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First Look: The Trek Slash Goes Carbon for 2015, Plus Actual Weights

2015 Trek Slash Carbon_0

The Slash has been in the Trek lineup for many years and throughout that period the platform has seen significant changes in order to keep current with trends. At times its tilted towards the trail spectrum, or been a mini-DH bruiser, but last year it was redesigned for the Enduro race circuit.

Originally only available as an aluminum model, after a year of EWS podiums, Trek has finally launched a carbon version. Head past the break for glamour shots and actual weights. READ MORE ->

Spy Shot: New Ohlins Drop in Damper for Rockshox Boxxer Forks

Boxxer Ohlins Damper

It’s a not so well kept secret that famed Swedish Suspension group Ohlins has been developing a fork for downhill applications. We originally spotted the full blown prototype briefly in the new asymmetric Specialized Demo Carbon 650b launch video posted by Red Bull Media, but a chance look at Brad Benedict’s new bike confirmed the rumors.

We literally have zero information on the new product, but in addition to the inverted fork we’ve previously spotted, it appears they are testing a damper inside Boxxer internals. READ MORE ->

First Look: All New Five Ten Kestrel Clipless Shoes, Women’s Models, and New Lifestyle Kicks

Five Ten Kestrel000

After four years of development and being written off by many consumers as vapor ware, the long awaited Kestrel clipless shoes from Five Ten are finally ready for production.

The shoe is intended to compete against the Specialized Rime and Giro Terraduro in the ultra hot Enduro race market and differentiates itself with it’s distinct styling, use of a BOA closure system for precise fit, and a mixture of Five Tens proven rubber sole compounds.


Commencal Launches the New Meta AM V4, New Suspension Design Offers Lighter, Lively Ride

Commencal meta am v4 2

Introduced back in 2005, the Meta has been a fixture in Commencal’s line as “enduro” cut its teeth. Now in its fourth iteration, the Meta AM sees one of the biggest changes yet with an all-new suspension design called the Contact System. Still based around a 4 bar linkage, Contact System is a big change from the previous suspension design with a pierced seat tube and low slung shock. Running the same 650b wheels as the 2014 Meta AM, the V4 is designed to fit Commencal’s vision of what an Enduro bike should be – a pedal-able downhill bike.

In spite of its lighter weight, the V4 is still welded from aluminum with an aggressively shaped 3-piece top tube. Special consideration has gone into the design to allow for excellent standover while providing easy access to the shock itself so you can make adjustments without the need for a remote. According to Commencal, the sum of the changes results in a bike that is even more versatile than the original yet still has their ideal balance of pedal efficiency to downhill supremacy.

Details, geometry, and more, next…


First Look: New Carbon Devinci Spartan Enduro Bike- Plus Actual Weight

2014 Devinci Carbon Spartan_00

Built long, slack and low, the Spartan is an everyday trail weapon bringing 160mm of split pivot powered travel to the battle. The 27.5″ version of Halo’s Master Chief has proven itself, being raced with great success at everything from the elite levels of Enduro racing, to Crankworx, and the occasional World Cup round.

After having been finally released last year as an aluminum model, the podium charting formula has now been transferred to carbon. Learn more about the transformation after the break… READ MORE ->

First Look: New DVO Diamond AM Fork Nears Final Production – Plus Actual Weights

Dvo Diamond Logo

Teasing. It’s a universally derided tactic whether you’re trying to date or market a new product, but that’s just what DVO has done to gravity junkies since it’s inception.

From their inverted downhill fork, to this latest creation, the company has teased and shared it’s progress via social media and trade shows. Every time we visit, they’re one step closer to completing a project, and ready to tease us with the next thing they’re masterminding.

After sharing prototypes of their new Enduro fork at several trade shows over the past few months, they have finally have several preproduction models mounted to bikes and ready to rock.

Head past the break for pictures, weights, details, and some insight into what’s on the horizon.. READ MORE ->

All-New Bionicon Edison EVO Enduro Mountain Bike Adjusts Suspension, Angles & Wheel Size


Bionicon isn’t a household name here in the States (though they do have distribution here), but they’ve developed some pretty interesting technology over the years. The latest mighty morphing enduro wonder bike, the 2015 Bionicon Edison EVO, takes adjustability to new heights.

Featuring swappable rocker arms, seatstays, suspension parts and more, the frame lets you set it up with 160mm or 180mm of travel, 26″ or 27.5″ wheels, change suspension parts and adjust ride height and geometry…some of it on the fly. Oh, and it’s lighter than before. They say it’s their best ever bike.

At the heart of the bike is their Bionicon Effect travel adjust system. It pairs custom made forks and shocks with their pneumatic release button to let you instantly adjust the angles of the bike to suit climbing, descending or anything in between. It’s body weight activated, and works minimal effect on suspension performance thanks to their clever 2×2 fork air cartridges and an extending shock mount…


Review: WTB’s Traction Enforcing Vigilante Tire

WTB Vigilante 650B Tire Tread (2)
No matter how nice the build kit, a bike’s performance can be undermined by tire selection. Too little tread and you’ll push in corners, too much and you’ll push uphill, so finding that happy medium is essential.

We’ve learned this lesson time and time again unboxing review bikes. Consumers want light, so many manufacturers skimp on grip, in order to claim a weight on their website.

In order to get accurate impressions of these bikes, I frequently swap out at least the front tire for something more aggressive, and recently the tire I’ve been reaching for has been the WTB Vigilante. Find out why after the break.


The New 2015 Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt MSL Carbon and BC Edition


While the Enduro segment of the bicycle market gets all the attention, new components and aggressive geometries have begun to blur the line between XC and trail bikes. At the forefront of this movement are short travel bikes like the 120mm travel Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt.

Announced last year as an XC oriented 27.5″ model, the bike has proven it’s versatility across an incredible array of terrain. So for 2015 Rocky is introducing a carbon model with subtle geometry modifications that include a longer top tube, shorter chainstays, and given it a more aggressive spec.

In addition to the obvious geometry changes, they’ve redesigned their ABC bushing system to reduce stiction and have included grease ports for effortless maintenance. For further weight reduction and improvements in stiffness, they’ve also gone to a hard anodized expanding collet for the main pivot.

These improvements combined with an advanced carbon construction that uses rigid internal molds rather than traditional air bladders, plus the interlocking Ride 9 chip inserts for adjustable geometry, have produced a bike that is incredibly versatile and light weight.

Learn more after the break…