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IB13: Keener Cycle Works 36″ Mountain Bikes – Lefty Fork, Dual Front Disc Brakes & Legos!

Keener 36 inch wheel mountain bikes with Lefty fork

Found parked outside the XtraCycle tent were two 36″ wheeled monsters from Keener Cycle Works.

UPDATE: At present, there’s no website, just their Facebook page, so we made contact to get the scoop. Just got in touch with Bryan Keener Smith and updated the post with comments and info about the bikes. He’s been making frames for a bit more than 30 years, since he was about 19 years old. The first 36er started about seven years ago but took a while to reach completion. His full time job is building telescope assemblies – he says he can’t build bikes fast enough (he’s too meticulous) to make it a livable venture.

The bike above featured a custom integrated Lefty fork, and the other, which you’ll see further down, had dual front disc brake rotors, Legos and more. Roll through…


IB13: Whispbar Unveils Frame Grabbing Roof Rack & Cargo Boxes, Yakima Racks Updated & Shipping


Whispbar’s new WB201 frame mount bike carrier adds an option for putting your steed on their roof racks.

Like the fork mount models, it uses their QuickDock mounts for super fast on/off on their cross bars (video here). The arm raises to clamp the downtube, but unlike competing models, there’s no dial to clamp it down around the downtube. Instead, push the lever on the tray down and it automatically applies the right amount of pressure around the frame while simultaneously securing everything to the rack and crossbars. Then just lock the lever down and it locks the clamps shut and the tray to the cross bars. One keyhole protects it all.

They also showed some sexy new rooftop cargo boxes, and sister brand Yakima provided a quick rundown of some updates to their hitch mount racks…


IB13: Wrap Your 27.5″ Wheel in CST Rubber for Less

cst tires20130917_0056

Let’s face it – tires probably aren’t getting any cheaper. High end rubber certainly has its advantages, but not everyone can or wants to shell out that cash. As the parent company of Maxxis, CST has been making more wallet friendly tires for years, but has a few new tires including two 27.5″ options for mountain bikes.


New Louis Garneau Course Aero Skinsuit & Winter Shoes – Plus, LG Bikes Coming to America!


The latest in Louis Garneau’s top-end Course collection is a one-piece skinsuit that builds in a few user friendly features, making it perhaps the “everymans” skinsuit.

For starters, the full zip jersey portion uses flaps at the bottom to allow it to open a bit wider for easier ingress/egress. It also provides a bit of slack to work with the lightweight mesh abdomen section, making it easier to pull down the front for nature breaks. The body is made up of three different high stretch materials that offer muscle compression, and ColdBlack fabrics help keep you cool.

On the back, you’ll find three full size pockets…a useful touch typically not found on aero onesies. The pockets float on the back a bit so they won’t stretch the entire garment down toward your tailbone and cause undue pressure around the neck or shoulders. There are also lightweight mesh internal pockets for radios, etc. The entire piece uses minimal panels and seams and is finished with laser cut arm and leg openings to keep it smooth and flush with your skin. Retail is $349 and comes in six sizes from XS to XXL. Available in November.

Perhaps more timely for November is their new winter shoe, and, since bikes are never out of season, they’re finally bringing their collection to the US, full custom color options and all…


IB13: Kovit Revives Isotruss Carbon Tubed Frame Design

Kovit carbon composite isotruss bicycle frame

Way back in 2008, Delta 7 brought their Ascend and Arantix road and mountain bikes to Interbike and dropped jaws with their carbon-and-kevlar woven isotruss design. Then they demo’d them at Sea Otter in ’09, and that was really the last we heard of them.

Fast forward to Interbike 2013 and Kovit has purchased the design and reworked it to bring prices down from almost $6k to $3,500. They also managed to drop another 150-ish grams from the road frame while updating the standards. What remains is the helically wound composite strands that are woven around straight strands to create isosceles triangles to form three dimensional “pyramids”. The result are tubes they say are incredibly resistant to bending, twisting and compression forces in all directions. The other benefit, besides being very lightweight, is that damage to one strand won’t compromise the integrity of the entire tube, as can happen with traditional carbon tubes.

More pics and details below…


IB13: Fuji to Offer first 27.5″ Bikes, Disc Brakes for Gravel and Road

Fuji Kestrel SE bikes interbike 201320130918_0244

Headline seem familiar? It should, as it seems Diamondback and Fuji are on very similar programs when it comes to adapting to the rapidly growing categories. Like DB, Fuji is toeing the water of 27.5″ with a hardtail model for both men and women, and are getting into the disc brake market for road and gravel with the new Feather CX above. The Fuji A6-SL aluminum frame sees a tapered head tube, oversized seat tube, BB86 bottom bracket, and dual water bottle mounts for all of your off road adventures. Billed as more of an all purpose adventure road bike than a cross bike, the disc brake equipped Feather CX 1.1 will retail for $1219, while a lower spec Feather CX 1.3 will be offered for $1000.

Fuji also had their foray into road discs on hand in the Sportif 1.1, see it next.


Ursus Weaves Copper Brake Track to Carbon Rims, Introduces Mountain Bike Wheels

2014 Ursus C25 and C50 carbon fiber road bike wheels use a woven copper brake track

Italian wheel manufacturer Ursus has turned to metallurgy to combat heat related braking issues on their carbon rims.

The 2014 Ursus C25 and C50 carbon clincher wheels get a new 1mm thick copper weave in the brake track that they say drastically reduces braking temperatures. It’s bonded in during construction, so it shouldn’t wear off. That’s combined with their HTG high temp resin to dramatically reduce heat buildup. They’re saying braking temps can run as high as 300-400 degrees C, and these reduce it down to 70-100 degrees C.

Weights are 600g front /750g rear (C25) and 695g/845g (C50). Retail is $2,400 per pair. Both are 20mm wide at the outside, and they’re 25mm and 50mm deep respectively.

Closeups of the copper and the actual production finish, plus their new mountain bike wheels, below…


IB13: Hawk Racing Sinks Talons into Wide, Aero, and High Tension Alloy Wheelset

hawk racing20130917_0095

Last year, Hawk Racing introduced their new Veyron carbon rims which featured a wider rim profile and improved aerodynamics. Looking to offer an every day or training wheel with similar characteristics, the new Talon Aero offers a 23mm wide rim with a 28mm deep aero profile. Built with only 16 front and 20 rear spokes, the Talon Aeros may seem like a fragile wheelset, but Hawk Racking claims that thanks to the high tension build on the wheels they are stout enough to be ridden daily.

See what makes the Talons sharp, next.


IB13: Diamondback To Offer First 27.5″ Bike, Disc Brakes for CX, Gravel, and Road

diamondback 275 20130916_0016

While many bike companies are jumping head long into the world of 27.5″, other companies like Diamondback seem to be taking a more cautious approach. The Axis 27.5 (along with the similar Women’s Lux) is the brand’s first and only 27.5″ model  at the moment, though we’re guessing it won’t be the last. The Axis steps in as a reasonably priced performance aluminum hard tail that starts out at $750, up to the $1,800 Axis Pro seen here.

Find the Axis, plus quite a few disc brakes and drop bars after the break!