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Naild develops locking, ultra-quick thru axle system for road & cyclocross bikes, already getting OEM spec

Naild locking quick release thru axle system for road cyclocross and gravel bikes appears on Marin bikes for 2016

Already spec’d on the 2016 Marin gravel and cyclocross bikes (post on those coming soon), the Naild locking, quick release thru axle system takes everything good about thru axles and makes them better.

The system was developed by by Darrell Voss, who worked at Klein Bikes from 1984 to 1996, then started USUL Corp in 1995 while still at Klein’s then-new owner Trek to help bring North American companies to Asian manufacturing and do U.S. service and marketing for Asian manufacturers. Since 1999, they’ve been working as a service center for SR Suntour out of Madison, WI, though Voss himself is based in Portland, OR. During that time, he helped developed Suntour’s Q-Loc thru axle, which was among the first (if not the first) thru axle that didn’t use a thread-in design to secure the wheels. In Voss’ own words, “it works pretty well.”

Fast forward to the advent of disc brakes on road and cyclocross bikes and there are new load paths on the frame structure, which got him thinking…


Cure the PressFit Blues with $50 Off Any Wheels Manufacturing Premium Zero Ceramic BB, Including New Threaded Models

Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Brackets PF86 PF92 thread in Bikerumor coupon deal (7)

Everything old is new again. PressFit frames still offer some benefits like allowing for wider chainstays and more tire clearance, but as we’ve learned along the way not all frames are created equal. A fault of sloppy tolerances at least according to some frame manufacturers, certain frames develop a creak that just won’t go away. At least, not without something new in the BB shell.

In order to offer a solution that was more durable than the plastic cups and had a way of staying tight in the frame, bottom bracket manufacturers like Wheels Manufacturing have started offering BBs with durable aluminum bodies which thread together in the center. Perfect for PF frames old and new, Wheels Manufacturing is offering a special deal to Bikerumor readers this weekend that’s worth $50 off any Premium Zero Ceramic bottom bracket so you can try one for yourself…


PC15: Sombrio Smuggles In New Pocketed Liner Bibs for Men, Shorts for Women, Fresh Style On and Off Trail

Sugoi sombrioIMG_7784

Just the other day I went on a mountain bike ride with a liner short that didn’t have any storage pockets and almost didn’t know what to do. Thanks to all of the recent bib liners with storage I’ve gotten used to leaving the bags at home and being able to carry all the essentials under my jersey on anything but the longest rides. Being able to carry bottles, tools, and food without the feeling of them bouncing around in loose pockets on your shorts or your jersey is definitely an improvement.

Considering it seems like a fairly easy addition to make to most bib liners, we’re happy to see brands like Sombrio joining the party with their new Smuggle bibs for men. Potentially more interesting is the new Luxe Liner for women – which build in some interesting pockets to a non-bib liner for women…


PC15: Sugoi Pads their FXE Chamois with Poron XRD, New Men’s Specific Shape

Sugoi rse climbers jersey rpm rsx alpha jacket sombrio smuggler bibs Sugoi sombrioIMG_7799

When it comes to road bikes there is a lot of talk about how various tires, frames, and saddles transmit road vibration to the rider. But what about the chamois? Part of the standard road kit, those padded shorts play a critical role in rider comfort. Why not try to make a chamois that is better at absorbing the chatter that is broadcast through the bike?

In a major redesign to their Formula FXE chamois, Sugoi hopes to do exactly that. Using a technology that we’ve only seen once before in a chamois, Sugoi is looking to the world of flexible protection to cancel out unwanted vibrations. At the opposite end of the pad, Sugoi is tackling another issue of rider comfort with something they call the Cradle…


Interview: Rick Hunter with Hunter Cycles


Rick Hunter is a guy of few words – which makes an interview a little challenging. His bikes (and his slingshots) really do his talking for him. When I visited last month, after dodging redwoods on the road up from Santa Cruz, we talked about a few interesting bikes he had on hand…


PC15: Bike Check with a Legend – Hans ‘No Way” Rey’s GT Sensor Carbon

GT Mountian bikes 2016 Hans Rey Bike CheckGT mountain bikesIMG_7923

Some of the biggest news from GT at PressCamp was the fact that the Zaskar was nearing its 25th anniversary. One of the longest running production bikes has also proven to be one of the most versatile having won World Cups in DH, XC, Slalom, and Trials. While 25 years is impressive, more impressive is the fact that GT’s sponsorship of the legendary Hans ‘No Way’ Rey is entering its 30th year. Likely one of the longest running sponsorships in the world of mountain biking, Hans was there for the launch of the very first Zaskar just like he was for the 25th Anniversary LTD.

While still perfectly capable of schooling most riders in trials, these days Hans is more likely to be found on incredible adventures across the globe promoting his Wheels 4 Life charity. When adventure calls, Hans reaches for his tricked out GT Sensor Carbon…


PC15: Knog Adds Pop To the Party with Completely Replaceable Straps, Aero Seatpost Lights, iPhone Lights, More

Knog expose smart wrap iphone lights road mob pop seriesKnogIMG_8040

Knog has come a very long way as a company since the early days of the Frog. One of the original purveyors of lights with silicone straps, Knog admits they learned the hard way that non-replaceable straps aren’t the way to go. To address the issue (along with continuing to honor warranties), Knog is rolling out 21 new bike products and every light among them now has a replaceable strap.

That extends down to the all new POP Lights – at an impressive retail price under $20. One of their best product ranges yet, Knog has something for everyone, including roadies with aero seat posts…


New longer travel RockShox Lyrik is a Pike on steroids, plus all-new Yari budget enduro fork follows along

2016 Rockshox Yari long travel enduro and freeride suspension fork on a budget

Ever since the beginning of mountain bike suspension, RockShox has been a household name. Over the years the company has introduced a number of suspension products that for one reason or another had great influence on the industry. In our opinion, the current version of the RockShox Pike is one of those products. At a time when Fox Racing Shox had a sizeable hold on the suspension game, the Pike reinvigorated the RockShox lineage with its supremely plush and controlled ride for trail and enduro machines.

Seemingly capturing lightning in a bottle, it should come as no surprise the very things that made the Pike special are making their way to other forks. Even though the 160-180mm travel market isn’t as vast as it used to be, there is a still a need for burly, light weight forks that can take a beating. Born from the Pike, the updated RockShox Lyrik and all-new Yari answer that call…


Specialized Clips Into new Era of Trail Mountain Bike Shoes with 2FO Cliplite


Photo c. Carson Blume/Specialized

In the grand scheme of mountain biking equipment, if there’s one area that has lagged behind in terms of options, in my opinion it would have to be shoes. Like a large portion of my riding buddies and the riding population, most of my riding fits in somewhere between XC and what we would now refer to as Enduro. According to industry lingo that would more or less fall under the “Trail” umbrella. Ever since I started mountain biking in the mid-90s, most riding shoes have typically been either too race-y for my liking or at the other end of the spectrum with a bulky shape and more protection than I really need.

Fortunately, along with the stratification of mountain biking has come an increased focus on what different types of riders expect from their equipment. The same thing that works for an XC racer is going to be very different than the needs of a recreational trail rider, and so on, and so on… Specialized certainly is not the first company to capitalize on this trend towards diversification, but they too wanted a shoe that was better suited to fast trail riding. Not quite Enduro/DH, not quite XC, with their latest footwear offering, Specialized is honing in on the perfect mix of Trail pedaling performance, walkability, and protection.

A natural extension to the 2FO footwear line, the 2FO Clip Lite could be considered the mutant offspring of the 2FO Clip and the S-Works XC shoes  – a shoe that is light and comfortable enough for all day epics, but still burly enough for when the trail gets rowdy…