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Review: Magura TS8 eLECT Suspension Fork – Electronic, Brains Free Lockout For the Win!


Last summer, Magura introduced their eLECT suspension fork with built in sensors to automatically stiffen the fork up for climbing. It also gave the rider manual control over lock out by way of a Bluetooth remote button.

Where the Rockshox/Lapierre collabo utilizes outboard sensors and the Fox iCD is simply a manually controlled electronic lockout lever, Magura’s system is both simpler and smarter. It’s simpler in that it only has a lockout mode, not a multi-mode like the Rockshox system with variable levels. It’s smarter in that it does the lockout on its own, not requiring the flick of a switch. As such, it makes for a very efficient, lightweight system that (in it’s best configuration) requires absolutely no thought from the rider, leaving you to focus on racing. That’s good, because this fork and the eLECT system is itself entirely focused on racing as far as I’m concerned. For now anyway – there are a few changes and some interesting product testing going on at Magura, which I’ll recap at the end.

Check out the tech, weights and ride review to see how it all works…


SSC Tour: Inside the Mavic “La Maison Jaune”

Mavic Yellow House la maison juane california service center course (2)

You’ve seen them. The yellow chase vehicles and motorcycles carrying neutral support in the form of Mavic wheels have become a regular fixture in professional cycling. Since 1973 Mavic has been supporting professional cycling through their SSC (Special Service Course) after Mavic Chairman Bruno Gormand simply let someone borrow his car. That someone was a team manager during the 1972 Criterium du Dauphine Libere whose car had broken down. The loaner from Bruno meant he could finish the race, and the concept of neutral support was born. The following year the first yellow car was seen just ahead of the peloton during Paris-Nice, offering support to members of the breakaway.

Now, the Mavic SSC is expanding yet again with the introduction of the La Maison Jaune in Newbury Park, California. Serving as a home base for the American neutral support and as an event space for Mavic and their dealers, the Yellow House is the latest installment in a long history of cycling support.


Mavic Celebrates 125th Anniversary w/ Custom Bikes by Argonaut, Indy Fab, Lynskey, Mosaic, Ritte & Seven


When you think about it, it’s pretty hard to believe that Mavic has been around for 125 years. That is, until you look at their list of firsts. At this point in cycling we take a lot of technology for granted, but there was a time when a rim that was simply made from aluminum was a big deal. It was such a big deal that in 1934 when Mavic first used the Duraluminum rim they actually painted it in wood grain to hide it from competitors. That year it won the Tour de France – weighing half that of comparable rims at the time may have helped. Those firsts continued as the years went on with the first aluminum clincher rim. The first complete wheel system. The first UST rim design. First full aluminum wheel system with the Ksyrium, and first Wheel Tire System with the Ksyrium K10.

Even though it’s still evolving, much of the bicycle wheel technology we rely on every day has Mavic roots. Naturally, when it came time to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the storied company here in the US, Mavic wanted to do something that would honor the brand’s heritage. In addition to opening the Mavic La Maison Jaune here in Newbury Park, CA, Mavic reached out to custom frame builders to build some truly unique bikes. Each masterpiece was centered around the Limited Edition Mavic Ksyrium 125 of which only 6000 sets will be sold. Ksyrium 125 Wheel Tire Systems are currently available and selling for $1850.

More than just wheels, the Mavic 125th bikes capture a century and a quarter’s worth of history in two wheel form… READ MORE ->

Shimano Announces New Flat Mount Disc Brake Standard For Road Bikes

New Shimano Road Disc Brake Standard

Today, Shimano has announced a new mount standard for road disc brakes called Flat Mount. This new mounting option has been developed by Shimano in close cooperation with leading road bike brands as a dedicated “on road” solution. This new design allows bike manufacturers to move away from the mountain bike history and looks that has been used up to this point.

We have no further details at this point, but Shimano did send over these CAD drawings in their press release. Head past the break for a couple of more tidbits from the press release… READ MORE ->

First Look! New Time Skylon Road Bike – Lighter, More Aero & One-Piece Construction

2015 Time Skylon aero road bike

The upcoming Time Skylon road bike is a big advance for the storied French brand, changing up their trademark two-piece construction and giving them a proper aero road bike to drive the peloton.

The frame reportedly continues use of their RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) and woven tubes, but builds the frame as a single piece rather than bonding the rear triangle onto the front. It also bumps up some tube cross section sizes from what we’ve seen before, which helped them make the frame both lighter and stiffer. One of the benefits of their fiber construction method, which lays dry fibers into the molds rather than stiffer pre-preg, is that they can get more complex shapes and details. Here, they’ve used it to smooth each section of the frame into the other to give it better aerodynamics…


Hands On – Trek’s New Emonda SLR 8 Plus Actual Weights!

Hands On - Trek's New Emonda SLR 8 Plus Actual Weights!

It may be a while until we see the insanely light Émonda SLR 10 in the flesh carbon, but head to your local Trek dealer and there are probably a number of more affordable models already on the floor. Joining in with a few other brands, Trek is continuing to wait until the new bikes are actually available before unveiling them to the public. In our case it also means that an Émonda SLR 8 just showed up for review. Other than the Carbon Vapor Coat paint job and SLR Ride Tuned Seat Mast Cap, the SLR 8 boasts the same frame as the bike at the top. It’s also less than half the price – which is crazy to say about a $7,500 bike.

Trim away the details after the break, including actual weight for the SLR 8 plus a few other models…


One Ride Review: The 2015 GT Sensor X

GT Sensor X (2)

In recent years, #TheNewGT has surprised us by launching a string of amazing new bikes. One of our personal favorites is the Sensor, which is a 130mm travel trail bike that utilizes their AOS suspension platform.

This super efficient frame is not only a voracious climber, but it can also rail corners, and power through chop with the best bikes in the category. But in order to make the Sensor even more fun, GT added a little Formula X.


Ibis Launches New 29er Tranny Hardtail – Exclusive Photos & Actual Weights

Ibis Tranny 29er Glamour Shots (9)

As with any industry, there are several different approaches to selling a product. Some companies ooze cool, others try to undercut their competitors, while some actually try producing products their customer base actively desires. For Ibis, their brand new Tranny 29″ hardtail was the result of customer demand.

In development for a number of years, the bike incorporates a number of new features, which make it one of the most versatile hardtails available. READ MORE ->

Specialized S-Works Tarmac Gets the McLaren Treatment, Includes Helmet, Shoes, and Stand

McLaren Hero 1.1

First it was the S-Works McLaren Venge. That was followed with the S-Works McLaren TT helmet. The latest result from the technical collaboration between Formula 1 great McLaren and bicycle super power Specialized? That would be the all new S-Works McLaren Tarmac. Building on the already impressive and recently updated S-Works Tarmac, the McLaren connection takes the Rider-First engineering to the next level by offering an even lighter frame.

Of course, you’re also getting a number of custom touches including limited edition McLaren/Specialized apparel. That’s if you can get one though as there will only be 250 of the McLaren Orange packages available to the public. Want one? Find out how to get in line plus more after the break…