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First Look: Ride Classy With Handsome Cycles’ Mud Butler Fenders

Handsome-Fenders-Mounted Handsome Cycles is a Minneapolis, MN based bicycle company, born out of the Alt, a landmark bicycle shop for the local cycling culture. In business for over 5 years now, they are starting to venture out into their own components, starting with the Mud Butler fenders. Matte black was introduced about a year ago, and they are adding in polished silver now.

The fenders have already been picked up by BTI, as well as sold by Handsome direct and through their nationwide network of dealers. Through one of these channels, you should be able to find them in your local bike shop, or get them right from the company.

We paid a visit to Handsome Cycles to see the new fenders, and pick up a set for long-term testing. Take a look inside for our first impressions…


Giro DND Gloves X Cinelli Are Chas Christiansen’s Take on the Rider Collection


There have been a lot of Giro DND gloves that have found their aesthetic edge at the hands of Cinelli lately. The combination of well made gloves mixed with unique style in fairly limited batches seems to be a recipe for success which looks to have expanded with the recent launch of their Rider Collection.

Representing the first glove in the Rider Collection, Giro and Cinelli offer up the Shredder and they’re not talking TMNT….


Found: WoodOOcycles Crafts Bike Parts out of Wood, Branches Into Handlebars, Pedals & Bike Stands

Woodoocycles wooden handle bar pedals bike stand (9)

It seems that we’ve seen a lot of wood bicycles and bicycle components recently, but that didn’t stop these beautiful handlebars from gaining our attention. Combining some seriously impressive woodwork with attractive, functional designs, the handlebars are the work of woodOOcycles out of La Garriga, Spain. Founded in 1993, the small wood shop makes each bar by hand making each piece unique. Designed mostly for the urban bicycle market, the bars are offered in 4 different styles in multiple colors and finishes.

Love the look of the craftsmanship, but aren’t sold on wooden handlebars? Then take a look at the stunning display racks or flat pedals plus see how a handlebar comes to life, next…


Gallant Bicycles Designs, Paints & Assembles Affordable Bikes In Downtown Toronto


Starting with just two bicycles, the No. 1 (lean forward, ride fast) and the No. 2 (sit back, relax), Gallant Bicycles has been selling bicycles from Toronto for $699 since March of 2013.   Due to popular demand, they started a Kickstarter campaign for a No. 3 (road and fitness).

Gallant says their expertise is in powder coating, so the frames are coated to order in Toronto, allowing customers to pick and choose colors, and even add on options such as painting certain components. Full customization of components is possible, even adding internally geared multi speed hubs, racks and higher end saddles


Video: Fixed Gear Riding On The Belgian Coastline With Fixed Gear Ghent

Fixed Gear Ghent is a Facebook group of Belgian fixie riders to organize rides.  Member Jeroen De Wilde put together this great video of riding down the Belgian coastline.  You can find them on Facebook, and they always invite anyone to come ride.

Welded, Cast, and Machined, the Redesigned No. 22 Titanium Little Wing is a Thing of Beauty


With more than one instance of musical significance, No. 22 Bicycles’ Little Wing seems to be named after the Neil Young version of the famous song. Opening with “All her friends call her Little Wing, she flies rings around them all…,” the lyrics seem purpose built for a bike designed to carve laps around a velodrome.

Representing No. 22′s second model, the original Little Wing track bike just received a face lift. Already a Red Hook Crit proven favorite of track racers around the globe, there were a few features of the Little Wing that the team at No.22 felt could use improvement. Now with more adjustment, a new seat mast cap, and a new fork, Little Wing is set to fly.


New Mix and Match Custom FHAIN Fixie from 8bar bikes


Berlin-based 8bar bikes has just added a new frameset to their single speed portfolio. The FHAIN, named after the fashionable Friedrichshain district in Berlin, is an all aluminum addition to their made-to-order fixed gear/single speed bikes lineup.

Hop past the break for pricing and customization…


3D Printing Revives 1903 Retro-Direct Drive — Pedal Backwards To Go Faster!

Retro-Direct Drive Scott Mayson's Bike Angle Profile

Notice anything odd about this bike? If you’re looking at the unusual drive-chain then you’ve spotted it. The retro-direct system is a two gear system that has no need of shifters, derailleurs, or geared hubs — just pedal backwards past the break for details on how you can make your own…


First Impressions: The Flexible Mixed Surface FABike


After having met up with the head of FABike at the Dresden bike show a few months back, we arranged to give their bike an extended test to see how the crowdsourced project worked out. Designed in Italy, built in Taiwan, and assembled and distributed out of the Czech Republic, the FABike intended to be a multi-purpose road bike.  The bike achieves its primary goal of flexibility through the use of an adjustable and interchangeable sliding dropout design that can be quickly and easily converted from a geared bike to singlespeed and from 130 to 120mm rear spacing and by accommodating up to 35mm tires (and thus gives the bike its name F+A+Bike.)

Find out more details, our initial setup, and some brief first impressions after the jump..