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TPE15: SEQlite machines lightweight steel, alloy and titanium cassettes for all

SEQlite lightweight chromoly and alloy mountain bike and road bike cassettes

Wide range cassettes and drivetrain systems were pretty big at Taipei, and SEQlite had a killer offering alongside standard and narrow range road cassettes that were impressively lightweight, heavily machined and made from an assortment of metals.

Above, the wide MTB Racing Cassette uses a one-piece chromoly cluster for most of the gears with a 7075 aluminum upper cluster of three gears to save a bit of weight. They’re available in both 10- and 11-speed versions, both of which fit on a standard Shimano 10-speed freehub body.

Shift down for all the details and options…


NAHBS 2015: Sojourner Cyclery’s wooden beauties & Snyder’s new commuter, more


Sojourner Cyclery likes to use natural FRPs as opposed to man-made FRPs. Translation: Wood is nature’s “Fiber Reinforced Polymer”, which has been around long before carbon fiber was created in a lab. To be more specific, builder Jay Kinsinger uses walnut to create things like this disc brake road bike, a tandem that’s been ridden across the U.S., a tall unicycle and even a motorized mountain bike.

Pics of the show bikes, plus a “how he does it” video, and Snyder Cycles’ latest mountain bikes and more, below…


TPE15: Woodman adds lightweight road, mountain disc brake hubs & more nifty components


Woodman has revised his hubs and added two new disc brake models, one for road and one for mountain bikes. Both use a Centerlock rotor mount.

Both also get a new external preload adjustment that allows you to adjust it while the wheel is in the frame. That way, it accounts for the pressure the skewers or thru axles are putting on the hub and keep the wheels spinning freely without any bearing play.

The road disc hubs are shown above. Detail pics of the rest, plus new headsets and more, below…


ENVE Twin Bolt Seatpost Gets Official Along with New Bottle Cage and Computer Mount


First spotted on a few bikes scattered throughout NAHBS 2015, ENVE is updating their seatpost with an all new clamp. Not just any clamp though, as the new twin bolt head combines the simplicity of a single bolt clamp with the ease of adjustment and reliability of a twin bolt, all while keeping the signature ENVE weight, comfort, and durability.

While single bolt clamps are great for ease of access with an Allen wrench, the design often leaves users struggling to get the clamp tight enough so it doesn’t slip. Once the single bolt heads are tight, it can also be a challenge to make micro adjustments in the future. ENVE’s new design addresses those issues and keeps the seatpost multi-tool friendly.

Along with the new post, ENVE is taking the opportunity to introduce a few new accessories that are sure to keep your water bottle and Garmin stylishly in place…


NAHBS 2015: Matter Cycles’ gorgeous steel gravel road bike & SlayRide hardtail


Matter Cycles popped up last year building chromoly steel bikes out of Boulder, CO. We were so impressed with them, one of us commissioned them to build a fat bike. That build process is chronicled here, and the finished product was on display in their NAHBS 2015 booth.

But first, there was their WolfBeard gravel road bike…


TPE15: SR Suntour Axon fork goes full carbon, Raidon gets 27.5+, new air shocks & more!

2016 SR Suntour Axon Werx plus full carbon fiber suspension fork

SR Suntour has tweaked almost all of their performance suspension forks, from the XC race-ready Axon to the trail oriented Raidon to the dual crown Rux DH fork.

None of the updated models is more lustworthy than the new Axon Werx F, which tops the line with a new full carbon crown and steerer. It slots in above the standard Werx editions that only have the carbon lowers, something they’ve offered for a few years. The “F” model gets a full carbon one piece steerer and crown, which saves about 50g.

The “standard” Axon Werx is now available in a 20″ model for very, very lucky kids. Yes, a carbon fiber air suspension fork with thru axle for 20″ bikes…


NAHBS 2015: Moonmen Build First Steel Bike with Components from Idyllic Cycleworks

Moonmen fat bike ti colorado (4)

Ever since we laid eyes on the first Moonmen fat bike, the small builder out of Fort Collins, Colorado has had our attention. Started by Todd Heath and Ryan Mckee, Todd cut his teeth in bike building with James Bleakley of Black Sheep for almost ten years. Starting with a fantastic titanium fat bike with BMX inspired styling, Moonmen is slowly building their brand one unique bike at a time.

After chatting with Evan at Idyllic Cycle Works, the latest Moonmen bikes include the company’s first steel build built around 29+ tires and frame components from Idyllic…


TPE15: Velo flies high with 122g Angel saddle, new grippier bar tape and grips


The new Velo Angel saddle line takes a somewhat unique approach to bike seat construction, pushing the cut out all the way to the rear, where the base is joined by a suspended arch attached to the rails.

The concept claims to offer a supportive, comfortable saddle without relying on much padding, which puts the Angel squarely into the realm of performance road riders. And with the flagship Angel Glide coming in at just 122g and the gel-infused heaviest version a still palatable 245g, they’re sitting pretty.

The Y-shaped cutout relieves pressure and distributes the rider’s weight over more of the saddle, which should reduce hot spots and numbness. The Arctech rail mounts add more comfort by creating a small amount of flex to absorb bumps.


TPE15: Funn adds lighter flat pedals and stems, plus new narrow wide chainrings & more


Notice anything different about this flat pedal? From this angle, it’s standout feature isn’t exactly visible, but the locknut design at the axle gives a hint.

The new Python uses a fully enclosed axle and bearing system, eliminating the bolt on the far end of the spindle found on virtually every other pedal design. This eliminates the opening, which means no water, dust or other contaminants can find their way in to muck things up.

But that’s not the only new pedal Funn Components had to show off, and other components joined the party, too…