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Taipei Show: Big in Japan with Panaracer’s New Fat Bike Tire, plus 27.5″ Slick

Panaracer Fat bike Tire 275 650b moto pacenti (4)

The first performance tire I ever purchased for my mountain bike in the 90′s was a Panaracer Fire XC Pro. A lot has changed since then, but the Fire Pro tread refuses to go away, which is probably a good thing since many people still run and love that tread pattern. To stay current with the times, Panaracer has a new tubeless compatible Fire 29er Pro, and Fire 650b Pro to carry on the legacy, both in a 2.35″ width. There is also the new Comet Hard Pack tire for 27.5″ bikes in multiple sizes with tightly spaced lugs that looks like a cross between an Ikon and a Small Block 8. Panaracer has shown that for the future they are committed to 27.5″, 29, touring, gravel, and fatbikes?


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Oranges On The Costa Blanca

bikerumor pic of the day orange grove on the costa blanca

Photo submitted by John Lillie.

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Sneak Peek: Fat Forx Dual Crown Fat Bike Suspension Fork

Fat Forx 1st Prototype_3_resized_1

We’ve seen inverted forks, modified Leftys, and now this – a purpose built dual crown suspension fork for a fatbike. Labeled as the first prototype based on the McAir suspension fork created by Jurgen Steiner, the photos were sent to us with a brief description of the fork. Apparently a specialist when it comes to building still, premium level forks, he is entering the fat bike market with a customizable fork that includes colors, materials, and standards, with a carbon model shown here.

More details after the break.


Industry Nine Covers the Spread with Fat Bike Hubs for All, Plus Actual Weights

I9 industry nine fatbike hubs fat bike actual weight (1)

As if there weren’t enough “standards” to keep track of for mountain bikes, fat bikes have made things more complicated with a number of new hub sizes of their own. Fortunately for fat bike builders, companies like Industry Nine have the situation under control. To keep the SKUs to a minimum, I9 is now shipping two different rear hubs in 170mm and 190mm and one front hub in 135mm (for now?). From there each hub uses swappable end caps to work with every symmetric fat bike standard that we know of whether it’s quick release or thru axle. Fat Torches are also available with the XD driver should you want to run X01 or XX1 on your fattie. Because I9 doesn’t yet make their own fat bike rim you miss out on their aluminum spokes but you do get to take advantage of their ridiculous freehub engagement.

Interested in a set? We have the actual weights after the break.


RockShox Hints at Something Big. An Inverted Fork Design? A Cyclocross Specific Fork? A Fat Bike Fork?

RockShox Is Hinting at Something. An Inverted Fork Design? A Cyclocross Specific Fork?

RockShox Is Hinting at Something. An Inverted Fork Design? A Cyclocross Specific Fork?

Let the speculation begin. There have been quite a few rumors swirling regarding new products coming out of RockShox, but this is the first physical evidence we’ve seen. By the looks of it, it could be a lot of things – a new rigid fork, cyclocross, etc. But those fork blades look like they are spaced quite wide, with a lot of tire clearance. Could this be a new fat bike fork? It certainly doesn’t look like the original RockShox RS-1 that was introduced by Paul Turner, Steve Simons in 1989. According to RockShox, “Everything Changes” soon…

Updated – Check out more of the RS-1 after the break!


Taipei Show: Titanium Blades, Plastic Pedals with Metal Pins, Bottom Brackets, and more from VP Components

VP Components Pedals BBs Steel cup bottom bracket (9)

As is sometimes the case, the VP Blade Titanium pedal started simply as a design exercise. While it was never meant for production, consumer demand was high enough that they made it happen. The result is a handmade titanium pedal with a spidery body that is meant to flex slightly and help absorb impacts. Now in its 3rd revision, the shape has changed slightly but the result is still a sand cast titanium pedal that is finished by hand with a full titanium axle.

Weight on the Ti beauties? Find it, and the answer to metal pins in a plastic pedal after the break!


NAHBS 2014: Ritchey Builds His First Fat Bike & First Carbon Breakaway Road Bike! (UPDATED)


It’s not often we want to see someone get fat and go commando, but we’ll give Tom Ritchey a pass.

The new Ritchey Commando fat bike prototype is headed for production, likely coming out this winter. Price is TBD (likely around $1,100), as is some of the final spec. It’s a 170mm rear end for now, but they’re still playing with it and may go to 190mm.

The tubing is their triple butted, heat treated Logic tubing. This one’s a one-off fillet brazed prototype, but production frames will be TIG welded. The 1-1/8″ head tube will stay, and the fork will likely remain QR. Rear also uses a quick release skewer rather than a thru axle. It’ll handle up to a 3.8” tire.

UPDATE 1: Weight corrected for carbon road bike.

UPDATE 2: Price on Carbon Breakaway officially lowered to $2,999.95.

Streak through for more pics and a look at the insanely lightweight Carbon Breakaway road bike…


NAHBS 2014: Independent Fabrication Gets a Chubby Deluxe & New Stainless Steel Mountain Bikes


Independent Fabrication rolled out a prototype Chubby Deluxe fat bike, literally bringing the proof of concept as the show bike.

This one’s a tooling prototype frame so it’s made without their trademark IF dropouts. But Gary still machined their crown into the solid dropouts, living up to their reputation for attention to detail.

It’ll be a mix of Reynolds (front) and True Temper (rear) tubing. Rear spacing is 170mm, but they’re custom so you could rider it with 190mm of axle space if you like. You could also get it with a 44mm headtube if a tapered fork’s in your plans.

What makes it unique is that it’s basically a big mountain bike, not an excessively long fat bike. That means it’s of the newer generation of sharper handling, faster fat bikes, not the touring style geometry of yore…


Saris Offers 5″ Fat Bike Compatible Tray Rack with new Freedom Super Clamp Fat Bike Kit

Saris Fatbike bike rack (2)

Fat bikes seem to be popping up left and right, but getting them to your riding destination can still be a challenge. When it comes to tray style hitch mount racks a few manufacturers like Kuat and Thule are offering fatbike kits that will accommodate 4” tires, but when it comes to the new crop of 5” monsters most tray rack owners are still out of luck. The new Freedom Super Clamp from Saris changes that.

See how to strap down your new Ice Cream Truck after the break.