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Video: Pig Rodeo Flying Fat with G-RÄF & Nicolai Argon Fat Bike

Everyone is picking up on the fat bike fever, at least enough so to grab one and try it for a ride. Pro BMXer David Graf grabs a Nicolai Argon Fat for an after training ride in Lenzerheide, Switzerland to show us what he can do on a bike so fat.

G-RÄF, as he is known, keeps a great blog on his travels and experiences while racing as a BMX pro, and Swiss National Champion.

Matter Cycles Builds 4130 Into Clean Rides In Boulder Colorado


New Builder Matter Cycles has been around for only about a year, making steel frames in Boulder, Colorado. With interesting bike names like BeneFat, WolfBeard and SlayRide, owner Collin Schaafsma believes that riding a bike is a creative venture.

Blending a mix of aircraft grade 4130, True Temper and Columbus cromoly steels in his 400 square foot shop, Schaafsma reminds his customers that when you order one of his bikes, it doesn’t exist yet. He spends time creating a connection and getting to know you, but since he is small, the lead time is pretty short. There are Matter Cycles of all riding styles, jump past the break to see.


Salsa Introduces a Stiffer, Lighter Bucksaw Carbon – Full Suspension Fat Bikes Taken Up a Notch


You could basically see it coming. Salsa is no stranger to carbon bikes so when the Bucksaw full suspension fat bike was first introduced, “where is the carbon model?” was a question we heard a lot at Saddle Drive.

Well, here it is – the new lighter, stiffer Bucksaw Carbon. The big addition is the new carbon front triangle since the chainstay is still aluminum and the original Bucksaw already utilized a carbon seat stay. But, that addition of a high modulus carbon front triangle results in a frame that is 300g lighter and said to offer better vibration damping and ride quality than the aluminum brother.

If you’re still on the fence about full suspension fat, you’ll have to ride one before you make the final call. Until then, check out the details and pricing next…


IB14: Halo Offering Full Fat Bike Line with Wheels, Rims, Hubs, Tires, and Tubes


At this point, you’re just as likely to see Halo’s products on the trail, the road, or the streets as you are in BMX so fat bikes probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. The company has been pumping wheel products out of the UK since 1995 and has continually expanded to include wheels, rims, hubs, spokes, nipples, tires, cogs, rim strips, freewheels, skewers, and even tubes.

As one of their newest categories, fat bikes will now be able to run a full Halo fat bike wheelset – right down to the tubes and tires. The addition of the Halo branded goods adds another source for fat bike components that offer a great blend of performance to value. Details on the Nanuk tires, Tundra rims, and more after the jump…


Interview: Fatback Cycles’ Greg Matyas and Jason Hill Talk About The New Alaskan Adventure

Fatback Shop Wall

Fatback Cycles lays claim to making the first production, symmetrical fat bike.  While this may be a small niche within a niche, it launched what would become the modern fat bike, and the 170mm width is the generally accepted standard, followed closely by 190mm, also pioneered by Fatback.

When a niche explodes, inventors and early pioneers can struggle or thrive, depending on how they react or continue to forge further ahead.  We recently went to Anchorage to hear right from the guys at Fatback how they plan to keep true to their roots in the rapidly expanding fat bike market. Hear what they have to say…


EB14: Roundup – Silverback’s Superbike Concept, Plus Asian Examples, Ti, Carbon & Other Hacks


Outside the exhibit halls were the award winners, among them Silverback’s SBC 29er full suspension race bike. Standing for “Superbike Concept”, it takes their technology to the brink to see what they can do. It’s not their only one, but this one caught our eye for the rather unique suspension design.

The closeups of that are after the break, but there’s more to it than that. The frame uses internal mandrels to help shape it and provide a strong enough base to layup longer strands of carbon. The result is a lighter, stronger and stiffer frame. The rear derailleur cable runs under the downtube in full length housing, and there’s room for a front mech’s cable, too, even though this one’s spec’d with a Race Face Next SL single ring crankset. There’s also a removable front derailleur mount, keeping things clean when you’re running a 1x.

Out back, a replaceable threaded insert fits 12×142 thru axles. On the left, a strut connects the seat- and chainstays to not only provide a rigid braking platform but also cool the rear brake. It’s angled, helping direct air over the rotor to blow heat away. Now, about that suspension…


Christini Announces Return of 2 Wheel Drive Bikes, Fat Bike to See Production

Known for their 2 wheel drive systems on vehicles with only two wheels, Christini has been developing 2 wheel drive bicycles since 1995. The company got around to selling complete all wheel drive full suspension bicycles in 2001 which struggled to gain traction (in sales) and eventually turned their attention towards the motocross world. Christini is still building some of the raddest AWD motos around, but after a special project for Kate Leeming in 2013 it looks like 2WD mountain bikes are making a comeback.

Their first production bike? A fat bike, naturally. Honestly it makes a lot of sense as the fat bike probably has the most to gain in the traction department and Christini has already completed most of the R&D with Kate to prepare for her upcoming attempt to cycle across the entire continent of Antartica via the south pole!

Christini says they plan on launching a Kickstarter program in the near future to gauge interest in the 2WD fat bike, then move on to produce a separate hard tail in the future. Who want’s an all wheel drive fat bike?

Curious about Kate’s upcoming Breaking the Cycle: South Pole expedition? Check it out next…


Interview: Talking Fatbike Future with 9:ZERO:7′s Founders Bill & Jamie

907 Carbon bike

Anchorage, Alaska is the place to be if you are in the fat bike business. They are literally everywhere, and even before the snow has fallen, the local trail head had more riders on fat bikes than normal mountain bikes.

We caught up with 9:ZERO:7 at Interbike to see a lot of their new product. Being a relatively new and small company, they are putting out an impressive amount of new designs. Bill Fleming and Jamie Stull are the owners of Chain Reaction Cycles in Anchorage [no relation to Chain Reaction UK], and started 9:ZERO:7 right out of their store. On a brisk fall morning where you could feel that fat bike season was near, we sat down for a coffee with them to hear their thoughts on the future of fat bikes, and the future of their small company within this market. Would this rising tide raise all ships or sink the small ones?


EB14: Full Suspension Fat Bike Roundup + All Things Fat

fat bike (23)

If there was any doubt to the future of full suspension fat bikes, one only needed to browse the halls of Eurobike to realize it’s not limited to a few companies. In fact many frame manufacturers seem to be attempting to cash in on the trend with either completely new frames or modified rear ends to compensate for the huge tires.

Brands like MAXX are jumping in with their Huraxdax which offers 120-140mm of travel. Available in an incredible range of colors, the MAXX full suspension frame is available in S-XXL making it a viable option for the exceptionally tall (up to 6’8″ according to their chart).

MAXX wasn’t the only company joining in, there were quite a few other companies showing off full squish and rigid fat bikes in all shapes and sizes. READ MORE ->