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EB15: Scottoiler Cycle S1 would like to lube your chain for you, continuously


If you live in Scotland (or most anywhere in the UK, really), you’re used to riding in wet, muddy conditions that challenge the operation and longevity. So after making similar systems for motorcycles for years, a few of the cyclists at Scottoiler decided to make one for the bikes.

The automated system uses a battery powered reservoir and pump to send timed droplets directly to your chain, applying it right where you need it all through the ride. The lube is water based, so it washes off easily, which helps keep the chain clean even while riding since it doesn’t attract or hold dirt or grit.

The unit is on Kickstarter waiting for your support to trickle in, check the video and more pics below…


EB15: Get your Campagnolo Fix on with the New My Campy App


Bringing out new tech for over eighty years since the quick release, Campagnolo today announced the development of a new mobile app to manage cycling components and track rider data and usage. The new MyCampy App aims to be a free all-in-one digital tool to track cycling activities and wear and tear while riding and at home. It will keep track of multiple bikes, so cyclists withe an entire garage of steeds can keep them all up-to-date and operating in the pest condition. The app also will provide advances analysis of EPS drivetrains and help customize its performance. Read on for more details…


Will Putting Larger Diameter Wheels on your Road Bike make you FASTER? CeramicSpeed thinks so

Rider Cropped
Two days into the whirlwind that is Eurobike, new products are already piling up. So far, we have not been disappointed, and CeramicSpeed is one of those reasons. Reminiscent of some of the blinded out wheels you were supposed to put on your ride half a decade or so ago, these wheels are HUGE, and from amount of material they used…. or lack thereof, these look as light as they do fast.

Check out why CeramicSpeed says these are the FASTEST pulley wheels on the market and see the data that backs it up…


EB15: New Quarq Qollector, Race Intelligence offer live tracking & 24 hour ANT+ device recording

Quarq Qollector ANT+ data collector and GPS tracker sends ride data to the cloud with 4G cell data

While the ASO may have it’s own GPS-based live tracking for the Tour de France, virtually every other event out there -large or small- have had to rely on mid-course beacons, timing stations or just posting finish line results for everyone to know where and when the competitors might be.

The new Quarq Qollector aims to change all that. By packaging multi-sensor ANT+ data capture with GPS positioning and cellular data transmission, the device gathers power, heart rate, speed, cadence and even gearing selection and more. The data is collected four times per second, then beamed up once per minute.

The data is then sent to the cloud (Qloud?), where Quarq makes it available to be shared in real time and en masse…


Crankworx 2015: Fox’s MIPS DH Helmet

Fox Rampage Pro Carbon with MIPS, display

While it isn’t exactly trying to compete with Interbike, Crankworx annually features a large demo zone and a few dozen exhibitors tents scattered throughout the village. The event also tends to serve as an introduction for new bikes or products, especially gravity-oriented stuff like the Rocky Mountain Maiden we also previewed early this year.

There were quite a few display booths at Crankworx with some nifty things to be found by snooping reporters. Fox has stepped into the MIPS game with their new Rampage Pro Carbon DH helmet, and had an awesome custom painted Rampage on display at their booth. Drop in for more…

Crankworx 2015: Make Your GoPro Footage SoPro with Chin-Cam Action Mount

SoPro POV chin mount, yellow helmet

Two riders from Seattle named David and Brock decided they really didn’t like the semi-obstructed view or the ‘teletubby look’ of traditional top-of-helmet mounts for their POV cameras, so they came up with the idea to create a new mount which uniquely fixes to the chin bar of your DH lid. The pair founded SoPro Mounts, and came to Crankworx Whistler this year to show off their wares.

Strap in below for more pics, details, and pricing….


Boxer Cycles Crowdfunds their way to some of the Most Eye Catching Trikes on the Planet


Boxer Cycles, located across the pond is using a Crowdfunding source that is almost as unique as the bikes they build.  My first thought was this bike is a Hollywood creation straight out of a Jules Verne novel. Then I thought that if I were to ever have a front load cargo trike, this would have to be it! What does it offer? Electric Assist? Check.  Hi/Lo beam light and blinkers? Check. JET ENGINE SIMULATOR THAT CHANGES WITH THROTTLE INPUT?…….. TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Check out what else they offer and how their Crowdfunding works as well as video showing the JET SIMULATOR.


Sony Adds Flip-out Camcorder Screen Case for Action Cam, Makes it Easier than Ever to Get the Shot


Sony introduces a case for their line of action cams, (excluding the latest 4K model due to button configuration) with a 2.7 inch flip out screen. This may at first seem novel, but when you want to actually get a good shot at any moving object while holding the camera, it is actually pretty difficult to do without either holding it directly in front of your face and moving your whole body or “pointing” it in the general direction of the action hoping to get lucky. Rather than a whole new camera, Sony is offering the ability to upgrade your current model with this impressive case…


Kickstarter: Trail LED’s Light, Bright and Low-Profile Helmet Specific Lights

Trail LED headlights, family

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love night rides! Apparently Trail LED’s founder Grady Pace also enjoys night riding, so much that he set out to create some top-tier helmet specific lights after finding disappointment from other brand’s offerings. While most companies stick to a more universal design that will work on both a handlebar and helmet, these multi-mount lights tend to be heavy and sit up high. They can cause neck fatigue and encourage helmet movement, or even worse can get snagged on low branches.

So starting seven years ago, Pace set out to create the lightest and brightest possible helmet specific lights and developed Trail LED’s unique low profile arced shape that rises just ¾” from the top of your helmet. Shine a light past the break for all the details on three different models that output between 1800 and 6000 lumens and how they’re looking to expand…