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Road to NAHBS 2014: Boo Bicycles Growing Like Bamboo


Boo RS-R carbon and bamboo road bike with hydraulic disc brakes and integrated seat mast.

At last year’s show, and probably at this year’s too, Boo Bicycles impresses with some super sleek bamboo and metal bikes with a couple one-off or prototype parts from others hanging on them. This year, founder Nick Frey says he’s got more than a couple surprises shooting up:

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

NICK: Bamboo (always!) with carbon fiber or aluminum.

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

NICK: A lot…we had a successful Kickstarter in May 2013 for the new and have been focused on perfecting our craft with Boo as well as introducing Aluboo to a wider audience. We are building a dealer network in the US, selling fat bikes like mad, and driving around the country in a decked out 1998 Bluebird All American: BooBus Maximus. The BooBus will be going to many of the biggest events in the US, meeting with dealers, and riding all the local Wednesday Night World Championships. We have some great partners in TrainingPeaks, BRAAAP, and Pactimo—they’ll be stocking us with some things we need for the road, both in the bus and on bikes. READ MORE ->

Road to NAHBS 2014 – Sarif Cycle Worx Throws Us a Curve


A while back, we featured one of Sarif Cycle worx’s first builds, a very lightweight steel hardtail 29er for local pro Tommy Rodgers. Since then, builder Dave Johnson has been busy evolving his work…and making plenty more bikes. Given the proximity to his (and our!) Greensboro, NC, base, Charlotte makes the perfect start to his NAHBS experience.


Road to NAHBS 2014 – Engin Cycles Goes All Ti, All the Time

Engin Cycles - Drew machining bicycle tubes

After introducing his titanium frame just last year at NAHBS, Engin Cycles builder/owner Drew Guldalian has flipped the switch completely. He’s also continued to develop new dropouts and parts, giving his frames a growing ability to work with all standards…and look good doing it!

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

DREW: I have officially made all my bikes titanium as of 2014. The only steel products I offer are forks. No titanium forks available. Unless you are an existing customer all bikes are titanium from now on.

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

DREW: I have made a few additions from last year. First being yet another new drop out. I have a road drop out that will debut at NAHBS. Also a few things have been added to the bikes such as butted titanium, 1″ chainstays, and I’m offering some new finishes.

Road to NAHBS 2014: Jay Sycip of Cielo Cycles


The Aston Martin race car inspired paint scheme introduced last year on their Cross Racer.

Last year’s interview with Cielo’s Design Manager Jay Sycip was a bit lengthier. This year’s abbreviated answers suggest they’re pressed to get things ready for the show. That’s not uncommon among builders at NAHBS, with most working until the 11th hour to prep their show bikes. And it was confirmed in this case with a quick phone call requesting images to go with Jay’s answers – there are none yet, because the main new bike hasn’t even been welded together yet!

What is that new bike? Read on and see…


Road to NAHBS 2014: Nate Zukas’ First Show


We first spotted Nate Zukas’ steel bikes at the first SE Bike Expo. Hailing from Augusta, GA, Zukas’ bikes are best explored with a careful eye. They’re good looking from afar, but details abound that reward a closer look. Fortunately, he’ll be setting up for his first ever NAHBS this March. Here’s a little taste of what to expect…

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

ZUKAS: Cro-Moly steel

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

ZUKAS: This is my first year at NAHBS! But what’s new for me is full fillet brazed frames and custom steel forks.


Company Spotlight: Talking Heated Bar Tape and USA Manufacturing with A’ME

AME Grip Heated Road MTB interview796

No matter what the product, one facet of production always seems to stir up conversation – where it was made. For years we have seen more and more overseas manufacturing, but it seems we might just be on the cusp of more coming back state side. Then there are those companies who have quietly made things here since the beginning, like A’ME. Since making their first BMX grips in the 1970s, A’ME has proudly manufactured almost everything they make here in the US including most of their heated grips which are now available in both mountain, and the heated road wraps. After a box of heated goodies showed up, we thought it would be a great time to talk to A’ME’s Bob Rutten about the company, the state of US manufacturing, and their line of heated grips.

Plug into the conversation next.


Road to NAHBS 2014: Don Walker’s Steel Bicycles

Don-Walker-Star-Track-BikeSomewhere between running his team and putting on this little show called NAHBS, Don Walker finds time to build a few bikes. Typically, they’re for the track or the cyclocross course, but every now and then he brings a little something different. Let’s see what’s been going on since last year’s interview and show

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

DON: Still steel. I have been threatening to break out of that for a while now, but time will tell.

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

DON: I’ve tried to re-tool, re-organize and get the shop flow to be able to produce bikes quicker. Seems to be faster, too!


Road to NAHBS 2014 – Appleman’s Carbon Bicycles


It’s that time of year again, when custom bike builders are wrapping up their bestest bikes for the big show. This year, they’re all headed down to Charlotte, NC, practically Bikerumor’s backyard, for NAHBS 2014. That means it’s also time for our annual pre-show interviews to see what everyone’s been up to and give you a teaser of what’s to come.

This year, we’re starting off with Minneapolis based Appleman Bicycles. Founder and one man builder/owner/operator Matt Appleman always finds some artsy way of laying in the top layers of carbon. Check out last year’s interview and the 2013 show coverage for a little background, then dive in to see what’s coming…

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?
MATT: Carbon fiber. All carbon, all the time!


Interview: How to Build a Fatbike Trail with the Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition

Fatbikes Only Sign

While it may seem counter intuitive, there comes a point where the snow gets too deep for even fatbikes. In areas where the snow accumulates in feet rather than inches, fatbike popularity is growing and so are the trails. To meet the need for fatbikers to have groomed trails to ride their fat tired behemoths, local mountain bike trail organizations are coming out of winter hibernation to create purpose built fatbike trails, like the trail in Marquette Michigan that was featured in the Cold Rolled film series. After hearing about the latest trail that was constructed in Sunny Vale County Park in Wausau, WI, we reached out to the Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition and spoke with their president, Gary Barden, to find out just what is involved in building a “fatbike specific trail.”

Trail building doesn’t have to stop just because the ground is covered in snow – Gary walks us through the details, next.