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Deity Officially Launches 25 and 38mm rise Blacklabel Bar Plus Contest


One of their first handlebars to find their way onto the WC circuit, the Deity Blacklabel was initially just available in 15mm rise. Previously, DH riders were all about trying to get the front end of their bikes as low as possible but that seems to be coming back the other way. Now riders are back to looking for higher rise bars that are still light and offer plenty of width.

Taking their 787mm width bar and adding two new rise options, the Blacklabel will add some color to your ride – if you’re into it…


Limited Edition Crankbrothers M-Series Multi Tools Get Colorful


In spite of all of the fancy new tools Crankbrothers has put out recently, the company is still offering their long running M-Series multi tools. They still use the same design with an aluminum frame holding high-tensile steel tools which in our personal packs have held up quite well over the years. While the Limited Edition models don’t change the function of each model, they do add some new color to the line with black, orange, red, and green added to the original grey and gold.

Short of the m5, the rest of the M-Series line is ready for years of service, now in eye catching color…


Factory Tour: Pivot Turns out Prototypes and Assembled Bikes in Tempe, AZ

Pivot factory tour bikerumor (24)

Looking back, it’s almost hard to believe that Pivot has been around for less than 10 years. After a surprise launch at Interbike in 2007, in the words of founder Chris Cocalis, the brand has seen hugely exponential growth in a very short period of time. Compared to two other brands launched that very same year (Tomac and Corsair Bikes), Pivot has manufactured their own success through extremely tight tolerances.

Of course, that’s no accident. Pivot is far from Chris’ first venture into the bike business. While many may know Cocalis from Titus, his roots go even deeper back to the days of the Sun Eagle Bicycle Works Talon. Cofounded with Allen Vaughn in 1988, Sun Eagle was the result of Chris’s BMX background and desire to build bikes at the end of his freshman year of college. After Vaugn taught Cocalis to braze, the first Sun Eagle Talon was born. The company would only make around 20 of the frames, but it was enough to be named one of the “Bikes of the future” in 1988 by Mountain Bike Action.

Little did everyone know that Cocalis really would go on to create the bikes of the future…


Long Term Review: Orbea Oiz M20 full suspension XC race mountain bike

2015 Orbea Oiz M20 mountain bike long term review and actual weights

First revamped in 2012 as a 26” World Cup race rocket, the Orbea Oiz switched to 27.5” and 29er wheels for the 2015 model year but kept it’s XC race pedigree. At the launch event, we rode it through the mountains of France, putting it through plenty of uphill and flowing pedaling sections and some steep, aggressive descents. First impressions were very good, so we brought one in for long term review.

The upper/mid-range Oiz M20 29er arrived, offering a mix of SLX, XT and XTR components, DT Swiss wheels and Race Face cockpit parts for $4,999. The Oiz is offered in both 27.5″ (S/M/L) and 29er (M/L/XL) wheel sizes, and carbon fiber levels. The M20 uses their OMP level carbon frame, which is about 200g heavier than the top level OMR carbon found on the M10 and higher models…which start at $6,299 and go way up from there.

On paper, the bike would be perfect for our very XC-ish local trails in Greensboro, NC. The rear suspension is efficient, travel is short and the frame was now proven under Catharine Pendrel. And for a while it lived up to the hype…


SKS Teases Fat Bike Fenders, New RaceBlade Long II, plus Shows new Pumps, Tools, and More

SKS new for 2015 fat bike fenders pump phone case tom tool  (11)

Even though Magura didn’t have a huge amount of new product to show, long time partner for the Sedona show SKS stepped up to the plate – literally. Aside from the clever use of SKS pump handles for silverware, SKS had a ton of new products to show from pumps, to tools, to fenders. Most of which are available now, though a few like the fat bike fenders above, were a sneak peek of product yet to come.

Officially to be launched at Eurobike this year, we got a first look at the new Fatboard fenders plus a whole lot more after the jump…

First Ride! 2016 Fox FLOAT 32 FIT4 suspension fork w/ Boost spacing

2016 Fox FLOAT 32 FIT4 suspension fork with Boost 110mm spacing first ride review

At Sea Otter this year, Fox unveiled their entire 2016 suspension lineup with some impressive sounding tech and major improvements from the prior generation of CTD forks. The best news of all was that the new FIT4 cartridge would spread from the 34 to the other forks to provide drastically better damping.

On the prior models, I simply never used the “Descend” mode because the damping essentially disappeared and the fork would dive through its travel under hard braking or even the smallest of hits. To remedy this, the FIT4 system reworked oil flow on both compression and rebound damping circuits and changed the controls around a bit.

I had the chance to ride a 2016 32 FLOAT fork with 110mm boost axle spacing around Fort Collins, CO, for a few hours and the improvements are immediately apparent and amazing.


Interview: Robin Sansom of Blackburn


Blackburn emerged in a landscape where bicycles were beginning to be recognized in the US for their capabilities as dedicated vehicles of transportation rather than solely recreationally or race purposed. Capitalizing on the opportunity to support the emerging need, Jim Blackburn started the ball rolling to create gear that allowed riders to carry what they needed while getting out there on their own.

The resurgence of the Blackburn brand over the past several years can, at least partially, be linked to its brand manager Robin Sansom. Arriving at Blackburn with a healthy industry pedigree and a soft spot in his heart for cargo bikes and touring, Robin has worked to rectify the current brand with the legacy established by brand founder and spirit animal Jim Blackburn, through the Ranger Program and in product such as the Outpost Bag line.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Robin in Santa Cruz to discuss the history and the context of the emergence of the brand as well as its current direction. READ MORE ->

Canfield Brothers Update The Yelli Screamy Hardtail 29er with Stealth Routing, 142x12mm Axle

2015 Canfield Yelli Screamy hardtail 29er, frame shot

As soon as 29” wheels were legitimized in the MTB world, the race began between manufacturers to cram those wagon wheels into the most compact dimensions possible. The low rolling resistance was instantly appreciable, but it took a little time to figure out how to make a 29er feel lively and agile. Canfield Brother’s original Yelli Screamy was the first hardtail 29er with sub 17” chainstays, giving it the playful character of a smaller bike.

“The original Yelli was the 29er that we wanted to ride,” said Lance Canfield, owner and designer. “It didn’t exist, so we built it. It’s fun up, down, in the air, pretty much anywhere you want to take it.”

The second generation Yelli Screamy retains the same character but features all new tubing, ISCG mounts, a 142x12mm rear axle plus some key updates to keep up with current trends and innovations…

A Bikepacking Bike That Can’t be Caught, Salsa’s New Race Oriented Cutthroat Dropbar Mountain Bike


Today marks the start of the 2015 Tour Divide. Riders from all over the world will be setting off from Banff, Alberta Canada to make the incredible 2,745 mile journey all the way to the US – Mexican border.

While many view the ride as a personal journey of discovery and determination, to others it is a full on race. For those super human types who can ride for 16-18hrs a day for a week straight, Salsa has a new bikepacking weapon. Bikepack racing may sound a bit like an oxymoron, but for riders looking for a lightweight, efficient, reliable, and fast mountain bike with the ability to take it with you, Salsa is releasing the new Cutthroat…