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EB14: One Ride Review of Ghost’s 27.5” 130mm Riot LT Enduro Green Machine, Plus Nivolet 8 LC Disc Road

Ghost_Riot_LT_8_LC_650b_130mm_carbon_enduro_MTB_demo_day_suspension_detail  Ghost_Riot_LT_8_LC_650b_130mm_carbon_enduro_MTB_demo_day_linkage_detail

Ghost bikes had their new 27.5″ carbon enduro bike at Eurobike’s Demo Day for test rides, and we took the chance to hop on and try to give it a bit of a workout on some decidedly flat terrain. Thankfully in addition to nice forest roads and a bit of hidden singletrack, there was a pretty respectable test course for mountain bikes that made up for lack of elevation with plenty of berms, jumps, rock gardens, log piles , and even a pump track. We had the Riot LT set a bit softer than usual to get a feel for the plushness of the suspension with a hope of getting towards the reportedly progressive last 1/5 of it travel.

Bounce past the break to see what we thought of the bike, plus details of its Riot brethren and a pretty dialed looking disc road bike we found hiding in the back of their setup inside the show.


EB14: Killer Light Frame and Wheels from AX Lightness, Plus More Updates


AX Lightness introduced a number of new and interesting products just over a week ago at Eurobike. Some of the most interesting were the updates to their own lightweight all-around frame and complete bike line-ups, as well as a bunch of new unbelievably light wheel options. But not to be discounted was a rethinking of their product levels and finishes, another new saddle, and little changes their super light stems.

Read on for full details…


EB14: For KTM, Team Orange is the New Cross, Plus Codeveloped Road Disc


Austrian bike specialists showed a few pretty eye catching new 700c disc-brake bikes at Eurobike, marking their 50th anniversary. The standout was probably their cross bike mainly because of its blaze orange matte paint job. All of the new bikes in their road disc series were developed together for this year and share a bunch of tech features and nice detailing. Follow past the break for a breakdown of the details and a look at the whole series…


EB14: Centurion bringing Discs to German Speaking Cross and Road Bikes


Centurion apparently has strong cyclocross ties rooted in the racing career of its founder Wolfgang Renner, and their focus shows in the development of this carbon cross prototype which is expected to be available for cross season a year from now. They have a carry-over aluminum cross range available now, but our readers outside of the German-speaking markets of Centurion can still drool over this nice looking bike from what is a typically affordable company and a development partner with the much bigger Merida.

Read on for a bunch of detail images of the Crossdrive prototype, plus a nice line of disc road bikes that are available now…


EB14: Look Workhorse KÉO 2 Max Pedal Gets Carbon Blades; Plus More Entry KÉOs and MTB Platforms


Look have brought their innovative carbon fiber leaf spring Blades to their big selling second-tier Kéo 2 Max Blade pedal platform, at the same time dropping weight, reducing stack height, and increasing contact area. The switch to the carbon blade also gives a bit of an aerodynamic improvement, but means you can’t just dial up or back the release tension like you have in the past. Look is however offering two blade options 8/12Nm that should keep some adjustability (less than the 3 now available for the Kéo Blade 2.)

Spin past the break for more tech details on the upgrade, plus some entry level Kéo pedals and some bolt-on S-track mountain bike platforms…


EB14: Rapha Hops in With New Cross Shoes, Supercross Gear, and More Winter Fighting Kit


Rapha just went online with most of the new products they were showing to us last week at Eurobike, so here we’ll give you a run down.

In Europe as cyclocross season looms, we were eyeing their new Cross Shoe particularly hard, which was developed together with Giro and Easton and is a follow-up to their Grand Tour shoes (and a precursor of next season’s light weight Climbing Shoe, which we’ll get to later.) We tried on a pair at the show and they seemed like a well fitting shoe that could serve well both on the cross course, as well as a high-end mountain shoe. Also of note were some Super Cross-branded pieces, a few special long sleeve jerseys with well-regarded sportwool fabrics, new men’s and women’s Rain Jackets, and few other bits and pieces to get you through the coming cold and darkness of winter.

Hop across the barrier for a bunch of details and pics of what we thought stood out from their new offerings…


EB14: Knog Lights Up Your Life, Gives Locks a Code, and Is Working on Lights for Germans

Knog iphone light quados combo locks (3)

Based on the performance of their LED bicycle lights, Knog’s newest products aren’t such a stretch. Sure, their new expose smartphone light isn’t exactly bicycle specific, but it bridges the gap between bicycle lights and consumer electronics. The expose series launches alongside their Qudos action camera light system which allows you to film with your GoPro, even in the dark.

Knog may be brightening up their light portfolio but there are some new bike specific products as well….


EB14: Reverse Components Backs Plenty of Tricky New Enduro, Gravity Components & Prototypes


German brand Reverse Components isn’t seen much in the states, but they’ve got a full collection of components to cover almost every part of the bike, and plenty of them are new for 2015.

The carbon shock fender is a prototype for now, but should be getting to production soon…they’re finalizing the design to work on most piggy back shocks. It was shown on their own bike brand, Solid, which also gets a new DH model.

And there were plenty more new and prototype parts for that or any other DH bike. And XC/Enduro bikes, too…


EB14: Kali Drops the Visor on City Helmets, Introduces Middle Ground Avatar X

Kali City Helmet Avatar X (2)

Murphy would approve. Perhaps in a sign of things to come, Kask wasn’t the only company showing off lifestyle helmets fit for Robocop. For one of their newest helmets, Kali’s City helmet features an integrated shield along with classic Kali styling. Helmets with stowable shields seem to be growing in popularity along with e-bikes and commuting, but even so Kali is cautiously optimistic about how the City will sell in the US.

The U.S. market won’t be getting the full line of Cities, but there will be at least one. Get the details, plus a new full face after the break…