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Lindarets X Wolf Tooth Components GoatLink Improves Wide Range 1x Shifting for Shimano Derailleurs


The simplest solution is always the best, right? Well, as it applies to modifying 10 speed derailleurs to work with wide range 10 speed cassettes that might just be the case. Just before Frostbike we caught wind of a new product from Lindarets that had nothing to do with high performance socks or apparel. Listed only as a collaboration with Wolf Tooth Components thus sticking to the Lindarets ethos of American made, American sourced products, the teaser was a good one. We had no idea what to expect.

Cassette adapters like Wolf Tooth Component’s GC are great since they greatly expand the range of the drivetrain without having to invest in all new parts. However, the added B-tension needed for Shimano derailleurs needed to clear the large cogs results in reduced chain wrap which leads to poor shifting. Focusing on the chain wrap issue, Lindarets paired up with Wolf Tooth Components to produce the new GoatLink – a replacement intermediate link for Shimano derailleurs. Claimed to greatly improve the chain wrap on modified drivetrains, the GoatLink is a simple, affordable solution to the wide range question…


Hands on new Sony 4K & AS200V Action Cams – Video, Stills & Tech Details

Sony 4K FDR-X1000V Action Cam tech details and AS200V comparison

After launching their new 4K Action Cam at CES earlier this year, Sony invited us out for a quick trip to get acquainted with it and the new second-in-command AS200V. The full tech specs and features of each are outlined in our launch coverage, this story focuses more on the user experience and includes video and photo examples from the cameras.

While 4K is just starting to make inroads, there’s little doubt it’ll dominate flat screen television sales by the time Friday’s turn black this November. But even if you have no plans on upgrading, there are some compelling reasons to consider the bigger 4K model over the quite capable 200 or even the super impressive Mini AZ1 Action Cam. Here’s what you need to know…


All New Salsa Warbird Gravel Racers Take Flight, Plus Powderkeg Mountain Tandem is Ready to Roll

Salsa warbird gravel bike carbon aluminum  powderkeg tandem mountain bike  (24)

As long as there have been road bikes, there have been riders pedaling over gravel roads. While the surface is nothing new to cycling, the way riders experience probably has. Now home to grueling races covering huge distances through varied conditions, gravel races present a unique set of challenges for bicycle designers.

For Salsa Cycles, the company has no problem stating that they own gravel. Many bikes have been created that function on multiple surfaces, but when it comes to gravel race bikes specifically, there aren’t many that can rival the Warbird for their racing pedigree. That bit of bragging that goes against the company’s self proclaimed “Minnesota Nice” demeanor comes at the unveiling of the all new Warbid gravel bike – a lighter, more compliant race bike available in both carbon and aluminum….


Exclusive Sneak Peek: New 747 Carbon 27.5 + Rim About to Land from Kuroshiro

Kuroshiro 747 275 plus 650b rim carbon wide (2)

It was this time last year when we were hearing about Kuroshiro for the first time. After meeting the man behind the brand, Mauro Bertolotto proceeded to show us their impressive new Enso 685. A carbon fat bike rim that took advantage of Alchemist’s skills with carbon fiber, the single wall rim combined light weight with a tubeless design that didn’t require tape to seal.

Since then, the company followed the 685 with their 29+ Enso 950 rim at Eurobike and Interbike. Along with the new 950, Mauro promised us another product in the near future. Judging by the amount of 27.5+ products we’re starting to see, it should come as no surprise that Kuroshiro’s newest rim would qualify. Called the 747, the current naming structure would indicate a 27.5″ rim that is 47mm wide. Details are still pretty scarce, but we’re told weight should be under 400g per rim, and there will be a wheelset available that is Boost 148 compatible.

We will have the full report from Mauro at Frostbike later this week!


VP bites into platform market with new lightweight, thin & affordable pedals

Aim B HR1

When it comes to platform pedals, lately there seems to be more options than you can count. Everyone seems to have their own idea of what makes the best pedal so how is a company supposed to make some noise in a crowded market? Fortunately for VP, as we saw on our factory tour in Taiwan, they already manufacture a number of pedals for other companies which puts them in a unique place for new product development. Already covering the high end of the spectrum with their impressive Harrier pedal, now VP has their sights set on more affordable options.

The key to new pedals like the VP Aim is that they don’t have to sacrifice performance to get the price well under $100…


Factory Tour: SRAM Taiwan Part 3 – SRAM’s Carbon Fiber Production, Truvativ, Chainrings and More

SRAM Taiwan Factory Tours Suspension Shifters Derialleurs Carbon production314

From the sparkly new to the well established,  SRAM’s roots in Taiwan run deep. Well, SRAM does have a long history of manufacturing on the island, but in this case a lot of that history belongs to Truvativ. After SRAM purchased the company in 2004, the facility remained and is now the hub of much of SRAM’s carbon fiber production. Of course many of the Truvativ products that are still being produced or have morphed into similar parts under the SRAM name are made here as well.

Jump inside for a quick spin through the facility…


Just In: Custom WTB Scraper 27.5+ Wheelset with Industry Nine Torch Fat Bike Hubs

WTB scraper 27.5 + mid fat wheels i9 industry nine torch hubs (16)

Depending on your point of view, 27.5+ is either an intriguing new size, or a terrible half measure that doesn’t provide any real advantages. The latter is a little hard to back up given that most of us haven’t actually ridden any of the 27.5+ products yet. We would be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little interested in trying out the new size, especially as it pertains to fat bikes. While many riders have already been building up 29+ wheelsets to convert their fat bikes for summer duty, the added girth usually results in a higher bottom bracket and noticeable changes in handling.

Will a 27.5+ set up be the perfect wheel swap for fat bikes? Will all Enduro wheels and tires eventually fatten up so that 27.5+ will become the new middle ground? We’re not sure, but we are excited to do some experimenting starting with the WTB Scraper rims…


Factory Tour: SRAM Taiwan Part 2 – All New Asia Development Center

SRAM Taiwan Factory Tours Suspension Shifters Derialleurs Carbon production170

If factories are where bicycle components are born, then for SRAM, their Development Centers would be where products are finally conceived. Given SRAM’s global nature, new products could be developed in the U.S., Europe, or Asia, but most of them are now sent from the design centers to the new Asia Development center to undergo final testing and analysis. As it was explained to us, the ADC is specifically there as a bridge from the engineering side of the process to the manufacturing side.

After testing is complete, the products can then be transferred to the factories for full scale production. Having opened just before the Chinese New Year in 2014, the ADC illustrates SRAM’s commitment to Taiwanese manufacturing with a state of the art building that is just as impressive on the inside…


Shimano XTR M9000 Mechanical group’s actual weights & detail photos

Shimano XTR M9000 mechanical mountain bike drivetrain component actual weights

The all-new Shimano XTR M9000 group launched last April but has only recently started shipping, both on complete bikes and as separate components through the aftermarket channels.

We’ve covered the tech details for the drivetrain here and the new Race/Trail brakes here, and now we’ve got hands on the individual components for photos and actual weights…