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2016 Cannondale mountain bikes get bigger with FatCAAD fat bike, Bad Habit 27.5+ and Beast of the East

2016 Cannondale Bad Habit 275plus full suspension trail bike

The 120mm Habit was introduced just before Eurobike as a trail bike to fill in between their Trigger and Scalpel.

The new Bad Habit bumps things even bigger with plus sized tires and Boost rear spacing. The geometry and suspension kinematics stay the same as the regular Habit, they just made room for bigger rubber in the rear triangle. The crank spindle length and BB shell stays the same, too, but the chainring is offset to maintain proper chain line. It’ll fit up to 27.5 x 3.0 tires.

The Lefty 2.0 is standard, it accommodates the fatter tires just fine. It’s the monstrous new Lefty Olaf you wanna watch out for…


EB15: Hump Day will never be the same on Surly’s new Wednesday Fat Bike

surly wednesday fat bike_-10

In a sea of fat bikes, Surly’s newest creation had no problem catching our eye. While the world of fat bike tech has moved on from the original Pugsley, that steel beast still carries a loyal following. For those wanting to update their frame without moving too far away from the soul of those early Pugsleys, the new Wednesday looks like a winner.

Steel, symmetric, and extremely versatile, the Wednesday should be fun any day of the week…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Why Oval Rings Help You Ride Better – The UK based manufacturer of durable, lightweight and beautiful bicycle parts, absoluteBLACK has recently produced a few videos to illustrate the benefits of oval rings. They’re so sure that you’ll love your oval ring that they’ll give you 30 days to try it and if you don’t love it, you can send it back for a refund. There will be more videos to come so be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

Recall news and a lot more after the break….


Fatback Floats New Skookum Carbon and Rhino Aluminum Fat Bikes


If you haven’t already decided what fat bike you’ll be riding this winter, Fatback is here to make your decision a little more complicated. Wasting little time after their Corvus carbon fat bike finally became available, Fat Back is following up with not one, but two new bikes.

Where the Corvus is meant to be a carbon adventure bike, their newest carbon steed looks to be more of a fat tire trail bike. Tagging along for the ride, the new Rhino is an updated aluminum frame that should provide an affordable option for building a versatile and capable fat bike…


Absoluteblack is looking at fat bikes with 26, 28 tooth oval chainrings

absoluteblack 28-tooth oval chainring for 64bcd

With the heavier tires and often slushy, sandy or otherwise messy conditions fat bikes usually find themselves in, Absoluteblack’s new 28 and upcoming 26 tooth 64bcd oval chainrings could be a welcome way to add traction.

The brand currently offers oval rings in various direct mount and 104BCD chainrings, but the new 28-tooth drops down to a 64bcd to offer the equivalent of a 30-tooth ring in the power position and 26-tooth in the dead zone of your pedal stroke. And coming in a few weeks time will be an even smaller 26-tooth oval 64bcd. With many fat bikes converting to 1×10/11 drivetrains with minuscule chainrings up front, the smaller oval rings could bring the gearing and traction those riders seek. The 26-tooth 64bcd oval will retail for $54 / €46.99 / £36.99. Word is they’re also considering a 24-tooth oval.

Joining those just after Eurobike (read: early September) will be 26 and 28 tooth Race Face Cinch direct mount oval chainrings (30/32/34 already available) and SRAM GXP direct mount 26-tooth oval chainrings (28 and up already available). They’ll be available in the same red, black and green anodized colors as the rest of the range.

Actual Weights: Kona 2016 Mountain Bike Line up (Plus a Fat Bike and CX Model)

2016 Kona Weight-4

Over the past few days we’ve been hanging out with a crew of dealers and product managers at #KonaWorld to test ride the latest and greatest products.

We have a slew of great content coming your way, but in the meantime – here’s a full gallery of weights for several new and existing models. Please Note that some of these bikes may have had tubes in them and most had water bottle cages installed.

Up first is the totally redesigned Kona Hei Hei DL Trail. Retail for this model is $3,299 and the size medium weighed 28 lbs / 12.70 kg. (We also recently showed you Spencer Paxson’s 11.3kg World Cup setup of the same bike with XTR Di2 and Fox iRD suspension, including pedals.) READ MORE ->

2016 Cube Mountain Bikes – Upgraded carbon Stereos, prototype fat bike & 27.5″ TWO15 DH bike

2016 Cube Stereo 160mm enduro mountain bike

Alongside Cube’s 2016 road bike introduction were their new and updated mountain bikes, bringing the high-end C68 carbon construction to the dirt.

Called HPC (high performance carbon), the Stereo models will get a two new carbon front triangle bolted to their alloy rear triangle. The high end one is called C68, which uses a squarer fiber strand, which reduces the amount of resin needed to fill in the space between round strands. The result is the same strength but using 68% carbon versus resin compared to a normal frame with ratios as low as 40% fiber to resin. The other frame type is C62 (62% fiber), plus an alloy model that saves about 400g compared to the prior alloy model by using thinner, lighter tubes and linkages with all excess material removed.

They also add nano particles to the C68’s resin, which stops cracks or delaminations between layers from spreading. Translation: better impact resistance.

The new Stereo bikes will come in a 120mm travel 29er, a 140mm with both 27.5 and 29er wheel sizes, and the 160mm 27.5 bike shown above. The 27.5″ 140 and 160 bikes get a Boost 148mm spaced rear end but standard forks, the 29er gets a Boost 29er fork, too (the differences in spec are due solely to availability of compatible parts).


Shoe Surge: Shimano Introduces 18 New Shoes, New AM, DH, and Winter Specific Kicks Headline Mountain Side


Practically synonymous with clipless pedals, Shimano has a long history with their SPD pedals and necessary shoes. Rarely do we ever attend a group ride where at least one individual isn’t wearing Shimano shoes or using SPD pedals. Continuing their footwear dominance and celebrating SPD’s 25th anniversary, Shimano just introduced a whopping 18 new models for everything from triathlon to full on downhill. For those keeping track at home, that brings the total footwear models for the Shimano line to an impressive 71 different styles.

Clip into the new additions first with new options for DH, AM, Trekking, and even for the upcoming winter months…


Interview: Advocate Cycles Founder Tim Krueger Talks Advocacy, Business Model, and Bikes, Plus Hands on with Hayduke 27.5+ Frame

Advocate Cycles hayduke 27 plus 650b+ steel hardtail tim kreuger interview review  (2)

We get pitched a lot of new products, but it isn’t often that the company’s business model is unique as the product. When Tim Krueger told us he had something in the works that he was really excited about, we didn’t quite know what to expect. As the former Product Manager for Salsa Cycles, Tim is pretty much a bike industry lifer so there was little surprise that he couldn’t stay away from the little world of bikes for long.

What was a bit surprising was the business model that the aptly named Advocate Cycles would use. Taking advantage of a specific set of rules valid in his home state of Minnesota, Tim and his wife and business partner Odia started a Special Benefits Corporation. The goal? To donate 100% of their after-tax profits to bicycling related advocacy non-profit organizations. Sound far fetched? That’s exactly why we spoke to Tim to pull back the curtains and try and figure out how Advocate plans to make this a reality, and what they have planned for the future…