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Women Race Bikes Hoping to Give Women’s Professional Cycling a Better Voice

The site name says it all – Women Race Bikes. But they also don’t get a lot of coverage, sponsorship, prize money, etc. Women Race Bikes is hoping to change that. Founded by Sarai Snyder, WRB hopes to build on the success of Girl Bike Love and Cyclofemme, which Sarai has also used to help improve the state of women’s cycling. While GBL and CycloFemme focused more on the riding aspect, WRB will specifically cover the racing side of things. Whatever women are racing, WRB will cover it including road, TT, mountain, CX, track, even BMX racing. The team led by Sarai even plans to have a custom App built by the creators of Tour Tracker to make following women’s racing even easier.

Currently, WRB is in the fundraising stage with a Flexible Funding campaign through Indiegogo. Ending on July 29, WRB hopes to raise $80,000 to help get the site of the ground and create a one stop shop for everything women’s racing. Want to improve the state of women’s bike racing by way of supporting WRB? Head over to the Indiegogo page and make a contribution.

Signal Cycles gets fast with new production road bike The Pulse

Signal Cycles Pulse Blue and White

The crew at Signal Cycles exudes quality and style.  They pump out handcrafted bicycles that show both great form and function.  Take a peek at their Flickr page to see for your self.

Signal Cycles, while no stranger to a race bike, builds a lot of frames designed for wide tire clearance.  For example, their other production bike, The Saltzman, fits 32c tires for nice plush ride.  For a change of pace, and a fast pace at that, their third production model, the Pulse, is a fast road race bike ready to take on any climb, descend any mountain, and still be fit for a century gran fondo ride.

Details on the Pulse past the break.


SRAM Hydraulic Recall Full Story Explained, Consumer Brakesets Available

SRAM Hydraulic brake recall final update

There is no denying the fact that the Hydraulic Road recall was a major set back for SRAM. Having to issue a massive recall for such a new and exciting product is never easy, but under the direction of president Stan Day, SRAM stepped up to the challenge and now has most consumers sorted and new brakes well in production. Since the recall was first issued, the recovery process has been the number one priority with Stan leading meetings constantly to drive progress. Essentially completely redesigning a product in record time, SRAM had to pull resources from future development to get it done.

The brakes are in, and the full details are after the break…


Exclusive: Ciamillo Restructures Everything – Plus Micro GSL Road Calipers First Impressions!


In economics, there are two theories that define the tradeoffs made in any business decision – Opportunity Cost and Sunk Cost. No one knows this better than Ted Ciamillo.

Over the past couple years since we visited him for a factory tour, Ciamillo has poured countless hours and dollars into his Gravitas crank project. With that project now on hold, those irreclaimable resources would be a sunk cost – they’re gone.

With so much focus on it, his bread and butter brake caliper business suffered. Delays. Rejected parts. Too long delays in responding to customers. You name it, and there’ve been online comments to support it. That was the opportunity cost – the business and good will he’s lost while chasing the dream of building the lightest, stiffest crankset known to man.

Since our visit, I’ve spoken with Ted many times and at length about his business. See, I’ve had several businesses before starting Bikerumor and been through my own share of lost opportunities and hard lessons. I can sympathize. I’ve been there. It’s not fun. And in many of our conversations, the stress came through in Ted’s voice. There are few things more painful than watching something you built from the ground up stumble and fall, yet we entrepreneurs are a tough bunch. Sometimes we don’t know when to quit. And sometimes, that perseverance can pay off…


Ruckus Composites Raffling Repaired Frames to Support Women’s Bicycle Racing


Ruckus Composites is known for repairing carbon fiber frames and parts. Occasionally, some of the frames sent in are abandoned, so Ruckus has repaired them and are raffling them off to raise funds for women’s bike racing. Check out our factory tour here, and if you like what you see, check the press release below for links and details on making a bid. It’ll give a new life to a frame as well as someone’s race career…


Shimano Makes Running Change for Dura-Ace 9000 Cassettes to Eliminate Creaking (UPDATED)


My cassette on the left, the new one on the right. Shoulda brought the scale!

Rear derailleurs aren’t the only shadowy things around Shimano. Sometimes, mid-year updates are kept in the dark, too.

Thanks to an eagle eyed reader who wished to remain anonymous, we’ve learned that the 9000-series Dura-Ace cassette received a running change that added a rivet point to the largest cogs on the carbon fiber carrier’d center cluster. The change went unannounced and mostly unknown among the ranks – even some of their outside sales reps were unaware. We called their customer/tech support line and did get confirmation (beyond the obvious visual above) and an explanation. Apparently, the single rivet design can work slightly loose, causing creaking noises during use. The additional rivet strengthens the larger cogs connection to the carrier and prevents it from getting loose ‘n’ loud.

Is it a warranty-able issue? “If it’s creaking, yes,” said the customer service rep we spoke with. “We weren’t really seeing it on every cassette, but if it happens, you can send it in for replacement.”

UPDATE: Shimano clarifies creaking noise concern and explains changes. Full response pasted at bottom of post.

Mine is from the early stock (weights here) and hasn’t had any problems yet, but comforting to know (now that we do know) they’ll take care of it should something go wrong. And if you’ve been wondering where any random noise is coming from, check your cassette. More pics below…


Legendary BMX Designer Bob Haro is Back with New Ikonix Brand

Ikonix FS1 Limited EdititionAfter a long hiatus from designing BMX fames, Bob Haro returned in 2012 with a new brand – Ikonix. Their first order of business was collaborating with Haro to release a special 30th Anniversary edition of the  original Freestyle, but now they’re ready to release an innovative new freestyle BMX model.

Available initially in only very limited quantities, the new FS1 is a testament to Bob’s creative vision. Constructed from Kawasaki chromoly tubing, it has several unique features, including:  a split Torker style top tube, proprietary integrated handlebar and stem combo, and more.  READ MORE ->

2015 Fox 36 FLOAT Tech Unveiled – All New, All Air System

2015 Fox 36 suspension fork technology overview for new FLOAT air system

So far, we’ve posted quite a bit of detail on the new Fox 36 fork platform. There was the official launch, followed by Sea Otter’s in depth look at most of the upgrades. Until now, though, Fox was keeping mum on how, exactly, the new FLOAT air suspension system had been updated and keeping the internals away from prying eyes.

Over the past few years, Fox has updated the 32 and 34 series forks, leaving the 36 untouched. For most riders, those thinner stanchions met their needs while offering a lighter weight fork. Fox’s Mark Jordan told us part of the delay in updating the 36 was resources. As in, their time and energy were going into the other models. The other part of it was waiting to see what the market really wanted and needed. Did 29ers really need a 36mm stanchion, 160mm travel fork? And what travel options would the burgeoning 27.5″ movement need?

With those questions seemingly answered, they turned their attention to updating the FLOAT system. FLOAT stands for “FOX Load Optimized Air System” and has been their go-to air design for ages. In fact, air shocks is what started the company and set it apart in motocross. This latest iteration takes everything a big step forward to a full air system. That’s right, no more coil negative.

Last year, the 36 is the fork that needed to catch up to the others. Now it’s leading the pack with all the latest technology…


Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Racing Comes to Italy: Petervarys to Benchmark Liguria Divide


Jay Petervary on his recent ride of the AZT 750. Photo from

Thanks to the growing interest in ultra endurance mountain bike races like the Tour Divide, the man behind Salsa’s Italian distributor is bringing ultra mountain bike racing to Italy. Calling the new race the Liguria Divide, Mauro Bertolotto has invited Jay and Tracey Petervary to come to Italy and benchmark the new course. While the 311 mile course will be quite a bit shorter than the Tour Devide route, it will feature a whopping 55,800 feet of climbing as the trail follows the path of the Alta Via MTB Stage Race over the Ligurian Alps in Northern Italy.

The inaugural Liguria Divide will be held in June 2015, with the Petervary’s time and performance to be used as a benchmark so riders know what to expect. Both Jay and Tracy feel extremely honored to get the opportunity with Jay stating, “New routes get established once, and I can only imagine the feeling I will get of being on a new route, in a new-to-me country, that will stick around for years to come. I am stoked!”