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Found: Brilliant Two-Chamber Pad Contact Adjust Concept for Hydraulic MTB Brake Levers

tien hsin industries hydraulic disc brake free stroke adjustment design patent for mountain bike brake levers

Free stroke is the term used to describe how much lever pull you have on a hydraulic braking system before the pads actually start moving toward the rotor. Higher end brakes from most brands have a pad contact adjustment to let you dial in the free stroke, and the good ones actually provide a discernible effect. Avid has it, as do Shimano, Magura, Hayes, FSA, Formula, etc.

And all of them use a design that places the adjustment components inline with the fluid’s flow from the master cylinder into the hose. It’s worked so far, so what could possibly be wrong with that design?


Vittoria Ventures Into Full Range Wheel Line, Introduces Slick New Tech

The Vittoria Reaxcion R mountain bike wheel Vittoria Quarno 46 wheel with Graphene Plus technology

Tire specialists Vittoria are venturing into a complete line of wheels. Introduced at Interbike, the 2015 line of wheels encompasses price points from $299 to $2399, and everywhere in between with some very unique ideas. They have implemented a host of new tech and materials such as using Graphene nanotechnology. Last fall they hinted at using this ultralight material, but it looks like they had bigger ideas. Just as Mavic went from wheels to wheel-tire systems to provide an integrated package, Vittoria went the other way and now promises improved fitment between tire and rim.

Known primarily as a tire maker of a full range of tires from commuter tires to high-end cotton tubulars, we spoke to them to find out what the line was all about…


Alchemy Introduces Ride DNA Semi-Custom “Stock” Frames, Updates Helios Disc Road Bike

Alchemy introduces Ride DNA semi-custom handmade carbon bicycle frames

The Alchemy Helios is just one of many models available as semi-custom.

High above the maelstrom of Interbike’s tradeshow floor, Alchemy Bicycles invited us to their suite to announce their new Ride DNA semi-custom frame program.

The program is one of the fruits of their growth efforts, which includes streamlined processes and expanded production capacity. It will include their Eros and Ben Serrotta inspired Aiolos titanium road bikes, and the carbon fiber Aithon, Balius, Helios and Xanthus. Geometry will be fixed, with frames offered in 52/54/56/58 for now, probably adding a 60 in the future.

The semi-custom aspect comes in the layup and options. Drop down menus on the Ride DNA shopping pages let you choose your desired drivetrain stiffness, steering precision and ride comfort on a scale from 1 to 5, with higher numbers being stiffer or sharper. The steering feel is accommodated through layup at the headtube junctions, not with changes to head angle. It sounds odd, but from our own experience we’ll confirm headtube area stiffness has a dramatic effect on steering speed and accuracy. The tradeoff is overall comfort and a twitchier ride for those not used to ultrastiff crit bikes.

You’ll also get to pick colors…


Shop Highlight – Denver Bike Café in Denver, CO


Finding a shop that has coffee brewing isn’t so unusual. It’s even quite common for a shop to have a few beers in the back for employees after a hard day’s work, or for some of the favorite regulars post ride. Though there are many shops out there that will cause a person’s jaw to drop the first time they walk in, upon stepping into the Denver Bicycle Café, my jaw was dragging the ground. Two close friends, Peter Roper and Jessica Caouette, who have known each other for years, decided it might be a good idea to open a bike shop with a full blown coffee bar, and well….. a bar!

C’mon in and check it out!


Jens Voigt Sets New Hour Record with 51.110 Kilometer Distance

Jens Voigt breaks hour cycling record

Photo credit: Ulf Schiller –

PRESS RELEASE: Jens Voigt has put the Hour Record back into the headlines Thursday evening in Grenchen, Switzerland in front of over 1600 fans at the Velodrome Suisse, setting a new record distance of 51.110 kms to break the 2005 benchmark of 49.700 kms set in 2005 set by Ondrej Sosenka.

Jens Voigt was ahead of his set timetable from the first lap, and he slowly built on his lead as the seconds ticked off the clock. He never appeared in trouble and was able to increase his pace in the final 10 minutes to bring his speed over the 51km/h mark for the first time.

“I started as usual too fast, but that is just me I can’t control myself, and I realized that I was a second faster on the first lap than on the timetable so I tried to pace myself a little. But I was in good shape, just right. I am perfectly fit for this moment, I am in very good shape, and after 20 minutes I had gained one lap but I was still feeling in control. Then from 20-40 minutes I had a comfortable lead and I paced myself and was still gaining a little time. Then in the last 20 I sped up a little and gained another lap. The last 10 minutes were flat out – all-in.


Trek to Live Stream Jens Voigt’s Hour Record Attempt

trek live stream jens voight hour record attempt 2014

Wanna watch Jensie attempt to break the Hour Record? Trek is live streaming it Thursday, Sept 18, starting at 11:30am CDT as he fires up the velodrome in Switzerland. Go ahead and schedule an offsite meeting, the race past the break for full PR with links and details…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Cool time-lapse video, above, of one year of commuting to work by Ben Rennert owner of Winnebago Bicycle in Oshkosh, WI.
  • The Kaw Valley Bicycle Club of Topeka, Kansas, is hosting the Bruce Whaley Spirit Ride on Saturday, September 20th.
  • Registration is open for the 2014 North Carolina Bike Summit in Greensboro, NC, October 10, 11, & 12.
  • Take Road Holland’s survey and get a code towards $30 off your next purchase of $50 or more.
  • Bike Pure today launches Bike Pure Cycle Tours, bicycle tours aimed at cyclists of all capabilities. Tours are available in Europe and Australia and coincide with major races, such as 2015′s Tour Down Under and the Spring Classics.
  • The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) announced at Interbike that Idaho and Nevada are the two newest states in its growing interscholastic cycling program.
  • As a special promotion for the 10th Anniversary of the Amgen Tour of California, fans will be able to enter a Sweepstakes Series with prizes, such as a SRAM Force CX1 groupset, awarded on the 10th of each month leading up to the 2015 Amgen Tour of California through June 2015.
  • Light & Motion is promoting the launch of their commuter light, the Urban 2.0, by giving away weekly commuter prize packages. Enter to win here.
  • A month ago we showed you the upcoming Zero race bike from UK’s Genesis. The Madison Genesis Team has been racing it at the Tour of Britain this week, and have some good behind-the-scenes video reports up on Vimeo
  • The Sufferfest’s newest training video is The Elements of Style - Efficiency & Awareness, six drills to improve form, posture, and efficiency. Developed with Wade Wallace of CyclingTips.
  • Orbea is recalling their Avant bike models equipped with hydraulic disc brake forks as a crack can develop in the forks. They request that anyone with these bikes to stop using them immediately and contact them, or your closest Orbea dealer, for a replacement fork. Check their dedicated page to see if your bike is effected and how to proceed.

Civilian – A Bicycle Company moves production to USA: Launches new Vive Le Roi Cross Bike

Civilian A Bicycle Company Vive Le Roi

This Made in the USA trend is one we love.  Tyson Hart of Civilian is keen on the small batch, made in the US model as well.  Asian production is stopped, and Civilian is ramping up to produce frames here in Portland, OR.  One may feel a calming sense about the unnamed manufacture (hint hint).  Official details are still being inked, however.

The first bike out of the gate for the new Civilian is a cyclocross frameset dubbed the Vive Le Roi.  Build options include a single speed belt drive, or a 1 x 11.  Framesets will be available as well for those wanting a custom build.

Jump the barrier for full details.


Exclusive First Look: New BST Synergy Nano / Ellsworth Carbon Components & Bikes

2015 Epiphany CXC 275

The 2015 Ellsworth Epiphany CXC 275 in a new blue color.

Earlier this week, BST Synergy Nano announced they’d purchased Tony Ellsworth’s eponymous brand and would be lending their materials expertise to Ellsworth’s design experience to launch a new component line and update his bikes.

BST is local, just down the street from Ellsworth’s environmentally friendly compound. In a phone interview, Tony told us how the deal came to be. At the recommendation of one of Ellsworth’s riders, BST Nano Carbon’s Bill Wood swung by the compound and suggested they work together to have Ellsworth design new products, then let BST make them right there in Rancho Bernardo. They liked the idea, but Tony said they were very focused on their own bikes and would need considerably more resources to devote time to another project (or two or ten). So, BST’s folks left, then about 20 minutes later called and asked, “Hey, what if we just buy your company?”

As of Tuesday, September 2nd, the rest is history, and a new chapter begins. Read on for a taste of things to come…