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NAHBS 2015: Roundup – components to fit anyone, carbon wheels, wood pegs & more!


5 Points is a collection of artsy types out of Kansas City that pops up around the community to share art and help folks get creative. For NAHBS, they cut an entire bike out of wood to showcase their made-from-trees handlebars and rear pegs, along with a few other accessories and non-bike goodies.

Go with the grain and see other random components and more below…


NAHBS 2015: Roundup – Kentucky Wheelmen’s retro-tastic 1800’s bicycles


The Kentucky Wheelman brought several classic road bikes to NAHBS this year, each showcasing a different style and some very interesting ways of making the parts work. While so much is remarkably similar, the bicycles from the 1800’s and early 1900’s also show just how much has changed.

This 1920 Wastyn is the most modern of the three they displayed was built by Belgian Emil Wastyn after moving to America in 1910. This early model preceded his building of the very first Schwinn Paramount nearly two decades later (quick history of the brand here).

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NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Vibe Cycles

vibe-cycles-nahbs-new-builder-201501Frame building is a partnership of materials, whether they be welded, bonded, wrapped or somehow joined together, to form the basis of every bicycle, the frameset. Vibe Cycles of Boise, Idaho, began as a partnership between two cyclists, Dave and Christi Kelley, who married and extended their partnership to include frame building. Dave applied his 25 years of fine woodworking and architectural metalworking experience, to design and build his first frame, constructed from bamboo. Fast forward seven years, where Dave builds exclusively in Titanium and Steel. READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Woody Bicycles


Woody Cycles of Cape May, New Jersey, is a small wood working company specializing in the manufacture of hand crafted, wooden bicycles. The idea to found Woody Bicycles came to Max Samuelsen during an evening in 2009, while indulging in a few adult beverages with friends. Looking to relieve boredom associated with his woodworking projects, he asked his friends for some ideas. The rest as they say, is history… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: Savvy Cycles shows wood a good time


Savvy Cycles is the brainchild of Mike Mahoney, who brings his diverse background of woodworking skills to frame building. From longboard skateboard manufacturing to teaching woodworking, Mike has spent the last two years perfecting the process of making the wooden bicycle frame. Mike’s primary woods of choice for frame construction are hickory and ash, known for their strength, durability and ability to be steam bent. Woods such as sepele and dyed hard maple are used for frame accents.


NAHBS 2015: Unbelievable Samurai Cycles segmented titanium disc brake road bike

Samurai Cycles

Like Cykelmageren, Groovy and Cherubim, Samurai brought out the kind of bike that challenges notions of what a bike could or should be. These builders make things that certainly aren’t for everyone, the looks rarely fall into standard notions of what bikes should be, and the details are often astounding.

Samurai’s titanium road bike checks all those marks by using Ebikan welding, which takes small, fan-shaped segments and welds them together to create curves. The entire frame is made of 3/2.5 titanium and every main component pressed into it is 6/4 ti. Cut past the break for a gallery of pure metal art…


NAHBS 2015: Connor Wood Bicycles Hits a Home Run with Louisville Slugger Bike

Connor Wood Bicycles Louisville Slugger bike sram xo force 11 speed 10 (5)

Wooden bicycles are nothing new in the world of NAHBS, but the show’s location in Louisville this year made it perfect for a collaboration. Yes, we’re talking about that famous lumber that ends up as one of the thousands of baseball bats to come out of the Louisville Slugger factory. After receiving the American White Ash billets straight from Louisville Slugger, Chris Connor set out to turn the wood into one of his namesake bicycles. The completed frame was then shipped back to Louisville Slugger so they could brand the frame and finish it with the same varnish used on actual bats.

A fully functional bike, the one off show piece will soon be installed in the Louisville Slugger museum as an interactive display…


NAHBS 2015: Shamrock Wows with Winning Paint, Beautiful Steel

shamrock bikes nahbs (31)

Straight from the mountains of Indiana, Shamrock Cycles is consistently becoming a show favorite of many. Aside from providing one of the better heckling camps at the local cross races, Tim O’donnell has been building incredible steel bikes out of Indianapolis for years. Enlisting the finishing services of Corby Concepts for special projects, Shamrock had some breathtaking bikes at NAHBS for 2015. Bicycles like this steel road bike built for Rob Simon. Calling it the most intricate paint scheme ever to grace a Shamrock frame, Corby Concepts knocked the Mondrian theme out of the park and walked away with the award for Best Finish…


NAHBS 2015: Sojourner Cyclery’s wooden beauties & Snyder’s new commuter, more


Sojourner Cyclery likes to use natural FRPs as opposed to man-made FRPs. Translation: Wood is nature’s “Fiber Reinforced Polymer”, which has been around long before carbon fiber was created in a lab. To be more specific, builder Jay Kinsinger uses walnut to create things like this disc brake road bike, a tandem that’s been ridden across the U.S., a tall unicycle and even a motorized mountain bike.

Pics of the show bikes, plus a “how he does it” video, and Snyder Cycles’ latest mountain bikes and more, below…