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Cleary Bikes’ Decent Kids Mountain Bikes That Won’t Break The Bank


Remember that feeling of freedom as a kid? Bikes empower kids to learn about our world in a way that is free of a screen. Cleary Bikes recognizes that kids become engaged when they have the independence to ride around wherever they choose.

Designed to be fun, not stressful and scary, Cleary bikes roll smooth, quiet and provide a thrill for kids. The 4 bikes that have really cool names, Owl, Hedgehog, Gecko and Starfish. The intent with the bikes was to make them simple enough to last through the abuse a kid can inflict, yet also be enough of a “real bike” to teach them proper riding techniques and keep the weight down.

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LittleBig Scoot-to-Pedal Children’s Bike Flips & Grows w/ Your Kid


LittleBig was created by Irish engineer and round-the-world cyclist Simon Evans. After completing his circumnavigation in 2010, he worked as a shop mechanic, where he was introduced to balance bikes as a first bike for small children. He noticed that children were quickly growing out of these balance bikes, and that parents were soon returning to get larger ones. Evans combined his engineering skills and knowledge of bikes to create a design that is simple but elegant; essentially three bikes in one. Starting as a pedal-less balance bike, it then becomes a larger balance bike that has a higher saddle and longer reach. Finally, with the addition of a crank and some pedals, it becomes a pedal bike, easing children through the transition on one bike.

The LittleBig should keep your kiddo rolling from age 2 to 7, which sure beats buying a new one almost as often as shoes while they’re growing like weeds. It has an aluminum frame that comes in several colors, running €195 as a balance bike, with the pedal and crank attachment running an extra €45.

Strider Gives Back With Promotion To Donate 7 Bikes Per Day to Special Needs Riders


Strider came into the world offering balance bikes to teach young kids to ride by teaching balance, not pedaling. Much the opposite of the typical training wheels method, they caught immediate traction and have been helping kids as young as 18 months get moving on two wheels.

They found that since the bikes focus on the fundamentals of balance and riding, without the complexity of also learning to pedal also worked well for special-needs populations. They have product that can help, sized for riders 6-12 years with the Strider 16, and 13+ years with the Strider 20. To give back, they are giving away a total of 490 bikes to people who need them.

FROM STRIDER BIKES – Teenagers with huge smiles, parents with tears streaming down their cheeks and spectators clapping and cheering. That is the scene when a person with special needs learns to ride for the very first time on two wheels – on a STRIDER Balance Bike.
Strider Sports is excited to announce a holiday campaign kicking off today: the STRIDER GIVES BACK Promotion. Between October 13th and December 12th, the company has committed to giving away seven balance bikes per day – every day! That is 490 Balance Bikes in the next two months! The application process for a chance to win is extremely simple. Interested families need to go to and complete three simple steps: submit a photo, write a brief story and name the special needs organization to which the applicant belongs.
As the leading manufacturer and marketer of No-Pedal Balance Bikes for people of all ages and all abilities, Strider Sports has been inspiring riding and confidence for over seven years. STRIDER Balance Bikes are the best option for a person with special needs because they break down the overwhelming task of learning how to ride into a safe and natural progression. Riding a STRIDER is as easy as walking. With feet safely on the ground, a rider is easily able to maneuver and ride the lightweight bikes. Although not originally designed as adaptive bikes, STRIDER bikes have turned individuals with Down syndrome, autism, low muscle tone, poor balance, arthrogryposis and cerebral palsy into bike riding enthusiasts!

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Specialized Launches 20″ & 24″ Kid’s Fatbikes With Lots Of Color Options

Fatboy front image

Specialized Canada has inadvertently pre-released the Fatboy 20″ and 24″. Posted on Facebook, there are not a lot of details, but there are a lot of pictures.

From Specialized Canada: All the fun of a fat bike with the performance of a Specialized for youngsters. The Fatboy 20″ and 24″ combine a lightweight frame and fork with 4.0″ Ground Control tires to tackle any terrain in all conditions. Contact your local dealer to order one today!

We can see they all offer 1x drive trains and disc brakes, but the most interesting thing is that there is now existence of a high-quality 20″x4″ and 24″x4″ set of tires. The rest of the bikes look pretty straightforward, so price can be estimated around $1,000. We will update this post when Specialized releases official information.

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Trailcraft Cycles Builds 24-Inch Wheel Mountain Bikes To Make Young Riders Fly

Trailcraft-Kid-1Faced with the problem of trying to outfit her son with an appropriate bike, Ginger Rosenbauer didn’t care for the fact that most of the choices weighed almost half of what he did, and were woefully inappropriate for actual off road riding. Located in Fort Collins, CO, they were already able to do a lot of design, prototyping and production this year, and they are ready to go to market.

Launching by using Kickstarter, they already have the first production available for delivery before the holidays. Rosenbauer says “One of the most valuable benefits of the Pineridge 24 are the memories made together on the bike as a family. The awesome ride quality and lightweight components of the Pineridge 24 has allowed for longer more enjoyable rides, creating fun times on the trail together, and a lifetime of memories. This time and connection together is priceless.” Check out this kids bike with lots of attention to detail after the jump…


Diamondback Gets Your Kids On The Podium With New Affordable Junior Road Bikes

Diamondback Podium 24Proper bikes for juniors is typically an impossibility to find, and then when you do, they cost a fortune.  Diamondback is changing that and helping get kids on the road by bringing the Podium line, in three sizes that are determined by the wheel size, 24″, 650c and 700c.  All featuring Shimano Claris STI integrated shifters, and ranging from $500-$600, they pack enough features to prove worthwhile in getting the kiddo into riding.

Providing proper fit is the most important thing for any road cyclist, but most Junior bikes can have heavy wheels or improper gearing, leading to a lot of young ones riding on a really heavy bike, or barely fitting on to a parent’s hand-me-down.  Find Diamondback’s solution to both situations after the break…


A Tricycle That Leans Into Turns, Dreisch Teaches Your Kid The Feel Of Riding

Dreisch Leaning Trike

The reason balance bikes work so well compared to training wheels is they let toddlers lean into the turns, replicating what’ll happen on a regular bike and teaching them to stay upright and corner properly. While it’s rare to get a tricycle going fast enough to flip, Brothers Rich and Steve Thrush thought a trike that would teach children how it actually feels to ride a bicycle was a good idea. Apparently others agreed and the Kickstarter project met its funding goal and they now have their own company called Dreisch Leaning Tricycles.

The Dreisch is more than just a tricycle with a hinge on the back, it actually has a linkage arm that moves across the frame, and specifically turns the front fork in the correct amount of the lean, and keeps the trike from leaning to one side when going straight. This link also limits the lean angle of the trike to prevent mishaps. See what else it can do after the jump…


IB14: EcoFriendly Wishbone 3-in-1 Kids Bike Grows as They Do

Wishbone 3-in-1 Kids bike (5)

The Wishbone 3-in-1 Trike/Bike is designed to grow with your child. Included in the box is three wheels and two different axles, which allow it to be setup as either a trike or a bike.

These all black frames are made from recycled residential carpet. The materials are collected in the United States, then the nylon is extracted and glass fiber is added for strength. It is then turned into resin pellets and glass injected in a mold. The frame are hollow for light weight, strong, and can be left out in the rain without worrying about rusting.


IB14: Culprit Ultregra Di2 Youth Road Bike Means You’ll Be Borrowing Parts from Junior

Culprit Junior One youth road bike with Ultegra Di2

Culprit’s Interbike collection had several of the same adult frames, just with higher end builds moving things to the upper level of componentry. They’ll also start seeing some updated frame features soon, and we’ve got a sneak peek at those at the bottom.

The big news comes on the youth front. Originally, they offered two different kid’s frames, each in two sizes and all using 7005 alloy. The S1/S2 were the base level frames with external routing and fewer features. The Junior 1 and 2 upgraded to a carbon fork with chromoly steerer and an aero seat tube. For 2015, the models will all share the same frame, differentiated only by spec. By using a new frame manufacturer, they were able to reshape the tubes and drop weight. It keeps the rear brake’s internal routing, but loses the aero seat tube in favor of a round one. All told, the frames are about 120g lighter than before!

The real head turner, though, is the addition of an Ultegra Di2 build for under $2,300…