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Two Fat Fronts are Better Than One with the new Rungu Juggernaut Bullfrog Trike



Sometimes you need more than just a standard bike. Maybe you just want to channel your inner chariot racer or feel like pedaling around mountain biking’s equivalent of a 2 headed cerberus. Either way, Rungu’s new bullfrog trikes have you covered. Why bullfrog? Well, we suppose if the quick, streamlined recumbent 3 wheeled trikes are called tadpoles, the aggressive upright stance and large footprint of the Rungu trikes is deserving of the name. So just what is a bullfrog trike and why would you want one? Built with a fatbike rear end and a split, dual head tube design, the Juggernaut and the Kilimanjaro use dual head tubes with identical front wheels and forks that are steered through a connected handle bar. Which of course is equipped with bar ends. Rungu claims this adds additional stability thanks to the shoulder width front wheel spacing and combined with low gearing, they also claim this can get you places your standard bike or car just won’t go.

Want a front suspension bull frog? Catch one after the break…


Hands on with the Interlock Seatpost Integrated Bike Lock in Taipei

Interlock seatpost integrated bicycle lock (2)

From Kickstarter to a Taipei D&I Gold award winner, Interlock is a smart product that combines a standard seat post with a bicycle lock. Now instead of carrying your lock on your frame, around your bars, or in a back pack, the lock stashes inside the post for a clean, extremely convenient locking option. Originally offered in 25.4 and 27.2mm diameters, a third 31.6mm size is being added, and they all retail for $60 – not much more than the cost of a seat post and a lock.

After meeting Adrian from Interlock in Taipei, we got a sample to try out – check out our first impressions next…


Review: Downhill Supreme 2 – The Game You’ve Mostly Been Waiting For

Downhill Supreme 2 Title ScreenMountain bike games are few and far between, but last years Downhill Supreme breathed new life into a genre that had been stagnant since the legendary PS2 release Downhill Domination.

This week the long anticipated sequel to the original game launched, so we dropped a dollar in the app store and said goodbye to a weeks worth of productivity in the name of science. READ MORE ->

Wednesday Group Ride – Random New Bicycle Products & News


Welcome to the Wednesday Group Ride, a collection of small news bits from the overload of info coming into our offices. Stuff that we simply don’t have time to do a full story on but wanted to share anyway.

State Bicycle Co. has added a Black Label Series, a 6061 aluminum track bike with a double butted, TIG welded frame and Essor full carbon fiber fork. It’s built up with a SRAM S100 crankset, flip-flop hub and house brand Pista drop bars. Retail for the complete bike is $759 with a choice of five frame colors.

Lots more random bike stuff below…


Taipei Show: TRP Close to Production with Spyke MTB Mechanical, Plus Brake Lights, Splitters and more from Tektro

TRP Spyke Production Tektro brakes splitter (2)

Seeing as how the Spyke we saw at Frostbike, and subsequent testing is still very much a prototype, TRP had the latest version on hand in Taipei. We’re told this version is very close to production ready, and in addition to the change in graphics, receives some additional protection from the elements. The brakes will likely have a bit of camouflage of TRP’s own design, though they were still deciding on the final looks. Most likely it will end up as the version to the front, with a black body and a design on the brake arm.

More details on the Spyke plus some cool gadgets from Tektro next…


Google Glass Coming Soon to Oakley Cycling Glasses near You?

Google Glass Oakley Collaboration

Left image c. Google, right c. S. Mercanti

Big news out of the eyewear industry recently – Google and Luxottica have announced a partnership to develop smart eyewear together in the immediate future. What does that mean for the cycling industry? Well, for starters as the parent company of major eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, and Oakley, there are quite a few brands that stand to gain the Google Glass upgrade if you’re into that sort of thing. In fact, Ray-Ban and Oakley were specifically mentioned in the press release as being part of the partnership with Google. When it comes to Oakley, the leap to Glass is easy to see based on the company’s history of integrating electronics with performance eyewear (anyone still have a pair of Thumps?). Given their ability to blend functional electronics into a sunglass frame, we’re excited to see what Oakley can do with the form factor of Google Glass.

The real question is how this new partnership will spur competition from Glass’s main competition, especially in the cycling world – the Recon Jet. Are we on the verge of eliminating the cycling computer from the bike completely in favor of HUDs? Time will tell. While it may be some time still before we’re seeing cycling specific versions of Glass equipped Oakleys, with apps like Strava being designed for Glass it will probably happen sooner than we know it.


Allo Bicycle iPhone Mount w/ Integrated Speaker Hits All the Right Notes


The Allo is a the culmination of several things we’ve seen or done recently. It’s the first phone holder with integrated speaker we’ve seen, and it solves quite a few first world problems all at once. Want music, navigation and the ability to speakerphone your friends while they’re stuck at work? Look no further.

Tune into the video and more after the break…

HalfBike Is A Complete Solution To Half A Commute

HalfBike by by Kolelinia

Does public transportation only cover half your commute? Do you have to walk the rest of the way? Wouldn’t riding a bicycle make sense if it were only half its size? Wouldn’t a folding bike work if it were only half its portly weight? How about splitting the difference and riding a HalfBike? What the deuce is a HalfBike? Read on…


Taipei Show: xpedo Puts the Power to the Pedal with new Thrust E Power Meter

Xpedo Thrust E power pedal (2)

Pedal based power meters have created a lot of buzz in recent years and for good reason – having the power meter based in the pedal rather than the crankset or rear hub makes a lot of sense as a racer. Wheel changes don’t require a power meter for each wheel, cranks can be easily changed from compact to standard depending on the conditions, and bikes can easily be switched as well. Currently Look and Garmin have been duking it out for pedal power supremacy with a few other companies looking to get in on it as well, but the latest offering from xpedo is surprising. One of the biggest differences between the new xpedo Thrust E and the competition is that the power meter is completely contained in the pedal body of the Thrust E and needs no additional parts. That means installation really is as easy as threading in a pedal. We’re assuming the pedal will still need to be calibrated like the rest, but it looks as if it could be the easiest to set up of the bunch.

More details after the break.