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Kona Launches New Road Models, Redesigns Cross Country Range

Konda Roadhouse 2016

If the heat wasn’t a solid indicator that summer was here, the wave of new model year 2016 product launches should be. While many brands are content to merely introduce new color ways, Kona is “going deeper.”

With that theme in mind, the traditionally mountain oriented brand has expanded its line of road bikes, redesigned its cross country models, and updated several other MTB models to better meet new and growing riding segments.

Up first is the new Roadhouse, which is a classic steel road frame built with Reynolds 853 tubing, modern touches like disc brakes, a tapered headset, and 12×142 thru axle dropouts…


Take the Hassle Out of Tubeless, with the Tubeless Tower Pro Workstation

Tubeless Solutions Tubeless Tower tire station (27)

Believe it or not, there are still those out there that don’t embrace tubeless technology. More surprising, is that at least according to Tubeless Solutions there are even shops out there who are uncomfortable with performing tubeless conversions. Their reasoning? Mostly the potential mess, the amount of time it takes, and the uncertainty of ensuring a complete seal before the tire walks out the door.

Like many stories behind intriguing products, the Tubeless Tower started with the thought that there had to be a better way to install tubeless tires. Roughly three years ago, Tim Voegeli and his brother Phil starting kicking around the idea and wanted to figure out a way to make the process easier. At the time Tim was riding tubeless on every one of his bikes – Phil on the other hand who is admittedly an “anal retentive electrical engineer” was still happily riding with tubes. Eventually Tim convinced Phil to give tubeless a try and after an entire year on his commuter without flats (25 miles round trip), he says he was sold.

After the first prototypes were drawn up, the design has been tweaked, put through design panels at Pitt State University, redesigned with design work and CAD modeling from their friend Byron Loibl, patented, and is finally nearing production form. Almost every step of the way, all of those involved say they were instantly sold after seeing Tim install a tire on the stand. That’s not really surprising. Even we were a bit skeptical, but once you see everything the stand does, you really will wonder why no one has thought of this before…


Grava Bikes Brings Revised do-it-all Bike to Market: The Maple Sally


The original Grava Bikes Maple Sally made its first appearances in and around Western North Carolina, at various ‘cross and gravel races in the area. Since that time, Grava Bikes have continued to enhance the product line, most recently with the release of their USA made steel bike, The Revenuer. But, they’re not resting on their laurels. Cue the next version of the Maple Sally, their carbon do-it-all bike… READ MORE ->

Project XC Race Rocket: Coming to a stop with Magura MT8 Next disc brakes


Other than a new short-reach brake lever option for Magura’s updated MT-series brakes, they are mostly unchanged from their launch last year. Zach offered up first impressions from the camp and has since complemented the quad-piston MT7 brakes’ power in his review. Meanwhile, I’ve been testing the two-piston MT8 brakes, which are a decidedly more cross country oriented set of stoppers.

At first, these brakes were on my Niner JET9 full suspension bike, where they received their first six months of testing. Then, I moved them to Project XC Race Rocket, which was a much better fit…


Interview: Advocate Cycles Founder Tim Krueger Talks Advocacy, Business Model, and Bikes, Plus Hands on with Hayduke 27.5+ Frame

Advocate Cycles hayduke 27 plus 650b+ steel hardtail tim kreuger interview review  (2)

We get pitched a lot of new products, but it isn’t often that the company’s business model is unique as the product. When Tim Krueger told us he had something in the works that he was really excited about, we didn’t quite know what to expect. As the former Product Manager for Salsa Cycles, Tim is pretty much a bike industry lifer so there was little surprise that he couldn’t stay away from the little world of bikes for long.

What was a bit surprising was the business model that the aptly named Advocate Cycles would use. Taking advantage of a specific set of rules valid in his home state of Minnesota, Tim and his wife and business partner Odia started a Special Benefits Corporation. The goal? To donate 100% of their after-tax profits to bicycling related advocacy non-profit organizations. Sound far fetched? That’s exactly why we spoke to Tim to pull back the curtains and try and figure out how Advocate plans to make this a reality, and what they have planned for the future…


Interview: Adam Clement of Gevenalle


Gevenalle, or Retroshift as it was known in the Beforetimes, was forged in the cold, muddy pits of Portland cyclocross to address a need for durable, serviceable, cross-specific componentry. Years on, founder Adam Clement continues to charge forward with the fourth version of his iconic shifter and brake lever system as well as a suite of similarly thoughtful and functional drivetrain components designed to keep racers racing in the most extreme course conditions in style…


Fox Factory Tour Part 1: Headquarters & Machine Shop

Fox Factory Tour HQ

Glancing at the modern carbon wonder bike, there are few if any parts that are still made here in the United States. Among those items are usually things like pedals or chain rings, but surprisingly enough, Fox produces its golden coated bits in the golden state.

The company is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, a small town just outside of Santa Cruz proper, that can claim its fair share of epic road rides, mountain bike trails, and old growth redwoods. We recently visited their facility to check out their production setup…  READ MORE ->

PC15: Orbea Ticks Down to New Ordu OMP Tri/TT Bike

Orbea Ordu OMP TT Tri bike Orbea ordu tt tri IMG_7725

At this point the cat’s out of the bag, but Orbea has a new TT/Tri bike up their sleeve. Extending the Ordu’s lineage, the new OMP model comes as the brand is celebrating their 175th anniversary! If you do the math, you’ll realize that’s probably too early for bikes which is true. Orbea surprisingly started manufacturing guns and bullets almost 175 years ago. Eventually the gun business was sold off and Orbea first started turning the pedals in the 1920’s.

Watching the video which celebrates their storied history, you start to get a sense of just how quickly bicycle have evolved in the last 20 years. Bicycles like the new Ordu are now looking for every advantage whether it be carbon construction, aerodynamics, or integration. Translated to ‘moment’ in Basque, Orbea hopes the Ordu will give you the ‘time of your life’…


Sneak Peek: Revolutionary Carbon Tubeless Rims from Alchemist

Alchemist tubeless carbon rims wide (1)

Tubeless rims have almost always been a compromise. On one hand, you can run a sealed rim bed without the need for rim tape as long as you’re ok with using proprietary spokes, nipples, or complicated attachment methods to the rim or hub. On the other, you can choose to go the simple way and use a pierced rim bed that is easily sealed with tape and sealant. The later method adds a bit of weight and also makes spoke repairs more frustrating when you have to peel back the layers of the onion to get to the offending spoke.

Apparently not a fan of compromise, Alchemist sent us a few teasers of their all new X-Sens rims. Judging by the photos, these are not your average tubeless carbon rims in almost every way…