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Roundup: Killer new tools, gadgets, storage options & Hacks


For all the talk SRAM put into the unhackable nature of their new eTAP wireless shifting, this conversion to control a Space Invaders game was brilliant. One controller moved you left, the other right, and a simultaneous push of both buttons fired.

For stuff you actually can by to hack (or fix) your own bike and components, or to just live in your car, blip past the break…


Go Go Gadget Stem! SpeedForce Smartens Up Your bike With Fully Loaded Stem


With electronics getting smaller and more powerful at the same time, companies and inventors are constantly looking for ways to better our world. That includes helping us become more integrated with the things we use…. even the bicycle. SpeedForce looks to do just that when they put integration front and center with their new feature rich “smart stem”.

Transport yourself past the break to see how many things they fit into this slick little stem….


Choose Your Own Adventure with BeeLine turn by turn GPS Unit

Beeline Bar

Do you tend to get lost or maybe just like to explore? Does putting your fragile phone on your bars scare you, or do you just not want to look like a fred? Whatever the case, BeeLine has distilled GPS navigation down to the simplest form and gives the rider all the power to decide how to get to their destination. 

If exploring unfamiliar streets on a bicycle,  making your own route, or having the simplest turn by turn directions sounds good, keep reading…..


Thule Legend packs have GoPro & action cam transport covered


Thule’s new four piece Legend Collection offers a range of packs and cases to safely transport GoPros and other action cams, whether on the bike or with your other gear. The crushproof backpack, sling shoulder pack, and two cases provide lightweight support and storage to get all the camera gear to and from the trail, and to slide inside of other bags and backpacks. For anyone looking for a more secure way to carry all of the accessories that come along with GoPros and the like the Legend Collection takes a cue from traditional professional camera bags to sort gear and get it around safely. Hop past the break for a closer look and availability…


See A Lot More of Your Ride with 360Fly’s Super Wide Angle POV Action Camera

360Fly Arms

Tired of the same old views from your POV cam? Want to see more of the sights surrounding your ride? The 360Fly tosses out something completely different by doubling the standard “field of view” of standard POV cam’s, incorporating an accelerometer to control the lens’ direction, and allowing you to swipe the video around on your phone while viewing it.

Take a look past the break to see how this works and a video of it in action…..


Ultimate Suspension Tune? SussMyBike Takes the Guessing Out of Setting Up Your Fork

sussmybike suspension tuning (3)

Do you know what all of the little knobs on your fork do? If you do, are they set right? Are you sure, or do you think you’re sure? The Folks at SussMyBike says they can help and have a device & smartphone app that takes the guessing out of suspension setup. In regards to setting up a bike, I’ve never wanted something to work as much as this and am surprised it took this long.

Rebound past the break to find out what we know about it and let us know what you think….


Topeak Inflates Product line with Tubeless Floor Pump, Light Up Accessories, Tools, and Much More

topeak (17)

It wasn’t that long ago that bike shops had the choice to stock pumps for high pressure, or even higher pressure. Now that there are so many tire sizes and the addition of hard to seat tubeless options, floor pump selection has diversified to meet those needs.

Topeak may have earned their black and yellow reputation with the Joe Blow, but it continues with a new range of useful floor pumps. Depending on the use, each new pump has some interesting features – some of which we’ve seen before…


Get Noticed with Smart LED Jackets and Backpack from Lumenus


As LED lights get smaller and cheaper, and our mobile phones add more sensors and more connectivity, we’re only at the beginning with smart clothing and gear, but commuter gear is certainly a good place to start. Young Los Angeles-based upstart Lumenus just launched a Kickstarter campaign over the weekend to get their new range of smart LED connected outerwear out to market. Paired with their own developed app, the embedded lighting in the gear promises to boost visibility on the roads for cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, and pedestrians. Check out its automation, connectivity, and other details after the break…


A Week in Review: Turner Crosses it Up, Step Back in Time with Orbea…. and What is Jens Saying now?

1994 Orbea Next One hardtail mountain bike with drum brakes and single-sided drivetrain stays 2016 Turner Cyclosys cyclocross bike ride review and actual weights

Fitbit Surge GPS fitness tracker sports watch adds Jens Voigt as brand ambassador and product tester TiGr mini lock, on front wheel and frame

As the weather shifts, the wind chills, and the leaves fall, we enter into the worst day of the year for some, as others excitedly scramble trying to remember where they…. or someone else put their light charger. In the mean time, we had everything from awesome to odd this week. Bike locks are simply not what they used to be and TiGr, Abus and Hiplock brought us their own take. Sufferfest and BKool create new ways to make emerging from the depths of your pain-cave harder than ever, and a new dropper….. err, stem from 3SFtech.

So sneak a handful of your kid’s trick-or-treat candy, (but don’t be these parents), and look to see what you missed this week….