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Extend the new XT Cassette with a Garbaruk Xtender ST


We were just tipped off of a new set of beautifully-machined steel and aluminum cassette extenders made in Ukraine to get a bit more range out of the biggest of the current Shimano cassettes available. While Garbaruk had gone live this summer with their 29-35-42T cluster that fit on the top of 10 speed SLX, XT and even SRAM cassettes, the newest version targets the recently introduced 11-42 M8000 XT cassette. Spin past the break for a more detailed look at the range extenders they offer, as well as pricing…


How To: Problem Solvers Shows How to make Sram Shifter into Dropper Post Remote


Perhaps more than anything else, dropper posts seem to be one of those products that riders are willing to tolerate some quirks for the overall benefit. Specifically, one of the biggest areas of improvement seems to be the remote levers themselves. Why else would there be so many replacement levers, adapters, and hacks to create something different to control the posts?

Anyone who has used one of the Specialized Command posts with their SRL lever can attest to the excellent ergonomics and function of a lever that closely resembles a shifter. Specifically, the lever is very similar to a SRAM shift lever, so why not make a SRAM shift lever into a dropper post remote? Problem Solvers likely isn’t the first entity to hack a SRAM shifter for a dropper post lever, but they are giving you the play by play…


Salzkammergut Trophy Announces 2016 Registration and… E-Bike Trophy?

The Salzkammergut Mountain Bike Trophy is a grueling 211 km race that is Austria’s biggest MTB marathon celebration. With additional distances of 22, 37, 53, 76, and 119km almost no one is left out – especially when you add in the Unicycle Downhill, Unicycle Marathon and 60 km All Mountain Marathon. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising then that one of the newest disciplines for the mountain bike festival is the E-Bike Trophy.

That’s right. Just like the Sea Otter Classic, there will be a race specifically for E-Bikes. According to the Salzkammergut site, the race will take place on a separate 36 km route that will include 1,180 meters of climbing. Only three sections of the total distance will be timed with two climbs and a final section of technical singletrack making it almost like an E-Bike Enduro (E-nduro?). Race promoters envision it as a challenge of conserving battery life during the non timed sections, while demanding riding skill to go as quickly as possible during the three stages. Battery changes are not allowed and bikes will be limited to “commercial mountain bike pedalecs” (no throttle) with max 250 watts and limited assisted top speed of 25 km/h. Along with the E-Bike Trophy, there will be E-Bike demos and tours of the mountains of Bad Goisern during the festival weekend.

Roundup: Unique components from Reset, Bike Ribbon, Mars One, SQ Labs & more!


BikeRibbon is an Italian brand that’s been producing unique handlebar tape since 1975, helping to pioneer the concept of thickly padded tape that tapers at the edges to let it wrap flatly around the bar. Since then, they’ve branched out into mountain bike grips, new materials, saddle bags and other accessories.

Their Loop bar tape is a washable, soft fluffy cotton terry material with stitched edging. It’s 3mm thick, 3cm wide and comes in 170cm long rolls. Grab hold of more materials and colors below, along with a random assortment of new cables, housing, handlebars, tires and more…


Commencal goes A La Carte


The new À La Carte Project from Commencal brings a degree of kit customization that you rarely find in the bike industry. Buying a bike from most of the major bike companies means a couple of options for component spec at a few different cost levels. Some companies offer more options than others, and online bike builder customization tools have begun to expand to get closer to your perfect dream bike. The À La Carte Project takes it one more step. Come past the fold for a closer look at what sets this customization tool apart from most online bike builders…


A Week in Review: Rad Kid’s bikes, Rapha’s Thermal Aerosuit, and a Roundup of some Awesome Tools and Hacks

Atherton Racing BSX-Insight_muscle-oxygenation-tracking

FENIX BYKES folding full size santos 275 plus mountain bike (5) reset-components-bearing-press-tool01

Tired of measuring power and want something even more involved to measure? We check out BSX’s updated Muscle Oxygenation sensing device. We also take a behind the scenes look at how Scott goggles are made, and find out what those Atherton siblings are up to.

Catch up on last week’s material and be sure to check out the comic strip of Yehuda Moon and how cynical and funny cycling can be….


Fezzari busts out Cascade Peak 27.5+ mountain bike with a Price that May Be Worth it

Fezzari Cascade 3

After months of testing and getting final production going, Fezzari introduces its new Cascade Peak 27.5+ full suspension  mountain bike. We first saw a prototype of it at Sea Otter with a raw finish and before they had the final component spec. Now, it’s got a proper paint job, an impressive build kit and a price that’ll leave some scratching their heads.

Roll over the break and find to see the Cascade Peak in all of it’s glory and if this kind of purchase is in your future…..


From Run Bikes to the New Supreme DH Junior, Commencal has Something for Kids of all Sizes

Commencal Supreme DH Junior, Aaron Querol railing berm

It’s a cliché that rings true, but we’ve all said it before: kids are the future of the sport. Commencal is clearly on board with this thinking, and they’ve created an entire line of thrashable kids bikes for every size and age, ranging from a 12” run bike to their newly released Supreme DH Junior, which sports a compact DH frame on full-sized wheels.

With their expertise as a dedicated bike manufacturer, Commencal has carefully fitted the components on each model to suit the rider’s size: the handlebars, stems, and cranks grow as the bikes do, which is a key factor that department store brands often don’t consider. Click past the break to see the full line of kids bikes, and a video of 14 year-old Aaron Querol throwing down like the big boys on the Supreme DH Junior…

D.Fender Updates Fenders with Fit for Bluto, Lauf, Plus, Rigid, and Bucksaw

dfender lauf bluto salsa fat bike fender skinny (4)

Who knew that one of the most popular accessories for mountain bikes and fat bikes would be some bits of plastic and a few zip ties? We’re talking of course about the number of fenders that have popped up and zipped onto forks across the world. As it turns out, the minuscule fenders are pretty effective at keeping most of the spray from hitting you in the face which is their main goal. They also serve to protect the seals and stanchions of your pricey suspension fork.

It also turns out that creating fenders that fit a wide range of bikes and tires sizes while standing up to all temperatures and riding conditions isn’t that easy. One of the first to pop up for fat bike use, D.Fender is back with a new range of fenders with increased fit and better performance whether your bike is fat, skinny, or somewhere in between…