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EB14: Vee Tire Co Takes the Crown w/ New MTB Line, Updates Mission Fat Bike Tire, More


To help launch their new line of premium mountain bike tires, Vee Tire Co. has enlisted the help of Mike King. As a professional cyclist that started in BMX and later expanded to mountain biking, Mike is one of the few Americans to have won a World Cup in three different cycling disciplines. It’s safe to say he knows his way around a tire.

In addition to directing the new Rock Hill BMX facility in South Carolina, King is now the head of testing and development for Vee Tire Co.’s mountain bike category. To kick off the new line, Mike was showing off the new Crown Series – 3 different tires with versatile tread patterns for use in multiple conditions.

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EB14: WTB Shows Trail Blazer 27.5×2.8″ Tire/Rim, Plus Why 27.5+ May be the new 29+

WTB Trailblazer 2 8 27 + scraper rim (3)

Initially shown as a concept aboard the Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Prototype, WTB’s TrailBlazer 2.8 tire has been turning some heads. It turns out, what we though was just a prototype was an all new tire coming from WTB that will be accompanied by a matching rim. According to Jason Moeschler, the project started with WTB Co-Founder Mark Slate tinkering on his own and experimenting with different tires on his rigid 29er. After some experimentation the 27+ concept was apparently more enticing since the tire and rim combination will still fit in most standard 29″ frames and forks. With almost identical diameters to regular 29″ and 26″ fat bike set ups, the 27.5+ is an intriguing size that we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of, very soon.

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EB14: New Zipp Tangente Course, Speed & SLSpeed Road Tires Make You Even Faster

2015 Zipp Tangente course and speed clincher road bike tires improve aerodynamics and decrease rolling resistance

Zipp’s original foray into tires were focused on improving the aerodynamics of a wheel/tire combination. Pretty important since you need both and they always go together.

Now, they’ve upped the ante to lessen rolling resistance as well, making the system faster than ever. They’ve also made wider versions and lightened them up, too. On paper, it’s the total package – faster, smoother, more comfortable and with better control.

Here’s how they did it…


EB14: Hutchinson Releases the Python II, Bites Into XC Racing

Hutchinson Python II cross country tire (6)

It’s been nearly 20 years since Hutchinson released the original Python and now the popular tread pattern has been reworked into the new Python 2. Thanks to a combination of new tread and new rubber the Python 2 is poised to combine the tire’s beloved performance with modern advances in Hutchinson’s tire design. Nearly every facet of the tire has been reworked to provide better cornering, improved braking, and increased durability and traction.

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EB14: Park Tool Simplifies Internal Cable Installation, Plus a Toolbox Full of New Tools

Park Tool New Tools internal cable routing magnet blue trueing stand (1)

Depending on the frame, internal routing can be a mechanics worst nightmare. Fortunately Park Tool is here to help with their new IR-1 internal cable routing kit. Comprising of 3 different 250cm cables with strong magnets at one end, and unique fittings at the other for electronic wires, shift/brake housing, hydraulic lines, or cables at the other. Using the supplied external guide magnet with reversed polarity from the cables, the guide cables should feed right through the frame and snap into place with the guide. Then simply pull the wire/housing/cable through the frame and you’re set. While probably not the first company or individual to think of this, the IR-1 being readily available as a kit through Park Tool is sure to make a lot of mechanics’ lives much easier.

The IR-1 may be one of the most exciting new tools for 2015, but the rest are certainly worth a look after the break…


EB14: Argon 18 Unveils Nitrogen Aero Road, E118 Next Tri & Krypton XRoad – Plus Possible New Dura-Ace Di2? (UPDATED)

2015 Argon 18 Nitrogen aero road bike

Argon 18 has been rather busy, bringing about new bikes for all the hot pavement categories -adventure road, aero road and triathlon- and equipping them with some new components from TRP and, from the looks of it, Shimano.

The biggest news is the all-new Nitrogen aero road bike, which incorporates all-new TRP linear pull road brakes. The frame utilizes many of their existing technologies and designs, including their HDS (Horizontal Dual System), which slices an imaginary line from the top of the head tube back to the rear dropout. Everything below that line is stiff and oversized, above it things are thinner and more compliant. The idea, now common, is to enhance power transfer without sacrificing comfort.

It also uses their progressive sizing and integrated head tube spacers, albeit with an aero shape, to accommodate a wider variety of rider shapes and sizes. The bottom bracket gets a 75mm drop to put the rider’s center of gravity low and keeps the head tube height low for a stiffer front end and snappy handling. It’s all assembled with a 7003 HM nano-tech carbon, which brings the medium painted frame weight to just 960g. Hardware (+60g) and Di2 bits (+23g) add a little more. Fork weight is claimed at 366g when cut to fit a size medium frame.

To get aero, they used smart tube shapes, hidden brakes and custom seat tube…

UPDATED…with the real deal on that “new” Shimano Di2.


EB14: Token Introduces World’s Lightest Headset, New Carbon Wheels & Lots More!

Token Featherweight worlds lightest full bearing bicycle headset

Token’s new Featherweight headsets claim to be the lightest headsets “with balls”, so we threw them on the scale to see. The “balls” reference refers to the sealed cartridge bearings used in lieu of bushings, which is what Cane Creek uses in their Aer headset.

Not only are they light, but they come with various options to fit both straight and tapered steerers and include their new ultralight top cap/star nut. Shown above are the 44mm headtube version in the foreground and a standard tapered set up in the back. The large sleeve in the middle is purely for display, keeping everything stacked nicely in the retail packaging.

All of the parts are machined from 7075 alloy and Token says they’ve tested it exhaustively with 45kg of back and forth tugging while weighted with 116kg of load for 110,000 cycles with zero failures. How light are they?


EB14: Unior Tools Fix Anything, Plus Prototype Tread Shaver & More New Stuff (Updated)


Unior is a Slovenian hand tool company that traces roots back to the 19th century, and we ran across them first at the Meribel UCI World Cup race then again inside the halls of Eurobike. In the pits for pro rider Tanja Zakelj was a nifty prototype bit, but we’ll start with the highlights of their complete collection.

Above is their bearing press kit, which has press plates for virtually any size bearing you can imagine. It allows for precise fitting to the inside diameter and outer face of the bearing, allowing for better alignment and safer installation.

Press on for more nifty new tools and why they’re not in the USA, yet…

UPDATED: Correct spoke/wheel tool kit image added below break and US expansion details at bottom.


EB14: New Stevens Whaka 140 Enduro, Arcalis Disc Aero Road, and Super Prestige CX Update


Stevens bike introduced several new bikes at Eurobike from some fancy touring and commuting bikes to e-bikes, but a couple jumped out at us. First the 140mm Whaka above is a nice looking 4-bar enduro bike that offers a pretty broad range of affordability in an aluminum platform. Then there was an aero disc-brake road bike called the Arcalis that Stevens claims to actually be a comfortable, almost endurance type bike. Lastly as euro cross season approaches and the top riders are soon to be making their way back from Cross Vegas, some updates to the World Cup level Super Prestige look to make it even more capable on the race circuit.

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