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Adding Sealant Made Easy, with new InjectaLever Tire Lever Syringe

Injecta Lever

Tubeless is awesome. Finding out your sealant has dried up causing a flat is not awesome. When the sealant dries up you have two options, pull the tire partly off the rim and dump the sealant in, or remove the valve core and squirt it in through there. Curt and Colin Shelman think they have a better way – with a tire lever. Well, a tire lever that has been merged with a syringe to create an easy, no mess sealant solution. The Injectalever works without removing the valve core or tire from the rim, which should keep your valves free and clear. Still in the design phase, the duo has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for the finished product.


Allo Bicycle iPhone Mount w/ Integrated Speaker Hits All the Right Notes


The Allo is a the culmination of several things we’ve seen or done recently. It’s the first phone holder with integrated speaker we’ve seen, and it solves quite a few first world problems all at once. Want music, navigation and the ability to speakerphone your friends while they’re stuck at work? Look no further.

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HalfBike Is A Complete Solution To Half A Commute

HalfBike by by Kolelinia

Does public transportation only cover half your commute? Do you have to walk the rest of the way? Wouldn’t riding a bicycle make sense if it were only half its size? Wouldn’t a folding bike work if it were only half its portly weight? How about splitting the difference and riding a HalfBike? What the deuce is a HalfBike? Read on…


Don’t Get Jacked, NoJack Enters The Bike Alarm Fray

NoJack Motion Activated Bike Alarm

You live in a densely populated, metropolitan city. You don’t own a car; you are “one less car.” You ride your bike. You ride your bike to school. You ride it to the office, to the café, to the pub. Maybe you even ride your bike for a living — hats off to the bike messengers. As such, one stolen wheel, one jacked seat, is all it takes to turn a good day bad, or leave you high and dry in midtown. But a second dimension of security is on the rise and it’s changing how we protect our bikes…


Fietsklik’s Clever Bicycle Rack Crate System Heads to Kickstarter to Add a Child Seat


We posted about Fietsklik’s sweet click-and-lock bike crate and bags system in February. Now, they’re officially kicking things off full speed with their Kickstarter Campaign.

While the rack base plate, crate and bags have all been manufactured on a small scale and proven on the streets, they’re aiming to boost production volume and add a child seat. They’re also improving the wheels on the crate, making off the bike transport even easier.

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Kickstarter: The Infinity Pedal Revolutionizes Clipping In

The Infinity Pedal

The Infinity Pedal was designed to make clipping in easy whether smashing up technical hill climbs or taking off from a green light. The majority of clip pedals on the market today need to be oriented before engaging, but the round shape of the Infinity Pedal offers infinite engagement positions.  READ MORE ->

Found: Roll up or Roll Out with the Minimalist Musguard Fender for Fixies

Musgaurd Bike Fender

Love it or hate it, Kickstarter has given the cycling community dozens of great projects. Among them is the Musguard, a super minimal fender that attaches to your seatube with velcro, and can be rolled up and stashed on your frame once the sun comes out to play. The only caveat is that it’s low slung profile works best on bikes without a rear brake. READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Keep Gears Clean with the Cogly

Inspired by the replaceable blade system found on your common hacksaw, the Cogly is a cleaning tool that allows you to easily slip a rag between your cogs. That’s about it really. The tool will be manufacturered from ABS plastic in the Twin Cities area and you can pick one up on kickstarter for $15. The campaign still needs to pick up an additional ten thousand in funding over the next month in order to get funded.

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Found: Revolights Arc – LED Bicycle Fender w/ Integrated Blinky & Automatic Brake Lights

RevoLights ARC LED bicycle fender with integrated blinky and brake lights

Revolights, which has launched two wheel-based bicycle light systems on Kickstarter is back for their third act.

The Arc LED light system is an add-on product that fits onto existing fenders, letting people simply add it onto the fenders of their choice. There’ll also be two complete options, one with a plastic universal fender and one with a higher end metal fender.

“The design is able to conform to different shapes,” says Drew Ocon, Revolights’ marketing manager. “All of the electronics we’re using and the plastic itself is pretty flexible. Not only does that allow it to curve to the shape of different size wheels, but also open or close (think hot dog bun) to fit wider or narrower fenders, too.”

The built in sensor detects deceleration, trigging the lights to become a solid brake light when you stop. The blink pattern will also speed up as you slow down, providing plenty of visual cues to drivers that something’s changing. Video intro, pics and more below…