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Tradeshow Roundup: Other Random Bikes – Part Two


Sometimes, the coolest bikes aren’t even there with a bicycle manufacturer at all, they’re simply platforms for showing off components. The gorgeous wood bike above was decked out with lights from Supernova (which had some pretty cool lights you’ll see in another roundup shortly).

From there, we spotted other small wooden bikes and some with wood parts, along with the usual assortment of beautiful city bikes…


Tradeshow Roundup: Other Random Bicycles – Part One


B_ant by Bruno Bikes is the Japanese brand’s collection of small wheeled touring and road bikes. They’re steel framed beauties with friction shifters on the stem and decked out with Brooks leather cockpits. They’re so cute that, once again, we’ll need a bigger garage.

Not much bigger, though, as the rest of the bikes in this roundup are sorta just oddities or collectibles or, well, you’ll see…


Tradeshow Roundup: Killer Cruiser Bikes


We don’t usually stop for full technical run throughs on balloon tired path pedalers, preferring to do some cruise by shooting of the best ones. The white one above caught our eye for it’s ghosted simplicity, but it’s hiding some high tech inside the fuselage.

There were plenty more around the show with the Springer leading link fork design and other nifty designs, and the best are at the bottom of the post!


Tradeshow Roundup: Nutrition – New Sports & Recovery Drinks, Pills, Powders & More


All the shiny new bikes and components in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t have the energy to ride them. Sure, whole foods are best, but a solid sports nutrition program helps put the finishing touches your hard training and ensures you have what you need on the road and on the trail. And sometimes we just like a little snack. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone one with the latest entries from LG, Cytosport, Kinetic Koffee, Supercandy and more.

While a Maple Lemonade flavor might sound odd and first, it’s darn tasty. The new Canadian-inspired flavor comes in both sports drink and recovery drink formulas. Check the ingredients and more below…


Tradeshow Roundup: Road Bikes – Part Two


Just like in Part One of our road bike roundup, here we’ve got several Euro-only brands. Actually, they’re all Euro brands you probably won’t find Stateside, starting with the Stevens Comet SL above. At just 4.9kg (10.8lb) for the complete bike, it’s arguably the lightest production bike, just edging out the Dimar Kinetic-One. Of course, it’s decked out with the types of parts that are usually found on ultralight show bikes and lightest bike contenders.

Roll through for more pics, plus rides from Merida, Trigon, FM Bike and more!


Tradeshow Roundup: Road Bikes – Part One

2014 Carrera road bikes

Man, do we need a European correspondent! So many brands to see at Eurobike that just don’t make it Stateside that make gorgeous (or at least interesting) bikes, Carrera being a fine example. Their bikes are always curvy and angled in just the right ways, but what else would you expect from the Italians?

More from them, Culprit, Deda/Dedacciai and others below…


Brooks Reinvents The Wheel…Er, Saddle, & Wins GOLD At EuroBike


Last April we published a teaser on the new Cambium C17, Brooks’ groundbreaking non-leather saddle. After seven years of product sourcing and engineering, Books was releasing a very limited number of C17 saddles for real-world testing. Well now the Italians (all Cambium C17 saddles are Italian made) are back from summer holiday and back to hand-crafting these beauties for production. For an inspiring look into this remarkable venture from such a stalwart of the industry, join us past the break…


Tradeshow Roundup: Bicycle Helmets – Lightweight Road & Mountain Bike, Plus Lots of Killer Commuters


There were a lot of helmets to see at Eurobike and Interbike, many with lots of vents and sleek designs, but these are the ones that stood out. The best of them show the next wave in commuter and urban helmets, giving us some stylish options far beyond the solid, dull buckets of years past. Case in point: The Cratoni C-Loom shown above. Well placed, large vents and great colors complement the Tron-like lines. Additional features like an adjustable retention mech, built-in visor and rear blinky lights finish it off.

But Bern and others had some real competition for it, and Limar continues the push the boundaries of lightweight and safety…


Tradeshow Roundup: Sweet Cycling Jerseys, Kits & Apparel for All Ages

Nalini 1970s wool polyester classic cycling jersey and bibshorts with real leather chamois

We geek out about clothes as much as we do bikes, and there was some pretty killer kit on display. We did full coverage on Gore Bikewear, Hincapie and  Sugoi, and here’s the rest with a lead out by Nalini.

Italian brand Nalini makes many of the Pro Tour kits you see ridden in le Tour, but they also make some unique branded apparel, too. We’ve reviewed a few of their items in the past very favorably, and now we really, really want these throwback bits.

The Nalini Pois Ti is a $190 poly/wool retro polo-style jersey (left) with twin front button pockets. It, and the 1970 Wool bib short ($186) celebrate the year Nalini was founded. On the right is the seamless, circular knit Milano Ti jersey that’s absolutely fabulous.

Plenty more stuff for road, mountain and aprés bike below…