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EB15: Evil Rises Up with 27.5″ Wheeled Insurgent

evil insurgent 275  (6)

Some would have you believe the choice between 27.5 and 29″ wheels is equivalent to the battle between good and evil. Fortunately, now you can have both from Evil bikes. After launching their 29 inch wheeled The Following, Evil is rolling out their 27.5″ option called the Insurgent.

Equipped with 150 mm of travel, midsized wheels, and fun, adjustable geometry, the Insurgent continues Evil’s revolt against boring bikes…


EB15: German Answer unveils 988g air-damped suspension fork, 98g air shock!

German Answer Excite Zero 988g full carbon mountain bike suspension fork

German:A is no stranger to lightweight forks, having offered the linkage driven Kilo model for years. But the new Zero-series forks and shocks take it to a whole ‘nother level by getting traditional lowers and stanchions into a package that’s under 1kg.

The new Xcite Zero comes in as light as 988g and is the lightest traditional suspension fork available. Lauf’s leaf spring forks still come in a bit lighter in some configurations, but German:A manages to do it with more travel and adaptive damping…


EB15: Charge Color Codes a Revamped Line-up of Gravel/Cross, 27+, and Urban Bikes


UK-based Charge Bikes has pretty much simplified their bikes into three clear lines for next season with a color-coded palette across the board that progresses from barebones grey singlespeeds up to kitted-out raw titanium bikes at the top. Charge built a set of paint booths at Eurobike to show the more unified range and how the Colour Lab concept ties the bikes together. In between greys things get more colorful, with the Plug fat tire road bikes getting the brightest colors, the Cooker mountain bikes getting pure colors, and the Grater urban bikes more subdued tones. 

Roll past the break for a run down of the bikes with UK/EU/US pricing, and another amusing video of the 27+ bike in its supposed natural habitat…


EB15: Bianchi gets more road disc brakes, more affordable options, a gravel bike & 27.5+!

2016 Bianchi allroad gravel road bike

Bianchi’s 2016 range bets big on disc brakes, introduces a couple of lower priced road bikes to bring more people into the brand, and even hits two of the biggest trends, gravel and 27.5+ mountain bikes.

The Allroad gravel bike is a new alloy frame with full rack and fender readiness, a full carbon fork and capacity for 700×35 tires on its own, or 32mm treads with fenders. Those aspects are all but required anymore to be a contender…what’s surprising are the bonus features…


EB15: Canyon Brings Connected Concept to Life with Android Smart Bike Computer


At last year’s Eurobike show Canyon had a project bike developed around the concept of integrated and connected electronics. This year they’ve taken a couple of big steps towards making that concept real with a brand new first-of-its-kind App-based cycling computer and further refinement of the connectivity hardware. Given the name Smart Bike Computer, Canyon worked with electronics heavyweight Sony to develop an open-platform solution that will deliver Android Wear app functionality to cyclists this spring, and offer a future-proof product that can be updated as new apps are developed.

Connect with us after the jump to take a closer look at the computer, a video of its integration, and the apps that are already ready to go…


EB15: Yeti Switches to 29″ Wheels for SB4.5c Trail Bike

yeti sb 45 29 mountain bke (2)

If you’ve been waiting for a 29 inch version of Yeti’s SB5c, the wait is over. Pointing out that one of their most common requests after introducing the SB5c and SB6c was for a 29er trail bike, Yeti knew full well that they needed to add one to the lineup. Though truthfully, the bike was already in the works with prototypes going through the test phases during the launch of the SB5c.

Just when you think 27.5″ trail bikes with shorter travel and slacker angles are taking over, a number of companies have introduced slack, short travel 29ers that are a blast to ride. Now Yeti is no exception with the unveiling of their SB4.5c. Coinciding with their 30th anniversary, the new bike is aimed squarely at the Trail market with 4.5 inches of Switch Infinity travel…


EB15: Even the Packaging Provides Protection with Continental’s Limited Der Baron Projekt

Continental der baron special edition tires fender enduroDSC04983

After introducing the Projekt series last year at Sea Otter, Continental is finally set to release the last of their limited edition Projekt tires. Aimed at the world of Enduro racing, Der Baron Projects have been tested and developed with the Athertons at various races across the globe. Taking a bit longer to reach production, Der Baron was delayed due to Continental’s desire to get the feel of the tire just right.

Apex protection relies on a urethane insert that starts at the bead and reaches to about the halfway point on the sidewall. Too much protection from the insert and the tire will feel too stiff since the sidewall would lack suppleness. Too little protection, and obviously the tire would not survive the rigors of enduro. Getting that balance just right apparently took longer than expected, though the tire should be shipping world wide by the end of the year. As a result of all the testing, the finished tire is said to be excellent at preventing burping. Like the other Projekt tires, Der Baron comes in 27.5 x 2.4.

As an added bonus, Der Baron Projekt includes unique packaging that, in a collaboration with rie:sel design, should help protect your bike as well…

EB15: Kali adds new $99 Naka full face helmet, plus EU-only e-bike model


Most of Kali’s new helmets debuted at PressCamp this summer, including the new aero road lid and more. But there were a couple new ones racked in their Eurobike booth – one for all of us and one aimed mainly at the e-bike market in Europe.

For the global market, the Naka replaces Savara to become their price point full face helmet. Retail is just $99, but weight for a medium is a very respectable 967g.

Unlike the high end, DOT-certified Shiva with a carbon fiber shell, the Naka uses standard EPS construction, not imnolded with the outer shell, but it does get a proprietary visor (as opposed to a catalog item found on so many other budget helmets).


EB15: Prologo adds more padding, more CPC vibration damping to saddles & bar tape


Prologo has added several variations to their saddles, offering a bit more cushioning or a bit of their CPC vibration damping. The PAS saddles, which refers to the models with a center relief channel, get the squirmy little CPC nubs that have been used in F1 and more to reduce fatigue. You’ll find that on the Scratch, Nago and Evo saddles.