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Kuai Multisport Biometric Headset puts a personal trainer in your ear

Kuai biometric multisport headset

Even with tech devices getting smaller and smaller, it requires a collection of them for athletes to take multiple biometric measurements while training. The creative minds behind the Kuai headset are an athletic bunch of tech-sector businessmen who wanted to make it simpler and less cumbersome to collect a wide range of biometric data, so they invented the Kuai. The headset allows athletes to train smarter, safer and achieve performance goals more efficiently with real time coaching by combining the heart rate, foot strike (for running) and other biometric sensors into a lightweight, wireless headset.

The designers are calling the Kuai the world’s first biometric headset designed for all sports. Earlier this year we covered The Dash earbuds from Bragi which offers many of the same features, but are apparently quite far behind schedule with production. The Kuai headset is very close to fruition, with the research and development phase complete.

The team at Kuaiwear has working prototypes, and live demos will be held at Ironman 70.3 Boulder on June 13th. All that’s needed now is the funding to go into production, so their Kickstarter campaign goes live today with a great discount for early supporters…

ANT+ FE-C update brings two-way communication, lets your display control your device


With products like the Wahoo KICKR taking advantage of Bluetooth’s ability to send and receive data, it’s had a bit of a headstart in terms of integrating cycling (or desktop) computers and smartphones into an overall system. For example, when we reviewed the KICKR and TrainerRoad, the training software or iPhone app could control the trainer to make for some automatic and furiously effective workouts.

Now, ANT+ is in on the game, letting multiple devices have real, two way conversations with each other. It’s geared toward indoor cycles and trainers, and TacX, Kinomap and TrainerRoad have already integrated it into their products alongside other major updates…


Light Up More than the Road with the The Unique Ding Bike Light

Ding bike light- bottom view

While cycling lights have become much brighter in the past few years, urban riders are looking in a whole different direction when it comes to light innovation- sideways. Recently Bikerumor previewed the Hueray light-up grips which follow this principle, but the Ding goes a step further and projects a large beam of light on the ground around you. The idea was hatched after the Ding’s creator Des Burns was almost hit by a motorist, who said they didn’t see him even though his front and rear lights were on.

The Ding light has typical forward lighting for the cyclists visibility, but a separate light also projects downwards in a rectangular shaped beam that covers both sides of the rider to make you much more visible to drivers. The Ding’s Kickstarter campaign is already in full swing, but still needs some funding to go into production. Check out the details of the Ding below the break…

New Polar M450 GPS cycling computer pushes all the right buttons, V650 gets maps!

hands on with all new Polar M450 gps cycling computer

To hear Polar’s tech folks tell it, their focus is and has always been accurate measurement of your heart rate as the foundation for a proper training device. Over the years, power measurement was added, too. But when Garmin came on the scene with GPS, it took a chunk out of their sales. So, for the past three years they’ve been integrating location tracking into their sports watches and the flagship V650 cycling computer introduced last fall and it’s breathed new life into the brand.

Now, they’re adding a second GPS cycling computer at an exciting price point – the M450. And it’s exciting for far more than its ability to track your ride’s whereabouts. It’s loaded to the gills with features and tricks that put many cycling computers costing twice as much to shame.

Full details and first ride impressions below, but let’s stick with GPS for a moment. The V650 will be adding mapping capability via a free software update in August. The mapping will use the built in GPS to show where you are thanks to Open Street Maps, which means free maps for anywhere in the world…


GoPro Hero+ LCD Lets you See What You’re Filming at the Lowest Price Yet


Action cameras have come a long way for both pros and average Joes allowing them to relive their greatest experiences, but they haven’t always been easy to use. With the first generation of cameras, you basically had to point it in the general direction you wanted to film and hoped you got the shot. Of course with each successive generation camera technology has improved, all the while making it easier than ever to get the shot.

When GoPro introduced the Hero 4, one of the biggest advancements was the addition of a built in LCD touch screen. Now you could not only easily frame the shot, but you could also control the camera with ease. The news today isn’t that an LCD touch screen enabled GoPro exists, but that you can now pick one up for just $300…


New 2015 Mercedes Sprinter diesel 4×4 is the dream vehicle, Outside Van makes it real


As much as we love bikes, we also geek out hard on the vehicles that take us to and from the next ride. While the 2015 Winnebago Travato touring RV may come prepackaged and ready for any road trip, there’s something special about dreaming up our own personalized adventure van. And for that, there’s simply no better platform than the new 2015 Mercedes Sprinter 4×4.

For years, aftermarket outfitters have been converting sprinters into four wheel drive beasts, but Mercedes is finally offering it in stock form with a 3.0 liter V6 diesel with 188hp and 325 lb-ft torque. You’ll be able to pick from either the 144″ or 170″ wheelbase with low and high rooflines. The all wheel drive system (which tacks $6,500 onto the base van price) is activated at the push of a button and distributes power 35:65 front to rear and the traction control system takes over to keep the wheels with traction doing the work. There’s even a low-range upgrade ($300) that drops gearing by 42% for even better traction. To make the most of all that, it was lifted 4.3″ (110mm) front and 3.1″ (80mm) rear. While 4×4 models have been offered in other markets, this is the first time for the U.S., and it’s an all-new, lightweight system that adds just 265lbs to the vehicle. Lastly, there’s a new drift control available on all 2015 models that automatically counteracts crosswinds to improve stability.

Almost as exciting for North American customers, Mercedes is building a massive manufacturing plant in South Carolina to build new Sprinter vans under both theirs and the Freightliner brands, alongside their new Metris vans.

Stock configurations are passenger, crew and cargo iterations, which make a good starting point for your own adventure wagon…but it really is just the start. Oregon’s Outside Van has some ideas about how to finish it, and we picked their brains and image galleries to see what it costs to make these your dream vehicle…


GoPro Gets into Drones, iON Cameras Merge With Contour

GoPro announces consumer drone coming 2016

With their high-quality video resolutions, tiny bodies and minimal weight, GoPro cameras have always been a great choice for mounting to aerial drones. This probably won’t come as a huge surprise from a company whose constant innovation has kept them at the top of their game, but at this week’s Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, GoPro revealed to Recode that they’re currently working on a quad-copter drone aimed at the consumer market.

No details have been released regarding the design or pricing yet, but GoPro is planning to launch their new drone in the first half of 2016 (In case you’re now wondering, the title image on this article is our editor’s own photoshop foreshadowing of the concept).

Click below the break to read about Contour’s merger with iON cameras…

ImageSensing Solutions makes traffic cameras recognize bicycles

imagesensing-systems-autoscope-encore-traffic-surveillance-cameraWhile it may not immediately help traffic lights turn green like some on-the-bike solutions we’ve seen, the latest update for ImageSensing Solutions‘ Autoscope traffic cameras will at least make sure bicycles are recognized as they near and pass through intersections.

This data could help traffic planners account for the growing number of cyclists using the roads and adapt the flow, timing and other factors accordingly. From the press release:

(The new Autoscope Cyclescope feature) enhances bicycle detection capability and adds the ability to differentiate between bicycles and motorized vehicles as they approach the junction. A significant advantage to Cyclescope is that it doesn’t require additional roadway markings, product purchases or equipment installations or maintenance. “The Autoscope Cyclescope feature takes bicycle detection to the next level. It can detect AND differentiate bicycles made of any material on any approaching lane at no additional cost to the partner, customer, or end user,” said Keith Hofkens, Product Manager at Image Sensing Systems.

The Cyclescope feature allows traffic engineers to offer bicycle timings in their traffic control strategy with minimal changes to the junction control configuration, without having to make changes to the traffic controller. Agencies can configure the data collection to help them demonstrate the success of their bicycle-friendly programs.

BKool Adds 3D Real Weather Simulator to Virtual Training System

For the last few years, BKool has been making incremental improvements to their virtual reality based training programs. First they offered video simulations, then went 3-D, and then BKool started adding in real-world conditions like wind resistance. Their latest software extension adds a whole new level of realism to indoor training, and it’s based on what’s really happening outdoors.

The company’s newest innovation is called BKool 3D RealWeather technology, which recreates the current weather conditions on any route in the world. If you’d like to see what a rainy ride around London or a sunny cruise of coastal California would be like, check some actual weather reports and virtually warp to your ideal conditions and location, all from the comfort of your indoor training area…