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PBE14: Vlad Cycles, Coast & Royal H – Custom Steel w/ Mavic Mektronic Electronic Shifting!


Some custom builders are new, like Vlad Cycles out of Boonton, NJ, who’s been at it for just two years now. Others have been at it for a little longer, over the years, have accumulated some interesting parts to hang on their show bikes…like a very fresh looking Mavic Mektronic electronic group.

Above is Vlad’s Troika head badge, designed by Jen Green. In Russian, he says, the troika is three horses harnessed abreast to pull loads across the vast Russian landscape. Vlad started out fillet brazing, but after a frame building course by Carl from Vicious Cycles, he turned to TIG welding and hasn’t looked back. The headtube above is part of a disc brake road bike, shown below.

Read on to see more from Vlad, Coast and Royal H, the latter of whom had the motorized group on display…


PBE14: Santana Goes Really, Really Big with Cirque Fat Bike Tandem!

Santana Cirque fat bike tandem prototype mountain bike

The great thing about smaller shows like Philly Bike Expo is the laid back atmosphere, where we have time to hear the stories behind more than just the latest and greatest. Last time, Santana’s owner, Bill McCready, gave us a fantastic materials science talk. This time, he had less to say, mainly because this monstrous bike was built in his absence.

Santana leads group tandem tours overseas. On their last trip, while they were nonchalantly letting participants play around on the BionX equipped e-tandem shown at the bottom of this post, his employees were busy welding together this prototype fat bike. The expo was the first time anyone else had really seen it, and it was hard to miss…


MagLOCK May Have Finally Perfected the Magnetic Bike Pedal

MagLock magnetic bike pedal  (3)

Now more than ever, there seems to be an intense debate between the use of flat pedals or clipless. Both have their merits, but what if there was something in between? Something that combined the best things about each into a single design? Now that the MagLOCK bike pedal is getting official, maybe there is.

The MagLOCK pedal is definitely not the first to attempt to use magnets to replace a clipless system. Many companies have tried over the years and for whatever reason either failed to produce a worthwhile product, or at least one that consumers would buy. There are many factors to designing a magnetic pedal that you have to take into consideration over a relatively simple clipless pedal, but it looks like Dave Williams may have figured it out with his clever magnetic design.

Details next…


Trailcraft Cycles Builds 24-Inch Wheel Mountain Bikes To Make Young Riders Fly

Trailcraft-Kid-1Faced with the problem of trying to outfit her son with an appropriate bike, Ginger Rosenbauer didn’t care for the fact that most of the choices weighed almost half of what he did, and were woefully inappropriate for actual off road riding. Located in Fort Collins, CO, they were already able to do a lot of design, prototyping and production this year, and they are ready to go to market.

Launching by using Kickstarter, they already have the first production available for delivery before the holidays. Rosenbauer says “One of the most valuable benefits of the Pineridge 24 are the memories made together on the bike as a family. The awesome ride quality and lightweight components of the Pineridge 24 has allowed for longer more enjoyable rides, creating fun times on the trail together, and a lifetime of memories. This time and connection together is priceless.” Check out this kids bike with lots of attention to detail after the jump…


Lizard Skins Wants You to Grab a Bearclaw w/ Darren’s New Signature Grips


Lizard Skins has introduced their thinnest grips ever with the new “Bearclaw” Darren Berreclothe signature edition.

They’re 130mm wide and use a new, softer grip compound they say is equally comfy with or without gloves. That’s good, ’cause there ain’t much there to cushion your palms – diameter is just 29.5mm. Compare that to the 30.5 Peaty grips or meaty 33mm North Shore grips.

Available in black or white, you can choose the color of the inner and outer locking rings and even customize the font style and message for a slight upcharge. Video and promo flyer below…


Ibis Mojo HD Completely Revamped – Longer, Lower, Slacker and So Much More Enduro!

2015 Ibis HD enduro mountain bike

The all-new, third generation Ibis Mojo HD3 takes the enduro scene to heart with a totally new frame designed from the ground up to climb quickly and descend quicker.

It’s built around the DW-Link suspension platform, but uses a new iteration of it to achieve 6″ of rear wheel travel with the peddling efficiency of their XC-oriented Ripley and the downhilling ferocity you’d expect from an aggressive six inch bike.

The basics are what you’d expect these days and include a tapered headtube, 142×12 rear thru axle, internal cable routing, removable front derailleur mount and, of course, 650B wheels. What makes it special is now you can have both the HDR’s longer travel and the HDR 650B’s bigger wheels. See how it all comes together with the new suspension, frame and geometry…

UPDATED: Additional comments from Ibis’ co-founder & owner, Scot Nicol, throughout the post.


Need To Lighten Your Ride? Proti Fully Forged Titanium Bolts Are Light, But Also Stronger

Proti-Bolts-HeaderProti makes 6/4 Titanium bolts for motorcycles, using a technology where they are fully forged, including the threads. This relatively recent technology builds a bolt that has a much higher strength than a CNC cut bolt that is more typical of titanium bolts used in bicycles.

Andre Szucs saw what this was doing in the motorcycle world, and worked with Proti to become the representative of the bolts for the bicycle industry, and started There is a lot of science that explains why forging is better than cutting, check inside for the story…


EB14: Roundup – Various Drivetrain and Brakes, Including a 210g Titanium Chain


Stronglight showed off their new narrow/wide chainrings for 104BCD cranks. It’s a pretty standard ring, but their sister brand O’Symetric had some wild stuff. We also saw Fouriers’ range, a brand that’s been around for a while in Europe but not really seen in the States. There’s a few other goodies tucked away in here, ending with a really expensive, really light full titanium chain…


PBE14: Tricky Fenix Full Size, Folding Travel Bike Switches Easily Between Road & Mountain Builds


The Fenix Macleod is just plain different in the best possible way. They’re the green bikes in the foreground and they use the same frame, yet can be set up with road or mountain bike parts. Or any combination of the two (think monster cross). Why? Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes ya don’t. Either way, they’ll travel with you in a very compact package and give you the freedom to not only bring your bike with you, but bring exactly the kind of bike you’ll need!