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Cam Zink Teases Prototype YT Industries Carbon Slopestyle Bike

Cam Zink YT prototype slopestyle bike

Apparently Cam Zink was so excited to show off his new Birzman Tiny Tanker and Maha Apogee III that he forgot his prototype YT Industries Slopestyle bike as in the background. Ok, not really – he even mentions it on his Instagram feed. Rumored to be soon coming to the U.S., the carbon prototype looks to have a BB concentric pivot due to the ability to run singlespeed.

Absolute Black Oval SRAM Direct Mount Chainrings Now Shipping, Race Face Cinch Versions & More En Route


Absolute Black’s ovalized direct mount chainrings for SRAM cranksets are finally shipping, with the company founder telling us they’re flying out the door as fast as he can make them. Check the tech specs in this post.

For current orders, the rings should be in the post, filling everything placed before December 1. Marcin says another batch arrives in two weeks to fill any orders since then, but that’s only the beginning. He’s working on the SRAM direct mount 34-tooth size now, and that’ll be followed by a 28-tooth 64BCD oval ring for those wanting really, really low gearing up front.

Also in development is an oval narrow/wide chainring that’ll mount directly to the Race Face Cinch cranksets. Marcin said he’s only planning an oval ring for the Cinch system since Race Face already makes some (very good, in our opinion) round chainrings. It’ll be 32-tooth only for starters, but, well, you can see where’s going…

In other news, Absolute Black products will now be available in the U.S. through BTI, which should ease shipping costs and speed up delivery for those of us stateside. Comments from both companies below.


Interview: Dave Weagle Explains How He Keeps Making Suspension Better


Following Ibis’ recent release of the all-new Mojo HD3, which uses a fifth generation dw-link suspension design, I got to thinking: How exactly does Dave Weagle go about improving a suspension platform that’s already so well received?

So I asked him.

His answer is long because there’s so much to it, and it’s different for every bike. After all, his companies have licensed or designed suspension systems to Ibis, Pivot, Turner, Evil, BH, Devinci, Salsa and others, all of whom make very different types of mountain bikes. So we started out talking generalities before diving in to specifics, using several different bikes as examples.

Weagle’s designs go beyond the popular and more widely known dw-link and Split Pivot. He also developed the Delta System, which is owned by Evil, a brand that Weagle started with friends, then sold and now consults for. Split Pivot and dw-link are technologies he created, and are both run as separate corporations who have their own customers.

BIKERUMOR: What’s your role with the companies you design for?

WEAGLE: Sometimes it’s limited to suspension licensing, sometimes it’s consulting on geometry and sometimes I get to develop a complete bike’s geometry and suspension as a whole package. It’s not often I get to do all of it together, but it sure is fun! Of course, if everybody let me do that, everyone’s bikes would look like mini-downhill bikes! So, variety is good, because not everyone wants the same thing.

Although I license technology for each of my partner’s bikes, I really enjoy the design aspect, so one licensing requirement is that I personally develop all suspension kinematics for all of my partner’s bikes. It’s a great creative outlet, and one that I get a lot of enjoyment out of. I like to say, “No one product can be everything to everybody.” I like mocha and you might like vanilla. That only means that we are both right, and we both like ice cream. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with having a preference and it’s a lot of fun helping such diverse brands actualize their preferences through the technologies I’ve developed. I pretty much have the best job in the world.


Wolf Tooth Components Cinches Down on Race Face Compatible Direct Mount Chainrings

Wolf Tooth Components Cinch Race Face direct mount  (2)

One of the biggest benefits to domestic manufacturing? That would be quick turn around and the ability to adapt to new standards. Wolf Tooth Components is a perfect example as they continue to introduce new models of Drop-Stop chainrings based on consumer demand. The interesting thing about their latest offering which is compatible with Race Face Cinch cranksets, is that Wolf Tooth initially felt like they shouldn’t make the rings since they knew they couldn’t compete with Race Face on price.

That didn’t stop a large number of customers from requesting the rings, followed by a large number of dealers voicing their opinion for the Cinch compatible rings at Interbike. Wolf Tooth finally made the decision to Cinch up some new rings after their own experiences with the Cinch cranksets were overwhelmingly positive. Thinking that the market for the Cinch cranks will continue to grow based on their value, weight, and versatility, Wolf Tooth is gearing up for a full selection of RF Cinch Direct Mount Chainrings…


Salsa Announces Recall of Aluminum Mukluk Bearpaw Fat Bike Fork



These posts are never any fun to write, but it’s important to get the word out. If you’re riding around on a 2014 Salsa Bearpaw aluminum rigid fork, it’s important that you stop riding it and head to your local Salsa dealer. That’s due to the fact that Salsa is recalling all aluminum Mukluk Bearpaw forks that would have been purchased after September 1, 2013. Affected forks are stamped with date codes 20130524, 20130710 and 20130826, with  “CWI2201BAN2” underneath. An easier way of identifying problem forks is the location of the Salsa Compass – on the outside of the leg is bad, on the inside of the leg is good. The forks were included on complete Mukluk builds and framesets but were also sold aftermarket as fork only.

Like many of the fork recalls we’ve seen recently, the issue is that the steerer tube can bend or break which obviously wouldn’t be good while riding. Consumers with forks included in the recall should visit their local Salsa dealer for inspection and either a replacement or refund. Salsa is a brand owned by Quality Bicycle Products which can be reached at 1-877-774-6208.

Shimano XTR 360º Experience Sets the Bar for Immersive Mountain Biking Videos

On its own, the video above is completely worthy of your attention. Multiple camera angles, big name talent, great editing, and of course, plenty of Shimano’s new XTR group. What makes it so out of the ordinary can’t even be shown on our website – you’ll have to go to the XTR 360º Experience page to, well, experience it for yourself.

I can assure that it’s no run of the mill mountain bike video. Instead the interactive setup allows you to actively change the camera angles and even drag the current view 360º around the rider just like you were riding along with Shandro, Hunter, Vanderham, and the rest of the crew in Kamloops. A seriously impressive production, be prepared to spend some time on the XTR 360º Website…

Chris King Lefty LD and SuperMax Hubs Now Shipping

After getting up close and personal with the new Chris King Lefty hubs at Eurobike, the single sided gems are now on their way to bike shops world wide. Available in either the LD or the SuperMax version, the hubs combine to cover the spread of all Cannondale Lefty forks. Built with typical Chris King precision in Portland, Oregon, the hubs are completely rebuildable and come in all standard CK colors including the current Sour Apple Limited edition.

Details next…


Need A Winter Cross-Training Alternative To A Fat Bike? Sledgehammer!

In the snowy areas of the country, the fat bike has made a way for us to keep riding and not hang up the wheels for the winter. If you are gravity-addicted, then a ski bike might make a better ride for your winter. This is nothing new, as Lenz Sport has been converting their summer bikes for a long time, and even has a ski-specific model.

If you are lucky enough to be in Germany or Austria during the winter, Sledgehammer is promoting their new ski bikes by renting them for €30 per day, including shipping them to you, and shipping them back at the end of the rental. They hope this access will make people interested in giving them a try.

The video is a pretty good explanation of what happens with a ski bike, and is great to watch, especially if you like watching people crash as they attempt to try a backflip.

Must Watch: Horsepower | Brett Rheeder, plus Di2 Drivetrains for Dirt Jumps?

We thought about saving this one for the weekend, but it’s just too good not to share. We already know Brett Rheeder is a mad man on a bike, but this latest video really highlights his incredible talents on a bike. Using a huge tract of land up in Cherry Creek, British Columbia, Rheeder tears it up on a slopestyle course with plenty of hay bales and a beautiful view.

If you look closely at Rheeder’s bike you might catch a unique Di2 set up as well…