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IB15: Coast Cycles Goes Fat for the Streets, Starts Wave of 26+?

coast bikes ruckus fat bike plus fun bikes (2)

Every year at the show, there is one brand that we haven’t heard of, or heard little of, that really catches our eye. This year, for me that brand was Coast Cycles from Singapore. Not because any their bikes were necessarily groundbreaking in technology, but because every bike they brought had great design and looked like it would be a ton of fun to ride.

Some bikes, like the Ruckus above are really meant for nothing but fun. However, other bikes like their award-winning Quinn cargo bike manage to blend fun and utility in a package that has to be seen or ridden to believe…


IB15: Niterider powers up OLED displays, brighter trail lights, aero taillights & more


Niterider’s OLED Lumina are new, adding a digital readout up top so you know remaining battery level and run time per setting. Two models are available, the 600 and 800 with lumen output matching the model name.

Both get 90 minutes to 9 hours runtime on a full charge depending on setting. There’s a new solid output with strobe setting that lays a bright flash over top of a constant beam so you can always see where your going while still getting a safety flash to alert drivers.


IB15: SKS Goes Low Pressure with Big Wheel Pump, Shows New Fenders for Fat and Skinny Tires

sks fender fat bike pump (1)

Initially teased out in Sedona, SKS made good on their promise for a low pressure floor pump. Called the Big Wheel, the pump is designed to not only push a lot of air, but to allow precise measurement at the gauge. If the pump has you excited for fat bike use, you may want to check out the fat bike fenders after the break…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



Tools & Access

  • Find Public Repair  Stations Around the Globe – Minneapolis based Dero has put together an online mapping tool for cities, parks, universities, and bike advocacy groups to embed in their cycling and services sites to help cyclists find access to publicly available repair stands and tools. Dero has been cataloging coordinates for their Fixit stands, an the Fixit map continues to grow as the popularity of bicycling around the world increases. Currently, Dero Fixits can be found in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States, including Puerto Rico.


IB15: Fuji Rolls out 27.5+ Bighorn, Price Friendly Reveal FS Bikes, Plus new Altamira CX Fork

Kestrel Fin-1-2

Fuji has been busy this year and even having just released a couple of brand new mountain and carbon road bikes, they didn’t come close to stopping there. Sticking to offering high quality bikes at a better value, Fuji fills in the gaps with these new offerings.

Jump past the break and see what the price of “fun” costs these days….


IB15: 9:Zero:7 Shows Sub 19lb Team Build Whiteout Fat Bike, Updates Slider Aluminum Frame, Teases Carbon Rims

9zero7 fat bike team issue superlight silder aluminum carbon rims (7)

It seems that no matter where I go with a fat bike, people still look at it and say,”man, that must be heavy!” Only for them to pick it up and go on to exclaim that they can’t believe how light it is. Imagine my surprise when I was that person after picking up the 9:zero:7 Team Edition built up for co-owner James Stull.

It wasn’t just the build that was light, however. The frame sees a number of updates that find their way across the Whiteout range. But it also gets a few improvements of its own…


EB15: Kore flexes creative muscle with fused saddles, wider rims & more

Kore Fuze II III saddles with molded one-piece uppers

The new Kore Fuze saddles rethink typical construction by vacuum bonding a waterproof microfiber cover to a lightweight polyurethane foam, creating a one-piece upper that’s impervious to moisture. Then it’s bonded to a flexible nylon fiber shell, which holds onto hollow chromoly rails.

It’s available in two versions, offering different thicknesses and slightly different width and length, both in a variety of colors. Check out the details, plus new rims, pedals and chainrings, below…


IB15: 100% Takes Off with Premium Aircraft Full Face Helmet

100 pct (4)

100% has been showing their Aircraft helmet with full carbon/kevlar composite shell since back in April at the Sea Otter Classic, and are finally ready for it to take off. As you would expect it is light, and no doubt stylish, but it’s also built to be as safe as it is functional.

Gap past the break to see what all went into this carbon/kevlar beauty and why it’s still a product of function over fashion…


EB15: Canyon leads several mountain updates with new Exceed CF SLX hardtail, plus a Speedmax Tri prototype


Canyon had several new bikes on hand at Eurobike, with most available outside at the Demo Day. While the Connected Bike concept looks like it is on the way and its Smart Bike Computer will be available in the spring, most of the new offerings that are available now are on the mountain side of things. The newest on the list is this carbon hardtail, the Exceed CF SLX which the Topeak-Ergon Team has been racing this summer, and on which Alban Lakata won the 2015 UCI XCM World Championship. Add to that a new aluminum Nerve trail 29er, the full-suspension slopestyle Stitched 720, and a lightened up alloy Grand Canyon AL SLX. There was even an interesting aero-at-all-costs triathlon bike inside the show that had already won a European championship. Join us after the break for a close-up look and some actual weights.