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Weekend Group Ride: Fabvelo, Yuba, Profile Designs, Rock Guardz & More


Industrial Design lecturer Mark Richardson used off the shelf parts and salvaged items (like a weed whacker, shower stool, wheelchair and an old road bike) plus a few 3D printed parts to assemble the Fabvelo velomobile.

The design was made to be both safe and easy to replicate and hack. Richardson built it tall and stable, so it’d be easy to see by car drivers and able to easily move along with normal traffic. The covered design allows use in any weather. Richardson wanted to make it easy to build from standard parts, and eventually will probably have open source plans for anyone looking to make their own.

Check out some of the bits, and lots more, below…


Two Fat Fronts are Better Than One with the new Rungu Juggernaut Bullfrog Trike



Sometimes you need more than just a standard bike. Maybe you just want to channel your inner chariot racer or feel like pedaling around mountain biking’s equivalent of a 2 headed cerberus. Either way, Rungu’s new bullfrog trikes have you covered. Why bullfrog? Well, we suppose if the quick, streamlined recumbent 3 wheeled trikes are called tadpoles, the aggressive upright stance and large footprint of the Rungu trikes is deserving of the name. So just what is a bullfrog trike and why would you want one? Built with a fatbike rear end and a split, dual head tube design, the Juggernaut and the Kilimanjaro use dual head tubes with identical front wheels and forks that are steered through a connected handle bar. Which of course is equipped with bar ends. Rungu claims this adds additional stability thanks to the shoulder width front wheel spacing and combined with low gearing, they also claim this can get you places your standard bike or car just won’t go.

Want a front suspension bull frog? Catch one after the break…


Found: Vecnum Moveloc Long Travel Dropper Seatpost & Leveloc Universal Fork Travel Adjuster

vecnum moveloc lightweight long travel dropper seatpost

Vecnum is a German brand that’s making some pretty solid looking dropper posts and perhaps the most unique (only?) universal fork travel adjust add-ons we’ve seen. Let’s start with the post:

What sets it apart is the length of travel and the weight. Three models are available, giving you maximum drop of 140mm, 170mm and a whopping 200mm. Claimed weights are 490g, 525g and 560g respectively…and respectable. They have four fixed drop points, stopping on a push-pin cylinder system that locks the slider in place and keeps it there even if the internal gas piston or the adjusting hardware happens to fail.

Inside, two brass rails prevent twisting, keeping your saddle pointing straight forward. Drop down for plenty more tech…


Problem Solvers Offers A Number of New Problem Solving Mounts for Shifters, Lights, Di2 Batteries and more

Problem solvers new 2015 (2)

True bike nerds rejoice – Problem Solvers has a new crop of widgets perfect for dialing in your current project. Problem Solvers is one of those companies that most cyclists probably don’t know exist, but when you have well, a problem that needs to be solved their products can prove invaluable. You may be familiar with the Problem Solvers MisMatch adapters which allow you to pair Shimano levers with SRAM brakes or vice versa. New for this year is the Shimano I-spec-B lever compatible model. Yes, apparently there is a new I-Spec standard. So whenever those make it to market, PS will have you covered for $39.95-49.95.

If you love to tinker around with new frames, components, and accessories, you’ll probably dig the other products PS has in store.


Avalanche Downhill Racing Releases Cartridge Upgrade for Rockshox Pike

Pike with Avalanche Cartirdge

Avalanche Downhill Racing has a long history of offering premium tuning services and after market kits for mountain bike forks and shocks. So it’s no surprise that they recently began to offer several tuning kits for the new Rockshox Pike.

The first kit is a $375 Open Bath Cartridge and Adapter Kit. The whole shebang drops in and replaces the stock damper assembly, but not before it’s custom valved and setup for rider weight, ability, and riding style. That may seem like an extreme upgrade, but Avalanche promises this is the best performance modification you will ever do to your fork. That’s a bold claim considering the high praise virtually every rider and media outlet has levied on the Charger damper since it’s introduction. READ MORE ->

How To: Thread Internal Cables Without the Headache

Apparently a shop vac and a bit of thread is all that’s been missing from my repertoire of shop tricks. Have you tried this in the past or have another preferred method to install internally routed cables? Let us know in the comments!

One Up Components Adds 40-Tooth Replacement Cassette Cog

OneUp Components 40tooth replacement cog for mountain bike cassettes

After starting with a 42-tooth replacement cog for 10-speed mountain bike cassettes, OneUp Components joins Hope Tech in offering a 40-tooth option.

The new sprocket was designed specifically with Shimano’s Zee FR rear derailleur in mind since that mech couldn’t work with the larger 42-tooth ring. We’re thinking it’ll find a wider audience than that when it comes in stock March 17. From OneUp:

The new 40T has all of the same tried and trusted features as our 42T. It’s compatible with most SRAM and Shimano 10X rear derailleurs, no need to be limited to just one drivetrain company! It’s machined from 7075-T6, weighs in at 70g and has 8 upshift points and costs $90 including shipping.

Nick at OneUp also mentioned the 40T is compatible with Saint rear derailleurs when the mode converter is in Freeride mode. They’re still testing with Sram short cages, so can’t yet recommend the 40T with anything other than medium and long cage SRAM derailleurs. Their full compatibility chart is here. More pics below…


Found: Nanotips Paint Makes Any Cycling Gloves Touchscreen Compatible

Nanotips paint makes any cycling glove touchscreen compatible

Nanotips just wrapped up a very successful crowdfunding campaign, and now their conductive nano-particle paint is ready to turn your favorite cycling gloves into touchscreen friendly hand coverings.

Two versions are available, one for leather and thicker materials like rubber, and one for cloth fabrics. Simply paint it onto the first knuckle’s worth of glove, let it dry, and *boom* touchscreen compatibility. Each little bottle retails for $20 and will coat 20 to 30 fingers depending on material and version. Once dry, it’s washable and durable, and can be reapplied as needed. Swipe down for video and more…


Hack! Make Boombotix Give Turn By Turn Directions w/ Killer Music

hack bluetooth speaker to provide turn by turn navigation on a bicycle

When the Schwinn CycleNav came out, my first thought was “Man, wouldn’t this be great if it could stream your music, too?”

Then, some readers suggested it’d be even better if it gave turn by turn navigation with actual street names and such. Then it hit me – Just use the very bicycle friendly Boombotix Rex, Google/Apple Maps and Pandora.


Killer (and loud!) music from great sounding speakers and detailed navigation. Sure, the Rex costs twice as much and doesn’t have a light, but the audio rocks and the directions are legit. And I’ve already got a light.

So, the hack: sync your phone to a Bluetooth speaker, pick your favorite map app and tunes and -boom- you’ve got your own rockin’ never-get-lost set up. UPDATE: You can do this with any Bluetooth speaker, but the folks at Boombotix just chimed in to say the Rex can also ping Siri, letting you remake your directions on the fly without pulling your phone out of your pocket/bag. It’ll also answer calls, though not sure how well the speakerphone mic will pick up while cruising along.