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EB14: Saris Powertap Adds Disc Hub, Plus New Complete Alloy Wheels and a Look at Past Prototypes (Updated)

Saris Powertap Disc brake power meter hubs

Last year, introduced a titanium XD Driver Body for the Powertap Mountain Bike hub, which was something they helped develop. The issue was decoupling the braking forces from the drive forces to get an accurate power reading and not mess up the strain gauges.

What’s new is that the G3-based disc brake Powertap hubs are now available in either 24 or 28 spoke drillings, down from the original 32-hole MTB versions. They recommend 24 count for road and cross, and 28 count for mountain bike builds.

UPDATED: More tech and weight info added for new disc brake hub below, plus specs for DT Swiss rim wheels.

The disc brake rotor is proprietary, necessary to mount a disc where their electronics typically sit. They say heat from the rotor won’t affect the power reading since the strain gauges are totally isolated from the outside hub shell. READ MORE ->

EB14: DMR Introduces Alpine Division, Offers Burly Cranks, Wheels, and Saddles for Enduro

DMR cranks wheels saddle enduro  (3)

For years DMR has been synonymous with dirt jumping. Since first coming on the scene in 1995, the company has been producing a number of well designed products that produced a loyal following for things like their V-series flat pedals. Already carrying a fairly large catalog of products, DMR is now aiming for Enduro with their new Alpine Division.

Built with the typical DMR flair, but designed to be light enough to reach the top step of the podium, the Alpine division is kicking off with 3 new products. The Zone wheels, Stage 1 saddle, and new Axe crankset will have you looking at DMR in a different light…


EB14: Novatec’s Factor Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels Launch For Real – More Sizes, Too!


Introduced last year at Interbike, Novatec’s premium Factor lineup showed all three diameters in the new carbon fiber rimmed wheels, but word is only the 26″ model made it into circulation. And only in limited quantities.

Now, the brand has made a few refinements to the rims’ shape, introduced a more XC-oriented 1-series, and should have everything ready to ship. The wider 3-series has all three diameters and a rim width of 23mm inside, 30mm outside at the top of the rim. The 1-series gets a bit skinnier at 21mm inside/28mm outside and only has the 27.5″ and 29er sizes.

Beyond having a carbon rim, the other main upgrade from the Novatec lineup is a 3º engagement in the rear hub. It pairs a 60-tooth engagement ring with six double-tooth pawls. Three pawls are engaged at any time, and the other three are partially engaged. Each pawl has two teeth on it, so there are technically six points of engagement at any time.


EB14: 2015 Focus Mares CX 1.0 Disc Cyclocross Race Machine One Ride Review, Plus New Factory Builds


Cross racing is in full swing here in Europe with us in the middle of the second race weekend of our season long cyclocross test. Spending ever more time off road on skinny tired bikes, I wanted to catch up on one of our Eurobike one-ride-reviews. We had a chance to take out the German-engineered Focus Mares CX on the tacky dirt and gravel trails behind the fairgrounds and through the purpose built mountain bike test track. The terrain was certainly too calm to get a great sense for the enduro bikes we rode, but let us see the snappy acceleration and stable handling of the newest iteration of this disc-brake race bike currently being ridden to podium after podium by American champ Jeremy Powers.

Read on for more of our first impressions, plus a bit more on the bike’s setup..


EB14: Bicycle Display Racks Go on Safari with Outline Works

Outline Works Animal shaped Bike Racks (5)

There are a lot of different bicycle display racks currently available. From simple metal hooks, to more ornate wooden designs, those looking to save space in an apartment or just wanting to show off their pride and joy have more options than ever. However, for those that would rather have a work of art that doubles as a display rather than a simple mass produced hanger, Outline Works is giving racks a little more life.

Formed into the silhouette of different animals, the solid steel racks are sort of a modern taxidermy – you know, without the need to go hunting or kill any animals. Available in three different shapes and multiple finishes, Outline works has a rack that will mix with your decor – provided you have the right bike…


EB14: Alligator’s Sweet New Hose Cutter & The Best Wheel Truing Device Ever!


Alligator has always impressed with the tools they bring to Eurobike. Things like the electronic cable cutter. They’re usually something that pushes the boundaries of how good a tool can be, and it’s usually for a category that seems so stagnant that it’s even more impressive that they can virtually reinvent it.

Starting with the small stuff, their new hydraulic hose cutter is simply brilliant. Using a one-handed design that gives you a perfectly straight cut with maximum force. But that’s not all it does, and that’s not all they had to show off…


EB14: Koga Unveils Road Disc & 40th Anniversary Kimera Road Pro – Plus Amazing Original Shimano Dura-Ace Retro Builds!

2015 Koga Solacio Disc Brake Road Bike

For 2015, the Koga Solacio road bike will get a hydraulic disc brake model. It’s the one they’ve used to tease their new flat mounts with, and it’s finished off with the new Mavic Aksium disc brake wheels, an Ultegra compact group and Vredestein Fortrezza Duo Comp 25mm tires.

The bike is laid out for endurance racing, combining a lightweight frame with slightly relaxed geometry. All the usual modern standards are here: PFBB30 and tapered headtube, plus a chainsuck preventer behind the cranks.

Even more impressive was the collection of anniversary road bikes leading up to the all-new 40th anniversary Kimera Road Pro. The oldest, a Miyata Road Pro raced in 1981, was decked out with original first generation Dura-Ace, a group that had far more parts to it then than the modern iteration does. In between was a 25th anniversary build, all fitting neatly together since Koga (’74) and Shimano Dura-Ace (’73) almost share a birth year…


EB14: MET Goes Enduro w/ 700g Full Face Helmet, Plus new Drone Triathlon Helmet & More

2015 MET Parachute HES ultralight 700g full face mountain bike helmet for enduro

Not only is MET coming to the U.S. by way of Todson in 2015, but they’ll be bringing an amazing new helmet with them.

The 700g MET Parachute HES is the lightest full face helmet we’ve ever seen, and it meets ASTM F1952-2032 standards for safety. That standard is for downhill helmets that don’t have to have a chin bar, but it includes performance criteria for testing one if it does. The standard also carries higher impact force requirements than the other two primary bicycle helmet standards since, presumably, DH carries the risk of higher impact crashes.

The new Parachute HES has a non-removable chin bar, which differentiates it from past models. Outward appearances suggest downhill, but the weight and ventilation prove this thing’s all about enduro…


EB14: 3T Ionic Comfort Posts, Updated High End Wheels & Tri Bars, Smartphone Integration & Much More!


The 3T Aerotundo combines a classic drop bar shape with their aero tops, just one of many combinations.

3T Cycling has a lot going on, as much with new products as with new concepts for the sale and use of them. Starting with the small stuff, they’ll now offer sizing guides to all retailers and online that complement the mix-and-match nature of their road components. You choose whether you want round, ergonomic or aero top sections on your handlebar, then choose an ergo or classic round profile for the drop section. Lastly, choose the stem angle and length, then put it all together using the guide to help, um, guide you in making the correct choices.

To combat counterfeit product, all parts will now ship with a 3D holographic logo plate from OpSec that contains a QR code, serial number, EAN code and product registration information. If you’re buying a 3T product, make sure it has the decal, then register it to be sure.

Now, on to the good stuff…