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Interbike Coverage Week 3 & Wrapping up with Week 6 of Eurobike Coverage

IB15_Wheels-Manufacturing_SpacersBasso IB15-10Catlike_Blue-Line_Whisper-MTB-mountain-shoes_Rapid-Tri-aero-triathlon-helmet_Whisper-Road-shoesFourier IB15-7

We’re nearing the end of our massive coverage of Eurobike 2015 and still deep in all that is Interbike. Cateye has you covered head to toe with new helmets and shoes, Dean Titanium Expands line, and all kinds of new light options from Blackburn and Nightrider.

It’s Fall, so reach in the back of the fridge and take out that six-pack of smooth craft pumpkin ale with a hint of nutmeg spice, burn it with fire, and skip over to a worthy dark smoky stout to enjoy our in-depth coverage.


Wickwerks Gives Juniors More Gearing Options – Without a special Cassette!

W Works-1

All the talk about wide range these days deals with the cassette, but Wickwerks is putting it at the front of the bike, and that could mean major changes (and improvements) to Junior race bikes. Oh, and anyone else that’s been looking to customize the gap between big and small chainrings without sending shift quality into the gutter.

So, whether it’s running their new 53/34 combo or 41/33, with their fast shifting BRIDGE technology and a new front derailleur mount adapter, Wickwerks says they’ve found a way to give you the best of both worlds…


The Kids Are Alright – Especially When Riding the Insanely Light Full Suspension CarbonXS Mad 6

CarbonXS cycles mad 6, kids with bike

Kids these days! With such awesome junior-sized bikes coming out recently, they’ll never understand the experience of clambering onto an oversized frame, stretching out over an integrated stem and fumbling with 21 non-indexed gears (of which only eight or nine actually ran smoothly). At the risk of forever spoiling the future generation, mechanical engineer and avid rider David Stevens founded CarbonXC Cycles and created a super lightweight, pro-spec bike that’s designed to perform for a small child the way our big bikes do for us.

Intended for 4-7 year old riders the size adjustable, carbon framed Mad 6 will turn your kid into a lifelong bike snob with its high end components, titanium trim and featherweight tuned suspension. If you’re already picturing your little tyke shredding on a new level, read on for all the specs and details…

No More OTB for Your KID? SureStop Equipped Bikes Promise to Keep JR on Two Wheels


The folks at Guardian Bikes think Kids’ bikes should be as safe to ride as they are fun. By adding the SureStop braking system, Guardian hopes to completely eliminate the possibility of an over the bars crash caused by too much of the front brake. The concept isn’t exactly new in the world of brakes, but the inclusion of the system on a kid’s bike is intriguing.

Skid (or don’t) past the break and see how it works and if it’s the right bike for your little minions…..


IB15: New in Blue – Park Tool Adds Cassette and Bearing Tools and Re-Categorizes Multi-Tools

Pk cassette-1

I can’t think of a year that I haven’t bought a Park Tool product. When bikes and the parts on them evolve, the tools to maintain them need to evolve as well. Park Tool, as always, stays ahead of the game and this year they were busy!

Sort through your tools and jump past the break to see what you’re missing now….


EB15: KTM updates mountain bikes with Straight Line Link suspension, Boost, Plus, and more


We got to preview the new Made-in-Austria KTM mountain bikes earlier in the summer at the Euro Press Camp, but there were plenty of new details on hand at Eurobike. The biggest development off-road for KTM in 2016 is definitely the move to the new Straight Line Link suspension design for their cross-country and trail bikes. While the inline layout should improve shock actuation, the bigger impact is that the new design eliminated rear-end pivots, gets a new carbon rocker link, and adds Boost spacing, all of which increase rear stiffness while shedding a lot of weight.

Read past the break for more details on the new carbon bikes, an aluminum 27.5+ model, plus a new fat option and father and son e-trail bikes…


EB15: Transition tweaks frames, adds entry level complete MTB builds & singlespeed CX bike


The all-new Transition Patrol carbon might be the flagship frame for 2016, it saves about 600g off the alloy model shown here, but for those of us with day jobs, it’s their new budget builds that might be most appealing.

For 2016, Patrol, Scout and Smuggler get $2,999 entry level complete bikes with a SRAM X5 1×10 drivetrain enhanced with the e13 extended range big cog, Deore brakes, and KS e10 100mm dropper seatpost. Shops will like it to – it comes preassembled and ready to roll out the door.


EB15: IRC widens road & mountain bike tires, adds junior sizes and a prototype fat bike tire


Between the two trade shows this fall, IRC had quite a collection of wider tires. Starting with the pavement, their Formula Pro Light tubeless ready road bike tire gets a new 25mm width. And the rainbow collection of colored Jetty tires, shown below, gets an even larger 700 x 28 option. Those are aimed more at the urban crowd and come in a whopping eight different colors.

The mountain bike tires get a wide, wider and really wide option, one for each wheel size, and the juniors get a couple of road and mountain bike tires just for them, too!


Eurobike Coverage Review – Week #3 PLUS 2015 Interbike Preview:

NAILD r3act stem and fork front suspension for commuter cyclocross road and gravel bicycles20150918_005836-1

We’re back from Interbike yet still have lots to bring you from Eurobike. Here is the 3rd installment of Eurobike coverage as well as a preview of some of the things coming up from this past week’s Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. Grab your favorite Fall beer, relax, and enjoy!

And if you need to catch up, here is Week 1 and Week 2’s indexed coverage of Eurobike 2015.