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Frostbike – All-City Adds More Discs with New Macho King Disc and Nature Boy Disc


Frostbike - All-City Adds More Discs with New Macho King Disc and Nature Boy Disc

After braving the icy roads to make it out to the Minneapolis Eagles Club, exciting things waited inside. No, not the decorations from your high school prom – new bikes!  Specifically new cyclocross bikes from All-City which all have disc brakes. The Macho Disc was All-City’s first cross bike with discs, but now the brand has expanded them to the single speed Nature Boy and the all new Macho King. Built for riding around town and out of town as much as they are for racing, All-City’s line up is expanding with some incredible bikes.

Check out the bikes, and a little drivetrain speculation after the break.


Exclusive: Kuroshiro Reinvents the Tubeless Wheel with their Incredible ensō685 Carbon Fat Bike Rim

0223_Exclusive: Kuroshiro Reinvents the Tubeless Wheel with their Incredible ensō685 Carbon Fat Bike Rim

This is much more than just another carbon fatbike rim. The Enso385 represents impressive technological advancements that may have a serious impact on the way carbon rims are manufactured in the future. Lighter, stronger, and tubeless with fewer parts, Kuroshiro’s ensō685 fatbike rim is rewriting the rules for single wall carbon rims. Kuroshiro is a new company from owner of Raceware SRL, a 22 year old Italian distribution company. As a distributor Mauro has always been ahead of the curve helping to usher in the age of the 29er in Italy, and being the first to import fatbikes. Seeing an opportunity to offer a new product that was both extremely simple while revolutionary, Mauro formed Kuroshiro – Japanes for Black and White which Mauro says is based on Zen philosophy. Kuroshiro’s goal is to make simple, effective products but also to create things that have never been done before. Things like the ensō685 – ensō is circle, the 6 is for 26″ wheels, and the 85 signifies 85mm wide.

What makes the ensō685 so special? Make sure to read through to find out!


Dig In – Production Versions of the Manitou Mattoc Trail Suspension Forks are Here

Manitou Mattoc enduro suspension fork (2)

One of the benefits of being on hand to check out a brand’s headquarters is the chance of catching a new product just as it lands. That was the case with the all new Manitou Mattoc. First shown back at Eurobike, the very first production samples of the Mattoc suspension fork showed up at Haye’s Milwaukee facility leading up to Frostbike. The fork has been a long time in the making, but as the Hayes Bicycle VP Darren Campbell put it, it was something they had to get right. If it rides as good as it looks, it appears they have succeeded.

Details plus actual weights after the jump.


Frostbike – Here Comes the Ice Cream Truck, Surly’s All New Trail Fat Bike with Actual weights!

Surly Ice Cream Truck Trail Fatbike fat bike fatty steel symmetric symmetrical

Fatbikes are nothing new for Surly, but a “trail” fatbike certainly is. As one of the most talked about items at this year’s Frostbike show, Surly’s new symmetrical, fatter, trail bike points towards the evolving future of fat bikes. More and more riders are taking to the bigger tires for more than just snow, and using them for every day riding. Based on the geometry of the Krampus  with some DNA from the Instigator, the Ice Cream Truck is built to rip, just with really fat tires.

When we heard the Ice Cream Truck coming we went running. Check out the details plus the actual weight after the break!


Frostbike: You Can’t See Me! Cogburn’s Limited Edition Real Tree Snow Camo Fat Bike


Unlike most cyclists on the road, hunters who have taken to fatbikes for traveling to remote areas of wilderness are hoping to remain unseen, especially when it comes to the local wildlife. With the success of the Cogburn CB4 Real Tree camo fatbike, the company is introducing a limited edition bike which uses the Real Tree APS camo for stealth in the snow. Now, whether you’re hunting in the green of the summer, or white of the winter, Cogburn has you covered at least when it comes to your wheels.

More on the APS CB4 plus a sneak peek at their new frame bag after the jump.


Frostbike: Hope Gives Your Cassette Big Teeth with the 40 T-Rex Adapter


If you’ve been drooling over the recent cassette adapters from OneUp and Wolf Tooth Components lately, but were holding out for a 40 tooth version, Hope has an answer for you. By introducing their 40 T-Rex (40 tooth Range Expander), Hope is looking to take a bite out of the cassette adapter market with their legendary machining capabilities.

Details on the T-Rex and much more after the jump.


Frostbike: Tubeless Ready Road Disc Rims Take off with Velocity’s new Aileron


Chances are pretty good that if you’re on board with the road disc concept, you may also be a fan of road tubeless. Thanks to more road disc bikes popping up on a regular basis, Velocity is entering the market with their first disc specific road rim, the all new Aileron. Built as a tubeless compatible aluminum rim with a nice wide, aero profile, the Aileron looks like it will help you go fast while stopping on a dime.


FrostBike 2013: Kryptonite Offers to Hold Your Lock with New Mounts

FrostBike 2013: Kryptonite Offers to Hold Your Lock, with new Mounts

One of the most important steps to properly locking up your bike? That would be actually having your lock with you when you need to lock up. Kryptonite is hoping to make that step easier with their new handlebar mounted U-Lock mount, as well as an updated frame mount. Let’s face it, as a college student or commuter you probably have enough crap in you bag as it is, so being able to keep your lock on your bike is pretty useful. However, frame mounts don’t always work due to frame designs, bottle cages, etc, so Kryptonite looked at how many people were already carrying their locks – simply around their bars. With this inspiration, their latest lock bracket was born which securely attaches even the biggest U-locks to your bars.

Kryptonite’s frame mounts have been updated as well with improved latches that no longer rely on a tapered fitting, meaning much easier in and out.

e*thirteen Stretches TRS Cranks for Fatbikes, Offers Two Rings In the Piece of One

Announced just before Interbike last year, e*Thirteen’s new lightweight TRS All Mountain cranks have been stretched to accommodate what else, but fatbikes. We asked if the announcement of SRAM’s fatbike cranks would have any impact on e*Thirteen’s sales – the answer was yes, some, but e Thirteen feels that the advanced features of the TRS line will set their cranks apart. Fatbikes will get all but the highest TRS R (race) cranks with the base and + models which feature the new APS bottom bracket preload adjuster and removable spiders.

Thanks to the new removable spider, e*Thirteen is able to offer a one piece, double ring set up as well as a forthcoming XX1 ring.