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Saris Resets the Trunk Rack Market Again with New Super Bones 3

Saris Super Bones 3 car rack rear (12)

In terms of product design, especially for the bike industry, the Saris Bones rack has been around quite a while. The design is so recognizable in fact, that they were just granted a configuration trademark which puts the Bones in the same class as the Coke bottle.

With over a million Bones racks sold since it was first introduced in 1996, even the rack’s designer Fabio Pedrini was skeptical when Saris approached him about improving on the original design. While the adaptability, looks, and ability to withstand the harsh Midwest winters were favorites among consumers of the Bones, Saris wanted to improve on the rack’s strap management and security without compromising the beautiful design.

After a few tweaks, and input from both Fabio and Saris’ engineers, the company is finally ready to unveil the new Super Bones…


Foundry Cycles Forges Ahead with All New Titanium Overland Ultra Cross Bike


Before you know it, we’ll be on our way up north for the 2015 Frostbike show. The fact that the show doesn’t start for another few days isn’t enough to contain Foundry’s new ride. As a company that has dealt exclusively in carbon fiber up to this point, the Overland Ultra Cross bike is quite a departure.

Not necessarily a cross bike, and not pigeon holed as a gravel bike the Overland joins that category that is meant to do just about anything off road with skinny(er) tires…


Kinetic Unfolds into the World of Rollers with new Prototype

Kurt Kinetic Trainer Rollers New (3)

There are a lot of reasons for why you should train with rollers, but ease of transport and portability typically isn’t high on the list. That is probably why for Kinetic’s first set of rollers, they have focused not only on making a quality training tool, but one that is incredibly easy to fold up and take with you to your next race, training session, or whatever. Thanks to the tri-fold design, the aluminum roller frame folds up to a size that is more compact than their Road Machine trainer and will fit in a new trainer bag. This one here is just a prototype, but from the looks of it, it is incredibly simple to fold up and stow making it a great choice when portability is key.


Industry Nine Covers the Spread with Fat Bike Hubs for All, Plus Actual Weights

I9 industry nine fatbike hubs fat bike actual weight (1)

As if there weren’t enough “standards” to keep track of for mountain bikes, fat bikes have made things more complicated with a number of new hub sizes of their own. Fortunately for fat bike builders, companies like Industry Nine have the situation under control. To keep the SKUs to a minimum, I9 is now shipping two different rear hubs in 170mm and 190mm and one front hub in 135mm (for now?). From there each hub uses swappable end caps to work with every symmetric fat bike standard that we know of whether it’s quick release or thru axle. Fat Torches are also available with the XD driver should you want to run X01 or XX1 on your fattie. Because I9 doesn’t yet make their own fat bike rim you miss out on their aluminum spokes but you do get to take advantage of their ridiculous freehub engagement.

Interested in a set? We have the actual weights after the break.


Problem Solvers Offers A Number of New Problem Solving Mounts for Shifters, Lights, Di2 Batteries and more

Problem solvers new 2015 (2)

True bike nerds rejoice – Problem Solvers has a new crop of widgets perfect for dialing in your current project. Problem Solvers is one of those companies that most cyclists probably don’t know exist, but when you have well, a problem that needs to be solved their products can prove invaluable. You may be familiar with the Problem Solvers MisMatch adapters which allow you to pair Shimano levers with SRAM brakes or vice versa. New for this year is the Shimano I-spec-B lever compatible model. Yes, apparently there is a new I-Spec standard. So whenever those make it to market, PS will have you covered for $39.95-49.95.

If you love to tinker around with new frames, components, and accessories, you’ll probably dig the other products PS has in store.


Frostbike: Dress up your Aluminum Cranks in new Crank Boots from Race Face

Raceface alloy crank boots (1) - Copy

Raceface alloy crank boots (4) Raceface alloy crank boots (3) - Copy

Why should carbon cranks have all the fun? We all know color matching improves performance, especially if it’s Enduro Blue (right Dicky?). Now, even if you’re running aluminum cranks, any aluminum cranks, you can add a bit of style and protection with Race Face’s new Aluminum Crank Boots. Race Face says that the boots will fit most aluminum cranks for other brands and will retail for $9 per set in the full range of colors.

Frostbike: iSSi Spins Colorful New Clipless Pedals, Prototype Trail Pedal

iSSi pedals xc and trail (1)

Pedals were big at Frostbike this year. Everyone was very diplomatic stating that the new companies were designed to give consumers more options and bike shops better margins, but we’re guessing the hole left by Shimano after they pulled their pedals from QBP’s distribution network has at least something to do with it. In the end, it does mean more options for the consumer especially if you like color. As one of two new pedals companies under QBP’s roof, iSSi is putting their strong foot forward with the iSSi pedal in 8 different colors. The 312g pedals use a single outboard bearing and inner DU bushing stock, but will have an upgraded Duro version available which uses dual outer bearings and a single inner bearing that replaces the DU bushing. iSSi will also have +6 and +12mm spindle length upgrade kits available as well.

If trail pedals are more your thing, check out their prototype next!


Frostbike: ODI Transitions into Tri, Andreu Lacondeguy gets his grip on Sensus

ODI grips lacondeguy tt aerobar grip (3)

Triathletes look here! Yes, ODI of mountain bike grip fame has a product for triathletes, specifically aerobar extension grips. We feel like someone has to have done this before, but this is one of the first aerobar specific grips that we have seen. Whether you’re looking for more grip or better vibration absorption, ODI’s new aerobar grips enter a new product category for the company.

Is this the first ergo Triathlon grip? Check it out after the break.


Frostbike: Get your Growler There in Style with Fyxation Tannery Collection Leather Goods

Fyxation Leather goods growler carrier (3)

Growler transportation seems to be in high demand. First it was the Growler cage, and now Fyxation is joining the party (literally) with a their Growler Caddy. As one of the newest offerings in their tannery collection, Fyxation is offering a number of 100% made in Wisconsin leather goods to carry your goods.

Outfit your ride with some leather after the break.