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Road to NAHBS 2015: Cysco Cycles

Cysco Cycles NAHBS 2015 road 3

Having transitioned ownership and staff this year, Cysco Cycles will be coming to NAHBS this year with a fresh face. Look forward to compelling titanium builds with lovely masking work. New owner, Clay Ellison, talks new projects after the jump. READ MORE ->

Road to NAHBS 2015: Sycip Slays With Killer Kid’s Bike

Sycip NAHBS 2015 kids 1

We can look forward to several very cool custom bikes for kids this year at the show, but the one in Jeremy Sycip’s booth may be the raddest.  Inspired by his children’s size and potential for getting rad, Sycip built a boss 20″ real-deal mountain bike for his son.  See the envy of every kid in the neighborhood, as well Sycip’s take on an all-terrain e-bike, after the jump. READ MORE ->

Road to NAHBS 2015: Ventus Customs Reinvents

Ventus Customs NAHBS 2015 junctions carbon
Mark Kargol of Ventus Customs has been a new builder to watch for several years now. For his debut NAHBS in 2012, he rolled up to the show with a gorgeous carbon and titanium frame fitted with an immaculately modified component kit. He followed that up in 2013 with stainless steel lugs that had been investment cast from 3D printed wax parts, a process that allowed him not only to control the angles of his tubes but also the surface detailing in the lugs. Mark loves process, and he loves to reinterpret traditional design themes through exploring opportunities in new fabrication processes. Be sure to quiz him at this show about the process for this year’s machine- you won’t be disappointed. Techy teasers after the jump.


Road to NAHBS 2015: Steve Potts Bicycles

Steve Potts Bicycles NAHBS 2015

Steve Potts (assisted by his handsome dog, Cowboy) is a member of that club of builders who bring to NAHBS what happens to be “hot off the press” at showtime and bring home awards. Steve’s clean two-pass welds and functional designs have won him Best TIG and Best Ti frame ribbons in the past- will we see another this year?  Action shots after the jump.,, READ MORE ->

Road to NAHBS 2015: Connor Wood Bicycles’ Slugger

Connor cycles NAHBS 2015 slugger 3

Photos by Devon Balet //

Inspired by the announcement of the location for this year’s show and his preferred medium, Chris Connor approached Louisville Slugger for a collaborative project that will surely “knock it out of the park” this NAHBS. Connor’s show piece utilizes actual raw bat billets, baseball mitt leather, and bat grip tape for an impressive thematic complete build that definitely won’t strike out. Catch this pop fly after the jump… READ MORE ->

Road to NAHBS 2015: The Return of Black Cat Bicycles

Black Cat NAHBS 2015 cyclocross cubes

Absent from the show since Sacramento in 2012, Black Cat Bicycles will make a grand return to NAHBS with several stunners. A cross monster with curvy stays and a dynamite cubic paint job, and a carbon/steel mash-up build with hand-carved art-deco lugs. Caution: Naked lug pictures after the jump…


Road to NAHBS: Shamrock Cycles Gets Dramatic on Detail

Shamrock Cycles NAHBS 2015 shamrock paint

You won’t see full bike photos in this post because Tim O’Donnell of Shamrock Cycles doesn’t believe in giving up anything but sneak peaks until his customer can see the complete bike in person.

Dramatic, sure, but that’s Tim’s style. Every one of his bikes is a dramatic endeavor. Shamrock waterbottle boss reinforcements/internal routing ports/dropouts/headbadge/decals? Check. Obsessive finish work? Check. Ridiculous paint? Check. A matchy-match parts kit? Check. Despite all the drama, each of his complete bikes underscores Tim’s sense of humor and love of his work.

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

Tim: Steel. Always steel.

Road to NAHBS: Ted Wojcik

Ted Wojcik NAHBS 2015

As punctuated by the brevity of his response to our questions, Ted Wojcik likes to let his product speak for itself. This year he’s been working with Fifield to produce a selection of thoughtfully-designed, show-stealing E-Bikes.  See them after the jump. READ MORE ->

Road to NAHBS 2015: Cherubim to Stop Show

Cheribum NAHBS 2015 Triple Crown Kamiyama

If there is anything that Japanese builder, Cherubim, can be relied upon to do, it’s to stop NAHBS in its tracks with a real stunner of a frameset.  This year, we can look forward to having our minds blown by the obsessive detailing and polish on a race-winning frameset built for Keirin champion, Yuichiro Kamiyama.  More of this winning track machine after the jump. READ MORE ->