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La Famiglia: Behind the scenes look at Basso Bikes’ Italian production facility & their deep cycling heritage

We recently saw Basso Bikes in Vegas with several new models including the new Konos Tri bike, Fast Cross Disc with front & rear thru-axles and two entry level build carbon bikes. Based in Dueville Italy, just North of Vicenza, 10km from Campagnolo’s headquarters, Basso Bikes is a passionate, family owned bicycle company still run by company founder Alcide Basso who started Basso bikes out of his garage in 1974.

After viewing the video, roll past the break for step back in time for some pretty cool facts about the Basso family’s deep roots in cycling of which led to the creation of Basso Bikes…..


117-foot truss bicycle almost sets world record, still gets into Guinness

Guinness Book of World Records longest bicycle 2016

Using the same type of trusses that hold the lighting and other theatrical equipment for concerts, members of Dutch cycling organisation the Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg put together a bicycle measuring 117 feet, 5 inches (35.79 meters) to get into the record books. And it’s official, thanks to documentation and inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records for 2016.

Stretch past the break to check the video and another pic of the end of the bike, where one poor soul has to pedal it all…


How Our #BikeStartup Just Raised One Million Dollars

Dr. Evil Bicycle

#BIKESTARTUP is a scrappy, in-the-trenches guide designed to turn your idea into a full-fledged bike business. We’ve covered customer research, prototypingmanufacturing, and raising money without investors. Now let’s talk real money.

The last six months on the fundraising warpath was one of the most emotionally challenging experiences of my life. If you can start and grow a business at a speed that makes you happy, then don’t raise money. There are many fundraising options, like Kickstarter, that don’t require investors. But if you’re ambitious (read: impatient) and organic growth is not fast enough, then fundraising is the startup steroid you need.

When I say raising money I’m not talking about borrowing $20K from your friend’s rich dad. I’m talking about finding experienced, professional early-stage angel investors and venture capitalists (VCs), who will inject funding into your company and expect a big return. And believe me, this looks nothing like an episode of Shark Tank.

Here’s what we did to raise money…


Culprit launches shipped-anywhere pricing, hints at “Superbike” wind tunnel results for Legend

2016 Culprit RoaDi disc brake alloy road bike

Based in Taiwan, Culprit’s direct-to-consumer approach has thus far been hampered by shipping and import duty fees jacking up the otherwise very competitive pricing. Now, they managed to bundle those fees into the complete bike and frameset pricing, eliminating the price penalty. And, as usual, there are several bonuses thrown into the complete bike purchase that make it more tempting.

Each bike comes with a Culprit jersey and bibshort, mini-torque tool and your choice of trim colors and matte or gloss finish. The free-shipping-to-anywhere has a few limitations, but covers all of Europe, North America and most of Asia, and it’s offered on all of their 700c road bikes…


PBE15: More on the new T47 BB from White Industries, Enduro, and Paragon Machine Works

White Industries Engin Cycles Paragon Machine works t41 threaded press fit bottom bracket-26

If you missed the big news on Thursday, there’s a new bottom bracket standard in town. Now before you start sharpening those pitchforks, this one appears to be a bit of a different animal. The short of it is that it uses the same shell as a PF30 bottom bracket, but it is threaded to eliminate the press fit part of the equation.

A true collaboration between companies, at the Philly Bike Expo you could basically take in every step of the process by walking from one adjacent booth to another. Start at Paragon Machine Works for the Bottom Bracket shells, move over to White Industries for bottom brackets, and finish at Engin Cycles for the complete build (and the prototype White Industries T47 crankset)…


Industry launches new, larger threaded T47 bottom bracket standard – say goodbye to PressFit!


The first Engin Cycles frame with the T47 bottom bracket standard.

An idea has been floating around some of the smaller industry players for about a year now. Brands like White Industries, Chris King and Paragon Machine Works were all thinking that people liked threaded bottom brackets, but that frames and cranks had changed so much over the past decade, getting larger diameter tubes that didn’t go as well with the tiny English threaded BB. These ideas progressed in distinct conversations running their own courses until one company contacted another to make a bottom bracket, and then everything really fell into place to (hopefully) replace the pressfit bottom bracket.

The driving force was to take the advantages of a 30mm spindle and modern frames and combine them with the proven durability, quiet performance and lovability of the traditional threaded bottom bracket.

The result is a new standard called T47, for “Threaded 47”. It measures M47x1, meaning a 47mm outside-thread diameter with a 1mm thread pitch (25.4 tpi equivalent). That puts it very close to the 24 tpi (threads per inch) currently used on English threaded bottom brackets, so it’s essentially been proven on bicycles for many, many years. And that slightly finer thread pitch helps to manually hand tap and chase the threads, a handy feature for frame builders.


Zeitbike to Spread Bicycle Cool with Distribution of De Marchi, Green Oil, Pedal Pushers, Ass Savers, and More

zeitgeist green oil fiks reflective (18)

The bicycle product world is a big place. So big that many very good but very small brands can be lost in the mix, or difficult to find. That made Fritz Bohl think that there was room for another distributor in the U.S., but one that focused on unique brands that are quintessentially cool but also provide lasting performance. Selling to dealers or direct through the Zeitbike website, brands like De Marchi should be a bit easier to get your hands on…


Biketoberfest Roundup: Custom Zipp Wheels, Dirty Kanza Cannonballs, Fat Bike Hub Adapters, and 11 Speed Road from MicroShift

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07740

While considerably smaller than their other dealer shows, QBP’s Biketoberfest still had some new stuff if you knew where to look. While some of the goods were completely new, others were new to us. Things like the ability to order custom, pre-built Zipp wheels from Quality Wheels. One of the only distributors authorized to build custom Zipps, if you have a certain preference for hubs your local bike shop should be able to help you out…


Orbea highlights 175 years with a few wild bikes from the past, future…and a Lamborghini

1994 Orbea Next One hardtail mountain bike with drum brakes and single-sided drivetrain stays

When you’ve been in business for 175 years, you’re in rare company in the bicycle business. True, Orbea started out manufacturing guns, but they’ve been onto bicycles for quite some time and have racked up more than a couple major wins over the many years.

Like any good bike brand, they’ve also racked up quite a few odd designs, not the least of which is this 1994 Next One hardtail…