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Rollout Trailers Will Haul Your Cargo For You — Meet The Brouhaha

Rollout Trailers Brouhaha Zero Towing Force Self Propelled Tailgating With Beer Cooler And Grill

As more people abandon their cars in favor of two wheeled bliss the demand for augmented alternative-transport grows. The electronically assisted Brouhaha Bike Trailer augments your cycling by doing the grunt work for you. It generates the precise power required to propel whatever cargo you care to pile onto it. You can now ditch the car and still head to Home Depot…or the big game. Pull through the break for more…


Kickstarter: Priority Cycles Launches Sub $400 Maintenance Free Commuters

Priority Bicycles

In recent years, many cities in the US have made great strides towards making roads more cycling friendly. In many of our neighboring cities, we’ve seen new green ways, bicycle bridges, public bike share programs, and other features, which have helped vastly increase the number of commuters pedaling to work.

Now a new company called Priority Cycles is attempting to encourage more people to commute by introducing a bike built specifically for their needs. Paired down to the very essentials, the bikes seeks to entice first time buyers with its low cost and ease of maintenance.  READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Funnell Rain Jacket Parachutes Out To Protect Against Elements

Funnell Eject Jacket and BackpackDesigned as a combination backpack and jacket system, the Funnel Eject was created for cyclists, motorcyclists, and other non-car commuters.

What makes it unique is that with a quick tug, a jacket is deployed, which quickly prevents rain from soaking your clothes and the contents of your bag.  READ MORE ->

‘Stique ML123 Multilever Bicycle Tool Combines Everything to Pry it’s Way Into Your Jersey Pocket

stique ml123 multilever bicycle multitool on kickstarter

What started out as an idea for a simple tire lever that wouldn’t break ended up, with the thinking time afforded by a transatlantic flight, becoming a rather clever multitool that packs in the essentials plus a few bonuses we’re not used to seeing.

The product has gone through a long development process, with more than £15,000 invested in the design and prototype process. It’s been tested by many bike mechanics and cyclists already, too. So, it’s pretty far along, and the ask is just £15,000 to get them into production (with hopes that it’s over funded to provide the capital to really kick things off).

The body is made from a metal replacement plastic (read: super strong, yet lightweight) that they say hasn’t broken or bent yet in any of their tire removal testing. A rubber segment, which will come in various colors, holds three 1/4″ key bits that slot into a hardened steel groove, plus storage compartments for small bits that you’re probably not carrying but could save the day. Check the video and full list below…


Kickstarter: Nuseti Inner Drive Mountain Bike From National Champ Downhiller

nuseti inner drive system internal gear box mountain bike from world cup pro downhill racer Gregory Zielinski

Former pro downhill mountain biker Gregory Zielinski has been quietly developing a new mountain bike over the past five years and now, finally, it’s ready for primetime.

The Nuseti IDS (Inner Drive System) hardtail uses a completely enclosed drivetrain with a 16-speed planetary gearbox to deliver a virtually maintenance free ride with a full range of gearing. Starting life as various alloy prototypes, Zielinski’s been riding test mules for a couple years to prove the design’s durability and usability. For production, he’s looking to raise (a considerable amount of) money on Kickstarter to put it all on board a lightweight carbon fiber frame.

Slip inside for all the details…


Kickstarter Roundedup: Ergo Carbon Universal Bike, Customizable Combination Handlebar Bell Light, and the Oooctopushy

Universal Bike FrameThe Universal Bike is versatile frame that can be adjusted easily to fit 99% of the population, and can be further modified to offer different riding experiences. Made from carbon, it promises to offer a comfortable ride, and help get more people out riding as a result.


Visiobike Could Be Best e-Bike Ever – Brings Features We Want on Regular Bikes, Too


The Visiobike is a new crowd funding option that brings together top shelf components on a carbon fiber frame and perhaps the best cycling app we’ve seen.

Aesthetically speaking, we prefer a slightly more traditional looking frame like the Specialized Turbo, but beyond that, the Visiobike brings everything together in one of the best packages around. It starts with a custom, EU-made carbon fiber frame fitted around a MPF motor and massive Panasonic batteries. Power assists your pedaling efforts and is driven to a NuVinci infinitely variable transmission hub, which you can slow with the Magura hydraulic disc brakes. All well and good, but it’s the electronics that put it over the top…


Useeme Turnin’ – The Automatic Wearable Bicycle Turn Signal

Useeme Turnin' - The Automatic Wearable Bicycle Turn Signal

Bicycle turn signals are an idea that have been around for awhile. Many have attempted to integrate them into bicycle wear, but few have succeeded to gain a real foothold in the market place. Most recently, Zackees successfully funded a Kickstarter for their turn signal gloves, which actually look pretty good. Even so, Useeme wanted to take the turn signal further – to create a design that checked all the boxes of being wearable, visible, and most importantly, Automatic.

Useeme finally has working prototypes with an intriguing design. Is this the future of bicycle signalling? See how the Useeme signals work and one of the more entertaining pitch videos, next…


Bikie Girl Bloomers, Fun Styles for Women Commuters

Bikie Girl Bloomers

Developed by a self described “mild-mannered patent attorney,” the Bikie Girl Bloomers are a line of clothes designed for commuters, that are comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Head past the break to see the whimsical creations