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Novyparts Raises the Bar with New Remote for RockShox Reverb Dropper Posts

Novy Parts rockshox reverb seat post remote control 1

Want to make that dropper post you’re running even better? If it happens to be a RockShox Reverb, you might want to check out the newest product from Novyparts. Likely a relative unknown here in the U.S., Novyparts is a one man operation out of France that normally focuses on suspension tuning. Using his experience of hydraulic components and manufacturing from suspension work, Maxime Bouchez sent over some photos of his latest project – an afermarket remote for a RockShox Reverb seat post.

Geared towards bikes that aren’t running a front shifter, the Novyparts lever should result in an uplifting user experience…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycles Bits & Pieces

Ethics-Brochure_cover_image Training & Nutrition

  • Bike Pure Release Ethics Brochure – Bike Pure today launch it’s publication titled “Rebuilding Ethics in Cycle Sport: A Guide for Riders, Parents and Coaches”. The 44 page full colour brochure is aimed at educating both riders, coaches and parents of cyclists on the importance of sporting ethics, integrity, sportsmanship and anti-doping. This free guide is available to be shipped in hard copy format from or as a direct PDF download from
  • New training software to help coaches and student-athletes across the countryTrainingPeaks has announced a partnership with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) to provide world-class online training software and educational content to help interscholastic mountain bike team coaches succeed. For more information on NICA visit or call (510) 524-5464.

Clothing, Gear and Tools

  • DeFeet brings the art of Greig Leach and the wonderous Paris-Roubaix bicycle classic to their Aireator socks – Greig Leach inspires and amazes enthusiasts world wide with his artwork. In addition to his prints, Leach has compiled books with his cycling creations, such as the Book de Tour, art of the Tour de France, in 2014. To order your pair of Aireator Greig Leach Paris-Roubaix Special socks, visit
  • Kinetic Releases Major inRide UpgradeKinetic has announced the launch of a major update to its inRide power training app. The update includes new home-screen graphics, improved guided workouts, direct social media sharing, and real-time workout graphing. The app update is currently live and is available for download from the iTunes store now.


Flexroute Cable Management System Provides No-Crush, No-Rub Mounting

Flexroute cable management system, clamp

If you’re looking to secure a cable to an odd-shaped tube, prevent frame damage from slippery zip-ties, or accommodate a dropper post cable on a bike without guides the Flexroute Cable Management System has you covered. Hawken Components and Cobra Products Inc. have teamed up to offer you a cable securing solution that provides a few advantages over the old traditional zip/cable tie.

The Flexroute rubber clamps affix cables to any shape of tube on your frame or fork with no risk of crushing the housing. They’re also designed to conform to tubes and not slip, preventing damage to your frame from a housing or bare zip-tie shifting around.

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Fortified Bicycle catches a thief, launches secure seat post collar as Payback

Fortified Payback secure locking seat collar clamp

After hearing of a friend’s bicycle saddle being stolen, Fortified Bicycle’s founders jumped on the case and helped him recover it. It’s a familiar story for them in that the theft of a friend’s bike lights prompted them to launch their original products a couple years ago. Only this time, they video taped the thief’s capture!

Aptly called Payback, their new kit includes a seatpost collar with proprietary bolt pattern and tool. It also includes one or two seatpost bolts to secure the saddle to the post, making both parts virtually unstealable. They’re so confident that they’ll buy you a new seat if yours is stolen after installing the Payback.

Check the video of the thief getting busted and more details below…


SRAM Reduces Pricing for All Quarq Power Meters

quarq title photo

At one point, if you wanted power there weren’t many options to choose from. Now though, there are a number of players in the power meter market and all of them are competing for your business. Just recently, Powertap announced their latest round of products which included their C1 chainring based power meter that will be priced somewhere around $700. If it’s any indication of how things are shaping up for future power meter pricing, today both Pioneer and Quarq have announced reduced pricing for their own chainring or spider based units.

When it comes to the unit itself, Quarq uses a spider based measurement system that includes a built in accelerometer to measure cadence without a magnet. Powered by a CR2032 battery, Quarq power meters carry an IPx7 waterproof rating and two year warranty including free firmware updates. Able to measure power on both legs, the units now include 10K temperature compensation and connectivity through the Qalvin App.

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Biologic and Tern’s New Gadgets, Rear Carriers and EKOCYCLE Bikes

Biologic's revue front and rear LED bike lights

If your bike is set up with utility in mind it’s always nice to have a wide selection of racks, baskets, smartphone mounts or other handy gadgets to customize your ride for its intended purpose, whether it’s bringing home groceries or GPS mapping a potential touring route.

Urban transport specialists Tern have released some new accessories for riders moving more than themselves, including a new heavy-duty basket and rear carrier rack that can accommodate a child seat. They’ve also shown support for the EKOCYCLE movement with two new folding bikes built with recycled materials. As for electronics, Biologic has recently announced their new Revue front and rear lights (seen above) and a protective case for the iphone 6 and 6 plus with modular mounting options.

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Hope Eliminates Hub Standard Compatibility Issues with new Futureproof Hubs


It appears that consumers aren’t the only ones flustered by all of the new hub spacings. The need to continually modify products to fit the latest crop of bikes and increasing number of SKUs is enough to drive any component manufacturer a bit crazy. After introducing a few new hub options at Frostbike, Hope thinks they have the answer to any future developments with their Futureproof Hubset. Instead of using end caps to match up with different width axles, the Futureproof hubs actually expand the inner section of hub shell with air pressure. The system provides the advantages of wider flange spacing from a single hub, all the way up to 200mm wide.

Yes, the Futureproof Hubs are the new Reebok Pump of mountain biking…


Wahoo Fitness Partners with Ride with GPS for Turn Based Navigation on RFLKT and RFLKT+


It looks like Wahoo RFLKT and RFLKT+ users are getting an Easter egg a little early this year. Thanks to a newly announced partnership with Ride With GPS, the Wahoo cycling computer will now be able to display turn by turn directions. Already unique in that the RFLKT is simply a reflection of apps running on your smart phone, the nature of the design allows new features to be added such as GPS navigation. In order to take advantage of the new feature, users will need a RFLKT or RFLKT+, a compatible smart phone (iPhone 4s and newer and Android 4.3 and newer), as well as an account with Ride With GPS.

Once you have all the needed ingredients, you can start making your own GPS routes…


That’s One Hot Ride- Weltevree’s Portable Wood Fired Dutch Tub

Dutch Tub being towed behind bicycle

After seeing the above photo, I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing: Finally! A hot tub that I can tow around with my bike! The Netherlands’ Weltevree wishes to share with you ‘the essence of outdoor bathing’ with their portable wood-fired Dutch Tub.

The Dutch Tub is designed to allow outdoor bathing wherever you can bring it, and of course find 211 gallons of water to fill it up, and some wood to burn.

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