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Dooring Alert System adds flashing lights to the car, alerts cyclists before it’s too late

While I try to scan parked cars as I’m riding past, looking for folks who might be about to carelessly fling their door open into traffic, it’s a challenge when the streets are busy and there’s so much more vying for my attention. And even if the driver does give a quick glance in the mirror, it’s likely they’re only looking for cars, and rear seat passengers would actually have to turn around to look first. In the Netherlands, drivers are taught to use the opposite arm to open the door, which forces them to twist and increased the likelihood they’ll glance around behind them for a more thorough check.

Until such tactics are implemented everywhere and more people give a damn, there’ll be others turning to gadgets and technology to try to solve the problem…


FlyFit Puts Activity Tracking on your Ankle for Integrated Cycling Function


While there is no shortage of options for wearable activity tracking these days, not many solutions take the cyclist into mind. Enter the FlyFit, which solves the cycling dilemma with a simple solution, putting the tracker around your ankle where its on-board sensors can track and decipher leg movement. The ankle tracking allows it to combine the everyday tracking from regular movements throughout your day and sleep tracking to more targeted sport activity data collection from cycling, as well as running and even swimming. Linked together with a powerful smartphone app, Flyfit offers one of the most comprehensive tracking solutions on the market. Check out the details, pricing, and availability after the break…


Roundup: Weird & wonderful racks, lights, bags, helmets, aliens and things to keep you aero


With several of us also being fans (or wanting to as midlife approaches, anyway) of motorized two wheel transportation alongside our bicycles, finding ways to combine the two always catches our eyes. This rack from 2×2 Cycles lets you take along a couple bikes, a skateboard and your bags.

Throttle past the break to see it and a whole lot more random things…


Ferro Bluetooth magnetic pedals: Flats that let you choose to be “clipped in”….. or not?

Ferro Proto

What if you didn’t have to choose between flats or clipless pedals? You know, for those times where sketchy conditions might reward the use of flats, followed by long pedaly sections on the same trail? Ferro thinks they are about to have a solution.

Jump past the break to see how the Ferro pedal actually works, plus something else we found up their sleeves….. READ MORE ->

Red Bull’s Bike Unchained Brings New Dimensions to Mountain Bike Video Games


Given that many of us grew up in the days of video games, it probably isn’t surprising that games based on mountain biking have a cult following. Trails are too wet to ride? Rest day? Stuck at the airport between flights to exotic riding destinations? Why not ride some virtual laps on your smart phone or tablet? Based on the success of Reinholds Berzins’ Downhill Supreme and DHS2, there are quite a few riders out there who enjoy shredding smart phone laps when they’re not ripping the real thing.

Wanting to capture the feeling of A-Line’s flow in a video game, Red Bull Media House and Roadhouse Interactive teamed up to produce Bike Unchained – a new game for your smart phone or tablet that combines the features of your typical mountain bike video game with those of an RPG (Role Playing Game), and it’s free…


Canyon’s #BeyondLimits Web App Visualizes Your Recent Performance on Strava


Canyon Bikes has developed a simple web-based data analytics tool that mines our Strava accounts to compare the hardest ride we have done recently to our average. The simple interface is designed to look at how us cyclists are pushing our limits, and to provide some more motivation to ride. It also gives a new metric to compare ourselves to others, and maybe can spur a bit of friendly competition. And as part of the group data analysis and social interaction, Canyon has put a custom-finished #BeyondLimits Exceed CF SLX mountain bike up for grabs. Click through for more details, and how to enter to win the bike…


Videos Fresh and old, rad and bold: Portland’s Cross Crusade, World Enduro wrap up, World’s biggest Jumps & a 200+mph jet bike

From our friend and less than famous film maker Kevin Neidorf, whose edits of SSCXWC14 and others we’ve posted in the past, comes his edit of the River City Bicycles Cross Crusade. Watch as contenders’ powerful attempts to battle each other with some with less than graceful results, and a quick glimpse of the King himself at :50 seconds in…..

Skid past the break for more includng: Redbull TV’s wrap up of the World Enduro Series, some of the world’s biggest jumps on a bike with Nico Vink & Brendan Faircloughm and a 200mph “jet bike”…..


A week in review: Smart helmets, pink bikes, and that beee-utiful Garbaruk cassette adapter

Livall Bling Bh60 2 maxx-pink-girls-youth-fat-bike-mountain-bike01

Commencal_A-La-Carte-Project_Meta-SX-3-4 Garbaruk_Xtender-ST_steel-cassette-expander_Shimano-11speed_32-38-45_proto

This week we have some great round ups from the Philly Bike Show, Peaty is getting ready to say adios…. but not yet, and what is with all the things lighting up that are not lights? We took a look at new kicks from DZR and Northwave as well as a lot of really nice apparel from Rapha and the new to the U.S. eye-catching Attaquer brand.

Move on past the break to take a rather in depth glimpse of our week in review…..


Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! Livall adds another full featured “smart helmet” to the lineup

Livall Bling Bh60 2

We covered Livall’s Bling smart helmet a while back and it looks as though they have a new model with the same smart features. Crash detection, communication & ride tracking via Bluetooth, turn signals, and a freaking walkie talkie! What’s your handle?

Head past the break to see what the future might hold….