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EB14: Knog Lights Up Your Life, Gives Locks a Code, and Is Working on Lights for Germans

Knog iphone light quados combo locks (3)

Based on the performance of their LED bicycle lights, Knog’s newest products aren’t such a stretch. Sure, their new expose smartphone light isn’t exactly bicycle specific, but it bridges the gap between bicycle lights and consumer electronics. The expose series launches alongside their Qudos action camera light system which allows you to film with your GoPro, even in the dark.

Knog may be brightening up their light portfolio but there are some new bike specific products as well….


EB14: Reverse Components Backs Plenty of Tricky New Enduro, Gravity Components & Prototypes


German brand Reverse Components isn’t seen much in the states, but they’ve got a full collection of components to cover almost every part of the bike, and plenty of them are new for 2015.

The carbon shock fender is a prototype for now, but should be getting to production soon…they’re finalizing the design to work on most piggy back shocks. It was shown on their own bike brand, Solid, which also gets a new DH model.

And there were plenty more new and prototype parts for that or any other DH bike. And XC/Enduro bikes, too…


EB14: Kali Drops the Visor on City Helmets, Introduces Middle Ground Avatar X

Kali City Helmet Avatar X (2)

Murphy would approve. Perhaps in a sign of things to come, Kask wasn’t the only company showing off lifestyle helmets fit for Robocop. For one of their newest helmets, Kali’s City helmet features an integrated shield along with classic Kali styling. Helmets with stowable shields seem to be growing in popularity along with e-bikes and commuting, but even so Kali is cautiously optimistic about how the City will sell in the US.

The U.S. market won’t be getting the full line of Cities, but there will be at least one. Get the details, plus a new full face after the break…


EB14: Tufo Carves Out A Revamped Cross Tread, Adds Road Clinchers, and Guarantees Light Weights


Czech tire maker Tufo introduced us to an all new cyclocross tread at Eurobike that they have developed for this season, the Flexus Primus.  The Primus name carries over from the prior model, but the tread pattern is a reboot of their all-conditions cyclocross tire. It actually looks to borrow the fast rolling, arrow shaped center tread from their old, well-regarded Elite cross tire line from a decade ago, while combining with the more aggressive side knobs of their more recent designs. We’ve been promised a set in the coming months, and will be be very interested to see how they perform in the lead up to Cross Worlds in the Czech Republic this winter.

Tufo also had a good bit of new information on road tires, which account for most of their sales, so roll past the break for their new clinchers, specified weight road tires, and some rumors of growth…


EB14: Xpedo Charges Up Thrust e Power Meter Pedals


For many cyclists, the idea of pedal-based power meters is very appealing. Easily transferable from one bike to the next, the pedals allow for the use of any wheel combination and multiple bikes. Xpedo attracted a lot of attention when they introduced their first power meter pedal at the Taipei Show called the Thrust e. Now offering more information including price, riders can decide if the Thrust e is right for their power needs…


EB14: The Amazing Frictionless Chosen Smart Hub Freehub Spins Freely in Both Directions

Chosen Smart Hub frictionless freehub body that spins freely and silently

Chosen is a Taiwanese hub manufacturer that is happy to work with you to bring your own projects to life. But that doesn’t stop them from bringing a few of their own clever ideas into existence either, and the Smart Hub is one of the more clever we’ve seen.

Inside is their Close Drive System, which allows the pawls to remain closed during freewheeling. When pedaling forces are applied, they open to engage the teeth on the inside of the hub shell, then immediately retract when not needed. The benefits are threefold: No pawl friction, no coasting noise, and the ability to freewheel forward or backward without moving the chain.

That latter feature means no chain drops from backpedaling. It also means you can pull your bike out of a crowded rack without having the pedals catch as they spin. And for folding bike owners, it means you can push or pull your folded bike in any direction without the cranks getting jammed up. Spin on down to see how it works…


EB14: New Intense Cycles Factory Models Sample Top Shelf Components

Intense Factory Models 2015_1

For 2015, Intense Cycles is once again resurrecting their top of the line Factory Models for three specific bikes. These dream builds will be available on the Tracer T27.5, Carbine 29er, and Spider 29er, and feature Enve wheels, Cane Creek rear suspension, a SRAM XX1 drivetrain, and Shimano XTR stoppers.  READ MORE ->

EB14: Break the Bank w/ 2015 Cannondale Black Inc Scalpel, FSi & Trigger Mountain Bikes


By now, we’ve covered the Cannondale Scalpel, FSi and Trigger in great detail. Hit those links for the technical details. What we’re showing here are the flagship models for their 2015 lineup. You know, the kind that top $10,000. Each. I’m thinking of a joke, something like “You’re Broke Black Mountain (Bikes)”…working on it…had something…bah, here’s the pics and prices…


EB14: FFWD Adds More Carbon Clinchers, Disc Brake Road Wheels & Custom Carbon DT Swiss Hubs

2015 FFWD F6 and F9 clincher road bike wheels

FFWD has added deeper clinchers to join the F4, bringing F6 and F9 full carbon road wheels to the mix.

Previously, the F6 was available as tubulars and carbon alloy clinchers, and the F9 was tubular only. Compared to the alloy brake track, which will remain in the line, the F6 saved around 200g with the full carbon version. Both use the same aero DARC profile rim shape as the tubulars. All of the carbon clinchers are 22.4mm wide outside. All of the wheels are built on DT Swiss hubs.