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IB15: 2016 Norco Mountain Bikes – Torrent 27.5+, Revolver full suspension XC & updated Sasquatch fat bike

2016 Norco Revolver FS full suspension XC race mountain bike

We spotted a prototype of the Norco Revolver full suspension at Sea Otter earlier this year that looked virtually final, and now that bike is available to all in both 29er and 27.5 wheel sizes.

The bike gets 100mm travel front and rear and is meant to whip through XC race courses smoothly with its A.R.T. Horst Link suspension design and 1,800g full carbon frame. All cables and hoses run internally, entering and exiting through special ports that hold them tight so there’s no rattling there or inside the frame while also keeping any moisture out.

The rear is 12×142 on both wheel sizes, no Boost for this one, but the new Torrent gets it…


EUROBIKE COVERAGE REVIEW – WEEK #4. KTM, and Hope Tech Have Been Busy!


We’re still over flowing with product coverage from Eurobike. KTM shows no signs in slowing down towards becoming a major player and Hope Tech continues to prove they know what they’re doing, plus more!

Sort through and “dispose” of what ever summer beer you have left and join us on another week of Eurobike 2015!


IB15: Look Cycles gets insanely aero with new 796 Monoblade, plus all-new 765 fondo bike & more

2016 Look Cycles 765 endurance carbon fiber road bike for gran fondo rides

The 2016 Look 765 endurance road bike replaces the 566 as the French brand’s mid-level long distance ride. It blends comfort geometry and frame materials with standard components (as opposed to the polarizing heavy cockpit integration found on their higher end 795 Aerolight and others).

Compared to their race bikes’ geometry, the 765’s endurance geometry averages a 20mm higher stack and 10mm shorter reach, putting you a bit more upright so you’re more comfortable over the long haul. Seatstays are a bit longer, too, to improve stability and take a bit of the edge off harsh bumps.

And then they add flax linen to the carbon…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


UCI Road Worlds

  • Richmond 2015 has put out a Mobile App to Follow this Weekends UCI Road Worlds – Don’t miss a moment of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships with the official mobile app, Richmond 2015. The app combines live video, interactive mapping, event schedules, official results, photo feeds, event previews, and more. The app was designed to keep you close to the action, even if you don’t make the trek to Virginia. The mobile app is available for download now for both iOS and Android. Read on past the break for more updates on worlds, including a link to live streaming…


IB15: Borealis Adds Carbon Crestone, Rides the Flume with Aluminum Fat Bikes

borealis flume crestone carbon aluminum fat bikes (2)

Since the #crossiscoming hashtags seem to be dying down, that must mean #winteriscoming. For many of us, winter also means fat bikes which is good news since there were a lot of new ones out at Interbike. From the Borealis camp, we were greeted with two new bikes – their new carbon wonder machine, and their first aluminum rig, the Flume…


IB15: ODI Gets a Grip on Single Lock Ons with New Asymmetric Elite Series

odi pro series lock on single grips handlebar tape (5)

Following the successful launch of their single lock on Signature grips for Aaron Gwin, ODI Is rolling out three new grips with the new locking system. Calling it their Version 2.1 lock on system, the grip uses a tapered plastic core with a single locking collar on the inboard side for a grip that claims to not slip or rock even without the second collar.

While Gwin’s AG-1 will still be available, the new Elite series offers three new options depending on your grip style and preference…


EB15: Focus Debuts Sam C, Spine C & Raven Max off-road, plus road racing Izalco Max Disc


Over the course of this summer Focus has introduced expansions and refinements to their two premium mountain bike lines the trail/enduro Sam and the cross country Raven, plus a new shorter travel trail bike called the Spine. The 160mm Sam gets an upgrade to carbon, the Raven hardtail gets Max-ed with a totally reimagined carbon frame, and the new 120mm Spine will now be available in both carbon and aluminum versions. Not to ignore the road, Focus officially debuted the disc-brake edition of their premier WorldTour Izalco Max at Eurobike, and went home with a best in show award. Plus, on that bike, and everything else that didn’t have rear suspension, Focus was featuring their new CPX Plus carbon comfort seatpost. Drop in past the break for photos and details of the new bikes…


RAT-A-TAT-TAT! Intense Blasts Everything in its Way with New Uzzi 275 and Carbon M16, Plus Limited Palmer Edition

2015 Intense-1

When you’re about to step foot into Intense Cycle’s booth, you know there won’t be a dull moment. Considered an innovator in this industry, Intense Cycles came full force this year re-introducing the Uzzi with some updated features and showing off their new M16C carbon downhill bike.

Send it past the break for the details on these gorgeous beasts and see what a lucky few might get their Palms on….


IB15: Up Close with the Turner RFX Plus Actual Weight

turner RFX carbon all mountain bike (2)

After years of crafting fine bicycles in aluminum, Turner started a new journey with their first carbon bike in the Czar. As much as we all love the made in the USA aluminum rigs Turner has been turning out, the allure of carbon is hard to resist.

After setting the stage with the XC oriented Czar, Turner aimed their sights at something with a little more travel. Specifically, the rebirth of the legendary RFX. First introduced in 1999, a lot has changed since the RFX helped to redefine what was possible on a mountain bike. Now built with 160 mm of travel and 27.5″ wheels, Turner’s bigger carbon bike turns out to be pretty light on the scales…