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IB14: Alex Widens Rim Collection to Include Fat Bikes, 29+, Even 36″?

Alex Rims new 2015 36 fat  (9)

Alex Rims are a pretty good barometer of what is happening in the industry. The rims are often used as standard equipment on complete bikes so they seem to produce rims that are in demand at prices that help keep the cost of complete bikes low. If the addition of new models like the Blizzerk and MD50 suggest that fat bikes and 29+ have really hit the mainstream, what does that say about their new 36″ rim the MD25?

Details next…


IB14: Yakima Debuts Budget Tray Racks, SUP Carriers & More – Plus Original 1979 Roof Rack!


Yakima’s celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and to show how far they’ve come their booth showcased an original roof rack circa 1979. It was fitted with an era-appropriate bike and mounted to an era-appropriate car, but neither detracted from the interesting peek into history the rack provided.

We’ll start this post off with a little gallery of it, followed by the new and thoroughly modern Fourplay and Twotimer hitch-mount tray racks, bringing the favored style to a lower price point. And for non-bike pursuits, their new SUP carriers and roof boxes look pretty good, too…


IB14: New Corsair Revo Enduro Bike Stands Tall, Plus Clever New Atomlab DH Hubs & More


Tall folks rejoice! The new Corsair Revo enduro bike will only be coming in medium, large and XL sizes, and even those are generously proportioned to fit the bigger riders among us. Brand rep Lance Tueller said they saw a real hole in the market for bikes that fit taller riders so they went for it.

The frame itself is a shaped alloy frame built around 650B wheels and 160mm of travel. The suspension is a modified single pivot design using a linkage to help control the leverage ratio (about 2.5:1) and keep it all stiff. It also helps keep the center of gravity low for better handling. Drop in for more details and a look at sister brand Atomlab’s new components…


IB14: Hermes Sport Back w/ Gorgeous New Proprietary Hubs & VK Wheels

2015 hermes sport VK series carbon and alloy road bike wheels

Way back in 2009, Alex Webster started building wheels under the brand Hermes Sport. They used off the shelf components but gained a following for being well built and race ready. And light. Sometimes really, really light.

From the outset, he wanted to grow the brand into its own line using its own components. As things go with small businesses in a difficult economy, the dream sometimes falls behind available resources. A couple years ago, he put the Hermes Sport brand on hiatus and focused on building non-branded wheels with off the shelf parts for others.

But, all that while he was developing his own hubs as a foundation for the relaunch of the brand. His goal was to build the company anew upon his own parts, designing the wheels as a system rather than just a collection of off the shelf parts.

And thus is born a new line of Hermes Sport VK carbon and alloy wheels. The foundation is a streamlined, premium new hub and custom rims…


IB14: New Bicycle Lights from Light & Motion, Fortified and Gloworm


Light & Motion’s Urban gets completely rebuilt from the inside out. It looks the same, but it’s all new where it counts. The original was getting about a 4% return rate, so they wanted to make something better. Now, it has an IP67 rating, which means it remains waterproof for an hour in a meter of water and passes a 1 meter drop test. It’s also thermally more efficient, so they could bump the output up to 800 lumens on the top model.

It also gets new packaging and colors, with each model getting a basic and bright color option. Choose from 350 up to 800 lumens with prices from $69.99 to $179.99.

They also updated a few other models and added options. Those, plus a look at two more brand’s latest goods, below…


IB14: Mission Workshop Dark Camo Bags…or New Brighter Colors, New Shorts & More (Updated)

mission workshop dark camo messenger bag

Mission Workshop’s latest collection features Dark Camo MultiCam-black 500D Cordura material with their Arkiv closures on the messenger bags and AustriAlpin Cobra buckles on the cargo (back) packs. The main compartments on both are weatherproofed, and main zippers are are urethane coated.

The messengers use their roll top/flap closure and house up to a 15″ laptop with plenty of internal and external pockets for the rest of your goods. Three sizes available, retail from $249 to $289. The cargo packs come in two sizes (big and bigger) with retails of $315 to $345, and you can choose from five different buckle hardware colors. They have a carbon fiber reinforced frame system, expandable main section and Arkiv accessory attachments on the shoulder straps.

And, maybe just maybe, you’ll see this material on some other things…


Leatt Goes Big with Full Bicycle Protection Range, Safer Helmet, and Redesigned Neck Brace

Leatt protection helmet glvoes hydration armor pads (29)

Leatt sold their first neck brace back in 2004 which at the time was a revolution in protection. Eventually, that brace made its way over into the U.S. and later crossed over into the world of mountain biking. That single product has changed the way many companies have looked at rider safety when it comes to neck injuries. Now, the same company founded by Dr. Chris Leatt is expanding their reach and introducing a complete new range of protectives.

Head injuries are something we hear a lot about these days – specifically, how to design a helmet that will prevent them. It turns out that the standard EPS foam helmet we’ve been using for years is great at absorbing impact, but not so good at preventing brain injuries from rotational impact. Going by the weight of buzz words alone it would seem that MIPS is the current heavyweight in preventing rotational brain injuries, but Leatt is offering what they consider a superior solution – 360º Turbines made from Armorgel.

Check out how the Turbines will keep your brain intact next…


Stage Race to Offer Custom GT Edition Scapin Ivor, Plus 2015 Ceepo Line

Scapin Ceepo Stage Race ivor etika mamba viper 2015 (5)

Ever ridden a production bike and wished you could just make a few tweaks that you felt would make it the perfect bike? Stage Race has. When you work closely with a bike company both distributing and selling their product, sometimes you have the opportunity to voice those desires and in the case of the Scapin Ivor, the result is the new GT Edition.

The crew at Stage Race loves fast bikes, but they are also fans of slightly larger tires and a bit more relaxed geometry. Situated as the high end bike in the Scapin line up, the Ivor previously offered only race ready geometry and fairly tight tire clearance. The new GT model provides a new option for the Italian carbon marque along side the standard and full custom options…


IB14: HT Components Goes for the Gwin w/ New Clipless Flat Pedals & More

HT Components Aaron Gwin and Neco Mulally signature X1 clipless flat pedal

Aaron Gwin proudly shows off his new signature X1 pedal.

The new HT Components X1 was developed with Aaron Gwin and Neko Mulally to be a clipless DH pedal that has the ability to tighten the retention very firm, almost locked. That, combined with two different cleats, allows for a wide range of foot rotation and retention strength when pummeling the World Cup courses.

The clips open from both sides, front and rear, sort of like Crank Brothers, but with retention adjustment. Two different spindle options are available, along with a new concave flat pedal, below…