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SOC15: Jamis unleashes the Dragonslayer 27.5+ and loads up the Renegade steel roadies


Jamis reserves the “Dragon” moniker for it’s premium steel mountain bikes, so it says something that they’ve attached it to this new model. The Dragonslayer brings modern steel tubing in contact with the latest axle, wheel and tire standards to create a bike made for equal parts fun, exploration and shredding.

On the other side of the tent were their new steel adventure road bikes, the Renegade Expat and Exploit, and a fully loaded carbon fiber Renegade Expert just to show what that bike’s capable of…


Interview / Factory Tour: Zen Fabrications with David Woronets

Zen fab factory

David Woronets joined the industry in a way a lot of ex-elite racers have: he needed a winter job. But unlike a lot of those ex-racers, David found himself compelled by manufacturing and development of the physical product. After moving around the industry and after working for Elsworth for several years, David saw an opportunity for a job shop model of domestic manufacturing and jumped at it.

Five years after purchasing equipment from Elsworth, David and his team have established Zen as a viable alternative to overseas manufacturing. At NAHBS this year, Zen released their full line of house product, realizing a long desire of David’s to produce his own product… READ MORE ->

Found: Bold Cycles Linkin Trail full suspension concept hides the shock inside frame

Bold Cycles Linkin Trail full suspension mountain bike with rear shock hidden inside the frame

Launching out of Switzerland, Bold Cycles’ is making a statement with its debut bike, the Linkin Trail.

Yes, it’s a full suspension frame, but the shock is completely hidden inside the seat tube, driven by the upper rocker arm. The carbon frame has ports in the headtube to let air inside to cool the shock, with exit vents just below it. Behind that, a Boost 148 rear axle makes room for a 27.5+ tire or a less rotund 29er. Travel is 130mm, and it’s got all manner of trails in its sights…


Transition Announces the Ripcord 24” All-Mountain Bike for Young Shredders

Transition Ripcord 24" all-mountain bike, action

A lot of birthday or Christmas lists are going to get started as soon as young mountain shredders lay their eyes on Transition’s latest bike. The Ripcord is a 24” do-everything mountain bike with kid-specific ergonomics and a solid build of quality components, aimed at young riders who would otherwise be thrashing lesser bikes to pieces as their skills develop.

“We wanted to build a kid’s bike that provided the same killer riding experience as the rest of our line, and the last thing we wanted to do was create a product that required immediate upgrades due to sub-standard components,” said Transition Bikes Marketing manager Lars Sternberg. “The young riders these days pick mountain biking up so quickly they can easily outgrow their equipment, and we wanted to be sure our bike was going to go the distance. The Ripcord is meant to do that and much more.”

Curious to see what your kid could do with a bike like this? Keep reading…

SOC15: Rubena Adds 27.5 sizes for Scylla and Charybdis Tires

Rubena tires scylla charybdis  275 650b  (13)

Rubena is one of those brands that many people still haven’t heard of, but the company has an impressive 80 year history of making tires in the Czech Republic. Part of a much larger tire manufacturing operation, the bike side of Rubena’s business covers mountain to road and is slowly expanding to keep up with the trends in mountain biking.

The newest Czech treads come in the form of 27.5″ versions of their Scylla and Charybdis XC/Trail tires…


SOC15: Prototype Salsa 27.5+ full suspension mountain bike decorates WTB booth

Prototype Salsa 275-plus full suspension mountain bike

Looking very similar in design to their Horsethief 29er full suspension bikes, this prototype carbon bike showed off an upcoming Salsa model made to fit wider wheels, like those built with WTB Scraper rims and Trailblazer 2.8 / Bridger 3.0 tires.

Official details are slim, but we’ve got a little info and plenty of pics…


SOC15: Ridea introduces dual-ovalized chainrings to fit any crank, road or mountain bike


Ridea was started in Taiwan, grew into Singapore and China, then Australia, and finally parts of Europe. Now, they’ve been infiltrating the U.S. for about a year and a half with their duo-oval Powerings, a unique take on ovalized chainrings that have four different levels of ovalization and options for virtually any crankset on the market.

Everything is fully CNC’d, like the Captain America inspired time trial crankset used to draw our eye to the booth. Yes, that one’s a regular round chainring, but it’s hiding another clever little part on its backside.

Here’s how it works…


SOC15: Mavic Highlights Crossmax SL Pro WTS with Team Dream and Stinner Frameworks Collaboration

Mavic Stinner crossmax LTD builds  (10)

In what seems to be turning into a bit of a tradition, Mavic teamed up with some talented people to hand build two show bikes for the new Crossmax LTD Wheel Tire Systems. To kick off the project Mavic gave Sean Talkington of Team Dream Bicycling Team a ring. Continuing his work with Jordan Low on paint and Aaron Stinner of Stinner Frameworks for the builds, two stunning mountain bikes emerged as the perfect canvases for Mavic’s WTS…


Twin Six Tempts Us with Pre-Order Deals on Their New Standard Ti 29er

Twin Six Standard Ti 29er, complete bike

I can’t say I’ve met a cyclist of any kind that wouldn’t want a titanium steed in their stable. Sure carbon is lighter and more shapely, but titanium seems to hold a special place in many riders hearts for its unique ride properties and the signature matte finish that catches the eyes of ‘those who know’.

This kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, but when companies like Minnesota’s Twin Six dangle special deals like this they just might turn a few window shoppers into buyers. To announce their new Standard Ti 29er, they’re shaving $200 off the eventual retail price for pre-ordered frames. Is now your time for titanium?