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BikeBar prevents roof rack wobble worries, keeps your bike stable

The BikeBar installed on vehicle

The BikeBar was designed to provide lateral support for roof rack systems.

For many of us, travelling with your bike(s) is a common experience. Whether you have to drive to the nearest trailhead or just enjoy road tripping to explore new riding zones, roof racks make it easy to load up and hit the road. However, none of the current offerings stabilize your bike side-to-side, allowing it to wobble left and right when you hit a pothole, make an evasive maneuver or head off road.

After a few unpleasant personal experiences with various bikes popping out of roof racks while travelling, multi-discipline rider Kris Pepper decided to employ his background in industrial design to solve the problem. Enter the BikeBar, an adjustable bar that provides lateral support to your roof-mounted bike, preventing any potential in-transit damage to your bike or vehicle.

Brace yourself and head past the break to check out the BikeBar’s design and setup…


Ditch Your Frame Bag for a Hard Box with the new AK CODEPACK

ak codepack bike box hard shell kickstarter (1)

There is certainly no shortage of quality, made to fit bike bags out there to help satisfy your need for adventure. Whether you’re stashing the essentials for a big trip into the back country, or a few refreshments for your weekly after work sessions, frame bags are pretty neat.

The question then is what’s better than a frame bag? If you’re Cody and Justin Greenwell, the answer is firm. You need a bike box. Sort of the bike equivalent of a truck bed tool box, the AK CODEPACK is meant to easily carry all your gear while offering better access when you need it. Built using aerospace construction methods and materials, AK CODEPACK is a rugged option that may have you looking at storage in a new way…


The Efneo Bicycle Gearbox Crank Hits Indiegogo, Puts 3 Speeds Up Front And Internal

Back in October, we showed you Efneo, a company out of Poland trying to bring a planetary gearbox crank to market. They have finally gotten the crank to crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and amazingly have already reached more than 1/3 of their goal in just 3 days.

Internal transmissions can be a love it or hate it idea for cyclists, but they are an excellent option for more casual cyclists, and the Efneo is created for these riders. Riding through a city, coming to many stop signs, and then taking off from each one, it takes time to train your mind to downshift your bike before each stop, and many casual users end up trying to take off again in a hard gear. The beauty of most internal drivetrains, and the Efneo, is that it can be downshifted without moving.

The other thing that sets the Efneo apart is a decently low price. Starting at just $220 during the campaign, it is considerably less expensive than say, the Truvativ Hammerschmidt, and still less than the similarly designed FSA Metropolis.

Take a look after the jump where the director of Manufacturing, Wictor, shows you how it works…


LEAFXPRO Bicycle Umbrella Leaves You Dry and Protected

LeafXPro bicycle umbrella fender bubble (1)

To be entirely honest, it will probably be awhile before products like the LEAFXPRO catch on in the U.S. Far more likely to succeed in countries where infrastructure is built around cycling as a true form of transportation, not just an afterthought, LEAFXPRO is the next evolutionary step in protection from the elements. Almost certain to draw some stares, a bicycle umbrella is as it sounds – a protective barrier from the wind and rain. Only, this umbrella is attached to the bike so you don’t have to ride with one hand and fight with an umbrella at the same time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like the LEAFXPRO either as you couldn’t step foot outside Eurobike without running into similar contraptions. Where the LEAFXPRO stands out though, is in the aerodynamic design and modular construction. It may look funny, but the bicycle umbrella should keep you dry if you choose to use it…


Light and Motion Illuminates your GoPro with Sidekick Companion Lights


If you’ve used an action camera in the woods, you probably have experienced the camera struggling with rapid changes in lighting. Often cruising through areas of intense sunlight only to dip back into the dark tunnel of the woods, even as cameras improve a little extra light couldn’t hurt.

Following in the footsteps of Knog’s Qudos camera light, Light & Motion is hoping to power up their new Sidekick GoPro light. To be available in two different models, one of the Sidekicks will also be useful as a bicycle light in addition to videography. Light & Motion’s first light for the GoPro will also be their first attempt at a Kickstarter – details on why after the break…


Sombra has a lampshade for your tail light


Night-time cyclists everywhere are thankful that LED tail lights have gotten extremely bright in the last 10 years. So bright though, that at close range they can be distracting, or even painful to look at.

Sombra is a bicycle tail light diffuser. It makes your tail light visible from any direction and reduces the bright spot effect of a high-powered LED. Inspired by a ride in London where inventor Offer Canfi was blinded by a passing cyclist’s rear light, he then when he went home relaxed with a book. While reading, he noticed the lampshade on his lamp, and voila! An idea was born…


Tech Roundup: BRoller, Bikelops & iOmounts Bring More Tech To Cycling Via Crowdfunding


iOmounts makes device mounts with a patented magnetic technology that attaches simply, and adjust easily. At the Consumer Electronics Show opening next week, they will release the NOMAD mount to attach almost any device to a pair of handlebars. They say that with the increase in cycling apps available for phones, and GPS capability, a mount for a phone is all that is needed , instead of a dedicated device.

They are not giving a lot of details until the show, but if it works anything like their super-adjustable mounting stands, it should be pretty nice for ease of use and adjustability. Jump past the break to see their standard device mounts (not for bikes), and also see ideas on using an iPhone as a bike light and dusting off your old trainer by turning it into a multimedia exercise center…


A Multi-Function Bicycle-Friendly Comb Named Headgehog Is On Kickstarter & It’s Not As Ridiculous As It Sounds


The Headgehog is a hair comb made from stainless steel, and it fits in your wallet so you can carry it with you everywhere. It’s extremely important to make sure your hair is wrangled back into place after taking off your helmet, Producer Zootility Tools tells us it is bicycle friendly, since anything that combines a wrench, a bottle opener and hair care is sure to get cyclists excited.

All joking aside, the Headgehog is a real product, and is already 200%+ of its funding goal. It incorporates a lot of relatively unrelated, yet commonly needed features into one device, and the screwdriver and wrench make it bicycle specific. Zootility also makes the Pocket Monkey, another flat, wallet-fitting tool. A truly bicycle-specific tool may incorporate some more functions, and it appears that inventor Nate Barr had more overall utility in mind. . They really tried to maximize the functions for the small space, and packed it with wrenches, a bottle opener, a phone kickstand, and even a chip clip. Available in stainless, blue, purple or green for $12.

Nostalgia Rides On Through Iconicride, Complete with Banana Seat

Iconicride chopper bicycle banana seat kickstarter (4)

Whether you consider yourself a “cyclist” or not, quite a few people have fond memories of waking up to a new Schwinn Krate under the Christmas tree during their childhood. Between the chopper bars, 16″ front and 20″ rear wheels, and the banana seat, the bikes became iconic symbols of late 60′s/early 70′s bike culture.

If you find yourself reminiscing about those days, perhaps you would be interested in the new IconicRide. Introduced by industrial designer Mario Ciaramellano, the chopper inspired ride brings back memories, only in an adult sized package. Even though the wheels might be bit bigger than the original, the IconicRide packs in all of the style, just with a few modern touches…