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Tech Roundup: BRoller, Bikelops & iOmounts Bring More Tech To Cycling Via Crowdfunding


iOmounts makes device mounts with a patented magnetic technology that attaches simply, and adjust easily. At the Consumer Electronics Show opening next week, they will release the NOMAD mount to attach almost any device to a pair of handlebars. They say that with the increase in cycling apps available for phones, and GPS capability, a mount for a phone is all that is needed , instead of a dedicated device.

They are not giving a lot of details until the show, but if it works anything like their super-adjustable mounting stands, it should be pretty nice for ease of use and adjustability. Jump past the break to see their standard device mounts (not for bikes), and also see ideas on using an iPhone as a bike light and dusting off your old trainer by turning it into a multimedia exercise center…


Will drones become the next big cycling accessory?


The popular Danny Macaskill video The Ridge was shot partly by using a drone and GoPro point of view video camera. POV cameras drastically changed the way cycling videos look, as there is now an entire new world of content being put into these, enriching the experience and allowing many more people to make productions of their rides.

Drones, especially with cameras attached, are poised to become the next major trend in the shooting of action sports videos. The cost of these devices has come down drastically in recent years, and new technologies are making it so they can be flown by a single person, some of them even with a simple smart phone, and some will even fly themselves. GoPro agrees, as the Wall Street Journal has reported that they are working on their own drone devices.

Take a look inside at two new drone devices that strive to fit into your gear cache right next to your POV camera…


Found: HXR Easy Shift Drivetrain Hints Fixed Gear is the New Enduro

HXR EAsy shift

With no details anywhere, other than a video posted on Vimeo, a French company called HXR is about to release a transmission for enduro riding. Designed as the opposite of current systems, the HXR fixes the cassette position to the rear hub so that it cannot freewheel, and then allows the chainrings on the crank to freewheel around the crank arm. It may sounds confusing, but its pretty simple, basically nothing changes about how you ride the bike, except the drivetrain never stops moving while the bike is moving.

This can possibly give some advantages such as being able to shift while coasting, so that you could drop a few gears while going through a corner, and come out strong. That seems to be the idea HXR is going after since they are aiming this product at the emerging Enduro market.

While the good idea is there, it is actually nothing new. Schwinn made a series of bikes in the 1970′s that did exactly the same thing. If you have ever ridden one of those bikes, you would know that it is actually kinda novel when it is working properly. But if it derails, chainsucks, or jams a shift, the bike can come to a very abrupt, skidding halt. This could be a huge concern for modern mountain bikes, where a chain lodged between the tire and carbon chainstay, yet being pulled by the full momentum of a moving bike could destroy a bike in seconds.

We will have to wait and see all the details when they fully release it in the near future. Jump past the break to see the drivetrain in action…


Looking for the Next Big Thing in Bar Ends? TOGS Might get Your Thumbs Up

Togs thumb grip 2

Raise your hand if your mountain bike in the 90′s had bar ends. Now who is still using them today? A lot of hands just went down. Granted, there are still a number of riders using traditional bar ends but the majority of us have probably left them in the bin with the sub 600mm handlebars.

Traditional bar ends have a few drawbacks – namely they can be heavy, you could hook them on branches or trees, and most keep your hands away from the brakes and shifters. However, the alternate hand positions do offer an advantage for certain types of riding including endurance racing. What’s the answer if you’re craving another hand hold? TOGS thinks their Thumb Over Grip System is just what racers need.

Lightweight, ergonomic, and relatively inexpensive, TOGS are an interesting solution to the common bar end…


Your 2014 Cycling Year In Review, Courtesy of Strava Story

strava story

You know those “year in review” videos that are taking over Facebook at the moment? Now there is a cycling equivalent thanks to the digital minds over at Strava. Called the 2014 Strava Story, the free program compiles all of your cycling data from the Strava app for 2014 and produces a short clip that highlights your total distance, elevation gain, total time, KOM’s, biggest climb, Kudos count, and total achievements.

Whether you want to obtain a snapshot of your cycling year or to humble brag about it on social media, you can make your own Strava highlight reel here. Not already on Strava? Sign up here and get ready for the new year!

Campagnolo Big Corkscrew Goes Direct, Ultimate in Wine Opening Precision Shipped Right to your Door


Many know Tullio Campagnolo for one of his most notable inventions, the modern quick release. Like any great inventor though, Tullio was always thinking of ways to improve the most basic tasks with typical Campagnolo precision and beauty. As the story goes, after hoping to impress some important friends with the best bottle of wine in his collection in 1966, the current method of wine cork removal caused the cork to crumble and leave residue in the wine.

That was all it took for Tullio to set off on a quest to create the ultimate wine bottle opener which resulted in the Cavatappi. Also known as the Big Corkscrew, the Cavatappi became a favorite among households and restaurants in Northern Italy and remains largely unchanged to this day. Mostly sold by word of mouth until now, Campagnolo has decided to offer the Big Corkscrew for sale through its own webstore to make the finest Cavatappi available even easier to get a hold of…


Spruzza Squirts Coolness

Spruzza Rider Spraying

What could they possibly come up with next? Just in time for Christmas, you too can be squirting yourself with a stream of water right in the face. As Spruzza warns, you’d better grab your own squirting apparatus “before Santa’s Ho-Ho-Ho becomes summer’s hot-hot-hot.” (Catchy line, eh?) Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it…


Found: Parlee x Movado Limited Edition Wristwatch

Movado Parlee automatic chronograph wristwatch

Announced just around the time of Interbike, this little gem got lost in the shuffle of tradeshow madness. Created with Movado, the automatic chronograph mixes two premium frame materials, carbon and titanium, into a 46mm wristwatch. The piece celebrates Parlee’s craftsmanship, but benefits World Bicycle Relief with every purchase.

There are some 250 layers of carbon fiber used, with a full UD face and woven sub faces for the stopwatch dials. Even the bezel is layered carbon, which a curve to match your wrist that only becomes evident when viewed from an angle. Titanium buttons and frame support it all for what’s sure to be a very lightweight timepiece.

Only 250 were made, each is individually numbered on its exhibition case back, and it’s available in four different accent colors…


Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers From ECOXGEAR and NUU Can Make Your Ride Sound Better


Bluetooth technology has opened up a world of new ideas, especially for transmitting music. Recently, these self-contained units have become fully waterproof, enabling you to take music with you where previous units would have gotten fried from moisture. Most of these products are intended to watersports users, but cyclists should be interested, since there would be no worry about using it if a sudden puddle or storm were to turn your ride into a wet one.

A lot of these players jumped into the market costing several hundred dollars, but like anything related to modern technology, costs are coming down. ECOXGEAR’s ECOPEBBLE being small and portable, and NUU’s Riptide both come in well under $100, and are IPX7 waterproof (or better).

Check them out after the jump…