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Review: Louis Garneau WINDTEX Eco-Flex II cold weather gloves

Louis Garneau Windtex Eco-Flex 2 gloves

Back when I was a BMXing teen in Ontario, I decided a good pair of cold weather gloves would be worth buying. A car was still a few years off, and the weather wasn’t going to keep me from hanging out with my friends in June, October or January. I bought a pair of Louis Garneau winter gloves and instantly loved them for being thin but surprisingly warm.

Unfortunately, I lost one of those gloves and missed them dearly for several years. After finding a new home in Pemberton, B.C. and diving into the MTB scene, I finally decided to get another pair for last fall’s final trail rides. I found the updated gloves, now known as the WINDTEX Eco Flex 2 and reunited myself with an old friend. As suggested by the above photo, I’m quite happy with them.

Find out why the Eco-Flex 2 deserves two thumbs up after the jump…


Bionicon Adds New Raw Finish Edison EVO, and more



As spring nears and we are dreaming of snow melting from trails we just got word from Bionicon that they are now delivering the new 2015 Edison EVO, which we tested last fall, to the first customers. In a pleasant update of giving consumers what they want, Bionicon tells us that they were getting some feedback that the neon orange and yellow paint schemes were too loud and so made a running decision to offer a low-key Raw frameset as an option. The raw frames are sanded and clear coated to protect the frames and get very minimal branding. If you are interested in a less more subdued finish, the Raw bikes will be available with the next production batch in May.

Bioinicon also announced a new lower cost option for buyers making advanced purchases, and some new suspension options. Hop past the break for more details and a couple more pics…


Review: Carbon Railed WTB Volt Saddle

WTB Carbon Volt Saddle (2)


Saddle preference is about as subjective as someone’s spicey food tolerance. Make that salsa too hot, or embark on too long a ride with a saddle that just isn’t right, and you’ll often end up wearing the same pain face.

While Fi’zi:k saddles go over as well with my butt as ornery Mexican food, WTB saddles have always felt just right, so I was very excited when they offered to send out a weight weenie saddle for a Santa Cruz Highball project. READ MORE ->

See Red With New Answer Red Mist Collection, Plus Super Short AME Stem, Enduro Glove, and More


Forget Enduro blue, Hayes is going red. Known for some creative finishes, Answer Components is doubling down on the most visible fork on the market with a complement of red from the pedals to the grips. Sure to be gracing the bikes of big names like Aaron Chase, Eric Porter, and more, the bright red parts will certainly stand out in a field of 80′s inspired neon colors.

Even if it’s not red, Hayes had a few other new products to show after the break…


Reader’s Rides: Fair Wheel Bikes’ Pivot Mach 6 “XXTR” 22.6lb enduro machine

Fair Wheel Bikes Pivot Mach 6 XXTR lightweight enduro mountain bike custom build

What goes down must be pedaled up, as they say, so anytime you can save a little (or a LOT of) weight, it keeps your legs fresher for those static squat holds while descending at redline.

No stranger to lightweight builds, Fair Wheel Bikes has turned their attention to enduro with a mashed up build on the very capable Pivot Mach 6. Dubbed XXTR, it combines the incredibly light Race Face Next SL crankset with an XX1 cassette and XTR M9000 rear derailleur and shifters.

While those may be standard parts, things get pretty creative and boutiquey from there…


YT Industries’ DH, Enduro mountain bikes come Stateside w/ Consumer Direct Sales


When first announced, YT Industries’ sponsorship of Cam Zink raised a few eyebrows. Why would a company that’s not even available in the U.S. go after such a big name in the American freeride scene? For starters, it’s safe to say that Zink is well known worldwide, not just in the U.S., but YT knew what they were doing. It wasn’t long until the relatively unknown company at the time announced that they had plans for North American distribution. After scoring some serious face time with a huge portion of their intended audience as Zink broke the world record for a dirt to dirt backflip and Andreu Lacondeguy won the 2014 Red Bull Rampage, YT Industries is ramping up to ship their bikes straight to your door.

Starting with an enduro, a downhill, and a dirt jump model, they’re joining the trend of trying to cut out the middle man to deliver well-equipped bikes at prices that may be hard to beat…


Flow Zone Q36R Makes Quick Work of 2015 Fox 36 Wheel Changes

flow zone fox 36 qr quick release (1)

Even after all the hype, it seems the new Fox 36 is holding its own as their new weapon for enduro. It’s lighter. It’s more adjustable. And of course it is more stiff. The only thing that seems to be lacking is the ability to quickly change a flat or take off the wheel to fit it in your car. Fortunately, Flow Zone has the answer.

In previous years, the Fox 36 shipped straight from the factory with a quick release of its own. We’re assuming the decision to remove it for the 2015 36 came down to weight leaving riders with a lighter fork, but 5 bolts standing between them and wheel removal. While the Q36R quick release system from Flow Zone might be stepping into the past in terms of spec, we think there are plenty of 36 owners who will be all too happy to upgrade…


RaceFace Offers Sneak Peek at Truck Tailgate Pad of their Own

Raceface truck pad

Options are always good right? Just after posting the new Swagman Tailwhip, we noticed this glimpse into the future from RaceFace. Part of their softgoods line for 2015, RaceFace will have their own Tailgate pad with a unique fork bumper design help keep the bikes “locked” into position. To be available in both S/M and L/XL sizes, RF says they should be in stock in about two weeks with a retail of $129.99.

New Found Speed: SRAM Tests Out Wheels with Jerome Clementz


Photo c. Adrian Marcoux/SRAM

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite race team, it can involve a lot of paperwork. Specifically, pro riders recording feedback from testing out different versions of often similar products. Engineers take that information and use it to improved the design, eventually leading to the parts we know and love. The SRAM BlackBox program is no different, now headed into its 8th season under the management of Jon Cancellier.

New Found Speed focuses on that relationship between the BlackBox team member and Jon, who then relays the information to SRAM’s engineers. SRAM traveled to Finale Ligure, Italy with Jerome Clementz to get the Enduro World Series champion’s take on SRAM’s newest wheels…