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Bombtrack Rewrites The Script Of Their Fixie Street & Crit Ride


Bombtrack Bikes has re-worked their street fixie into a more performance focused bike. The Script now has more aggresive geometry, meaning steeper head tube and seat tube angles, and a tapered head tube with tapered steerer tube fork.

Available with either a pursuit bar (on the black bike) that is more popular on the street, or an ergo drop bar (on the green bike) for a more performance-oriented ride. To keep it simple, the Script is available in three sizes.

The guys at Bombtrack put together a nice video showing the bike and some nice ride shots. Check out the video, a glamour shot, and the specs after the jump…


Found: HXR Easy Shift Drivetrain Hints Fixed Gear is the New Enduro

HXR EAsy shift

With no details anywhere, other than a video posted on Vimeo, a French company called HXR is about to release a transmission for enduro riding. Designed as the opposite of current systems, the HXR fixes the cassette position to the rear hub so that it cannot freewheel, and then allows the chainrings on the crank to freewheel around the crank arm. It may sounds confusing, but its pretty simple, basically nothing changes about how you ride the bike, except the drivetrain never stops moving while the bike is moving.

This can possibly give some advantages such as being able to shift while coasting, so that you could drop a few gears while going through a corner, and come out strong. That seems to be the idea HXR is going after since they are aiming this product at the emerging Enduro market.

While the good idea is there, it is actually nothing new. Schwinn made a series of bikes in the 1970′s that did exactly the same thing. If you have ever ridden one of those bikes, you would know that it is actually kinda novel when it is working properly. But if it derails, chainsucks, or jams a shift, the bike can come to a very abrupt, skidding halt. This could be a huge concern for modern mountain bikes, where a chain lodged between the tire and carbon chainstay, yet being pulled by the full momentum of a moving bike could destroy a bike in seconds.

We will have to wait and see all the details when they fully release it in the near future. Jump past the break to see the drivetrain in action…


8bar Bike Adventures: Berlin – Prague Without a Map


From the same minds who took to fixed gear touring across the alps, 8bar bikes decided this summer to get back to some adventures close to home. They took two of their updated singlespeed cyclocross bikes and headed out the door to find their way to Prague with just a compass to keep them headed in the general direction and no pre-planned route. Only 280km as the crow flies, but more than 350km by normal roads, they thought they could explore just over 100km of trails, dirt roads, and regular roads a day to do the trip in 3 days.

Checking their actual position only twice a day, by lunchtime on the first day they realized that by avoiding paved roads and getting turned around a few times, they were already slipping behind fast. With a little motivation they stuck to more gravel and paved roads, always heading SSE to get back on track. Come past the break to see a short video 8bar just finished wrapping up the trip, and see how they fared…


Selle San Marco Joins Up With Team Cinelli Chrome For A Concor Saddle Collabo

CinelliXChrome-Concor-Saddle The Selle San Marco Concor saddle has been around since 1978, long enough to have a cult-like following. The first-ever anatomically designed saddle revolutionized the industry, using a nylon base and foam padding. While not exactly the same as the famous original, the current Concor uses the advances of modern technology, now featuring Bioform padding, carbon fiber reinforced shell, and a Leather/Microfeel cover.

Cinelli has teamed up with Selle San Marco for a new collaboration for the Cinelli Chrome team. The $118.03 saddle is based on the Concor UP model, and features custom graphics for the team. The Bioform padding is a closed-cell foam that will not absorb water, and the Microfeel fabric cover has a grippy anti-ski property, perfect for the fixie racing team. Combine that with the Xsilite rails, and you have a nice high-end saddle worthy of the Concor name.

Jump past the break for glamour shots and a link to Cinelli’s Winged Store, where it is available…


First Look: Ride Classy With Handsome Cycles’ Mud Butler Fenders

Handsome-Fenders-Mounted Handsome Cycles is a Minneapolis, MN based bicycle company, born out of the Alt, a landmark bicycle shop for the local cycling culture. In business for over 5 years now, they are starting to venture out into their own components, starting with the Mud Butler fenders. Matte black was introduced about a year ago, and they are adding in polished silver now.

The fenders have already been picked up by BTI, as well as sold by Handsome direct and through their nationwide network of dealers. Through one of these channels, you should be able to find them in your local bike shop, or get them right from the company.

We paid a visit to Handsome Cycles to see the new fenders, and pick up a set for long-term testing. Take a look inside for our first impressions…


Giro DND Gloves X Cinelli Are Chas Christiansen’s Take on the Rider Collection


There have been a lot of Giro DND gloves that have found their aesthetic edge at the hands of Cinelli lately. The combination of well made gloves mixed with unique style in fairly limited batches seems to be a recipe for success which looks to have expanded with the recent launch of their Rider Collection.

Representing the first glove in the Rider Collection, Giro and Cinelli offer up the Shredder and they’re not talking TMNT….


Found: WoodOOcycles Crafts Bike Parts out of Wood, Branches Into Handlebars, Pedals & Bike Stands

Woodoocycles wooden handle bar pedals bike stand (9)

It seems that we’ve seen a lot of wood bicycles and bicycle components recently, but that didn’t stop these beautiful handlebars from gaining our attention. Combining some seriously impressive woodwork with attractive, functional designs, the handlebars are the work of woodOOcycles out of La Garriga, Spain. Founded in 1993, the small wood shop makes each bar by hand making each piece unique. Designed mostly for the urban bicycle market, the bars are offered in 4 different styles in multiple colors and finishes.

Love the look of the craftsmanship, but aren’t sold on wooden handlebars? Then take a look at the stunning display racks or flat pedals plus see how a handlebar comes to life, next…


Gallant Bicycles Designs, Paints & Assembles Affordable Bikes In Downtown Toronto


Starting with just two bicycles, the No. 1 (lean forward, ride fast) and the No. 2 (sit back, relax), Gallant Bicycles has been selling bicycles from Toronto for $699 since March of 2013.   Due to popular demand, they started a Kickstarter campaign for a No. 3 (road and fitness).

Gallant says their expertise is in powder coating, so the frames are coated to order in Toronto, allowing customers to pick and choose colors, and even add on options such as painting certain components. Full customization of components is possible, even adding internally geared multi speed hubs, racks and higher end saddles


Video: Fixed Gear Riding On The Belgian Coastline With Fixed Gear Ghent

Fixed Gear Ghent is a Facebook group of Belgian fixie riders to organize rides.  Member Jeroen De Wilde put together this great video of riding down the Belgian coastline.  You can find them on Facebook, and they always invite anyone to come ride.