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Kindhuman Creates Dealer Program to Expand Brand & Advocacy Through Dealers with Similar Culture

Kindhuman 3

Kindhuman Bicycles has a unique approach to selling bikes with an emphasis on quality products at fair prices with a focus on giving back. Their Take the Lead Cycling Program program is designed to provide inspiring individuals with the bike and gear they may not otherwise be privy to as a method of developing personal potential through two wheels. Operating as a retail bicycle shop themselves, they understand the importance of experienced retailers and want to grow Kindhuman by spreading their mission through like minded individuals and dealers.

In order to do just that, Kindhuman has a new program that will provide better service to their customers and dealers alike….


PBE15: Fenix Flies with Full Size Folding 27.5″ and 27+ Santos Mountain Bikes

FENIX BYKES folding full size santos 275 plus mountain bike (3)

Having already created a clever way to create a full size folding rigid 29er/road bike, Fenix Bykes owner Scott Turner decided it was time to adapt the technology to smaller wheels and bigger tires. Specifically, Scott wanted to be able to take a bike with him when he went to visit his family in Florida. Not far from one of Florida’s best spots for mountain biking, the Santos trails served as the inspiration for the Santos and Santos Plus. If you’ve ridden Santos you know that thanks to all of the jumps and features (that are still being added to by folks like Ray Petro), a bike with suspension and slacker geometry can come in handy.

Wanting to put a full size hard tail mountain bike with a longer travel suspension fork and 27.5″ wheels and even a plus size mountain bike into a travel suitcase meant a few modifications to the design were required…


Atherton Family Moves from GT to Trek Factory Racing for 2016 Season

Atherton Racing

For awhile now, the Atherton family has been synonymous with GT bicycles. While it may seem longer than four seasons, the trio of Gee, Dan, and Rachel helped GT improve both their downhill bikes and their image as a great race team should.

Now it would appear that the Atherton family is bringing their talents to the world of Trek Racing. Announced just days ago that they would be leaving GT, Trek just made public that all three along with UK racer Taylor Vernon will be racing aboard Trek Sessions for 2016. This should make the 2016 season very interesting…


Diamondback goes Big, Bigger and Biggest with Their New Oso Line of Fat Bikes at a Not So Fat Price

©Earl HarperWith just about every full-line bicycle brand producing fat bikes, or at least having them on their radar, it is no surprise to see that Diamondback has entered into the ever growing category. They came barreling out of the gates with 3 models fitted with 3 different tires sizes suited for their intended purpose.

Slither past the snow bank to see the new abominable, well priced fat bikes from Diamondback….


Huffy Goes Plus Size, Trolls E-Bikes/Dirt Bikes with “Be The Motor” Video?

Huffy Warhawk 29 plus 3

You know a new wheel size has made it when you start to find them in local department stores. Remember the first WalMart 29ers? Fixed GearsFat Bikes? Being able to pick up your newest bicycle along with a 24 pack of white tube socks, some lawn furniture, and a box of Twinkies doesn’t have to be reserved for your run of the mill 26″ wheels any more. Now you can find bikes of all types in the sporting goods section (next to the toys) – even plus size bikes thanks to a new range from Huffy.

In all seriousness, we’ve heard from many sources that plus size tires could be the future of mountain bikes for beginner and intermediate riders. If that’s the case, then the new Huffys are probably just the beginning…


Review: Apidura’s Bikepacking Saddle and Handlebar Packs


At the beginning of last winter, we gave our first impressions on Apidura’s lightweight take on bags for bike touring. Since then, we’ve had a chance to take the bags out on several adventures on both road and trail, and have gotten a better sense for light bikepacking. Until we got ahold of these bags, most of our touring had been either the extremes of full racks and panniers, or  just lashing a stuff sack to the handlebar and under the saddle. But two of our testers have realized that since most of our trips are just overnighters, having a proper secure set of bags for these short trips has made packing and riding with them even easier. Come past the break to take a closer look at see what we’ve stuffed inside…


A Week In Review: New Bottom Bracket Standard, E’Bike racing, and Lots of Other Less Dramatic Things


Ventana Wolfram plus mountain bike rohloff (18) White Industries Engin Cycles Paragon Machine works t41 threaded press fit bottom bracket-29Chris King Press Fit 30i T47 threaded bottom bracket shand tumshie

It’s been a pretty heated week with a mostly liked new bottom bracket standard with folks like White Industries, Chris King & Paragon Machine Works behind it and a dedicated moped E’Bike race at North America’s Largest consumer event. Regardless, new stuff from Ventana, LeMond, Leatt and others will keep you smiling.

Take a deep breath, fill up your coffee, (if you want to make it through all the comments), and head past the break to see what the heck has been going on…..


Cycle Monkey Springs the new Ventana Wolfram 27+ into the Wild

Ventana Wolfram plus mountain bike rohloff (17)

We’re starting to see a lot of interesting product launches sent out way via Cycle Monkey in Richmond, CA. It should probably come as little surprise, since the U.S. distributor and service center for Rohloff Speedhubs is working to position themselves as the source for all things adventure and bikepacking.

The latest news from Cycle Monkey preempts their showing at the Philly Bike Expo where they will be helping to introduce the new Ventana Wolfram 27.5+ mountain bike. Built specifically around the smaller + size, the Wolfram combines modern MTB geometry with Rohloff compatibility for another interesting + size ripper… READ MORE ->

Industry launches new, larger threaded T47 bottom bracket standard – say goodbye to PressFit!


The first Engin Cycles frame with the T47 bottom bracket standard.

An idea has been floating around some of the smaller industry players for about a year now. Brands like White Industries, Chris King and Paragon Machine Works were all thinking that people liked threaded bottom brackets, but that frames and cranks had changed so much over the past decade, getting larger diameter tubes that didn’t go as well with the tiny English threaded BB. These ideas progressed in distinct conversations running their own courses until one company contacted another to make a bottom bracket, and then everything really fell into place to (hopefully) replace the pressfit bottom bracket.

The driving force was to take the advantages of a 30mm spindle and modern frames and combine them with the proven durability, quiet performance and lovability of the traditional threaded bottom bracket.

The result is a new standard called T47, for “Threaded 47”. It measures M47x1, meaning a 47mm outside-thread diameter with a 1mm thread pitch (25.4 tpi equivalent). That puts it very close to the 24 tpi (threads per inch) currently used on English threaded bottom brackets, so it’s essentially been proven on bicycles for many, many years. And that slightly finer thread pitch helps to manually hand tap and chase the threads, a handy feature for frame builders.