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Road to NAHBS 2015: Boo Bicycles’ Bamboo Bombers


Boo has had a gangbusters year.  Through impressive competitive showings in fields internationally for both their original and Aluboo models, Boo has established the high performance capability of their product while reinforcing its proven durability and ride quality across genres.  The crowd at NAHBS has a diverse selection of naturally grown tubed bikes this year…

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

Boo: Bamboo and carbon composite (for Boo models) and bamboo and aluminum (Aluboo / Alubooyah models). READ MORE ->

45NRTH Launches New Website Devoted to Groomed Singletrack Fat Biking

Ride Groomed

If you’ve ridden groomed singletrack on a fat bike, then you already know. It’s awesome. Sure, a fat bike is fun on just about any surface, but there is nothing quite like flowing through a snow covered forest on a narrow ribbon of packed and groomed snow. If you haven’t tried it, you’re probably wondering why fat bikes would need groomed trails in the first place. There are many parts of the world that get enough snow that even fat bikes can’t get through without a little help. By grooming the trail similar to trail preparation for skis, fat bikes still float on top of the snow but are able to go faster – which is always more fun.

Due to their love of riding groomed singletrack and their desire to share it with others, 45NRTH just launched Meant to be a source of information that winter cyclists can use to educate themselves about the ins and outs of grooming, the site will also serve as a tool to locate the nearest groomed trail. The site will also feature riding events with future plans to spotlight various trail builders who keep the fat bike trails in pristine condition. As a work in progress, 45NRTH will continue to add to the site to make it the online resource for winter trail building.

Even though the packed snow trails may disappear in the Summer, they still take money and time to build. See how 45NRTH plans to support the creation of winter trail networks next…


Thru Axles, Fat Bikes, and Trailers are United with The Robert Axle Project

fatback with RAP and Thule

Just because you own a fat bike doesn’t mean you won’t want to attach a trailer to it. In fact, if you have one of the sweet ski kits for your trailer like the photo above, you will need to attach a trailer so your kid will have the raddest snow transportation on the mountain. Whatever your use, if you have a fat bike with a thru axle that needs a trailer attachment, The Robert Axle Project has you covered. First shown at Interbike, the axles are now available to fit a number of trailers and bikes…


Paul Component Engineering Spins New Hubs for 15×150 Fat Bikes and 142×12 Single Speeds

Paul Component Engineering 142 12 single speed fat bike 150 hub (1)

As always, when you’re a small manufacturer you can basically make whatever you want. Paul Component Engineering saw the need to introduce two specific new hubs, so they went ahead and built them. Starting with the new Thru Axle Disc Fhub, Paul has a new option for the front of your fat bike with 150mm spacing. Originally just found on the RockShox Bluto, the 150mm spacing is starting to find its way to rigid forks as well.

Built with standard front disc rotor spacing as found on their other Fhubs, the fat bike version is stretched to fit the wider forks and the flanges have been positioned for a dishless build. Inside the machined aluminum hub shell you’ll find oversized Enduro bearings with a bearing adjuster ring outside on the dedicated end caps and a weight of 198g. Available now, the 150 Fhubs are available in 32 hole only with black, silver, and high polished options for $171.00. This should be last front hub you have to buy for a while seeing as how our review Paul Whub is still spinning smooth after 3 full seasons on a fat bike.

Not into fat bikes or gears for that matter? If your single speed is capable of running 142×12 you’re going to want to check out the new WORD….


US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship Coming to North Carolina

Fat Bike riding across the beach at sunset

Fat Bike Racing is coming to the East Coast!

On March 13-15 2015, The US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship is bringing the fun of fat bike racing to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Located between the Wrightsville Beach piers, the course will feature a variety of landscapes and surface conditions ranging from soft, deep sand to hard packed shoreline sand.

Fat Bike riders of all skill levels are welcome to compete, and prizes will be awarded for the top three finishers in each age group and division. Expert racers have a 25 mile course to tackle, with shorter 15 and 5 mile routes for the Sport and Beginner divisions. Start and finish lines will be located at the event’s host hotel the Blockade Runner Beach Resort, and the finalized course layout will be available for preview after racers check-in on Friday.

Click more for further details about the race-

Rie:sel Designs debuts artsy Dic:ker fenders for fat bikes


Rie:sel Designs has done some pretty colorful fenders before. And wheels. Now, designer Henry Kosel has a bit bigger canvas to draw on with the Dic:ker. It’s essentially the same as their standard mountain bike fenders, except for fat bikes. The name, dicker, is German slang for fatty (but is also used for dude or bro).

Versions are available for the fork and the saddle, protecting your front and back sides from splatter. And they’ll do it in style, with the wildly colorful print shown above and a few more muted styles…


Adam Miller And Borealis Bikes Part Ways

Adam Miller Borealis Bikes

Photo c. Nicole Jorgensen

Borealis bikes have come a long way since they first popped onto our radar back in 2013. In just their second bike released to the public, they managed to create a frame that I felt was so good after my review, that I ended up buying one for myself. Over the past two years we’ve gotten to know that Borealis crew quite well, especially co-founder Adam Miller, which is why we were bummed to hear he and Borealis are parting ways. Hopefully this just means that Adam will bring his talents to another new or established company in the future.

Press release after the break…


Just In: Custom WTB Scraper 27.5+ Wheelset with Industry Nine Torch Fat Bike Hubs

WTB scraper 27.5 + mid fat wheels i9 industry nine torch hubs (16)

Depending on your point of view, 27.5+ is either an intriguing new size, or a terrible half measure that doesn’t provide any real advantages. The latter is a little hard to back up given that most of us haven’t actually ridden any of the 27.5+ products yet. We would be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little interested in trying out the new size, especially as it pertains to fat bikes. While many riders have already been building up 29+ wheelsets to convert their fat bikes for summer duty, the added girth usually results in a higher bottom bracket and noticeable changes in handling.

Will a 27.5+ set up be the perfect wheel swap for fat bikes? Will all Enduro wheels and tires eventually fatten up so that 27.5+ will become the new middle ground? We’re not sure, but we are excited to do some experimenting starting with the WTB Scraper rims…


Atomik building unique, single-wall foam-core carbon fat bike rims

prototype Atomik Carbon fat bike rims with foam core

Atomik Carbon’s rim lineup continues to grow, this time with an interesting new process taking cues from things like hockey, skiing and even helicopter blades. What is that tech? Why foam, of course.

“We knew we wanted to produce a strong and light rim and decided it would have to be a single wall design,” said company co-founder Wayne Lee. “The problem with single wall rims is they tend to not be very rigid. We looked at different ways to accomplish this and decided that the foam ‘core’ would be the way to go. The foam core adds damping characteristics while also becoming a integral part of the structure, increasing rigidity and strength overall. This technology combined with the 12k weave outer layer works together to yield a light yet extremely strong rim. This process is much more difficult and time consuming to produce, but won out as the best method to produce a high quality, high performance product at a decent price point.”

Wanna see the inside? Join the foam party…