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Travelling With Your Bike? Take The Allen Foldable Compact Bike Carriers For The Rental Car


When traveling routinely with a bike, there is a dilemma of how to carry the bike on a subcompact rental car. You could take the bike apart and try to wedge it in the back seat, or pay a large amount of cash to upgrade to a pickup truck. Allen Sports has come up with a nice simple solution with a foldable universal bike rack. Mounting similar to most trunk racks on the market, the racks have adjustable straps and pads, so they can fit on the back of most small cars and SUVs. The unique thing though is they are made from lightweight aluminum, and fold extremely compact, so you can bring it with you in your checked baggage.

Allen Sports’ Aluminum Compact Bike Trunk Carriers are made from 6061 alloy, fold up to be the smallest on the market, and include a carry bag. Allen has thought this idea through, and make it easy to bring the rack with you. The three pads spread the load out evenly, and along with rubber-coated hooks, keep the rental agency from being able to charge you for damage to the car. There are two versions, the AL01 which holds one bike, and the AL02 that holds two bikes. The AL01 comes in at just three pounds.

Most impressively, the AL01 sells for just $59.99. Being affordable and light, it seems like it would be perfect to simply add to your bike’s travel case. If you need to carry two bikes when you get to your destination, the AL02 sells for $119.99 and weighs 3.5lbs.


Kinomap Trainer Has Over 56,000 Training Sessions, Lets You Ride Indoors Anywhere In The World


Just released on a public beta version, the Kinomap Trainer integrates with compatible home trainers, and lets your virtually ride almost 50,000kms around the world. Kinomap’s app can integrate with Computrainer, Wahoo Kickr, Cycleops Powerbeam, and Elite trainers, as well as anything else out there by adding an external speed sensor.

There is a robust amount of features with the app such as maps, elevation plots, multiplayer modes, videos, calculated power, ride history, map searching, videos, virtual racing and TV mirroring, all in a simple interface.

The iOS version leads with multiplayer mode, workout reporting to Strava, Garmin connect and Training Peaks, all of which will also be coming to Android soon. The app is available in the Google play store for €5.99 a month.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Tyler’s Wish List


Each year, we put together our series of holiday gift guides disguised as our own wish lists. They’re also sort of like our version of an “Editor’s Choice” awards, only less formal. These are just the products we’ve seen and possibly tested this year that stood out in some way. Each of us have our own riding style, different terrain and unique preferences, but between us we represent a pretty good spread of the general cycling public. Each one is prefaced with a bit about us so you can see if your own style (or that of a favorite cyclist in your life) matches up.

I’m Tyler, and I like bikes. I ride road long and slow, XC mountain bike on flat-to-rolling singletrack with the occasional trip to the big mountains of Pisgah, NC, and my cyclocross bike sees use year ’round as a commuter, adventurer and generally fun bike to ride. I race only a few times a year, and only for fun, but I still like to see how well I can do and how far I can push myself and my equipment.


Gifts come and go, but experiences last a lifetime. So, topping our lists this year is the experience each of us would most like to have. For me, that’s a framebuilding class at Metal Guru. After meeting Vicious Cycles founder and Metal Guru owner Carl Schlemowitz at the Philly Bike Expo this year, his program stood out in that it brings in well known builders like Steve Bilenky and others to teach classes. Choose from steel welding or brazing and you’ll leave the 68-hour class with your own unique frame.


Adventure Finds a New Home w/ 2015 Winnebago Travato Touring Sprinter

2015 Winnebago Travato adventure sports touring sprinter van

We’ve seen some pretty cool vehicle concepts from Jeep and Toyota before, but this one is my favorite so far. Improving quite a bit upon last year’s model, the 2015 Winnebago Travato is dubbed the “best value for the adventurous explorer” and comes equipped for just about anything outdoorsy we’re into.

Built on the Dodge Ram ProMaster frame, the 20’11″ touring RV gets a kitchenette, full bath, flat screen, two beds, dining area, storage, a complete array of hookups and more as standard fare. The integrated bike rack and kayak mounts are optional, but we’re kinda digging the high placement for the bikes.

Wanna see the rest of it? Please, step inside…


A Shifter For $19.99 Made From Scrap Metal May Help Change The World

One Scrap Shifter

One Street is a non-profit organization based in Prescott, Arizona. They have come up with a cool shifter that was Kickstarted last year, made from scrap aluminum and other household parts. Based on the age-old idea of the friction shifter, it can

The lever has only six parts, four are normal items and two are cast out of scrap aluminum. The shifter is ambidextrous, and works for either the front or rear derailleur.

Amazingly, this working shifter only costs $19.99. And on top of that, the money you spend is going to a non-profit that helps other cycling organizations, and also sells them licensed kits so the other groups can sell the shifter too. Check out the specs by clicking more…   READ MORE ->

Mio Velo heart rate monitoring wristband links ANT+ sensors to your smartphone

Mio Velo heart rate monitor wristband for cyclists

Mio has been one of the leading brands in pushing chest-strap-free heart rate monitoring for athletes, putting an optical sensor between your wrist and the device to measure pulse.

The Velo, above, is the first cycling specific model, pairing with your ANT+ and/or BTLE cadence and speed sensors and then sending that data to a bluetooth equipped smartphone, letting you capture all that data in any of your favorite cycling apps (heard of Strava?) without the need for a dedicated cycling computer. Of course, it’ll send the data via ANT+ to any such computer, too. That cycling sensor compatibility sets it apart from other fitness tracking wrist bands, but it’ll handle basic fitness tracking, too, through their Mio GO app.

We spotted this and the Fuse at Interbike, too, and got the full tech breakdown, but now they’re ready to ship on December 8th, just in time for the holidays…


PBE14: Fiks:Reflective Wheel Stripes Light Up The Night w/ Rainbows!


Whether you’re just looking to increase your safety margin a bit or you want to blow minds, Fiks:Reflective has the stickers for you. The pic above shows what happens when lights hit their reflective sticker strips, which are sized for 700c wheels. This is the black version, but it’s the colors that’ll really make your rods and cones dance…


Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt Leaves your Old HRM in the Cold


When a heart rate monitor just won’t cut it, there is a new crop of “smart shirts.” More than simply a heart rate monitor, Hexoskin’s Smart Shirts use built in sensor technology to monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV), breathing rate, minute ventilation, Heart Rate Recovery, Cadence, even an estimated Vo2 max and more.

Originally available in tank top form only, the new Hexoskin Arctic is much better suited to cold weather pursuits. Claimed to be used by NASA, CSA, and CNES for training purposes, Hexoskin reported collects 42,000 data points per minute. Does this signal a big change in training for the cycling industry? Details next…


Make Your Bike Look Pro With VeloInk Custom Name & Flag Decals

veloink1You have seen the pro’s bikes, each carefully labeled with the name of the owner and where they are from. Veloink is a small company starting with the creation of these decals for the rest of us that may not have a full-time professional mechanic to put them for us.

They have one of the most impressive lists of flags, including all states, most countries, Armed Forces and governmental divisions. When you type in your name, it ends up in a custom decal about a half inch tall, and 2-4 inches long, depending on text.

Check out the “I Ride For” decals after the jump, where they donate half of the gross sales to the Michael J. Fox foundation.