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Kona Issues Recall of 2014 WO Fat Bike


If you own a 2014 Kona Wo fat bike, the company is reporting that you should stop riding it immediately. The recall is due to the potential for the fork to break where the steerer tube and fork crown meet which could obviously cause a crash. There has only been a single incidence of failure without injury at this point, but that is enough for Kona to issue a recall which will affect around 531 bikes equipped with the Kona Fat Project Two Disc Fork.

Wo owner should stop riding the bikes and contact their local Kona dealer for instructions on obtaining a new fork.


Eurobike Awards 2014: Road, Tri, Mountain, City, and of course, E-Bikes

eurobike awards bike (10)

If there was one bike in the awards area at the show that epitomizes the idea of a design award, it would probably be the Rafael r-023 Ueberbike. From the driveside it may be easy to overlook if you’re not into tri bikes, but as soon as you take a glance at the non-drive side of the bike it stops you in your tracks…


Specialized Launches 20″ & 24″ Kid’s Fatbikes With Lots Of Color Options

Fatboy front image

Specialized Canada has inadvertently pre-released the Fatboy 20″ and 24″. Posted on Facebook, there are not a lot of details, but there are a lot of pictures.

From Specialized Canada: All the fun of a fat bike with the performance of a Specialized for youngsters. The Fatboy 20″ and 24″ combine a lightweight frame and fork with 4.0″ Ground Control tires to tackle any terrain in all conditions. Contact your local dealer to order one today!

We can see they all offer 1x drive trains and disc brakes, but the most interesting thing is that there is now existence of a high-quality 20″x4″ and 24″x4″ set of tires. The rest of the bikes look pretty straightforward, so price can be estimated around $1,000. We will update this post when Specialized releases official information.

Jump after the break to see 7 more colors and in both wheel sizes…


Bike Check: Jeff Herrera’s La Ruta Winning Borealis Yampa, Courtesy of Dirtwire.TV

Borealis Yampa La Ruta

Photo c. Thom Parsons,

I bet you never expected to see a guy on fat bike wearing a leader’s jersey. That’s exactly what happened when Jeff Herrera tackled the 22nd edition of La Ruta De Los Conquistadores on his 22 lb Borealis Yampa. There was actually an entire fat bike class at La Ruta which Jeff won, but he also finished just outside of top 20 overall in 22nd place.

Our friend Thom Parsons was on hand in Costa Rica this year to ride some bikes in flip flops, take in some sun, and also provide coverage for including more installments in his Wicked Pro Bikes video series (you have to say it with a Boston accent). After Jeff’s bike check, Thom says “This is the fat bike (and fat bike rider) who finally made me want a fat bike. ”

Catch the video next…


PBE14: Santana Goes Really, Really Big with Cirque Fat Bike Tandem!

Santana Cirque fat bike tandem prototype mountain bike

The great thing about smaller shows like Philly Bike Expo is the laid back atmosphere, where we have time to hear the stories behind more than just the latest and greatest. Last time, Santana’s owner, Bill McCready, gave us a fantastic materials science talk. This time, he had less to say, mainly because this monstrous bike was built in his absence.

Santana leads group tandem tours overseas. On their last trip, while they were nonchalantly letting participants play around on the BionX equipped e-tandem shown at the bottom of this post, his employees were busy welding together this prototype fat bike. The expo was the first time anyone else had really seen it, and it was hard to miss…


PBE14: Wild Paint & Graphics from Bells Bike Shop and Groovy Cycles


Bells Bike Shop is based in Philadelphia, PA, with a big presence on eBay, too. To corner their booth, they hung a custom made and custom “printed” camouflage Alchemy road bike.

The camo graphics are a water transfer process known as Hydro-Dip, which essentially coats the object in printed designs just like the stickers on model airplanes used to be, just bigger. Once dry, the frame was clear coated, which made any seams very hard to see and impossible to feel.

Slide past the break to heck it out close up, followed by an out of this world martian space scene on Groovy’s fat bike!


45NRTH Slaps Winter with a Sturmfist, Introduces New Extreme Winter Cycling Gloves


You’re familiar with the Cobrafist, now lay your eyes on the new 45NRTH Sturmfist line. Built to help you give old man Winter the finger while keeping said finger from getting frostbite, the Sturmfist gloves take a decidedly 45NRTH approach to winter gloves. The rise of fat bikes means a lot more people are braving the cold and are willing to pay for better cold weather cycling gear – as long as it works.

Many winter gloves are labeled as simply, winter gloves. The Sturmfist gloves are tiered based on what temperature ranges you expect to encounter, either 15-35ºF, or for the more robust winter pedalers, 0-15ºF. Labeled as the Sturmfist 4 or Sturmfist 5 based on the number of fingers, though both look to offer a good amount of dexterity considering their temperature ratings.

While these should be great for other winter activities as well, the Sturmfist gloves are purpose built for cycling thanks to a first among cycling gloves…


Turnagain Components Gets Colorful with Limited Edition Fat Bike Hubs, Hed Rims Optional

Turnagain Components purple green gold hubs fat bike borealis bikes

We got our first look at the new Turnagain hubs at Eurobike, which are essentially an updated version of the original Borealis FH1 hubset. Now as the sister brand to Borealis fat bikes, Turnagain has been introducing a lot of new fat tire related products including their new FR65 and FR80 aluminum rims.

To go along with their standard anodized colors, Turnagain just announced an extremely limited run of fat bike hubs in purple, green, and gold! Like their standard hubs, the limited edition models will fit 190/197 rear and 150mm front spacing with either Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10 speed compatibility, or XD freehubs. The hubs go along with a recent announcement that Borealis and Turnagain have started stocking Hed Big Deal carbon rims meaning you should be able to get these colorful new centerpieces built up into a super light carbon wheelset. If you hurry.


Video: Pig Rodeo Flying Fat with G-RÄF & Nicolai Argon Fat Bike

Everyone is picking up on the fat bike fever, at least enough so to grab one and try it for a ride. Pro BMXer David Graf grabs a Nicolai Argon Fat for an after training ride in Lenzerheide, Switzerland to show us what he can do on a bike so fat.

G-RÄF, as he is known, keeps a great blog on his travels and experiences while racing as a BMX pro, and Swiss National Champion.