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All New Felt Decree Carbon Trail / All mountain bike is 140mm FAST


The new Felt Decree is a statement against the typical bike release schedule. Rather than rush to get it ready in time for the trade show season, Felt held back on their Decree until it was exactly the bike they wanted – a super light but still very capable trail/all mountain bike.

Now the longest travel example of their FAST suspension system, the Decree looks to set the bar when it comes to weight, suspension performance, and frame stiffness…


EB15 Randoms: A little of everything from a Kid’s Fat Bike to a Posh e-Bike


There really is any kind of bike you can imagine for every possible rider type at Eurobike. We have been regularly filing reports on the bikes and gear we found wandering the halls for the last month and a half. As the week and our Eurobike coverage nears their ends, we’ve compiled a selection of bikes worthy of a look, even if they didn’t warrant a post of their own.

When we think of the first bikes from Early Rider, it’s bikes like the Trail Runner XL that come to mind. At 150£ the mother-of-all balance bikes gets an aluminum frame, massive 14×2.5″ rubber to roll over anything, and even a steering dampener/limiter to help out when the trail runs out. But Early Rider does a lot more in light and smart bikes to get kids pedaling and out riding too.

Come past the break to see more of the bigger Early Rider bikes, plus stand outs from Bergamont, Open, Silverback, and Lapierre…


EB15: New Konstructive thru-axle disc road Rhodolite, and steel Tanzanite all-mountain hardtail, plus more


Small German frame shop Konstructive had a few new bikes to show both outside and inside at Eurobike. The second generation of their lightweight disc brake Rhodolite (we saw the first last year at the show) gets updated with thru-axles for the new year. While the bike has a race character, Konstructive developed the frame and the varied tubing shapes throughout to give optimal power transfer and bottom bracket stiffness, with a degree of comfort and predictable geometry that make it an all-day, all-weather machine.

Jump past the break for some more details, plus the new steel hardtail all-mountain Tanzanite and some variations on their carry-over models…


EB15 Randoms: Tools, Tires & Components from Wera, Challenge, Tufo, SKS & More


This week we’re picking through some of the last things that jumped out at us at Eurobike. Today we get a truly random round up of tools, tires, and components that cover a range from exciting and new to just good to know. While each of these piqued our interest they didn’t quite warrant individual write-ups.

We’ll start with a pair of nice tool sets from Wera, which get distributed with Syntace. The 30€ 9-piece rainbow Hex-Plus wrenches have a fluted head, almost shaped kind of like a Torx that claims to offer better bit with less chance of rounding bolts, plus a ball-end on the other side. The 35€ Bit-Check kit is a small 6″ drop-forged ratcheting driver and 9-piece bit set that should make quick work of regular bolt tightening. It includes a some standard Phillips bits, a T15, T20 & T25, plus 4 & 5 mm hexes, but can use any other standard 1/4″ bits as well.

There’s plenty more from Challenge, Innova, Ambrosio, Tufo, Strider, Joystick, SKS, Shutter Precision, and Jagwire after the break. So read on for some more eye catchers…

Fox Teases new “Infinite Adjust” Dropper Post

Fox dropper post infinite adjust

First the lever, now we’re getting the shaft. In Fox’s apparent social media roll out of their next dropper post, after showing the new low lever force remote, we now know an entirely new seatpost is also involved. Specifically, Fox is teasing a new dropper post with only the caption “infinite adjust,” which would be a departure from the three preset positions on the D.O.S.S.

Interestingly, while Fox Factory now owns Raceface and Eason who each just released a seatpost of their own, the seatpost head looks more Thomson-esque than either of those. However, the infinite adjust part would go along with Easton and Raceface’s use of 9point8 internals. Whatever the case, we’re excited to see the big reveal!

SIXSIXONE Announces the New Recon Knee Pad for All-Mountain Missions

sixsixone's recon knee pads, AM riders

Whatever you want to call it, ‘enduro’ riding is really taking off. According to helmet and safety gear manufacturer SIXSIXONE, more riders are pushing longer loops on all-mountain terrain as bikes become more capable and enduro racing continues to gain popularity. Consequently, more and more trail riders are tossing on knee pads to offset the risk of tackling increasingly technical descents.

Launched at Eurobike 2015, SIXSIXONE’s new Recon knee pad is their newest offering for all-mountain riders. The pads are designed to offer protection where you need it, but minimal material where you don’t. With their impact-reactive foam padding, the Recons aim to provide a balance of effective crash protection and all-day pedalling comfort. Find out if the Recons suit your typical riding missions after the jump…

POC Introduces New Tectal MTB, Coron DH Helmets, Resistance and Fondo Clothing Lines, POC Aid, Plus New Owner

POC (17)

If you’re going to announce new ownership to your company, a strong showing at a trade show prior to the big announcement seems like the way to go. First Moots, and now POC have been sold to new owners just following Interbike. POC is now owned by Investcorp, “a leading provider and manager of alternative investment products.” According to POC’s founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn,  “We are delighted to be partnering with Investcorp in the next stage of our development; with Investcorp, POC has the capability to further accelerate, to grow sales, increase penetration into new markets and drive forward innovation, while not deviating from our ultimate mission of doing the best we can to possibly save lives and reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists”

Take that as you will, but if the products and concepts shown at Eurobike and Interbike are any indication, it seems that POC’s future is in good hands…


EB15: Extreme Shox Arma DH and Storia enduro shocks storm the trail with a low pressure system

Extreme Shocks Storia enduro mountain bike shock

The shocks you’re seeing here aren’t entirely new, they’ve been on the market for a few years, but it’s the first time we’ve seen them. And there are a few new features for 2015/16. After diving into the tech, they’re worth a good hard look the next time you’re considering upgrading your rear shock.

Extreme Racing Shox are made in Italy of alloy, chromoly steel and titanium with ultra fine tolerances. The beautifully polished exterior is only the icing on the cake. Inside are special sealing systems that take advantage of their extremely low pressure nitrogen chamber that backs up the damping fluid. The result is a super smooth shock that reacts almost immediately to the slightest input forces, giving you better traction and more predictable performance across the entire range.

The damping technology is unlike anything you’ll find on other bicycle suspension components, borrowed almost perfectly from the company’s F1 experience. Put it altogether and you’ve got an extremely high end shock that’s customized for you and your bike, is lightweight, and isn’t much more expensive than what’s already on top level bikes…


IB15: Rubber Round Up – Maxxis Fattens Up with Plus Size and ‘Wide Trail’ Tires, Panaracer Updates Sizes & Tubeless Ready Options, plus more from CST & Kenda

Maxxis Roundup-1-2

Tires are continuing to grow in size, but nowhere is that more evident than the Plus size tire trend. Well, fans of the girthy tires will be happy to see that not only Maxis, but even CST are rolling out new sizes from 27+ to 29+. Maxxis is even taking large casings a step further with their new ‘Wide Trail’ designation which should be perfect for those gargantuan 35mm rims that seem to be popping up everywhere.

Add in wider tires and more tubeless options from companies like Panaracer and Kenda, and you have an exciting round up of rubber for gravel, road, Plus, fat, and everything in between…