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Exclusive First Photos of The New Santa Cruz Nomad, Plus Weigh In!

Santa Cruz Nomad2 and Nomad 3

When we arrived, the mean green Nomad 2 C was sharing its last few moments on the showroom floor with the new Nomad 3.

After staying up late to glean through a press release and bring you detailed coverage of the new Nomad, I woke up bright and early to visit the Santa Cruz Factory and take some pictures of the bubble gum pageant queen. While at HQ, we had the opportunity to discuss the bike with both Marketing Manager Will Ockleton and Sr. Engineer Nick Anderson.

Drop past the break to check out some pretty pictures and learn even more about the new bike! And in case you missed it, here’s our initial coverage with a Q&A from Engineering and Quality Director Joe Graney.  READ MORE ->

First Look: The All New Santa Cruz Nomad 650B with Updated VPP Linkage (UPDATED!)

Santa Cruz Nomad 650B TurquoiseOn this date last year, Santa Cruz Bikes launched the Bronson, an all new platform designed entirely around the new wheel size. In that intervening period, the company has launched so many new 650 bikes, updated models, and new brands, that we’ve sort of lost track.

Product launch after product launch we kept our fingers crossed, and now after a long year of waiting, the new Nomad is here. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new bike promises to look pretty in pink and still offer syndicate world cup stability. Huck past the break to learn all about it…

UPDATED: Q&A with Joe Graney about the new design and overall changes added at bottom of post! READ MORE ->

Review: Custom Prescription Sunglasses From

Sports Rx Custom Nike SIrens

When it comes to custom eye wear for cycling or outdoor sports, the selection in your average optometrists office is often lacking. So if you don’t wear contacts, you’re often out of luck when shopping for sunglasses. For those four eyed freaks who share the same predicament, SportRx can bring an end to years of ridicule and discomfort. The online company based out of Southern California offers prescription  sunglasses designed specifically for active wear.

To get the lowdown on the service, I worked with one of the several on staff optometrists to help build the perfect pair of sunglasses for my needs. READ MORE ->

Review: Downhill Supreme 2 – The Game You’ve Mostly Been Waiting For

Downhill Supreme 2 Title ScreenMountain bike games are few and far between, but last years Downhill Supreme breathed new life into a genre that had been stagnant since the legendary PS2 release Downhill Domination.

This week the long anticipated sequel to the original game launched, so we dropped a dollar in the app store and said goodbye to a weeks worth of productivity in the name of science. READ MORE ->

Taipei Show: Hutchinson Tweaks the Taipan for All Conditions XC

Hutchinson Taipan (3)

First shown at Eurobike last year, the Taipan is Hutchinson’s new take on an all conditions XC tire. Since being first shown, the tread pattern looks to have gotten a bit tighter, with a few more lugs offering a good balance of low rolling resistance and cornering traction. Created with plenty of open space between each lug for mud clearance and aggressively designed tread lugs, the tire tries to strike a balance between wet and dry performance according to Hutchinson. The result is a tire they feel is perfectly suited to XC on the front or rear, and even Enduro use as a rear tire.


Taipei Show: Big in Japan with Panaracer’s New Fat Bike Tire, plus 27.5″ Slick

Panaracer Fat bike Tire 275 650b moto pacenti (4)

The first performance tire I ever purchased for my mountain bike in the 90′s was a Panaracer Fire XC Pro. A lot has changed since then, but the Fire Pro tread refuses to go away, which is probably a good thing since many people still run and love that tread pattern. To stay current with the times, Panaracer has a new tubeless compatible Fire 29er Pro, and Fire 650b Pro to carry on the legacy, both in a 2.35″ width. There is also the new Comet Hard Pack tire for 27.5″ bikes in multiple sizes with tightly spaced lugs that looks like a cross between an Ikon and a Small Block 8. Panaracer has shown that for the future they are committed to 27.5″, 29, touring, gravel, and fatbikes?


Chris Akrigg Does Cross, Plus More Video fun for your Friday

Definitely not your typical cross race, as Chris Akrigg takes to the skinny tires on his Mongoose Selous. Of course he shreds it to death using his trials skills and incredible bike handling, but even Chris has problems with the toughest mud at the end. We’re pretty sure there isn’t a bike Chris can’t just hop on and kill it with, but it sure is fun to watch.

If you’re still wondering about Enduro check out the How To video after the break. It’s mostly serious.


Intense Tracer T275 Carbon: Official Weight, Tech Breakdown, and First Ride Review

Intense Tracer T275 Reveal

Early this year Intense invited us to their Southern California home for a sneak peak at a brand new bike. While there we had the opportunity to tour the factory, where they build each aluminum frame and linkage and hand assemble every bike, and meet with the creative minds that helped spearhead the new product.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Intense Bikes is one of the last true American manufacturers. They’re something of a boutique brand with strong ties to the local riding culture. In the early years they helped popularize the sport of mountain biking by sponsoring the likes of Shaun Palmer, but in recent times they had seen a drop off in aluminum sales. That’s when a new trend in mountain biking emerged and due to the company’s unique home sourced ethos, they were able to deliver big in short order by offering 27.5″ dropout adapter kits and bikes designed from the ground up . This was huge boon to the small manufacturer and revenue surged by 40% last year!

Having capitalized on the trend early, given the wheelsize it’s popular “27.5″ nickname, and it’s past history as a move maker – it was only a matter of time before Intense revealed an amazing new bike that capitalizes on the company’s storied history and introduces a new chapter…

UPDATE regarding sizing now at bottom of post.


Taipei Show: Innova Unleashes Some Monsters – Studded Tires for the Summer?

Innova monster dh studded tires (1)

Studded tires have become a pretty common sight on bicycles, especially with the crazy winter we’ve had this year. But once the snow starts disappearing, so do the studs. Well, at least they used to. Now it seems that Innova thinks there are benefits to be had with studded tires in the dirt rather than the snow.

Initially aimed towards down hill riding, is this the future of mountain bike tread designs?