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Topeak Inflates Product line with Tubeless Floor Pump, Light Up Accessories, Tools, and Much More

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It wasn’t that long ago that bike shops had the choice to stock pumps for high pressure, or even higher pressure. Now that there are so many tire sizes and the addition of hard to seat tubeless options, floor pump selection has diversified to meet those needs.

Topeak may have earned their black and yellow reputation with the Joe Blow, but it continues with a new range of useful floor pumps. Depending on the use, each new pump has some interesting features – some of which we’ve seen before…


Mercury Wheels hits the trail with carbon, alloy mountain bike wheels, plus wide cyclocross tubulars


Mercury has expanded beyond their road bike origins to include two new mountain bike wheelsets, with two models each offering two widths depending on the intended use. They’re both running the brand’s own rim designs on their own hubs, and they’re all handbuilt in Ogden, UT.

They’ve also updated the road graphics and added a new deep, wide carbon tubular for cyclocross…


PrestaCycle Goes Single Handed with new Prestaflator Mini, Adds Digital Gauge, Automotive Chuck, more

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When it comes time to air up your tires, an air compressor will go a long way. Now add an inflator head to that airline and the process gets even easier. Prestacycle has gained a lot of fans over the years for their durable Prestaflator which allows you to easily inflate your tires while watching the gauge to get that perfect pressure.

Now the company is introducing the Prestaflator Mini. What it lacks in a gauge, it makes up in usability requiring only one hand…


Roundup: Beautiful, flexible and reflective bicycle locks from Litelok, Abus & Hiplock


Launched on Kickstarter back in April, Litelok is in production with their unique lightweight, fully flexible lock in multiple lengths.

Lest the thin design fool you, it’s got a Gold Sold Secure rating and they say it’s extremely difficult to cut, even with industrial strength bolt cutters. The secret is the Boaflexicore material, which uses a combination of materials to resist any single type of cutting, sawing or other attack. Their testing shows it takes more than five minutes of consistent effort to get through it, which earned it the highest safety rating available. It also means thieves are more likely to give up before they break it.

Other benefits? It’s very light, at just 2.2lb, and its flexibility lets it more easily wrap around your frame and trees, poles or whatever.


G-Form ventilates full body armor, adds women’s specific protection and saves the M&Ms


Downhillers looking for a cooler way to protect their joints, spine and other bones and bits now have a few more colorful options to choose from. But, several of G-Form’s innovations will also benefit enduro riders that are pedaling up the hill as well, and women finally get their own line of full body protection, too.

The new pattern prints don’t do anything to make you safer, but they do add a bit of color to an overwhelmingly black category. Check out all the details below and see what happens when you try to smash candy through their harden-on-impact padding…


IB15: Saddle Roundup – Curious & furious new perches from Essax, Union Sport, Bisaddle, Prologo & Rivet


Union Sport debuted their striking saddle line, featuring a composited layering of materials to provide flex where it’s needed while still supporting the rider, particularly when it’s time to lay down the power.

Two models are on tap, the Saale, shown above with its carbon “Klammer” wings, and the Harz, which is slightly more subdued in looks but still every bit as high tech. Three versions of each are offered, with the top of the line getting a full carbon composite shell, a mid-level with carbon/polycarbonate and a base level with polyurethane. All use a lightweight foam padding over gel inserts under the sit bones, and the top two add perforations in the shell to improve flex characteristics.

Klammer, er, clamber past the break for more info and a look at new saddles from Rivet, BiSaddle and Essax, too…


IB15: Sweet Italian Trash: Italjet’s swank moto-inspired e-bike, a Fiat Abarth fat bike & Elite vintage water bottle system

Italian Trash-4

In a sea of carbon, oversized tires, and gravel worthy machines, there is always some eye candy at Interbike, and nobody does it better than the folks who bring us Ferrari, MV Agusta, and great hair. When you look at something and immediately consider the passion that went into its design, you have to stop and stare. Elite’s old school aluminum bottles and cages make you want to build a bike around them and Italjet pulled the Italian wool over our eyes with the Ascot drawing our attention away from its main feature!

Vedere le bellissime moto oltre il confine……


Haro Shifts into Full Suspension with Standard and Plus Size Tires

Haro mtb mountain bike plus shift subvert  (2)

When most people think Haro, they think BMX. While there were still plenty of BMX bikes on hand at the trade shows, what was most surprising were their new mountain bikes. Over the years, Haro has strayed from their BMX roots to test out the mountain bike waters to varied success. Now, Haro is charging back in with the Shift, Shift Plus, and Subvert plus size mountain bikes to add to the collection.

Designed to offer high levels of performance at prices that are within reach of the average consumer. The Shift will be offered in standard 27.5″ wheels, but more surprising is Haro beating many companies to the punch on a 27+ full suspension bike…


IB15: Roundup – Special lubes, grease and other bike care to keep you running smooth (like a sheep!)


Among the pool of lubes, greases and other bike care liquids, Biomaxa  stood out as the most unique. They also have what’s arguably the best lube applicator we’ve seen, making it super quick and easy to get the oil on your chain with no slips.

What makes it unique? It’s 100% and uses home grown New Zealand sheep lanolin and Manuka oil as its primary ingredients. The formula is environmentally safe, and it extends to their grease, too. They even have a lanolin based chamois cream…