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A Week In Review: New Bottom Bracket Standard, E’Bike racing, and Lots of Other Less Dramatic Things


Ventana Wolfram plus mountain bike rohloff (18) White Industries Engin Cycles Paragon Machine works t41 threaded press fit bottom bracket-29Chris King Press Fit 30i T47 threaded bottom bracket shand tumshie

It’s been a pretty heated week with a mostly liked new bottom bracket standard with folks like White Industries, Chris King & Paragon Machine Works behind it and a dedicated moped E’Bike race at North America’s Largest consumer event. Regardless, new stuff from Ventana, LeMond, Leatt and others will keep you smiling.

Take a deep breath, fill up your coffee, (if you want to make it through all the comments), and head past the break to see what the heck has been going on…..


Cycle Monkey Springs the new Ventana Wolfram 27+ into the Wild

Ventana Wolfram plus mountain bike rohloff (17)

We’re starting to see a lot of interesting product launches sent out way via Cycle Monkey in Richmond, CA. It should probably come as little surprise, since the U.S. distributor and service center for Rohloff Speedhubs is working to position themselves as the source for all things adventure and bikepacking.

The latest news from Cycle Monkey preempts their showing at the Philly Bike Expo where they will be helping to introduce the new Ventana Wolfram 27.5+ mountain bike. Built specifically around the smaller + size, the Wolfram combines modern MTB geometry with Rohloff compatibility for another interesting + size ripper… READ MORE ->

Fresh Fatties: Matter Cycles Newest Benefat and Shand’s New Rohloff x Gates Tumshie

benefat matter cycles fat bike 29 plus (1)

First profiled on our “How to Build a NAHBS Bike” series, the Matter Cycles Benefat fat bike already checked a lot of boxes. Built to be an exceptionally fun trail bike with fat tires, the Benefat delivered with a hand built steel frame. But, as they say, there’s always room for improvement so the Benefat gets even better for 2016.

Check out the changes plus the new Shand Cycles Tumshie fat bike next…


Raleigh Puts Fun First with New Redux, Carbon Roker, Merit Road, Pardner Fat Bike, and more

raleigh bikes 2016 fat redux roker merit pardner rumson skarn (33)

You can talk about high end components and bike weight until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re not having fun on your bike, many would say you’re missing the point. In a nut shell, that’s the direction Raleigh is taking with their line for 2016. That’s not to say Raleigh is without any high end bikes for next year – the new Carbon Skarn full suspension bike is offered as proof. But that for the bulk of the line they are focused on well spec’ed, affordable, fun bikes for the city, open road, dirt, and for youth…


Reader How-To: Making a Super Light Tubeless Rim Strip for Fat Bikes

super light tubeless rim strip fat bike how to

During a discussion on fat bike rim weights recently, the question of tubeless conversions came up. When it comes to a fat bike, the ability to ditch the tube offers a chance to lose some weight as well, but just how much does that tubeless conversion weigh? Depending on the rim and tire set up, tubeless conversions can range from a layer of super light tubeless tape to rim strips and layers of not so light Gorilla tape especially when cut out rims are involved.

For Rolf Moberg, the possibility of shaving 200-300g from the weight of his wheels had him searching for alternatives. In the end, the resulting home made rim strip has a claimed weight of just 15-20g. That’s quite a reduction, if you’re willing to put in the work…


Topeak Inflates Product line with Tubeless Floor Pump, Light Up Accessories, Tools, and Much More

topeak (17)

It wasn’t that long ago that bike shops had the choice to stock pumps for high pressure, or even higher pressure. Now that there are so many tire sizes and the addition of hard to seat tubeless options, floor pump selection has diversified to meet those needs.

Topeak may have earned their black and yellow reputation with the Joe Blow, but it continues with a new range of useful floor pumps. Depending on the use, each new pump has some interesting features – some of which we’ve seen before…


Full Suspension Fat vs. Plus – Is there room for Both?


Since the introduction of full suspension fat bikes, one of the most often asked questions seems to be, “why?” The fat tire creations are definitely one of those bikes that has its own little niche, and to understand the need you really have to ride it.

As someone who can appreciate the use for a full suspension fat bike but never really felt the need to buy one, the full suspension Plus bike poses an interesting question. Now that there is a fat tire middle ground for full suspension, for a company like Salsa is there really a need for both? Apparently I wasn’t the only one to ask that question at the Salsa demo for Biketoberfest, and the answer is really one you have to decide for yourself….


Biketoberfest Roundup: Custom Zipp Wheels, Dirty Kanza Cannonballs, Fat Bike Hub Adapters, and 11 Speed Road from MicroShift

QBP wheelhouse custom wheels zipp onyx DSC07740

While considerably smaller than their other dealer shows, QBP’s Biketoberfest still had some new stuff if you knew where to look. While some of the goods were completely new, others were new to us. Things like the ability to order custom, pre-built Zipp wheels from Quality Wheels. One of the only distributors authorized to build custom Zipps, if you have a certain preference for hubs your local bike shop should be able to help you out…


Video: SE Racing’s Fat Ripper – Could This Be the Most Fun Bike of the Year?

Todd on Fat Ripper

We showed you SE Racing’s Fat Ripper during our Interbike Coverage and the first batch of these bad boys bounced out the door faster than they could make them. In the mean time, while the 2nd batch is on its way, SE Racing threw down a RAD edit of SE Racing’s Brand Manager, Todd Lyons going on an urban warpath atop his creation.

Rip past the break and watch Todd show us a thing or two what a seasoned pro can do on what could be one of the funnest bikes of the year….