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OnBeep Onyx Communicator Lets You Talk like a Trekkie on your Bike

OnBeep Onyx communicator is a bluetooth walkie talkie that uses WiFi or your cellular data to connect 15 friends in real time

Born from the founders’ experience as first responders and their use of 2-way radios, the OnBeep Onyx is an instant-on, real-time communication device. The twist? It’s even easier to use, works with any modern smartphone and works across any cellular data network or WiFi.

Weighing just 46g, the Onyx clips to your jersey or hydration pack’s shoulder strap. It connects to the OnBeep app on your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, letting you talk with an unlimited number of your friends and relations instantly and securely. Just push the button on the device to talk, same as you would with a walkie-talkie, then release when you’re done. There’s a headphone port that works with any set with an inline mic should you choose not to have your friends’ voices broadcast publicly, plus volume controls and on/off switch.

The video below shows it in use in a more domestic setting, but we’re thinking it’d be pretty awesome for a day on the mountain or out riding with the family…


IB14: Updated Yurbuds Inspire Line Makes it Easier to Stay Safe While Plugged In


Yurbuds inspire line headphones (1)

A lot of people listen to music while riding or running. That isn’t going to change. But how they listen to their music might with products like the new Yurbud Inspire range. Designed to allow the listener to hear 100% of the ambient noise around them, the latest versions of the Inspire ear buds should make them easier to use while guaranteeing not to fall out.

If you’ve been known to ride with a single ear bud in place, the Yurbuds may leave you inspired…


Kodak Takes 360º Degree Look at Action Cam Market with new PixPro SP360

kodak pixpro sp360 action camera 360 degrees

In early 2013 it was announced that JK Imaging would be releasing new products licensed under the Kodak name. Since then there have been a number of digital cameras, smart lenses, and action cams released – though the new PixPro SP360 might be the most intriguing. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, differentiating yourself from the GoPro juggernaut can be a difficult thing. That is, unless you can film with a 360º filed of view.

That’s precisely what the SP360 offers along with an ultra-wide 214º degree mode as well. The Kodak cube has some interesting features, but is it enough to make a splash in a pool of action proof cameras?


Saris Announces Trade In Program For Power Meters & A Chance To Win Ultimate Indoor Cycling Experience

Saris-CycleOps-ContestSaris Cycling Group, owners of Saris racks, CycleOps and Powertap have announced two new programs. Through November 30th, you can trade in an old and ineffective power meter for up to 30% off of a new Powertap wheelset. Additionally, there is a photo contest to show your training space, tag your photo with #MyCycleOpsStudio, and potentially win a brand new indoor cycling setup.  Learn more about both programs after the jump…


EB14: Roundup – Random and Beautiful Saddles, Stems & Related Accessories


As usual, there’s simply too much to see at Eurobike to stop and talk with everyone about every product. So as we’re dashing through the halls, we’ll snap things that catch our eye for roundups. Not that they’re any less cool than the brands we dedicate full posts to. On the contrary, there’s often quite a bit of ingenuity to be found in the recesses and shared 10×10 booths. Here’s the first of many roundups to come from Eurobike 2014.

The Bpeople Unica saddle is a simply gorgeous melding of premium, vegetable dyed Italian leather and carbon fiber. Saddle weight is claimed at just 138g. The frame is 4K woven carbon fiber, shaped with a center relief channel on a 263×140 shell.


Commute Safer & Better With Turn Signals, Lights & More

Veglo Tail Light
There comes a time every year where the darkness comes earlier and earlier, it gets colder and drivers may not expect to see a cyclist on the road. If you’re a commuter, it’s time to pay attention to making yourself safe on the road. Fortunately, there are several new smaller companies starting up to help make your commute better, and some of the products and ideas are really, really good…


BeBop Launches Wearable Smart Sensors, Coming to Cycling Clothing Near You?

BeBop Wearable Sensor & Controller with Smartphone

Sometimes it takes someone from outside an industry to come up with something revolutionary. When it comes to wearable data collection, BeBop’s entry into the world of flexible smart sensors stems from their experience with musical instruments. Keith McMillen is the founder of KMI, an instrument company out of Berkeley, CA that specializes in MIDI controllers and keyboards that have already been using a similar fabric sensor for years.

“BeBop is a natural step for KMI, where we have diligently tuned fabrics, geometries, and production processes allowing us to ship over 1 million sensors to some of the most demanding musicians in the world,” said Keith McMillen, Founder, KMI and BeBop Sensors. “All musical instruments are essentially sensors with forms of acoustic processing attached.  The same care and creativity used to build our instruments will serve well for our non-musical customers as we expand into the wearables market.”

Now with over 1 million of the sensors in current use, Keith is taking his sensor and eyeing a new market – anything that can be worn. Unlike any of the sensors currently on the market, the BeBop sensor uses a proprietary and patented monolithic design that is capable of measuring all components of movement including bend, location, motion, rotation, angle, torque. In addition to monitoring various physical vitals the sensors can also be used as wearable controllers for smart phones. Answer calls, change tracks, volume, etc. all while the phone remains in your pocket.

Obviously the sensor is just the beginning as it will take clothing manufacturers integrating it into their products for it to be really useful. But what are the possibilities? Try on a few after the break…


The Hoverboard Gets Real!

We’re not even trying to make up some reason why this is related to bikes, but it’s just too damn cool not to post. Yes, it’s a real, live, working hover board, and it’s already blown past its funding goal on Kickstarter by about 50%, and it’s just getting started.

Check the video, then float past the break for a bit of the science…


Jabra’s New Earbuds Can Hear Your Heart Through Your Ears

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

The Sport Pulse Wireless ear buds from Jabra are wireless, have premium sound and other features similar to other high-end ear buds. But these can actually measure your heart rate through the ear buds, and transmit that information back to your phone, for use in their tracking app.

Measuring heart rate has been traditionally done through a chest strap, but new wireless technologies are starting to change that, and very fast. Also in ear phones, SMS Audio can do the same thing, and Lifebeam can measure from your helmet. Jabra promises more than just measuring the heart and playing music…