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IB14: Carry your Chainsaw, or Mount a Trailer with New Products from Old Man Mountain and the Robert Axle Project

Rober Axle Project Old Man Mountain Racks chainsaw (6)

Quite a few people looked at the display above and laughed, poking fun at the idea of ever needing to carry a chainsaw on your bike. Then there were the people who instantly got it – the very same people who usually do the often thankless job of clearing the trails for the rest of us. In addition to clearing trail of downed trees, many of these unsung heroes also like to ride bikes, and when the suspect tree is miles into the trail system, the idea of carrying a chainsaw on your bike begins to make a lot more sense.

For those looking for a effective method of chainsaw transport on the bike, the Old Man Mountain rack is a good option. Anyone that would rather throw their saw in a trailer with their other trail building tools should check out the new axle adapters from the Robert Axle Project next…


IB14: TwinSix Standard Bicycle Collection Debuts – 29er, Cyclocross, Rando & Fat Bikes


After years of frame collaborations with Raleigh, Handsome and others, TwinSix let loose in early August that they were working on a collection of bicycles, giving us a detailed look at the Standard Fat titanium fat bike. That one’s shown at top, and hit that link for the full details.

Sitting in front of it is the Standard 29, their Reynolds 853 steel hardtail. It’s suspension corrected for a 100mm fork to have a 70.5º head angle. Chainstays are reasonably short (17.32″ / 440mm) while leaving room for a 29×2.35 tire. Ride the metal past the break for more details, pics and models…


IB14: Profile Racing New Freecoaster BMX Hub, Plus New XD Driver and 11 Speed Compatibility

Profile Racing Coaster Hub (1)

If you follow BMX, then you know that freecoaster hubs are the new black. Unfortunately though, these hubs have a tendency to blow up, and it’s not unheard of for some of our riding friends to have to rebuild their hubs 2-3 times a year.

Enter Profile Racing. This company has a legendary reputation for solid cranks and hubs, and their new free coaster hub is hopefully no different.  READ MORE ->

IB14: Cantitoe Road Showcases New Carbocut Saw, Hi Tech Trelock Light, & More

CarboCut Saw Cantitoe Road

Cantitoe Road is the exclusive distributor of Effetto Mariposa in the US and an importer of all things awesome. As such, they always have cool stuff to play with. This year, the first thing I was asked when I stopped by the booth was if I wanted to cut a rock with a saw? I’m more of a table saw kind of girl, but the display was impressive none the less.

The tool they were using is the new CarboCut saw, which has a 10″ Tungsten Carbide blade, and is designed for cutting carbon composites. That said, it will also make quick work of steel, ceramics, geological samples, etc… READ MORE ->

IB14: Lake Rolls out New Colors, Blacked Out MX331 Cross Now Shipping

Lake Shoes New 2014 2015 CX Podium shoe (2)

If you happened to catch any of the Eurobike fashion show you know that bright colors are in demand. This is probably why Lake is introducing some eye catching new colorways on both the road and mountain side of the footwear biz. But since life is all about balance, there are also some new all black offerings like the MX331 Cross which will be tearing up race courses this Fall. As always, Stage Race Distribution had the latest on Lake as they continue to distribute the brand in North America.


IB14: Panaracer Debuts Gravel, Fat Bike, Cyclocross & New Mountain Bike Tires


Remember back when Panaracer’s Smoke and Dart were competing with the WTB Velociraptor set for your hard earned dollars and only IRC’s Mythos XC gave ‘em a run for your money? Yeah, it was a long time ago, but the brand used to be hot.

From the looks of their latest offerings, they could be again. The 2015 collection bringing options for all the hot categories, offering up gravel/dirt road tires, fat bike tires, cyclocross tires and an updated version of the FirePro that maybe, just maybe, could pass as an enduro tread.

Shown above are the Comet Hardpack (front) and Pacenti Pari Moto tires for adventure/gravel/dirt road bikes. The Comet has been available in 26″/27.5″/29er sizes ranging from 1.95 up to 2.25 widths, but now it gets a proper 700x38c size in both folding and wire beads. Claimed weights are TBA, but they have a rounded profile for predictable grip at any lean angle.

The Pacenti Pari Moto gets two versions of a 27.5″ slick. One’s for pavement, the other gets a puncture protection strip to guard against gravel and other off road pokey things. Width is 1.5″, and it’s available in all black or with gumwalls. Weight is 300g.


IB14: New Range Of Light Weight Protective Gear & Hydration Bags from AlpineStar

Alpinestar Evolution Jacket (3)

While we love to make jokes about how everything in mountain biking is now being marketed as “enduro,” the racing discipline has helped revolutionize safety standards. The EWS requirement that riders wear a helmet at all times, a full face when descending, and certified back protection, has lead to an influx of new protective gear.

The new Evolution line  from Alpinestars was designed with this style of riding in mind. It’s well ventilated and light enough to be worn under a jersey, but the additional padding and storage integration help make it ideal for high consequence descents. READ MORE ->

IB14: 11Nine Introduces Long Travel Full Suspension Fat Bike, Teases FatLab 27.5+ Ti Hardtail

11nine full suspension fat bike 275+  (2)

As some companies seem to be testing the waters of full suspension fat bikes, 11Nine is charging at full speed. Just last year we spotted their titanium full suspension prototype rolling around the show, so we were honestly pretty surprised to see a full booth with not one, but two additional new full suspension fat bikes! Of course there was also a new hardtail, a prototype 27.5+, and a line of wheels if the two fullys weren’t enough for you. Sticking with the “narrower” fat tire set up to clear the forks, 11Nine goes wide instead with the amount of travel. As one of the first “long travel” full suspension fat bikes we’ve seen, the 150mm travel Hemicyon still has room for 4.25″ tires on their 55mm rims.

For shorter travel duties, 11Nine also serves up the 110mm travel full suspension Epicyon, continues with the titanium Direwolf, and the aluminum Simus hardtail. The fat bikes certainly grabbed your attention, but it was the prototype 27.5+ lurking in the corner that really caught our eye…


IB14: PrestaCycle Introduces Complete Preset Torque Collection, Limited Edition PrestaLever II, More

Prestacycle torque wrench pink prestalever (2)

Thanks to a number of light weight parts, torque wrenches have become common place among mechanics’ work benches, especially those capable of low Newton-Meters. Individual hand held torque wrenches have been around for awhile and many of them are based on the Torqkey – an auto release, preset torque mechanism first introduced to the bike scene by Ritchey Components. Now PrestaCycle is stepping up with their own branded Torqkeys that will sold in 7 different torque presets.

Capable of running different bits, the PrestaCycle torque wrenches will be some of the cheapest available…