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A Week in Review: Turner Crosses it Up, Step Back in Time with Orbea…. and What is Jens Saying now?

1994 Orbea Next One hardtail mountain bike with drum brakes and single-sided drivetrain stays 2016 Turner Cyclosys cyclocross bike ride review and actual weights

Fitbit Surge GPS fitness tracker sports watch adds Jens Voigt as brand ambassador and product tester TiGr mini lock, on front wheel and frame

As the weather shifts, the wind chills, and the leaves fall, we enter into the worst day of the year for some, as others excitedly scramble trying to remember where they…. or someone else put their light charger. In the mean time, we had everything from awesome to odd this week. Bike locks are simply not what they used to be and TiGr, Abus and Hiplock brought us their own take. Sufferfest and BKool create new ways to make emerging from the depths of your pain-cave harder than ever, and a new dropper….. err, stem from 3SFtech.

So sneak a handful of your kid’s trick-or-treat candy, (but don’t be these parents), and look to see what you missed this week….


Just Going to Drop this Right Here: 3fstech Slams that Stem with AIM Dropper Stem

Aim Dropper Stem

Meet 3FStech’s AIM Dropper Stem….. well, it was bound to happen eventually. From oval chainrings and dropper posts, to things like elastomer suspension and Softride’s Beam, there has been a continuous flow of curiously innovative ideas in our industry. So where does the AIM (Adjustment In Motion), stem fit in?

Drop past the break to see what 3FStech have created that warranted a rap video of sorts….


BH Bikes Adds remote GPS tracker to E-bikes


Spanish bike maker BH just announced details of their fairly unique solution to keeping track of their range of high end e-bikes. The new Easy Motion GPS module drops into a specially designed slot within the battery compartment to let owners track their e-bike. Via a free smartphone app, users can monitor their bike’s location and manage its connection settings. Check out more details after the break…


Get Packing with Siren’s Fred bar and The Loaded Hauler Saddle Pack from from Green Guru Gear

SIREN Fred 3

Bikepacking is gaining more and more popularity and the bikes and accessories to make it better are coming in at a worthy pace. Whether doing the Tour Divide or a 1 or 2 day ride off the beaten path, key things in bikepacking include packing as efficiently as possible, and staying relaxed and comfortable so to postpone the fatigue that will inevitably set in. That typically means two things – bags, and different riding positions.

Adventure past the break to see Siren Bicycles new Fred Bar and new convertible saddle pack/messenger bag from Green Guru Gear…..


Raceware Solves Mounting Drama with Cervelo S5 Bar, Polar Computer & Campy EPS Mounts, More

RaceWare Cervelo S5 Garmn Bar Mount-2

Cervelo’s S5 bar that we first saw last year, is about as slick and aero as one can get while keeping your standard stem, but it makes mounting a computer rather difficult. Raceware’s new mount solves this problem without losing the aero profile. They’ve also been working on some new GoPro/”everything GoPro compatible” under-stem and seat-rail mounts giving you more options than ever as well as mounts for Polar computers.

Jump past the break to see another S5 bar mount as well as several options to mount just about anything imaginable…


Hey, Can I Borrow Your Bike? AirDonkey Says No… But You Can Rent it


AirDonkey, a name that…. well, it’s a name you won’t forget for a system that is one part Uber, one part, AirBnB, and all bicycle. Have a bike or two laying around that you’re not using? Want to make some extra cash? Or do you just want to rent a bike close to wherever you’re standing when you don’t have yours? That is what AirDonkey is for.

Click on through and see how many of us could benefit from this bike share system….


Levicle Hopes to Scoot You to Work like a Kid Racing a Shopping Cart


Somewhere in the gray area between a city bike and a razor scooter lies what inventor/entrepreneur Tom Mackenzie calls the Levicle. Essentially a sit on top scooter with a 12″ front wheel, it claims to blend bike and scooter into something new that will help commuters zip from the train station to the office, speeding up their commute, and having fun at the same time. Scoot past the break to hear a bit more about how the and find out how you can get one in time for the holidays…

Revolights Get Smarter with new Eclipse+ Revolution-ary Light System

Skyline - Dawn

While many lights try to help illuminate your wheels, with Revolights, your wheels are the lights. Now, Revolights has taken their wild looking and very noticeable Eclipse LED wheel add-on and introduced Bluetooth to add features and expand their functionality through your smartphone. While outside the box, you can’t argue that these things stand out, and isn’t that exactly what you want?

Beam down past the break to see how the Revolights Eclipse+ works and a video of it in action…….


A Week in Review: An E-bike that Will Make You Drool, What & Why Specialized Reinvented Spacing, and New Hoops from Enve

Charlie-600x400 2016-Specialized-Crux-disc-cyclocross-bike02

2016 SR Suntour Durolux R2C2 enduro mountain bike suspension fork tech details Italian Trash-3

We had some fantastic items come across our desk this week as well as some meaningful fundraisers for a couple of pretty awesome guys that need our help. From the best looking, as well as the strangest looking e-bikes from Italjet and Gi FlyBike, new fork and technology from Suntour, what Canfield Bros just whipped up, and a glimpse at Boeing’s new “lightest materiel” which could make its way down to our more grounded needs.

Take a step back in time to take a gander at what we brought you last week, because if my calculations are correct, you’re about to see some serious sh……