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Microsoft Band fitness tracker adds Strava, MapMyRide integration

microsoft band adds strava and mapmyride integration to fitness tracking wristband

Microsoft’s Band fitness tracking wearable has just added support for Strava and MapMyRide, letting you send your ride data to the sporty social site of your choice.

They introduced the Cycling Tile (similar to an app) in February, which lets you start and stop a ride, name the ride and capture things like speed, heart rate, distance, route and elevation. If you’re using it indoors on a trainer, GPS can be turned off to save battery life and just capture your physical metrics. Once the ride’s stopped, you can simply upload the info to Strava or MapMyRide.

Other updates to the band focus on health, offering comparative insights of your fitness and activity level compared to other users, VO2 Max estimation, sleep recovery and more.


SOC15: Hands on with the Recon Jet Smart Glasses

Recon jet smart glasses sea otter hud heads up display (1)

The future is a confusing place. Cars are still on the ground, I have to pour my own coffee in the morning, and a complete meal still isn’t able to fit inside a tiny pill. However, one bit of futuristic cycling technology is finally here. No, we’re not talking about the latest axle standard for the next generation of tires, but a cycling HUD.

Technicaly, you could view Google Glass or Recon’s own goggles as the first Heads Up Displays available to the cyclist, but the Recon Jet has been designed from the ground up for your athletic pursuits, no goggles required.

Packing an incredible amount of functions into a sleek but somehow awkward looking package, Recon is finally shipping their long awaited Jet smart glasses. The company is still in the process of fulfilling their preorders, but Jets will soon be available for sale if you can see past the price…


SOC15: TOGS thumb rest nubs add hinged clamp design to preserve your foam grips


Introduced last December, the TOGS (Thumb Over Grip System) added a hand position to relieve fatigue on long rides while adding virtually nothing to the scale. For endurance racers (think PMBAR, Wilderness 101, etc.), it could mean the difference between your hands going numb and maintaining your sanity. Heck, they even come in handy if you normally ride paved paths or roads to get to and from the trail.

But, if you had lightweight foam grips like those from ESI, Red Monkey or Lizard Skins, you may be a little hesitant to rip them off just to add a thumb rest. TOGS felt your pain, so they developed the new hinged clamp, letting you quickly install and remove them without touching your grips. Available soon on their website.

Completely redesigned, GPS-enabled Garmin Virb X, XE action cameras juice up your video

Garmin VIRB GPS action camera in dirt

As a well-established brand in the world of GPS devices, Garmin has brought their experience into the POV market with some clever cameras that collect GPS data while recording videos. Their new VIRB X and XE models contain several sensors to collect common measurements, and allow wireless connectivity to other devices for additional data inputs.

Garmin’s VIRB X and XE cameras come in a rugged waterproof casing, and offer some cool features like slow-motion video, still photo capability and customizable performance indicator gauges overlaid on the video image.

Click past the break for more info, specs and demo video…


SOC15: 4iiii add-on crankarm power meter gets even smaller, includes factory install

After debuting at Interbike last fall, 4iiii’s crank arm based power meter has become smaller, using a new casing to give it a lower profile for better frame clearance.

They also gave it tabs for a rubber strap to hold it in place and apply continuous pressure while the bonding agent cures and permanently affixes the unit to your crank. That aids in self installs, but for now they’re doing factory installs where you send your crank arm in and have them apply it.

Why? Because they’re refining the epoxies to make it as simple as possible to insure you’re able to install it perfectly. In the meantime, they’re including the back and forth shipping of your crank in the $399 price.


Six Fyx 6-Speed Drivetrain Conversion Kits for Fixies Now Available

Fyxation Six Fyx drivetrain conversion kit, in display box

While fixies are fun, simple and easy to maintain there are times when it pays to have a few gears at hand. While they’re adamant that they aren’t trying to ‘fix’ anything, Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Fyxation has released a conversion kit that adds a six-speed drivetrain to your 120mm spaced frame.

The crew at Fyxation are clearly single-speed enthusiasts, but options are always good. The conversion kits are intended for fixed gear or track bike riders who want to give their knees a break, have hilly terrain to contend with, or for anyone who has a fixie that they like and fits well but would happily accept a bit more versatility. Bikerumor first previewed the Six Fyx conversion at Interbike in 2013, but the kits have just recently become available to consumers.

Shift down below the break for more photos, specs and info…

Fox Officially Launches 2016 Kabolt 15mm Bolt Thru Axle

Scott 3Rox Sea Otter Scale and Spark (9)

Just one day after RockShox released their Maxle Stealth bolt thru axle, Fox is releasing one of their own. To be fair, Fox has been experimenting with the concept for years with idea apparently originating from their sponsorship of Geoff Kabush. At Sea Otter in 2013, Scott 3Rox Lead Mechanic Scott Kelly told us that replacing the quick release thru axle with one that used an allen wrench instead, allowed the team to use a drill for lightning quick, NASCAR style wheel changes.

Originally just available for racers on the FOX RAD program, Fox is ramping up production and will be offering them for any rider with a Fox fork running a 15QR axle…


Novyparts Raises the Bar with New Remote for RockShox Reverb Dropper Posts

Novy Parts rockshox reverb seat post remote control 1

Want to make that dropper post you’re running even better? If it happens to be a RockShox Reverb, you might want to check out the newest product from Novyparts. Likely a relative unknown here in the U.S., Novyparts is a one man operation out of France that normally focuses on suspension tuning. Using his experience of hydraulic components and manufacturing from suspension work, Maxime Bouchez sent over some photos of his latest project – an afermarket remote for a RockShox Reverb seat post.

Geared towards bikes that aren’t running a front shifter, the Novyparts lever should result in an uplifting user experience…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycles Bits & Pieces

Ethics-Brochure_cover_image Training & Nutrition

  • Bike Pure Release Ethics Brochure – Bike Pure today launch it’s publication titled “Rebuilding Ethics in Cycle Sport: A Guide for Riders, Parents and Coaches”. The 44 page full colour brochure is aimed at educating both riders, coaches and parents of cyclists on the importance of sporting ethics, integrity, sportsmanship and anti-doping. This free guide is available to be shipped in hard copy format from or as a direct PDF download from
  • New training software to help coaches and student-athletes across the countryTrainingPeaks has announced a partnership with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) to provide world-class online training software and educational content to help interscholastic mountain bike team coaches succeed. For more information on NICA visit or call (510) 524-5464.

Clothing, Gear and Tools

  • DeFeet brings the art of Greig Leach and the wonderous Paris-Roubaix bicycle classic to their Aireator socks – Greig Leach inspires and amazes enthusiasts world wide with his artwork. In addition to his prints, Leach has compiled books with his cycling creations, such as the Book de Tour, art of the Tour de France, in 2014. To order your pair of Aireator Greig Leach Paris-Roubaix Special socks, visit
  • Kinetic Releases Major inRide UpgradeKinetic has announced the launch of a major update to its inRide power training app. The update includes new home-screen graphics, improved guided workouts, direct social media sharing, and real-time workout graphing. The app update is currently live and is available for download from the iTunes store now.