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NAHBS 2014: Brad Bingham Builds Eriksen a Full Custom Fatty, Gives Marzocchi Bombers New Life

Eriksen Bradti fat bike suspension fork Mike Curiak (2)

This was one of my favorite bikes of the show. Yeah, yeah, I love fat bikes – but I am also a total bike geek and projects like this make me happy. Called the BradTi, this is the creation of Kent Eriksen’s master welder and there is much more than meets the eye. Obviously, it’s a fat bike with a suspension fork, but it’s the amount of custom fabrication that it took to achieve which is really impressive…


NAHBS 2014: Tandem 36er and Other Incredible Ti bikes from University of Iowa Students

University of Iowa bikes Josh Van Stippen 36er tandem (3)

How many classes in college would you have voluntarily taken multiple times? For students at the University of Iowa, one class in on that list for sure – Steve McGuire’s bike building class. Blending students from engineering and art backgrounds, the class teaches individuals how to design, cut, miter, bend, weld, finish, and ultimately ride hand built bicycles using the latest technology along with classic frame building skills. In addition to Steve’s tutelage, class mentors include frame building greats like Tom Teesdale and James Bleakley (Black Sheep).   Not your average lectures then. Together the class sent 9 students and 14 frames and bikes to NAHBS with some impressive builds in the mix like the 36er tandem above…


NAHBS 2014: Modern Classics from Ellis Cycles & Rich Adams


Ellis Cycles’ Dave Wages continued his tradition of very traditional looking road bikes with all but invisible touches that make them thoroughly modern. This year, he also showed off a fat bike so pretty it’d almost be a shame to get it dirty. Almost. And it won for Best Fillet Brazed Bike. Click through and you’ll see why.

His road bikes received updates, particularly for the newer versions of Di2, and he’s offering some retro tubing options while supplies last. Roll on for pics and details, plus a look at Rich Adams’ collection…


Taipei Show Round Up: Fat Bikes are Big

Fat Bike Round Up Taipei Show bikes tires fatbike 29+ (29)

There were two overriding themes as you walked through the aisles at the Taipei show, one was e-bikes – specifically frames designed for the apparent invasion of Bosch Drive motors. If you didn’t have a frame or a complete bike with the Bosch system, then chances were pretty high that there was a fat bike somewhere in the booth. This was in spite of the fact that many locals stared puzzlingly at the behemoths, indicating that fat bikes are still an oddity in many parts of the world. But it was also an indication that fat biking is just now hitting the industry in a big way, and everyone seems to be taking notice. In addition to the big products we’ve already seen from Vee Tire, Sarma, Kenda, Maxxis, Panaracer, and others, there was plenty more where that came from in Taiwan.

Check out new bikes from Fuji, Ford, and plenty more, with some speculation on new standards, next…


NAHBS 2014: Ti Cycles’ Full Suspension Fat Bike, 26″ Gravel Grinder & More!


First off, I’d like to thank Dave Levy of Ti Cycles for bringing the kind of off-the-wall builds that simultaneously evoke a WTF reaction along with a Wow, that’s pretty cool. This is what we want to see more of at NAHBS.

For starters, there’s a titanium full suspension fat bike called Gunther. As if full suspension and fat bike put together isn’t enough, he did it with pivotless flex stays to get 2.5″ of rear wheel travel. The 29er Lefty fork works thanks to 17mm offset adapters that splits the difference between the standard 100mm front axle width and a 135mm fat bike hub.

Detail pics of all that awesomeness below, plus a 26″ gravel grinder with a truss fork and a sweet pit bike…


26 or 27.5″ for your Next Bike? DMR 20switchinch lets you have Both!

DMR 20switchinch 2

If you’re still riding 26″ wheels, there is a good chance that you have contemplated going 27.5″ on your next bike. But with all the new tires, and wheels, and tubes, it’s a pretty big commitment. Fortunately, DMR seems to have your back with their new 20SwitchInch rim adapter that allows you to gain all the benefits of 27.5″ on your current 26″ wheels. Of course your frame will need to have enough clearance to run the bigger 27.5″ tires, but if you’re good there you’ll love the 20SwitchInch system.

Switch past the break for more…


Two Fat Fronts are Better Than One with the new Rungu Juggernaut Bullfrog Trike



Sometimes you need more than just a standard bike. Maybe you just want to channel your inner chariot racer or feel like pedaling around mountain biking’s equivalent of a 2 headed cerberus. Either way, Rungu’s new bullfrog trikes have you covered. Why bullfrog? Well, we suppose if the quick, streamlined recumbent 3 wheeled trikes are called tadpoles, the aggressive upright stance and large footprint of the Rungu trikes is deserving of the name. So just what is a bullfrog trike and why would you want one? Built with a fatbike rear end and a split, dual head tube design, the Juggernaut and the Kilimanjaro use dual head tubes with identical front wheels and forks that are steered through a connected handle bar. Which of course is equipped with bar ends. Rungu claims this adds additional stability thanks to the shoulder width front wheel spacing and combined with low gearing, they also claim this can get you places your standard bike or car just won’t go.

Want a front suspension bull frog? Catch one after the break…


NAHBS 2014: Beautiful Bikes from Moots & Cykelmagaren


Moots wasn’t showing off any brand new models, but they did take the time to customize a couple of their existing bikes and roll out the massive Frosthammer 5″ fat bike.

In the background above, at the far corner of their booth, the built up a ‘cross bike with retro styled brown leather bar tape and saddle and added S&S Couplers, making for possibly the ultimate travel bike. In the foreground, their entry into the Campagnolo contest and shows their ability to really dial the details if you’ve got the coin.

Shift past the break for detail photos and a look at Cykelmagaren’s slick hidden shifter and other snazzy customizations to their city bikes…


Berlin Finds: Veloheld Fat.Iron Fatbike Prototype from Berliner FahrradSchau


Veloheld, maker of the Icon.X that we tested at the beginning of the year, has been prototyping a new steel fatbike, called the Fat.Iron. It will likely only be produced in a limited run (possibly this autumn in time for the next season of snow?), as it is more of a fun project for them than a more practical bike like the rest of their line.

Some frame details and pics after the jump…