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Specialized Launches Updated Enduro With 650B Wheels

Specialized S-Works Enduro 650B

Specialized has their big wheel game dialed, so rather than hopping on the marketing bandwagon, they chose to sit out the tweener arms race. With the exception of a few gravity oriented models still available in 26″, they stood firmly behind their “bigger is better” mantra, until earlier this year when they quietly released an updated version of their Stumpjumper Evo platform.

The new phrase in town is now “bigger is better – except when it’s not” (what’s currently trendy.) Because despite the sharp handling of their 29er mountain bikes, there will always be a group of riders who consider the wheels size less fun, or too big, or for whatever reason prefer smaller wheels.

So for those consumers, the Big S has released an updated 650B Enduro.


Friday Features: Working Man Hustle, Open Loop Backflip, Cyclocross In the City, & More

Most athletes at the top of the podium dedicate their entire lives to training, yet these working class hereos manage to regularly hold down the hot seat – and punch in on weekdays. Like their style? Give them a like on their Facebook page.

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World Champion Mountain Biker Launches New MTB Skills Camp For Ladies

leighdonovan_1One of the most accomplished female racers in history, since “retiring” from racing, Leigh Donovan has transferred her knowledge and passion for cycling into a coaching career. Through clinics taught throughout the US, she has been encouraging women to ride by helping them improve their skill set.

Later this month, she will be hosting her first ever women’s only clinic at the famous Mammoth Mountain Resort. Over three days from July 23-26, attendees will be treated to yoga each morning, great riding, and instruction from one of the world’s very best riders.

The clinic has already attracted a number of ladies, including Olympic Gold Medalist Kelly Clark, so head here to the Mammoth Resort website to reserve one of the few remaining spots. Pricing options begin at a reasonable $400 and top out at $1,000. If you’re in Southern California, Leigh also offers one-on-one instruction. You can find those details and more on her website – ichoosebikes.

Long Term Review: Gamut Trail SXC Guide Provides Extra Security for 1x Drivetrains

Gamut Trail SXC Guide (2)

Like bad Enduro Jokes, and 650B envy, 1x drivetrains are suddenly cool. Recent advancements such as narrow wide chain rings, cassette adapters, and silly expensive drivetrains, have allowed the masses to ditch the front derailleur, without sacrificing gearing.

An unexpected outcome of this new technology is the gradual extinction of the full chainguide, because the new stuff works so well, it’s rare to drop a chain when using a narrow wide chainring and clutch equipped derailleur. Of course, when racing or simply out there pushing the limits, it pays to be prepared. For those who desire a little extra security, the Gamut Trail SXC guide is a inexpensive solution, that comes with a minimal weight penalty.


One Ride Review: The 2015 GT Sensor X

GT Sensor X (2)

In recent years, #TheNewGT has surprised us by launching a string of amazing new bikes. One of our personal favorites is the Sensor, which is a 130mm travel trail bike that utilizes their AOS suspension platform.

This super efficient frame is not only a voracious climber, but it can also rail corners, and power through chop with the best bikes in the category. But in order to make the Sensor even more fun, GT added a little Formula X.


New 2015 Lapierre Mountains Bikes, Electronic Suspension Tech, and A La Carte Ordering

Lapierre ei auto shock sensors computer 2

After introducing an intelligent electronic suspension system over the last couple years on their full range of trail and all mountain bikes, Lapierre has completely rethought and revised the system to be simpler and more efficient. They’re so proud of what they’ve accomplished, they claim it “could be the most important innovation on [their] future MTB ranges.”

So what makes this e:i shock special? Drop past the break to learn that and more… READ MORE ->

Friday Features: Lars Sternburg Gets His Braap On, Cyclocross Training Tips from Transition, and More

Watch this edit for the loam shredding and 2 smoke noises, then stay for the  Super 8 footage of Bob Fox racing motorcycles in the 1970s. READ MORE ->

Schwalbe Releases More Details On Revolutionary Dual Chamber Procore Tire System

Schwalbe new nobby nic all mountain tire (5)Low pressure tires have more traction. This is one of the underlying reasons that mountain bikers have flocked to tubeless tires and wide rims.

Both of these technologies enables riders to let out a few PSI, rip corners, and climb better, but they come at a cost. The one mentioned by tire manufacturer Schwalbe is snake bite, but we’d like to also include the greater risk of developing a flat spot, and burping when cornering aggressively.

In order to reduce the risk of these scenarios, the company has been hard at work developing a dual chamber system they now call Procore. We’ve gone over the basics before, but essentially, the new system utilizes a inner tube (that’s not really an inner tube) to inflate the center channel of the tire. Then a second valve is inflated at a much higher volume, which presses against the tire bead. This helps prevent burping and allows the rider to dial in traction without worrying about flatting.

The entire system is expected to weigh 200g and be compatible with existing tires.  Full press release and more pictures below:


Spy Shot: New RaceFace SIXC Cranks with Cinch Interface



Spotted on a new Santa Cruz Nomad, these updated SIXC  cranks feature new graphics, and utilize the modular Cinch System. The system allows you to easily interchange single, double, and even triple rings, in addition to swapping out different spindles.

The existing SIXC cranks are rated for everything from AM to DH abuse, so with a quick spindle change, you’ll be able to mount them to almost any bike in your fleet.

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