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Priority Bicycles Brings Sensible Simplicity to Kids Bikes With The Start

Priority bicycles Start kids bike, family shot

Last year Priority Bicycles was launched with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for their first bike, the Priority Classic. The Classic was designed as a simple no-maintenance commuter, and since it sold extremely well the company is back this year with their new kids bike, the Start.

Company founder and CEO Dave Weiner is a father of two who decided to revisit the design of kids bikes, which haven’t seen much innovation in quite a long time. Weiner set out to create something that would be easy to maintain, always ready to ride and will last for generations.

Intended for children aged 2-8, the Start comes in two models with either 12” or 16” wheels, and is built with durable, no-fuss components like rust-free aluminum frames, non-inflatable tires, greaseless belt drive and tool-free adjustable (and removable) training wheels.

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Milanobike Introduces Frameblock- The City Bike With an Integrated Cable Lock

FrameBlock Shark Kickstarter Edition

While non-riders might disagree, in a forum such as this it’s safe to say not much could be worse than getting your bike stolen. In an effort to put bike thieves out of business Matteo Diego Caldiroli, the founder of custom bike studio Milanobike, designed and patented the FrameBlock. As its name suggests, a cable lock is built into the bike’s frame for security and convenience.

The FrameBlock provides some unique advantages, especially for forgetful people who simply neglect to bring a lock or keys when they go places. Aside from always being there the lock fits neatly into the frame for unobstructed riding, the bike maintains a clean overall appearance, and you never have to figure out how best to lug a heavy lock around.

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Fat Bike Fill Ups Made Easy with PDW’s new Fat Stevens Fat Specific Pump

PDW Fat Stevens fatbike pump bike high volume kickstarter (2)

Thanks to the huge amount of air volume in a fat bike tire, the bikes are a blast to ride on just about any surface. What’s not so fun is trying to replace that volume of air if you are unlucky enough to get a flat. Either you’re going to have to carry a number of co2 cartridges or hope that your standard mini pump doesn’t lead to death by 1,000 strokes.

Of all of the fat bike specific parts and accessories, one area that has been conspicuously absent is a purpose built portable pump. There are a few that have oversized barrels or two stage designs meant to make inflating high volume tires easier, but when it comes to something specifically geared towards fat bike usage, portable pumps have been mostly left out – until now. Well, at least until the end of Portland Design Work’s Kickstarter campaign which will introduce the Fat Stevens fat bike pump to the Wild World…


RideAir compressed air canister fills tires immediately without CO2 waste


We’ve all been there. Ready to roll out for a ride, either with just enough time to squeeze a good one, or the rest of the group waiting or just running late to work or whatever, and as soon as we’ve hopped on the bike, the telltale squishy feeling lets us know our tire is too low to ride.

Likely all of us have a floor pump handy, but there are certainly times when we’d rather have something that got the job done in a couple seconds and got us back on the road. Particularly for commuter and other more casual pursuits where exact tire pressure isn’t as important as just getting going. And for that, RideAir was created.

It’s a high pressure canister that stores enough compressed air to inflate a road bike tire to 90psi, and it’s easily refillable…


No Key, No Hassles With The Noke Bluetooth U-Lock

Noke bluetooth U-lock and padlock

As smartphones are becoming more and more integral to our daily lives, their long list of applications is growing by the day. While it might seem frivolous to have a bike lock that’s activated by your phone via Bluetooth, the Noke has some cool advantages and unique features. First and foremost, you’ll never lose a set of keys or forget a lock combination again.

The brains behind the Noke U-Lock is Fuz Designs, a company that found success with their Noke Bluetooth padlock last year. They’ve adapted the idea into a bike lock that’s produced a great response on the company’s fifth Kickstarter campaign, raking in over $400,000 so far.

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3ax reinvents the clipless pedals with lateral tilt, putting feet in more natural position

3ax triax clipless pedals with tilt roll for better foot alignment on the road bike

Pronounced “tri-ax”, the new 3ax clipless pedals introduce sideways tilt to your foot, allowing it to move in a more natural motion as you push down. They claim this makes you more comfortable, more powerful and less likely to endure repetitive use injury.

The secret is the ability for the pedals to roll along their longitudinal (nose to tail) axis, with springs inside to add tension so they don’t merely float and feel unstable. It’s only 2º in either direction, but they say it’s enough to maintain better overall foot/ankle/shin alignment. The result? Your knees end up with an average 17% less sideways movement, which means less strain on the joint, and overall efficiency gains of up to 5.47%.

UPDATE: Current prototype weight is 188g per pedal (376g / pair), but they are working to bring that down before production.


Do You Have the Balls to Ride in the City? Now You Can Buy Them

bike balls anatomically shaped bicycle tail light

They say it takes a pair to go toe to toe with cars on the mean city streets, so why not show the world just how confident you are?

Bike Balls is exposing itself to the cycling world with a Kickstarter campaign to bring its anatomically similar tail light to the streets. The LED is cradled inside a squishy silicone sack, which is wholly illuminated as it swings to and fro under your saddle. The effect, they suggest, is a bigger, more noticeable hit of light that grabs drivers’ attention by the, um, you know…


Give Your Neck a Break While You Ride with Bicycle Periscope: The Pedi-Scope


Frustrated by the pain in his neck while riding his beloved bike, Inventor and Brooklynite Mike Lane set to work to find a solution that would allow him to safely continue to ride while looking down rather than straight ahead at all times. With your help the Pedi-Scope, “the periscope for your bicycle,” can take flight through Kickstarter. Look out… READ MORE ->

Null winds’ Spoke Fins reduce wheel drag, swivel to match crosswind angles


Null Winds has been dedicated to lessening the soul-killing effects of head and cross-winds on your ride. After creating an upper wheel fairing that lessens the drag from spokes “fanning” the wind against your efforts resulting in a claim of 20% more speed for a given effort, inventor Garth Magee has just launched a Kickstarter to fund tooling for his newest weapon against drag, the Spoke Fin. This patent pending invention snaps onto the round spokes of your existing wheelset and swivels freely to go with the aerodynamic flow – boasting a drag coefficient reduction of more than 50% in both headwinds and crosswinds. Learn how these little fins will stop your next windy ride from being such a drag after the jump… READ MORE ->