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2015 Fox 36 FLOAT Tech Unveiled – All New, All Air System

2015 Fox 36 suspension fork technology overview for new FLOAT air system

So far, we’ve posted quite a bit of detail on the new Fox 36 fork platform. There was the official launch, followed by Sea Otter’s in depth look at most of the upgrades. Until now, though, Fox was keeping mum on how, exactly, the new FLOAT air suspension system had been updated and keeping the internals away from prying eyes.

Over the past few years, Fox has updated the 32 and 34 series forks, leaving the 36 untouched. For most riders, those thinner stanchions met their needs while offering a lighter weight fork. Fox’s Mark Jordan told us part of the delay in updating the 36 was resources. As in, their time and energy were going into the other models. The other part of it was waiting to see what the market really wanted and needed. Did 29ers really need a 36mm stanchion, 160mm travel fork? And what travel options would the burgeoning 27.5″ movement need?

With those questions seemingly answered, they turned their attention to updating the FLOAT system. FLOAT stands for “FOX Load Optimized Air System” and has been their go-to air design for ages. In fact, air shocks is what started the company and set it apart in motocross. This latest iteration takes everything a big step forward to a full air system. That’s right, no more coil negative.

Last year, the 36 is the fork that needed to catch up to the others. Now it’s leading the pack with all the latest technology…


Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Racing Comes to Italy: Petervarys to Benchmark Liguria Divide


Jay Petervary on his recent ride of the AZT 750. Photo from

Thanks to the growing interest in ultra endurance mountain bike races like the Tour Divide, the man behind Salsa’s Italian distributor is bringing ultra mountain bike racing to Italy. Calling the new race the Liguria Divide, Mauro Bertolotto has invited Jay and Tracey Petervary to come to Italy and benchmark the new course. While the 311 mile course will be quite a bit shorter than the Tour Devide route, it will feature a whopping 55,800 feet of climbing as the trail follows the path of the Alta Via MTB Stage Race over the Ligurian Alps in Northern Italy.

The inaugural Liguria Divide will be held in June 2015, with the Petervary’s time and performance to be used as a benchmark so riders know what to expect. Both Jay and Tracy feel extremely honored to get the opportunity with Jay stating, “New routes get established once, and I can only imagine the feeling I will get of being on a new route, in a new-to-me country, that will stick around for years to come. I am stoked!”


New Strava Metro Feature Shows Government How Cyclists are Using City Streets


Strava Metro is a new service that pulls from their database of activities, which they say is over 300 billion GPS points and growing, to give cycling advocacy groups and government organizations better insight into where people are biking in their cities. The goal is to help them make better informed decisions about alternative transpiration infrastructure like bike lanes.

Perfect timing since next week is Bike To Work Week, which should provide a bit more data on how less avid cyclists might contribute to the load. Shown here are “heatmap” visualizations of Metro data for SF, NYC and London, illustrating the available data for some of the largest cities in the world.

Full PR at bottom…


Taking the Fox Master Suspension Class

Fox Racing Shox master suspension class at Appalachian Bicycle Institue in Asheville North Carolina

Breaking it down at the Fox Master Suspension Class at ABI.

Just like it says on the Appalachian Bicycle Institute (ABI) webpage, Jenny Kallista’s bicycle mechanic’s school is “located in beautiful Western North Carolina”. The location is just outside the city limits of Asheville, NC, and smack dab in the middle of a virtual bicycle innovation think tank. Links on the ABI site lead you down the road to the innovators at Endless Bikes, By:Stickel, Industry Nine, Cane Creek, Suspension Experts, and local race production companies Blue Ridge Adventures and Pisgah Productions.

Thus, it’s not surprising that the Appalachian Bicycle Institute is putting a new spin on honing bike technician skills. There is an informal collaborative environment in the Ashville area that links mountain bikers, roadies, and racers to people heavily involved in maintenance issues and new design. This creates great feedback to the school providing ABI with a strong sense of its students needs. Jenny takes a hands-on approach to teaching her classes that keeps the class size small with a high degree of personal attention. The environment at the school is an interesting mix that ties an extremely neat and detailed work area to a homespun casual social setting. When a student is working on the bench, he or she is expected to observe highly organized and clean working techniques but during social periods such as lunch, the group kicks back together to enjoy whatever great meal Jenny has provided.

For the FOX Master Suspension class, ABI collaborates with FOX Racing Shox, who provides a highly qualified technician/instructor to cover the basic fork overhaul and advanced damper cartridge service. The class takes students through a detailed (and I do mean DETAILED) explanation of front and rear suspension components and overhaul of FOX’s more popular forks. While it would be impossible to cover every model of fork FOX produces in a two-day class, the knowledge gained crosses over to other forks in the lineup. For the class I attended, Nick DeLauder from FOX came to instruct.


A 25 Year Old PSA on the Price of Bikes from Bridgestone

The Price of Bikes Bridgestone PSA CartoonOne of the most heated topics of discussion in the cycling world often revolves around one of its most important elements – the local bike shop. From being a bastion of knowledge to an overpriced rip off, there are a variety of strongly held opinions, and they all share some grain of truth.

What is interesting is that while a lot had changed in the past twenty five years since this comic was printed, the economics behind bike shops have not significantly altered. This excerpt from a 1990 Bridgestone catalog offers an excellent and startlingly modern view of what goes on behind the scenes, so flip past the break for the lowdown. READ MORE ->

Exclusive: Buy 40 Spokes, get Rims for $14 Courtesy of Wheels Manufacturing

wheels Manufacturing MFG

As a way to celebrate the fact that Wheels Manufacturing is now carrying both Sapim and Wheelsmith spokes, they wanted to provide a special offer to Bikerumor readers. Now directly available from their website, you can order as little as one spoke with no minimum order. That includes a large selection of spokes from Sapim and Wheelsmith in stock and custom cut lengths. If you’re looking to build a set of wheels, or replace a rim or two, jump past the break for details on how you can pick up some new rims for $14 each…


Blackburn Design Reboots, Explores New Paths with Rangers Program


Most of us are familiar with Blackburn Design. Their water bottle cage design is both timeless and ubiquitous. And I’d bet many of us have had one of their mini pumps at some point. But, for me anyway, they’ve always been one of those brands whose story was a non thought, they just were.

Now, having spent a long weekend with the crew, from the president to designers to marketers, there’s something to tell. A lot to tell, actually, and it’s inspiring in that it’s further proof that so many brands in the industry are born and thrive on people who are passionate about bikes and about making all of our rides better. Their story goes a little something like this…

In 1975, Jim Blackburn saw a need for well designed accessories that were easy to use and easy to find. Simple things like a rear rack were surprisingly hard to source in the U.S. So he made them and helped bring industrial design to the cycling world.

People like Jim Gentes, who went on to start Giro, helped with early design. Robert Egger, who’s now one of Specialized’s lead designers, was also involved early on. And Mike Sinyard was an early distributor.

Then, in 1992, Bell Sports acquired the brand…


Bell-Riddell-Giro (BRG) sell Easton Cycling to Owner of RaceFace

RACE-FACE-LOGO-620x235Announced today, BRG (which stands for Bell, Riddell, Giro) will be selling it’s Easton cycling division to RaceFace Owner Chris Tutton. This announcement is not surprising as the company officially changed it’s name late last week from Easton-Bell Sports to BRG, although they declared their intent to due so in February, after selling of the Easton branded baseball and softball divisions.

Drop past the break for more details…

SRAM Hydraulic Road Brakes Recall Update – Production Started on New Units

In a nutshell, production on the new units has started as promised in the second half of April, and we should have technical details on the changes and what’s new in two or three weeks. Warranty customers will get the first units, followed by shop and OEM orders.