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Elite Real Trainers Now Fully Compatible with Kinomap Trainer Program

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Those of you who need to suffer on a trainer but are looking for something a little more immersive than watching reruns of Breaking Bad may want to check out Kinomap Trainer. Announced just over a year ago, the iOS based app allows your trainer to interact with videos and GPS tracks of rides all over the world giving you one of the most realistic indoor ride experiences you can find. Initially designed to work with trainers like the Wahoo Fitness KICKR, Kinomap is adding Elite Real trainers to the list of compatible options.

Using the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ dongle, the Real E-motion, RealAxiom, RealPower and RealTour trainers are now fully compatible with Kinomap Trainer. Rumor has it, customer demand for the ability to upload user generated video and GPS routes forced the switch from Elite’s proprietary software and training DVD’s of the past to this new, online format. Whatever the reason, owners or future owners of Elite Real trainers will now have access to over 15,000 videos covering 40,000 KM of geolocated training rides. With the UCI’s ban on in race camera’s lifted, that should make for some very interesting training videos coming soon…

Trek Factory Racing Partners with Samsung, Integrates Training with New Wearable Technology

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Photo c. Samsung Tomorrow

Earlier this year during the Consumer Electronics show it was rumored that Trek and Samsung might be forming a partnership. The fact that there was a custom Samsung painted Trek Domane with the tech company’s Gear 2 smart watch built into the handle bar certainly didn’t hurt the rumors. While we won’t be seeing Trek carbon bars with Samsung mobile devices embedded in them any time soon, the two companies are teaming up to develop fitness and wellness based tech for the future.

Announced just before the start of the 2014 Tour de France, Trek Factory Racing will be outfitted with the latest products from Samsung including the Galaxy S5, Gear smart watches, and the Galaxy tablets. Samsung feels that the team will be able to integrate the Gear devices into their training allowing the team to remotely monitor their health, HR, cadence, and speed from Samsung tablets. As Samsung continues to focus more on the wellness aspect of their newest products, the partnership will provide them with valuable feedback from the cycling world for future products and development.


Effetto Mariposa Fills ‘n’ Seals Fat Tires Instantly w/ Caffélatex Espresso Doppio

effettomariposa-caffelatex-espresso-doppio-co2-sealant-inflatorSometimes it takes a little more juice to get the big guys ready for action. While Effetto Mariposa’s Espresso quick fill canister’s 75ml shot of Caffélatex sealant will put a punctured road or ‘cross bike tire back into action, it may not be enough for larger volume mountain bike treads.

For that, there’s the new 125ml Espresso Doppio. The can combines sealant and a propellant to both fill and seal 27.5″, 29er and 29+ tires in one shot. They say it’ll do the job in under 60 seconds, which is certainly faster than putting a tube in and pumping. Retail is $16.95, available in the U.S. through Cantitoe Road.

Bkool Trainer Gets More Stable, Online Simulator Improves Compatibility, Versatility

bkool bicycle trainer with online ride simulator and user uploaded video and GPX tracks

BKool is a Spanish brand that started as a technology company that wanted to make a simulator but needed a trainer for it to work on. So, they made their own trainer, which, along with the software, is made in Spain and takes a different approach to indoor training.

The basics are: It’s a magnetic trainer with computer controlled resistance, the levels of which come from their online simulation program. The program lets you watch ride videos from around the world or use professional training programs, then join up with others or issue challenges via its social integration.

Video routes stream at the speed you’re riding and resistance adjusts based on the elevation profile. You set up your height and weight, and then resistance levels are applied accordingly. So, a heavier rider would feel more resistance on the climbs, just like in the real world.

We’ve had one of the originals (shown above) in for review since last winter and, honestly, our opinion has been lukewarm. There are certainly some cool features, but several physical and virtual issues have kept it from living up to the hype. Fortunately, the new model and updated software could turn our frown upside down. Check it out…


PatchnRide Promises Simple Flat Repair without Removing the Tire – Even on Tubulars

Pretend for a moment that you’re not an expert flat repair person, and that you barely know how to work a quick release. For that rider, or anyone else who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of repairing a flat tire, it looks like things could be getting a lot easier in the near future. A new company by the name of patchnride has taken on the flat tire, and is offering the simplest method of getting air back in your tubes without ever having to remove the tire. The secret lies in a clever device that “injects” a patch into the tire. Once inserted, the tire can be reinflated and you’re on your way in about 60 seconds.

See how it works after the break…


Wahoo RPM Clocks Cadence in Bluetooth & ANT+ Without Magnets

Wahoo RPM Cadence sensor (2)

The purveyors of iPhone powered fitness devices now have their sights set on cadence sensors. Thanks to the new Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor, constantly misaligned magnets are a thing of the past. The tiny 7g, coin cell operated RPM simply affixes to your crank and pairs with most Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ compatible devices to provide the necessary cadence feed back. Due to the fact that the RPM does not use magnets, it can also be installed on your shoe as a footpod for public spin bikes, or if you want to easily use it on multiple bikes.

Battery life, installation requirements, and more, next…


PowerTap Adds AMP Series, Offers Carbon Wheels with Power at Impressive Prices

PowerTap Adds AMP Series, Offers Carbon Wheels with Power at Impressive Prices

It wasn’t long ago that many privateer racers used one set of wheels for training, and the good set of wheels for racing. That meant if they used a hub mounted power meter like the Saris PowerTap, they were usually investing in more than one hub, which can get expensive in a hurry. Now, PowerTap feels that those days are over, especially with the introduction of their new AMP collection of wheels which offer the aero performance of deep carbon wheels in a affordable and durable package.

Regardless of how you view the race day/training day wheel question, the PowerTap AMP wheels are definitely worth a look for their value alone…


Useeme Turnin’ – The Automatic Wearable Bicycle Turn Signal

Useeme Turnin' - The Automatic Wearable Bicycle Turn Signal

Bicycle turn signals are an idea that have been around for awhile. Many have attempted to integrate them into bicycle wear, but few have succeeded to gain a real foothold in the market place. Most recently, Zackees successfully funded a Kickstarter for their turn signal gloves, which actually look pretty good. Even so, Useeme wanted to take the turn signal further – to create a design that checked all the boxes of being wearable, visible, and most importantly, Automatic.

Useeme finally has working prototypes with an intriguing design. Is this the future of bicycle signalling? See how the Useeme signals work and one of the more entertaining pitch videos, next…


The 3-Way, GoPro’s Most Versatile Mount Yet

Go Pro 3 Way Mount The new 3-way mount from GoPro can be configured as either a camera grip, fold-able extension arm, or as a mini tripod. Which makes it perfect for POV footage, follow cams, and selfies.

Stored inside the handle is a mini tripod, which can be removed and used on it’s own, or used in conjunction with the handle for capturing the perfect shot.

Head past the break for action shots…