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Everysight Brings Fighter Pilot Tech to Cycling with Raptor Smart Glasses


Smart glasses hold the potential for a lot of benefits for cyclists. Being able to see information previously available only on your cycling computer or phone without taking your eyes off the road seems promising. But most smart glasses have been bulky and uses display pods that could potentially block part of your field of view.

Everysight aims to change all that. Using their Everysight Beam Technology, their new Raptor positions the information directly in your line of sight…


Where’s Waldo? You’ll always know with the Waldo bike tracker and alarm system

Waldo tracker

Paranoid about someone stealing your bike? The Waldo puts a Lo-Jack and alarm on your bike in case it’s not where you left it. Sometimes things get taken, borrowed, or even misplaced and Waldo takes the guessing out of “Where’s my bike”?

Look past the break and see what some of the uses are and how Waldo works as a theft deterrent…..


SussMyBike Suspension Setup Tool Hits Kickstarter, & we finally get to see how it works!

Sussmybike device

After getting a glimpse of the SussMyBike suspension setup tool, it left us with some questions of how it works and whether or not there would be interest in it, so we reached out for more information. Armed with more details, on paper it seems pretty impressive. Coinciding with the big reveal, the device is now on Kickstarter as well.

Spring past the break to see what it actually does and an update on the gadget’s status…..


A Week in Review: Rad Kid’s bikes, Rapha’s Thermal Aerosuit, and a Roundup of some Awesome Tools and Hacks

Atherton Racing BSX-Insight_muscle-oxygenation-tracking

FENIX BYKES folding full size santos 275 plus mountain bike (5) reset-components-bearing-press-tool01

Tired of measuring power and want something even more involved to measure? We check out BSX’s updated Muscle Oxygenation sensing device. We also take a behind the scenes look at how Scott goggles are made, and find out what those Atherton siblings are up to.

Catch up on last week’s material and be sure to check out the comic strip of Yehuda Moon and how cynical and funny cycling can be….


RCC15: Wide-Eyez Flips any Helmet into Integrated Visor Mode

Wideeyez helmet shield flip up visor (2)

Thanks to Bryan from RTR Magazine for modeling Wide-Eyez for us!

At first glance, it’s pretty easy to tell if you’ll be a Wide-Eyez customer or not. We’re guessing many people will look at the add-on visor and immediately write it off as a fred-ly accessory that clearly will clash with your full Rapha kit. But, as evidenced by the number of people checking the visor out at the Recumbent Cycle Con tradeshow (yes I went – it was in my home town. I pretty much had too, right?) that there are a number of people who are willing to risk looking like a fred to have a more comfortable ride.

And truthfully? Depending on the helmet, it doesn’t look that bad…


Live Muscle Oxygenation Tracking from BSX Insight gets updated with More Connectivity


We showed you the BSX Insight and how it will change the way to target training and recovery at Interbike this year, and have gone into the detail of using it to determine lactate threshold and measure aerobic threshold before that. But now it is getting a good bit more versatility in its second generation with extended capabilities, including app-based control and communication with third party devices. Spin past the break for the details…


Roland’s Wearpro Microphone Adds Your Voice and 3-D Audio to GoPro Videos

Roland wearpro microphone, on model

Before Claudio Caluori’s hilarious World Cup course previews came along, I could understand people thinking “Why would I want to hear myself talk during my biking video? It’ll just sound like disjointed hooting and hollering while I try to concentrate on riding.” Now that we all know the entertainment value of doing exactly that, let’s check out how Roland’s new Wearpro microphone can help you capture high quality, real time audio from your GoPro.

In short, the Wearpro is a wearable device that provides high quality 3-D audio capture from several of GoPro’s recent models. Your voice combined with real-world audio adds excitement and realism to point-of-view videos, and with the included mic clips the Wearpro is also ideal for video blogging, interviews, or webcasting. If your ears are perked, click below the break for more…

Roundup: Killer new tools, gadgets, storage options & Hacks


For all the talk SRAM put into the unhackable nature of their new eTAP wireless shifting, this conversion to control a Space Invaders game was brilliant. One controller moved you left, the other right, and a simultaneous push of both buttons fired.

For stuff you actually can by to hack (or fix) your own bike and components, or to just live in your car, blip past the break…


Go Go Gadget Stem! SpeedForce Smartens Up Your bike With Fully Loaded Stem


With electronics getting smaller and more powerful at the same time, companies and inventors are constantly looking for ways to better our world. That includes helping us become more integrated with the things we use…. even the bicycle. SpeedForce looks to do just that when they put integration front and center with their new feature rich “smart stem”.

Transport yourself past the break to see how many things they fit into this slick little stem….