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Clothing Roundup: New Threads From Etxeondo, LuvGear, Pavé & More

We have no idea how to pronounce it, but Etxeondo looks like it would be fun to say. Named after the village in Spain they were founded in, they have a proud tradition of making their own high-performance kits since 1976. A high performance Windstopper kit, the WS Team Edition is the same kit used by the Team Giant Shimano Pro riders in the coldest stages.

As the weather changes, there is a lot of new clothing coming out. Check out some of the new ideas after the break…


Booq, Bigo & Wolffepack: New Backpack Design Roundup

Bigo-CasualCarrying gear on the body the challenge that never seems to be perfectly solved, at least in the mind of entrepreneurs that continuously tackle new ways to make it better. Booq brings us a bag that is classy and waterproof, Bigo brings us a bag that can also double as a poncho or blanket and wolffepack brings us access to our gear without removing the pack.

Check out the ideas to make your ride a bit more convenient…


Pro Peloton Racing in a Board Game? Cycling Party Makes it Happen

cycling party

Forget Mario Party, the hot new game is all about cycling. That’s what newly formed board game publishing company Snake Eyes Games is hoping at least. Formed by long time friends and board game enthusiasts Leandro Pérez and Diego Hernando, their first product Cycling Party aims to take the strategy, excitement, and head to head racing of professional cycling and package it into a new board game.

Combining traditional board game play with a companion app, the addition of the electronic aid was key in making the game easier to play without needing to spend hours with a calculator. Shipping with 54 hexagon landscape board pieces, the track can be laid out in multiple ways to get to the finish hexagon from the start. Racing involves the use of 40 different counter/cyclists including different pieces for the overall leader, best climber, intermediate sprints leader, and the points classification leader. To win you have to pay attention to race strategy, keep your leader safe, even remember to eat and drink.

Still unsure how to make a board game out of cycling? Check out the videos next…


Kickstarter: Rogue C6 Lightweight Hybrid Commuter Bicycle

Rogue C6 Commuter Bicycle

The Rogue C6 Commuter Bicycle

David Lupafya, the designer of the Rogue C6, has a personal story that is interesting enough. He grew up in Apartheid era South Africa with bicycles as the primary means of transportation. Unable to afford bike repairs, he began fixing bikes on his own and eventually turned that into a business. Fast forward to today, and David is now designing bicycles with quality and affordability in mind – a likely nod to his humble beginnings.

David designed the Rogue C6 Commuter Bicycle to be a “lightweight, efficient machine” that you can take on a “commute, tour, or leisurely ride with the family”. Besides creating a unique, custom design, David wanted to make an affordable bike. To do this, he stripped away several levels in his company’s supply-chain that helped him move from a retail price of $3,500 for the C6 and $1800 for the C6+, to $1,950 and $950 respectively. The Rogue C6 features a proprietary High Modulus Unidirectional and 3k woven carbon frame & fork. They say that makes it 7.5x stronger than a standard steel frame, which should help it hold up to daily abuse. The other benefit? It weighs only 3.5 lbs!


New Clothing Roundup: High Fashion From Ellipsis, Bold Designs From Tokyo Fixed, Jeans That Fit Cyclist’s Butts & More


Tokyo Fixed has a new look at the heritage of Japanese artwork with the new Wave Collection. Consisting of matching jerseys and shorts for both men and women, as well as arm warmers, the kit has some nice designs on bold colors. There are a lot of new clothing pieces coming to market, see them all after the break…


Want a Bamboo Bike? Build it yourself with the Bamboobee BIY Kit


If you’re a fan of DIY, you might want to check out the Bamboobee Bike’s BIY kit. Designed as an economical way to get your own bamboo frame, the kit takes is a step further by providing the raw materials to build a frame along with some instruction. If you have been longing for the satisfaction of building your own bicycle frame, this is probably as easy as it gets – until Lego makes a life size, rideable bike that is.


Commute Safer & Better With Turn Signals, Lights & More

Veglo Tail Light
There comes a time every year where the darkness comes earlier and earlier, it gets colder and drivers may not expect to see a cyclist on the road. If you’re a commuter, it’s time to pay attention to making yourself safe on the road. Fortunately, there are several new smaller companies starting up to help make your commute better, and some of the products and ideas are really, really good…


The Hoverboard Gets Real!

We’re not even trying to make up some reason why this is related to bikes, but it’s just too damn cool not to post. Yes, it’s a real, live, working hover board, and it’s already blown past its funding goal on Kickstarter by about 50%, and it’s just getting started.

Check the video, then float past the break for a bit of the science…


Kickstarter Roundup: Crankpump Almost There & Indiglo’s Dual GoPro/Garmin Mount

This one’s a bit of a recap/update in that we’ve featured both of these brands before. CrankPump’s campaign is coming to a close in a couple days and they need a last little push to meet their fund raising goal. It’s a nifty little mini CO2 inflator that hides inside your crankset’s spindle, keeping weight low on the bike and out of sight. Check the video above for details, then hit up their Kickstarter page here. Our original coverage of CrankPump is here.

If you’re the type that likes to mount more things to the outside of your bike, read on for Indiglo’s new dual handlebar mount to fit two things in the space of one…