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IB14: Ergon Slims Down Enduro Grips, Adds More Colors, Packs & Cushy MTB Saddle


Following last fall’s introduction of the GE1 enduro mountain bike grip, this year see the addition of the GE1 Slim. It came about after feedback from their World Cup racers that wanted a little better bar feel, to feel more connected to the bike.

It’s only marginally slimmer, but it’s noticeable. Price is $34.99 for either size, and the new slims are available in March 2015. Check the visual comparison and all the rest of their new gear after the break…


IB14: Upstart Legion Launches w/ New Disc Brake Rotors, Lightweight Cable Housing


Shortly after Interbike 2013, Wayne Moore left Ashima after quite a few years of developing lightweight brake rotors and parts. Between then and now, he’s been busy revamping the design and launching new rotors under his own company, Legion.

Two models will be offered – a one-piece and two piece. The Javelin D-Drive two piece rotors use an alloy carrier with a 420 stainless steel that are machined to nest into each other. That locksteps their rotation so the pin joining them doesn’t need to handle a load. So, he’s able to use an alloy pin rather than steel, which helps pull heat away from the rotor faster. It’s a no-rivet operation, and the pin floats freely, held in place with a star lock washer that takes about 150kg of force to pull apart.

Moore says the design is also stiffer since the pieces are tucked into each other.


IB14: Selle Italia Goes Enduro, Plus New Road & Cyclocross Saddles

Selle Italia Butcher DH-Freeride and Nepal enduro mountain bike saddle

Selle Italia’s long been known for their very flat, generally very lightweight road bike saddles. For 2015, the line expands quite a bit, introducing some rather trick mountain bike saddles and a rounder profile road bike seat.

Above, the new Butcher gravity saddle has a handle cut out that’s not for comfort or improved blood flow “down there”. Instead, it’s for grabbing when you’re doing tricks off ramps, so it’s aimed squarely at the DH/DJ/BMX crowd.

It’s named after Butcher Ranch Trail in Downieville, CA. The shape is thought out more for when you’re not going to be seated a whole lot…like ripping downhill, jumping, etc. The wider nose makes it easier to steer with your thighs. It’s got a thick “crash pad” at the front for landing hard, and all the edges are soft and rounded for easily sliding on and off when maneuvering, but a grippy TPU ribbed section keeps you from slipping off unintentionally.

But, they know not everyone is pulling superman seat grabs, so there’s another purpose for the hole…


IB14: IRC Adds Endurance Race Road Tubeless Tires, 27.5″ Mountain Bike Tires & Mud ‘Cross

irc aspite endurance road race tire

IRC’s new Aspite clincher endurance racing road tires build in a little more protection than the Formula Pro models we’ve tested and liked. Their target was the Continental GP4000, but they wanted to come in more affordable.

The Aspite will come in two versions, one with “pebbles” of grip on the sides that get more dense as they roll off the edge, and the Wet version uses slanted lines to move the water out from under the tire.

They’re also aero…


IB14: TrainerRoad Puts Full Platform on iOS, Developing Group Training Features

TrainerRoad has added an iOS app that lets you run their entire platform of training software directly from your phone.

TrainerRoad is a subscription based training system that lets you use prebuilt workouts or build your own, then have the effort wirelessly sent to your Wahoo Kickr or Computrainer. Those two offer the best integration, which lets the software automatically control your trainer to keep the power output on track with the workout. More features after the break…


IB14: Legendary Auto Designer Chip Foose Creates Hot Rod Inspired Cruisers

2015 Chip Foose Prototype Bicycle Cruisers_0

If you’re a fan of hot rod culture or watching the TV show Overhaulin, then you might be interested in a new line of cruisers being designed by automative designer and fabricator Chip Foose.

The bicycles are still in the development stages, and they’re working on lowering pricing, but you can cruise past the break for more images of the new concepts…


IB14: 13 is the New 12, Phil Wood Shows off 1×13 Drivetrain

How do you make a splash in a world gone mad with addition cogs on the cassette? Add more, of course. At least, that’s what Phil Wood has done with their radical 1×13 drivetrain on a 222mm spaced hub. Pushing the 1x concept to the next level, Phil’s system shows what could be possible and while it may just be a concept at this point, we may see kits for sale in the near future.

How do you make a 13 speed drivetrain work with current components? Click through for the details…  READ MORE ->

IB14: Brim Brothers Toes the Line with First Wearable Power Meter

If you haven’t noticed by now, with products from companies like 4iiii, Stages, Garmin, and more, power meters are currently in a race to affordability, usability, and compatibility. As far as we know, to this point power meters have always been mounted somehow to the bike. Whether it is the hub, the crank, the pedals, one way or another it’s mounted to the machine rather than the man.

Brim Brothers looks to change that with their Zone DPMX shoe based power meter. Sandwiching the force sensor between the cleat and the shoe, the Zone sets the control pod on top of the toe for a rider based solution to power. Clip in after the break for more…


IB14: Speedplay Goes Aero with Zero System, Syzr Nears Production, New Walkable Cleats and more!


At this point many have been expecting the Speedplay Syzr mountain bike pedal to make it to production. The good news is that according to Speedplay it has.What is perhaps more interesting though is an impressive number of new designs for the road side including the Zero Aero System. Richard Bryne told us that the starting point for the aero project was being told that their standard Zero pedal system provided the same aero advantage as a deep dish front wheel. That was the point that Richard decided to pursue a full aero pedal system which gave birth to the Zero Aero System.

Designed specifically for TT and Triathlon applications, the new pedal design claims to be the most aerodynamic available.

Aero is great and all, but we think the new cleat is what most riders will be really excited about.

Details next…