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NAHBS 2015: Matter Cycles’ gorgeous steel gravel road bike & SlayRide hardtail


Matter Cycles popped up last year building chromoly steel bikes out of Boulder, CO. We were so impressed with them, one of us commissioned them to build a fat bike. That build process is chronicled here, and the finished product was on display in their NAHBS 2015 booth.

But first, there was their WolfBeard gravel road bike…


NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Love Baum Bicycles


Love Baum is an interesting name for a bicycle company, but like other names before it the title stems from two individuals, Chad Lovings and Bryce Baumann. Together, the duo design and build bicycles in Denver, Colorado having met in Rifle, Colorado, while studying the art of frame building with Koichi Yamaguchi. Chad and Bryce shared a vision for creating meticulous, high quality steel frames and rather than compete against each other, they combined their talents to form Love Baum Bicycles. Their pairing has already paid off, with Love Baum Bicycles taking the NAHBS 2015 award for Best New Builder… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: Moonmen Build First Steel Bike with Components from Idyllic Cycleworks

Moonmen fat bike ti colorado (4)

Ever since we laid eyes on the first Moonmen fat bike, the small builder out of Fort Collins, Colorado has had our attention. Started by Todd Heath and Ryan Mckee, Todd cut his teeth in bike building with James Bleakley of Black Sheep for almost ten years. Starting with a fantastic titanium fat bike with BMX inspired styling, Moonmen is slowly building their brand one unique bike at a time.

After chatting with Evan at Idyllic Cycle Works, the latest Moonmen bikes include the company’s first steel build built around 29+ tires and frame components from Idyllic…


NAHBS 2015: Unbelievable Lugs from DiNucci Cycles and Cherubim

Dinucci cycles NAHBS best lug lugs 2015 (4)

Depending on who you are talking to, the concept of NAHBS can be a bit difficult to explain. As bike people, most of us get it, but to the average Joe the idea of a multi thousand dollar bike that to the uninitiated looks similar to the old road bike hanging in their garage can be a head scratcher. However, after seeing the work of DiNucci Cycles I’m not sure there is anything that more perfectly summarizes the NAHBS show. When you are talking about hand built bikes there are few examples that can match the perfect lugs crafted with clinical precision thanks to countless hours with a torch and a number of hand tools. I’d wager that even non bike people would look at this frame and think, wow….


NAHBS 2015: Black Cat Bicycles

black cat sycyip shimano (6)

If there was an award for Best Stem at NAHBS, Black Cat Bicycles would certainly be in the running, if not the hands down winner. Sort of a Black Cat calling card, the stem is a modern take on the old one piece Bullmoose bars that still offers a stiffer interface at the bar. Only after a last minute decision, Todd Ingermanson made the long trip to NAHBS with Curtis Inglis and Jeremy Sycip


NAHBS 2015 Mega Gallery: Best Campagnolo Build Bike Contest Part 2, Metal Bikes

Campagnolo bike build competition NAHBS 2015 metal (297)

You’ve seen the carbon creations, now it’s time for metal. Whether it’s titanium, steel, brazed, lugged, or tigged, bicycles of the metal variety are probably what comes to mind when most people think of NAHBS. The Campagnolo Best Build Bike Contest was a showcase of some extremely impressive bikes, all fitted with lust worthy Campy drivetrains. It was hard not to get a feeling for each builder’s personality through their entries…


NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Green Pea Bikes


Paul Daniel is the owner and builder behind Green Pea Bikes of Ashland, Oregon. His company philosophy is simple – combining his passion of cycling with green energy systems, and creating performance electric bicycles. Paul’s NAHBS bike features a unique frame design, along with an innovative front suspension system, and of course an electric motor… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: An interesting spread from Hero Bike, Steve Potts & Scappa


Steve Potts has been building bikes for a long time, helping shape some of the early days of mountain biking. Nowawadays, it’s all about titanium for him, and the bikes vary a bit but mainly fall into road/cyclocross or mountain bike categories.

The one above is in the former, but takes a modern approach with 650 wheels and tires, his Type II fork and disc brakes. A modern-retro parts build gives it a bit of character, but not at the expense of performance in most areas.

Check it out, plus a very cool bamboo-and-carbon commuter bike concept from Alabama’s Hero Bike and some Italian flair from Scappa, below…


NAHBS 2015 Mega Gallery: Best Campagnolo Build Bike Contest Part 1, Carbon Bikes

Campagnolo bike build competition NAHBS 2015 (1)

If you were to enter a competition for the best Campagnolo equipped bike, what would you choose? That question brought together nearly 22 bikes from different builders and different eras with everyone putting their own spin on the competition. In spite of a few casualties that never made the show or only partly made the show due to a heavy blanket of snow snarling traffic and deliveries just before showtime, the quest for Best Campy bragging rights made for an awesome collection of eye candy both at the Campagnolo booth and around the show.

After the jump you’ll find all of the carbon fiber bikes that were entered, both new and old…