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SOC14: Smart In-Line Electrolyte System for Hydration Bladders From Eligo

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (5)The Eligo Spile is an in line hydration unit with a dual fluid mouth piece that eliminates the clean up involved with normal electrolyte tablet or powder systems.

Biting on the first lip on the mouth piece gives you water, while biting down further back allows fluid from the small cartridge and your hydration reservoir to mix.

That’s it. It’s that simple. The replacement hose and mouthpiece work with the majority of hydration reservoirs on the market, which makes this upgrade painless.

Slip past the break to see it in action…


Wednesday Group Ride – Fresh Goods from Selle Anatomica, CDI Torq Tools, Profile Designs, Restrap & More

CDI Torq Tools adjustable t-handle torque wrench

A while back, we reviewed CDI’s miniature T-handle torque wrenches positively for their ease of use and convenient one-torque setting. But, with the myriad torque requirements of stems, handlebars, seat posts and saddle clamps, it could very easily become a wall full of individual wrenches.

Now, they’ve got an adjustable TorqControl wrench, spanning from 2nm to 8nm with a cam-over-clutch design for error proof settings. It uses a magnetic tip that holds standard 1/4″ bits and comes with 4/5/6mm and T25 Torx bits plus 4″ long 4mm and T25 bits. And a certificate of accuracy. Retail is $80, available through

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S0C14: Beautifully Machined Bike Mountable Cell Phone Cases from RokForm

Rokform Machined Bike Mountable Cellphone Cases (1)

While many cyclists will argue that the cellphone has no place on a ride, there are many valid reasons why someone might want their phone in easy view. RokForm offers some beautifully machined mounts and cases for iPhones and various Android devices, which will help keep your precious device safe and within range…


SOC14: Barfly Debuts Alloy SLi Fly Garmin Mounts with Integrated GoPro Mounting & More

Barfly SLi-Fly garmin handlebar mount with integrated GoPro or bicycle light mounting options

At Interbike last year, Barfly showed off an expanded range of their plastic mounts for many brands of cycling computers and a separate one for GoPro cameras. They also added 35mm clamp diameters to the lineup. Now, they’ve combined many of those features into a single mount and started machining it out of alloy.

“We wanted to create a platform for riders to mount a computer as well as a GoPro, light, junction box and other accessories,” said Barfly’s Greg Hillson. “In order order to achieve this, we created a new mounting platform. We collaborated with MasterCam, the global leaders in CAM software. Utilizing their expertise and technology, as well as our head engineers’ 25+ years in multidiscipline engineering, we created the SLi Fly.”

Here’s how it all comes together…


New, Longer K-Edge Pro Mount XL Conveniently Fits Just-Announced Garmin 1000

K-Edge Pro Handlebar Mount XL cycling computer handlebar mount fits new Garmin 1000

Talk about a quick turn around! The new K-Edge Pro Handlebar Mount XL fits the new, larger Garmin 1000 cycling computer.

The unit is CNC machined out of billet aluminum with a bolt-in plastic retention mechanism, like the original, but grows 7mm longer to accommodate the larger head unit. It’s for 31.8mm handlebars only, comes in anodized black, red and gunmetal gray, and retails for $44.99. It’ll also work with the Garmin Edge 810/510/800/500/200/310XT models, just in case you want to push your computer out a hair further. It’s made in their Boise, ID, factory and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Full PR and more pics below…


New Garmin 1000 Cycling Computer Talks to Di2, Smartphones & Your Friends

Garmin 1000 cycling computer with mapping software and smartphone connectionWhen the latest Garmin 810 and 510 debuted in January 2013, they introduced mobile syncing to bring live ride tracking, weather alerts and instant uploads. Now, the new Garmin 1000 adds phone/text alerts to the party and pairs with the new Shimano Di2 wireless transmitter to capture your gear selection.

Being a top end Garmin piece, maps are naturally part of the deal. It bundles in a the same complete maps package (with free updates!) as their Touring editions, but lets you plan routes on the go. Punch in your desired ride distance and it’ll suggest up to three cycling-friendly round trip routes with elevation profiles. Should you decide to head home early, just tell it to find the quickest way home (or anywhere else) and it’ll guide you with turn by turn prompts.

And if your route has segments recorded from other Garmin Connect users, it can even time you against those and show real-time results so you know how you stack up.

Add in all the usual functions like time, distance, altitude, heart rate and compatibility with any ANT+ device like power meters, speed/cadence, etc., plus the ability to remote control the VIRB camera, and you have one heck of a digital companion…


NAHBS 2014: Calfee Builds a True Workhorse, Plus more Custom Gates Equipped E-Bikes

Craig Calfee Workhorse e bike saw blad disc rotors (2)

Quick, what can you make from some wood, axe and hammer handles, some pipe, saw blades, and a handfull of bike parts? Answer – Craig Calfee’s humorous take on the “workhorse” bike. Easily one of the most creative uses of non-bike-parts-as-bike-parts of the show, the Workhorse is definitely hand built, and definitely unique…


GoPro Introduces new Housings for Hero 3+, 3D Dual Hero System coming Soon

New Gopro blackout dive 3d housing gooseneck mount (5)

When GoPro introduced the new Hero 3 and then 3+, GoPro users gained a ton of functionality and improved video and photo quality. But with the old body style, they lost the capability to shoot in 3D. Honestly, probably a bit before its time, GoPro is bringing 3D capability back with the new GoPro Dual HERO system. While the Dual system won’t be available for a while, GoPro also introduced two new housings plus a flexible mount that should appeal to a number of users, especially divers…


SRAM Kicks Back with 3 Speeds for WBR, and a Hub that can Shuck Corn

SRAM World Bike Relief Power Take off 3 speed kick back hub (3)

Amongst all of the high zoot show bikes of NAHBS, SRAM had something new that was decidedly not as sexy, but still very important. Bolted onto the back end of a World Bicycle Relief Buffalo bike, SRAM was showing prototypes of their new 3 speed kick back hub. Simplicity and durability are important, especially when you’re talking about a bike that will reside in remote villages in Africa without a modern bike shop close by. So to offer more speeds without the need for a shifter or cables, SRAM has upped their sealed kick back hub to 3 speeds. Offering a 186% gear range, shifts are carried out by back pedaling slightly which clicks up to two, then three. As soon as you brake on the coaster brake, the system resets to first gear.

The hubs will make their way onto bicycles for regular consumers as well, but for the Africa bikes, the hub includes a special feature…