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Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



  • Central Region Voting is Now Live – Is your local trail one of the candidates to receive the grant from Bell Helmets? Vote now through May 10th. The project with the most votes will be awarded the grant on May 25th. Visit to place your vote.
  • Win a Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD road bike – The athlete nutrition experts at The Feed are giving away a Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD road bike to one lucky winner (valued at $7,500).  Visit to register for the contest and be sure to check out their other deals.

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  • Microsoft Partners Strava and MapMyRide for Band Smartwatch – Microsoft has responded quickly to early criticism of its Band product’s cycling-specific functionality by announcing a partnership with Strava and MapMyRide. Building upon the initial Bike Tile introduction in February, Band customers will now be able to compare performance or share routes with other riders using the popular apps. Here’s more details.
  • Tribike Transport Introduces New Service: Ship & Ride – TriBike Transport (TBT), triathlon’s first fully assembled bicycle transportation service, is proud to announce their newest service: Ship & Ride, for those athletes interested in taking their bike with them while traveling for work, vacation, or for any instance that takes them away from their home and vis a vis, their bike.

Plenty more cycling tidbits and how you can help Nepal after the break…


Grava hunts Appalachia’s moonshine stills with new Revenuer steel gravel bike

Grava Revenuer steel cyclocross gravel road bike on Kickstarter

About a year ago, many of our Asheville, NC, friends started showing up to the ‘cross races aboard a sleek looking carbon bike emblazoned with raised silver letters spelling out GRAVA. More and more of them started riding them, including some of the Industry Nine folks, and getting good results in the local and state series. That model’s called the Maple Sally, and that’s a story we’ll tell in another post soon.

Now, Lenoir, NC, based Grava Bikes is bringing their next model’s production to the States, and they’re looking to Kickstarter to make it happen.

Called the Revenuer, its name refers to the revenue collectors from the long defunct Bureau of Prohibition, whose agents would comb the Blue Ridge Mountains seeking illegal moonshine stills. Many of those dirt roads and secret paths now make for excellent riding through the area, and this bike’s made to handle them all…


MilKit’s Innovative Valve is the Answer to All of Our Tubeless Problems

Milkit tubeless sealant measuring device mountain bike  (1)

If you ride mountain bikes, you probably ride tubeless. Or you’ve tried it. Or you have a friend who has used it. These days its fairly ubiquitous, but it’s not fool proof. Getting the sealant into the tire can still be a messy process. It’s one thing to add sealant to a brand new tire that is being installed onto a wheel, but adding sealant to a tire that is already mounted is where it gets tricky. You don’t want to break the bead so removing the tire is out. Without removing the tire, there is really no way to tell how much sealant is left – at this point it could be one big sealant urchin rolling around in the tire. After all of that, installing the sealant through the valve can leave a clog which can make airing up the tire a hassle in the future.

While it seems these are annoyances we’ve all learned to live with,  engineer Pius Kobler and entrepreneur Sven Rizzotti thought there could be a better way. As often happens, necessity was the mother of invention after a flat tubeless tire in Moab caused Pius to rethink the ability to measure how much sealant was actually still in a tire. That quest to manage the amount of sealant led to the new valve design as well that could change tubeless as we know it…


Kickstarter: LucidBrake 2.0 Acceleration-Sensing Wireless Brake Light for High Visibility and All-Weather Conditions


Having made their first successful batch in 2013, LucidBrake debuts their second generation wireless, weather-proof, acceleration-sensing brake light. Early adopters of the LucidBrake 2.0 can look forward to improved power management, motion-activated on and off switches, and beacon modes that align with EU requirements. Onward to your new and improved beacon of safe mobility after the break… READ MORE ->

Haul People and Cargo with Virtue Cycles’ Pedalist “Tadpole” Semi-Enclosed Tricycle

Virtue Pedalist profile

Commutes by bike are avoided by riders for a variety of reasons. They require special clothing for the elements. There is a lack of cargo carrying capacity on many bikes. You can’t carry passengers if you need to. And, of course, there are always safety concerns. Taking into account many of these and other factors that discourage people from commuting by bike, the people at Virture set out to create a vehicle that would expand the capabilities and ease of use of pedal powered vehicles through the design of a semi-enclosed, electrically assisted tricycle. Learn more about this terrific traffic tadpole after the jump… READ MORE ->

LIMITS Power Meter fits any bike regardless of pedals, cranks or hubs – and it’s cheap!

limits power meter solo

Training with power has traditionally been the exclusive realm of the well-supported or well-off athlete due to equipment costs and gear limitations. While costs of equipment have been coming down as power meter companies have recognized a greater market in less-resourced amateurs, the technology remains prohibitively expensive to many and continues to be limited by component integration.

LIMITS was designed to address the challenges of existing power meters by remaining non-integrated into existing components, being compact and inexpensive ($249 on the Indiegogo), and by being easy to install onto any bike with pedals. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Meet the power meter to rule them all after the jump…


New Pahoj dual purpose child seat lets you ride with your stroller

Pahoj stroller child seat

It’s always cool to see a product come through Kickstarter, especially when it strives to resolve basic experiential gaps in cycling. The innovative Pahoj easily falls under this category by creating a bicycle child seat that doubles as a stroller, making child-wielding more reasonable while maintaining an active and car-free (or at least limited) lifestyle.

Check out how the Pahoj will replace both your child seat and stroller after the jump…


Litelok: Lightweight Flexible Bike Lock, Last Chance on Kickstarter


We’ve been keeping an eye out for alternate bike locks for years, ever since stuffing heavy u-locks down our waistbands or having their plastic frame mounts rattle and fail. Several weeks ago we spotted a different solution in what looks like a more flexible lock from upstart Litelok that makes use of a series of layers of lightweight materials, which combine together with an easy to use locking mechanism to offer pretty solid security (and resistance to attack) at a fraction of the weight we are used to.

Plus, that day-glo green is pretty cool too. Click past the break quickly as their Kickstarter only has a couple of days to go, and get some more details on the Litelok and its options…


Fortified Bicycle catches a thief, launches secure seat post collar as Payback

Fortified Payback secure locking seat collar clamp

After hearing of a friend’s bicycle saddle being stolen, Fortified Bicycle’s founders jumped on the case and helped him recover it. It’s a familiar story for them in that the theft of a friend’s bike lights prompted them to launch their original products a couple years ago. Only this time, they video taped the thief’s capture!

Aptly called Payback, their new kit includes a seatpost collar with proprietary bolt pattern and tool. It also includes one or two seatpost bolts to secure the saddle to the post, making both parts virtually unstealable. They’re so confident that they’ll buy you a new seat if yours is stolen after installing the Payback.

Check the video of the thief getting busted and more details below…