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Advocate Cycles Aims to Give Back with New Watchman Fat Bike, Titanium Frames Available First on Indiegogo


There’s not much better than the feeling of a new bike, other than getting that new bike out on trails for the first time. In the case of Advocate Cycles though, that feeling should be accompanied by the additional satisfaction knowing you not only got a sweet ride, but that 100% of the profits are being funneled right back into cycling advocacy. Set up as a Specific Benefit Corporation (SBC), the special corporate arrangement in Minnesota means Advocate gets to make fun products, you get a rad bike, and the profits all go to cycling related non-profits of Advocate’s choosing.

To help Advocate Cycles get off the ground without need for investors since that would conflict with the business model, the upstart has turned to crowdsourcing for the first run. To keep things interesting, the announcement of their Indiegogo campaign just happens to coincide with the launch of their second model – the Watchman fat bike. If that wasn’t enough, Advocate Cycles is also rolling out new seamless, 3/2.5, double butted titanium versions of both the Hayduke 27.5+ and the Watchman fat bike…


Upper Downs Creates The Neo Cycling Jacket to Stay Dry and Comfortable in the UK

Upper Downs Neo cycling jacket- title shot

When riding on rainy days, there’s nothing more important than your outer layers. If the slippery terrain isn’t enough to physically contend with, being wet, clammy and uncomfortable can destroy your mental game to the point where you start thinking about when the ride will be over, instead of enjoying your time on the trail.

As a company based in the UK, you can rest assured Upper Downs knows all about that! After a never ending quest to find a riding jacket that both breathed and shed water well enough, the brains behind Upper Downs set out to design their own. The Neo jacket is made to be extremely breathable with the best waterproofing possible, and offers a list of technical features and some unique ideas.

The Neo jacket is seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, which is coming to a close on July 2 and still needs more support to make it happen. Keep reading to see what sets the Neo jacket apart from the rest…

The Cydekick Frictionless Bicycle Generator Powers Lights and Mobile Devices

Cydekick bicycle generator, full bike shot

When Nicolas Zamora’s friend left a bike at his house for safe keeping, they probably didn’t realize it was going to become a rolling science experiment. Thankfully this experiment didn’t involve any chopping or reshaping, instead Zamora’s friend will get their bike back fully intact with a frictionless, on-board generator installed.

Zamora and Bethany Hamm, the creators of Spinetics Inc., wish to promote healthy and green bicycle transportation by making it more convenient. The Cydekick was created to provide eco-friendly electric power for your mobile devices as you ride, without producing any drag for your legs to contend with.

The pair have completed all sub-assembly level testing, and should have a fully functional prototype within the next few weeks. Their Kickstarter campaign will begin raising money to put the Cydekick into production on July 30th…

Kickstarter: ShockWiz Brings Automated Suspension Tuning to Mountain Bikes

ShockWiz Mounted

Like no other hobby, mountain biking is the melding of man and machine. It’s why we spend outrageous sums of money on titanium hardware, and enormous amounts of time researching new technologies. The obsession and passion surrounding new frame models is often equaled or surpassed only by discussions on suspension (and where to drink post ride).

In order to help make suspension acquisition data readily available to armchair engineers and forum dwellers everywhere, Dusty Dynamics had launched a new Kickstarter campaign around their ShockWiz Automated Suspension Tuner.


Has Helix Created the World’s Best Folding Bike?

Helix Folding Bike, front view

Setting out to create ‘the best folding bike on the planet’ is a lofty goal, but it certainly looks like the Helix’s designer has managed to address an urban rider’s main priorities: It’s very lightweight but durable, rides like a normal bike, and folds down to about the size of its wheels.

The Helix accomplishes these goals by using a titanium frame, 24″ wheels, and nice components like mechanical disc brakes and a Shimano Zee crank. Despite all that, it’s surprisingly affordable for a titanium bike manufactured in Canada, topping out at less than two grand for the most deluxe build.

Click below the break for all the details…

Kuai Multisport Biometric Headset puts a personal trainer in your ear

Kuai biometric multisport headset

Even with tech devices getting smaller and smaller, it requires a collection of them for athletes to take multiple biometric measurements while training. The creative minds behind the Kuai headset are an athletic bunch of tech-sector businessmen who wanted to make it simpler and less cumbersome to collect a wide range of biometric data, so they invented the Kuai. The headset allows athletes to train smarter, safer and achieve performance goals more efficiently with real time coaching by combining the heart rate, foot strike (for running) and other biometric sensors into a lightweight, wireless headset.

The designers are calling the Kuai the world’s first biometric headset designed for all sports. Earlier this year we covered The Dash earbuds from Bragi which offers many of the same features, but are apparently quite far behind schedule with production. The Kuai headset is very close to fruition, with the research and development phase complete.

The team at Kuaiwear has working prototypes, and live demos will be held at Ironman 70.3 Boulder on June 13th. All that’s needed now is the funding to go into production, so their Kickstarter campaign goes live today with a great discount for early supporters…

Light Up More than the Road with the The Unique Ding Bike Light

Ding bike light- bottom view

While cycling lights have become much brighter in the past few years, urban riders are looking in a whole different direction when it comes to light innovation- sideways. Recently Bikerumor previewed the Hueray light-up grips which follow this principle, but the Ding goes a step further and projects a large beam of light on the ground around you. The idea was hatched after the Ding’s creator Des Burns was almost hit by a motorist, who said they didn’t see him even though his front and rear lights were on.

The Ding light has typical forward lighting for the cyclists visibility, but a separate light also projects downwards in a rectangular shaped beam that covers both sides of the rider to make you much more visible to drivers. The Ding’s Kickstarter campaign is already in full swing, but still needs some funding to go into production. Check out the details of the Ding below the break…

PDW Locks into new Pump Head Design for Fat Stevens Fat Bike Pump

PDW portland design works fat stevens bike pump kickstarter (1)

Earlier in May, Portland Design Works hoped to turn the fat bike inflation world on its head with their latest project. Designed to be the first portable fat bike specific hand pump, the Fat Stevens has a lot going for it. The huge barrel moves a lot of air with fewer strokes, the handle is designed to be used with big gloves, and the base includes a sturdy fold out foot peg for easy inflation in deep snow, sand, or mud.

Like many first generation products though, the Fat Stevens had a few omissions that were quickly pointed out by potential backers of their Kickstarter campaign. Following their own goal to listen to customer feedback and provide timely updates, PDW sent us photos of the new pump head that will be included with the Fat Stevens. Not only will the pump now accommodate both presta and schrader valves, but it also includes a forged alloy locking lever. This will replace the presta only, thread on chuck initially shown on the prototype.

Now with that settled, if you’re curious to just how quickly Fat Stevens get your fat bike tires rolling again, PDW pitted the pump against a Topeak Mountain Morph in a head to head battle…


The Vela Electric City Bike Looks Shockingly Normal

The Vela Electric city cruiser, side

I remember when hybrid cars first started appearing as prototypes, and while the idea was promising it seemed like every manufacturer was trying to make the cars look like ugly space shuttles on wheels. The development of electric bikes has been similar in that initially everyone focused their efforts on getting one to market, but now the next logical steps are to make them perform and look much better.

Frankly electric bikes aren’t too hideous, but it’s hard to do much with the massive battery packs most of them carry. By going with a simpler, lower powered unit California’s Vela Bikes has managed to create a bicycle that hardly looks any different from a standard cruiser, yet has electric pedal assist power, an alarm system, GPS tracking and a charge port for your mobile devices, all at an introductory price well under $1000 for Kickstarter supporters…