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Kickstarter: Klamp Offers A Better Way to Mount Action Cameras, Cycling Computers & More

Klamp Kickstarter SketchesShooting video with a POV camera can be a lot of fun, but catching the right angle can be difficult. Not only do the cameras come with a only a  couple of sticks, but they’re limited in range.

Klamp is a modular mounting system for action cameras, cycling computers, and other accessories, which makes it easy to not only mount devices in unusual places, but allows you to capture unique angles, and then easily swap to a different position.


New Watteam PowerBeat Charges Up Left-Right Power Measurement on Any Crankset for $499

watteam powerbeat affordable bicycle power meter for any crankset

Nothing gives power to the people like a power meter that’ll fit any crankset and costs a fraction of competing units. That’s just what Watteam has done, surging to market with their new PowerBeat power meters.

Using a processing unit with built in transmitter wired to a strain gauge, the PowerBeat measures the effort put into each pedal stroke on each side. That means true, independent left and right side measurement. Each side weighs just 24.2g, yet it’s packed with features like dual ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (LE) data transmission and a combination of strain gauges, gyros and accelerometers. It’s all housed in a weatherproof construction with user replaceable batteries.

The best part? It’ll mount to any crank arm -carbon, alloy, old, new, whatever- and it costs as little as $499…


Knog Qudos Action Sports Camera Light Makes Your GoPro a Night Owl


The new Knog [qudos] action sports camera light brings new life to your GoPro, Sony or any other video taking device with a GoPro-compatible mount option.

Designed to shed light on your after dark and low light activities, it burns up to three Cree LEDs inside a waterproof alloy housing. It comes with a dual mount as shown, positioning it directly adjacent your camera, or use a 1/4-twenty/GoPro adapter to put it on a tripod or extension pole for angled light effects. They even include a cold shoe mount for DSLR and traditional video cameras.

UPDATED: Pricing and Video added at bottom.

Illuminate your shots with more info below…


New Sony HDR-AS20 Action Cam Get High Def, Full Features & Budget $200 Price Tag

Sony HDR-AS20 Action Cam HD extreme sports video camera

Almost a year after bringing out the HDR-AS30V with it’s GPS tagged video capture and slick dashboard, the new Sony HDR-AS20 drops the price $100 while keeping everything but the location tracking.

For just $200, you’ll get full HD recording in several modes, SteadyShot electronic image stabilization, a 170º Carl Zeiss lens and backlit Exmor R CMOS sensor with 28Mbps capture. Other standout features include stereo microphones, waterproof case and built-in WiFi. That means remote control with its iOS or Android app or the optional wearable video screen remote. Basically, it’s the same camera as the AS30V without the GPS, making it an incredible deal if you can live without the satellites knowing where you shot your film.

Available this August. It’s the same size as the GPS model, so presumably it’ll work with all the same accessories already available. Full PR after the break…


Exclusive Hands-on Review of the new Verve Infocrank Power Meter


As we introduced them to you this spring, Verve Cycling is now delivering the production version of their new power metering crankset, the Infocrank. The power meter can now be ordered online, and is shipped consumer-direct from either their EU, US, or Oceania distribution hubs. Then through a network of worldwide Affiliates, they can work with you to make sure you take full advantage of the power meter’s training capabilities.

Having recently finished final beta testing and now been delivered to early supporters, we had the unique opportunity to borrow a set of the power metering cranks directly from Verve Cycling’s president for just over a week to see what customers could expect. Bryan Taylor lent us his personal Cervélo R3 with the Infocrank installed while he was traveling on business, giving us a chance to go through the new setup process with the included O_synce Navi2coach GPS computer, as well as to pair it with a standard Garmin Edge computer. We tested out the cranks on a few regular mid-length group and solo road rides, as well as giving it a go on some gravel, and even a bout on the indoor trainer. The goal was less about testing the accuracy of the power meter (a point where Verve seems to excel, btw) and more about how a rider might set up and actually use the Infocrank.

Come past the break for the full details and real world weights.


Pyle Enters the Expanding Action Camera Market with the eXpo HD


Pyle Audio, known for affordable home and  car stereo components are throwing their hat in the action sports ring with a HD camera aimed directly at the GoPro. Their eXpo HD action camera should provide high resolution photos and high quality video with premium features and a lot of include accessories at a price point that would normally have you reaching down at least to the second tier products from more established companies.

Have a jump past the break for more pics, tech info, pricing, and what is included when you buy.


Rollout Trailers Will Haul Your Cargo For You — Meet The Brouhaha

Rollout Trailers Brouhaha Zero Towing Force Self Propelled Tailgating With Beer Cooler And Grill

As more people abandon their cars in favor of two wheeled bliss the demand for augmented alternative-transport grows. The electronically assisted Brouhaha Bike Trailer augments your cycling by doing the grunt work for you. It generates the precise power required to propel whatever cargo you care to pile onto it. You can now ditch the car and still head to Home Depot…or the big game. Pull through the break for more…


Get Pumped With Limited Edition CVNDSH Headphones From Vibe


Like many top athletes, Mark Cavandish listens to music before races in order to get into the right mindset. While plopping a set of his new branded headphones won’t make you one of the world’s fastest sprinters, they do look damn cool.

The £199.99 headphones are foldable and come with a stylish hard case for traveling.  The headphones have a detachable TPU flat cable, but can also be paired with your music device via bluetooth. A built in mic allows you to answer calls and dictate messages, and an additional row of buttons allow you to skip tracks, toggle call features, and more. 

Only 500 headphones will be sold and you can preorder now. The first headphones will begin shipping next week. Order yours here.

Photo Gallery: 2015 Specialized Gear, Apparel & Components


Our first gallery from the 2015 Specialized Dealer Event showed off a lot of bikes. Now, we’ve got a collection of new components, parts, accessories, gear and apparel for your perusal.

Above, the new 4th generation S-Works mountain bike cranks get hollow carbon construction and a 30mm spindle only. They’ll work with any 104BCD chainring, single or double only. Spin past the break for lots more…