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Zeitbike to Spread Bicycle Cool with Distribution of De Marchi, Green Oil, Pedal Pushers, Ass Savers, and More

zeitgeist green oil fiks reflective (18)

The bicycle product world is a big place. So big that many very good but very small brands can be lost in the mix, or difficult to find. That made Fritz Bohl think that there was room for another distributor in the U.S., but one that focused on unique brands that are quintessentially cool but also provide lasting performance. Selling to dealers or direct through the Zeitbike website, brands like De Marchi should be a bit easier to get your hands on…


Biketoberfest Roundup: Custom Zipp Wheels, Dirty Kanza Cannonballs, Fat Bike Hub Adapters, and 11 Speed Road from MicroShift

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07740

While considerably smaller than their other dealer shows, QBP’s Biketoberfest still had some new stuff if you knew where to look. While some of the goods were completely new, others were new to us. Things like the ability to order custom, pre-built Zipp wheels from Quality Wheels. One of the only distributors authorized to build custom Zipps, if you have a certain preference for hubs your local bike shop should be able to help you out…


Orbea highlights 175 years with a few wild bikes from the past, future…and a Lamborghini

1994 Orbea Next One hardtail mountain bike with drum brakes and single-sided drivetrain stays

When you’ve been in business for 175 years, you’re in rare company in the bicycle business. True, Orbea started out manufacturing guns, but they’ve been onto bicycles for quite some time and have racked up more than a couple major wins over the many years.

Like any good bike brand, they’ve also racked up quite a few odd designs, not the least of which is this 1994 Next One hardtail…


Absoluteblack launches ambassador program, seeking riders to spread the oval gospel


Like riding? Like oval chainrings? Like telling your friends and anyone else that’ll listen how much you like riding with oval chainrings? Then Absoluteblack likes you.

The UK component brand is looking for “athletes, enthusiasts and bike bloggers who have many exciting rides planned, are influential within their local or regional cycling community and who have the ability to write, film or capture images along the way.”

They’re seeking riders from around the world. Apply here, and if you’re selected you’ll get logo’d apparel, discounted product (including a wide selection of
their latest oval rings
for cyclocross and road), access to custom colors and possibly even help them test new product before you even get to see it here on Bikerumor!

A Week in Review: An E-bike that Will Make You Drool, What & Why Specialized Reinvented Spacing, and New Hoops from Enve

Charlie-600x400 2016-Specialized-Crux-disc-cyclocross-bike02

2016 SR Suntour Durolux R2C2 enduro mountain bike suspension fork tech details Italian Trash-3

We had some fantastic items come across our desk this week as well as some meaningful fundraisers for a couple of pretty awesome guys that need our help. From the best looking, as well as the strangest looking e-bikes from Italjet and Gi FlyBike, new fork and technology from Suntour, what Canfield Bros just whipped up, and a glimpse at Boeing’s new “lightest materiel” which could make its way down to our more grounded needs.

Take a step back in time to take a gander at what we brought you last week, because if my calculations are correct, you’re about to see some serious sh……


Atomik Carbon Goes Direct to Support Your Local Bike Shop: What if Everybody did this?


If you’ve ever bought anything online, bike related or not, this might give you a perspective of what challenges local retailers face and why companies like Atomik are taking steps to get more people in their local bike shop.

Browse past the break and see why companies like Atomik are trying to get people off the couch and back into the shop, and why this may be a good thing we  see more of in the future…..


Biketoberfest 2015: QBP Celebrates Lancaster Facility with first Dealer Show, Reno’s Next

QBP east Lancaster PA tour Biketoberfest 2015DSC07808

Dealer or not, QBP’s latest moves are worth paying attention to. Obviously, for dealers of QBP (Quality Bicycle Products), the opening of new distribution centers is great news as it should help cut down on delivery time. Consumers benefit as well, as the ability to get product to shops faster means you’re more likely to find that part you’re looking for without having to order it on line.

Earlier this year, QBP relocated from a leased facility in Middletown, PA to their new home – a purpose built, Energy Star certified 122,000 square foot building in beautiful Lancaster, PA. Showing their commitment to the area, the building is owned by QBP and was even built with one wall meant for future expansion. After starting out of Minneapolis, MN, QBP’s first expansion was to Ogden, UT. Now with Lancaster up and running, QBP is already set to open another distribution center in Reno, NV in December. Needless to say, business for one of the largest distributors in the U.S. is good and it bodes well for the cycling community as a whole…


Fox Buys Part of Marzocchi, Aims to Expand Suspension Line Up?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk and speculation surrounding Marzocchi. First it was announced that they were shutting down the moto side of their business, which later came to include the mountain bike operations as well. Then it was announced the company was up for sale which was followed by new products on display at Eurobike. The rumor was that they were in negotiations with at least one company who might be able to salvage the brand and that more information would be provided at Interbike only to say there was nothing new to report when in Las Vegas.

Now, it would seem that Fox Factory is the suitor and will be purchasing at least some of the Marzocchi brand. Just what Fox plans to do with the assets and what it means for the brand remains to be seen, but it at least sounds like a great deal for current Marzocchi owners…


Bikes vs Cars: A Documentary Inspiring better urban planning, Plus a CO2 Mapping App as proof we need it

Bikes vs Cars 2

Coming to the BIG screen in December, Bikes vs Cars is a documentary by Director Fredrik Gertten that investigates the daily traffic drama around the world.  It centers on how politicians who work for change are facing a multi-billion dollar car, oil and construction industry that use all their means to keep society car dependent. Activists and cities all over the world are moving towards a new system, but will the economic powers allow it?

The movie spotlights moments like in Toronto, when everyone’s favorite crack smoking mayor Rob Ford stripped away the city’s bike lanes in his battle to win the opposing “war on cars,” followed then by members of the Urban Repair Squad attacking the pavement at night, using spray paint and stencils to replace them.

Safely roll past the break to see the movie’s trailer and where it’s premiering…..