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Week In Review: Euro/Interbike Coverage, Biggest Crash/Balls at Rampage, Lots From Poc & Lupine, and The Bike You Never Wanted

Lupine IB15-12POC (29)Rampage Crash-9Bird of Prey-9

To wrap up another exciting week, we’re bringing you a easy to scan round up of last week’s massive amount of coverage. Included are some crazy cool stuff coming from POC, Lupine takes us up another step or two with more tech & lumens, Redbull Rampage’s biggest fall/finish, and see this week’s most viewed and commented on train wreck of a….. err, bike.

Skip back in the past to see what you missed……


IB15: Lupine Shines a Brighter Spotlight with the Betty 5000 w/ New Bluetooth Switch and Phone App

Lupine IB15-11

With darker days upon us comes light season, which to many of us is an exciting thing. Lupine, a leader in blazing the trail ahead of you sets the bar once again with their new Betty 5000 that will now be available with a Bluetooth switch and *finally* a new easy to use phone app to set it up.

Beam past the break and see Lupine’s new lumen crusher and the app that tames it….


IB15: Minoura Rolls in With Hybrid Rollers and Elite Smartens Up Their Turbo Direct Drive Trainer

WD-40 IB15-12

Though many see a trainer as…. well, a trainer, the offerings from Minoura and Elite are at the far end of the spectrum in this category of sweat inducing torture devices. Everyone has a different reason for liking particular features of a trainer and here are two that stand out from the rest.

Roll on through the break and see if any of these make you want to sweat…..


IB15: WD-40 Says They’ll Hook You with Their New Chain Cleaner and Voluptuous Brush

WD-40 IB15-9

We’ve seen chain cleaners come and go, get re-invented, and even cause more of a problem than they’re worth. Like chain lube, there is really no real clear winner on which one works best, but WD-40 focused on keeping it simple, making it easier to use, and making it durable.

Slip past the break to see why WD-40 thinks they have hit a home run with their new cleaning system….


IB15: Phil Wood Adds Rear Thru Axle Pro Model Cyclocross hub, Headsets are Next

phil wood thru axle 11 speed hub headset (11)

Now that even many of the less race oriented cross, gravel, and road bikes are headed towards thru axle disc in the rear, Phil Wood is ready. Continuing their tradition of quality components completely made in house, the Pro Model cyclocross hub is getting a thru axle update to match that 15mm front hub…


IB15: Wilier Stops the Show with Copper Superleggera, Updates GTR Team Disc, GTR Family of Road Bikes

Wilier superleggera cento 1 sr gtr disc 2016 road bikes(24)

You didn’t have to be a Wilier fan, or even a fan of road bikes for that matter, for the Superleggera to stop you dead in your tracks. The gleaming frame treatment stood out like a beacon of beautiful simplicity against a sea of carbon bikes. Of course Wilier had those too, but it was certainly the Superleggera that was drawing those that passed into the booth.

The limited Italian made beauty stood as the gateway to a few new models of the carbon variety inside…


IB15: The Thule Legend Pack Integrates GoPro & Equipment Storage, Pack N’ Pedal Mounts Accessories to your Bar

Thule Pack-1Thule Pack 2-1

Action cameras have become a common accessory among cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike and a number of them, whether enthusiast or pro, take their video seriously. Thule saw a gap in gear for organizing & protecting the cameras & mounts and developed the Legend Backpack. Thule also brought the new Pack n’ Pedal bar mount which lets you put just about anything on your bars.

Head past the break and see what Thule has in store for you….


IB15 Roundup: LG goes High Vis with MIPS, New Kicks from Diadora, Biemme Cuts Down on the Chafing, Plus Custom from Newcomer Tru-Kits

IMG_6233 IMG_6244

Header-1 IMG_6231

There were plenty of wearables at this year’s Interbike, and some stood out more than others – literally. Louis Garneau presented their new Reclaim the Road line, a high-vis collection made to make you safer without looking like a “Fred”.  Diadora also had a couple of new kicks in the lineup and Biemme showed off a new chamois to reduce chaffing. Also Save our Soles developed custom clothing through their new Tru-kits brand.

Put on your shades and skip past the break to see all the shiny new clothes and gear!


IB15: Aggressive Plus Size Tires Arrive from Vee Tire Co. in All Sizes

vee tire co bull dozer plus  (1)

If you haven’t noticed, Plus size bikes are rapidly gaining traction, both literally and figuratively. Like many new wheel or tire sizes though, the first wave of options were pretty limited as manufacturers attempted to feel out the market. As more riders investigate the curiosities, they’re finding the need for more aggressive tires – something a few companies like Vee Tire Co. are happy to oblige…