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Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Why Oval Rings Help You Ride Better – The UK based manufacturer of durable, lightweight and beautiful bicycle parts, absoluteBLACK has recently produced a few videos to illustrate the benefits of oval rings. They’re so sure that you’ll love your oval ring that they’ll give you 30 days to try it and if you don’t love it, you can send it back for a refund. There will be more videos to come so be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.


GU BAR keeps rides from going FUBAR with new Energy Sticks, plus multi-serving gel refills

GU Bar Energy Stick food bar for endurance athletes

Two years in development, GU’s first solid food product will debut in early 2016. The GU Energy Sticks are small, 200-calorie whole food bars that are mostly organic and 100% gluten free. Two flavors will be offered at launch: Crispy Honey Peanut (organic dates, organic peanuts, honey, organic quinoa and sea salt) and Crispy Chocolate Almond (organic dates, almonds, organic semi-sweet dark chocolate, organic cocoa, organic quinoa, honey and sea salt). They’ll retail for $2.50 each, or a 12 pack for $30.

While the company’s founded on gels, they say solids can play a role in daily nutrition and during longer, lower intensity efforts. For everything else, the gels (and blocks and drinks) will still be the foundation of a quick energy and hydration strategy. For that, they have also launched a new 15-serving refill pack…


Review: Wholedration all-natural, high electrolyte coconut water based sports drink mix

Wholedration organic all natural non-GMO sports drink with coconut sugar review

Last winter, Kleen Nutrition launched their first product, an all-natural, organic, non-GMO sports drink called Wholedration. It’s based on coconut sugar and coconut water with a two flavor system tailored to sweat rates. Their December launch wasn’t exactly timed with the hot temps that make us sweat a ton, so we waited a while to put it through a proper test.

I used it as my sole hydration source during a solo effort at 6 Hours of Warrior Creek in April and throughout the summer on short, long, hot and normal rides and haven’t come close to cramping a single time. Equally as impressive is that even on four to six hour rides, I didn’t tire of the flavor and it never built up a sticky sweet tongue coating.

The carb count is low, just 7-9g per 8oz serving, which falls in line with modern thinking about using the drink to hydrate and food to fuel, so I did rely on nuts, bars and Clif’s surprisingly tasty organic food purée squeezes to keep me riding strong. The drink’s two flavors are mild, not too acidic, and they’re definitely not sweet, which is the right combo for long term use. Pour into the details below…


GU Adds Three New Flavors Including Maple Bacon Energy Gel

Maple Bacon

Lately it seems the only thing nearly as trendy as bacon is hating on the growing popularity of crispy pork belly. But before you get up in arms about yet another bacon product – relax, this one’s vegan. Continuing with their revised product line of energy gels, GU’s decision to remove Histidine from the formula has rendered the product completely plant based. No, the Maple Bacon flavor doesn’t have any actual bacon in it, but like the rest of the GU energy gels we imagine it is delicious. Inside you’ll find 100 calories of Maple-ly Bacon-y energy with 450mg of Amino Acids, 60mg of Sodium, and 20mg of Caffeine. Info that’s just as easy to digest as the gel thanks to their new informative packaging.

Considering fall is just around the corner, GU’s new flavors for Roctane Energy Gel and their Energy Chews should be a big hit as well…


Weekend Round-Up: Nisnas’ Brompton fenders & giveaway; ERG! energy bars; Zeal Optics Photochromic & Polarized Power


Nisnas Industires Introduces Limited Brompton Fenders, Commuter Give Away: Looking for a gorgeous way of pimping out your ride? Nisnas Industries has, for a limited time, a run of Black Night Brompton fenders available through its website for fans of the 16″ wheel. The fender is made from exotic, dark Wenge wood, and features racing stripe accents. These fenders are available now through their website… READ MORE ->

The Feed offers Tour de France fueling kit w/ free bonus goods from Garmin Cannondale team

As an official team sponsor of Garmin Cannondale this year, they’ll be throwing a free Skratch Labs hydration kit and Camelbak Podium team bottle ($21 combined value) in every order during July. And if you’d like to grab a box full of goodies from team sponsors   Skratch Labs, Bonk Breaker and GU, plus plenty more bars, while food snacks and even cookie mix, this box can be yours for just $40. Check it out here along with all the other subscription nutrition boxes they offer.

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


About the Video: It’s the story of four, high school “student athlete” mountain bikers who wanted to give back for their senior project by building and repairing the singletrack they pedaled weekly. Our Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew spent a weekend helping them and their classmates learn sustainable trail work.


  • We Built That – Great mountain bike projects aren’t possible without your support. Want to see more resources go to hometown trails? Give today to the IMBA Trail Fund and they’ll put your dollars toward supporting enthusiastic trail builders like this all across the U.S.


Recon Jet smart sunglasses adds ANT+ power meter support, gets acquired by Intel

Recon Jet smart sunglasses adds ANT+ power meter support and brand gets acquired by Intel

Smart sunglasses brand Recon has been acquired by electronics giant Intel, which suggests something to compete with Google Glass on a broader, more mainstream scale may be on the way from the chip maker.

More pertinent to us, though, is the addition of ANT+ power meter compatibility for the Recon Jet. We had a chance to play with the Jet at Sea Otter, and a long-term review unit just arrived at the office. The ANT+ power meter support is merely an addition to existing ANT+ device compatibility, along with Bluetooth Smart, GPS and an HD camera all bringing in data to display (even directions) on its miniature screen. Check the links above and our initial coverage for more tech details.

Power data can be displayed as Instant, 3 second, 10 second, 30 second, Max, and Average, with additional modes coming soon. Power readings can be displayed alongside other metrics like heart rate, speed, cadence, pace, grade, elevation gain, calories burned, distance and duration, with each number positioned on the display however you like.

t’ll also tell you when you need to drink…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



Bicycle as Art

  • Keirin: A Show of Photographs by Sam Polcer – Bike Cult Show produces events and exhibitions that intend to present every facet of cycling. This one-day exhibition of photography and paraphernalia explores the world of professional track bike racing in Japan. The show is Thursday, June 18, 2015, 6PM – 10PM at Bicycle Habitat (2nd floor), Chelsea – 226 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011.