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Pedaling with Prosthetics: Maglock Pedals Offer Solution for Amputees

MagLock magnetic bike pedal amputee leg option

When we first reported on the next-generation Maglock Pedals, Dave told us that he was working on a special project. As those type of things usually go he didn’t want to divulge any details just yet but told us that the pedal showed a lot of promise for those with lower leg amputations. As you might imagine, situations where the rider has limited use of their lower leg could make using a traditional clipless pedal quite difficult.

Of course, the Maglock pedal is still being marketed as a solution for those looking for an alternative to the standard clipless pedal – but the use for amputees is exciting news if you happen to fall into that category. There are still a few days left in the Maglock Kickstarter campaign, but if you want to see what the pedal could mean to someone with an amputation, you’re going to want to check out the video after the break…


Leg&Go Balance Bike System Helps Kids Get Rad Younger With Configurations for Every Tyke’s Taste


Designers at Leg&Go have come up with a novel straddle bike concept that stands out for a variety of reasons. The bent birch frames feature an array of built in safety mechanism and are configurable in a variety of ways to accommodate not just growing bodies but also changing tastes of small riders. So whether your tyke is barely learning to walk or is experimenting with downhill runs in the park, the Leg&Go has you covered and your child safe. Push through for more… READ MORE ->

SENTH IN1 Make Augmented Reality Eyewear Social, Smart & Cycling-Specific


Beijing based startup IN SENTH has been cooking up an interesting concept in cycling specific augmented reality eyewear. The SENTH IN1 AR glasses have been simmering over several years of development (the first concepts for the design were in 2012) and four rounds of functional prototypes and are finally ready for public consumption. This system keeps your eyes on the road and off of your handlebars, supplementing your existing riding experience with smart interfacing with your phone and existing ANT+ sensors… READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Maxwell EP0 Minimalist E-Bike With Internal Frame Battery Pack


An interesting minimalist e-bike for for the urban market- designed to look and ride as closely to a pedal bike as possible. At only 26lb for the complete bike (depending on size), this model could accomplish that goal, as it is within the realm of pedal bike weight. This model features an interesting battery concept putting small battery packs within the frame tube members rather than in a single external consolidated pack. Check it out after the jump. READ MORE ->

MagLOCK is Back With a Lighter, Cheaper, and More Refined Version of their Magnetic Pedals

Red Pedal w Black Screws Photoshopped Resized

Not too long ago, MagLOCK thought they had a lock on the next great idea in clipless pedal technology. Imagine a system that truly offered effortless in and out of the pedals with full 360 degree power, offered infinite float, and was 100% street shoe compatible when not clipped in? While the first generation MagLOCK pedals delivered on all fronts they also weighed nearly as much as three pairs of standard pedals.

After a failed Kicksarter, Dave Williams wasn’t about to just give up and went back to the drawing board. The new and improved MagLOCK pedals drop over a pound of weight per pair and manage to drop the price in the process. This could be the magnetic clipless system you were hoping for…


Kickstarter: Lumos Smart Helmet Integrates Automatic Brake Lights And Turn Signals For All Around Safety


In order to combat challenges with visibility at night, Lumos was created to be an all-in one solution to help keep you safe in the dark. With over 60 LEDs integrated into the shell, the helmet is visible in all directions with a high positioning that makes it easy to see by motor vehicles. With automatic brake lights and a signaling system built in, the Lumos helps cars to see and anticipate your movements whether stopping or turning. It’s all wrapped up into a durable and comfortable package that you only have to worry about keeping recharged. More on how to light up your night after the jump… READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Fly Pedals Refines, Lightens, and Improves Clipless Pedal Adapter In Version 2


A year after launching their first Kickstarter, Fly Pedals is back with refined version 2.0 of their universal mount clipless-compatible flat pedal adapters. They are lighter, grippier, and work with a retention strap system designed by the same company. Now you can ride casually without having to swap out shoes or pedals. See how you can reserve yours after the break… READ MORE ->

New Sentinel Fork Seals Guard against Premature Wear with Stacked PU Design

sentinel dust wiper replacement fork seals (7)

Improved small bump compliance. Better sealing against the elements. Plus the ability to easily change and customize your fork’s seals all for less than $50? That’s the plan if DampferKlinik’s Sentinel fork seals reach their funding goals.

Created by Melanie Keding and Steffen Dittmar after years of their own research, Sentinel fork seals are a product of their suspension clinic based in Tübingen, Germany. There have been replacement fork seals/dust wipers before, but not like this. Instead of relying on a rubber body, Sentinel takes a novel approach and uses a combination of plastics with tuneable levels of protection.

Promising better performance in nearly every way, the Sentinel may be protecting a lot more forks in the near future…


Ain Bicycles Seeks Funds to Create a Cycling Community Center in Cairo, Egypt

While some global cities have long looked to bicycle transportation to ease traffic congestion, cycling hasn’t really taken off in Egypt. Despite the debilitating gridlock, it’s hard to blame Cairo’s people for not riding bicycles – there simply weren’t many suitable commuter bikes available, and finding a skilled mechanic wasn’t easy either.

Ain Bicycles’ Karim Abbany and Dirk Wanrooij set out to solve these problems. The two started out by building a bike for Karim’s brother, then pushed their friends to start cycling too. The trend quickly grew beyond their circle of friends and Ain now operates as a boutique bike shop, building custom one-off commuter bicycles.

Ain now wants to take their company and cycling advocacy further, by building a community center for people to learn about riding and maintaining bikes. The idea is being crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign, which has a few days left and still needs significant support to reach its goal…