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Must Watch: Horsepower | Brett Rheeder, plus Di2 Drivetrains for Dirt Jumps?

We thought about saving this one for the weekend, but it’s just too good not to share. We already know Brett Rheeder is a mad man on a bike, but this latest video really highlights his incredible talents on a bike. Using a huge tract of land up in Cherry Creek, British Columbia, Rheeder tears it up on a slopestyle course with plenty of hay bales and a beautiful view.

If you look closely at Rheeder’s bike you might catch a unique Di2 set up as well…


DIY Video Shows You How to Give Your Bike the Tron Treatment

Victor Does is a web series based in Sweden that posts DIY tutorials for various projects, from building a beer can lantern to electrolysis rust removal. This particular video shows you how to turn your bike into a “Tron Style” glow in the dark vehicle. The point is to make your bike not only look rad, but also to add another safety component while riding at night. The glow in the dark paint portion of the video is simple, but the UV LED soldering component is a bit more complicated. For those of us with no electrical wiring knowledge, this video might not be completely comprehensive; you may have to dig around other sites to learn how to connect Ohm resistors in a parallel circuit. That, and making the wiring a bit cleaner. But if you’re able to get the required items and have the time to put them together, this could be a really great weekend project that would add another level of safety to your nighttime rides.

PBE14: A Crazy Pedal-Powered, Pirate Ship Inspired Hunting Stand & Other Random Bikes


Walking into the Philly Bike Expo hall, I was greeted with the tail end of this contraption. It defies description really, and no one was on hand to explain it. That’s art for you – best left to be interpreted by the observer, it’s meaning to be decided by the beholder. For me, it’s something inspired by pirate ships that want to traipse far into the wilderness and need a perch from which to hunt…


VECTr Interchangeable Expanding Gear System Seeks Feedback, Check It Out & Give Your Opinion

Joseph Magee, the product developer of the VECTr, is looking for feedback on his design as he conducts market research. The name is short for the Variably Expanding Chain Transmission, and is a new way to change your front drive ratio. They have built a working prototype along their journey towards production.

The system is said to be better than typical current designs by reducing the wear and friction of a front derailleur, reducing wear on the chain from drastic chain angles (cross-chaining), can change gears quickly, and can be adjusted anywhere in between a 22t and 44t equivelant.

Watch the video, and take their survey. Tell us what you think of VECTr

Need To Lighten Your Ride? Proti Fully Forged Titanium Bolts Are Light, But Also Stronger

Proti-Bolts-HeaderProti makes 6/4 Titanium bolts for motorcycles, using a technology where they are fully forged, including the threads. This relatively recent technology builds a bolt that has a much higher strength than a CNC cut bolt that is more typical of titanium bolts used in bicycles.

Andre Szucs saw what this was doing in the motorcycle world, and worked with Proti to become the representative of the bolts for the bicycle industry, and started There is a lot of science that explains why forging is better than cutting, check inside for the story…


PBE14: Tricky Fenix Full Size, Folding Travel Bike Switches Easily Between Road & Mountain Builds


The Fenix Macleod is just plain different in the best possible way. They’re the green bikes in the foreground and they use the same frame, yet can be set up with road or mountain bike parts. Or any combination of the two (think monster cross). Why? Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes ya don’t. Either way, they’ll travel with you in a very compact package and give you the freedom to not only bring your bike with you, but bring exactly the kind of bike you’ll need!


Raceware Direct Garmin Computer/Di2 Box Mount Gets Standard; Online Customization Feature Goes Live

custom color garmin cycling computer mounts with color choice and left or right orientation

Just two weeks ago, Raceware Direct showed off their steerer tube spacer Di2 mounts with mention that it would soon be available as an option on their Garmin cycling computer mounts, too…and they’re here.

Even more exciting is the launch of their custom builder, letting you pick the color and mounting orientation as well as put your own name on it! Not only can you have your name (or team, etc.) 3D printed on the side, but you can scale the letter size and rotate the letters to read up, down or regular. For those that have been asking for a left side computer mount, this is your answer. We played with it a bit, finding ways to make “Bikerumor” read up and down. Check out another example and the Di2 integrations below…


EB14: Roundup – Silverback’s Superbike Concept, Plus Asian Examples, Ti, Carbon & Other Hacks


Outside the exhibit halls were the award winners, among them Silverback’s SBC 29er full suspension race bike. Standing for “Superbike Concept”, it takes their technology to the brink to see what they can do. It’s not their only one, but this one caught our eye for the rather unique suspension design.

The closeups of that are after the break, but there’s more to it than that. The frame uses internal mandrels to help shape it and provide a strong enough base to layup longer strands of carbon. The result is a lighter, stronger and stiffer frame. The rear derailleur cable runs under the downtube in full length housing, and there’s room for a front mech’s cable, too, even though this one’s spec’d with a Race Face Next SL single ring crankset. There’s also a removable front derailleur mount, keeping things clean when you’re running a 1x.

Out back, a replaceable threaded insert fits 12×142 thru axles. On the left, a strut connects the seat- and chainstays to not only provide a rigid braking platform but also cool the rear brake. It’s angled, helping direct air over the rotor to blow heat away. Now, about that suspension…


EB14: Roundup – Colorful Custom Suspension Tuning & Other Parts, Fat Tires and Other MTB Fun!


We’ve seen purple and green anodized forks from Marzocchi in the past, but now you can get your fork tuned for both performance and aesthetics by Fast Suspension.

Offering everything from replacement internals to full damping customization for a wide range of forks and shocks from Rockshox, Fox, Marzocchi, Headshok and more. The purple color is a new, ultra low friction coating…and it’s available black, gold, green and other custom colors, too. The pics tell the story below of the options, plus there’s suspension for kids and much more…