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EB15: New Quarq Qollector, Race Intelligence offer live tracking & 24 hour ANT+ device recording

Quarq Qollector ANT+ data collector and GPS tracker sends ride data to the cloud with 4G cell data

While the ASO may have it’s own GPS-based live tracking for the Tour de France, virtually every other event out there -large or small- have had to rely on mid-course beacons, timing stations or just posting finish line results for everyone to know where and when the competitors might be.

The new Quarq Qollector aims to change all that. By packaging multi-sensor ANT+ data capture with GPS positioning and cellular data transmission, the device gathers power, heart rate, speed, cadence and even gearing selection and more. The data is collected four times per second, then beamed up once per minute.

The data is then sent to the cloud (Qloud?), where Quarq makes it available to be shared in real time and en masse…


SRAM RED eTAP unveiled – F1 inspired wireless paddle shifting is here!

SRAM Red eTAP wireless electronic shifting road bike group

What if you could throw everything out and build the perfect drivetrain from scratch? What would you change? What would you be forced to change to get around other’s patents? And did it have to follow convention, or could they do away with things that simply weren’t needed…like wires and cables?

That was both the challenge and the opportunity SRAM had when it began developing an electronic shifting system. The starting point was asking “what else shifts?” Their answer, at the most impressive level, was Formula One race cars, the fastest shifting machines in the world.

Now, after five long years of development, we know their answers: The SRAM Red eTAP electronic groupset is here…


Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

The_Badger_GraphicIn Print

  • Biography of Legendary Cyclist Bernard Hinault – Bernard Hinault is one of the greatest cyclists of all time. He is a five-time winner of the Tour de France and the only man to have won each of the Grand Tours on more than one occasion. The Badger: The Life of Bernard Hinault and the Legacy of French Cycling as written by William Fotheringham, takes a close look at Hinault, aka: The Badger while also exploring the reasons that France has had a difficult time producing another Tour champion. Published by Chicago Review Press. The book is available at


Reynolds rolls out $250 wheel trade-in program


Reynolds Cycling is accepting trade-ins of ANY used wheels between now and Sept 30. Your trade in will net you a $250 credit on any new Reynolds carbon wheelset, but you’ve gotta run it through your local dealer…offer not valid online. Find a dealer and get that cobwebbed wheelset out of your garage.

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Why Oval Rings Help You Ride Better – The UK based manufacturer of durable, lightweight and beautiful bicycle parts, absoluteBLACK has recently produced a few videos to illustrate the benefits of oval rings. They’re so sure that you’ll love your oval ring that they’ll give you 30 days to try it and if you don’t love it, you can send it back for a refund. There will be more videos to come so be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

Recall news and a lot more after the break….


Rotor patent application shows single-lever, one-way mechanical and hydraulic shifting

rotor one-way shifter lever with mechanical and hydraulic derailleur patent application drawings on Bikerumor-com

While it would seem SRAM managed to skirt around Shimano and Campagnolo patents to create the only remaining (or at least feasible) solution, Rotor may have come up with something different. It does acknowledge that SRAM’s single direction/single lever design is in the same vein as what’s shown here, but they bring a new twist to it: Multiple levers operating a single derailleur (think brake lever shifters and TT bar end shifters working together) without electronics. It also claims to improve the reliability and precision of mechanical shifting while also reducing system weights. Oh, and it could be cheaper.

And, ideally, it could all be done hydraulically. Interested?


Missy Giove races YT Industries Tues Comp DH mountain bike at Windham UCI World Cup

Missy Giove races YT Industries Tues Comp carbon dh mountain bike at Windham NY UCI world cup mountain bike race 2015

Despite casing a road gap jump, the legendary Missy Giove is back, notching up the 3rd fastest speed trap as the only American female racer in this weekend’s UCI World Cup DH event at Windham, NY.

We caught her bike in the SRAM tech support pits prior to the race for a quick photo run down. Surprisingly (or not, depending on your point of view), she was there with an almost entirely stock YT Industries Tues Comp carbon DH bike. Only a few select parts were swapped out from the German brand’s recently introduced 27.5″ DH bike spec’d build, which happened to be the lowest priced model in their carbon range…


Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Jun 15, 2015 - Pacific Start | Aug 18 (est) - Atlantic Finish (PRNewsFoto/Bike Loud!)

Jun 15, 2015 – Pacific Start | Aug 18 (est) – Atlantic Finish (PRNewsFoto/Bike Loud!)

Cycling for Charity

  • Boy Scouts Bike 3,900 Miles to Battle Cancer – On June 15, seven Boy Scouts embarked on an epic bike journey from the Pacific seaside town of Florence, Oregon. Their destination, 66 days and 3,900 miles over the horizon, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Their mission, to honor a schoolmate they lost to cancer and to raise awareness and funds for teen cancer programs. The extreme cyclists, high school students in Chapel Hill, have now traveled almost 3,000 miles, successfully navigating the Cascades and Rockies, crossing the Continental Divide, descending into the Great Plains. Ahead, the Appalachian Mountains roll into North Carolina’s Piedmont and the coast, the entire trip without vehicle support. The Trans-America odyssey, appropriately labeled Bike Loud! is slated to end on August 18. Click here for Bike Loud! Website and news from the road.
June 15, 2015, Pacific Ocean Start, Florence, Oregon (PRNewsFoto/Bike Loud!)

Cyclist’s names in Pacific Ocean photo, Florence, Oregon (left to right): David Margolies, Brian Richardson, Alex Broz, Andrew de Figueiredo, Max Morgan, Will Owen, Sam Billings.


  • Bikepacking Endurance Cycling Challenge: 3,600km Solo Across Japan in 21 Days – Ollie Blackmore, endurance cyclist from Norfolk, UK, is taking on an almighty challenge, cycling across Japan solo and unsupported. Cycle Challenge Japan is set to be a grueling 3,647 km (2,266 miles) of cycling, with 175,000ft of climbs, in just 21 days starting on the 9th September 2015. Ollie aims to raise awareness and £15,000 for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project – a cause which works to end dolphin captivity and slaughter. Find out more about Ollie’s challenge on his Facebook Page.


Trek goes direct with new dealer-supported online sales program (UPDATED)

2016 Trek Madone aero road bike

Looking to find that perfect Trek bicycle? You know, the one that’s not on the local showroom floor but stares you down every time you boot up that browser? Like this team edition of the all new 2016 Madone?

Well, now you can order it up and have it drop shipped directly to your local Trek dealer. There, it’ll be professionally built, tuned and checked over, then you can pick it up. Same with any parts and accessories, except you’ll have the option of having those small bits shipped directly to your own address. Either way, the Trek dealer will get a commission on the sale.

The benefits to the customer are obvious. The benefits to the retailer may seem less so, but we can think of a couple. Namely, less concern about having to stock the higher end (and thus capital intensive) models, less need to stock a huge size and color range, and possibly having to stock less inventory overall. All without losing a cut of the sales.

Full press release about the new program below…