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Crash Tested: The Smith Forefront Helmet Works as Promised

Smith Forefront mountain bike helmet review (3)

It was a stupid little crash. A worst case scenario brought on by a silly mistake accentuated by fatigue. After managing to fully clean the Hiline Chute after only my second ever attempt I was feeling pretty good about my technical skills. Leave it to the universe to put me in my place with a crash on a completely flat section while cruising down a wash at 15mph or so. After getting a bit too relaxed and focusing more on trying to find the ideal line than the line I was on, a root or a rock swatted my front tire just hard enough to make me lose my grip on the bar with my right hand. In slow motion I watched as the grip got father and farther away until I was tumbling through the red dirt wondering what just happened?

I distinctly remember hitting my head during the crash and thinking, that should have hurt a lot worse…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



  • Gran Fondo Hincapie | Last chance to save up to $25 on registration – Sign up to ride on October 24, 2015 with George Hincapie, professional cyclists, and cycling enthusiasts from around the globe. Early Bird registration ends on May 31st so register now to save some dough.
  • Bike Georgia’s Antebellum Trail – Professionally-mapped bike trail winds through seven historic towns east and south of Atlanta. The towns that comprise Georgia’s Antebellum Trail recently worked together to create a new way to explore the trail with a 170-mile bicycle route that winds through a collection of Georgia’s most beautiful antebellum towns. The route has been designed by professional cycling planners at Georgia Bicycle Adventures to include the lowest traffic roadway options in the region and allows cyclists to explore the history and scenic landscapes of the state while still being active. Interactive cue sheets are available online at and


One Ride Review: 2016 X-Fusion Sweep with new Roughcut HLR damper

first ride of 2016 X-Fusion Sweep enduro suspension fork with new Roughcut HLR damper

Introduced at the Taipei Cycle Show, the new X-Fusion Roughcut HLR sealed cartridge damper promised to bring their trail/enduro forks into the modern era of suspension forks. It closed off the oil, separating it from the air by putting it inside a bladder, rerouted the circuits to separate compression and rebound circuits, and gave it high and low speed external compression controls.

On paper it looked great, but its the performance on the trail that matters. So we lined up a test ride just before Sea Otter on X-Fusion USA’s home trails around Santa Cruz, CA. The trails combined plenty of steady climbing, smooth singletrack, swooping turns and a few brake burning technical descents. Sure, it was only about 90 minutes, but the mix provided a good feel for the new forks…


Long Term Review: Bouwmeester Tammar 4.8 Carbon Fiber Wide Enduro Wheels


Photo Credit: Ryan Krueger Photography

Back in December, we introduced you to Bouwmeester Composites, bringing a new way of thinking to the world of carbon fiber enduro rims with their single-walled Tammar V4.8.  The technology and story were impressive, so we got our hands on a set for a long term review.

However, we were also lucky enough to sit down with Mello Bouwmeester, the founder of the company to get the whole story on the brand, and where the fresh design came from.  Click past the break for a two-rider long term review… READ MORE ->

Schwalbe ProCore dual chamber tubeless system now shipping, works w/ most mountain bike tire & rims

Schwalbe ProCore dual chamber tubeless converstion system for mountain bike tires

Introduced at Eurobike last year, we had all the technical specs, actual weights and details of the Schwalbe ProCore dual chamber tubeless system covered in detail. All that was needed was for it to start shipping, and today the wait is over.

Built around a tire within a tire concept, the ProCore setup places a thin, lightweight secondary “tire” inside your main mountain bike tire, allowing for a lower pressure where the rubber hits the trail and a higher pressure tube inside to protect against big hits. A clever valve stem and air guide let you inflate both with a single hole in the rim.

The parts will be sold as a complete kit and as individual parts. Ready to get pumped up…twice?


Cross Over Full Face? IXS Introduces the Xult Enduro / DH Helmet

IXS Xult cedric gracia

While the rise of enduro racing has inspired a new generation of discipline specific bikes and components, it has also led to a new category of apparel. Combining DH worthy descents and speeds with climbs and sprints that could be equally at home in an XC race, Enduro brings with it unique requirements for your equipment.

Helmets are one area where riders are still having to make a tough decision based on the event, the course, and even the weather. With certain races requiring full face helmets for timed stages, and others allowing anything, racers are forced to choose between carrying two helmets for the same race, wearing a convertible full face/half shell, or using the most protective, but ultimately hottest solution, a dedicated full face.

The inspiration for the IXS Xult came from that grey area between a full face and a half shell. With the help of Cedric Gracia, IXS set out to create a helmet that offered the protection of a true full face, yet was ventilated enough to keep it comfortable all day long…


Troy Lee Releases A1 Helmet in Three Limited Edition Colorways

TLD A1 Helmet, limited edition drone turqouise, angle

Even if ten years from now the current frenzy for enduro racing has completely died, there’s one thing it’ll leave behind as a legacy- the development of more protective trail riding helmets. In a season or two, what we initially called ‘enduro-style’ helmets have all but replaced the XC lids from yesteryear, and they even brought Troy Lee back into the half shell market.

The A1 helmet was greeted with a warm reception, as the stylish lid has already found itself on several industry ‘top ten’ lists. In addition to the numerous stock choices available for 2015, three new limited edition color schemes of the A1 have just been announced. Customers can now get the A1 in Camo desert, Camo Midnight and DRONE Turquoise color schemes alongside the rest of the TLD 2015 Collection. More photos below…


Don’t Replace your Dropper Remote, ReMount it with new Adapter from Lindarets

ReMount v8 Specialized Command

Not happy with the current arrangement of your dropper post’s remote? At this point we’ve seen a few different options for improving the ergonomics of the drop from replacing the remote entirely, to modifying a front shifter. But for an easier, more cost effective solution, Lindarets is turning dropper remotes on their head, or on their side as it may be.

Rather than completely replacing the remote the new Lindarets ReMount allows you to reposition your current lever and adds increased adjustability in the process…


Review: Magura’s Mighty MT7 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes

Magura MT7 hydraulic disc brakes review (2)

It’s been a while since the Gustav M was the heavy weight king of the Magura line up. Since then that top spot has been taken by a new comer, the four piston MT7. While still offering massive amounts of power, the MT7 sets itself apart with a lightweight build that somewhat hides its heavyweight punch. On one hand the MT7s are light enough to find a home on enduro rigs but are powerful enough to stop full on DH bikes.

After living with them for a few seasons, the MT7s were a surprising fit for a completely different kind of bike as well…