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IB13: Kinetic Koffee Drops Blonde Bomb w/ new Super Caffeinated Light Roast – Plus Chocolate!

kinetic coffee (1)

Like many cyclists I know, I love me some coffee. I tend towards the darker roasts, but if you’re a fan of the lighter side or caffeine content is of the utmost importance, check out Kinetic Koffee’s Limited edition Blonde Bomb. The Super Light roast also means it is super caffeinated if you need an extra boost before (or after) your ride/work day/weekend/etc. Located in Humboldt County, CA, Kinetic Koffee is a small roaster that uses 100% certified organic beans and whose coffee can be found in your local bike shops and outdoor retailers, among other places. 10% of all net proceeds also go to non-profits for worthy causes.

They’ve also finally got those Go-Bars out, joined by some very, very dark chocolate…


IB13: Fatbikes and Thru Axles, Old Man Mountain Puts a Rack On It

Old man mountain fatbike thru axle racks (1)

Looking to take it with you on your next ride? Old Man Mountain has been producing high quality, super sturdy, made in the US racks for year and they continue to expand their goods. Thanks partly to the growing popularity of fatbikes and adventure touring Old Man Mountain has stepped up to equip the fatbike hoards while offering new options for thru axle mountain bikes as well.

Check them out, next.


IB13: Shimano Lightens up with Composite 105, 550 SPD-SL Pedals, More Click’R Options

Shimano Xc90 xc70 xc61 105 composite pedals travel case tri saddle20130918_0194

You gotta love it when technology that used to be reserved for the high end goods, trickles down to the lower price points. Shimano seems to be particularly good in that regard, seemingly making last year’s Dura Ace this year’s Ultegra. Following that concept, the use of composites for their SPD-SL road pedals has made its way past Dura Ace and Ultegra all the way down to 105, with the R550 joining in on the weight savings. In terms of material, the 105 pedal gets shod in a new lightweight carbon body and the R550 steps away from metal as well with a new “resin” body. Each pedal uses the newer extra wide cleat platform for Shimano’s SM-SH1 road cleat.

How light are the new road pedals? Check out the actual weight, plus new additions to the beginner friendly Click’r pedals after the jump.


Stage Race Distribution’s 12 Pound Olympia 849

stage race lake scapin xentis tune cyclocross shoe winter boot (15)

Hiding out amongst the Xentis wheels, and Lake shoes was a special little build from the guys at Stage Race – the all new Olympia 849. Built with a longer wheel base and a stable ride, the frame weighs in at or under 849g just like Olympia’s 949 29er mountain bike. Add in a number of Tune parts, and you get an impressive road bike that tips the scales at just over 12 lbs. 12.12 to be exact – thanks to a blend of Toray T1000, T800, and 40J carbon and a minimalist matte clear coat over sparse graphics.

Check out the details after the jump.


IB13: Xentis Offers Road Discs with Specially Designed Rim, Cheaper and Deeper Carbon

stage race lake scapin xentis tune cyclocross shoe winter boot (27)

One of the benefits often associated with road disc is the ability to redesign the rim since it no longer has to act as a braking surface and withstand the clamping forces of the brake. This may be true, but a number of wheel manufacturers are still offering carbon disc brake wheels that are built with rims designed for rim brakes. In the case of Xentis’ first road disc wheel, the rim isn’t entirely new but it is reworked to be a disc brake specific rim. In the process, they were able to take out 30g from the 4.2 rim while retaining the crazy looking Active Tubulator – the wavy lip around the edge of the rim. The swirl lip is claimed to create turbulent air behind the wheel for improved aerodynamics and better handling in cross winds.


IB13: Chrome Adds Knurled Waterproof Bags and Panniers, Forged Rubber Shoes & More Merino

Chrome Knurled Welded waterproof bicycle panniers and backpacks

Chrome’s best known for their bags, so we’ll start (and finish) with those. Above are the new Knurled Welded cycling packs. They’re their first foray into on-bike baggage, and they use a new lightweight single layer welded construction that fuses the TPU liner to the outer fabric. It’s found on a large square duffel-style front rack bag, various size panniers and a backpack or two.

Wanna see the rest? And the very entertaining way they demonstrated the waterproofness? Head past the break…


IB13: Be Seen, Be Prepared, and Be Green with new Bags from Ortlieb

Ortlieb Hi Viz White Collection 20130918_0180

Hi Viz yellow seemed to be in high demand at Interbike, and for good reason – for cyclists in urban environments, it is a very visible color which can help you stay alive. In Ortlieb’s new High Visibility line, the color plays a crucial role, but isn’t the only player in keeping you safe.

Check out the High Visibility’s hidden talents after the jump.


IB13: Glacier Glove’s Less Extreme Winter Options

glacier glove breathable (2)

A while back we reviewed Glacier Glove’s waterproof cycling glove, which due to their 2mm thick G-Tek fleece lined neoprene made them extremely waterproof but not the most breathable. The gloves are still one of the best for extremely wet days, but not so much for cyclists looking for not so extreme waterproofing with better breathability. Eventually, Glacier put out their cyclocross glove which offered a supremely waterproof back and breathable palm. Now, Glacier is taking breathability in their winter cycling gloves another step further with the new Super G and Tahoe winter gloves.


IB13: Wilier Tries Out Road Disc with new Cento1 SR Disc, Offers US Specific GTs

Willier Disc road bikes20130918_0203

The list of high end road bikes equipped with disc brakes is growing. Perhaps it’s the availability of Sram’s Red and Shimano’s R785 hydraulic discs, or just companies not wanting to be left out. Either way, when companies like Wilier are putting together high end disc builds, it looks like disc brakes are here to stay – at least as an option along side the standard bikes. For Wilier, their disc brake bike is a variation of their Cento1 SR and joining the ranks next to the aerodynamically shaped Cento1 AIR. Built with almost identical lines to the rim brake Cento1 SR, the Cento1 SR Disc is disc specific with all of the necessary provisions for routing hydraulic lines internally.

See more, plus the new US specific GTs road bike after the break!