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Rollout Trailers Will Haul Your Cargo For You — Meet The Brouhaha

Rollout Trailers Brouhaha Zero Towing Force Self Propelled Tailgating With Beer Cooler And Grill

As more people abandon their cars in favor of two wheeled bliss the demand for augmented alternative-transport grows. The electronically assisted Brouhaha Bike Trailer augments your cycling by doing the grunt work for you. It generates the precise power required to propel whatever cargo you care to pile onto it. You can now ditch the car and still head to Home Depot…or the big game. Pull through the break for more…


Get Pumped With Limited Edition CVNDSH Headphones From Vibe


Like many top athletes, Mark Cavandish listens to music before races in order to get into the right mindset. While plopping a set of his new branded headphones won’t make you one of the world’s fastest sprinters, they do look damn cool.

The £199.99 headphones are foldable and come with a stylish hard case for traveling.  The headphones have a detachable TPU flat cable, but can also be paired with your music device via bluetooth. A built in mic allows you to answer calls and dictate messages, and an additional row of buttons allow you to skip tracks, toggle call features, and more. 

Only 500 headphones will be sold and you can preorder now. The first headphones will begin shipping next week. Order yours here.

Photo Gallery: 2015 Specialized Gear, Apparel & Components


Our first gallery from the 2015 Specialized Dealer Event showed off a lot of bikes. Now, we’ve got a collection of new components, parts, accessories, gear and apparel for your perusal.

Above, the new 4th generation S-Works mountain bike cranks get hollow carbon construction and a 30mm spindle only. They’ll work with any 104BCD chainring, single or double only. Spin past the break for lots more…


Video: FiberFix Jumps the Shark (Tank) to Fix Your Bicycle

Derek at FiberFix just sent over this video along with this note: “BikeRumor may consider this a total joke, but I think it’s something to consider (albeit slightly impractical).”

Attention, grabbed, so we watched the video. Pure awesome. A phone call later and we can now tell you how it works:

FiberFix was a Shark Tank success and is essentially a woven fiberglass fiber tape presoaked in a water-activated resin. To use it, simply soak the tape in water for a second, then tightly wrap the object to be fixed. Let it cure for 10-15 minutes and you’re good to go. They say it’s as strong as steel, extremely rigid and waterproof, yet can be sanded and painted. Sounds like a good emergency item to keep in the pack for backcountry rides or touring – it could easily get you back home.


Silca Unveils Heirloom Quality HIRO Locking Presta Valve for Floor Pumps

Silca HIRO locking presta valve chuck pump head

Just a few weeks ago, Silca’s Josh Poertner sent over images of his new valve extenders. Now, he’s got something to grab hold of ‘em and pump ‘em full of air. Here’s the lowdown straight from the source:

SILCA today launches ‘HIRO’ a stainless steel locking chuck for presta valves.  The Hiro chuck (sounds like ‘Hero’) is inspired by the vintage Japanese chucks used by Keirin mechanics to achieve high pressures in a demanding environment where hundreds of tires may have to be inflated to high pressure each and every night.

SILCA began the HIRO project with the goal of creating an heirloom quality tool focused on one handed operation, high pressure capability, disc wheel compatibility and long gasket life.  Hiro features adjustable gasket preload which allows it so compensate for any variety of Presta valve designs as well as gasket wear.  When the time comes, the gasket can be replaced in seconds with a SILCA 253 replacement gasket.

They’re completely made in the USA and come with a 25 year warranty, exclusive of the gasket. Price? Well, let’s just say you should have a good pump worth of it…


Forget Wheel Bags, Check out the New Enve Wheel Backpack!

Enve Wheel backpack wheel bag (2) Enve Wheel backpack wheel bag (9)

Judging  by the number of times we’ve seen wheels strapped to a rider’s back with inner tubes, cyclists often need to carry an extra set of wheels. Other than the inner tube method, riders often resort to wheel bags which can be cumbersome while riding a bike. Feeling that their premium wheels deserve a premium method of transport, ENVE has released what may be the ultimate wheel bag. Part wheel bag, part backpack, the versatile bag is designed to get your wheels plus any needed gear to where you need to go.

Strap in, next…


Cycle AT uses Bluetooth to Monitor Tire Pressure, Speed, and More

CycleAT-roadbike-tpms-sunset2 copy

In the future, it seems everything will be connected to your smart phone. First locks, and now with Cycle AT, a tire pressure monitoring system. Designed to work with both motorcycles and bicycles, Cycle AT is a Bluetooth LE connected sensor that mounts onto the valve stems of each wheel. When paired with the Cycle AT App, the sensors monitor individual tire pressure, temperature, and even alignment (though that last one is likely more for motorcycles). Not sold yet? The devices do act as speed sensors as well, so if you don’t already have a cycle computer this might do the trick.

To be sold in both low and high profile designs, and weigh less than 30 grams each. The sensors themselves are housed in an anodized aluminum casing with fit for presta or schraeder valves. The system will be launched on Kickstarter next week with pricing available then.


Skylock Offers Keyless, Solar Powered, Smart Phone Connected U-Lock That Helps When you Crash


What’s better than a bike lock? How about a keyless, solar powered, smart phone connected super lock? That’s exactly what the team behind Skylock have set out to accomplish. Skylock isn’t the first lock to connect with your smart phone, but it takes the concept of the smart lock to the next level. We all know that even the best locks are no match for professional thieves with the right tools and know how. That’s why Skylock has a triaxial accelerometer that will notify you if the lock is being tampered with. The same technology allows the lock to notify your preferred contacts if you crash or are hit by a car.

Thanks to the built in solar charging panel, the Skylock will recharge itself while it’s sitting in the rack. No sun? The battery will last a month when fully charged, and can also be charged with a micro USB cable. Skylock connects to your phone using bluetooth or Wifi, which allows the bicycle equivalent of keyless entry when you get close to the bike. What if your phone dies? You can use the capacitive touch pad on the lock itself to unlock. That smart phone connectivity also opens up a new world of bike sharing based on the Skylock app.

Add in a proprietary dual locking mechanism, and you have an extremely smart lock that should also function quite well as a… well, lock. Key into more details next…


NiteRider Shines with Longer Run Times, More Lumens, and Visible Bike Lanes for 2015

Niterider Lumina 750

In the world of bicycle lighting, the past few years have focused on the lumen wars. More is better, right? To a certain extent, yes, but only if you have enough battery to run them for the duration of your ride. That’s why for 2015 NiteRider has focused not only on improving the amount of light, but the battery life of their products. Add in efforts to improve cyclists’ safety and a decrease in pricing and you have a winning combination.

In the case of their most popular all around light, the Lumina series, most of the models gain an additional 50 lumens with a decrease in cost. New lights include the Lumina 750, 550, 400, and Micro 250, with the 400, Micro 250, and Lumina Flare dropping the price by $10. Lumina lights still feature an all in one design for a compact yet powerful self-contained design.