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EB14: Ryde Goes Wide, Steps Out from Behind OEM Curtain w/ New Rims for All


For us, Ryde’s been primarily known as the company that always had a very light scandium road bike rim luring us into their booth. The rep said they’ve mainly been an OE manufacturer for others thus far, but now they’re looking to bring rims to market under their own brand name.

To start, they’ve created some impressively wide mountain bike rims for both XC-to-enduro and lighter weight race-oriented pursuits, plus a fairly standard road bike rim and some prototype fat bike models. The Trace, above, is the XC/Trail/Enduro model and will be available in all three wheel sizes in three different widths: 21, 25 and 29 millimeters. Those measurements are internal widths…


EB14: Open Cycle’s 15.12lb Race-Ready Hardtail Mountain Bike

Open Cycle 1.0 ultra lightweight hardtail mountain bike

How do you take one of the lightest complete bikes and make it even lighter? Add a Lauf Fork and THM Clavicula cranks, of course.

Following frame tweaks and a production shift to Germany announced earlier this year, the chassis comes in at under 800g for a size Large. Until now, the lightest complete build we’ve seen from them was a 16.2lb bike with Di2 parts. Now, they’ve pushed more than a pound lighter by running XX1 on one of the lightest cranksets and forks on the market.

Click through for detail shots and the scale’s readout…


EB14: Vredestein Gets a Muddy Bobcat Mountain Bike Tire, Plus All Weather Road Options


Just as the Bobcat is an adaptable predator covering terrain from Canada down to Mexico, Vredestein’s new Bobcat all-round, all-conditions tire aims to attack anything it rolls across.

Likewise, it covers all three wheel sizes, from 26″ to 27.5″ to 29er, all in a 2.35 widths and with tube and tubeless ready versions. They use a 120tpi casing and respectable weights considering the intended usage. Prowl for details below…


Video: 45NRTH – Designing Winter Cycling Footwear

45NRTH wolvhammer fasterkatt winter shoe boot cobrafist pogie  (23)

I can hardly believe it’s almost that time of year, but the small bit of sleet this weekend reminds us that cold temperatures are closing in. 45NRTH has staked their reputation on building gear that will get you out there and keep you comfortable. Ever wondered what goes into designing products like the Wölvhammer Winter boot? 45NRTH gives us the rundown in the first of 3 product design videos next…


EB14: Xentis Brings Full Carbon Wheels to 27.5″ with New Size for Kappa2

Xentis Kappa2 CC 275  (2)

Mag wheels were big back in the day. Now made from carbon rather than plastic, the one piece wheels aren’t quite as popular but that hasn’t kept Xentis from building on their Kappa2 line. Originally just for 26″ frames, the Austrian carbon company has upped the size to accommodate the new crop of middle sized wheels. Xentis calls the Kappa2 CC a super durable wheel that is still light enough for marathon or XC use. It’s unknown whether these wheels will ever make it into the U.S., but we have more details after the jump…


Leatt Goes Big with Full Bicycle Protection Range, Safer Helmet, and Redesigned Neck Brace

Leatt protection helmet glvoes hydration armor pads (29)

Leatt sold their first neck brace back in 2004 which at the time was a revolution in protection. Eventually, that brace made its way over into the U.S. and later crossed over into the world of mountain biking. That single product has changed the way many companies have looked at rider safety when it comes to neck injuries. Now, the same company founded by Dr. Chris Leatt is expanding their reach and introducing a complete new range of protectives.

Head injuries are something we hear a lot about these days – specifically, how to design a helmet that will prevent them. It turns out that the standard EPS foam helmet we’ve been using for years is great at absorbing impact, but not so good at preventing brain injuries from rotational impact. Going by the weight of buzz words alone it would seem that MIPS is the current heavyweight in preventing rotational brain injuries, but Leatt is offering what they consider a superior solution – 360º Turbines made from Armorgel.

Check out how the Turbines will keep your brain intact next…


Specialized Backyard Pumptrack Ribbon Cutting Party

Specialized Backyard Pumptrack Party (2)

Specialized employees are passionate about bikes and their daily lunch ride has become something of a legendary event. The daily hammer-fest takes place on various road circuits around the company’s Morgan Hill headquarters and is known for its typically brutal pace. But for those riders who prefer a different riding pace -or surface medium for that matter- the company built a pumptrack in the backyard of their campus a few years ago.

For the past four months the pump track has been closed for renovations. New high-quality dirt was brought in, fresh lines built, and as a result the backyard pumptrack is now hitting better than ever. To celebrate the ribbon cutting, Specialized threw a party.


Vittoria Ventures Into Full Range Wheel Line, Introduces Slick New Tech

The Vittoria Reaxcion R mountain bike wheel Vittoria Quarno 46 wheel with Graphene Plus technology

Tire specialists Vittoria are venturing into a complete line of wheels. Introduced at Interbike, the 2015 line of wheels encompasses price points from $299 to $2399, and everywhere in between with some very unique ideas. They have implemented a host of new tech and materials such as using Graphene nanotechnology. Last fall they hinted at using this ultralight material, but it looks like they had bigger ideas. Just as Mavic went from wheels to wheel-tire systems to provide an integrated package, Vittoria went the other way and now promises improved fitment between tire and rim.

Known primarily as a tire maker of a full range of tires from commuter tires to high-end cotton tubulars, we spoke to them to find out what the line was all about…


EB14: Saris Powertap Adds Disc Hub, Plus New Complete Alloy Wheels and a Look at Past Prototypes (Updated)

Saris Powertap Disc brake power meter hubs

Last year, introduced a titanium XD Driver Body for the Powertap Mountain Bike hub, which was something they helped develop. The issue was decoupling the braking forces from the drive forces to get an accurate power reading and not mess up the strain gauges.

What’s new is that the G3-based disc brake Powertap hubs are now available in either 24 or 28 spoke drillings, down from the original 32-hole MTB versions. They recommend 24 count for road and cross, and 28 count for mountain bike builds.

UPDATED: More tech and weight info added for new disc brake hub below, plus specs for DT Swiss rim wheels.

The disc brake rotor is proprietary, necessary to mount a disc where their electronics typically sit. They say heat from the rotor won’t affect the power reading since the strain gauges are totally isolated from the outside hub shell. READ MORE ->