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TDF2015 Tech: Team bikes for FDJ Lapierre & Europcar Colnago


Lapierre supported the FDJ team with all three of their performance road bikes, including the recently introduced SL versions of the Aircode and Xelius.

Introduced last year, the Aircode received a 110g diet this summer to create the 2016 Aircode SL. The Kammtail air foil shapes and overall stiffness remain the same, it’s just lighter. The black and red team replica paint schemes are shown just behind the team-only blue and white. But it’s the custom metallic blue paint scheme for Arnaud Démare’s Xelius SL that’s the real eye grabber…


Fox Factory Tour Part 2: The Assembly Line

Fox US Factory Production (9)

After components are produced at Fox’s California based machine shop, the parts are sent out for anodization (either locally or to Japan), then shipped to the Fox assembly facility in a small town just South of Santa Cruz, CA. 

As these components arrive from all corners of the world, random samples are pulled for inspection and walked directly from the receiving area and into the Quality Lab.

In addition to testing individual components, they also pull sub-assemblies to ensure parts are fitting together properly and double check for wear on tooling.


TDF2015 Tech: What’s inside the team cars, plus Team Sky’s prototype Jaguar F-Pace SUV

Jaguar F-Pace SUV crossover spy shots as Team Sky support vehicle

Let there be no doubt as to who’s the best funded team in the pro peloton. Team Sky wasn’t just rockin’ production Jaguar vehicles for sag wagons, they had this prototype Jaguar F-Pace SUV stealthily decaled. Word is, this model won’t even be formally introduced until the Frankfurt Auto Show, hitting showrooms in 2016 sometime. But here it is, and it’s gorgeous.

Ride on in for more pics of this and other cars from le Tour, including a look inside to see how they set them up to service the riders mid-race…


PC15: Knog Adds Pop To the Party with Completely Replaceable Straps, Aero Seatpost Lights, iPhone Lights, More

Knog expose smart wrap iphone lights road mob pop seriesKnogIMG_8040

Knog has come a very long way as a company since the early days of the Frog. One of the original purveyors of lights with silicone straps, Knog admits they learned the hard way that non-replaceable straps aren’t the way to go. To address the issue (along with continuing to honor warranties), Knog is rolling out 21 new bike products and every light among them now has a replaceable strap.

That extends down to the all new POP Lights – at an impressive retail price under $20. One of their best product ranges yet, Knog has something for everyone, including roadies with aero seat posts…


Hero4 Session Is the Smallest, Lightest, Easiest To Use GoPro Yet

Gopro hero 4 session camer pov  (3)

Every time there is a new version of a GoPro or action camera you can usually count on another quantum leap in technology. Compared to the original GoPro, the latest tech makes that first camera look like a toy you would get from a department store. But in spite of the hardware capable of putting out professional level cinematography, most of your average users are asking for something else. Namely, a camera that is smaller and easier to use.

If features like smaller, lighter, and easier to use are more important to you than things like 4K and having the most megapixels, you’ll want to check out the Session next…


Garmin’s New Varia Cycling Computer Introduces Rearview Radar


Garmin Varia Computer

According to the smooth voice over narration in Garmin’s latest product video, 40% of cycling fatalities occur when riders are struck from behind by a car or truck. In order to create a safer cycling environment, the new Varia Rearview Radar system is designed to warn cyclists that vehicles are approaching from behind.

This technology was developed by a South African startup named iKuba, which Garmin purchased earlier this year. The basic package has since been refined and is now able to work independently or wirelessly integrate with compatible Garmin Edge computers. READ MORE ->

Contest: Win One of Three Lezyne Mini GPS Units from Art’s Cyclery!

ArtsCyclery_LezyneGPS-ImageContest Details: Fill in your email address and answer all four survey questions to be entered to win a Lezyne Mini GPS from Art’s Cyclery. Three winners will be chosen from the respondents with the correct answers. Hint: You can find the correct answers if you read about the Mini GPS in the paragraph below.

The Lezyne Mini GPS is compact, powerful and ideal for the cycling minimalist. It’s the smallest cycling GPS computer in the world and weighs a feathery twenty nine grams. Using the Mini GPS is easy; simply turn it on, press start and go for a ride. No additional sensors or cables are required. Ride data is presented on a sharp, easy to read, semi-customizable display and saved as a .fit file for later analysis on the Lezyne GPS Root website. The GPS recording system is optimized to record up to one hundred hours of ride data, and is custom tuned to remain efficient in low-signal areas. Housed in a stylish aluminum bezel, the computer features a simple three-button operation and is micro USB rechargeable for up to ten hours of runtime.

Survey closes 11pm EST on Friday, July 3, 2015. Click past the break to enter!


Garmin gets tiny with new Edge 20 / 25 GPS cycling computers – updated

garmin edge 20 and 25 miniature GPS cycling computers

While the idea of losing your GPS cycling computer might seem ironic, the new Garmin Edge 20 and Edge 25 units are small enough to get lost despite their ability to help you find your way.

Both models share the diminutive 40x42mm footprint and 25g weight. They track both GPS and GLONASS satellites to keep your position pinpointed even under light tree cover or between tall buildings. The location data provides it with speed, distance and ascent, too. The Edge 25 adds ANT+ to pair with heart rate, speed, and cadence sensors to capture more data. Update: It seems to be software limited from what Garmin has informed us, that it will not record power meter data. This may be as a result of then needing a lot more internal memory to store significantly more dense and frequent data generate by power measurement, something their bigger units are more capable of. The Edge 20 and 25 store just your most recent 10 rides on the device. It’ll also adds Bluetooth LE to sync with your phone, allowing you to stream your ride through Garmin Connect so others can live track you. After the ride, that connection lets you upload your ride data and share it on Connect, too. And Strava and others, too.

Find your way below for video and more details…


New Orbea Digit manual dropper seatpost is a game changer

Orbea Digit Dropper Seatpost offers manual height reduction with fixed upper and lower positions for perfect fit every time

Every once in a while a product comes along that makes so much sense you wonder how it hadn’t ever been done before. The new Orbea Digit Dropper Post is just such a product, making it quick and easy to lower your seatpost to a preset position at the top of the hill. Then, even more importantly, it lets you bring it right back up to your preferred climbing position just as quickly, hitting the perfect spot each and every time.

It works via a slotted channel on the back of the post with upper and lower limit set screws. You simply open the quick release collar and slam it up or down. The slotted channel keeps the saddle pointing straight forward, and the set screws ensure it goes only as low as you want and returns to the correct height. Officially, it offers up to 250mm of drop in 50mm increments. Technically, you could probably get almost 300mm if you don’t use the top set screw, with total amount of height reduction limited only by frame design.

Action video showing how it works below, drop on in…