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Flipcrown Helps Slim Your Bike for Easy Storage

Flipcrown bike hanging on wall

As more of us take to two wheels for our commute, Belgian cyclists-slash-designers Patrick Jacquet and Rob De Schutter developed the Flipcrown to make bike storage easier, especially for riders living in cramped urban areas.

Intended for commuter, vintage or cruiser bikes with either a 1” or 1-1/8” threaded headset, the Flipcrown replaces the headset’s top crown nut and enables the rider to rotate the handlebars 90º for storage and easily snap them back into position for riding. This makes it easier to store bikes in narrow hallways, hang them on walls, carry bikes down stairways, jam them into stuffed bike racks, and fit multiple bikes on car-mounted racks.

Flip past the break to see how it works…

Cycliq Fly12 Packs a POV Camera and 400 Lumen Headlight into One Compact Body

The Fly12 is a compact pov camera/headlight combo

The Fly12 squeezes an HD pov camera and 400 lumen headlight into this compact package.

In recent years, dashboard cameras have become a common tool for motorists seeking to protect themselves from liability in the event of an accident. Cars aren’t the only ones using the road however, so Leedville, Australia’s Cycliq decided similar devices would be ideal for commuters and road cyclists too. Last year Bike Rumor covered the release of Cycliq’s Fly6, a rear-facing light with a built-in camera, through their successful Kickstarter campaign.

Upon the insistence of many Fly6 owners, Cycliq has just announced another Kickstarter campaign for their new product, the Fly12. In short, it’s a front-facing adaptation of the Fly6 that combines a high-definition POV camera with a 400 lumen head light. The name is supposed to insinuate a ‘fly on the wall’ that’s watching out for you, either at 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock.

With a host of features designed to collect video evidence, the Fly12 is probably most useful for commuters who are concerned about vehicular collisions…


Rie:sel Designs debuts artsy Dic:ker fenders for fat bikes


Rie:sel Designs has done some pretty colorful fenders before. And wheels. Now, designer Henry Kosel has a bit bigger canvas to draw on with the Dic:ker. It’s essentially the same as their standard mountain bike fenders, except for fat bikes. The name, dicker, is German slang for fatty (but is also used for dude or bro).

Versions are available for the fork and the saddle, protecting your front and back sides from splatter. And they’ll do it in style, with the wildly colorful print shown above and a few more muted styles…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Plans are Underway for the World’s First Bicycle Superhighway. The city of London is thinking way beyond bike paths and protected bike lanes. As posted on, Transport for London which is the city’s transportation agency, last week approved the world’s first bicycle superhighway. London’s bicycle superhighway would run alongside the banks of the Thames River for more than 15 miles.
  • You love your fat bike more than anything, so give her something she deserves. Now for a limited time, all fat bike axles are discounted at 15% off when you use the coupon code CHUBBYCHASER at the Robert Axle Project. Choose from their hitch mount axles, B.O.B. Trailer axles or bolt-on replacement axles. But hurry, the sale ends on February 16th!
  • The unofficial start to Colorado’s cycling season, the annual Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival, which features a range of road and mountain bike events and is entering its 28th year, announced new courses today for its signature Century course and the increasingly popular all-day mountain bike event, the Subaru Sunrise Sunset. Riders can register now at and take advantage of early registration discounts, just $70 now for the century and metric century (62 miles) courses (until February 28), compared to $85 on event day, June 7, 2015.
  • SCICON Bags, a leading manufacturer of bike bags, bike protection and saddle bags, has just unveiled their new website. Visit to see their latest offerings.
  • Did you know? You may have experienced some weird stuff going on with your wireless computer that’s perched alongside your LED light on your handlebars. You weren’t imagining things, and that’s because LEDs create electronic noise which interferes with the function of wireless devices. All of SIGMA Germany’s lights are equipped with an “electronic shield” that prevents the light from interfering with your other electronics. Dealers may be interested in the Spring Promo Sale that SIGMA is having until the end of February on their bike lights.
  • H+I Adventures, one of the world’s leading mountain biking adventure companies, has undergone a total rebrand, featuring a new visual identity, online presence and tagline (‘The Art of Adventure’) that inspires adventure travellers to hop in the saddle. The contemporary website helps riders easily discover their ideal mountain bike holiday, and features 2016 holidays that are available to book now.
  • Do you have a GoPro and want to capture footage from your favorite trails at night? Light and Motion has developed the SideKick as the solution to do just that. The Sidekick is the perfect companion light for GoPro cameras. It is the smallest, lightest, most powerful light ever designed to mount with a GoPro. You now have the opportunity to become a backer of this project, via a Kickstarter campaign, and reserve your exclusive hand machined aluminum Sidekick – shipping next month! But hurry, the campaign ends Saturday, February 14th!
  • Anyone old enough to remember the CoreStates PRO Championship knows that Philadelphia can host one heck of a bike race. On February 11th Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that Philadelphia’s annual professional cycling race has been renamed the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic and will be produced by race operator g4 Productions. The Cycling Classic, which will be on Sunday, June 7, 2015, will feature an amateur course ride and men’s and women’s professional races. Information on the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic is available on its website Professional teams will compete in UCI races, including the only US Women’s World Cup in the nation!
  • Do you live in Washington, D.C. or Manhattan and want to send flowers to someone special in a unique way? UrbanStems offers beautiful handcrafted bouquets, delivered for free by bicycle. Treehugger reported on the sustainable company and their unique way of doing business.
  • Marin Mountain Bikes is recalling about 400 children’s bikes in the U.S. and 50 in Canada due to handlebars separating resulting in a fall hazard.
  • PeopleForBikes will partner with the 2015 National Bike Challenge. This nationwide program aims to inspire more Americans to ride bikes more often. The 5-month challenge runs from May 1, 2015-September 30, 2015. To learn more and to register for the National Bike Challenge, visit

SRM Nears Launch of PC8, Introduces Electronic Indoor Trainer/Fit Bike

SRM PC8 power meter magnetic trainer (3)

When power meters are your bread and butter, you want to get it right. That seems to be the case with the newest version of the SRM Power Control, the PC8. First spotted as far back as Sea Otter 2013, SRM announced production of the new unit during the 2014 US Pro Challenge. As it turns out, something as small as the style of buttons has caused the delay in production but SRM assures us the new gadgets will be released in March.

At first, SRM wanted to use electronic (not mechanical) buttons that functioned similar to the screen on a smart phone. Over the course of testing however, it was determined that too many factors such as gloves, mud, water, etc. would cause difficulties with the buttons. Understandably, not being able to easily use the buttons could be a big problem especially if you’re a pro using the PC8 during a race – or in the case of Rohan Dennis, breaking the hour record.. Because of those factors, the PC8 will be going back to the old school “clicky” buttons to make it as user friendly as possible.


Purely Custom’s new XY Tool easily recreates your bike fit across multiple bicycles

Purely Custom XY Tool bike fitter stack and reach saddle position aid

If you’ve ever had a professional bike fit done, some of the most important numbers are your saddle’s relation to your handlebars and your bottom bracket. But getting those numbers back where you want them after changing parts, especially your saddle, or matching up your “B” bike to your “A” bike can be a bit tough. We’ve tried doing it with levels, plumb lines and tape measures, and it’s cumbersome to say the least.

Now, Purely Custom has introduced their new XY Tool, which should make all of that an absolute breeze. Using metal slides with etched measurements and built-in bubble levels, the device makes it super easy to get your saddle position dialed and figure out what stem length you need. Adapters help measure stack and reach, too. At $295, it’s aimed at the professional, but man do we want one…


GoPro pushes firmware update, adds new time lapse, burst & slow motion capabilities

Looking to eek a bit more performance out of their latest cameras, GoPro has just released an update for their HERO4 Black and Silver edition sports cameras.

The update, available through the app on your smartphone or online, adds new settings that allow for more creativity in post-production editing. Things like enhanced slow motion (via higher frame rates), automatic time lapse video creation and auto rotating when using the camera upside down simplify the process of making killer videos…


Predator Cycles’ Razorback number plate holder updated, now with more carbon!


Just got a few grams left before you meet the UCI minimum weight? Perfect. Predator Cycling’s new Razorback 2 carbon fiber number plate holder is all you need, and it’ll keep your marker flat, stable and in plain sight.

The piece is updated for 2015 to have a hexagonal bolt section to improve crush strength should you be a bit overzealous in the number plate installation. The flat end of it goes under your rear brake caliper, between it and the frame. Check it out on the bike below…


Efneo Gearbox Cranks Through Indiegogo, Offers Secret Deal

Efneo 3 speed crankset transmission (2)

As you probably know, the Efneo gearbox is not the first company to turn to planetary gearing as a replacement for a front derailleur. Truvativ tried it with their HammerSchmidt, FSA offers it in their Metropolis Patterson Transmission, and other companies like Schlumpf have packed two gears into one for years. So what makes the Efneo crankset unique? Instead of the usual gear with an overdrive function, Efneo has managed to cram three different gear ratios into a compact crankset. Since the project was first announced, and launched on Indiegogo, the gearbox has attracted a lot of attention, but not enough funding to reach its goal.

To get there, Efneo is offering a secret deal that really isn’t much of a secret anymore…