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Moonmen Launch their First Bike, the #M00 – a BMX Inspired Titanium Fat Bike

Moonmen Launch their First Bike, the #M00 - a BMX Inspired Titanium Fat Bike

Moonmen might make you think of the MTV VMAs or perhaps those few astronauts who have traveled to the moon, but really, it’s all about bikes. Specifically, the bikes that a group of friends have ridden around the trails of Fort Collins, Colorado, often until they were joined by the moon’s light.

Forming a new bike company called Moonmen, Paul Knowles, Todd Heath and Ryan Mckee have set out to create some incredible new custom machines. Moonmen have chosen to craft nearly everything out of Titanium, which isn’t surprising considering two of the builders’ ties to Black Sheep Bikes. As the lead fabricator and co- owner, Todd has welded for Black Sheep for the past 10 years, while finish lead Paul had been with the company for 5 years. Now though, the three are setting off on their own moonlit journey where beautiful titanium fat bikes and more will be born…


45NRTH And Whisky Part Co. Launch New Fat Bike Tubeless Combo with Vanhelga Tire and No. 9 Carbon Rim

45nrth whisky vanhelga no 9 tubeless fat bike wheels tires rims (21)

It wasn’t all that long ago that fat bike tubeless was sort of unexplored territory. Those who dared try to set up their tires tubeless risked a lot of tubeless sealant, and time struggling with straps, a number of hands, and even fire to try and get the floppy tires to seat on gargantuan rims. As fat bike popularity has grown, so too has the rise of fat bike tubeless with new tires and rims surfacing on a regular basis. Compared to regular mountain bike tires, fat bike tubeless offers even greater benefits with increased traction and decreased rolling resistance thanks to the absence of a giant tube. 45NRTH says you can lose over 300g per wheel by ditching the tube, not to mention the lower potential of flats.

But, thanks to the comically large fat bike tires and wheels, tubeless has been harder to come by. It was only a matter of time until someone introduced the first fat bike tubeless tire and rim system, and it seems Whisky Parts Co. and 45NRTH beat other companies to the punch. Their new No. 9 carbon rim and Vanhelga tire means QBP is essentially offering the ideal duo for tubeless fat bike shredding.

Details, actual weights, and more after the break…


Sneak Peek: 45NRTH and Whisky Parts Co Team up for Fat Bike Tubeless!

We won’t go too far into detail since the official announcement comes tomorrow, but if you’ve been following 45NRTH and Whisky Parts Co. have been working on something new in the world of fat bike tires and wheels. We spotted the rim out at Sea Otter, but the tire is new to us…

Check back for full details tomorrow!

New Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank Tightens Up Your Ride

New Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank Tightens Up Your Ride

When Race Face introduced their Next SL crankset they not only set the benchmark for light weight durability, but compatibility as well. Offering a single crank that would work on XC, Enduro, even fat bikes, with multiple ring combinations, the Next SLs quickly became a hit. However, thanks to their carbon construction the Next SL cranks are fairly pricey.

Enter the new Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks – all of the versatility of the Next SL that you’ve come to love, just in aluminum. What does that mean for the weight? Find out next…


Stan’s No Tubes Grows to Add Hugo 29+ (and 26+, 27.5+!), Grail Adventure Road Rims and Wheels

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ros plus (1)

It’s not a full fat bike rim (yet), but Stan’s rims are getting fatter with the introduction of their all new Hugo 29+. As tire sizes and uses continue to stratify, companies are left to decide to jump in or wait to see if it a certain standard sticks around. In the case of 29+, Stan’s has not only jumped in, but they have created one of the most advanced mid fat rims we’ve seen with typical Stan’s tubeless technology. Hugo might not have been a rim you were expecting, but it is a rim you will probably want.

In addition to the Hugo, we got some more details on the new Grail adventure road wheels including actual weights after the break…


Review: Borealis Echo – Fat Bike Skills, Mountain Bike Performance

Borealis Echo Fat Bike Suspension fork carbon review (6)

When RockShox took the lid off the new Bluto suspension fork, something happened to the world of fat bikes. All of a sudden, the line between super fat all terrain crusher and traditional mountain bike was obscured in the roost of a 4.8″ tire thanks to the availability of a mass produced suspension fork. Not only does the fork expand the abilities of fat bikes as we know it, it also has caused frame manufacturers to alter the geometries of their bikes, building new suspension corrected fat bikes with more traditional mountain bike geometry.

As one of the newer players in the fat bike market, Borealis worked with RockShox thanks to their proximity to introduce the all new Borealis Echo as soon as the Bluto got official. After an impressive showing at Sea Otter, Borealis boxed one up (in two boxes!), and shipped it to us for review.

Put away your preconceptions, and hear what the Echo’s all about, next…


Friday Shredits – Fat Bikes, Peacock Flips, Lopes Mobile, and more!

Ok, so the last fat bike video we posted left some of you unimpressed. Maybe the latest video from the Borealis crew will redeem fat bikes and show their true potential for fun. Adam and Flynn from Borealis head out to Angel Fire with Jeremiah and Colin from SRAM on a muddy, snow filled weekend to see what the Bluto equipped Echo is like at a downhill bike park. If this gets you excited, be sure to come back this afternoon to check out our full review of the Echo.

Flip past to see the world’s first Peacock Flip!


Rolhoff Fat Bike Hub Gets Official, 170mm Speedhub XL Coming Soon

Rolhoff Fat Bike Hub Gets Official, 170mm Speedhub XL Coming Soon

As fat bikes have adopted wider, and symmetrical rear axle spacings, the original 135mm offset has remained relevant, basically for a single reason – internal gear hubs. Until now, all of the internal gear hubs (IGH) on the market were offered in only 135mm spacing making their use on fat bikes only possibly with a 135mm offset frame.

Now, first shown as a prototype, the new Rohloff Speedhub XL will change all that with its updated 170mm spacing. Heralded as the first major change to the Speedhub 500/14 since 1998, the new model is the first and only fat bike specific IGH according to Rohloff. In the US, the Speedhub XL will be offered through Cycle Monkey at the end of August, who stand as the Rohloff hub experts in both service and sales.

Full details inside…


Kuroshiro Begins Shipping Enso 685, Final Version of the Lightest Fat bike Carbon Rim

Kuroshiro Begins Shipping Enso 685, Final Version of the Lightest Fat bike Carbon Rim

Back in February, we got a first look at the all new Kuroshiro Enso 685. An impressive new carbon fat bike rim that was a collaboration between Raceware SRL and Alchemist carbon, the Enso 685 promised to be the lightest rim on the market. Fast forward to the present and the final production version of the rim is now finished and at 415g (+/-10%) Kuroshiro claims they hit their mark. Combined with a set of Tune fat bike hubs and Sapim Superspokes, the wheelsets can be built under 1600g which was their target when setting out. As an added bonus, thanks to the Spline construction the wheels can be run tubeless without rim tape, saving even more weight.

The final definitive version, called V8, entered into production on May 30th and is shipping soon. Orders placed now will ship outin 45-60 days due to the number of back orders and the fact that they can still only produce one rim per day. Produced 100% in Italy, the 85mm carbon rims will be up on a new Kuroshiro websited July 15th, but until then you can drop Raceware a line to get your order in. US price is still TBD.