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EB15: Charge Color Codes a Revamped Line-up of Gravel/Cross, 27+, and Urban Bikes


UK-based Charge Bikes has pretty much simplified their bikes into three clear lines for next season with a color-coded palette across the board that progresses from barebones grey singlespeeds up to kitted-out raw titanium bikes at the top. Charge built a set of paint booths at Eurobike to show the more unified range and how the Colour Lab concept ties the bikes together. In between greys things get more colorful, with the Plug fat tire road bikes getting the brightest colors, the Cooker mountain bikes getting pure colors, and the Grater urban bikes more subdued tones. 

Roll past the break for a run down of the bikes with UK/EU/US pricing, and another amusing video of the 27+ bike in its supposed natural habitat…


Cinelli Develops Mash Work Frame Set For All Your Messengering, Urban Racing Needs


Developed to serve as a versatile, all-street bike, the singlespeed Cinelli Mash Work is designed with feedback from messenger and Mash rider Chas Christiansen to be a silver bullet. The frame set is designed with a geometry nimble enough to bomb through an alley cat and but has the fixings to be a dedicated ‘cross racing machine. Skitch on through to the other side for all the deets… READ MORE ->

Spot Releases New Belt Drive City Bikes and Candy Colors for the Ralleye SS CX Bike

Spot Wazee commuter bike, with red gates belt

When your brand produces a wide range of commuter bicycles, it makes sense to partner up with Gates. Their clean, low maintenance belt drive systems are ideal for utilitarian city bikes, so Denver-area manufacturer Spot has sensibly outfitted the majority of their lineup with belt drive systems.

Alongside their commuters Spot also produces mountain and CX bikes, and a small line of components (and there’s a very unique full suspension bike coming). The brand has released two new models of commuters called The Five Points and The Champa and revamped The Wazee. Below the break we’ll also check out their Rallye SS cyclocross bike in some new eye-popping colors with flashy red drive belts…

There’s a New Track Hub In Town with the All City New Sheriff SL Hubset

All City New Sheriff SL track hubs (4)

There is a new Sheriff in town. Well, at least when it comes to track hubs from All City. Meant to be a true racing hubset, the New Sheriff SL has been optimized to make it one of the lightest track hubsets available without losing day to day durability. Even if you would rather run a freewheel than fixed, the New Sheriff SL is the perfect starting point for your next track wheel build…


Plzen World Cup Cycle Ball Pro Bike Check – Round 1 Winners Simon Konig and Florian Fischer


So as we head into the next month or so of featuring Pro Bike Checks from the first mountain bike rounds of the UCI World Cups in XC and DH, I thought I’d start off with something a bit more unique. Last weekend we headed out to the first UCI World Cup in the indoor cycling sport of Cycle Ball in Plzen, Czech Republic, where ten 2-man teams from six nations competed in the somewhat bizarre but amazingly impressive show of balance, bike control, and precision. The Austrian pair of Simon König and Florian Fischer on team RC Höchst 2 dominated in everyone of their tournament matches on the day on their Star Bicycle Radball Premium+ bikes.

Hop past the break for some more of these purpose-built bikes….


Focale 44 Announces European-Built Custom Titanium Frame Program

Focale 44 custom titanium frame, side shot

Comparing their bikes to German cars, Andorra’s Focale 44 is a brand who’s out to make premium grade products. They admit there’s no magic behind it, but taking a high-end approach to engineering, design and manufacturing results in solid products their customers can appreciate long-term. Focale 44 offers a line of complete fixed gear bicycles, frame kits and components, however the company recently announced a custom titanium frame program.

Focale 44 will now design custom frames for buyers who want the unique ride properties of titanium with or without specific geometry, a unique design or personalized finishing touches as requested. Although their stock fixie bikes are inherently simple, they claim almost any design or option is possible within their custom program including road bikes, MTB’s, or whatever you dream up…

Berliner 2015: Clean Designs from Schindelhauer City Bikes and Fixies


With the more approachable urban cycling nature of the Berlin Bike Show, there really is no bike company that fits the bill more than German brand Schindelhauer. They specialize in bikes with a simple classic look, based around polished, TIG-welded triple butted, aero-shaped aluminum tubed frames with unique detailing and plenty of polished aluminum. The Ludwig bike is a great example as a lightweight touring/commuting platform, and like all of their bikes is either set up as a singlespeed or with hub gearing, no derailleurs here. Also like all of Schindelhauer’s bikes (except one track-specific frameset) the Ludwig is equipped to take racks and fenders for more real-world versatility.

Follow us past the break to have a look at some of Schindelhauer’s slick details…


Berliner 2015: Stelbel Frames, the Modern Revival of Italian Steel Innovation


At the Berlin bike show Continental was showing their tires on a couple of lovely looking steel bikes from a small Italian builder named Stelbel. The bikes had some unique details that jumped out at us, so we had a talk with their head guy at the show and got some history and details. The bikes got their start with Stelio Belletti, an Italian mechanical engineer from a motorcycling and aeronautics background, that pioneered TIG welded bike frames in the early 70s outside of Milan. After almost 20 years of welding bikes, including the bikes of a Polish team that won a team time trial world championship in 1975 the first year he was building bikes, personal problems shuttered the company for another 20 years.

But with some modern interest from the tech savvy team at Cicli Corsa, a collaboration was formed to bring Belletti back to is business and to revive Stelbel with a simple idea: stay true to the past, while continuing to experiment and innovate. With that the reinvigorated team at Stelbel has been bringing back their classics and developing modern interpretations based on modern materials, skilled craftsmanship, and an excellent attention to detail.

Join us after the jump for full details on the new bikes and the still-available classic that started it all…


Six Fyx 6-Speed Drivetrain Conversion Kits for Fixies Now Available

Fyxation Six Fyx drivetrain conversion kit, in display box

While fixies are fun, simple and easy to maintain there are times when it pays to have a few gears at hand. While they’re adamant that they aren’t trying to ‘fix’ anything, Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Fyxation has released a conversion kit that adds a six-speed drivetrain to your 120mm spaced frame.

The crew at Fyxation are clearly single-speed enthusiasts, but options are always good. The conversion kits are intended for fixed gear or track bike riders who want to give their knees a break, have hilly terrain to contend with, or for anyone who has a fixie that they like and fits well but would happily accept a bit more versatility. Bikerumor first previewed the Six Fyx conversion at Interbike in 2013, but the kits have just recently become available to consumers.

Shift down below the break for more photos, specs and info…