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Just In: Custom WTB Scraper 27.5+ Wheelset with Industry Nine Torch Fat Bike Hubs

WTB scraper 27.5 + mid fat wheels i9 industry nine torch hubs (16)

Depending on your point of view, 27.5+ is either an intriguing new size, or a terrible half measure that doesn’t provide any real advantages. The latter is a little hard to back up given that most of us haven’t actually ridden any of the 27.5+ products yet. We would be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little interested in trying out the new size, especially as it pertains to fat bikes. While many riders have already been building up 29+ wheelsets to convert their fat bikes for summer duty, the added girth usually results in a higher bottom bracket and noticeable changes in handling.

Will a 27.5+ set up be the perfect wheel swap for fat bikes? Will all Enduro wheels and tires eventually fatten up so that 27.5+ will become the new middle ground? We’re not sure, but we are excited to do some experimenting starting with the WTB Scraper rims…


Atomik building unique, single-wall foam-core carbon fat bike rims

prototype Atomik Carbon fat bike rims with foam core

Atomik Carbon’s rim lineup continues to grow, this time with an interesting new process taking cues from things like hockey, skiing and even helicopter blades. What is that tech? Why foam, of course.

“We knew we wanted to produce a strong and light rim and decided it would have to be a single wall design,” said company co-founder Wayne Lee. “The problem with single wall rims is they tend to not be very rigid. We looked at different ways to accomplish this and decided that the foam ‘core’ would be the way to go. The foam core adds damping characteristics while also becoming a integral part of the structure, increasing rigidity and strength overall. This technology combined with the 12k weave outer layer works together to yield a light yet extremely strong rim. This process is much more difficult and time consuming to produce, but won out as the best method to produce a high quality, high performance product at a decent price point.”

Wanna see the inside? Join the foam party…


New Lauf Carbonara fat bike fork brings a little bounce to your bouyancy

Lauf Carbonara fat bike suspension fork with carbon fiber leaf springs

After teasing it when they showed us their gravel road bike suspension fork in December, the Lauf Carbonara fat bike fork has finally made it out on the snow.

According to company founder Benedikt Skúlason, it’s their most laterally stiff fork ever:

“I was skeptical on how lateral stiff (i.e. soft) it would be (since the fat tires are able to take up huge lateral forces) and also, I was very skeptical on that it might become bouncy, being coupled to the soft fatty tire. These concerns were both put to sleep immediately! It is by far our laterally stiffest creation, yet. The increased spacing between springs, increased hub-width and redesigned stiffer chassis make a HUGE difference. As for any unwanted bounciness, it just plainly wasn’t there. I can tell you that it’s awesome to ride! We are super excited here!”

The basic specs are 150mm axle and clearance for “at least” 4.8″ tires. Weight should be between 1050g and 1120g depending on steerer tube length, including their thru axle. Travel is 60mm, same as their XC TR29 forks, and will be unaffected by temperatures…something that should make many northern fat bike riders happy. The one shown above is a near-final prototype, production models should be very similar. Look for it to start shipping by June 2015.

DT Swiss Takes on Fat Bikes with new Big Ride 2250 Classic Wheelset


First spotted as standard equipment on the new Canyon’s Fat Dude, DT Swiss’ entry into the world of fat bikes wasn’t without motivation. After partnering with Canyon to co-develop the wheelset,  close attention was paid to the weight using a cutout structure to remove every unnecessary gram. The result is a pair of aluminum fat bike wheels that are very close to the weight of some high end carbon hoops. Of course, the Big Ride or BR 2250s include standard DT Swiss quality in the spokes, nipples, and ratchet hub system as well.

Fresh off a stage win at the Snow Epic in Engelberg, get the details on the new BR2250 Classic wheels next…


Ditch Your Frame Bag for a Hard Box with the new AK CODEPACK

ak codepack bike box hard shell kickstarter (1)

There is certainly no shortage of quality, made to fit bike bags out there to help satisfy your need for adventure. Whether you’re stashing the essentials for a big trip into the back country, or a few refreshments for your weekly after work sessions, frame bags are pretty neat.

The question then is what’s better than a frame bag? If you’re Cody and Justin Greenwell, the answer is firm. You need a bike box. Sort of the bike equivalent of a truck bed tool box, the AK CODEPACK is meant to easily carry all your gear while offering better access when you need it. Built using aerospace construction methods and materials, AK CODEPACK is a rugged option that may have you looking at storage in a new way…


Swagman Mounts Up New Roof Rack Mounts, Truck Bed Options, and Thru Axle Adapters

Swagman racks hitch roof mount truck pad thru axle adapter 2015 (7)

When you think of bike racks, Swagman probably isn’t one of the first brands that comes to mind. That’s not because the company doesn’t have a history however, as Swagman claims to have brought the first hitch mounted bicycle rack to North America. Originally from Australia where everything in nature is out to kill you and you have to drive burly vehicles to survive the outback, the founders got the idea and brought it back to North America in 1989. After a good run the company was sold to Perry Grago in 2008 which started the process of refining their product and returning to a competitive place in the market.

Now with 17 new products, 2015 is their biggest launch of new models yet hinting towards great things to come. Based in Penticton BC, Canada, Swagman is expanding heavily with a new line of what they consider class leading roof mounts, truck accessories, and more…


Felt Outfitter electric fat bike gets official, will be gone fishin’ soon

Felt Outfitter electric fat bike mountain bike for hunters fishers and outdoorsmen

We first spied the Felt Outfitter at Interbike’s outdoor demo last year, where it was billed as a pet project for avid hunter and company owner Jim Felt. Now, it’s in production and headed to the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo for it’s official debut.

It uses the same Bosch e-bike system as their other electric-assist mountain bikes, but comes ready to gear up for whatever outdoors activity you partake in. Shown above with front and rear racks, it’ll come sans accessories for $5,499. That gets you the double butted alloy frame and hydroformed rigid alloy fork, both with thru axles, a SRAM X1 1×11 drivetrain, SRAM Guide R brakes and alloy Felt cockpit with WTB saddle. But it’s what you can add to it that makes it really something else…


How To Build A NAHBS Bike – Part 5: Selecting All The Right Components

RockShox Bluto Fat Bike Suspension Fork Review (2)

When building your dream bike, everyone has a tendency to simply pick all of the most expensive gear in existence. While it is a show bike too, I am making sure it is purpose built for riding. NAHBS can be a place of bikes that start at $10,000, so this bike which will come in around $6k retail might just be the most affordable on the show floor. And that is because it is made to be ridden.

In this article, we go through all of the components chosen for this build, and the reasons why.

The first product chosen was the Rockshox Bluto RL. Truly pushing the envelope for fat bikes, the Bluto is the only legitimate suspension fork, and it is really changing how the builders themselves start to create fat bike models. Even though it goes to 120mm of travel, and this bike is going to be made for getting rad, I stuck with 100mm to keep the front end from getting too high.

Take a look inside to see what makes my list for the ultimate fat bike for riding dirt…


Fyxation’s Blackhawk Carbon Fiber Fat Bike Gets The Milwaukee Brand Off Road


Fyxation, born in Milwaukee, WI with the fixie movement. They haven’t just been on that pavement the whole time though. The winters can get pretty snowy and nasty in the great white north, so they moved on to a mountain bike that can be ridden throughout the snow season.

The Blackhawk is a carbon fiber, suspension corrected fat bike with a 197mm rear end, and can run either 26×5″ or 29×3″ tires.

Although the Blackhawk looks and smells like a fat bike, the guys at Fyxation call it a four season trail bike, and they ride it all year long. Take a look after the jump for the details…