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Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Our friends at sent us this great video they made of footage from the 3-day Chico Stage Race Presented by Sierra Nevada. This “Director’s Cut” version shows off their great video editing and production skills with on-bike and aerial views in and around the beautiful region of Chico, California. Enjoy!
  • Cyclevox, the UK’s leading cycling commentary, PR and production company, has today announced the launch of the world’s first dedicated women’s cycling video channel, Voxwomen. Cyclevox Founder and UCI Women’s World Cup Commentator, Anthony McCrossan, is launching Voxwomen to give female professional cyclists a voice and to encourage equality across the sport.
  • Jamis® Bicycles is launching its West Coast Bicycle Test Ride Experience program. Building on the success of their popular East Coast program, Jamis is broadening its reach by supporting an expanding dealer network west of the Mississippi. Visit to reserve your Jamis bicycle for upcoming events like The Sea Otter Classic and Ragbrai as well as keeping up to date on all Jamis related events, races and upcoming Bicycle Test Ride Experiences.
  • Are you heading to Louisville, Kentucky for NAHBS this weekend? Well then stop by the Road Holland booth and say hello. If you cannot make it to the show then perhaps the next best thing is to save 20% off of anything at by using the promo code NAHBS15.
  • Isadore Apparel, the high-end cycling apparel brand owned by Pro World Tour rider Martin Velits (Etixx-Quick Step) has opened exclusive Isadore Pop-Up Store in Majorca, Spain. The store is located in Port D’Alcudia in partnership with cycling rental company Bikehead and Bike_nnet Guided Tours in exclusive new surroundings close to the harbor of Port D’Alcudia.
  • Edible Pedal combines two passions shared by many Sacramentans: farm-to-fork food and bicycles. Here’s the video about John Boyer and his 10-plus employees who are using bicycles to deliver food from Sacramento’s farm-to-fork restaurants.
  • Cycling-friendly city Amsterdam is out of bicycle parking spaces, so it’s building 40,000 more by 2030 to alleviate the problem. Over 880,000 bikes are used around the city and they need parking spaces along the canals. With more bikes than parking spaces it’s a big problem that costs the city and illegally-parked bike owners a lot of money.
  • Lynchburg, Virginia bicyclists will have some creative places to park after several artists put finishing touches on racks that will spruce up downtown this summer. Four winners were named in a design contest for the new racks. They are Matt Perkins, Phillip Gabathuler and Davey Hazelgrove, all of Lynchburg, and Roanoke resident John Wilson. Here’s more on the story.
  • Are you a traveler, athlete, adventurer or executive? Then you need a Greenbelly bar, a healthy meal that provides 1/3 of your daily nutrition. Made with all natural and delicious ingredients, Greenbelly is a Complete Meal On-The-Go. Now Greenbelly needs your to help the company grow. Check out their Kickstarter campaign.
  • Get your kicks on Bicycle Route 66 – Adventure Cycling Association announced the release of their latest route, the 2,493-mile Bicycle Route 66. The route follows the famous corridor from Chicago to Los Angeles on roads appropriate for cyclists through six states. Visit Adventure Cycling Association for more information on Bicycle Route 66 and their other bicycle travel routes..
  • The Mystic MTB Race presented by Owenhouse Bicycling Co. is proud to announce that it is back for the second year in a row and will be hosting the event on Saturday July 18, 2015. Featuring 40 miles of challenging climbs, world-class descents and remote scenery, the Mystic MTB Race offers mountain bikers an opportunity to challenge themselves on some of the most enjoyable connector trails in the Gallatin National Forest.
  • Are you interested in mountain biking in exotic locals but concerned about the “What if?”. Well H+I Adventures, the specialists in premium mountain biking holidays, has aligned with Global Rescue, a world-class emergency service provider that offers medical and security evacuation assistances and destination reports. Global Rescue will be included on all H+I Adventures trips, whether it is an advanced biker’s journey to Ecuador, or a beginner’s ride in Namibia. Plan your dream trip!
  • Josh Bender & Lindsay Beth Currier promise to teach you how to ride with more FUN and FLOW! They’ve announced their 2015 Enduro Mountain Bike Skills Camps schedule. After being asked by her female pupils to coach their husbands, boyfriends and kids, Lindsay recruited her significant other, Josh Bender, to provide a series of COED Enduro Mountain Bike Skills Clinics in their home region of Northern California, and surrounding areas. The first camp starts in April.

NAHBS 2015: White Industries cuts narrow-wide, direct mount chainrings & new 6-bolt disc brake hubs!

White Industries showed off new narrow/wide direct mount chainrings fit directly on their cranks with a clean, one-piece design.

They’ll start off with 28, 30 and 32 first, then gradually add bigger sizes in up to a 48, all in even increments of course. Why go so big? Cyclocross of course.

Retail will be about $60 to $80 depending on size and should be available this summer.

Rather than duplicate SRAM’s patent, which they never received a response to their licensing requests, they found an expired patent from someone else and used that tooth profile.


Kogel pushes pressfit BB bearings wider, spins up lightweight alloy pulleys

Kogel's BB30A-24mm adapter BB for Cannondale Synapse

Anytime someone says they can improve a pressfit bottom bracket situation, we’re all ears. Sometimes it’s by increasing compatibility between otherwise oil-and-water parts, and sometimes it’s by taking a fresh look at the design and doing things a bit differently.

For the former, Kogel’s new ceramic bearing Shimano/GXP BB30A adapter kit allows owners of the new Cannondale Synapse endurance road bike to retrofit cranks with 24mm spindles. The Synapse’s proprietary BB30A bottom bracket (a wider 73mm version of the BB30) currently only works with Cannondale’s SiSL crank or custom made FSA’s. Thanks to Kogel’s new BB the Synapse’s BB30A will accept Shimano or Rotor 24mm spindles without any adapters, and SRAM 24mm GXP cranks with the addition of a reducer.

For the latter, get a fresh look at outboard bearings below…

Upstart Rad Bicycle Company Offers Affordable Hand-Built Frames

Rad Bicycle Company's The Grizz fatbike

What do you get when you mix a lifetime of automotive manufacturing, years of bicycle racing experience and a newborn child? We get Rad Bicycle Company, the new passion of Michigan’s Matt Craig. Two years ago when his son was born, Craig decided to shift his focus away from racing and use his extensive manufacturing knowledge to start building bikes instead.

Rad Bicycle Company seeks to put people on high quality USA hand-made frames at a competitive price to overseas manufacturers. Craig’s 4130 chromoly frames are designed and welded in-house, with a balance of race-able light weight and daily thrashing durability in mind.

Check out more of Rad Bicycle Company’s craftsmanship after the break…

Velocite’s new Venn Composite rims break the mold w/ filament wound, single strand carbon construction

Velocite Venn Composites Rev 35 filament wound carbon fiber road bike wheels

Velocite has launched a new brand called Venn Composites to produce rims unlike anything we’ve seen before. There are two models, one using a filament wound construction and one using a continuous fiber construction to eliminate seams and misaligned patterns. We’ll start with the filament wound version:

The traditional method of making carbon fiber rims involves cutting pieces from a sheet of woven or unidirectional carbon, laying them into or over a mold, and layering those pieces in precise positions and directions to create a rim. It’s then pressed inside an outer mold, heated and cured, and then out comes a mostly finished rim.

Filament wound rims, however, pull carbon tow straight off the spool, run it through the resin and wrap it tightly around a mandrel in one continuous fiber. The strand is under constant tension, and it’s always wrapping itself in the exact spot it needs to be.

The benefits of this design are numerous. For starters, it’s mostly automated, so it’s consistent and perfect from rim to rim. Second, there’s no adverse angles to the carbon strands. Anytime a fiber is bent too severely, it creates a weak spot, and since nothing is woven on the body of the rim, there are no fibers being crimped around one another. Then there’s the efficiency. Not only are labor costs lower, material costs are, too, since there’s no scrap being cut away from carbon sheets.

From a rider’s perspective, it creates a stiffer rim that might just end up being less expensive, too…


Review: BBinfinite’s amazingly smooth one-piece pressfit bottom bracket

BBinfinite one-piece pressfit bottom bracket

BBinfinite debuted last May with a unique, one-piece pressfit bottom bracket design intended to remedy any intolerances in your frame, ensuring smooth, quiet cranks. Shortly thereafter, we received a test unit and combined it with our SRAM CX1 build and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

The BBinfinite bottom bracket sets itself apart by putting both bearings in a single shell, allowing them to control the placement of each in relation to the other without regard for any differences in frame design. As they told us, even an offset as small as 1/1000th of an inch can cause drag and premature bearing wear. From our own experiences, we believe them. With their system, you have perfect alignment between the bearings. You also end up with a much broader contact patch between the shell and the frame, which eliminates play and, thus, creaking.

That’s the promise, here’s how it held up…


Trek Introduces Full Suspension Powerfly + FS, U.S. Not Included

Trek Powerfly plus FS (1)

The landscape of e-bikes is quickly changing – faster than the opinions of the motorized bicycles. The idea of electric mountain bikes is especially controversial at least here in the U.S. which is probably why Trek’s new Powerfly FS + won’t be making it here any time soon. Trek is calling the Powerfly FS + a “Europe only” model which is why you won’t be finding it on the Trek U.S. website. But if you happen to be one of our international readers or just want to see what Trek and Bosch have been up to, read on…


Must Watch: Canyon’s Rob J Heran Heads to Louisville to check out THE MINE

Picture by Sebastian Doerk from Rob J Heran Facebook

Picture by Sebastian Doerk from Rob J Heran Facebook

If you have been living under a rock, or 26 feet of limestone as it may be, and you haven’t heard – there is a massive new underground bike park in Louisville, Ky. In addition to hosting the 2015 edition of NAHBS this weekend, riders from all over are starting to make the trip to Kentucky to see what the Mega Cavern is all about. That includes Canyon Bicycle team member Rob J. Heran who headed down to Louisville with photographer Sebastian Doerk to take some incredible photos and create the rather entertaining edit after the jump…


Hands on with the Hope Crankset, Plus New Fat Bike Spindle and Boost 148 Hub

frostbike roundup hope (4)

After teasing us with the beautifully machined and anodized crank arms at a few different trade shows, Hope finally released their new crankset earlier this year. Adding to the expansive line of aluminum parts made in the UK, the modular crankset adds another option to give your self some drivetrain flexibility. Able to run either spiderless Retainer chainrings, single spiders for 104 BCD chainrings, or double 64/104 BCD spiders, the crankset also uses a swappable axle standard that we guessed would allow the crankset to be used on a number of different frames even though the initial launch was limited to 68/73 and 83mm options.

It didn’t take long before Hope made it to Frostbike where the new crankset was shown with an interesting new spindle…