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PBE14: Fiks:Reflective Wheel Stripes Light Up The Night w/ Rainbows!


Whether you’re just looking to increase your safety margin a bit or you want to blow minds, Fiks:Reflective has the stickers for you. The pic above shows what happens when lights hit their reflective sticker strips, which are sized for 700c wheels. This is the black version, but it’s the colors that’ll really make your rods and cones dance…


Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt Leaves your Old HRM in the Cold


When a heart rate monitor just won’t cut it, there is a new crop of “smart shirts.” More than simply a heart rate monitor, Hexoskin’s Smart Shirts use built in sensor technology to monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV), breathing rate, minute ventilation, Heart Rate Recovery, Cadence, even an estimated Vo2 max and more.

Originally available in tank top form only, the new Hexoskin Arctic is much better suited to cold weather pursuits. Claimed to be used by NASA, CSA, and CNES for training purposes, Hexoskin reported collects 42,000 data points per minute. Does this signal a big change in training for the cycling industry? Details next…


Make Your Bike Look Pro With VeloInk Custom Name & Flag Decals

veloink1You have seen the pro’s bikes, each carefully labeled with the name of the owner and where they are from. Veloink is a small company starting with the creation of these decals for the rest of us that may not have a full-time professional mechanic to put them for us.

They have one of the most impressive lists of flags, including all states, most countries, Armed Forces and governmental divisions. When you type in your name, it ends up in a custom decal about a half inch tall, and 2-4 inches long, depending on text.

Check out the “I Ride For” decals after the jump, where they donate half of the gross sales to the Michael J. Fox foundation.


VECTr Interchangeable Expanding Gear System Seeks Feedback, Check It Out & Give Your Opinion

Joseph Magee, the product developer of the VECTr, is looking for feedback on his design as he conducts market research. The name is short for the Variably Expanding Chain Transmission, and is a new way to change your front drive ratio. They have built a working prototype along their journey towards production.

The system is said to be better than typical current designs by reducing the wear and friction of a front derailleur, reducing wear on the chain from drastic chain angles (cross-chaining), can change gears quickly, and can be adjusted anywhere in between a 22t and 44t equivelant.

Watch the video, and take their survey. Tell us what you think of VECTr

Sinewave Cycles’ Streamlined USB Charger Headset Cap Tops Off Your Steerer & Your Phone

sinewave cycles reactor usb charger headset cap for bicycle dynamo hubs

We first spotted these guys a couple years back when they were showing off the first prototypes, which had a hardwired connection at the base of the Sinewave Reactor  USB charger top cap. Now, they’re in full production and have made a few mods to make them more user friendly.

The Reactor is a sealed USB port that connects to a dynamo hub to charge anything that’ll pull power through a USB cable, and it’s conveniently located on the bike’s steerer tube. The main change is a snap connector at the base that allows the top cap to be removed without having to pull wires all the way up from the hub…


MagLOCK May Have Finally Perfected the Magnetic Bike Pedal

MagLock magnetic bike pedal  (3)

Now more than ever, there seems to be an intense debate between the use of flat pedals or clipless. Both have their merits, but what if there was something in between? Something that combined the best things about each into a single design? Now that the MagLOCK bike pedal is getting official, maybe there is.

The MagLOCK pedal is definitely not the first to attempt to use magnets to replace a clipless system. Many companies have tried over the years and for whatever reason either failed to produce a worthwhile product, or at least one that consumers would buy. There are many factors to designing a magnetic pedal that you have to take into consideration over a relatively simple clipless pedal, but it looks like Dave Williams may have figured it out with his clever magnetic design.

Details next…


Join the Wolf Pack w/ Augur’s New Intelligent Collective Safety Bike Lights

Augur, an Australian company, just started a new Kickstarter project for their Wolf light. It’s built using CREE LEDs, machined aluminum and a silicone casing and is dubbed a “collective safety cycling light.” It works by sensing your place in a pack (get it, Wolf Pack?) and adjusting intensity based on whether you’re leading out, sitting in or bringing up the rear.

When you consider yourself a one man wolf pack, the brightness high and available in a steady or blink pattern (see or be seen). When your wolf pack grows, and you’re riding around in the desert together, the brightness adjusts based on your position in the peloton. The lights communicate with each other so it knows if another Wolf is behind you rather than just a car, so it won’t dim when drivers are coming up from behind. But when it’s a fellow wolf, the tail light dims significantly so it doesn’t distract or blind them. Once you’re at the tail end or OTB, it’ll immediately come back up to full brightness.


Motorrad Garage Covers Your Tools & Gear, Telescopes Over Your Ride Too

Ever wish you had more space for your growing collection of bikes? Sticking out just 16.9 inches from the wall, the (translated) Motorcycle Garage can hold your gear and tools, then can expand open to cover your entire bike. Designed to cover a motorcycle, it should have no problem covering a few mountain bikes.

The website is written in Deutsch, and does not mention a price, but the graphics and pictures show a lot. Made of aluminum, it can be locked to keep the elements and thieves away from your ride. If you don’t have a garage or access to covered storage, it can be a great option for your stuff and has options for mounting against a building or being free standing.

Trail LED Halo, DS, and XXX Light Systems Long Term Review – UPDATED

Trail LED Halo DS and XXX

From the left: the Trail LED Halo, DS, and XXX lights.

UPDATES: Mounting ring clarification, longer battery life, handlebar bracket included with XXX and DS

Night riding season is upon us and after ten weeks running the Halo, DS, and XXX light systems from Texas based Trail LED, we are very impressed with the industry leading light levels and quality craftsmanship. Set aside the wild looks for a minute and let’s just talk performance. The lights are incredibly bright – Trail LED claims 6,000 lumens for the 10 lamp Halo, 3,000 lumens for the five lamp DS , and 1,800 lumens for the three lamp XXX. While we don’t have the equipment to test those claims, our riding experience demonstrated that each system was significantly brighter than similarly priced systems with roughly the same claimed power. When there are lights with similar claimed outputs, that is – there aren’t too many 6,000 lumen bike lights out there. The single power/mode button is well placed, easy to use with gloves, and offers a satisfying click. The unique if inelegant mounting system -tan colored surgical tubing bands- combined with their helmet hugging shape, reduced neck fatigue and skull inertia compared to traditional coal miner style light mounts.  The surgical tube “mounting rings” hold the lamps infinitely better than the Velcro straps offered by most competitors, they do not snag your helmet pads the way Velcro does, and they will never require zip-tie reinforcement.  The optional bar mount included with the XXX and DS is simply brilliant. The batteries are compact, easy to carry, interchangeable with all three lamps, and spares are half the cost of their competitors. Criticisms, and specifics on each system, after the jump… READ MORE ->