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Interview and Shop Tour: Eric Baar from The Ground Up Speed Shop


I became familiar with Eric Baar through his Instagram account (where he highlights welds and brushwork each day) as well as through the high praise of other builders and members of the community. When I found myself buying tickets to Colorado Springs for a conference, Eric’s Ground Up Speed Shop was on the top of my places to visit after hours. I had no idea what to expect because, well, Eric does not make a habit of promoting himself. I strongly suspected that it would be really, really cool. His operation did not disappoint.

The Speed Shop sits on the back of the property just west of the Springs. Rather than a pump track, the shop overlooks The Dizzy Drome, a micro dirt velodome with rails constructed from old airplane wings. Central to the course is a light column for those midnight hour record attempts. Parked right on the edge is his Dwarf car, an outrageous toy with big, metal-flake numbers that he races during the summer- a habit he took up when he felt himself becoming disillusioned with bikes and bike community.

That easy shift in emphasis is central to Eric’s general program. He’s been building bicycles for over a decade and a half and wants to stay glittery and doe-eyed about the genre so he’s constantly being drawn to new mediums from which to approach or interpret his work. It is this enthusiasm that makes the bikes of his house brand, Ground Up, absolutely out-of-this-world in terms of construction, detailing, and concept. The welds are flawless. The raw titanium finishes are hand striped. The metal-flake paint jobs are brilliantly mixed and painstakingly sanded. And Eric uses his new found mastery as a pinstriper to hand letter or detail the final product (when the guy isn’t screwing around with gold leaf).

While this enthusiasm for everything cool and shiny makes for top notch bicycles, it also happens to make interviewing the guy impossible. There is nothing linear about Eric Baar’s train of thought. And that’s fine. Who wants to talk about old news when there is so much cool, shiny stuff everywhere to talk about… READ MORE ->

Adidas Winter Race Kit Getting Shaken Out by Berlin’s 8bar


We’ve started to see a resurgence of cycling clothing from Adidas in the last year or so, and the folks at 8bar Bikes sent us some images of a photoshoot they just finished in Berlin. One, it’s always nice to see actual cyclists modeling for new clothing and bikes, and two, it’s pretty cool that a big company like Adidas might pick riders from a small bike company and team like 8bar to be their models. The 8bar Team has actually been working closely with Adidas since the beginning of 2015 on their own team clothing, and looks to be carrying that even further with the development and testing of the fall and winter collection like this Belgement line-up. Word on the street is that they will even have some design collaborations in store for 2016. Join us after the break for a closer look, 8bar’s thoughts, and some cold weather clothing tech…


Boardman Races the Clock with new carbon TT, Track, Tri, and Aero Road bikes; plus everyman Wind Tunnel news


Chris Boardman’s racing pedigree came from riding into the wind on the track and in the time trial, and his bike company certainly isn’t ignoring those disciplines in development. Last week we brought the highlights of Boardman Bikes’ new #RideTogether rebranding and their new Endurance Road carbon and titanium bikes. But Boardman earned the nickname The Professor for his detailed technical approach to equipment and training, and that shows through more on the aero bikes.

The company’s 2016 Aerodynamic Road line updates the super fast TTE, the more affordable ATT, and the aero road AIR. On the track, an all new carbon TRK takes a big step, replacing its aluminum predecessor. Not to be underestimated, the focus on a methodical approach to racing comes through with news of the development of a Boardman Performance Center that will give the regular cyclist access to physiological and performance analysis, including affordable time in an all-new cycling specific wind tunnel to be built in the UK. Check out the details after the break…


LeMond Revolution Trainers add Track fixed gear compatibility


Makers of one of the first and most sought after direct drive trainers on the market, LeMond have just added a new track ends-compatible adapter to put your fixed-gear into their Revolution trainers. While at first it looked like an odd niche to satisfy (who would put their track bike or fixed-gear on a stationary trainer?), by bolting a track cog directly to the Revolution’s flywheel the ride character of fixed gear training is maintained, with the Revolution providing the same inertial feedback that training on a fixed gear is know for, with the added stability and security of a fixed trainer. Spin past the break to take a closer look..

Bombtrack Drops Classic Steel Tempest, Oxbridge 1×10 Roadie, Hook Carbon, Teases Beyond + Tourer, and Much More

Tempest 1

With all of the carbon and hydro-formed aluminum bikes blending into each other, seeing a vintage steel racing bike’s slim lines and soulful stance reverberates in the hearts of many. Whether a new or seasoned rider, it’s hard to mistake something that is as timeless as it is classic and Bombtrack wants to take us back with the Tempest.

Bombtrack, who started out with fixie and city bikes has exploded their line to include cross bikes, road bikes, and bikepacking bikes. Short of a pure mountain bike, Bombtrack probably has something to suit your tastes and new American distribution to go along with it…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • The Great Bike Giveaway, Special Bikes for Special Kids – Do you remember the day you learned to ride a bike? Do you remember the freedom you felt, the confidence you gained, the pride you had? The Michaela Noam Kaplan Great Bike Giveaway is a national contest to give adaptive bikes to special needs kids, so they can get that same feeling you had when a shiny new bike arrived at your house. View, share, enter and/or donate to the Great Bike Giveaway and be a part of a beautiful and special community over at


Pick the Colors for the next 8Bar Limited Edition FHAIN & Win a Bike


With each of their bikes, Berlin-based 8bar typically produces the frames and forks in a couple of standard color options (usually black and raw, clear-coated aluminum), but puts out a limited edition finish with only 100 framesets made in each special color combination. This year with the new updated FHAIN v2, they are reaching out to their fans and followers to select the combination. Take a few minutes to make a submission by the end of this week, and if your design wins 8bar will award you one of the new framesets. Hop past the break for details and to see who will win the second frameset they are giving away…


Week In Review: Euro/Interbike Coverage, Biggest Crash/Balls at Rampage, Lots From Poc & Lupine, and The Bike You Never Wanted

Lupine IB15-12POC (29)Rampage Crash-9Bird of Prey-9

To wrap up another exciting week, we’re bringing you a easy to scan round up of last week’s massive amount of coverage. Included are some crazy cool stuff coming from POC, Lupine takes us up another step or two with more tech & lumens, Redbull Rampage’s biggest fall/finish, and see this week’s most viewed and commented on train wreck of a….. err, bike.

Skip back in the past to see what you missed……


IB15: Pure Fix Introduces Keirin Elite Track Frameset, Pure City’s Bruisin’ New Cruisers


Pure Fix has upped its game from street fixies into producing competition-purposed track framesets with this top tier alloy Keirin Elite frameset. Featuring the same dynamic frame characteristics of the other models in the Keirin line, the Elite has a carbon fork with no brake hole, showing it means serious business. Sister brand, Pure City, meanwhile has taken a leisurely stroll in the opposite direction with some smartly-styled Cruisers in step over and mixte flavors. Peruse the Pure extremes, and check out the People for Bikes collaboration, after the jump… READ MORE ->