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Exclusive One Ride Review: The Italian Stallion Returns with the Marzocchi 350 NCR Fork

Marzocchi 350 NCRFor many celebrities on the rebound, Las Vegas has been the perfect place for staging their comeback tour. So while work is beginning on the brand new Britney Spears theater, Marzocchi brought a few preproduction riding samples from the boot shaped motherland to the sweltering desert.

Over the past few years a botched sale to Suntour, poor quality control, and warranty issues plagued the legendary manufacturer of bomber forks, but the Italian stallion has recently debuted two new gravity forks that are packed with tried and true motocross inspired technology.

Spring past the break to learn more…

IB13: New Smith Optics ChromaPop and Pivlock Sunglasses

Smith Optics ChromaPop PolarizedFrom the streets to the trails, Smith Optics has an arsenal of new high quality products to help you explore the world. For casual wear, their new ChromaPop lenses pictured above, help filter specific color wave intersections to make colors pop. The lenses are also polarized, have an anti-reflective coat, and a hydroleophobic coating to repel moisture and grease.

Head past the break to see the new the performance gear… READ MORE ->

IB13: Pegoretti Gallery – Beautiful Custom Painted, Handbuilt Steel Road Bikes

Dario Pegoretti custom painted hand built steel bicycles from Interbike 2013

Every year, Gita Sporting Goods brings a collection of fresh Dario Pegoretti road bikes to the show, highlighting the custom builders’ wildly artistic and handsomely detailed paint schemes. This year’s assortment didn’t disappoint, showing myriad finishes and techniques to serve as inspiration your own custom bike. Enjoy…


One Ride Review: The Breezer Repack 650B Trail Bike

Breezer Repack TopTube

A few decades ago in a town just North of San Francisco a group of kids started riding old WWII era cruisers in the foothills. Eventually they started a little race that developed into the legendary coaster toaster named Repack and that rag tag crew helped shape the sport of mountain biking as we know it.

One of the most famous builders of this generation was a guy named Joe Breeze and his earliest forays into frame building spawned what is widely considered the first modern mountain bike. Recently though, the company that bears his name has developed a reputation for nice bikes with a decidedly tamer outlook. Rather than conquering the woods, the current crop of Breezers have been busy tackling the modern wilderness that is the urban city center.

While we’ve reviewed the commuter bikes favorably in the past, we’re glad to see Breezer get back to his roots. Check past the break to see if this new bike lives up to its famous name… READ MORE ->

IB13: X-Fusion Sweep 650B Fork Joins the Family – Plus Updated Thru Axles & Remote Levers

2014 X-Fusion Sweep 650B 27-5 suspension fork

X-Fusion’s big news was the very expensive Revel inverted crown fork, followed by their new dual crown DH fork and a prototype stealth dropper post. We covered all that right here.

But, hidden in plain sight was the all-new Sweep. It’s a dedicated 650B fork, designed specifically for the middle wheel size with specific offsets and axle-to-crown heights.  Across the different wheel sizes, they standardized the trail ratio to keep the steering consistent regardless of size. The 26″ forks are 42mm offset, 27.5″ is 46mm and 29er is 51mm.

It’s also the first to show off their new thru axle, and there’s a new and much improved remote lockout lever that replaces the plasticky original. Pics and full fork specs below…


IB13: Dahon Unfolds High End Folding Bike w/ Rohloff, Belt Drive & Hydraulic Brakes, More!

Dahon Mu Rohloff belt drive folding bicycle

Dahon’s done an internally geared folding bike before, but this is their first that uses one with a Gates Belt Drive.

The premium model uses a top end Rohloff 14-speed hub with the Gates Center Track system. It also includes their VP-made quick release pedals that pop into the included saddle bag. Throw Magura MT6 hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors front and rear and you’ve got the makings for one heck of a mini commuter. And a price tag that’ll unfold your wallet just as quick as their frames…


IB13: Niner Bikes Downhill 29er Concept Rendering

Niner Bikes downhill 29er mountain bike prototype recendering concept

All but hidden on the bottom of their component display at Interbike, Niner had this little foam core board with a rendering of their downhill 29er pasted to it.

Despite asking nicely (followed by pleading and begging), there really isn’t much to say about it yet. Assuming the 3D design is anywhere close to production, what we can tell is that the lower linkage mount drops down a bit more than normal, and that there’s a healthy bend in the downtube before it meets the BB.

The former would be done to provide more vertical travel for the bottom linkage while still allowing a reasonably short chainstay length. There’s surely an entire wheel path and engineering side to it, too. The current designs are fairly well sculpted around the BB spindle,  In fact, you can see the evolution of the pivot and linkage placement from the 125mm travel RIP9 to the 150mm WFO9. But both of those still start the forward linkage pivot within a horizontal plane of the BB’s circumference. This one appears to drop the entire lower pivot well below the BB shell altogether.

The downtube bend is simply to make room for a bigger, coil-sprung shock with piggy back reservoir. Ultimately, it may well require a similarly aggressive bend in the top tube for proper wheel clearance. And the fork? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see…

IB13: Keener Cycle Works 36″ Mountain Bikes – Lefty Fork, Dual Front Disc Brakes & Legos!

Keener 36 inch wheel mountain bikes with Lefty fork

Found parked outside the XtraCycle tent were two 36″ wheeled monsters from Keener Cycle Works.

UPDATE: At present, there’s no website, just their Facebook page, so we made contact to get the scoop. Just got in touch with Bryan Keener Smith and updated the post with comments and info about the bikes. He’s been making frames for a bit more than 30 years, since he was about 19 years old. The first 36er started about seven years ago but took a while to reach completion. His full time job is building telescope assemblies – he says he can’t build bikes fast enough (he’s too meticulous) to make it a livable venture.

The bike above featured a custom integrated Lefty fork, and the other, which you’ll see further down, had dual front disc brake rotors, Legos and more. Roll through…


IB13: Whispbar Unveils Frame Grabbing Roof Rack & Cargo Boxes, Yakima Racks Updated & Shipping


Whispbar’s new WB201 frame mount bike carrier adds an option for putting your steed on their roof racks.

Like the fork mount models, it uses their QuickDock mounts for super fast on/off on their cross bars (video here). The arm raises to clamp the downtube, but unlike competing models, there’s no dial to clamp it down around the downtube. Instead, push the lever on the tray down and it automatically applies the right amount of pressure around the frame while simultaneously securing everything to the rack and crossbars. Then just lock the lever down and it locks the clamps shut and the tray to the cross bars. One keyhole protects it all.

They also showed some sexy new rooftop cargo boxes, and sister brand Yakima provided a quick rundown of some updates to their hitch mount racks…