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IB14: Moots Routt 45 Ups the Gravel Bike Game, Plus Updates Across the Range

Moots Routt 45 titanium adventure gravel road bike for light touring

Moots has switched things up a bit with their cyclocross bikes, turning some of them into adventure/gravel bikes. Last fall, they split the ‘cross line into a standard Psychlo-X and the racier Psychlo-X RSL, giving racers a snappier bike while relaxing the other one to fit wider tires and have a bit more universal appeal.

Somewhere between then and now, they decided to simply rename the standard Psychlo X as the Routt, and for Interbike 2014, they introduced the Routt 45, a longer, lower version perfect for light touring, bike packing and the freshly popular adventure/gravel bike segment…


IB14: Onyx Racing Products Hubs Offer Instant, Infinite Engagement w/ Low Drag for Road, BMX, MTB & More

Onyx Racing hubs fat bike road bmx color (2)

Imagine a hub that offered instant, infinite, and silent engagement all with extremely low drag. Sound too good to be true? Then you need to check out the hubs coming out of Onyx Racing Products. All of the hubs are manufactured in the United States out of their facility in Minnesota which is probably one of the reasons they’ve been able to make their hub work. Instead of the roller clutch that a few manufacturers have tried in the past, Onyx hubs use a sprag one-way clutch which gives the hub all of the above features. The catch? The tolerances have to be extremely tight. So tight that when they successfully created their first bicycle hub using the sprag clutch, the company that created the clutch visited them to see how they did it since many other companies had tried without success.

While their roots are in BMX, Onyx has expanded to offer just about every hub you could think of, including road and fat bikes. Get the details next…


IB14: Easton’s New SL 38 Wheels, Stems, Graphics for Road & 27.5″ MTB Wheels – Plus Look Inside the 1050g E100 Tubulars!


Easton’s additions were small but important, rounding out the line with modern sizes, finishes and graphics, plus a couple new items…mostly for the road We also took advantage of an unassembled E100 wheel to check out the full carbon spokes and new hubs that make up the incredibly lightweight 1,050g tubular wheelset.

Above, the Haven and Havoc wheels both gain 27.5″ options for alloy (both) and carbon (Haven only) rim models. Spec sheets and more, plus all the rest of the goods, below…


IB14: New Formula HyperLight Carbon Wheels in the Wild

Formula XC HyperLight Carbon wheel AM  (2)

In addition to their brakes and suspension forks, Formula has also been producing wheels since 2010/11. New to the line up this year are the XC and AM HyperLights which get the weight down with carbon rims so you can reach hyperspeed. Available in XC 29 and AM 27.5 only, the wheels bring wider rims to Formula’s wheel line along with multiple axle configurations.

Get the Formula for carbon rims next…


IB14: SKF Brings Moto Tech to Aftermarket MTB Fork Seals


SKF is a Swedish company who began manufacturing ball bearings over a century ago, and has since expanded their product line to include seals and lubrication systems. Their seals are used as OE spec on high end motorcycle suspension from companies like Ohlins, Sachs, and WP, and on Fox and Marzocchi MTB forks.

This year, they’re making a push into the mountain bike market, by introducing aftermarket seals for almost every major fork manufacturer. READ MORE ->

IB14: New Klamper Disc Brake from Paul, Plus Fat Bike Hubs, Thru Axles & More

Paul Klamper Disc Brace

In development for over three years, the new Paul component Klamper disc brake is designed with road, cyclocross, and gravel adventures in mind. Featuring the classic styling the company has become famous for, and likely the same level of reliability, it’s sure to become a must have.

Stop past the break to learn more about the brakes, and more after the break…


IB14: SportCrafters HardDrive Prototype Reinvents the Magnetic Trainer

Sport Crafters trainer magnetic non slip ste box training  (4)

Since the lowly mag trainer was first introduced, there hasn’t been a whole lot of new developments to the tech. SportCrafters’ prototype trainer is set to change that. While the SportCrafters proto isn’t the first to offer progressive resistance, it’s appears to be one of the first mag trainers to offer fluid like feel without the, uh, fluid. Not only is the resistance improved, but the way the resistance is applied to the rear wheel creates a system that is both easy on tires, and nearly impossible to get it to slip.

With the goal of making the trainer competitive with the top models on the market, SportCrafters is honing in on the new design with plans for production by 2015.

Details plus a video of it in action after the break…


IB14: Chumba Retuns To USA Made Roots With Backcountry Inspired Stella, Ursa & Rastro Hardtails

2015 Chumba Stella Hardtail (2)

Chumba is a brand with deep roots in mountain bike history. It got its starts as a small boutique brand hand fabricated in Southern California, and eventually grew so popular with donwhill oriented models like the Zulu and Wumba, that they had to outsource production overseas.

Yet despite sponsoring riders like NORBA champ Duncan Riffle in its heyday, the brand has seemingly been dormant in recent times. That has all changed now, due to new ownership. Recently purchased by Aaron Foreman, the company has relocated to Austin, Texas, and renewed it’s focus on fabricating frames here in the United States. The emphases has also changed from hard charging full suspension bikes, to beautifully crafted steel frames with an emphasis on adventure.

The new range consists of three models, with a fourth on it’s way. First up is the new 29er Stella hardtail (pictured above), which is designed with a more XC oriented geometry. READ MORE ->

EB14: WTB Shows Trail Blazer 27.5×2.8″ Tire/Rim, Plus Why 27.5+ May be the new 29+

WTB Trailblazer 2 8 27 + scraper rim (3)

Initially shown as a concept aboard the Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Prototype, WTB’s TrailBlazer 2.8 tire has been turning some heads. It turns out, what we though was just a prototype was an all new tire coming from WTB that will be accompanied by a matching rim. According to Jason Moeschler, the project started with WTB Co-Founder Mark Slate tinkering on his own and experimenting with different tires on his rigid 29er. After some experimentation the 27+ concept was apparently more enticing since the tire and rim combination will still fit in most standard 29″ frames and forks. With almost identical diameters to regular 29″ and 26″ fat bike set ups, the 27.5+ is an intriguing size that we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of, very soon.

Details, next…