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Are you a Surly Superfan? Spread the Love with $150 Off Your Next Bike!


Surly bikes are a bit of an anomaly in the bike industry. Never ones to follow the trends of the next “game changing” bicycle design, Surly has simply stuck with quality steel bikes that are fun to ride. Whether it’s a cargo bike, a fat bike, or just a mountain bike, you could say they are a fan of the KISS principle and are well, kind of surly about it.

Even with numerous high end bikes flowing in and our of the Bikerumor offices, a Surly Pugsley that I bought years ago is still hanging on the wall. You could say I was introduced corrupted at an early age while working at the shop of Yafro’s father, but there has always been at least one Surly in the collection. But I know I an not unique. Surly has built their brand on legions of devoted followers who also like simple, fun, steel bikes that don’t cost a fortune.

As a way of saying thanks to their Superfans, Surly is offering an impressive $150 off any Surly complete bike at your local bike store, or in stock at QBP. Unfortunately, the deal is only valid in the United States, and you have until April 1st, 2015 to cash in. Check out the coupon after the break.


Turner King Khan Full Suspension Fat Bike Flexes into Production


After mentioning to us that he might have something fat up his sleeve at Interbike, it wasn’t long until Turner’s first fat bike made an appearance at the Outerbike demo. Rather than stepping tentatively into a hardtail to test the waters, Turner went with their strong suit – a DW Link equipped full suspension monster. Taking full advantage of the biggest RockShox Bluto available, the King Khan mates a 120mm travel fork with 125mm of travel through the rear linkage.

Utilizing a made in the USA frame, King Khan carries almost all of the features that you’ve come to expect from the rest of the Turner fleet. Through the use of a journal bearing system along with threaded Zerk grease fittings, the suspension system is easily serviced – something that is particularly important on a fat bike. A 44mm head tube allows for the use of a tapered fork, while the rear of the bike uses a 177x12mm thru axle system. Combined with the 100mm threaded bottom bracket, the frame has clearance for 3.8-4″ tires depending on the rim.

Available now through Turner’s site or your local dealer, details on the build kit and geometry are next…


Must Watch: Aaron Chase Breaks in the new Pivot LES Fat at Highlands

Pivot LES Fat Bike carbon aaron chase single speed 29+ 27+ (5)

Just what would Aaron chase do if given a fat bike? With the launch of the new Pivot LES Fat, we get to see exactly that. Riding down the closed for the winter trails at Highland park, Pivot and Aaron put together an awesome edit of the sloppy fun. The LES Fat definitely won’t make you the next Aaron Chase, but it is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face…


The New Pivot LES Fat Might Be the Most Versatile Fat Bike Yet!

Pivot LES Fat Bike carbon aaron chase single speed 29+ 27+ (2)

Pivot just recently announced the signing of Freeride star and pioneer Aaron Chase. So naturally, the first bike that Pivot has him introduces is…. a fat bike. The Pivot LES Fat is not just any fat bike though, it is what looks to be a category crushing jack of all trades that just happens to be fat.

Now, there are a number of bikes out there that make that claim to be versatile, but how many of those are built to adapt to 4 different wheel size standards? Better yet, Pivot claims that 26 X 3.8, 26 X 4.8, 27.5+ and 29+ wheels and tires can all be run on the LES Fat without compromises in geometry. Throw in the ability to run rigid or suspension for the front end, 1x, 2x, or even single speed drivetrains, and internal dropper posts and you have a serious contender for the new fat super bike.

And in case you’re wondering – yes, there are gratuitous (corked!) backflips on a fat bike after the jump…


Need Winter Cycling Gloves? The Answer Sleestak 3 In 1 Mitts Are Severely Underrated

Answer Sleestak 3 in 1 winter mitt glove gloves cold weather (8)

I would assume that if you asked most cyclists why they don’t ride more in the winter, the answer would be two-fold. First, no one likes cold hands and feet and second? Quality winter gear is expensive. Given the fact that sometimes it feels like it takes longer to get dressed than the actual ride, it’s clear that cold weather cycling requires quite a bit more equipment.

When it comes to winter riding gloves, there is no shortage of options. However, if you need something seriously warm that is also affordable, the herd gets thin, quick. That’s why I am very happily surprised by the Answer Sleestak 3 in 1 mitts. Available for just $39.99, these might be the best winter gloves you’ve never heard of…


Tire Pressure and the Cold: Bontrager’s PSI Conversion Chart Will Keep You Inflated This Winter

Bontrager jackalope hodag tire pressure cold weather

You just got your new Bontrager Jackalope and Hodag combo set up and ready to go, now it’s time to hit the trails. But what about tire pressure? If you’re like most riders willing to brave the cold, you probably inflate your tires inside your garage, basement, shop, etc. After all, it can be much easier to work small parts like presta valves when you can actually feel your fingers.

Most people know that air pressure drops when it’s cold, but how much? If you’re checking your tire pressure with a gauge at 70ºF, your psi may drop by as much as 4 pounds by the time you get outside. While 4 psi might not sound like much, if you’re running 8 psi in a fat bike tire, losing half of your air pressure is a pretty big deal.

Check out Bontrager’s conversion chart next…


Just In: Bontrager Jackalope Wheels and Hodag Tires Add Tubeless Fat Bike Options

Bontrager Hodag Jackalope fat bike tubeless wheel tire system  (3)

Just like your typical mountain bike, when it comes to fat bikes tubeless tires have a lot to offer. Eliminating (or close to) flats is a pretty big deal, especially given the fact that your typical fat bike inner tube will usually run at least double the cost of a standard tube. In many circumstances, dropping the tubes will also result in a significant weight loss – sometimes more than a pound. In our experience, the lack of an inner tube has also resulted in a better handling that will conform to the trail for improved traction.

In spite of all the advantages, going tubeless on a fattie still presents some challenges. Getting a large volume of sealant into a floppy tire and still being able to get that tire to seat on the rim can be tricky. That’s why products like Bontrager’s new fat bike TLR system get us excited. There are a number of tubeless systems available already from HED, Foundry/45NRTH, Turnagain, Sun Ringle, and more, but options are always good for the consumer. And while there are more than a few rims available, the choices for true tubeless fat bike tires are still fairly limited.

Like a lot of the big brands, Trek and Bontrager aren’t putting forth a huge product line for fat bikes, but what they do have looks promising. Get the details on the new Bontrager Jackalope wheels and Hodag fat bike tires next…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Isobel Lake, North of Kamloops, B.C.

bikerumor pic of the day global fat bike day at isobel lake north of kamloops b.c.

Photo submitted by Brad Heyman, “One of the ‘Fat Fockers‘ from Kamloops, B.C. Dave Blackmore is the rider, Brad Heyman took the pic. Riding on Global Fat Bike Day (Night Ride) on Isobel Lake just North of Kamloops, B.C.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Borealis Fat Bikes Releases The Echo Fork, A Carbon Rigid Match To The Rockshox Bluto


Borealis Bikes has announced today the release of the new Echo Fork. Designed to match their Echo trail/fat bike, the fork has specific dimensions that match the Rockshox Bluto that the frame was designed around.

Coming in at just 640 grams, and exceeding their strength standards, the fork seems to be the first carbon fork on the market that matches the Rockshox Bluto’s hub width and axle-to-crown length, as we thought would happen soon. This means it will work for a whole lot more bikes than just the Echo, being an easy swap in for bikes that were designed around the Bluto, or already have one installed. Using 150mm spacing and a Rockshox Maxle means there will be no end cap switching, it will plug right in for rigid use on these bikes.

Adam Miller, owner of Borealis told us “Fat bikes are all about versatility, and are used in so many different terrains by riders of all types. My goal is to create products that allow people to ride their fat bikes wherever and however they want. Many riders love their Bluto fork, but many also want a lightweight rigid fork option.”

The Echo Fork is shipping now for $499, and is available with blue or silver graphics. Axle to crown length is 490mm, which is the equivalent of a 100mm travel Bluto at sag, and offset is 51mm.  Jump past the break to see the fork installed on the infamous Fixie Dave’s personal bike….