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Drop some Weight, Pick Up Power with new Powertap G3 Disc hub


The need for power isn’t just a roadie thing. With more and more mountain bike racers looking to wattage for training purposes, the off road power meter market is experiencing a similar evolution as road. For Powertap, that means taking their already popular mountain bike hub based powermeter and dropping a big chunk of weight. Compatible with both quick release and thru axles dropouts, the New Powertap G3 rear disc hub clocks in at more than 30% lighter than the previous model…


G-Savr tether prevents your Garmin, GoPro learning to fly


While Garmin cycling computers come with a tether nowadays, G-Savr’s aftermarket option steps it up with an adjustable, easily removable version that’ll work with a variety of electronics.

The body of it’s a soft webbing fabric with adjustable slide that uses a locking cam to keep snug up any slack. The end of it has a clip that allows the high strength cord to loop through the Garmin’s eyelet or a similar hole on any other device (example below).

G-Savr’s Nate Freed says it’s cheap insurance against your $500 (or more) piece of hardware launching off its mount due to rough riding, broken tabs or other equipment failure.


RideAir compressed air canister fills tires immediately without CO2 waste


We’ve all been there. Ready to roll out for a ride, either with just enough time to squeeze a good one, or the rest of the group waiting or just running late to work or whatever, and as soon as we’ve hopped on the bike, the telltale squishy feeling lets us know our tire is too low to ride.

Likely all of us have a floor pump handy, but there are certainly times when we’d rather have something that got the job done in a couple seconds and got us back on the road. Particularly for commuter and other more casual pursuits where exact tire pressure isn’t as important as just getting going. And for that, RideAir was created.

It’s a high pressure canister that stores enough compressed air to inflate a road bike tire to 90psi, and it’s easily refillable…


Sena Goes A/V With Their New 10C Video Camera and Bluetooth Intercom Device

Sena 10C video camera and bluetooth intercom device, angle shot

While Sena may not be a well known brand to cyclists, you might know the name if you also ride motorcycles or ATVs. Sena produces Bluetooth communication devices and video cameras for power sports applications, and they’ve just announced a helmet mounted video camera/Bluetooth headset unit called the 10C.

According to Sena, the 10C is the world’s first combined motorcycle communication and camera system. The 10C can be installed on a bike helmet with its adhesive mount, opening up some cool new possibilities for cyclists. The unit not only allows you to communicate with up to three other people, but you can record your voices on top of your video image for a fully narrated clip. The camera also hosts a video tagging feature that only records a short clip when you hit the button, making it easy to come home with a no-edit highlight reel.

The 10C was just introduced to consumers at the 2015 Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona. Click below the break for more info…

No Key, No Hassles With The Noke Bluetooth U-Lock

Noke bluetooth U-lock and padlock

As smartphones are becoming more and more integral to our daily lives, their long list of applications is growing by the day. While it might seem frivolous to have a bike lock that’s activated by your phone via Bluetooth, the Noke has some cool advantages and unique features. First and foremost, you’ll never lose a set of keys or forget a lock combination again.

The brains behind the Noke U-Lock is Fuz Designs, a company that found success with their Noke Bluetooth padlock last year. They’ve adapted the idea into a bike lock that’s produced a great response on the company’s fifth Kickstarter campaign, raking in over $400,000 so far.

Read on to unlock all the details…

Zwift opens up cycling’s massive multiplayer online training game to everyone!


Remember the days when kids would line up outside Best Buy for the latest console or Halo edition? Well, if you’ve been pulling the digital equivalent and waiting for your invite to Zwift’s beta, you’ve just made it in the door.

As of today, Zwift has opened the beta to all, letting you sign up and ride in their ever expanding virtual world. Yep, since their limited launch in September 2014, they’ve been continually improving both the virtual island you’ll soon be riding on and the overall functionality and accessibility of it. In February, they added a Mac compatibility, and in March they added a mobile companion app to show your stats on your iPhone and keeping your big screen showing the lush pixel perfect scenery. Heck, they even setup competitions to help you earn a spot on a real, live pro team IRL.

Time to fire up that computer…


The Add-E Electric Motor Kit is Generating Watts of Interest on Indiegogo

Add-E electric motor kit, title shot

Like them or not, E-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity. Nearly every big manufacturer has at least one for sale, but at the same time other players are producing retrofit motor kits that offer the same power assist advantage, and possibly a few others. The Add-E motor was invented by Fabian Gutbrod, from Villach, Austria. Gutbrod decided to produce an electric motor kit so customers could keep riding their old favorite bike, plus save space and money versus buying another complete bicycle.

The Add-E is a bolt-on electric motor kit that drives a friction roller to assist the rear wheel. The whole kit weighs just 4.4lbs, creates zero friction when not assisting and the motor and battery can be switched between multiple bikes with extra mounts installed. Their Indiegogo campaign is in full swing, with their goal of €100,000 already well exceeded.

Check out more details after the break…

Strava Local Creates Crowdsourced Smart City Guides for Athletes

Strava Local included cities
We all have a few favorite routes to ride in our local trail network or neighborhood, but now Strava is taking the collective knowledge of their entire user community to share everyone’s favorites with the world. Their new Strava Local app creates smart city guides for athletes, designed by athletes.

Strava Local examines over 38 million uploaded rides or runs and determines the most popular routes and destinations to provide suggestions for great loops and cool shops or landmarks to check out along the way. Each area’s guide is further curated by local experts to ensure the best experiences and attractions appear on the list. Guide yourself down past the break for more info…

Panasonic Introduces Lightweight, Wearable & Highly Accesorizable A1 POV Cam for All Adventures, Day or Night


Seems everyone is throwing their hats into the action sports camera ring these days. Panasonic is the latest,  hitting play with a 3.54 megapixel lightweight, ultra-compact wearable 1080 pixel HD option (available in two colors, for the more fashionable among us) with a lot of bang for the buck. It’s shockproof, waterproof, freeze-proof, and dustproof and comes with a variety of fun mounting options and accessories to tailor the product for a given mode of adventure.

What really differentiates the Panasonic, however, is its coolest feature: The ability to film in total darkness through an IR filter and light source (source available separately). More features on the A1 and a video after the jump. READ MORE ->