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EB15: Scottoiler Cycle S1 would like to lube your chain for you, continuously


If you live in Scotland (or most anywhere in the UK, really), you’re used to riding in wet, muddy conditions that challenge the operation and longevity. So after making similar systems for motorcycles for years, a few of the cyclists at Scottoiler decided to make one for the bikes.

The automated system uses a battery powered reservoir and pump to send timed droplets directly to your chain, applying it right where you need it all through the ride. The lube is water based, so it washes off easily, which helps keep the chain clean even while riding since it doesn’t attract or hold dirt or grit.

The unit is on Kickstarter waiting for your support to trickle in, check the video and more pics below…


Boxer Cycles Crowdfunds their way to some of the Most Eye Catching Trikes on the Planet


Boxer Cycles, located across the pond is using a Crowdfunding source that is almost as unique as the bikes they build.  My first thought was this bike is a Hollywood creation straight out of a Jules Verne novel. Then I thought that if I were to ever have a front load cargo trike, this would have to be it! What does it offer? Electric Assist? Check.  Hi/Lo beam light and blinkers? Check. JET ENGINE SIMULATOR THAT CHANGES WITH THROTTLE INPUT?…….. TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Check out what else they offer and how their Crowdfunding works as well as video showing the JET SIMULATOR.


Kickstarter: Trail LED’s Light, Bright and Low-Profile Helmet Specific Lights

Trail LED headlights, family

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love night rides! Apparently Trail LED’s founder Grady Pace also enjoys night riding, so much that he set out to create some top-tier helmet specific lights after finding disappointment from other brand’s offerings. While most companies stick to a more universal design that will work on both a handlebar and helmet, these multi-mount lights tend to be heavy and sit up high. They can cause neck fatigue and encourage helmet movement, or even worse can get snagged on low branches.

So starting seven years ago, Pace set out to create the lightest and brightest possible helmet specific lights and developed Trail LED’s unique low profile arced shape that rises just ¾” from the top of your helmet. Shine a light past the break for all the details on three different models that output between 1800 and 6000 lumens and how they’re looking to expand…

Pedaling with Prosthetics: Maglock Pedals Offer Solution for Amputees

MagLock magnetic bike pedal amputee leg option

When we first reported on the next-generation Maglock Pedals, Dave told us that he was working on a special project. As those type of things usually go he didn’t want to divulge any details just yet but told us that the pedal showed a lot of promise for those with lower leg amputations. As you might imagine, situations where the rider has limited use of their lower leg could make using a traditional clipless pedal quite difficult.

Of course, the Maglock pedal is still being marketed as a solution for those looking for an alternative to the standard clipless pedal – but the use for amputees is exciting news if you happen to fall into that category. There are still a few days left in the Maglock Kickstarter campaign, but if you want to see what the pedal could mean to someone with an amputation, you’re going to want to check out the video after the break…


Leg&Go Balance Bike System Helps Kids Get Rad Younger With Configurations for Every Tyke’s Taste


Designers at Leg&Go have come up with a novel straddle bike concept that stands out for a variety of reasons. The bent birch frames feature an array of built in safety mechanism and are configurable in a variety of ways to accommodate not just growing bodies but also changing tastes of small riders. So whether your tyke is barely learning to walk or is experimenting with downhill runs in the park, the Leg&Go has you covered and your child safe. Push through for more… READ MORE ->

SENTH IN1 Make Augmented Reality Eyewear Social, Smart & Cycling-Specific


Beijing based startup IN SENTH has been cooking up an interesting concept in cycling specific augmented reality eyewear. The SENTH IN1 AR glasses have been simmering over several years of development (the first concepts for the design were in 2012) and four rounds of functional prototypes and are finally ready for public consumption. This system keeps your eyes on the road and off of your handlebars, supplementing your existing riding experience with smart interfacing with your phone and existing ANT+ sensors… READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Maxwell EP0 Minimalist E-Bike With Internal Frame Battery Pack


An interesting minimalist e-bike for for the urban market- designed to look and ride as closely to a pedal bike as possible. At only 26lb for the complete bike (depending on size), this model could accomplish that goal, as it is within the realm of pedal bike weight. This model features an interesting battery concept putting small battery packs within the frame tube members rather than in a single external consolidated pack. Check it out after the jump. READ MORE ->

MagLOCK is Back With a Lighter, Cheaper, and More Refined Version of their Magnetic Pedals

Red Pedal w Black Screws Photoshopped Resized

Not too long ago, MagLOCK thought they had a lock on the next great idea in clipless pedal technology. Imagine a system that truly offered effortless in and out of the pedals with full 360 degree power, offered infinite float, and was 100% street shoe compatible when not clipped in? While the first generation MagLOCK pedals delivered on all fronts they also weighed nearly as much as three pairs of standard pedals.

After a failed Kicksarter, Dave Williams wasn’t about to just give up and went back to the drawing board. The new and improved MagLOCK pedals drop over a pound of weight per pair and manage to drop the price in the process. This could be the magnetic clipless system you were hoping for…


Kickstarter: Lumos Smart Helmet Integrates Automatic Brake Lights And Turn Signals For All Around Safety


In order to combat challenges with visibility at night, Lumos was created to be an all-in one solution to help keep you safe in the dark. With over 60 LEDs integrated into the shell, the helmet is visible in all directions with a high positioning that makes it easy to see by motor vehicles. With automatic brake lights and a signaling system built in, the Lumos helps cars to see and anticipate your movements whether stopping or turning. It’s all wrapped up into a durable and comfortable package that you only have to worry about keeping recharged. More on how to light up your night after the jump… READ MORE ->