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Specialized Clips Into new Era of Trail Mountain Bike Shoes with 2FO Cliplite


Photo c. Carson Blume/Specialized

In the grand scheme of mountain biking equipment, if there’s one area that has lagged behind in terms of options, in my opinion it would have to be shoes. Like a large portion of my riding buddies and the riding population, most of my riding fits in somewhere between XC and what we would now refer to as Enduro. According to industry lingo that would more or less fall under the “Trail” umbrella. Ever since I started mountain biking in the mid-90s, most riding shoes have typically been either too race-y for my liking or at the other end of the spectrum with a bulky shape and more protection than I really need.

Fortunately, along with the stratification of mountain biking has come an increased focus on what different types of riders expect from their equipment. The same thing that works for an XC racer is going to be very different than the needs of a recreational trail rider, and so on, and so on… Specialized certainly is not the first company to capitalize on this trend towards diversification, but they too wanted a shoe that was better suited to fast trail riding. Not quite Enduro/DH, not quite XC, with their latest footwear offering, Specialized is honing in on the perfect mix of Trail pedaling performance, walkability, and protection.

A natural extension to the 2FO footwear line, the 2FO Clip Lite could be considered the mutant offspring of the 2FO Clip and the S-Works XC shoes  – a shoe that is light and comfortable enough for all day epics, but still burly enough for when the trail gets rowdy…


Destination Trail: Specialized Introduces All New Camber with a Brain


Photo c. Carson Blume/Specialized

One of the raddest things about mountain biking is how the sport can be so many things to just as many different people. However, even with all of the different styles of riding most of us have the same end goal – to get out on the trail. Usually it doesn’t matter what or where that trail is, just that we get out there with enough free time to relax and take it all in.

That spirit is exactly what Specialized is hoping to capture with their new mountain bike launches. Tagging them as #destinationtrail, to Specialized this is why mountain bikes exist. Graeagle, CA was chosen to not only highlight their newest model, but also tell the story of the sport. Basically, if you think of mountain biking in an idyllic setting – this would be it.

After pedaling straight from the Gray Eagle lodge onto the trails, the reasoning behind the choice of venue was instantly apparent. Just a short drive from the world famous Downieville downhill, Graeagle and the Lakes Basin area is home to a rapidly growing trail network that was a perfect backdrop to introduce the new Specialized Camber…


Lapierre Dives Deeper into E-Bikes with 170mm Enduro Overvolt SX, and more: One Ride Reviews


To add to the reworking of their popular Zesty line, Lapierre also put a lot of effort going in a completely other direction. As one of the very few companies seriously developing off-road e-bikes, Lapierre has gone all in with an expansion of their Overvolt range of bikes. With three distinct mountain lines – SX (Super Cross), FS (Full Suspension), and HT (Hard Tail) – there is pretty much an option for whoever thinks this is going to be a good idea. Now, let’s get it out up front that we are not so sure about the e-MTB concept, and have some real serious reservations about letting these loose in the world. But there is no denying that this is a real direction that the industry is headed, so I’ve jumped in head first myself to give our readers a deeper look of what’s going on. (And I know I’ll get flak for this write-up, but it needs to be heard.)

We spent a good bit of time on the two new 27.5” Overvolt full suspension options, with drive motors from Yamaha and Bosch, on an incredibly wide range of technical trail and otherwise unrideable terrain. After all of that, it’s safe to say that I’m not selling a single one of my bikes to try to fund an e-MTB, but I can say I have a better understanding of them, their potential application and pitfalls, and have some thoughts as where e-bikes are headed. Stay with me, and I’ll give you the full details on the “bikes” and my thoughts…


Interview: Don’t Call Them A Sellout, Santa Cruz Bikes Joins Pon Holding Group

Santa Cruz Factory Tour (22)
Santa Cruz Bicycles sold yesterday. They sold to a a Dutch company called Pon Holdings, which also owns Cervelo, Focus, and several other lesser known cycling brands.

As many media outlets have alluded, co-founders Rob Roskopp and Rich Novak probably made out like bandits, but there’s more to the story then just that.

So why sell? Why now? Why to these people? To learn a little bit more about the how and why, I reached out to Joe Graney, the Chief Operating Officer of Santa Cruz Bikes. READ MORE ->

PC15: GT Grade Gets Cross and Flat Bar Builds, New Women’s Grade and Mountain Line, More

GT road gravel path womensIMG_7957

While the mountain side of GT was keeping busy with the 25th anniversary of the Zaskar, the pavement/gravel/dirt side of the brand is carrying on where the Grade left off. Building on the success of the Triple Triangle all-road machine, GT is launching a few new build options that will make the bike even more versatile.

Even though the Grade technicaly wasn’t built for cross, the bike is still plenty capable of making its way around a CX course and now there will be a build ideally suited for just that. Called the Grade X, the SRAM Rival X 1x bike is meant to fit in somewhere between a dedicated cross racer and a fast gravel/dirt road bike. Joining it is a women’s Grade as well as new women’s mountain bike line with another version of the Zaskar Comp…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


Race Across America

  • Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes Wins 3,000-mile Biking “Race Across America”Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes, a group of four elite amateur athletes, today won the four-person mixed-gender division of the 3,000-mile Race Across America (RAAM). Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes crossed the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland in just six days, 13 hours, and 49 minutes. The race started in Oceanside, California on June 20. With the support of individual donors and sponsors including UFC and JPMorgan Chase & Co., Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes raised more than $640,000 for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.


4th of July Sales

  • Culprit Bicycles 4th of July SaleCulprit Bicycles is offering four specials until July 8th 2015.
    1. Pre Order a RoaDi frameset (6061 Alloy Road disc frame, Full carbon steerer with 15 mm thru axle, Full carbon seat post, Culprit Full carbon stem, Full carbon road bar) headset for only $704*
    2. Culprit Croz Blade frame + Token C55 disc wheel set for $2015 * (price includes frame, fork, post painted to order, TRP TTV rim brakes, TRP spyre disc brakes, Culprit jersey, torque wrench, carbon cage/bottle and a set of Token c55 disc brake/rim brake wheels.
    3. Culprit Arrow One frame set for only $704* price is inclusive of frame, fork, seat post , headset, which is painted glossy carbon with the font in matte carbon
    4. 10% off our junior road bikes. All models in stock including Junior One, Junior Two, S1 and S2 with the discount code of July4th.

More Sales & This Weekend’s Racing After the Break…


Focus Izalco Max Disc road bike ready for UCI races – plus 2016 XC, trail & enduro mountain bikes


The Focus Izalco Max has seen several iterations over the past few years, but it’s always been the top race bike for their sponsored teams. Now, as the UCI is catching up with the times, it’s getting a new set of stoppers as the Izalco Max Disc. And it will be raced in September by Ag2r, who is currently helping SRAM test their wireless electronic group on standard bikes. Apparently, they have a very good relationship with the component brand because this is also the first bike we’ve seen with SRAM’s new flat-mount brakes.

Remarkably, the switch to disc brakes didn’t have much impact on frame weight as it comes in at a claimed 790g in size medium with hardware and paint. That could make it the lightest stock disc brake road frame…and that’s with thru axles, too.

Focus’ founder says any disc brake road or cyclocross bike they do will only be with thru axles, but it’s done for alignment rather than stiffness. After all they can make a carbon bike as stiff as they want, but if you’re fiddling with the wheels trying to get them back in during a race, all the stiffness in the world doesn’t matter a lick.

More details on the bike and their 2016 mountain bike highlights below…

PC15: GT Celebrates 25 Years of the Zaskar with Carbon 27.5 Hardtail, Updates Full Suspension bikes

GT Mountian bikes 2016 GT mountain bikesIMG_7886

If you remember the launch of the original GT Zaskar, prepare to start wondering where all that time went – with the 2016 model the famous GT Triple Triangle hard tail will be 25 years old. GT even brought in the legend Hans ‘No Way’ Rey (who is about to celebrate 30 years with GT) to talk about the early days and development of the bike. As Hans puts it, he remembers the first experiments with aluminum which was quite a learning curve for the bike’s designers. After nearly two years of development, the first Zaskar was launched in 1991.

Called one of the first true do-it-all mountain bikes, the Zaskar achieved cult status as a bullet proof frame that became the only bike to ever win a World Cup in downhill, XC, slalom, and trials, all on the same production bike. We’re guessing the days of that being a possibility are long gone. While the times may have changed, the heart of the Zaskar is still intact. With the 25th anniversary build, GT wanted to capture the spirit of a bike that can do just about everything from aggressive trail to XC racing…


New Sentinel Fork Seals Guard against Premature Wear with Stacked PU Design

sentinel dust wiper replacement fork seals (7)

Improved small bump compliance. Better sealing against the elements. Plus the ability to easily change and customize your fork’s seals all for less than $50? That’s the plan if DampferKlinik’s Sentinel fork seals reach their funding goals.

Created by Melanie Keding and Steffen Dittmar after years of their own research, Sentinel fork seals are a product of their suspension clinic based in Tübingen, Germany. There have been replacement fork seals/dust wipers before, but not like this. Instead of relying on a rubber body, Sentinel takes a novel approach and uses a combination of plastics with tuneable levels of protection.

Promising better performance in nearly every way, the Sentinel may be protecting a lot more forks in the near future…