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Light and Motion Illuminates your GoPro with Sidekick Companion Lights


If you’ve used an action camera in the woods, you probably have experienced the camera struggling with rapid changes in lighting. Often cruising through areas of intense sunlight only to dip back into the dark tunnel of the woods, even as cameras improve a little extra light couldn’t hurt.

Following in the footsteps of Knog’s Qudos camera light, Light & Motion is hoping to power up their new Sidekick GoPro light. To be available in two different models, one of the Sidekicks will also be useful as a bicycle light in addition to videography. Light & Motion’s first light for the GoPro will also be their first attempt at a Kickstarter – details on why after the break…


Sombra has a lampshade for your tail light


Night-time cyclists everywhere are thankful that LED tail lights have gotten extremely bright in the last 10 years. So bright though, that at close range they can be distracting, or even painful to look at.

Sombra is a bicycle tail light diffuser. It makes your tail light visible from any direction and reduces the bright spot effect of a high-powered LED. Inspired by a ride in London where inventor Offer Canfi was blinded by a passing cyclist’s rear light, he then when he went home relaxed with a book. While reading, he noticed the lampshade on his lamp, and voila! An idea was born…


Roundup: Astounding new cycling related tech from CES & beyond!

The annual extravaganza of all things digital, CES, has revealed quite a few new bits of tech aimed at the cycling and fitness crowd. None is more impressive than the Activetainment Ebove.

While Zwift is busy creating a massively multiplayer online world for roadies, Activetainment has looked to the dirt to create an amazing and fully immersive mountain biking simulator. The video tells the story better than words ever could, but if you don’t have two minutes to have your mind blown, here’s the nutshell: The fully robotic Ebove mountain bike simulator that moves in real time based on your pedaling, braking and turning, changing both the position of the bike and the speed at which the on-screen “trails” move. That means leaning, inclining and declining, and it’s compatible with upcoming virtual reality headsets. Not only can you ride alone, but you’ll be able to compete online in real time against others. Insane.

Keep reading for details on this, the incredible Bragi fitness earbuds and more!


First Look: Morsa’s Modular Accessory Mounts Put Anything & Everything In One Place


Morsa is a new brand, starting out with an interesting take on the accessory mount for handlebars. Their mount is an entirely modular system, starting out with a single mounting arm for 31.8mm handlebars, that extends about 4″ forward. This arm has a track on either side that can accept a wide variety of mounting adapters for the most popular ride gadgets.

The injection molded carbon/nylon mounts are also made in the USA. Owner Jeff Bobbitt  wants to build Morsa into a brand that delivers excellent quality and design, where the needs of the customers drive their decisions. Coming from a background as an IndyCar suspension engineer, he is the designer and engineer on his products, and puts the greatest amount of his time into research and design to deliver the best product possible.

J&B Importers has already picked up the line in the USA, as well as 3Sixty Sports in New Zealand. Take a look inside to get our thoughts from mounting them up and taking a first ride…


Found: Crank Tip Promises Less Fatigue & Greater Power w/ Unique Dual Swingarm Pedals


Free power and less fatigue. That’s every roadie and triathlete’s dream, right? As far back as 1898, inventors have been looking toward the design of the pedal as a means of improving performance on the bike. Looking quite a bit more advanced than that first Ramsey Swinging pedal, the Crank Tip Racing Pedal promises reduced fatigue and increased power all with a simple change of your pedals.

Utilizing a dual swingarm design, the pedal is able to float laterally during rotation. It’s this back and forth movement that Crank Tip claims is responsible for a biomechanical advantage capable of reducing a rider’s heart rate by “5-10 beats.” Slide into the details next…


German Bike Company Lightweight Ventures Into Smartphone Cases, Made From Carbon Fiber Of Course


With CES in full swing, its been somewhat common to see tech companies offer some cycling related products. But how about when it comes the other way, and a cycling company uses their technical abilities to make electronic accessories?

Famous German company Lightweight is launching their new line of SCHUTZCHILD covers for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6plus and Samsung Galaxy S5. People who use the new generation of iPhone or Galaxy are now able protect their phones with a full carbon fiber cover of only 7g weight and a wall thickness of only 0,5mm. The Lightweight logo can be found at the back of every SCHUTZSCHILD, printed in the same way they do for all of their wheels.

Jump past the break for the specs…


Connected Cycle debuts GPS-enabled bicycle pedal, tracks your bike whether you’re on it or not

Connected Cycle GPS enabled bicycle pedal tracks your bikes position and shows it on iPhone app

Connected Cycle has just debuted the world’s first GPS-enabled bicycle pedal, and there’s more to it than just tracking your location.

The pedal records speed, route and incline and saves that information for upload to the cloud. It even estimates calories burnt for each ride. All of that information is then available on your smartphone through their own app (which isn’t showing up in the App Store as of this post, but screenshots are below).

The device theft-resistant by design thanks to a specially coded key needed to remove it. Even better, it can help locate your bike if it goes missing. Whether you’re the one riding it or not, it’ll push its location to the app so you can catch up to your bike. Even if you just forgot where you parked it last night.

The icing on the cake? Well, that could be various colors that’ll be available, but the self-charging design that powers itself as you pedal is just a bit sweeter…


Garmin Goes Big into Wearables, New Vivoactive Smartwatch, Fenix GPS Watch, Epix GPS Mapping Watch, more

garmin vivo wearable connect watch (4)

Television and films over the years have had some lofty expectations to what the future of tech would hold. From flying cars, to clothes made out of metal, most of the entertainment industry’s prophecy has failed to materialize. However, when it comes to your wrist – we are entering the realm of Dick Tracy and his two -way wrist radio.

I’m talking about the smart watch, of course. A gadget that couldn’t have existed without the rise of the smart phone. You may still be on the fence about wrist mounted technology, but thanks to Garmin there are a number of new options to consider. Starting with the new vívoactive, Garmin has a new touch screen smart watch that will appeal to a wide group of active individuals. Along with the vívoactive, Garmin has also introduced the new Fēnix 3 multisport GPS watch, epix rugged GPS mapping watch, and the new vívofit 2.

Whatever your activity or your style, Garmin has some very interesting options to wear your heart rate on your wrist, among other things…


Sony Goes 4K with New Full Featured X1000V Action Cam, Full HD with New AS200V


After reading about the new Action Cam Mini AZ1 from Sony, you weren’t alone in thinking their smallest camera was now their best. But as things typically go in the electronic world, the latest and greatest does last for long. Don’t get us wrong, the Action Cam Mini is still one of our favorites for its diminutive size and incredible ease of use. It’s just that thanks to Sony’s introductions at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the mini is no longer top dog in terms of hardware.

That distinction now belongs to the all-new FDR-X1000V. Running a bit larger than Sony’s previous full size action camera, the X1000V is the first Sony Action Cam to film in 4K resolution. Fortunately, the X1000V is more than just better resolution. Instead it brings much of the usability found in the Mini that we loved so much and more. Better sound. Better control. Basically, a better camera in all regards.

Don’t care about filming in 4K? You may still be interested in the replacement for the AS100V – the new AS200V. Yes, it’s a lot of numbers and letters, but it also means full HD capability, better image stabilization, and more control…