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SO14: Sub 20 pound Carbon Dirt Jump Bike from John Cowan

John Cowan WIth Carbon Dirt JumperRiders of a certain age might remember earning their scars and sharpening their skill set on a rad little hardtail from Kona called the Cowan. Designed by legendary John Cowan, both the original Cowan DJ and DS bikes where some of the first jump specific models ever created.

Ever the visionary, John recently built a new bike company around a ground breaking new entry into the same market he helped create. The star of the product line is the American made carbon dirt jumper pictured above.  READ MORE ->

First Look: WTB and Rocky Mountain Team Up For 27.5″ + Adventure Bike Prototype

Rocky Mountain Sherpa Prototype Adventure Bike

With the popularity of fat bikes at an all time high, the plethora of new tire/rim/suspension/frame options has allowed to designers and engineers to explore their wildest fantasies.

For Rocky Mountain, inspiration came from a set of over-sized prototype tires and rims from WTB, and the end result looks like the comically shreddable bastard child of a fat bike and adventure touring bike.

Jokes aside, this concept bike blends two incredibly different riding styles to create a seriously capable fat tire trail bike. Head past the break to learn more…. READ MORE ->

DVO Teases Soon to be Released Diamond Enduro Fork

DVO Diamond 27.5 ForkHot of the success of the recently launched Emerald downhill fork, DVO will soon be launching their new Diamond platform. Using many of the technologies developed for their top tier dual crown fork, this trail fork eschews the current trend of simplifying tuning options. Instead, it introduces an unprecedented amount of  user serviceability and customization.

So drop past the break to learn what all the knobs do!


Spotted – Salsa Bucksaw with Whisky Parts Co. Prototype Carbon Fat Bike Rim

Salsa Buzz Saw full suspension fat bike Whisky prototype carbon rim   (35)

If there wasn’t enough of a fat bike freak out happening at Sea Otter with the launch of the RockShox Bluto and fat bikes built for it, every once in a while you’ll spot something just rolling by. Something like this prototype carbon fat bike rim that was laced to Tim Krueger’s Salsa Bucksaw. With the proliferation of Whisky’s carbon rims, the fat bike aspect isn’t a surprise given their proximity to Salsa as brands under QBP’s roof.

As Tim called it, the Whisky rim will be a “carbon dirt rim,” not another carbon winter fat rim. To make a carbon dirt rim, Whisky is using a 70mm wide profile that is double wall and tubeless ready, and “strong as hell.”

The Whisky rim was just an added bonus as we were checking out Tim and MikeR’s Bucksaws, which we have details on after the jump.


Sneak Peek: Magura’s New 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0885

Lurking behind the curtain at the back of their booth, Magura had a special new brake that isn’t quite ready to be released. The 4 piston monster looks like it will be an answer for those looking for gobs of power mated to a light weight design. The brakes won’t officially be released until later this year, but we have a bit more information after the break…


SOC14: Manitou McLeod Rear Shock Digs Up Massive Adjustability in Modern Air Platform

2015 Manitou McLeod rear air shock for mountain bikes - internal parts actual weights and tech details

Teased earlier and thought to be a new suspension fork, the Manitou McLeod turned out to be a rear shock designed to pair with their new Mattoc fork.

The shock is aimed at the high end, with full featured external adjustments, a slew of impressive compression and rebound damping technologies. All in a package with less moving mass for faster response to changing conditions and multiple platform settings to fine tune the pedaling to your liking. It all sounds impressive, suggesting performance could be on par with some of the best air cans out there.

Want more details? Saddle up and get ready for some trail work…


SOC14: Sun-Ringle Rolls Out Helix Tubeless Ready Rims, Mulefut Fat Bike Rims

Sun-Ringle Mulefut fat bike rims

Sun-Ringle’s added two new rim options, one for fat tires and one for fat bikes.

On their complete wheels, they’ve licensed Stan’s BST (Bead Seat Technology). So you’ll find the same interior bead hook shaping on their Black Flag and Charger wheels as you will on Stan’s NoTubes rims. But, that license doesn’t carry over to standalone rims. So, Sun-Ringle developed their own tubeless ready extrusion and pinned and sleeved it into the Helix…


SOC14: Pivot Phoenix DH Carbon 650B Downhill Mountain Bike Drops In


We spotted distant photos of the new Pivot Phoenix DH 650B bike with a few Reynolds carbon wheel spy shots recently, and now the bike part of those pics gets official. The wheels, as you may notice, are blacked out for now.

Here’s the basics: It gets 204mm (8″) rear wheel travel out of a new DW-Link suspension design on a full carbon fiber frame.  The complete bike shown here is spec’d with a full Shimano Saint group, DH casing Maxxis tires and Fox 40 fork, but only frameset pricing has been announced.

So, what makes it special, beyond just being one of the earlier production downhill bikes to make the switch to bigger wheels? Kevin Tisue, Pivot’s engineer, says they wanted something lighter. A lot lighter. Like two pounds lighter. And 27.5″. The prototypes were made with XC tube sets and different wheel options. They started riding 27.5″, fell in love with it and they knew they needed to make a DH bike with those bigger wheels. Here’s what they ended up with…


Absolute Black Unveils 4-Cog 40-Tooth Oversized Cassette Adapter


The oversized cassette hacks brigade just keeps on rolling, this time with a unique entry from Absolute Black.

Rather than replace just the single top cog, AB’s offering adds a 40t large cog onto a single piece of machined aluminum containing your 28, 32 and 36 cogs, too. Founder Marcin says the benefits are three-fold. First, it’s a stiffer unit as a cluster, so shifting should be very precise. Second, there’s more surface contact area on the freehub body, so less likely to dig into it and get stuck.

Third, it’ll weigh a lot less. How much so? Shift down and see…