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NAHBS 2015: Moonmen Build First Steel Bike with Components from Idyllic Cycleworks

Moonmen fat bike ti colorado (4)

Ever since we laid eyes on the first Moonmen fat bike, the small builder out of Fort Collins, Colorado has had our attention. Started by Todd Heath and Ryan Mckee, Todd cut his teeth in bike building with James Bleakley of Black Sheep for almost ten years. Starting with a fantastic titanium fat bike with BMX inspired styling, Moonmen is slowly building their brand one unique bike at a time.

After chatting with Evan at Idyllic Cycle Works, the latest Moonmen bikes include the company’s first steel build built around 29+ tires and frame components from Idyllic…


TPE15: Velo flies high with 122g Angel saddle, new grippier bar tape and grips


The new Velo Angel saddle line takes a somewhat unique approach to bike seat construction, pushing the cut out all the way to the rear, where the base is joined by a suspended arch attached to the rails.

The concept claims to offer a supportive, comfortable saddle without relying on much padding, which puts the Angel squarely into the realm of performance road riders. And with the flagship Angel Glide coming in at just 122g and the gel-infused heaviest version a still palatable 245g, they’re sitting pretty.

The Y-shaped cutout relieves pressure and distributes the rider’s weight over more of the saddle, which should reduce hot spots and numbness. The Arctech rail mounts add more comfort by creating a small amount of flex to absorb bumps.


TPE15: Funn adds lighter flat pedals and stems, plus new narrow wide chainrings & more


Notice anything different about this flat pedal? From this angle, it’s standout feature isn’t exactly visible, but the locknut design at the axle gives a hint.

The new Python uses a fully enclosed axle and bearing system, eliminating the bolt on the far end of the spindle found on virtually every other pedal design. This eliminates the opening, which means no water, dust or other contaminants can find their way in to muck things up.

But that’s not the only new pedal Funn Components had to show off, and other components joined the party, too…


Brendan Fairclough Breaks it down on the Scott Sports Genius 700

What does a World Cup level downhiller grab when he goes out for a ride back home in Surrey? If we’re talking about Brendan Fairclough that would seem to be the Scott Genius 700. Contractual obligations aside, we’re also fans of the bike as it manages to blend a super pedal efficient ride with a bike that still wants to be rallied downhill. Of course, we only imagine we can ride the Genius like Fairclough, but it’s nice to dream right?


TPE15: DVO Topaz enduro shock gets closer, Diamond suspension fork shipping now

prototype DVO Topaz enduro shock

The  DVO Topaz is their new Enduro rear shock that’ll be coming this fall. It’s a complete air shock with 3-position compression switch that goes from wide open to medium to heavily damped. That last setting is not locked out, just very firm.

The piggy back reservoir will use a bladder based, air charged chamber that manages oil displacement just like on the coil-sprung Jade. Normal shocks use a nitrogen charged chamber with an IFP floating piston, but DVO’s JP says the benefit of the bladder system is less initial stiction.

It’ll be available in 200×50, 200×57 and 215×63, retail, price and actual release date are all TBD.


Berliner Fahrradschau 2015: An Eclectic Mix of Cycling and Lifestyle Products


Another year of Berlin’s consumer Bike Show kicked off this weekend highlighting a lot of the urban and lifestyle segments of the bike industry that sometimes get glossed over with new derailleur and suspension tech. That means a lot of classic city bikes, many e-bike applications, internally geared hubs, and belt drives, plus more cargo bikes than you can shake a stick at. Over the next week or two we’ll try to roundup a bunch of things that we spotted that stood out from the crowd and the free flowing Henrick’s Gin and Tonics and German beers.

Read on for a modern take on a classic, city bikes and great finishes, some custom bags, and an e-bike to sneak on some group rides…


TPE15: Edco machines wide range mountain bike cassette & narrow range junior cassette, plus new wheels

EDCO narrow range junior road race cassette

Edco has been machining their Monoblock cassettes from a single piece of hardened chromoly steel for a while, but the designs have been limited to standard road gearing ranges. Now, two new options push the gear selection in either direction, from a very narrow range model to a two-piece wide range mountain bike cassette.

The new narrow range Monoblock cassettes for junior racers, shown above left, are because the youngsters can’t run anything smaller than a 14-tooth cog per UCI rules. So, they make a 14-25 and 14-27 cassette, both with 11 speeds, that gives young racers tighter gaps between gears without having to restrict derailleur movement to keep them off the smaller cogs. Expect them to be about $200 USD. Like the others, it’s machined out of solid chromoly steel. Also like the others, it’s an 11-speed unit that’ll fit on a 10-speed freehub body, making it easy to put an older set of wheels to good use. Weight is about 200g.

Shift past the break for more details, plus a look at prototype carbon rims and more…


TPE15: Atomlab’s SL handlebars drop weight, new rings & cogs, and more


Atomlab’s SL alloy handlebars switch from 6000-series to 7000-series alloy, dropping the weight to about 260g and becoming more fitting of the SL moniker. They have a 25mm rise, 4° upsweep and 9° back sweep. Width is 760mm. There’s also a new 195g Carbon SL (red), which will only be a 31.8 with 15mm rise, 6° upsweep and 9° back sweep.

They’ve added a new 31.8 bar alongside the original 35mm clamp size, and the stems get reducers if you wanna run the thinner bar.

Check out pedals, hubs, cogs and gears below…


TPE15: FSA takes cranks wider three different ways, leaks all-new Gravity GRID mountain bike line & more!


FSA is updating their carbon SL-K and K-Force Light cranksets with an all-new BB392 spindle standard. Put simply, it’s a 92mm wide, 30mm diameter spindle that follows the logic of the BB386EVO standard they helped introduce for road bikes. Yes, it’s a new “standard”, but like the 386, it’ll work on any frame thanks to a variety of bottom brackets to go with it. Threaded BSA? No problem, the wider spindle makes room for an outboard bearing bottom bracket, which makes things even stiffer thanks to the wide bearing placement. Pressfit 30, PF92, etc., will all be accommodated, too, with this single new spindle size.

This eliminates the need for a steel spindle, which makes them lighter while still fitting any BB. The arms are a little more svelte than before, too, saving a few more grams and keeping Q-factor unchanged…and they get new, asymmetric and proprietary 4-bolt patterns.

But these aren’t the only ones getting a wider spindle. They’re joined by new Boost148 models and what is perhaps the first BB30 fat bike spindle. Check those and lots, lots more new stuff below…