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Tradeshow Roundup: Road Bikes – Part One

2014 Carrera road bikes

Man, do we need a European correspondent! So many brands to see at Eurobike that just don’t make it Stateside that make gorgeous (or at least interesting) bikes, Carrera being a fine example. Their bikes are always curvy and angled in just the right ways, but what else would you expect from the Italians?

More from them, Culprit, Deda/Dedacciai and others below…


Tradeshow Roundup: Bicycle Helmets – Lightweight Road & Mountain Bike, Plus Lots of Killer Commuters


There were a lot of helmets to see at Eurobike and Interbike, many with lots of vents and sleek designs, but these are the ones that stood out. The best of them show the next wave in commuter and urban helmets, giving us some stylish options far beyond the solid, dull buckets of years past. Case in point: The Cratoni C-Loom shown above. Well placed, large vents and great colors complement the Tron-like lines. Additional features like an adjustable retention mech, built-in visor and rear blinky lights finish it off.

But Bern and others had some real competition for it, and Limar continues the push the boundaries of lightweight and safety…


Tradeshow Roundup: Sweet Cycling Jerseys, Kits & Apparel for All Ages

Nalini 1970s wool polyester classic cycling jersey and bibshorts with real leather chamois

We geek out about clothes as much as we do bikes, and there was some pretty killer kit on display. We did full coverage on Gore Bikewear, Hincapie and  Sugoi, and here’s the rest with a lead out by Nalini.

Italian brand Nalini makes many of the Pro Tour kits you see ridden in le Tour, but they also make some unique branded apparel, too. We’ve reviewed a few of their items in the past very favorably, and now we really, really want these throwback bits.

The Nalini Pois Ti is a $190 poly/wool retro polo-style jersey (left) with twin front button pockets. It, and the 1970 Wool bib short ($186) celebrate the year Nalini was founded. On the right is the seamless, circular knit Milano Ti jersey that’s absolutely fabulous.

Plenty more stuff for road, mountain and aprés bike below…


Tradeshow Roundup: Mountain Bikes – Big, Small & Electric


Across the halls of Eurobike and Interbike, there’s always more to see than we have time to cover properly…so we do some drive by photo shooting.

Per usual, there are some wild linkage designs floating around, and this year’s standout was Rock Machine’s Whizz downhill mountain bike (above). Click through for detail shots, plus some 36ers, DH e-bikes and so much more…


Tradeshow Roundup: Kid’s Bikes – The Cute & The Mild


Our tradeshow coverage from Eurobike and Interbike is just about done. Yes, it’s been a month since we’ve returned home (two since Eurobike!), but, well, Bikerumor covers the halls from top to bottom. More and better than any other site, so we’ve had plenty to pump out. And it’s not like the travel and other product announcements have slowed. Seriously, there’s just no cycle anymore…it’s a year ’round free for all. Anywhoo, enjoy the roundups this week, there’s lots to see, and plenty that should entertain.

Above, a Fixed city bike for kids. After all, it’s never too early to start them on the way to knee pain and worn out tires. Fortunately, this one comes with a flip flop hub and front and rear brakes for parents who’s own tight jeans haven’t cut off blood supply to their gray matter. Plenty more for the little’uns below…


Do the Bendy Thing – Ergon CF3 Carbon Seatposts Available Now in USA!

Ergon Enduro grips saddles bags interbike20130918_0167

Accused of being borderline vapor-ware in the comments section of our Interbike post, Ergon has produced the goods with the posts in stock and available for purchase. As Jeff from Ergon pointed out, “The delay to the USA market is a result of legal logistics and adapting the fine print and packaging for the N. American retail level. The last we (Ergon USA) were told, we should expect a November 2013 delivery of both the setback and non-setback CF3.” And hey, it’s November 2013!

Built with an extremely intriguing design, the CF3 is essentially two pieces of carbon fiber joined by the saddle clamp that work together as a leaf spring to absorb road buzz and bumps. While the saddle moves rearward in an arc, the pivots at the head ensure the saddle stays level. The design offers a light weight (~220g), maintenance free post that is still easy to adjust. Avialable in 27.2 x 330mm  in 0 and 25mm set backs for $299.95, the seat post has a 220lb rider weight limit and is not certified for mountain bike use. Each post includes a 7x7mm rail clamp, with a 7x9mm oval rail clamp available separately.

IB13: Hands On with Actual Weights of Scott Bike’s Genius 700 Tuned, Genius LT 700 Tuned, and Spark 700 RC

scott spark 700 genius lt 700 tuned actual weights20130916_0047

Somehow stuck at the bottom of the hopper of Interbike coverage, we almost missed our coverage of Scott’s new 27.5″ full suspension wonder bikes. As an early adopter of the middle weight wheel size, Scott has been slowly rounding out the line up introducing most recently a 170mm long travel Genius , and a race ready 120mm Spark. The Spark sits along side its 29er cousin so you can still pick your size, while the Genius LT 700 replaced the 26″ LT for long travel supremacy. As a bike that hasn’t gotten much attention, Scott also released a “Tuned” version of their Genius 700 – basically how you would spec a dream 150mm lightweight build.

The result is impressive, and may be one of the lightest 150mm 27.5″ bikes out of the box. See it on the scale next.


IB13: Guru’s Revolutionary Fit System Gets Even Better

Guru Fit SystemA few years ago Guru introduced a bike fit system which utilized an automated fitting machine paired with an extensive data base of existing bike geometries. Walk into a shop that offers the Guru fitting system and it will not only help you get your current bike setup dialed, but it can generate a list of bikes that will work with your build.

For this year, they’ve updated their impressive database with even more bikes, updated their fitting bike, and packed in even more value for shops and customers.  Head past the break to see how it all works…


IB13: Wild New Falco V Triathlon Bike Leaves UCI Rules Way, Way Behind

Falco V triathlon bike with Tron paint scheme

While we suspect changes may be afoot at the UCI, they’re not likely to come at a swift pace. That leaves manufacturers with the decision to tone down their designs to meet those rules, or go where the numbers are and just make the baddest thing they can. Fortunately, Falco chose the latter.

The new Falco V combined radical shaping with a multitude of deep NACA aero profiles and clever touches to make a real standout bike. The usual touches are here -hidden brakes and cables, integrated aerobars and external steerer fairing- but the the real beauty of the bike is that nothing about the design is watered down…