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SRAM’s New X-Sync 1X Chain Rings Prove Steel is Real… Affordable


Due to the impressive amount of CNC machining time, most narrow wide rings have a price that reflects the production costs. Sram wanted to create a replacement 1x ring for the cost conscious which meant they needed look to a different material – steel. Utilizing their stamping and manufacturing wizardry, the new steel rings are not only more affordable but they should be more durable as well.

Available in three select sizes, SRAM is offering a direct mount, plus an interesting looking 94 BCD ring as well…


EB15: Hey, Hey Hey! Schwalbe shuffles in new front & rear specific Fat Albert MTB tires with all-new tread philosophy

2016 Schwalbe Fat Albert enduro mountain bike tires in front and rear specific treat patterns

For enduro riders, things continue to provide new opportunities to rip down the mountain faster and harder than ever. For Schwalbe’s part, the all-new Fat Albert front and rear tire combo ushers in a new tread block design philosophy for the company in wide 29er and 27.5 options.

The tires’ tread blocks are rounded at the corners with a softer overall look, unlike anything they’ve done before on the mountain bike side. The underlying structure is a bit different, too, creating a tire they say is more flexible and maintains a better contact patch on the ground. They also hinted this could be a growing theme on future tire designs.

More Fat Albert and a close up look at the expanded tubeless-ready road/cyclocross/gravel tire line below…


EB15: Magura Syncs Up New Wireless Electronic Vyron Dropper Post

Magura electronic wireless dropper post vyronDSC05001

We’ve been expecting a wireless dropper post for a while, but honestly we didn’t expect it to come from Magura. More than just vaporware, Magura is ramping up production of the new post and expects it to deliver by this fall. Even though it is the company’s first dropper post, Magura is swinging for the fences with the fully wireless, electronic controlled Vyron.

Because Magura had already done most of the legwork for the wireless transmission with their eLect lock out system for their forks and rear shocks, creating a wireless dropper post was a natural extension of the technology. In fact, the Vyron uses the same wireless remote as the eLect suspension allowing you to use one or the other – or both.

Checking in with a competitive weight and price, the Magura Vyron just may provide some serious competition to the other droppers out there…


EB15: Cane Creek bounces new DB Coil CS coil-over enduro shock with Climb Switch

Cane Creek DB Coil CS enduro coil-over rear shock for mountain bikes

Riders looking for the sensitivity a coil spring offers but wanting a firmer climbing platform now gain a powerful alloy in the Double Barrel Coil CS.

It’s Cane Creek’s first enduro-oriented coil shock, aimed at bikes in the 150mm to 170mm travel range. Like the other Double Barrel shocks, it comes with twin tube damping circuits for high and low speed compression and rebound, and all four settings are independently adjustable.

The addition of the Climb Switch drastically slows down low speed compression damping to control suspension movement when climbing (or sprinting, for that matter) without compromising the shock’s ability to keep your rear wheel tracking the terrain. Video and more below…


Lauf’s Icelandic Headquarters – prototypes, testing, scenery & origin story


As the story goes, two good friends Benedikt Skulason and Gudberg Bjornsson were chatting over beers about how to use the pair’s industrial design and composites experience to do something more fun. The result was a complete rethink of the modern suspension fork, splitting the difference between lightweight rigid ones and short travel XC forks. In the two short years since the Lauf leaf spring fork debuted, they’ve been shipping every one they can make and growing distribution throughout the world. We’ve tested one and loved it, too.

To introduce the Boost 110mm version of the Trail Racer 29er fork, which saw slight design updates alongside the wider axle accommodation, Lauf brought us to their Reykjavik, Iceland, headquarters for a tour followed by some amazing riding throughout the country.

Two of the most striking ornaments in their office were these first generation test mules, designed to prove the concept before making the jump to composites…


Review: Suplest SupZero Entry-level Cross Country Bike Shoes


Having seen some of the high-end carbon-soled road and XC shoes from Suplest last year, we wanted to look a bit deeper into their line-up. The young Swiss-designed shoe company spreads most of the features of their top shoes all the way down, with differentiation primarily an issue of different sole constructions (and a bit with upper materials.) With a lot of cyclocross racing here in Europe, we wanted to look at something with a bit more flex for all of the running; so we passed on the full carbon soles, for a pair of good old fashioned reinforced nylon soles. Suplest does a pretty solid job with even this mid-level SupZero mountain bike shoe, and I was never really left wanting for a stiffer shoe during a wide mix of cross, road, and mountain riding and racing.

Follow me past the break for a look at how the shoes help up to 4-season riding, some of their details, and pricing…


EB15: Pivot Speeds Up Mach 6 with New Aluminum and Carbon Models


Team rider Aaron Chase spotted out on his new aluminum Mach 6 scouting for new trails.

Aluminum. Typically the word is associated with affordability more than high-performance, but for Pivot’s newest mountain – bike being more affordable is only part of the story. Earlier this year, while taking a tour of Pivot’s headquarters in Tempe, Arizona we were shown a few sections of aluminum tubing. These pieces of metal stood out for their impressive use of hydroforming and while we weren’t told what they would be for, we were told we could expect something new around Eurobike.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, check out the all new Pivot Mach 6 Aluminum. There is also a new Pivot Mach 6 Carbon which is worthy of excitement in its own right, but we have a feeling that the aluminum model might be more exciting for many readers since the use of metal for the frame will save you $1000 on the frameset and $1200 on the least expensive complete bike. Stuffed with many of the features you will find on the carbon Mach 6, the aluminum bike may have you reconsidering alloy frames…

New WTB PadLoc grips & handlebar standard keeps your grip from slipping…or rotating!

WTB Padlock Commander mountain bike grip

The WTB PadLoc Commander has a 30mm diameter and comes in green, red and pink.

After having their grips slip during competition, top enduro athletes Jerome Clementz and Jason Moeschler went to their sponsor WTB for a solution. Moeschler, who’s also WTB’s director of global OEM sales, has been keen on moving developments through the pipeline quickly there if they could improve his and his teammate’s results. And safety:

“Both Jerome and I have had our locking grips completely slip on us when we need them most,” explains Moeschler. “We’re not big riders, which is the strange part. If it’s happening to us, it’s happening to others too. I’ve had serious crashes from twisting a grip, it was obvious we needed to change the way grips fit on bars so we developed the PadLoc system.”

To remedy grip slippage required rethinking, redesigning or literally hacking your handlebar, too…


EB15: Shimano reworks PRO Tharsis cockpit with new Trail and 9.8 designations, plus Koryak & Tool updates – updated availability


Shimano’s in-house component line Pro gets a bit of reworking to bring the MTB groups inline across all disciplines. The renamed Tharsis 9.8 takes over the burly group of downhiller components raced by the GT Atherton team at the World Cups. Named for the 9.8 m/s2 acceleration due to gravity, the Tharsis 9.8 looks to take kit mostly out of the current Athertons Star Series, offering updated 9.8 graphics across their DH saddles, stems, bars, and seat posts.

Read on for more details on the new all-mountain Trail series, the working-man’s Koryak components, and some tools and accessories…