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IB14: Lazer Reveals Premium Budget Helmets, Wasp Air w/ Electronic Head Tilt Sensor & More!


For 2015, Lazer is heading up the news with a few new low-cost helmets that bring a lot of their top comfort and safety systems, including a $70 MIPS helmet!

Shown above, the Blade (black) and Magma helmets give you 22 huge vents combined with their Rollsys retention system and in-mold construction. They’re essentially the same helmet save for the visor on the Magma. Both retail for $90, and weights are 250g without visor. They start shipping in Spring 2015.

Head past the break to check out the inside, plus lots of other cool new things below…


New Contour Roam3 HD Action Cam Swims in Great Features at a Low Price

Out of the box, the new Contour Roam3 can dive to 30 feet without any special case, hence the non-cycling, water-themed launch video above. And, they’re claiming it has the best video and audio performance of any of their cameras, capturing 1080p video at 30fps.

It keeps all the other features Contour’s camera’s are known for, including the small form factor, laser leveling/sighting, rotating 270º lens with 170º field of view, 1/4-twenty mount, and the simple sliding on/off switch. This one also gets a 5MP quick shot feature that uses a single button to toggle between video and stills, a long life battery (3-3.5 hours, good since it’s built in) and a locking feature for the switch so it won’t get accidentally turned off. It even includes an 8GB memory card in the box.

The best part? It’s just $199. Click through for pics and full spec list…


IB14: Mio Targets Cycling with the new Velo Heart Rate Watch

Mio heart rate monitor straps wrist watch (2)

Wrist mounted heart rate monitors are nothing new for Mio, but the company is more cycling specific features into a new device to better target the two wheeled set. Called the Velo, the wrist strap uses the same continuous technology that monitors your heart rate using LED lights and an electro-optical cell that can sense the volume of blood under the skin (similar to other products like the Lifebeam helmet). That means you get your heart rate without the need for a strap across your chest.

What sets the Velo apart from their other HRMs is the new bridging capability which can read your ANT+ and BLE speed and cadence sensors. From there the Velo can connect to your phone, providing all of the necessary metrics in one place. Set for retail at $129, the Velo does not have a built in display and will be available in November.

Looking for a fitness tracker that will also keep track of your heart rate? Check out the new fuse next…


IB14: Wahoo TICKR X HRM Gets Real, Revolutionary Workout Motion Capture Leaves the Phone Behind

Wahoo fitness tickr x heart rate runing strap (2)

As the third introduction to their Bluetooth Hear Rate Monitor line up, Wahoo is giving the device its own memory. Calling it the TICKR X, the built-in memory means the device will be able to track heart rate,
calorie burn, and duration of workouts up to 16 hours long without the strap connected to your smart phone. The strap also includes Wahoo’s advanced motion capture technology that was first introduced on the TICKR Run. In addition to the Running Smoothness feature that uses an algorithm to track your running form, the sensor includes the ability to measure indoor cycling cadence without any additional sensors. Apparently more activities will be added to the strap’s repertoire in the future as well.

The TICKR X also acts as a standard HRM when connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth LE or any device that is ANT+ compatible. Additional features include the Wahoo Burn and Burst training program as well as a double tap feature built into the strap. A double tap in disconnected mode will add markers to the workout that can be reviewed afterwards. The feature can also be used in online mode to control music play back or laps. Compatible with Apple iPad and iphone, the TICKR X also works with Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android OS 4.3 or higher. The TICKR X will retail for $99.99.


IB14: Airace Puts the PSI on your Phone with Bluetooth Enabled I-Gauge Pumps

Air Race iphone pump (2)

As more attention is directed towards the accuracy of pumps and their gauges, more companies are looking towards digital offerings for an easy-to-read solution. Digital gauges for floor pumps are nothing new, but hand pumps? That’s exactly what Airace is offering with their new I-Gauge series of pumps though it’s more than just a digital gauge. The pumps don’t actually have any gauge built in – that’s because the gauge is in your smart phone. Available in both hand and floor pump models, Airace promises instant, accurate PSI readings all from the palm of your hand.

Download the details next…


EB14: Park Tool Simplifies Internal Cable Installation, Plus a Toolbox Full of New Tools

Park Tool New Tools internal cable routing magnet blue trueing stand (1)

Depending on the frame, internal routing can be a mechanics worst nightmare. Fortunately Park Tool is here to help with their new IR-1 internal cable routing kit. Comprising of 3 different 250cm cables with strong magnets at one end, and unique fittings at the other for electronic wires, shift/brake housing, hydraulic lines, or cables at the other. Using the supplied external guide magnet with reversed polarity from the cables, the guide cables should feed right through the frame and snap into place with the guide. Then simply pull the wire/housing/cable through the frame and you’re set. While probably not the first company or individual to think of this, the IR-1 being readily available as a kit through Park Tool is sure to make a lot of mechanics’ lives much easier.

The IR-1 may be one of the most exciting new tools for 2015, but the rest are certainly worth a look after the break…


IB14: PatchNride Gets Official, Flat Tires Will Never Be The Same

Patch n Ride instant patch kit (7)

We first caught wind of the PatchNRide system back in June when the company first announced that they were taking pre-orders with video featuring some high production value but not a lot of answers to how the system actually works. It turns out that was on purpose, since the company didn’t want to reveal all the details until the system was completely ready and the patent applications were all sorted out. Now a few months later, PatchNride was on hand at Interbike showing exactly how the system works and just how easy it is.

From what we’ve seen, PatchNride will be a game changer, especially for the world of tubulars. Seal up the details, next…


IB14: TrainerRoad Puts Full Platform on iOS, Developing Group Training Features

TrainerRoad has added an iOS app that lets you run their entire platform of training software directly from your phone.

TrainerRoad is a subscription based training system that lets you use prebuilt workouts or build your own, then have the effort wirelessly sent to your Wahoo Kickr or Computrainer. Those two offer the best integration, which lets the software automatically control your trainer to keep the power output on track with the workout. More features after the break…


IB14: Brim Brothers Toes the Line with First Wearable Power Meter

If you haven’t noticed by now, with products from companies like 4iiii, Stages, Garmin, and more, power meters are currently in a race to affordability, usability, and compatibility. As far as we know, to this point power meters have always been mounted somehow to the bike. Whether it is the hub, the crank, the pedals, one way or another it’s mounted to the machine rather than the man.

Brim Brothers looks to change that with their Zone DPMX shoe based power meter. Sandwiching the force sensor between the cleat and the shoe, the Zone sets the control pod on top of the toe for a rider based solution to power. Clip in after the break for more…