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Roundup: Random look-worthy bikes (and sort-of bikes) from the shows


It’s not everyday you get to hop aboard a pro’s bike to demo parts, but Pioneer had Hollywood Daniel Holloway’s Felt road bike on hand to show what their powermeter could do. The bike’s paint scheme showed off the American colors in grand style, and a couple other custom touches helped personalize the bike further.

Check out more pics of this and other random, weird, useful and downright cool bikes and bike-ish things below…


Roundup: Sleek carbon (and other) saddles from Astute, ISM & Selle Esse


Originating in Italy like so many other high end saddle manufacturers, Selle Esse had some elegant looking high performance and high feature saddles that bundle in things like NFC chips to verify product authenticity and looped rails for micro suspension.

Above, the Pelle Carbonio saddles come in your choice of full carbon or full carbon with a genuine leather cover bonded over the shell. There’s no padding, but with looks like these, we’re not complaining…


Orbea’s Updated MyO Custom Program gives you 1.4 Million Combos To Have it Your Way

Orbea MyO custom bike program  (1)

While off the shelf bikes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, what if you could have something completely different than anybody else that is to your personal liking…. for no additional costs? Orbea has revamped their customization program and interactive MyO website to do more than ever.

Swagger past the break to see how you can pimp your ride, and tinker with it to see what you can come up with….


Roundup: Chamois creams, lotions, soaps & and other fresh body care for cyclists


Tucked into the corners of Interbike were a number of brands offering new skincare lines. Here are the best of what we saw, focusing on products that kept the ingredients lists mostly (or all) natural, often organic, and seemingly useful.

The most interesting of the bunch was TufMed, a brand launched in 2011 by a member of the US Martial Arts Team to help heal the cuts, scrapes and bruises common in that arena. Fortunately (or not, depending on how you look at it), we cyclists also get banged up from time to time, and their all-natural, odorless and greaseless formulas claim to work just as well for us as for the fighters.

The products cover the gamut, from bruise and black eye relief, to lotions for healing cuts and scrapes quickly. They work by giving the body the nutrients it needs to heal itself, like aloe, arnica, amino acids, etc. I’ve been testing out the TufHands to get the blisters and cracked skin from my ninja warrior training (it’s true), and it works fantastically well. Hands healed up much faster than before I used it, and I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the line for more cycling specific uses. The soap is pretty stellar, too. Perhaps the best part of their business is that they wanted everything to be affordable. Even with top notch ingredients, all of the products are under $10.

Lather up more body lovin’ goodness below…


A Week In Review: New Bottom Bracket Standard, E’Bike racing, and Lots of Other Less Dramatic Things


Ventana Wolfram plus mountain bike rohloff (18) White Industries Engin Cycles Paragon Machine works t41 threaded press fit bottom bracket-29Chris King Press Fit 30i T47 threaded bottom bracket shand tumshie

It’s been a pretty heated week with a mostly liked new bottom bracket standard with folks like White Industries, Chris King & Paragon Machine Works behind it and a dedicated moped E’Bike race at North America’s Largest consumer event. Regardless, new stuff from Ventana, LeMond, Leatt and others will keep you smiling.

Take a deep breath, fill up your coffee, (if you want to make it through all the comments), and head past the break to see what the heck has been going on…..


Raleigh Puts Fun First with New Redux, Carbon Roker, Merit Road, Pardner Fat Bike, and more

raleigh bikes 2016 fat redux roker merit pardner rumson skarn (33)

You can talk about high end components and bike weight until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re not having fun on your bike, many would say you’re missing the point. In a nut shell, that’s the direction Raleigh is taking with their line for 2016. That’s not to say Raleigh is without any high end bikes for next year – the new Carbon Skarn full suspension bike is offered as proof. But that for the bulk of the line they are focused on well spec’ed, affordable, fun bikes for the city, open road, dirt, and for youth…


Leatt adds more knee protection, DBX full face helmets shipping end of year (probably)

leatt DBX full face mountain bike helmet

When we caught up with Leatt at Crankworx, their long-awaited full face helmets were just made final following production delays. Now, they’re in production and expected to be on the water by year’s end for delivery then or first of 2016.

The helmet incorporates all the expected features -inmold construction, adjustable breakaway visor, compatibility with their neck protection- plus a few bonus treats like hydration pack hose integration. The real special feature is the 360 Turbine cushions that handle rotational impact forces to lessen the risk of concussion. Check those out, plus more new protection for your joints and hands, below…


Zeitbike to Spread Bicycle Cool with Distribution of De Marchi, Green Oil, Pedal Pushers, Ass Savers, and More

zeitgeist green oil fiks reflective (18)

The bicycle product world is a big place. So big that many very good but very small brands can be lost in the mix, or difficult to find. That made Fritz Bohl think that there was room for another distributor in the U.S., but one that focused on unique brands that are quintessentially cool but also provide lasting performance. Selling to dealers or direct through the Zeitbike website, brands like De Marchi should be a bit easier to get your hands on…


Topeak Inflates Product line with Tubeless Floor Pump, Light Up Accessories, Tools, and Much More

topeak (17)

It wasn’t that long ago that bike shops had the choice to stock pumps for high pressure, or even higher pressure. Now that there are so many tire sizes and the addition of hard to seat tubeless options, floor pump selection has diversified to meet those needs.

Topeak may have earned their black and yellow reputation with the Joe Blow, but it continues with a new range of useful floor pumps. Depending on the use, each new pump has some interesting features – some of which we’ve seen before…