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Strava and Specialized Team up for “Strava Shop Pages”

strava spesh 2

Hoping to provide another way for customers to interact with their favorite shops, Specialized is partnering with Strava to develop what they call “Strava Shop pages.” Currently only offered to select Specialized retailers in the US, Canada, UK, and Austrailia, Shop Pages contain the shop’s identity plus allow the unique customers of that shop to compete amongst themselves on a personal leaderboard. This allows both the shop and the customers to see how is out riding the most, as well as climbing stats.


Outrider Outfits All with Horizon All-Terrain Electric Trike, Introduces Operation Turbo Tommy

The ability to ride is something we’ve all probably taken for granted at one time or another. But for those who can’t ride, Outrider is looking to provide the opportunity to feel that freedom from a bike that we all know and love, again. Outrider has created a full suspension, all-terrain, electric trike. Possible of 9 different configurations for people of all different physical abilities, including many quadriplegics and paraplegics. Co-developed with their friend Christopher Wenner who was an avid mountain biker until he broke his neck at 17, Chris started developing an electric bike that he could ride and then reached out to Outrider to pursue it on a bigger scale.

The rest they say, is history. Or it will be after the Kickstarter campaign is finished. They have already met their goal, but they have now introduced a new stretch goal of 250 backer or $115,000 raised, they will commence operation Turbo Tommy. Find out more after the jump…


Adding Sealant Made Easy, with new InjectaLever Tire Lever Syringe

Injecta Lever

Tubeless is awesome. Finding out your sealant has dried up causing a flat is not awesome. When the sealant dries up you have two options, pull the tire partly off the rim and dump the sealant in, or remove the valve core and squirt it in through there. Curt and Colin Shelman think they have a better way – with a tire lever. Well, a tire lever that has been merged with a syringe to create an easy, no mess sealant solution. The Injectalever works without removing the valve core or tire from the rim, which should keep your valves free and clear. Still in the design phase, the duo has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for the finished product.


Wolf Tooth Components 40T GC Cassette Adapter Available Now, Plus Matte Red XTR

40 t WTC GC chain ring cassette adapter

It seems one of the most common requests for cassette adapters is to offer them in 40t instead of 42t. You asked, Wolf Tooth (along with other manufactures) delivered. Offered along side of their 42t GC, the new 40T GC is being sold now through pre-orders with the first product shipping out on April 11. Only available in black for the first run, other colors will be offered soon. If you haven’t been keeping track, their 42t GC is now offered in black, red, and blue.

More details, plus some color for XTR, and some big sponsorship news, next!


Contour Begins its Sequel, Promises New HD Action Sports Camera Soon

contour roam2 hd action sports camera

Last we heard, Contour had found capital to resuscitate it, then months of blank footage. Now, they’re officially back with the Contour Roam2 and Plus2 HD action sports video cameras, warranty support and a broad range of mounts and accessories.

The Contour+2 (Plus2) is their GPS enabled, live streaming, 120fps capturing bad boy with mobile connectivity. It ships with a waterproof case. The Contour Roam2, shown above in its color options, comes waterproof outta the box but skips the GPS and mobile connections and has just 60fps video capture. Both are full 1080p HD with their 270º rotating lens and 170º wide angle eye.

Skip through for more pics and the full PR…


Taipei Show Randoms Pt. 1 – Cool Stuff from Gates, X-Fusion, Jones, and Much More

Bikerumor Random Parts Taipei Show 14 (27)

Everywhere you looked in Taipei, there was something cool to see. The Taipei Show is quite a bit different from your average trade show, as it is geared almost exclusively to OEMs and distributors which makes it a cross between showing what’s new, and showing what is possible. In the case of Gates Belt Drive, for them it was a perfect opportunity to showcase what is possible with the Pinion Gear Box. Between the sealed gear box and a Gates belt, it may be the closest thing to a maintenance free drivetrain that we’ve ever seen.

While gates didn’t have a lot of new product, they did have a display showing just how many options you have when it comes to a belt drive. Check out the options plus a whole lot more, next…


Award Winning Design in Taiwan with the Taipei Cycle D&I awards

Taipei Show D&I Award Winner product (1)

There were quite a few new products with clever designs in Taipei, but a few stood out more than others. Not just to us, but to the judges of the third annual Taipei Cycle d&i awards, co-organized by TAITRA (the Taiwan External Trade Development Council) and TBEA (the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association), and executed independently by iF Design Asia. The design competition included 185 entries from 16 different countries including Germany, Japan, China, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Italy, UK, Austria and Israel, with first time entries from Switzerland, Korea, and Slovakia. With 49 winners selected, products ranged from bikes, to racks, to wheels, and anything in between. This year’s winners had some truly incredible ideas, and a few that may leave you scratching your head…


Wahoo Fitness Adds Android App, Turns Billions More Smartphones into Cycling Computers


Wahoo Fitness, which has built its marketing around being an iPhone powered fitness equipment provider has just expanded its bag of tricks with a new Android OS app.

It’ll work on any device running Android version 4.3 or newer and that allows Third Party App Access to the device’s Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) radio. It’ll sync up with the company’s TICKR, BlueHR, BlueSC (Speed/Cadence sensor), RPM and KICKR trainer. If you’re still reading, we’ll assume a) you’ve not used their app before because b) you don’t own an iPhone. Quick summary: Their app is a pretty full featured cycling (or running) computer for outdoor workouts, letting you track all the same metrics you normally would…assuming you have Bluetooth sensors on your bike and/or body. It’s also the brains of their KICKR trainer, which is a remarkable piece of equipment.

And when you’re all done, you can upload to your choice of Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Nike+, TrainingPeaks or GarminConnect.

Pics and links below…


Make your Butt happy with the Dpardo T Type Healthy Saddle

dpardo T Type healthy saddle happy butt (7)

When it comes to saddles, lately there seems to be no shortage of ideas on how to revolutionize how we sit on a bike. The latest bizarre creation is Dpardo’s T2 Healthy Saddle – basically just a horizontal bar that you sit on. The simple design has two main functions, eliminate friction on the groin, and pressure on the perineum. According to U-Chien’s research, pressure in the perineum can result in abnormal genital growth for juveniles as well as “hymen injuries for girls,” as well as countless genital related issues for adults. Right. Fortunately the Type 2 saddle eliminates those issues by eliminating pressure on the perineum completely. In fact the saddle comes with a benefit list that borders on infomercial with the ability to “slim down, tighten and lift the buttocks, improve blood circulation to increase leg strength and butt muscle mass, restore elasticity and vigor for loose muscles, improve sagging buttocks”…. and on and on.

That’s a lot of talk, does it work? Get our first impression after the break…