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JoeBlow Gets Fat Over Winter, New Floor Plump Dials in PSI Under 30

Toepeak Joe Blow Fat pump (2)

Judging by all the fat bike specific product popping up, you might think you would need all new everything to get your fat bike fix. While not totally true, there are a few things that would definitely make life easier – like pumps that are more accurate at low pressures. We caught wind of the new Topeak JoeBlow Fat at Eurobike, but it seems the company has made a critical change to the pump since we laid eyes on the prototype. Instead of making the pump just for fat bikers, why not build a low pressure pump that will fit the needs of most mountain bikers and cyclocrossers while they’re at it?

Thanks to a small tweak, anyone running pressures under 30 PSI should be a fan of the new JoeBlow family member…


Vee Tire Adds More 27.5+ Sizes, Introduces White Fat Bike Treads

Vee Tire Co 27+ white fat bike tires (1)

Just under a year ago, we caught wind of the first 27.5+ offering when Vee Tire Co. informed us that their Trax Fatty model would soon be available in a 27.5×3.25″ model. Looking around the show there were a few generic bikes fitted with the new tire size, but nothing that would have suggested it catching on in a big way. Now, headed into Taipei show and Sea Otter season there still aren’t a ton of options but it seems like the tide is swelling.

Originally planning just to offer the 27.5×3.25″ size, Vee is introducing two more widths to round out the line. Meant to fit better in smaller frames, Vee sees the Semi Fat market exploding in the coming year…


Road to NAHBS 2015: Retrotec Returns To Fat

Retrotec NAHBS 2015 head tube fillet di2 port

Due to a last minute change in plans, the ever-charming Curtis Inglis of Retrotec is suddenly making an appearance at NAHBS this year.  Having taken a few years off of showing fat bikes, we can look forward to Curtis making a triumphant return to the category with a Twin Fat featuring state-of-the-art specifications.  Also, be sure to look out for a deeply custom Sierra Leone-themed 29+ non-suspension corrected build.  Curtis and his legendary sense of humor after the jump. READ MORE ->

Panaracer Adds 27.5+ FatBNimble Tire, Covers Most Plus Size Options

panaracer b nimble fat bike tire 27 plus 29 26 (3)

If you haven’t already noticed, there seems to be a lot of buzz around mid fat wheels and tires, especially the new 27.5+ size. We’re already hearing rumors that Sea Otter will really be 650b+ Otter, and to go along with that a few companies are bulking up their tire options. Panaracer already offered their FatBNimble in 29+ and 26×4.0″ fat bike sizes, but the news from Frostbike is the addition of a 27×3.5″ size that is claimed to be impressively light…


Kuroshiro Spreads Wings with new Super Light Enso 747 27.5+ Carbon Rim

Kuroshiro 747 carbon  (10)

At this point, the introduction of the Kuroshiro enso 747 should probably come as no surprise. Almost exactly one year ago, Mauro Bertolloto came to us with the introduction of what he felt was a revolutionary product, an exceptionally light carbon rim for fat bikes with some interesting tech. Combining forces with Alchemist composites, the Italian duo created a carbon fat bike rim that claimed to be the lightest and stiffest rim on the market, yet one that did not need sealing tape to run tubeless.

It wasn’t long before Kuroshiro were onto their next project, launching the enso 950. Applying many of the same design features to the world of 29+, the 950 had one key difference. Due to the added size of the rim, the original 685 design didn’t provide the stiffness needed for aggressive riding. The fix was to change the center spline into the new Alpha Ridge which serves as a box structure filled with a special closed cell foam that would increase stiffness without adding much at all in terms of weight.

After the development of the 950 was completed, all that was left for the new 747 size was to make it a bit smaller and dial it in for what Mauro sees as the future of the 27.5+ standard…


Wolf Tooth Components Turns Out Stainless DM Chainrings, Ovals, and More

Wolf Tooth Components stainless steel narrow wide rings oval cannondale surly od  (6)

At this point Wolf Tooth Components has just about mastered the art of aluminum narrow wide chainrings, so they are trying something new. Instead of aluminum, the newest WTC direct mount chainring will be machined from stainless steel. Targeting the SRAM Direct Mount market, the stainless rings will start with a 24t model with a 26 or 28t possibly on the way based on demand.

If you found that surprising, just wait until you see the prototype for their next aluminum chainring…


Groomed singletrack gets its own fat bike tires with new 45NRTH FlowBeist & Dunderbeist



Earlier this week, 45NRTH already let the cat out of the bag for So what’s better than riding groomed singletrack? Riding groomed singletrack on purpose built tires from 45NRTH. That’s right, the new Flowbeist and Dunderbeist are specifically designed for riding on groomed fat bike trails. That may seem like a bit of a stretch, but there are a number of design features that will make these front and rear specific tires perfectly suited to ripping the velcro ribbons.

Find out what makes a groomed singletrack specific tire after the break…


Video: Is there anything you can’t do on a fat bike? Pat Smage trials a Fatback Corvus!

Mad traction plus mad skills make for me wanting a carbon fat bike real bad. Here’s the description from moto trials rider Pat Smage:

“This is a quick edit from my first few rides on the Fatback Corvus Fatbike. I spent a couple weeks in Southern California to ride mototrials and was lucky enough to get the Fatback together before I got out there. It was a blast on all the terrain I could find in SoCal, from the beach to the dunes, high dessert to low. This bike can handle everything. Dont worry, the skids were on motorcycle trails! Stay tuned for my next edit riding in its natural element, snow.”

Road to NAHBS 2015: Boo Bicycles’ Bamboo Bombers


Boo has had a gangbusters year.  Through impressive competitive showings in fields internationally for both their original and Aluboo models, Boo has established the high performance capability of their product while reinforcing its proven durability and ride quality across genres.  The crowd at NAHBS has a diverse selection of naturally grown tubed bikes this year…

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

Boo: Bamboo and carbon composite (for Boo models) and bamboo and aluminum (Aluboo / Alubooyah models). READ MORE ->