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Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • DISSING + WEITLING architecture are proud to announce the completion of their “bike snake” bridge in Copenhagen. Shown above, the 235m bridge opened July 28th and after 2 weeks has about 10,000 daily users. It is only for bikes, freeing up the lower level for pedestrians.
  • Early registration pricing for the 2014 Enduro-X Race Series held in Steamboat Springs, CO, ends midnight Saturday July 12.
  • This year’s BC Bike Race has barely wrapped up and already registration is open for the 2015 edition.
  • The Mad Dog Challenge is billed as the “Ultimate Long Distance Cycling Challenge” organizing crazy long distance rides in Asia – each day has 150-210km of riding. Seven packages are available with 4 to 8 days of fully supported riding.
  • ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series will take a look back at one of the sports’ most epic rivalries between Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault with “Slaying the Badger” on Tuesday, July 22, at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.
  • fi’zi:k is looking for 10 Ironman product testers to help develop triathlon specific products. Selection ends July 27th.
  • Interbike 2014 has added floor space to their exhibition area due to increased demand. More than 200 new exhibitors that have never showcased at Interbike will have space near registration in an area called “The Lab.”
  • VP Components and BTI are giving one lucky bike shop employee a chance to win 2 free entries into the sold out Downieville Classic All-Mountain event in Downieville, CA, July 31 – August 3, 2014. The entries, valued at over $400, automatically get the winner and a friend into this event in the All-Mountain category (does not include your transportation, lodging and meals.) This contest is only open to bike shop employees. To enter the contest, a bike shop employee must post a photo of themselves on Facebook with a new in-box VP-VX Series pedal, VP-Harrier pedal or VP-VEX pedal. All photos must be hashtagged #vpallmountain and list the name of their bike shop. The photo that gets the most shares will be the winner. The contest began July 9 and ends July 14 at 5:00PM PST.


Tradeshow Randoms: The Grand Finale!

randoms (22)

Among all of the bicycling gear that you would expect, Eurobike and Interbike always have a number of things that are hard to classify, cool to see, or just down right weird. There are also great ideas hidden along the outer perimeter like Zambike’s Zambulance. While we are fortunate enough to just call for an ambulance and one will drive up right to your door, in many parts of the world people are still carried on a stretcher by hand or in a wheelbarrow. Zambikes is changing that with their Zambulance trailer.

See a LOT more randoms, plus more of the Shinola Jeep truck after the break…


Tradeshow Randoms: Part Three – Vee Rubber, Slipnot, Velotraum, Lightskin, DIY Tire Studs & More!


There were plenty of killer bicycle lights at the shows, but none more fantastic than Magnic Lights’ contactless dynamo system. What you see here is all there is. No batteries, no external magnets and no wires.

Super strong neodymium magnets use the rim’s passing motion to generate eddy currents in a conductor, which powers the light. The science is pretty involved, but they work, and they’re perfect for bicycles: No drag, no batteries to replace and nothing else to mount to your bike. And they take just a couple minutes to install.

What’s even cooler is that the rear brake automatically brightens when you brake since the light gets closer to the rim, effectively becoming a functional brake light…


Tradeshow Randoms: Part Two – Rivet, Slidepad, Bikmo, Effetto Mariposa & More!


Our randoms roundup continues with this titanium flask and derailleur/friction shifter clipboard from King Cage. No, you won’t actually be able to buy them, but they’re pretty cool. The clip board works by shifting the rear derailleur to open up the piece of gear. Shift the other way and it clamps it down on the paper. Cool.

From here, things stay kinda weird (and neat. and ridiculous) if not useful…


Tradeshow Randoms: Part One – CarboCage, ZenCranks, Ryde, Pinhead, iBike & More!


We’re on the home stretch now, with a few final collections of things that mostly didn’t have a home in any particular category. Everything from lights to electronics to single components to new pedal/cleat systems that claim to increase your power output. It’s all fun to look at – here we go!

Carbocage had their usual assortment of super light carbon fiber bits and pieces, with a rainbow of colors for the anodized bits. Above, their steerer tube top caps, and below are derailleur pulleys and chainrings…


Tradeshow Roundup: Other Random Bikes – Part Two


Sometimes, the coolest bikes aren’t even there with a bicycle manufacturer at all, they’re simply platforms for showing off components. The gorgeous wood bike above was decked out with lights from Supernova (which had some pretty cool lights you’ll see in another roundup shortly).

From there, we spotted other small wooden bikes and some with wood parts, along with the usual assortment of beautiful city bikes…


Tradeshow Roundup: Other Random Bicycles – Part One


B_ant by Bruno Bikes is the Japanese brand’s collection of small wheeled touring and road bikes. They’re steel framed beauties with friction shifters on the stem and decked out with Brooks leather cockpits. They’re so cute that, once again, we’ll need a bigger garage.

Not much bigger, though, as the rest of the bikes in this roundup are sorta just oddities or collectibles or, well, you’ll see…


Tradeshow Roundup: Nutrition – New Sports & Recovery Drinks, Pills, Powders & More


All the shiny new bikes and components in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t have the energy to ride them. Sure, whole foods are best, but a solid sports nutrition program helps put the finishing touches your hard training and ensures you have what you need on the road and on the trail. And sometimes we just like a little snack. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone one with the latest entries from LG, Cytosport, Kinetic Koffee, Supercandy and more.

While a Maple Lemonade flavor might sound odd and first, it’s darn tasty. The new Canadian-inspired flavor comes in both sports drink and recovery drink formulas. Check the ingredients and more below…


Tradeshow Roundup: Road Bikes – Part Two


Just like in Part One of our road bike roundup, here we’ve got several Euro-only brands. Actually, they’re all Euro brands you probably won’t find Stateside, starting with the Stevens Comet SL above. At just 4.9kg (10.8lb) for the complete bike, it’s arguably the lightest production bike, just edging out the Dimar Kinetic-One. Of course, it’s decked out with the types of parts that are usually found on ultralight show bikes and lightest bike contenders.

Roll through for more pics, plus rides from Merida, Trigon, FM Bike and more!