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SOC15: Kappius goes wide, adds Boost 148 hubs & partners with Wolf Tooth Components

Kappius cassette with Wolf Tooth Components 42-tooth cog

Since inception, Kappius Components’ trademark feature has been their modified SRAM domed cassettes, whether for road or mountain, to fit on their oversized freehub body mechanism. When it came to XX1, that meant cutting the arms on the largest cog and fixing it to the freehub shell, which they admit reduced its stiffness and could lead to some creaking noises.

Now, they’ve partnered with Wolf Tooth Components to create a proprietary 42T cog that’s designed specifically for their hub. This method leaves a continuous ring at the center of the cog to make it much stiffer, and it’s a direct fit for their freehub.

More pics, plus a look at other new hubs and rims, below…


SOC15: MRP Shows Thru Axle Fat Fork, Updated Guides, Finished Wave Rings, More

MRP AMG guide wave ring new fat fork carbon bluto (6)

MRP is still probably best known for their chain guides, but they have been in the fork market for a long time. Previously known as White Brothers for their forks, the brand produced both suspension and rigid models like the Snowpack fat bike fork. A lot has changed in the fat bike world since then so naturally, MRP is introducing a new fork that will be compatible with all of the current fitments. Still without a name, the Fat Fork was shown along with some improvements to their guides plus a few other updates…


SOC15: Foes reveals gorgeous new 27.5″ Hydro DH bike, converts Mutz fat bike to 27.5+

2015 Foes Hydro H2 275 650B downhill mountain bike with all new frame

If there’s anyone that can make aluminum just as sexy as carbon, it’s Brent Foes. With so many years of experience building smoothly rounded monocoque frames, it’s no wonder the all-new Foes Hydro H2 downhill bike is such a looker.

The new frame was designed and built for 27.5″ wheels, keeping the 8″ of travel and plenty of room for 2.5″ tires. The 2.3:1 leverage ratio lets him use a lighter spring so it’s more supple, but the linkage makes it a rising rate to ramp up smoothly towards the end of travel.

Frame weight dropped by about half a pound compared to the 26″ model, with a claimed weight of 10.5 pounds with a Cane Creek Double Barrel. Brent told us this one was 36.5lbs as shown.


SOC15: Schwalbe Joins In on Plus Sized Fun with Fat Nobby Nic and Rocket Ron Tires


Schwalbe nobby nic rocket ron plusIMG_6263

Up to this point, the options for plus sized tires have been pretty limited. Sea Otter has been the launch pad for a significant part of the Plus sized wave, and with that comes a number of new products meant for the bigger bikes. Even with the momentum of the concept, we were still pretty surprised to stop by the Schwable tent and see not one, but two new Plus sized tires.

Rather than design a completely new tire around the size, Schwalbe has grown two of their most popular tires. Don’t tell them, but the Nobby Nic and the Rocket Ron have put on a little weight…


Plus Sized Gets Squishy with New Manitou Magnum Pro, Sun Ringle Plus Rims and Hubs


It may seem like plus size bikes are just now springing up overnight, but for the new Manitou Magnum the project has been in the works for the past 18 months. Billed as the first purpose built suspension fork for plus size tires, Manitou wanted to be sure that the end product performed just as well if not better than any of their other options. In order to prove that bigger is indeed better, Manitou designed the fork from the ground up, rather than just stretching a 29er fork to fit.

At this point the inclusion of Boost sizing for the axle spacing should come as no surprise and as expected the Magnum touts all of the benefits we’ve heard to this point. Wider spacing results in wider hub flanges and improved spoke bracing angles for a stronger and stiffer front wheel. The added room also boosts tire clearance allowing for a 3.4″ tire in both a dedicated 27.5 and 29″ chassis. Unlike the Rockshox Bluto which started with 32mm stanchions, the Magnum goes with 34mm tubes hinting towards the aggressive nature of the fork.

Plus sized wheels and tires have been gaining momentum, but now with a proper suspension fork we expect them to really gain some traction…

Trek Gorges on Fatter Tires with All New Mid Fat Stache and New 26×5″ and 27.5×4″ Wheeled Farley Fat Bikes

Trek stache mid fatIMG_6324

After all the buzz around wider boost hubs leading up to Sea Otter, we weren’t surprised to see a new bike from Trek to take advantage of the added tire clearance. What we weren’t expecting from Wisconsin was an entirely new range of plus/mid-fat/and fat bikes with (even) more new tire sizes.

It’s getting to the point that just calling a bike “fat” doesn’t really mean that much. What started as basically just a 3.7″ tire has morphed into an increasing number of sizes that now will include even a 27.5″ fat. The way trek sees it, tire sizes from 2.8-3.25″ fall into the plus/mid-fat category while 3.25-5″ tires qualify as fat. Then there is the wheel size itself. Originally limited to 26″ hoops, now riders have the choice between 26, 27.5, and 29″ wheels with varying rim widths.

Why so many? Well, as the fat bike continues to evolve, so does the manner in which they are ridden. While the Stache is what Trek thinks of as the “trail hardtail perfected,” the Farley gets broken down into different groups depending on the intended terrain. The stratification of the fat tires is intend to ultimately provide the most fun bike possible…


First Look: Rocky Mountain Sherpa Overland Bike

Rocky Mountain Bikes Sherpa Porcelain Rocket

Last year, in the true spirit of one-off show bikes, Rocky Mountain created a stunning hand built concept they called the Sherpa. Designed around a prototype WTB rim, the bike was designed to take you the kind of places where you’d probably need a GPS beacon.

Based upon all of the media attention and consumer feedback, Rocky spent the past year refining the concept, and will be making it available to consumers starting next month. Head past the break to see how they did it:


TPE15: Vee Tire Co grows Apache road tire to 28mm, blows up w/ monstrous 5.05″ fat biker


The all-conditions Vee Tire Co. Apache road bike tire will soon be available in a wider 28mm size, joining the original 23 and 25 introduced at Eurobike last year. It’ll be available with and without their Synthesis sidewall, a premium offering that blends better rubber compounds to both improve durability and feel and drop a few grams.

But that mere 3mm growth pales in comparison to the gargantuan jump from a 4.8 to 5.05 for their Snowshoe 2XL fat bike tire. It simply has to be seen to believed…


TPE15: Wheeler’s Thirtysixxer towers over slick 29er, cyclocross & other bikes


Wheeler is a Taiwanese brand with distribution throughout much of the world, including a U.S. agent despite the limited presence here. Most of the bikes on their website are mid-level, with a few slick looking full suspension mountain bikes and aero road bikes topping things out. For Taipei, they had several new models across new-for-them categories that featured some nice details.

The Thirtysixxer was rightly placed at the corner of their booth, suckering me in for a closer look…