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Visiobike Could Be Best e-Bike Ever – Brings Features We Want on Regular Bikes, Too


The Visiobike is a new crowd funding option that brings together top shelf components on a carbon fiber frame and perhaps the best cycling app we’ve seen.

Aesthetically speaking, we prefer a slightly more traditional looking frame like the Specialized Turbo, but beyond that, the Visiobike brings everything together in one of the best packages around. It starts with a custom, EU-made carbon fiber frame fitted around a MPF motor and massive Panasonic batteries. Power assists your pedaling efforts and is driven to a NuVinci infinitely variable transmission hub, which you can slow with the Magura hydraulic disc brakes. All well and good, but it’s the electronics that put it over the top…


Useeme Turnin’ – The Automatic Wearable Bicycle Turn Signal

Useeme Turnin' - The Automatic Wearable Bicycle Turn Signal

Bicycle turn signals are an idea that have been around for awhile. Many have attempted to integrate them into bicycle wear, but few have succeeded to gain a real foothold in the market place. Most recently, Zackees successfully funded a Kickstarter for their turn signal gloves, which actually look pretty good. Even so, Useeme wanted to take the turn signal further – to create a design that checked all the boxes of being wearable, visible, and most importantly, Automatic.

Useeme finally has working prototypes with an intriguing design. Is this the future of bicycle signalling? See how the Useeme signals work and one of the more entertaining pitch videos, next…


Bikie Girl Bloomers, Fun Styles for Women Commuters

Bikie Girl Bloomers

Developed by a self described “mild-mannered patent attorney,” the Bikie Girl Bloomers are a line of clothes designed for commuters, that are comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Head past the break to see the whimsical creations


Kickstarter: The Jyrobike, An Auto Balance Bike For Kids

Jyrobike Auto Balancing Kids Bike

By harnessing the physics behind what makes a gyroscope work, the creators of the Jyrobike have built a bicycle that remains upright and stable, which helps children learn how to ride a bicycle quickly.

It works by utilizing a unique front wheel, that has a fast spinning disc motor driven wheel, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. The resulting gyroscopic force of the spinning disc in the “Control Hub” allows the bike to stand up even at slow speeds.


Kickstarter: FlyPedals Universal Clipless to Flat Pedal Adapter

Fly Pedal Clipless Adapter to Flat prototype

Clipless pedals offer many performance advantages, but can be awkward when heading out on a casual ride. Rather than carry a set of street shoes, or try to ride your clipless pedals with your regular shoes, the Flypedal adapter turns your clipless pedals effortlessly into flats.

These adapters are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and are drilled to accept any pedal cleat, so they work with every major brand of clipless pedal on the market.  READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: The XBelt and D-Key Campaigns Take Portable Approach To Repair

X Belt Skate ToolDesigned with the skateboarder in mind, the X Belt Skatetool is a belt that allows you to carry all the tools you need to adjust your skateboard, but can also help you fix your bike in a pinch.  READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Vanhawks Valour, The Worlds First “Smart” Bike

Forget Di2, this new Vanhawks bike seeks to integrate electronics at a much more core level of the cycling experience than just gear shifts. With more sensors than a late model Camry, the Valor uses Bluetooth to relay information from it’s on-board gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, speed sensor, GPS receiver, and blind spot detectors, to your smart phone.

The interplay between cellphone and bicycle has generated some industry firsts, including built in turn by turn directions. The bicycle is built with city commuters in mind and is capable of suggesting preferred routes and learning from your riding experience, e.g. if the roads are too pot hole ridden for comfort, etc… This information turns each bike into a valuable resource for regional planners and bicycle advocates, but it tangibly translates into improved directions for anyone using the Vanhawks system. In addition to the handlebars having built in LED indicators for navigation, they also have an integrated haptic feed back system to warn you of oncoming objects in your blind spot. READ MORE ->

MiniBrake Lets Parents Remotely Hit The Brakes On Kids Bikes

Remote Control Mini BrakeFor parents whos children are still unsteady on two wheels, a new Hungarian company is trying to make those first few years a little easier. The MiniBrake is a remote controlled system that enables parents to hit the rear brake in an emergency.


Outrider Outfits All with Horizon All-Terrain Electric Trike, Introduces Operation Turbo Tommy

The ability to ride is something we’ve all probably taken for granted at one time or another. But for those who can’t ride, Outrider is looking to provide the opportunity to feel that freedom from a bike that we all know and love, again. Outrider has created a full suspension, all-terrain, electric trike. Possible of 9 different configurations for people of all different physical abilities, including many quadriplegics and paraplegics. Co-developed with their friend Christopher Wenner who was an avid mountain biker until he broke his neck at 17, Chris started developing an electric bike that he could ride and then reached out to Outrider to pursue it on a bigger scale.

The rest they say, is history. Or it will be after the Kickstarter campaign is finished. They have already met their goal, but they have now introduced a new stretch goal of 250 backer or $115,000 raised, they will commence operation Turbo Tommy. Find out more after the jump…