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The Ultimate MTB Glove? Kitsbow Introduces Their Mens All Mountain Glove

light_black_glove_front_hero11 light_black_glove_front_hero1

If you already cringe at the price of most mountain bike gloves, turn away now. Kitsbow’s new All Mountain Gloves are not for you. As usual, Kitsbow’s take on gloves means a no compromise approach to fit, materials, and comfort. Unfortunately, that also means no compromises when it comes to price. The result is a pair of gloves that dreams are made from, but at a price that may be out of reach for most riders…


2016 Orbea Loki trail hardtail lets you get mischievous with 29er or 27.5+ wheels

2016 Orbea Loki trail hardtail mountain bike for 275+ or 29er wheels

Named after the Norse god known as a tricky shapeshifter, the new Orbea Loki makes the bold claim of being “perfect for everyone.” It’s a capable 29er hardtail. It’s also fun, slack 27.5+ trail bike. Either way, you’re getting 120mm of travel up front and a high end alloy frame that’s ready to rumble.

The design is called Double Duty, referring to the ability to switch between the two wheel sizes. The rear end uses Boost 148 spacing, and regardless of wheel size, they’re using the same Boost hubs and mostly 110mm spaced Boost forks. It’s not the first bike to offer the swappable wheel sizes, but it’s among the first to make it very affordable while still offering good spec and top notch features. That makes it a perfect do-it-all second (or fifth) bike or a great first mountain bike for those just getting into it…


World Cup DH, Pro Bike Check: Jasper Jauch’s Liteville 901 Prototype


Out of the German design lab and minds that bring us Syntace components, their in-house bike brand Liteville is developing an all new revamp to their 901 DH bike. Once again spotting a raw aluminum bike was a cue to look a bit further and see what is in the works. We caught up with pro rider Jasper Jauch at the Leogang World Cup to get the details on his Liteville 901 prototype.

This test bike brings back the 901 model, which isn’t technically in the current line (although it is listed through Syntace or some international distributors), where the slightly shorter travel 190mm travel 601 currently tops out the line-up. The new bike brings the travel back to 200mm and jumps to 650b wheels. Read on for more info and some close up pics….


Curve Engineering Releases New Softtail Titanium MKII Frame with up to 70mm Rear Travel

Curve MKII softtail titanium mtb, angle

France’s Curve Engineering came into the cycling world from its outer fringes, debuting their design and manufacturing expertise with the innovative and award winning X-F1 recumbent trike in 2005. Curve also assists other bicycle manufacturers with their technical know-how, and as of 2013 began producing their own range of non-recumbent bikes. They now offer a lineup of various models ranging from cyclocross to XC to fat bikes and city bikes, all constructed from lustrous titanium.

The latest is the MKII softtail cross country 29er, designed to provide a more comfortable option versus their 294 Evo XC hardtail. The MKII comes as a frame only or in a complete build, and is made to order with custom geometry and sizing. Keep reading for more photos and details…

Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Inspired to Ride Still on the Big Screen – Inspired to Ride, the film that documented participants in the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race, has been screened in over 25 theaters the past few months. And events are still coming together. Visit for screening dates.


Wild new Alchemist X-Sens X7.32 carbon enduro rims get built (virtually)

Alchemist X-Sens X732 carbon enduro mountain bike rims prototype rendering

A few weeks ago, Alchemist sent us photos of rim parts and cutaways to tease their new X-Sens rims. Now, they’ve rendered a mockup of the X7.32 enduro rim built up into 27.5″ wheels.

With only the rim cutaways to see before, we were all left wondering how they’d be laced. In order to give them the proper lateral stiffness, they are indeed going to be laced across the rim, sending a spoke from the left hub flange to the right side of the rim wall.

The naming scheme likely refers to both wheel diameter and inside width, with “7” telling us it’s a 27.5 and “32” referring to an inside rim width of about 32mm. Those number match up with what we’ve seen so far, and Alchemist chimed in on the comments in that first post to say rim weights could be as low as 390g and that they’ll actually cost less than their RR rims.

More pics and upcoming sizes below…


Swiss, Premium, Performance – BMC Release Their 2016 Mountain Bike Lineup

2016 BMC Trailfox TF01 XX1 mountain bike

As a company well known for its thirst for innovative design, BMC have just announced their most progressive line of mountain bikes yet. Of course the Swiss brand has been on quite the roll lately, having debuted the new Team Elite softail race bike as well the 650b Speedfox Trailcrew already this year. Looking to build upon that momentum, the 2016 model year signals a subtle change in direction for BMC, with bold colours and refined build kits highlighting their willingness to listen to rider demands. This year you’ll find BMC releasing new sport hardtails, an updated Trailfox long-travel 29er, and a plethora of new spec options for the existing Fourstroke and Speedfox lines. So read on for our first look of the 2016 BMC mountain bike range…


SR Suntour doubles down with new UnAir, DuAir shocks, shim-tastic dampers & easy change air volume Pipe

2016 SR Suntour UnAir and DuAir rear mountain bike shocks with new shim stack dampers and ambient negative chamber

Quietly introduced at Taipei Cycle Show earlier this year amidst plenty of new suspension forks, SR Suntour’s all-new air shocks bring a completely new shim stack damper, ultra simple blowoff valve and an incredibly user friendly (and tuner friendly) design.

Two models will be available, the UnAir for shorter travel bikes, and the DuAir for longer travel. Internally, they’re identical on the LO-R (LockOut-Rebound) model, and DuAir gets a second RC version with wider range rebound and compression adjustments. Other than that, the key difference between the two is the DuAir’s external air sleeve, called a Pipe, that allows you to quickly and easily adjust air volume to tune the ride.

Both shocks share new piston and seal designs that not only keep it moving smooth when perfectly straight, they even reduce friction when side loads are placed on the shock. It’s an impressive package that could have you hopping down the bunny trail with a whole new smile on your face…


Commencal Releases 2016 Meta AM V4 Race mountain bike in Rockshox Red

2016 Comencal meta AM Race, rockshox red, title pic

When it comes to racing, we all know the pros get to ride the best quality parts and latest technology their sponsors can provide, but from a marketing perspective aesthetics are just as important. Bikes and components get a lot of visibility at big events, and Commencal blatantly states that their flashy Race models are meant to be a showcase of their brand, and the company’s sponsors and partners.

Following in the footsteps of 2015’s Rockshox inspired black colorway, the 2016 Meta AM V4 Race’s paint sports an eye-popping red and black scheme, matched to Rockshox’s Pike fork and Monarch rear shock. The Meta AM V4 was built with enduro racing in mind, and accordingly sports a nice selection of suitable componentry with front and rear suspension that’s specifically tuned for the Race model. Read on for more details on Commencal’s first bike from the 2016 model year…