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Ridley Adds 26″ Youth Road, Cyclocross Race Bikes…for Europe


So, maybe our domestic ‘cross scene hasn’t quite Belgained the f&*k up enough yet, ’cause Ridley’s keeping their 26″ wheeled youth cyclocross bikes over on the European scene for 2015. It’s joined by a road going version, too, though they share the same frame and most of the spec.

Built on a 6061-T6 sloping alloy frame with Tektro mini V-brakes, both models sport a Shimano Claris 2×8 drivetrain with 155mm cranks and 46/34 rings turning a 13/26 cassette. The alloy cockpit has a shallow reach 380mm wide handlebar and 27.2 post. Wheels are built with Alex 19 double wall rims and wrapped in Schwalbe CX Pro 26×1.35 tires.

The only difference on the road bike is the switch to Kenda RoadRace 26″ x 23c rubber, which means you could really buy either one and an extra set of tires to double it’s uses. Pic below…


KidFit Activity Tracker Wants to End Childhood Obesity

Kid fitness trackerWith activity trackers and health apps all the range, it was only a matter of time before the technology was bundled in a kid friendly package and marketed to concerned parents.

The new KidFit tracker is designed to help encourage sedentary children to make activities a game, and help create a positive behavioral change.

Setup is as easy as pressing a button and downloading the accompanying app. The “slap band” style wristband is water resistant and lasts up to seven days on a single charge. Rather than counting steps, the device has goals such as getting enough sleep, and staying active. In addition to the predetermined challenged, parents can also set up goals, and are encouraged to go over the activity metrics each day with their children.

The KidFit will be available on August 15th in black, aqua, hot pink, yellow and red for $49.99. They’re taking pre-orders now, and the first 1,000 orders get a $10 discount. Learn more at

Five Inches of Travel For Junior? Canfield’s Prototype KDH Bike Makes It Happen

Five Inches of Travel For Junior? Canfield's Prototype KDH Bike Makes It Happen

There are kids’ bikes and then there are kids’ bikes. Canfield Brothers‘ latest creation would certainly qualify for that second category with an impressive 5″ of travel squeezed into a frame that looks like it is rolling 20″ wheels. Other companies like Lil’ Shredder offer seriously capable kids’ full suspension bikes with up to 5″ of travel, but if the Canfield does have 20″ wheels, it would be one of the first.

Called the KDH, as in Kids’ Down Hill, the bike is currently a prototype that Canfield was showing off at the Duthie hill Demo recently in Issaquah, Washington. Set up as a single speed, the KDH likely has a concentric BB pivot to prevent chain growth. One thing’s for sure, when the KDH hits production, some super lucky kids will have the raddest kids’ bike in the neighborhood.

Kickstarter: The Jyrobike, An Auto Balance Bike For Kids

Jyrobike Auto Balancing Kids Bike

By harnessing the physics behind what makes a gyroscope work, the creators of the Jyrobike have built a bicycle that remains upright and stable, which helps children learn how to ride a bicycle quickly.

It works by utilizing a unique front wheel, that has a fast spinning disc motor driven wheel, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. The resulting gyroscopic force of the spinning disc in the “Control Hub” allows the bike to stand up even at slow speeds.


Review: Culprit Junior Two – Premium 650C Youth Road Bike

Culprit Junior Two 650c performance alloy youth road bike review

I totally busted that Segment. Muffin earned.

Culprit’s Junior series road bikes come in two sizes, a 20″ wheeled version and the 650C version tested by my son, Harrison. From the spec to the frame, they’re aimed at the performance crowd – as in, parents who are into cycling and understand why better parts make for a better experience.

Other than wheel and frame size, the two models are very similar: 7005 alloy tubing with aero shaping, Token wheels, Shimano 105 derailleurs/cassette/chain, TRP brakes and Microshift levers/shifters. They both use the same aero-shaped carbon seatpost with dual offset clamp positions. Cockpit is a Culprit branded alloy bar and stem and slim, traditional looking performance saddle, not some puffy perch like on most kid’s mountain bikes.

Where they differ is with crank length and forks. Both use custom CNC’d three-piece cranksets, with 140mm and 152mm arm lengths depending on model. Gearing is also adapted to the intended ages and their strength, with a 40/32 on the Junior One and 46/36 on the Junior Two. The smaller bike uses a 7005 alloy fork, but the larger Junior Two upgrades to a carbon fork with alloy steerer.

Solid spec for a kid’s bike, and when they’re all put together and you get your kid out on the road with you, that’s when it gets special…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Snapguide, an online how-to community, is launching a bike-hack contest next week in honor of Bike To Work Month. Upload your how-to guide on anything bike related to win up to $900 in hand made bike accessories.
  • Enter to win a knog Blinder Arc 1.7 & Bouncer U-Lock by liking their FB page and telling them how many lumens the Blinder 1.7 outputs.
  • Rickshaw Bagworks is offering 15% off their products to get ready for Bike Month with coupon code BIKEMONTH at checkout. Offer ends May 9th.
  • Tonight, May 2nd, Mission Workshop is hosting a talk by Aaron Stinner of Stinner Frameworks from 7-10pm.
  • Culprit Bicycles will be expoing at the Wildflower Triathlon in Bradley, CA, this weekend. All models will be on display and available for test rides. Test riders will get 5% off any bike order.
  • The Sugar Showdown is heading to Burlington, WA, May 9-11th. This women-led, women-focused bike event will include one day of Mountain bike coaching and one day of competition at the new indoor Burlington Bike Park.
  • There’s been a lot of talk about cycling is the new golf for entrepreneurs.
  • These new socks from DeFeet would make great hand-ups!
  • Pedalers Pub & Grille wants you to know they are not a restaurant – they are a bicycle and multi-sport tour operator servicing Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Alaska, Hawaii and the Yukon. They are highlighting their Bali Paradise Ride which they offer March through October.
  • The Cycling House has added a Glacier National Park tour for their 2014 season, in addition to their bicycle camps in the Western U.S., and Europe.
  • Velo Tours has partnered with Après Vélo to produce annual Après Vélo cycling tours to South Africa, the Tour de France and the Tour Down Under. Get in touch here for more info.

MiniBrake Lets Parents Remotely Hit The Brakes On Kids Bikes

Remote Control Mini BrakeFor parents whos children are still unsteady on two wheels, a new Hungarian company is trying to make those first few years a little easier. The MiniBrake is a remote controlled system that enables parents to hit the rear brake in an emergency.


SOC14: Well Engineered Bikes for Children From Cleary

Cleary Kids BikeIn recent years the options for kids bicycles have been getting better and better. Little Shredder and Commencal now have the little groms covered, and Farrier now has several models for future pro road racers, but what about the kids who have yet to discover their niche?

To help teach your kid the joys of exploring the world around them via bike, Cleary is building little bikes that have kid specific geometries. They’re designed with proper geometry that puts them in a good riding position and are light enough to enjoy. S o how did they do it?


SO14: The Greatest Pit Bike Ever Built

Disc Brake BMX Pit Bike

The term pit bike has its roots in motocross, where people often use small childrens’ bikes to cruise between the various staging areas at races. The term is now used to describe any variety of small childrens’ bicycle or motorcycle used to cruise the pits or injure yourself while drinking and dicking around.

While the renaissance of pit bikes was in the early-2000s, when even bicycle manufacturers like Foe’s Racing jumped on the trend and created trick components for the tiny tot motorcycles, it’s rare to see anything particularly spectacular these days. So we were incredibly impressed by the little red kids’ bike lurking in the Hayes Booth.

Can you spot what makes this pit bike so special?