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Need Winter Cycling Gloves? The Answer Sleestak 3 In 1 Mitts Are Severely Underrated

Answer Sleestak 3 in 1 winter mitt glove gloves cold weather (8)

I would assume that if you asked most cyclists why they don’t ride more in the winter, the answer would be two-fold. First, no one likes cold hands and feet and second? Quality winter gear is expensive. Given the fact that sometimes it feels like it takes longer to get dressed than the actual ride, it’s clear that cold weather cycling requires quite a bit more equipment.

When it comes to winter riding gloves, there is no shortage of options. However, if you need something seriously warm that is also affordable, the herd gets thin, quick. That’s why I am very happily surprised by the Answer Sleestak 3 in 1 mitts. Available for just $39.99, these might be the best winter gloves you’ve never heard of…


ESI Tries their Hand at Ergo Grips with Shapely New Silicone FIT XC

ESI Fit Grip silicone shaped xc mountain bike (2)

As “the Original 100% Silicone Grip,” ESI grips have been a favorite of racers and mountain bikers for years. Excellent at absorbing vibrations transmitted through the bars, ESI’s grips are also pretty light coming in between 50-80g per set. While the silicone construction is designed to conform to your hand, the barrel shaped grips probably aren’t viewed as the most ergonomically correct design out there.

To help create an even more comfortable connection with your bike, ESI is introducing an all new grip. As their first shaped grip, the FIT XC. Using a patent pending design, the FIT XC grips feature three distinct grip zones. Designed to be run with the fattest section to the outside of the bar, the material of the grip is beveled from one thickness to the next for a comfortable purchase.

Slide on a new grip next…


Aaron Chase Signs with Pivot Cycles for his Next Freeride Adventure

Aaron Chase Pivot BikesIf you grew up watching the early freeride videos, Aaron Chase should be a household name. As a Cannondale athlete since the very early days of his career, when he recently announced that they would be parting ways his next move was anyone’s guess. After fighting his way back from a sever spinal injury in 2007, Aaron is making moves again on a bike. Specifically, the DW-link equipped super bikes manufactured by Pivot Cycles.

Signed to a new multi-year deal, Aaron will be piloting the Phoenix Carbon DH, Mach 6, Point, and M4x models from Pivot as well as anything else he can get a hold of. We’re happy to see Aaron land with another rad company, and look forward to the next “Through My Eyes Series”  on a Pivot!


Tire Pressure and the Cold: Bontrager’s PSI Conversion Chart Will Keep You Inflated This Winter

Bontrager jackalope hodag tire pressure cold weather

You just got your new Bontrager Jackalope and Hodag combo set up and ready to go, now it’s time to hit the trails. But what about tire pressure? If you’re like most riders willing to brave the cold, you probably inflate your tires inside your garage, basement, shop, etc. After all, it can be much easier to work small parts like presta valves when you can actually feel your fingers.

Most people know that air pressure drops when it’s cold, but how much? If you’re checking your tire pressure with a gauge at 70ºF, your psi may drop by as much as 4 pounds by the time you get outside. While 4 psi might not sound like much, if you’re running 8 psi in a fat bike tire, losing half of your air pressure is a pretty big deal.

Check out Bontrager’s conversion chart next…


SRAM XX1 Black Goes Stealth, Plus New Carbon Crank Boots & More

2015 SRAM XX1 Black 1x11 mountain bike group

Since black is the new black, SRAM has gone stealth with the XX1 Black group. Formerly only available with bright red logos, and a few other colors as OEM options for complete bike makers, the new group color is set to make it look better no matter what color frame or anodized Chris King headset you choose for your ultra high-end ride.

Also incorporating the new X-SYNC Direct Mount Chainring, the XX1 Black group brings the newest of what SRAM has to offer, along with some nice new accessory additions. Take a look inside to see the other components and new small parts…


First 2015 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team Frames to be Offered Through Kickstarter

fat chance yo eddy team frame 2015 kickstarter jersey (1)

The rebirth of Fat Chance Bicycles caught the attention of a lot of OG riders after it was announced just before Interbike last year. One of the big names of early mountain biking, Chris Chance and his team developed a legion of dedicated followers and a number of vintage bikes that still go for big bucks if you can find one used.

We haven’t heard much from Fat Chance in the way of product since first teasing the reincarnation of the company, but with the launch of their crowdfunding campaign we’re getting close. Starting with the Yo Eddy Team frame, the first batch of frames will only be available through Kickstarter. Details on pricing, frame specs, and more, next…


Spotted: One Off Custom Painted Ritchey Bars from Cadence Collection


No strangers to collaboration, the Ritchey X Cadence relationship has produced a few by this point. Through the skilled hands of visual artist and founder of the Cadence Collection, Dustin Klein every day parts are turned into works of art. Through the wonders of Instagram, we get a peek at the newest masterpiece with this one-off hand painted Ritchey Comp Rizer Bar. Hand painted with the Motion design on a gloss white bar, at this point the work isn’t available for sale but there is a matching kit…


Sony Goes 4K with New Full Featured X1000V Action Cam, Full HD with New AS200V


After reading about the new Action Cam Mini AZ1 from Sony, you weren’t alone in thinking their smallest camera was now their best. But as things typically go in the electronic world, the latest and greatest does last for long. Don’t get us wrong, the Action Cam Mini is still one of our favorites for its diminutive size and incredible ease of use. It’s just that thanks to Sony’s introductions at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the mini is no longer top dog in terms of hardware.

That distinction now belongs to the all-new FDR-X1000V. Running a bit larger than Sony’s previous full size action camera, the X1000V is the first Sony Action Cam to film in 4K resolution. Fortunately, the X1000V is more than just better resolution. Instead it brings much of the usability found in the Mini that we loved so much and more. Better sound. Better control. Basically, a better camera in all regards.

Don’t care about filming in 4K? You may still be interested in the replacement for the AS100V – the new AS200V. Yes, it’s a lot of numbers and letters, but it also means full HD capability, better image stabilization, and more control…


First Look: Vee Tire’s Trax Fatty 29×3″ Gets Plus Sized Options On The Market


Vee Tire has been attacking the market lately, rapidly building a line of very compelling fat bike tires at prices much lower than the other brands on the market. The Trax Fatty from Vee Tire is their offering for the 29+ format pioneered by Surly for use on their Krampus model. Zach first got a look at this tire at the Taipei show, and now we have a pair for a test ride.

The plus-sized tires are not necessarily intended for fat bikes, although they have taken off rapidly because the 29+ platform easily fits into most existing fat bikes, so riders were able to give the idea a try without buying a whole extra bike. Thats exactly what we did, by mounting them to Sarma Naran 29+ wheels and the Sarma Shaman test bike. With firm conditions lately in the midwest, we tried them on snow covered trails, back to back with a 26×4.25″ tire.

Check out the weights, details and our first thoughts after the jump…