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IB14: KTM Full Suspension XC, Enduro Mountain Bikes Hit the States

2015 KTM Scarp Prestige carbon XC 29er full suspension mountain bike

Domestically, KTM is more known for their motorcycles than their bikes, but 2015 marks the year they begin equalizing that awareness. Already sold in some moto dealers to fanboys and girls, the bikes have quite a bit to offer. We covered their road and cyclocross models at Eurobike, check them out here.

For mountain bikes, the highlights are the Scarp, a racy full susser, and the Lycan/Lycan LT 650b trail and enduro bikes with travel from 125mm to 160mm.

The Scarp is available in both 29er and 27.5″ wheel sizes, with 100mm and 105mm rear wheel travel respectively. That travel’s made possible with their Pro Damping System floating rear shock. By positioning the shock mounts on the rocker arm and chainstays, they say drivetrain and braking forces are isolated from each other and from affecting the shock. Based on our experience with similar designs on other brands, it’s a darn good idea that works very well.

Other technologies include the Groove Cut head tubes, which not only keep things stiffer, but look killer, particularly in carbon…


IB14: Risse Racing Throws a Double D Bachelor Party for Fat Bike Forks

Risse Racing Bachelor Double D dual disc brake fat bike fork with no crown

The new Risse Racing Bachelor DD is a arch-less fat bike suspension fork rockin’ dual disc brakes.

The structure is essentially a single clamp version of the dual crown Trixie DH fork, but it does away with the arch connecting the two lower legs. Instead, it relies on a beefy clamp around a 15mm thru axle to keep everything in line. As shown, it’s only 100mm of travel, but they can go up to 150mm. And that’s only the beginning of the customization options…


IB14: Prologo Rounds Out Saddle Line, Adds Enduro Mountain Bike Model


Prologo has updated a number of their popular road and triathlon saddles, tweaking shapes to make them more comfortable.

The Scratch 2 CPC gets the dropped, squared off nose introduced on the Nago Evo last year, but keeps the rounded profile of the rear end. It also adds the CPC material to damp vibration and provide a little non-slip grip. Available with either Tirox (metal) or Nack (carbon) rails. It’ll come in PAS versions with the center relief channel, too, and in 134mm and 143mm widths for most models.

Sit in for more images and details on all the new goods, plus a new saddle fitting system for stockists…


Just In: Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump Skips the Compressor for Tubeless Tires

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor pump air compressor tubeless ready tire (3)

Even as bicycle tires trend towards tubeless for mountain, road, and now cyclocross, seating tires still remains a barrier to entry for some. Depending on the tubeless set up, getting the tires to seal up and seat on the rim can be a challenge without an air compressor at your disposal.

Enter the Bontrager TLR Flash Charger floor pump. Thanks to its built in high-volume air chamber, the pump is capable of seating tubeless tires without the need for a compressor or electricity. We just got our hands on the new pump and immediately started deflating and unseating tubeless tires around the office to test the pump’s capabilities.

How well does it work? Find out next…


IB14: Ellsworth Dare Downhill Bike Goes Carbon, Gets Adjustable Travel & 27.5″ Wheels

2015 Ellsworth Dare Carbon downhill mountain bike can switch travel to become freeride bike

The Ellworth Dare was one of those bikes that every downhiller drooled over ten years ago. Coupled with a Shiver fork, it made even the biggest huck-to-flat seem reasonable, but in the intervening years, the model has suffered from a lack of attention.

For the 2015 model year though, the Dare has been completely redesigned, and received a carbon frame, 27.5″ wheels, and a modern geometry. READ MORE ->

IB14: More than a Big Deal, Hed Introduces Aluminum Fat Bike Rim, 27.5 and 29″ Wide Carbon Rim, More

Hed carbon fat bike 29+ aluminum rim wheels (4)

Probably one of our most visited during Interbike, Hed’s booth seemed to have something new every time we went by. What started with Andy showing us the new 100mm BFD fat bike rims out at Dirt Demo, continued with a new aluminum fat bike rim and finished with Steve Hed himself showing us their new 29″ carbon rim inside. What started with a single 85mm wide carbon rim has exploded into a number of fatter options for fat bikes and 29ers alike.

Details on the new hoops next…


EB14: Token Introduces World’s Lightest Headset, New Carbon Wheels & Lots More!

Token Featherweight worlds lightest full bearing bicycle headset

Token’s new Featherweight headsets claim to be the lightest headsets “with balls”, so we threw them on the scale to see. The “balls” reference refers to the sealed cartridge bearings used in lieu of bushings, which is what Cane Creek uses in their Aer headset.

Not only are they light, but they come with various options to fit both straight and tapered steerers and include their new ultralight top cap/star nut. Shown above are the 44mm headtube version in the foreground and a standard tapered set up in the back. The large sleeve in the middle is purely for display, keeping everything stacked nicely in the retail packaging.

All of the parts are machined from 7075 alloy and Token says they’ve tested it exhaustively with 45kg of back and forth tugging while weighted with 116kg of load for 110,000 cycles with zero failures. How light are they?


IB14: Rolf Prima Rolls Out Budget Carbon Road Wheels, Adds Wider 27.5″ Ralos CXC Mountain Bike Wheels


Rolf Prima knows their carbon wheels aren’t the cheapest on the market (they’re also not the most expensive), so they wanted to help more people get on their paired spoke design and excellent carbon rims.

The new Ares ES series wheels do that by lacing their same Ares carbon fiber rims as the top level models to standard hubs and higher spoke counts to drop the price by $650 per set. The new build is available on the Ares6 (60mm deep) and Ares4 (42mm deep), both 27mm at their widest. Inside width is 17mm at the bead.

The ES wheels go from 16/16 spoke counts to 16/20, but use the same bladed Sapim CX Speed spokes. Total weight gain is just 70g, but none of that’s at the rim save for four more nipples. Even their folks admit the ride quality is very, very similar, you’re just saving a lot of money…


IB14: Ergon Slims Down Enduro Grips, Adds More Colors, Packs & Cushy MTB Saddle


Following last fall’s introduction of the GE1 enduro mountain bike grip, this year see the addition of the GE1 Slim. It came about after feedback from their World Cup racers that wanted a little better bar feel, to feel more connected to the bike.

It’s only marginally slimmer, but it’s noticeable. Price is $34.99 for either size, and the new slims are available in March 2015. Check the visual comparison and all the rest of their new gear after the break…