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Bopworx Protects Your Bikes from Shipping and Travel, as well as Eachother

Whole Bike

At one time or another we all travel with our bike(s) and may even ship them to a destination every so often. Our bikes are fine tuned machines that many of us are proud of and anytime we ship or pile them against other bikes, we wince a little with every jostle and bump.

The folks at Bopworx tried different things like using towels and even gloves to protect their bikes (and reduce wincing). After searching and finding nothing better than those makeshift cushions, they decided there should be a better solution to protect our two wheeled investments.

Don’t want any scratches on your baby? Maybe it’s time to use new protection…


EB15: Bright new lights & updated features from Exposure and Lupine


The updated Exposure Strada gets 230° illumination thanks to bespoke optics that push the light around the sides. The lower LEDs bathe the road in light from the top of the front tire out to where the more powerful spot beam at the top punches into the darkness. The top beam is dimmable and has a flash mode, too, and run times remain excellent…


Just Tri Me- Joel Caplette’s 3-Wheeled Norco Aurum

Joel Caplette on his three wheel converted Norco Aurum

It’s always inspiring to see people overcome life’s challenges, and when they accomplish this with the help of clever bike technology it really piques our interest here at Bikerumor. During Crankworx in Whistler this year, we caught a few glimpses of a DH rider cruising around the village on a Norco Aurum frame with a two-wheel conversion kit on the rear end. Finally we crossed paths with this unique rig and its rider, Joel Caplette, and were able to get the scoop on his adapted downhill trike.

Caplette hails from Aldergrove, B.C, and due to cerebral palsy lacks the strength in his legs to provide sufficient balance for riding a typical bike. But instead of letting that stop him from shredding, Caplette found and adapted a conversion kit that enables him to ride most bike park trails (but does make crashing a bit scary!). Read on for more photos and details of Caplette’s customized trike…

Build a Kid’s Bike, Scooter, Trike and Much Much More from Scratch with Infento’s Build Kits


Playing with Legos or an Erector Set as kids, (and in many cases, adults), the satisfaction one gets from building something is no surprise. Now imagine getting to create something with your kids that becomes something they can actually ride. Infento has launched a Kickstarter for a life size Erector Set of sorts that allows a parent and child to build an assortment of pedal and push powered vehicles for kids from toddler to teenager…. with One. Single. Tool.

So if you’ve ever wanted to be able to experiment with the head angle on your child’s enduro scoot bike, check out Infento’s build kits and get creative!


EB15: Lapierre Spices Up Enduro, Brings E:i Shock to Short Stems


We brought you coverage of Lapierre’s alpine launch of their revised Zestys earlier this summer, but now at Eurobike we’ve seen their updated enduro bike the Spicy. Based on the same OST+ suspension design, we were teased then about the new longer travel Spicy, which had seen racing this year at the Enduro World Series. The bike gets some industry standard enduro geometry tweaks, plus a minor but important reworking of the e:i Shock Auto brain to allow it to work on bikes with short stems – those which often need it the most.

Join us after the break for pics, details, pricing, and availability…



EB15: New Garmin Edge Explore 1000 finds adventure, notifies friends if you find trouble

Garmin Edge Explore 1000 GPS cycling computer for touring and adventure cycling

Garmin seems to be paying close attention to cyclists’ needs more than ever. With the recent introduction of their Varia System, they obviously recognize the importance of safety to a cyclist and decided to take it up a notch with “Incident Detection” in the new Edge Explore 1000.

It’s aimed more at those looking to get out there, travel less trafficked roads and spend more time away from it all. There are no Segments, power data is more limited, and the GUI is more iconic and intuitive than the more performance oriented Edge units. Aimed at the adventure cyclist and long distance rider, it’ll even take an SD card to hold larger, more detailed maps. It also builds in a 15 hour battery life and can operate while plugged into an auxiliary power source, too.

Navigate past the break to see how the new Edge Explore 1000 can assist you on your next adventure…


Suspension Stems are Back with the Redshift Shockstop for Gravel and Road Rides

Redshift Sports has made some clever designs in the past to allow riders to modify their road bikes for multiple disciplines. They’re at it again with….. you better sit down. It’s a new suspension stem. Though many may have just had Girvin and Softride flashbacks, (man, I miss the 90’s), this takes a whole new approach in not only design, but who this stem is meant for.

Flex on through to reconsider the suspension stem…


GoPro Makes Sharing Videos Easier than Ever w/ New Trim and Share Feature


The latest feature to hit the GoPro phone app and HERO4 Black (with LCD BacPac), HERO4 Silver, and HERO+ LCD cameras simplifies sharing your memorable video clips with others or just setting key moments aside to look at or edit later. To trim the part you want, in play mode, you simply tap the scissors on the screen during the moment you want to trim and it lets you select 5, 15 (default), or 30 seconds of that part of the video. You can then slide the selection side to side to get the exact starting or ending point you want without changing the duration of the clip. After that, you just tap “Next”, and choose your method of sharing.

Click ahead to check out their videos on how easy it really is to trim video clips on both the cameras and phone app.


EB15: Feedback Sports takes Omnium roller trainer and makes it better.


Borrowing the Sportcrafters’ Omnium roller design, Feedback sports has crafted it into a sturdier, sexier unit for keeping you strong through the winter. Or just warming up before a race.

We’ve seen the Omnium’s first edition from Sportcrafters at Interbike 2013 and again in our own office, and the rolling parts carry over here. It’s still using their progressive magnetic resistance that moves the magnet closer to the drum as it goes faster. What’s changed is the overall structure, making for a better platform to hammer upon.

Unfold the tech details below…