stinger is the latest energy food company offering energy products specifically marketed towards kids. Honey Stinger Kids’ Waffles are currently available for sale on their site, and the energy chews are coming soon. Like most of the Stinger products the kids’ waffles and chews are USDA certified organic and use no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, trans fats, or hydrogenated oils and do not use high fructose corn syrup. Compared to the adult sized waffles, the kids’ version has half the calories at 80, with the chews coming in slightly less at 70 calories per serving.

The chocolate or honey waffles are offered in a box of 6 individually wrapped pieces for $4.99 that are perfect to stash in a lunch box, or their pocket while on the go.

IB13: Clif Bar Reformulates Shot Drink Mix, Hydrate and Recover with Organic Ingredients

Cliff Bar New hydration Recovery Drink Mix20130918_0146

If you follow the cycling nutrition scene, then you that companies like Osmo and Scratch Labs have been rethinking hydration and recommending you get your calories through food and not your drink mix. Clif Bar is the latest nutrition company on board after performing their own research with nutritionalist and ultra runner Bob Seebohar. Clif  has worked with Bob since ’95, though the most recent collaboration is the relaunch of the Clif Bar Performance Drink line.

With new options for hydration and recovery, Clif is offering new school science in their own organic way.