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IB14: 9:ZERO:7 Teases Full Suspension Fat, Changes Up Aluminum Frames with New Standards, Colors


9 zero 7 full suspension fat bike aluminum thru axle  (1)

Judging by what we saw at Eurobike, and now Interbike – Salsa’s Bucksaw may soon have some competition. In addition to a number of new colors and details for their hardtail frames, 9:zero:7 had a surprising new addition. Still in the prototype phase, the full suspension fat bike concept may hit the market as early as this Spring.

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IB14: HED Makes a Bigger Deal Out of Carbon Fat Bike Rims, Introduces 100mm BFD

Hed carbon fat bike wheel 100mm wide bfd big deal (5)

First bringing you made in the U.S. carbon fiber fat bike rims with the Big Deal, HED quietly showed up to Interbike with an all new option for fat bikes. Called the BFD or Big Fat Deal, the new rim brings their lightweight fat bike rim technology to the fattest of fat bikes. Likely shipping in 2-3 weeks, the BFDs should be ready by the time the snow flies this season.

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IB14: Felt Shows Concept Hunting Fat Bike & Beer Hauling e-Cargo Bike

felt outfitter fat bike for hunting

The Felt Outfitter has been a pet project of Jim Felt for about 5 years. He’s a fly fisher and bow hunter and he and his son always carry in all their gear for days in the woods at a time. They set up a base camp and hunt and fish from those remote wilderness locations. When Felt started making fat bikes and e-bikes, a lightbulb went off.

The Outfitter can haul a trailer with 60-100 pounds of gear (this one’s a modified BOB trailer made to fit a bigger wheel and work with fat bikes). They’re working on their own trailer, though, they’re just not ready to show it. Look for that sometime later next year.

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EB14: Controltech Builds an Adjustable One Piece Seat/Seat Post, Plus new Bar and Stem Collections

Controltech saddle post bars (2)

For the ultimate weight weenies, an integrated seat and seat post is an easy way to lose some grams. However, you had better like the saddle position since the one piece design means you won’t be adjusting it any time soon. Controltech’s answer to the problem is their new Affilado seat/seat post design that doesn’t abandon adjustability.

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EB14: Pinion Expands Gearbox Range, Centurion Builds 31Lb Belt Drive Gearbox Fat Bike Prototype

Pinion 12 speed gear box  (3)

Originally making their mark with a single 18 speed internal gearbox, Pinion has drastically expanded their line up with 3 new gearing options. While most of the bicycle drivetrains are seeking more and more gears, the new Pinion boxes make do with fewer gears in order to make the drivetrains as light as possible but still offer excellent range.

In addition to the P1.18, Pinion now offers the P1.12, the P1.9XR and the P1.9CR each with its own unique application. Initially fairly limited in the amount of bikes that were equipped with Pinion gearboxes, Pinion states that there are now 50 different brands with bikes to take advantage of the sealed drivetrain design. Thanks to the new gearing options there are a number of bike styles taking advantage of the gearboxes, but one category seems perfectly suited to a box with a belt – fat bikes.

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EB14: Turnagain Components Launches New FR 100 Fat Bike Rims, New Hubs

Borealis Turnagain 100mm rims hubs wheels fat bike (1)

Turnagain components is growing. As the fat bike component specific arm of The Fat Bike Company which also runs Borealis Bikes, Turnagain is now offering fat bike hubs and new 100mm rims along with front derailleur adapters. This means the Borealis hubs now carry the Turnagain logo along with some welcome improvements.

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EB14: Topeak Introduces Fat Bike Specific Pump in Joe Blow Fat, Transformer RX, Plus Clever Concepts

Topeak fat bike pump hidden tools new pumps (2)

Along with the rise of fat bikes comes the need for pumps that can handle the high volume and low pressure of the massive tires. Topeak’s answer to the problem looks to be the new Joe Blow Fat – a fat bike specific pump with a huge barrel. While quite singular in application, Topeak had a number of new products and concepts that are applicable to more than just fat bikes.

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EB14: Maxxis Adds New Mountian Bike tires, More Tubeless Options & Some Road Rubber

maxxis pace and tread lite mountain bike tiress

The Pace cross country tire we’ve been seeing on pro bikes doesn’t have distribution in the U.S. or Germany. While we don’t have an explanation for North America, the Germans say it’s too heavy for XC racing, so they don’t bother importing it. Word is, the lowest weight version is around 700g, which is a bit portly for XC.

The solution? The new Tread Lite, a semi slick that’s tipping the scales at just 530g for a 26×2.10. The 27.5×2.10 is 560g or 595g with the EXO protective casing. 29ers are 590g and 630g. All are tubeless ready, which they designate simply as TR, and have 120tpi casings.

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EB14: Tune Gets Skinny Fat, Plus Carbon MTB Cranks, Skewers & 9 Gram Bottle Cage


Tune is making fat bikes a little less hefty with their new 190mm rear and 150mm front hubs. Those join the 170mm Fat Kong rear and 135/142mm Fat King front to offer very light options for the widest standards. Those and all of Tune’s regular rear hubs are now coming with the lighter Skyline freehub body that’s drilled out to saves 3g, and that bonus comes without raising the price.

They’ve also got some nifty new fat bike thru axles and skewers to go with the hubs, plus lots and lots of other really, really lightweight goodies…