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Just In: 9Zero7′s Carbon Fiber Whiteout Fat Bike Frame

9zero7 whiteout carbon fatbike fat bike frame (5)

Far from their humble beginnings, fat bikes have skyrocketed in popularity. Along with that popularity comes new materials and investment as companies try to stand out with the next greatest fat bike. Few companies like 9:Zero:7 have been around since the beginning, building fat tire’d monsters out of Alaska since 2004. Co-founded by Bill Fleming and Jamey Stull, 9:Zero:7 produced the first aluminum fat bike that was named the 9:zero:7 after the local area code.

After aluminum, the next logical step when it comes to stronger, faster, and lighter is, yes, carbon. Enter the 9:Zero:7 Whiteout – the company’s first carbon fiber fat bike. Built using the same geometry as their aluminum frames and Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber, the Whiteout was created to tackle modern fat bike “standards” and run the fattest tires on the widest rims.

Serving as the platform for our next fat bike build, 9:Zero:7 sent over a bright green Whiteout to build up. We check in with the frame and fork after the break…


Did Fair Wheel Bikes Build the World’s Lightest Fat Bike?

Lightest fat bike lamere fair wheel bikes sub 20 pound (2)

Considering the rapid increase in everything carbon when it comes to fat bikes, it was only a matter of time before someone took a stab at taking the title of the “lightest fat bike.” That of course sounds like a job for Fair Wheel Bikes, the mad mechanics behind projects like their insane 6 lb road bike. As you might imagine, even the lightest fat bike will still be quite a bit heavier considering the tires alone come to nearly 6 pounds. That didn’t stop Fair Wheel from creating an impressively light fat bike though – one that’s lighter than most mountain bikes.

What did the custom built Lamere Fat bike weigh? Find out next…


SOC14: Up Close with the Rocky Mountain Blizzard Fat Bike

Rocky Mountain Blizzard fat bike rockshox BLuto (5)

Not to be left out of the RockShox Bluto suspension frenzy at SOC, Rocky Mountain had their reincarnation of the Blizzard on hand as well. Managing to keep their entry into the world of fat bikes surprisingly quiet leading up to the release, Rocky dove right in with an impressive ultra fat bike with a unique frame bag worthy of the Blizzard moniker.

Check out the details after the jump…


SOC14: Kenda’s Honey Badgers are Multiplying, Plus more on the Juggernaut

Kenda Honey Badger Juggernaut fat bike (2)

Okay, everyone one the web is probably familiar with the Honey Badger meme at this point – you know, Honey Badger don’t care? Well the latest badger related video circling the web shows that not only do Honey Badgers not care, but they’re also one of the smartest animals around. Smart, tough, and versatile? You can see why Kenda has chosen the Honey Badger to name their all condition tires after.

Honey Badgers have been available in the Pro version for a bit, but now Kenda is expanding the line in both directions to include XC and DH. We had a chance to check out the DH version in Taipei which will be offered in both 26 and 27″ and in 2.2 and 2.4″ widths. We spotted Eric Porter with some Badger Prototypes which had a new rubber design Kenda is working on which uses a dual layer rubber compound on the cornering knobs. We’re told that the harder rubber underneath provides support, while the softer rubber on top provides the grip.

The other news for the Honey Badger is a smaller, faster rolling tire perfect for the XC crowd…


SOC14: Hands on with the RockShox Bluto Equipped Borealis Echo + Weight

Borealis fat bike echo back flip (3)

Even with an army of test bikes, the Borealis Echo was a tough bike to track down at the Sea Otter Classic. When it wasn’t being back flipped by Gregory Robinson-Krunrod, or given to trials exhibition riders, Echos could be spotted tearing around the venue by a number of fat bike suspension curious folk.

In spite of it’s popularity, we managed to track one down to get it on the scale…


616 Fabrication’s Made in Michigan 2014 Fat Bike Hubs Coming Soon

2014 fat hubs

We first got a look at 616 Fabrication’s new fat bike hubs in March 2013, which at the time were still in the prototype phase. After deciding they wanted to test the design further, 616 sent them to a University Wheel and hub testing facility in Marquette, MI Velovations from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI  who apparently helped develop the Thomson Dropper post as well. (video here, thanks to Dr. John Gershenson for the clarification! ). 616 followed that with another 12 months of real world testing and are now confident in saying the hubs are ready for any abuse you can throw at them. Built for the latest generation of fat bikes, these made in the US hubs are compatible with all the standards making for yet another interesting options when it comes to stretching your hubs.

Details next…


Vassago Debuts TKO Gravel Road Bike, VerHauen Fat Bike, Optimus Ti 29+ & More!


Vassago was set up at the Whiskey Offroad with a few new models, covering most of the current trends – gravel, fat and 29+.

The titanium TKO is a new gravel road bike with clearance for 40c tires. This one’s Vassago owner Tom Ament’s personal bike. It’s built with a 44mm headtube to allow tapered forks, and uses a 27.2 seatpost to make it a bit more comfy. They can make it with sliding dropouts for single speed, or with thru axles with 12×142 spacing. The extra width is all in the dropout, so chain line and heel clearance is exactly the same as with 135mm QR.

Grind past the break for more…


Atomik Carbon Prototyping Hookless AM MTB Rims & Tubeless Ready Carbon Fat Bike Rims


Atomik Carbon just hit the scene officially in March and we had a first look/first ride on their XC carbon rims before they debuted publicly at the SE Bike Expo.

Despite that youth, they’re moving fast to bring more products to market. Hookless all-mountain rims are being tested, and they’re prototyping tubeless ready, single wall carbon fiber fat bike rims, too. All that’s below, but first, we’re happy to say their graphics (new version shown above) have been improved and finalized. Co-founder Kevin Lineberger says they’ll come in a wide range of color options, from bright to subdued, and can easily be removed for a totally stealth look. Now, on to the tech…


SOC 14: On-One’s Wildly Colorful Floater Fat Bike Tires

On One orange fat bike tires (1)

As if fat bike tires weren’t eye catching enough as it is, why not draw even more attention to your fat bike with colors! Available in a perfect shade of orange to match the On-One Fatty, On-One decided to offer their 4″ Floater tire in 4 different shades.

They probably won’t make you any faster, but you’re sure to be noticed…