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Eurobike Coverage Review – Week #1: SRAM Red Wireless, ENVE’s Crazy Light Hubs, Magura’s Wireless Dropper, BFO’s H2O Brakes & more!

aaron chase pivot aluminum2016 Bianchi L-Eroica classic steel road bikeabsoluteblack-1x-road-bike-aero-chainrings01evil insurgent 275  (2)

Welcome to Eurobike! We went and did all the walking for you, so step right in, grab a Dunkle, Tripel or Weizeneisbock, and review our first week’s worth of Eurobike 2015 coverage…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

UCI Worlds


  • 2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships  – This year’s Worlds are in Vallnord, Andorra and can be seen on Redbull.TV. The Men’s and Women’s Cross Country race is Saturday, September 5th while the Men’s and Ladies Downhill will be aired on Sunday the 6th.


EB15: Rolf Continues Color Experiments, Intros New Alsea Mountain and Ares 3 Road Carbon Wheels

rolf ares 3 alsea eurobike (26)

It seems like every time we see Rolf now, they have a colorful new set of wheels to attract our attention. What started with some simple experimentation is now expanding to additional colors as they give more of their rims special ceramic coating treatments. For now, the option is limited to special edition or one off wheelsets for Rolf, but based on consumer demand that may change in the future.

While the ceramic coatings may have attracted our attention initially, Rolf’s new carbon road and mountain wheels kept us interested…


EB15: Lapierre Spices Up Enduro, Brings E:i Shock to Short Stems


We brought you coverage of Lapierre’s alpine launch of their revised Zestys earlier this summer, but now at Eurobike we’ve seen their updated enduro bike the Spicy. Based on the same OST+ suspension design, we were teased then about the new longer travel Spicy, which had seen racing this year at the Enduro World Series. The bike gets some industry standard enduro geometry tweaks, plus a minor but important reworking of the e:i Shock Auto brain to allow it to work on bikes with short stems – those which often need it the most.

Join us after the break for pics, details, pricing, and availability…



EB15: Votec is back with gorgeous gravel and disc brake road bikes, plus adjustable travel enduro mountain bike!

2016 Votec VRX disc brake gravel road bike

After scooping up the brand and switching to a consumer direct business model, the new owners have transformed Votec from a brand that made some very interesting looking mountain bikes in the ’90s to a company that’s putting out some very refined looking designs.

The new VRX jumps into gravel riding with wide tire clearance, reinforced headtube/downtube junction and a sleek gloss-and-matte black paint job. It’s joined by a new disc brake version of their road bike, and a new VE enduro race machine with independently adjustable geometry and travel. Check ’em out…


EB15: Knolly Breaks Free of Aluminum with New Warden Carbon

knolly warden carbon 275 (3)

Knolly Bikes isn’t turning their back on aluminum, but they are proud to introduce their first-ever carbon bike. What started three years ago with a carbon version of the Endorphin ended up changing with the times as 27.5″ wheels took over. Now, instead of a carbon Endorphin, Knolly presents their 27.5″ carbon Warden.

Completely made in Taiwan with a full internal mandrel treatment for the carbon front to back, the carbon Warden uses the exact same geometry as the aluminum model but with typical stiffer, lighter, stronger attributes. While they were at it, the Warden gained some additional compatibility features as well…


EB15: Funn May Put Some Float in your Flats with Hover Pedal Concept

funn components hover float flat pedal black magic (7)

If you’re talking clipless pedals, almost all cleat designs have some type of built in float. But with flats, the thought process has probably been along the lines that since your foot isn’t clipped in, it’s allowed to naturally float. However, with aggressively spiked pedals and modern riding shoes that provide tenacious grip, repositioning your feet on the pedals is not so easy.

That’s why Funn felt that perhaps the flat pedal needed some float. Along the same lines as clipless float but in a platform pedal, the Hover is an interesting concept that we may see on the market soon…


EB15: Carbon-Ti shows new, lighter straight pull hubs, bigger carbon rotors & more!

carbon-ti x-hub SP lightweight mountain bike hubs

Coming in even lighter than their SL hubs, the new Carbon-Ti X-Hub SP (for Straight Pull) expand the range to cover all XC to all-mountain axle standards…including newcomers like RS-1 forks and Boost.

Same internals as the original SL models that use J-bend spoke flanges, but it’s much more machined, taking 3x as long to make as the SL to manufacture the shell. Shell material is 7075-T6 alloy rolling on ABEC5 sealed bearings and they’re 100% made in Italy.

Check the weights and more below…


EB15: Ghost Bikes goes overland (and overboard?) w/ new RO-AMR, plus new PathRiot enduro monster & more!

2016 Ghost RO-AMR overland adventure full suspension mountain bike

Ghost showed us most of their 2016 mountain bike line up in July, centered around the adjustable travel AMR platform that creates three purpose built bikes out of the same frame…all with different travel front and rear.

For Eurobike, they had the next generation enduro bike in their new PathRiot, and this overland adventure concept bike.

It, too, uses the AMR (All Mountain Ride) platform, but loses the ability to switch travel in order to fit the Pinion gear box. They described it as an “indestructible concept bike” and “meant to take to the jungle.”

Travel is 145mm in the rear with a 150mm fork, putting it on par with the Slammer X bike, just far burlier. And with some trick features and capabilities…