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Intense Teases New M16 Downhill Bike

Intense M16 Downhill


Like Shelby is to Ford, the M line of downhill race bikes is to Intense. Over the years, these iconic M models have helped distinguish the brand on the racing circuit, and helped establish a loyal fan base.

In recent years, the company’s focus has been on trail bikes, and carbon models, but after five years of waiting – the Intense faithful have been rewarded with a new M series model. The marquee bike is called the M16 and will be officially revealed at Sea Otter. Until then, drop past the break for pictures and geometry.


OneUp goes bigger with new 44-tooth XX1 replacement cog (UPDATED)

OneUp 44-tooth XX1 replacement cog

If everyone seems to be jumping on the oversized cogs and wide range hacks for mountain bikes these days, OneUp Components might just have the best solution yet with their new XX1 compatible 44 tooth cog.

Made to replace the 42 tooth cog on XX1 and X01 cassettes, the larger 44 tooth cog simply subs in with no further adjustments needed to most drivetrains, extending the range where it’s needed most with virtually no downside. If we’re being honest, and if we ride where there’s any real climbing to be done, then even with the modern wide range there have been times when we’ve gone to push the shifter just one click easier only to be met with disappointment. OneUp felt that pain, too, and the solution is this new super oversized cog that fits right in with existing drivetrains to add just a bit more range.

We got our hands on an early sample to test, here’s how it went…


TPE15: Closeup on new goods from WTB, Powertap, Novatec and Samox

WTB Ci24 carbon fiber mountain bike rims

Two of the brands shown here, WTB and PowerTap, announced their new products just before the Taipei Cycle Show, so we used our time with them to take a few detailed shots and ask more technical questions (of WTB anyway).

WTB’s products were announced just days prior to the show, but all have availability dates this summer. The rims have an interesting production story. They say they’re still playing around with different materials in different places and different manufacturing partners based on where the rims are going to be sold.

The 27.5 rim shown here has a more UD finish (left) on the inside and it’s made in Taiwan. The 29er has the woven top layer and is being made in China. Apples to apples, it’s coming out lighter, hence the eerily close claimed weights for different size rims. They’re still in testing, but Chris Feucht, product development manager, says all aftermarket rims will likely ship from the China factory and that the 27.5″ is likely to see a weight reduction by the time they’re available. The Taiwanese made rims will likely be reserved for OEM customers. So, build your own wheels and they’ll probably be lighter.

The reason for the difference is basically just dealing with the different capabilities and methods used by different manufacturers.


TPE15: Sunrace adds wide range 10 / 11 speed mountain bike cassettes, derailleurs


Much like Microshift did, Sunrace is going big with new 10- and 11-speed wide range mountain bike groups.

The parts group will contain shifters, front and rear derailleurs and new 11-40 and 11-42 cassettes, providing yet another alternative to SRAM and Shimano for those wanting to put together a purpose-built drivetrain rather than hacking the one they have (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Shift past the break for the details…


TPE15: New bikes, designs and chains from Blue, Bion-X and KMC


KMC illustrated the durability of their new chains by showing Julie Bresset’s London Olympics XC race bike covered in mud. Fortunately the new chains were very clean, letting us get a detailed look at the new DLC hard, slick coatings and EPT environmentally safe coatings that promise enhanced rust protection and smoothness without harmful chemicals or treatments.

Nearby, Blue Competition Cycles had some small updates and a foreign market fat bike, and Bion-X was showing the next evolution of e-bike integration…


TPE15: Pro-Lite lightens up w/ new Antero Carbon XC/Cyclocross wheels, road disc coming


The new Pro-Lite Antero Carbon mountain bike wheels will come in 27.5 and 29, with the latter working just fine for cyclocross, too.

They use their oversized pawl mechanism to get 84 points of engagement using six 2-step pawls. That’s clicking along next to an oversize Japanese EZO bearing to handle the higher loads caused by modern oversize cogs. The carbon rim has a width of 26mm ext/21mm int and measures 23mm tall. Check the internals and rim profiles, plus more new stuff, below…


The Bike That Got Away: Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira of Breadwinner Cycles

Breadwinner Pereira Ibis Mojo

“The Bike That Got Away” is a series of interviews intended to showcase the best bikes of all time from the perspective of the diverse characters that make up the cycling industry. It’s an opportunity to look back fondly (or not at all) on vintage technology, paint jobs – whatever made or continues to make bikes compelling and awesome. These are the bikes that have shaped us as industry members, dealers, cyclists, and super fans.

For this very first installment, I sat down with Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira, award-winning frame builders and the old married couple behind Breadwinner Cycles. We discussed their domestic production empire, consisting of a pair of two-car garages in an unassuming North Portland neighborhood, and the bikes they lost that have made them who they are today… READ MORE ->

TPE15: Sixpack Racing shows glow-in-the-dark grips, headset cap GoPro mount, budget flat pedals & more!


Sitting atop the upcoming Milenium stem is Sixpack Racing’s new GoPro headset cap mount. A large hole in the center accesses the top cap bolt to pull the steering assembly snug, and the slotted camera mounts protrude. Assuming you get it on straight to begin with, it should be one of the safer, more solid mounts on the market since it’s not relying on friction between parts.

Drop in for more on that stem and other new parts… READ MORE ->

TPE15: Vee Tire Co grows Apache road tire to 28mm, blows up w/ monstrous 5.05″ fat biker


The all-conditions Vee Tire Co. Apache road bike tire will soon be available in a wider 28mm size, joining the original 23 and 25 introduced at Eurobike last year. It’ll be available with and without their Synthesis sidewall, a premium offering that blends better rubber compounds to both improve durability and feel and drop a few grams.

But that mere 3mm growth pales in comparison to the gargantuan jump from a 4.8 to 5.05 for their Snowshoe 2XL fat bike tire. It simply has to be seen to believed…