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Enduro Bearings start shipping TorqTite threaded PF bottom brackets, plus prototype…cranks?


First spotted at Interbike, Enduro Bearings’ TorqTite bottom brackets are finally finished and shipping. They’re available in PF86, PF30 and PF30/24 using their threaded design that pulls the sides together by screwing into an alloy center sleeve. This holds them tight, improving bearing alignment for a smoother ride and likely eliminating creaking.

The PF30 can be converted to a PF386 with a longer center sleeve, available separately. The PF30/24 takes a Pressfit 30 frame and fits a Shimano 24mm spindle without additional spacers or reducers.

They’ll have a BB30-to-24 coming soon. Available in red or black, from $210 to $230. Check out more pics and their new crankset project below…


Help Get #MoreKidsOnBikes with NICA Headset Caps To Support Interscholastic Mountain Biking

Nica Stem Cap

Photo c. NICA

If you haven’t heard, NICA (the National Interscholastic Cycling Association) is doing some great work to get kids onto bikes thanks to the help of a number of great people and volunteers. I think for any of us that consider bikes to be a big role in our lives can appreciate the work that is being done to introduce the next generation to the sport. Even as interscholastic mountain bike leagues are springing up across the country, the teams, leagues, and NICA themselves need funding to operate.

In order to help out, NICA is introducing the “Girl Scout Cookie of mountain biking” with NICA branded stem caps for your bike. Spearheaded by Kurt Wolfgang,  NICA Development Consultant and a volunteer coach of San Francisco’s team, SF Composite and Noreen Irving, the headset caps are a joint effort with a number of local Bay Area companies stepping up to volunteer goods and services…


NAHBS 2015: Cycle Monkey’s 29+ Black Sheep, Gates Belt Drive, Kish & Cysco Cycles

NAHBS 2015: Cycle Monkey's 29+ Black Sheep, Gates Belt Drive, Kish & Cysco Cycles

Cycle Monkey is the U.S. distributor and service center for Rohloff internally geared hubs, and what better way to show off the system than on a sweet custom project bike.

This one belong’s to CM’s Neil Flock and combines a standard 120mm travel Rockshox RS-1 shock with Maxxis Chronicle 29+ tires… which looks amazing, with side clearance to spare. As for bottom out clearance between the top of the tire and the fork’s crown? Well, I walked one of Rockshox’s PR managers over and he said they absolutely do not recommend this set up. Of course, folks were running 27.5 wheels on 26” forks long before the wheel size became dominant, the safety rule of thumb being to remove all the air from your fork and check clearance at bottom out. And then decide for yourself if you wanna run parts outside of their intended scope.

Check the details, plus bikes and parts from Gates Belt Drive, Kish and Cysco Cycles, below…


TPE15: X-Fusion Roughcut HLR sealed cartridge damper heads to trail forks, larger volume shocks try to keep up

Looking to clean up the inside of their 34mm stanchion forks and up performance, X-Fusion has created an all new damper for the Slant, Sweep and Trace forks.

It’s a closed cartridge system, so air can no longer mix with the oil since it’s encased in a bladder. That means less fade for more consistent performance on sustained descents. Inside of it, they tweaked piston placement that puts them in less direct contact with the shims, which means the parts can start moving more freely upon impact

Another benefit to the design is it puts both high and low speed compression damping controls on the top of the fork. And, each click on the buttons has a wide range of adjustment all the way through the range. Even better, the oil now flows through the damping circuits separately, so any compression adjustment isn’t going to affect the rebound or anything else. So, performance is more consistent and predictable.


TPE15: Jones Bikes adds stretched 29+ touring mountain bike, thru-axles on Space Frame

jeff jones bikes space frame mountain bike with thru axles

Jeff Jones has updated his Spaceframe 29er to get thru axles front and rear, which gave him the opportunity to bring a few other standards up to date, too. But the bigger news is his new 29+ Diamond Frame model that pushes things wider and long in a counterintuitive move to make for one very comfortable long haul mountain bike…


TPE15: Praxis Wide Range 10-Speed Cassette unveiled, narrow-wide cyclocross chainrings & more!

Praxis wide range 10 speed cassette

Praxis has thrown down a serious contender to anyone looking to convert their 10-speed mountain bike to a 1x setup with their new Wide Range Cassette, and it’s not even limited to 1x drivetrains.

By creating a complete cassette, Praxis avoids any odd jumps in tooth counts between cogs and can build the entire piece into a more solid, cohesive unit rather than a cobbled together assortment of adapters. The tooth counts are 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-34-40, providing a usable range comparable to the new Shimano XTR and most conversions currently on the market.

Praxis’ Adam Haverstock says “a current 10-speed derailleur can hit 40 teeth with no problems and no adapters, so we stuck with that since it’s meet the needs of a majority of riders. That doesn’t mean they’re not looking at a 42 option in the future, but we wanted to start with a solution that works for most people.”


RockShox Updates Sid, Reba, and Pike for Boost, Plus New Entry Level XC 30, Paragon Silver Trekking Forks

 MY15_RS_PIKE_RCT3_DP160_Front MY15_SID_RL_275_GLBLK_Front MY12_REBA_RL_2715_GLB_Front

With a new round of trade shows comes news of new products looking forward to 2016. For RockShox, the biggest news would have to be their new Boost technology which involves the widening of both the front and rear axles from 100 and 142 to 110 and 148mm. As previously discussed, the change allows engineers to add another level of stiffness for bigger wheels while simultaneously providing more clearance for tires and frame components. If you were concerned about the stiffness of 29″ wheels up until now, this could be your answer.

Released in conjunction with SRAM’s new Boost compatible ROAM 40 wheels, X0, and MTH 700 hubs, RockShox is starting into Boost compatible forks with three models for 2016. Starting in June of 2015, 29″ Boost compatible SID and Reba forks will be offered which will also fit 27.5×3.0″ tires. RockShox will follow up with a Pike 27.5 Boost and 29″/27.5+” Boost fork later in the Summer.

The forks will all have the wider axle spacing, but the engineers at RockShox have a little something extra up their sleeve for even more stiffness…


SRAM Cranks Up The Boost with New Hubs, Cranks, and Wheels for 148 and 110mm Axles



We first heard of Boost 148 when Trek unveiled the new Remedy 29. Sort of a soft launch, not much was really said about the new specification other than the rear hub was 148mm wide and it involved wider flange spacing for improved rear wheel stiffness. Now with the latest release from SRAM, Boost goes from a specification on a single bike to what they are calling an open platform that will offer performance benefits not just for the rear wheel, but for the frame, fork, and front wheel as well.

What is an extra 6 mm for the rear and 10mm for the front of the bike really going to do for you in the long run? SRAM claims that built with the same spokes, nipples, and rim, a 29″ wheel built with the Boost spec will offer the same level of stiffness found on a 27.5″ wheel built to the previous 142mm hub. The same can be said for the front wheel with a 29″ wheel laced to a new 15×110 mm hub carrying the same stiffness of a 26″ wheel built with a 15×100 mm hub. The wider specifications will also allow for improved tire clearance allowing for that coming wave of 27.5+…


TPE15: Marzocchi Espresso Dropper Post drops in, plus new Enduro & XC Shocks, and more!

Marzocchi Espresso Dropper seatpost first look and tech details

Marzocchi’s new dropper post has been spotted on rare occasions over the past couple months, but now it’s springing forth with real details.

The EPD, or Espresso Push Dropper, will be available in standard and stealth versions, and in 31.6 and 30.9 diameters. Travel is 125mm at launch, and later this year they’ll have a 150mm version, too.

The name comes in part from their slick Espresso coating on the stanchion, which help it stay smooth through all manner of conditions. Inside the post there are three roller key guides to keep it sliding straight up and down and prevent rotation, which seemed to work pretty well…