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A Pry Bar And Bolt Cutter Resistant Bike Rack Keeps Your Rig With You

The SCS Magnum is a bike rack that promises to be pry bar and bolt cutter resistant. Brainchild of Neil Johnson, he has been selling prototype racks in local bike shops around his home in Spokane, WA.

Based on the idea of a simple hitch rack that holds the top tube of the bike, the Magnum features a secure locking bar to wrap back around the bikes and keep them where you left them. This bar is said to be more resistant to theft than standard locking cables typical on hitch racks.

Currently featured on IndieGoGo, Johnson wants to raise money to get the new design into production. The Bonelocker is the prototype mostly shown, and the quality construction made locally to Spokane will carry through to the Magnum production version. Check out the details after the jump…


COBI Promises To Make Your Bike A Genius, Integrates 10 Different Functions Into One Unit


iCradle, Inc. is launching COBI, a smart biking device that can gives any bicycle headlights, turn signals, brake lights, GPS, weather forecasting, power meter and cycling computer.

Following the common way to launch leading edge tech products, the COBI is on Kickstarter starting today. The COBI was developed to reduce the crowding of the many separate gadgets that each perform a small function, and bring them into one integrated, future-proof unit.

Jump past the break to see an exploded view and more info on the project…


Teach Your Children About Cycling With B Is For Bicycle, A Book Getting Kickstarted To Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Scott and Janine Fitzgerald, owners of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Victor, ID are launching a campaign to promote the healthy lifestyle of cycling in a children’s book. Fitzgerald’s is the most positive and welcoming bike shop I have ever been in, and it stems from the hearts of the owners. Their mission is to promote cycling in as many ways as they can, and this is the latest addition to that goal.

The Fitzgeralds have won recognition for their work, including the annual Clay Mankin award from distributor QBP in 2012, being the founders of the Fat Bike Summit, and running a local Go by Bike – School Challenge which awards students for choosing to ride to school. Being a small bike shop in rural Idaho, the accomplishments are already impressive, and now they are looking to add another.

B is for Bicycle is a book with the end goal of developing a cycling lifestyle for children. They credit the idea to looking for such books when they had their son, and finding almost nothing. Being the activists they are, they decided to do something about it, and launch a Kickstarter to get it done.  Click more to learn about the campaign…


Kickstarter: Keep Your Earbuds in Place with Budstraps



For those audiophiles who like to listen to music on the go without any of the loss in quality associated with bluetooth devices, a kickstarter project named BudStraps promises to improve headphone cable management.

The design consists of a soft strap which rests across the neck and and clips on either end which grab the headphone cords. This system keeps your earbuds tangle free and within easy reach, while also reducing the tension on your ears. Head past the break to see the BudStraps in action.  READ MORE ->

MagLOCK May Have Finally Perfected the Magnetic Bike Pedal

MagLock magnetic bike pedal  (3)

Now more than ever, there seems to be an intense debate between the use of flat pedals or clipless. Both have their merits, but what if there was something in between? Something that combined the best things about each into a single design? Now that the MagLOCK bike pedal is getting official, maybe there is.

The MagLOCK pedal is definitely not the first to attempt to use magnets to replace a clipless system. Many companies have tried over the years and for whatever reason either failed to produce a worthwhile product, or at least one that consumers would buy. There are many factors to designing a magnetic pedal that you have to take into consideration over a relatively simple clipless pedal, but it looks like Dave Williams may have figured it out with his clever magnetic design.

Details next…


Join the Wolf Pack w/ Augur’s New Intelligent Collective Safety Bike Lights

Augur, an Australian company, just started a new Kickstarter project for their Wolf light. It’s built using CREE LEDs, machined aluminum and a silicone casing and is dubbed a “collective safety cycling light.” It works by sensing your place in a pack (get it, Wolf Pack?) and adjusting intensity based on whether you’re leading out, sitting in or bringing up the rear.

When you consider yourself a one man wolf pack, the brightness high and available in a steady or blink pattern (see or be seen). When your wolf pack grows, and you’re riding around in the desert together, the brightness adjusts based on your position in the peloton. The lights communicate with each other so it knows if another Wolf is behind you rather than just a car, so it won’t dim when drivers are coming up from behind. But when it’s a fellow wolf, the tail light dims significantly so it doesn’t distract or blind them. Once you’re at the tail end or OTB, it’ll immediately come back up to full brightness.


Clothing Roundup: New Threads From Etxeondo, LuvGear, Pavé & More

We have no idea how to pronounce it, but Etxeondo looks like it would be fun to say. Named after the village in Spain they were founded in, they have a proud tradition of making their own high-performance kits since 1976. A high performance Windstopper kit, the WS Team Edition is the same kit used by the Team Giant Shimano Pro riders in the coldest stages.

As the weather changes, there is a lot of new clothing coming out. Check out some of the new ideas after the break…


Booq, Bigo & Wolffepack: New Backpack Design Roundup

Bigo-CasualCarrying gear on the body the challenge that never seems to be perfectly solved, at least in the mind of entrepreneurs that continuously tackle new ways to make it better. Booq brings us a bag that is classy and waterproof, Bigo brings us a bag that can also double as a poncho or blanket and wolffepack brings us access to our gear without removing the pack.

Check out the ideas to make your ride a bit more convenient…


Pro Peloton Racing in a Board Game? Cycling Party Makes it Happen

cycling party

Forget Mario Party, the hot new game is all about cycling. That’s what newly formed board game publishing company Snake Eyes Games is hoping at least. Formed by long time friends and board game enthusiasts Leandro Pérez and Diego Hernando, their first product Cycling Party aims to take the strategy, excitement, and head to head racing of professional cycling and package it into a new board game.

Combining traditional board game play with a companion app, the addition of the electronic aid was key in making the game easier to play without needing to spend hours with a calculator. Shipping with 54 hexagon landscape board pieces, the track can be laid out in multiple ways to get to the finish hexagon from the start. Racing involves the use of 40 different counter/cyclists including different pieces for the overall leader, best climber, intermediate sprints leader, and the points classification leader. To win you have to pay attention to race strategy, keep your leader safe, even remember to eat and drink.

Still unsure how to make a board game out of cycling? Check out the videos next…