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Spotted: Prototype 170mm Rohloff Speedhub for Fat Bikes!

Rohloff 170 speed hub fat bike 2

It seems that lately one of the main arguments for offset frame designs on fat bikes is the ability to run IG (internal gear) hubs. That makes a lot of sense considering the hubs have all been limited to 135mm widths, though it looks like that won’t be the case for long. Spotted by Cycle Monkey (who happen to be the sole North American Service Partners and experts when it comes to the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14), this 170mm prototype Rohloff was on display at the Bespoked UK Bike Show. The wider spacing would allow symmetric wheel builds for fat bikes and even other bikes that want to take advantage of the wider rear end for increased wheel stiffness.

Details are still very limited, but perhaps even more exciting than the fact that a 170mm option will exist is the fact that there is a rumor that it will be available as a retrofit option for current Speedhub Owners! If you’ve ever priced out a Speedhub, you know why this is exciting news. It is also exciting news for Rohloff themselves, as it would mark one of the major design changes in years.

More when we have it.

SOC14: Felt Goes 650b with Compulsion, Retro with American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe, & Electric with new LebowskE Fat Bike!

Felt 650b compulsion disc brake road thru axle cross mike wolf antique archeology20140411_0919

According to the interwebs, to be Enduro you need 650b wheels and something in Enduro blue – and maybe a fanny pack. With the introduction of the Compulsion 27.5, Felt is checking off two of those boxes. Developed in conjunction with their Enduro team, Felt is finally offering a 650b Compulsion which has been tweaked to work with the bigger wheels. Shown above in the top of the line Compulsion 10, the 160mm travel bike will be offered in a few builds with the 10 ranging from $4,999-5,499.

More details plus a collaboration with American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and big changes to their fat-e bike after the break…


SOC14: FatBack’s Corvus Fat bike Makes an appearance in Carbon

Fatback Corvus fat bike carbon (1)

Where there’s one fat bike there is usually another, which was the case when we caught up with the Salsa crew with their new BuckSaw full suspension fat bikes. It just so happened that there was another new fat bike in the mix with Greg and Fuzzy from Fatback bikes rolling the first production versions of their Corvus carbon fat bike.

First seen as a 3D model at Interbike, the Corvus joins the ranks as a symmetric ultra fat bike that is intended for winter riding and everything in between…


Spotted – Salsa Bucksaw with Whisky Parts Co. Prototype Carbon Fat Bike Rim

Salsa Buzz Saw full suspension fat bike Whisky prototype carbon rim   (35)

If there wasn’t enough of a fat bike freak out happening at Sea Otter with the launch of the RockShox Bluto and fat bikes built for it, every once in a while you’ll spot something just rolling by. Something like this prototype carbon fat bike rim that was laced to Tim Krueger’s Salsa Bucksaw. With the proliferation of Whisky’s carbon rims, the fat bike aspect isn’t a surprise given their proximity to Salsa as brands under QBP’s roof.

As Tim called it, the Whisky rim will be a “carbon dirt rim,” not another carbon winter fat rim. To make a carbon dirt rim, Whisky is using a 70mm wide profile that is double wall and tubeless ready, and “strong as hell.”

The Whisky rim was just an added bonus as we were checking out Tim and MikeR’s Bucksaws, which we have details on after the jump.


SOC14: Sun-Ringle Rolls Out Helix Tubeless Ready Rims, Mulefut Fat Bike Rims

Sun-Ringle Mulefut fat bike rims

Sun-Ringle’s added two new rim options, one for fat tires and one for fat bikes.

On their complete wheels, they’ve licensed Stan’s BST (Bead Seat Technology). So you’ll find the same interior bead hook shaping on their Black Flag and Charger wheels as you will on Stan’s NoTubes rims. But, that license doesn’t carry over to standalone rims. So, Sun-Ringle developed their own tubeless ready extrusion and pinned and sleeved it into the Helix…


Salsa Bucksaw Full Suspension Fat Bike Squishes Into Reality


Is it just us, or are we getting fat today? After seeing new (front) suspension ready bikes from Borealis and Rocky Mountain, both using the new Rockshox Bluto, Salsa cannonballs the party with the new full suspension Bucksaw.

And it’s not just a simple full susser. It takes the Split Pivot suspension design of their 29er mountain bikes, spreads the frame to handle up to 3.8″ tires and adds a custom tuned Rockshox Monarch shock to give it 100mm of supple, bump eating performance. Couple that with a 100mm Bruto up front, and you have the world’s first real production full suspension fat bike.

Look past the oversized balloons it’s riding on and you’d be hard pressed to tell the spec from any other mid- to high end bike…


Rockshox Bluto Fat Bike Fork Gets Official, Turns Your Porker Into a Real Swee’Pea

2015 Rockshox Bluto fat bike suspension fork

We’ve already spotted it on new bikes from Borealis  and Rocky Mountain, and now Rockshox has formally introduced the Bluto fat bike suspension fork.

Fat bikes may very well be the only reason we see new 26″ forks this year, but that doesn’t mean the wheel size isn’t bringing a bit of fresh design. Especially since more people are finding non-snow uses for their porky pedalers. Built using Rockshox’s existing technologies -Rapid Recovery Rebound, Solo Air, Fast Black stanchions and their 15mm Maxle Light- the body of the fork was tweaked to handle the girth and forces of 4.8″ tires. Travel options are 80mm, 100mm and 120mm, controlled with external rebound and lockout controls. The latter is available with the crown topping blue lever or their PushLoc handlebar remote.

Heft yourself past the break for more…


First Look: Borealis Builds a Fat Bike for the All New RockShox Bluto Fork!

Borealis Echo suspension fork fat bike RockShox Bluto (7)

Possibly one of the worst kept secrets in fat biking, RockShox’ first fat bike suspension fork is now official. A better kept secret is the new Borealis Echo, the first bike we’re aware of to be developed specifically for the new fork. Built with a suspension corrected geometry that is designed for more of all around trail performance, the Borealis Echo further blurs the line between between fat bike and mountain bike.

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First Look: Rocky Mountain Blizzard Storms back as RockShox Bluto Suspension Equipped Fat Bike!

BPP_5970 Wade Simmons

Rather than bringing the Rocky Mountain Blizzard back as another 27.5″ or 29″ hardtail, Rocky Mountain is doing something much more appropriate with the name. The new Blizzard is…. yes, a fat bike. And not just any fat bike, but an agile, trail oriented fat bike that is built to take advantage of the all new RockShox Bluto suspension fat bike fork. The options for fat bikes keep growing literally and figuratively, and the new Rocky Mountain Blizzard includes all of the current buzz worthy features, plus a few more…