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Bombtrack Drops Classic Steel Tempest, Oxbridge 1×10 Roadie, Hook Carbon, Teases Beyond + Tourer, and Much More

Tempest 1

With all of the carbon and hydro-formed aluminum bikes blending into each other, seeing a vintage steel racing bike’s slim lines and soulful stance reverberates in the hearts of many. Whether a new or seasoned rider, it’s hard to mistake something that is as timeless as it is classic and Bombtrack wants to take us back with the Tempest.

Bombtrack, who started out with fixie and city bikes has exploded their line to include cross bikes, road bikes, and bikepacking bikes. Short of a pure mountain bike, Bombtrack probably has something to suit your tastes and new American distribution to go along with it…


Miranda slices the air with titanium track chainring, updates MTB ti rings & adds plenty of colors elsewhere

miranda timelapse pro titanium 1x single chainring for TT and triathlon bikes

Miranda is one of the largest private label crank arm manufacturers around, and they do it all in house in Portugal rather than moving everything to Asia. It’s a family owned and operated business that’s largely remained behind the scenes, though they do occasionally pop some interesting high end products out with their own branding.

The latest is the Timelapse Pro track crankset with 46 to 60 tooth chainrings, all made in full titanium to remain super stiff at the largest sizes. They tested it at the local velodrome to get immediate rider feedback, then raced back to the factory to perfect it…


Topeak Inflates Product line with Tubeless Floor Pump, Light Up Accessories, Tools, and Much More

topeak (17)

It wasn’t that long ago that bike shops had the choice to stock pumps for high pressure, or even higher pressure. Now that there are so many tire sizes and the addition of hard to seat tubeless options, floor pump selection has diversified to meet those needs.

Topeak may have earned their black and yellow reputation with the Joe Blow, but it continues with a new range of useful floor pumps. Depending on the use, each new pump has some interesting features – some of which we’ve seen before…


Rotwild revs up limited edition gold GTS AMG, finishes X1 enduro bike & refines e-Bikes

Rotwild GTS AMG limited edition gold hardtail mountain bike

German brand Rotwild is no stranger to collaborations with Mercedes Benz aftermarket tuning group AMG, and the GTS AMG hardtail is the latest.

Decked out in gold yellow highlights across all components, it matches the body paint of the car that inspired it. Like any good collaboration, the color-matched bits extend beyond the bike, too, with coordinated accessories available from Thule, Topeak and Ergon, too.

Race on in for those and a look at final spec on the X1 enduro bike, refinements to the e-mountain bike controls and a collaboration with COBI to create a “smart” commuter e-bike…


Orbea highlights 175 years with a few wild bikes from the past, future…and a Lamborghini

1994 Orbea Next One hardtail mountain bike with drum brakes and single-sided drivetrain stays

When you’ve been in business for 175 years, you’re in rare company in the bicycle business. True, Orbea started out manufacturing guns, but they’ve been onto bicycles for quite some time and have racked up more than a couple major wins over the many years.

Like any good bike brand, they’ve also racked up quite a few odd designs, not the least of which is this 1994 Next One hardtail…


Alligator bites down with carbon brake pads, true floating rotors


Alligator’s never been one to shy away from amazingly cool tools and other small parts. This year didn’t have any showstoppers like the high-voltage cable cutter or digital wheel truing stand. But their new Floating Star rotor has a true floating design, a design they say is extremely common on motorcycles, but not commonly used in its full capacity on bicycles.

The floating design helps move more air around the braking section, and it allows for some heat expansion, but the real advantage is in its ability to reduce stress on the system. Under hard cornering, the fork can bend, which can put the caliper’s pads in contact with the rotor unintentionally. Because these are a true floating design, the braking ring can move side to side slightly to move with the caliper and prevent stress on the system.


More Summer Helmets, Clothing & Shoes for On and Off Road from Louis Garneau


Back at Interbike we took a look at both the new Gennix A1 aero road bike from Louis Garneau and a few pieces of clothing from their new high-vis Reclaim the Road (RTR) clothing and accessories lines for 2016. But a few weeks before our trip to Vegas we met with Garneau’s new brand manager to look through their huge clothing catalog and pick out a few interesting highlights. What we ended up looking at were some light and open mesh jerseys for the peak of summer, new MIPS helmets, and simple high performance shoes. LG covers both road and mountain riders quite well, so come past the break with us for a closer look, pricing, and availability…


One Ride Review: Ritchey’s Swiss Cross Disc with new Shield tires and EvoMax bar, actual weight


At the end of last winter we had planned to get out for a few weeks to test the newest steel cyclocross bike from Ritchey, the Swiss Cross Disc. Two of our European testers spend a lot of time on fairly comparable steel disc brake cross bikes – both built by small frame builders, one fillet brazed from Ritchey Logic tubing and the other brazed/lugged from Columbus tubing – so we wanted to compare the ride of a production bike from similar tubing. In the end that slightly longer test didn’t happen, so we were happy to get another chance at the end of this summer, even if it was only for one ride. Join us after the break to see what we thought of the bike, as well as our impressions of the new Ritchey tires and bar…


Corsair Teases Prototype Kraken All Mountain 27+ Hardtail, Atomlab Shows Super Wide SL Carbon Rim

ATOMLAB corsair eurobike (2)

Corsair might not be a name you would expect to jump on the 27+ bandwagon, but that’s precisely why they are. Seeing an opportunity to create a plus size hardtail built around a long travel fork, the Kraken seeks to fill a void in the mid fat market. Add in a ton of all mountain type features, and the Kraken might just put those big tires to their full use…