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The 3-Way, GoPro’s Most Versatile Mount Yet

Go Pro 3 Way Mount The new 3-way mount from GoPro can be configured as either a camera grip, fold-able extension arm, or as a mini tripod. Which makes it perfect for POV footage, follow cams, and selfies.

Stored inside the handle is a mini tripod, which can be removed and used on it’s own, or used in conjunction with the handle for capturing the perfect shot.

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Sneak Peek: Radar Powered Vehicle Avoidance from Backtracker

Backtracker radar 1

Last week it was lasers, now the bicycle industry looks to be entering into the world of radar. At least, once iKubu officially introduces their new Backtracker, that is. Designed by the Stellenbosch, South African engineering team, Backtracker is a soon to be released product that brings bicycling safety to futuristic new heights. You’ll have to wait for the official launch for all of the details, but you can find out how the Backtracker works after the jump…


KlickFix CamOn! – The Ultimate Gopro Mount?

Klickfix gopro 1

Tired of GoPro footage all from the same boring angle? Better riding clips all have one thing in common – multiple camera angles. But traditional GoPro mounts can be tricky to move or adjust, especially on the fly. KlickFix thinks they have the answer in the CamOn! GoPro adapter which allows you to keep things interesting with on the fly adjustment. More than that, the CamOn! MiniBlocs also mount to tubes of all shapes and sizes making it easier to get the perfect shot.

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Ditch the Saddle for a Harness with the new Flying Bike!

Flying Bike 1

Inventors are always targeting the bicycle saddle as an area of improvement – after all, for non cyclists they always seem to be a source of complaints. For Architect and engineer David Schwartz however, it wasn’t how he could redesign the saddle, but how he could remove it completely. That idea drove him to create the first proof of concept for the Flying Rider, a bicycle with no seat.

David says he came up with the idea for almost the exact opposite reason you would expect. Instead of eliminated the saddle for pressure relieve, David thought that if riders had something to push against with their back, they could generate more power to the pedals and be more efficient. The final result is a prototype with a cage that surrounds the rider who is suspended in the middle with a harness.

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Bike Intermodal: The World’s Smallest, and Most Impressive Folding Bike?

Bike intermodal smallest folding bike  (3)

Imagine a folding bike that was so small and light weight that it became more of an accessory rather than a vehicle. That’s the folding bike that Bike Intermodal is designing which they claim will be the smallest and lightest folding bike ever – and by quite a margin. Thanks to a €1.58 million grant in research funding from the European Union, the team behind the Bike Intermodal research project is well on their way to succeeding in producing a folding bike that may way as little as 7.5kg (16.5 lbs) and folds up to the size of a brief case.

If that wasn’t enough, the project is also developing a pedelec or electric assist version with one of the most compact direct drive motors we’ve seen. And it will be fully recyclable…

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60 MPH On The Flats? With The Air-Spear It May Be Possible

WORLD Racing Air Spear Jim

Life long martial artists Jim Wing has only been a cyclist for one year. But his goal of pedaling to the speed of 60 MPH under his own power may soon be realized. The key to achieving such a feat? …the “Air Spear.” See it in action, next.


Strava Route Builder Now Updates App to Show Turns & Segments on Your Mobile

Strava Route Builder tool lets cyclists create maps and move them to app for turn by turn cycling directions

Strava’s Route Builder online tool has been helping cyclists plan a ride since last fall, but until now those finely crafted plans were stuck on their website unless you could export the TCX/GPX file to a compatible GPS cycling computer. Or, of course, you could print out the ol’ paper cue sheet.

Now, you can pull up your routes up directly from the Strava app on both iOS and Android and follow along visually. You can even share the routes with other users so everyone’s on the same page, and segments will show up in real time with real time results (if you want, that feature can be turned off). Should Mother Nature frown upon your segment busting efforts and let loose, the app can even figure out your quickest way home and lead you back.

Best of all, these updates are available to all members, not just premium subscribers. Win. Screenshots below…


Tune Spurtreu Perfectly Aligns Handlebars to Your Front Wheel – with Lasers!

Tune Spurtrue laser alignment for bicycle handlebars and front wheels

Need that one trick tool that no else is gonna have? And one that solves an incredibly frustrating problem at that? The new Tune Spurtreu puts a laser pointer in a CNC’d alloy base that’s shaped to center itself over your stem and handlebars, putting a dot at the center of the tire.

The visual aid lets you get things perfectly centered so long as your wheel’s dish center’s the tire in the fork. And all for just €69 ($100USD at Fair Wheel Bikes). The name roughly means “tracks true”, which is exactly what you should be when laser red stars are aligned.


Wrap Your Goods With Skinnz (Drivetrain) Protection


Pushing for a more comprehensive system of protecting your prized ride is Skinnz and their line of component covers. Citing a foul weather drive up Mt. Ventoux that resulted in his brand new Fuji being blasted by road-grime and grit, the founder Dirk Robers explains the impetus behind his Skinnz project. Wrap your valued goods before heading into the unknown…