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Problem Solvers Adds New MisMatch Adapters, Bar Plugs, Top Caps, and a few Surprises

problem solvers i spec bar plug top cap sketch book dorque test (4)

You can always count on the Problem Solvers booth at Frostbike for two things: clever new products, and feats of skill. Or in this case torque. You know there is always that battle between mechanics of the use of a torque wrench vs. the calibrated arm? Thanks to the Problem Solvers dorque test, the potential for mechanics to tighten a bolt to a specified torque was finally put to the test. PS had confident mechanics choose their weapon (3 way, multi tool, or L wrench) and then try to tighten a bolt to 5.6 Nm. Me personally? I was a bit under on the first go, then nailed it on number two. I suppose that’s better than going over?

While the dorque test was an easy distraction for the mechanically focused among us, in typical Problem Solvers’ fashion there were a few new products that are definitely worth a look…


Panaracer Adds 27.5+ FatBNimble Tire, Covers Most Plus Size Options

panaracer b nimble fat bike tire 27 plus 29 26 (3)

If you haven’t already noticed, there seems to be a lot of buzz around mid fat wheels and tires, especially the new 27.5+ size. We’re already hearing rumors that Sea Otter will really be 650b+ Otter, and to go along with that a few companies are bulking up their tire options. Panaracer already offered their FatBNimble in 29+ and 26×4.0″ fat bike sizes, but the news from Frostbike is the addition of a 27×3.5″ size that is claimed to be impressively light…


Xpedo Teases DH Clipless Pedal, Clips into CXR for Cyclocross

xpedo xcr prototype DH pedal (6)

There may be a renewed interest in flats lately, but that doesn’t mean everyone is ditching their clipless pedals – even for DH. In order to provide riders with more options, xpedo is very close to the launch of their new DH clipless pedal. Built around the CXR pedal for the clipless portion, the prototype DH has a large spring loaded cage that will provide a ton of extra support when clipped in or not. Built to allow the rider to find the pedal claws as easily as possible, the DH pedal won’t be available until probably Interbike later this year.

Until then can get a few more details plus check out the new Cyclocross oriented CXR after the jump…


ENVE Fills Out M-Series with new Mountain Stem, Plus New SES 4.5 Clincher and Tubular for Road

Enve mountain stem ses 4.5 clincher road wheels carbon (2)

You’ve got the ENVE M-Series Wheels, a riser bar, maybe even an ENVE seatpost. However, if you’re looking to complete your ENVE build on your trail or Enduro bike, the last piece of the puzzle is here. ENVE’s new Mountain Stem picks up where their Road Stems leave off with bar holders all the way down to the stubby 40mm. Claiming the best strength to weight ratio of any all mountain stem on the market, the carbon stem should be a perfect complement to your ride…


See Red With New Answer Red Mist Collection, Plus Super Short AME Stem, Enduro Glove, and More


Forget Enduro blue, Hayes is going red. Known for some creative finishes, Answer Components is doubling down on the most visible fork on the market with a complement of red from the pedals to the grips. Sure to be gracing the bikes of big names like Aaron Chase, Eric Porter, and more, the bright red parts will certainly stand out in a field of 80′s inspired neon colors.

Even if it’s not red, Hayes had a few other new products to show after the break…


New Kuat Transfer Tray Style Hitch Rack Carries Bikes for Less

kuat transfer hitch rack (4)

Ultimately if you want to carry your bikes safely, a quality tray style hitch rack is hard to beat. The no frame contact designs rely on your tires and wheels to keep the bike in place, and the staggered trays keep the bikes from banging into each other.

While racks like the Kuat NV are generally considered superior, they’re also quite expensive. That’s where the motivation for Kuat’s latest rack came from – the desire to offer an affordable hitch rack that still made bicycle transportation as simple as possible. Unlike most “entry level” tray style racks, the new Transfer from Kuat still offers secure hold without touching the frame. It also fits an impressive range of bikes all for less than $300 for a 2 bike rack…


Kuroshiro Spreads Wings with new Super Light Enso 747 27.5+ Carbon Rim

Kuroshiro 747 carbon  (10)

At this point, the introduction of the Kuroshiro enso 747 should probably come as no surprise. Almost exactly one year ago, Mauro Bertolloto came to us with the introduction of what he felt was a revolutionary product, an exceptionally light carbon rim for fat bikes with some interesting tech. Combining forces with Alchemist composites, the Italian duo created a carbon fat bike rim that claimed to be the lightest and stiffest rim on the market, yet one that did not need sealing tape to run tubeless.

It wasn’t long before Kuroshiro were onto their next project, launching the enso 950. Applying many of the same design features to the world of 29+, the 950 had one key difference. Due to the added size of the rim, the original 685 design didn’t provide the stiffness needed for aggressive riding. The fix was to change the center spline into the new Alpha Ridge which serves as a box structure filled with a special closed cell foam that would increase stiffness without adding much at all in terms of weight.

After the development of the 950 was completed, all that was left for the new 747 size was to make it a bit smaller and dial it in for what Mauro sees as the future of the 27.5+ standard…


Wolf Tooth Components Turns Out Stainless DM Chainrings, Ovals, and More

Wolf Tooth Components stainless steel narrow wide rings oval cannondale surly od  (6)

At this point Wolf Tooth Components has just about mastered the art of aluminum narrow wide chainrings, so they are trying something new. Instead of aluminum, the newest WTC direct mount chainring will be machined from stainless steel. Targeting the SRAM Direct Mount market, the stainless rings will start with a 24t model with a 26 or 28t possibly on the way based on demand.

If you found that surprising, just wait until you see the prototype for their next aluminum chainring…


Jagwire Elite Cables Ditch Coatings for Ultra Slick, Polished Steel

Jagwire elite cable super polished no coating shift (3)

As drivetrains get more and more speeds, and shifting tolerances become more exact, the quality of shift cable is more important than ever. Many cables rely on a polymer or PTFE coating to offer silky smooth shifting, but coatings usually suffer the same fate – they wear long before the steel cable inside.

For Jagwire’s new Elite cables the answer is simple. Just eliminate the coating completely. Instead of coating the cable Jagwire has revisited the construction itself which achieves an impressively smooth finish thanks to stainless steel strands that are tightly wound and then highly polished. The polishing process removes any of the burrs on a microscopic level that make the cable less slick and creates a cable that supposedly functions just as well as coated cables but is more durable.