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World Cup DH Mechanic Jason Marsh Spills His Secrets To Faster Spinning Cranks

Santa Cruz Syndicate Bottom Bracket Tricks

In an event where race results are within fractions of a second, mechanics often really on unconventional practices to help reduce weight and increase speed.

In the clip below (starting at 4:38), Greg Minnaar’s mechanic, Jason Marsh, explains some of the tricks he uses to help lubricate the cranks and BB. READ MORE ->

The New Smith Squad Goggle Attacks Fogging with Massive Ventilation

Smith Squad mtb goggle id series

Along with a big move of the company to Portland, Oregon from their long established roots in Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith continues to build up their mountain bike product line. New helmets, new glasses, and now new mountain bike specific goggles indicate the company’s dedication the sport. Thanks largely in part to the rise of Enduro racing and increased use of goggles with half shell helmets, mountain bike goggles seem to be making a resurgence.

However, many mountain bike goggles still share a large amount of DNA from their motocross siblings. With the new Squad goggle, Smith is providing a fresh look into the construction of a mountain bike specific goggle…


Interview: Michael Kelley Advocates for E-Bikes On The Trails


As a co-founder of IMBA and as Vice President of that organization until 1999, Michael played the strong diplomat in establishing use rights for mountain bikes first in California, then abroad. He helped to establish the argument for bicycles by working hand-in-hand with hiking and equestrian groups as well as state and federal spaces that strongly felt that mechanical advantage had no place on trails. Simultaneously, he helped to develop educational programs for trail users, personally posting “Rules of the Trail” at trailheads, so this new mountain biker trail user would have a code of conduct. He has spent countless hours since the early 80’s personally building and maintaining trails across the west. His life’s work advocating for mountain bikes won him induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2002.

Now 72, Michael has taken on a new role in advocating for bicycles – electric bicycles, which he views as the newest technology that can bring new people to the trail to enjoy the outdoors and to enjoy the ride as he has. And, as someone who initially argued for mechanical advantage use on trails for mountain bikes, he believes there is a case to be made for these motor assisted vehicles… READ MORE ->

First Ride: Pikes Peak Prototype: Rose Adjustable Enduro Bike


photo by Irmo Keizer

Not long ago we found ourselves looking at another bare aluminum European trail bike, once again screaming prototype. This time though we had a chance not only to get full details on the bike and take some photos to share, but also to throw a leg over it and ride it hard down some familiar trails. The bike was at Rose Bike’s press launch in the Austrian Alps and is the final working prototype they have used to dial in the geometry of their upcoming carbon Pikes Peak. The standout of the bike is a unique trailside-adjustable suspension setup that lets you not only flip between two different geometries, but also independently swap between two different shock progression rates in about 20 seconds with a single wrench.

Drop in after the break to see how the ProGeo adjustment works, more details on the upcoming production model, and see how it does on the trail…


Shimano Continues to Celebrate 25 Years of SPDs with Special Edition Blue XTR Pedals and M200 Enduro Shoes – Updated with Pricing


Following up on their announcement at the beginning of the year celebrating the 25th year anniversary with some entry level shoes and 530 pedals, Shimano has stepped up their game to the XTR level. They’ll now be putting out Special Editions of both Race and Trail versions of the new M9000 pedals in striking blue. They also have introduced their matching pro rider shade of blue for their M200 Enduro/Trail shoes and the XC90 XC/CX ones.

Clip in past the break for some nice shots of the new top-end blue pedals and shoes…


Trail Thrashing Review with Sweet Protection Bushwacker MIPS Helmet, Bearsuit Kneepads & more…


With a couple months of hot and dry weather across Europe, we’ve spent the better part of this summer getting as much trail riding in as we could. It was something of an idea to stay in the forests out of the sun a bit, but also a chance to get back to my personal technical mountain biking roots. With a few extended lift-assisted trips in some proper mountains, it also has been a chance to do some product testing on some more Enduro-leaning products. One kit we reached to a lot has been a 2016 preview that found its way to us from Norway by Sweet Protection. With a basic protection setup including a MIPS helmet, knee pads, and a pair of new lightweight gloves, I’ve done my best to put them to the test without going so far as to smacking my head on the ground or into any trees (at least not very hard, although it came close a few times.) Matched up with a lightweight long sleeve jersey and an over-the-knee pair of shorts the Sweet Protection gear has been a solid pick whenever the trail gets rough and the descents long.

Hop past the break for the low-down on each piece and our thoughts after a couple of months of riding up, over, and down a few mountains…


Polygon adds alloy Collosus N6 enduro & new DH models, plus their first cyclocross bike


Thus far, all of Polygon’s Collosus full suspension all-mountain/enduro bikes have been full carbon with high end spec. Now, there’s a more affordable version called the Collosus N6. It shares the same 160mm travel and carbon rear end, but pairs it with a new alloy front triangle.

The 140mm T-series, which uses the same suspension layout, will also get a T6 model with alloy frame. Both are spec’d with SLX and Mavic Crossride wheels.

Details and more new bikes below…


2016 Bergamont Encore gives enduro a second look with variable geometry chip

2016 Bergamont Encore enduro mountain bike with 165mm rear wheel travel and variable geometry

The all-new Bergamont Encore enduro mountain bike takes all the good from the genre and packages it into one bike with two personalities.

By borrowing the Flipchip from its predecessor, the Threesome EX, the Encore gets two different geometry settings. And, with rear wheel travel set at 165mm, it’s comfortable running either a 160mm or 170mm fork up front. Now standard enduro features like a long top tube and short stem, 27.5″ wheels and removable front derailleur mount are here, plus a few bonuses like carbon chainstays and rocker arm.


Canyon Heads Down Under with New Distribution to Australia & New Zealand


News out of Canyon’s headquarters today that they have put together a new team based in Melborne to deliver their consumer-direct bikes to cyclist throughout Australia and New Zealand. Bikes will be assembled in German before being shipped direct. The new Canyon Australia & New Zealand market group joins recently added South Korea and Japan, as Canyon continues to expand its global reach out of its Europe base, and will be open by the end of this year to make their complete new 2016 range of bikes available on a new continent. No other new markets as of yet, but they did suggest that we stay tuned for more..

Click past the break for some excerpts from their press release…