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Ultimate Suspension Tune? SussMyBike Takes the Guessing Out of Setting Up Your Fork

sussmybike suspension tuning (3)

Do you know what all of the little knobs on your fork do? If you do, are they set right? Are you sure, or do you think you’re sure? The Folks at SussMyBike says they can help and have a device & smartphone app that takes the guessing out of suspension setup. In regards to setting up a bike, I’ve never wanted something to work as much as this and am surprised it took this long.

Rebound past the break to find out what we know about it and let us know what you think….


A Week in Review: Turner Crosses it Up, Step Back in Time with Orbea…. and What is Jens Saying now?

1994 Orbea Next One hardtail mountain bike with drum brakes and single-sided drivetrain stays 2016 Turner Cyclosys cyclocross bike ride review and actual weights

Fitbit Surge GPS fitness tracker sports watch adds Jens Voigt as brand ambassador and product tester TiGr mini lock, on front wheel and frame

As the weather shifts, the wind chills, and the leaves fall, we enter into the worst day of the year for some, as others excitedly scramble trying to remember where they…. or someone else put their light charger. In the mean time, we had everything from awesome to odd this week. Bike locks are simply not what they used to be and TiGr, Abus and Hiplock brought us their own take. Sufferfest and BKool create new ways to make emerging from the depths of your pain-cave harder than ever, and a new dropper….. err, stem from 3SFtech.

So sneak a handful of your kid’s trick-or-treat candy, (but don’t be these parents), and look to see what you missed this week….


Sixpack Racing Adds Icon Mini for Jr., Previews Skywalker 3.0, Shorter Stems, and Hidden GoPro Mounts

sixpack racing gopro mounts stem 31mm pedals (13)

Not all that long ago, if you wanted to pick up a set of pedals for your kid’s bike there weren’t a lot of appropriately sized options. That, and the options that were there probably weren’t the best quality since kids’ bikes are already expensive enough, right? Fortunately, along with the wave of adult quality kids’ bikes, manufacturers are stepping up with quality pedals built for little feet.

Now adding to the options for your little ripper is German component maker, Sixpack Racing. With a miniaturized version of their Icon pedal, your little on can be just like you…


TMAC Stays Glued to the Pedals with Huge, Concave Signature Model from Deity


Having your own signature product is a good indication that you’ve made it as a professional rider. But it also means that product that has your name on it has to live up to expectations. When Deity approached Tyler McCaul to build his signature pedal, the two along with other Deity team members like Cam Zink put a lot of thought into what would appear to be a simple platform pedal to many.

Wanting the biggest, most supportive pedal you could build, Deity’s TMAC pedal is ready to make slipped pedals a thing of the past…


A Week in Review: An E-bike that Will Make You Drool, What & Why Specialized Reinvented Spacing, and New Hoops from Enve

Charlie-600x400 2016-Specialized-Crux-disc-cyclocross-bike02

2016 SR Suntour Durolux R2C2 enduro mountain bike suspension fork tech details Italian Trash-3

We had some fantastic items come across our desk this week as well as some meaningful fundraisers for a couple of pretty awesome guys that need our help. From the best looking, as well as the strangest looking e-bikes from Italjet and Gi FlyBike, new fork and technology from Suntour, what Canfield Bros just whipped up, and a glimpse at Boeing’s new “lightest materiel” which could make its way down to our more grounded needs.

Take a step back in time to take a gander at what we brought you last week, because if my calculations are correct, you’re about to see some serious sh……


Canfield Brothers Whip Out their First Carbon All-Mountain 29er with even Screamier Short Chainstays

Canfield Brothers EPO

From the folks that don’t break the mold, but instead make it from scratch, Canfield Brothers have taken their pretty damn playful, all-mountian, hard tail 29er, the Yelli Screamy, and busted out with a carbon version. Does the new Canfield EPO (cause this thing is dope?) take what is already a proven platform to the next level?

Tailwhip past the kicker to see their reason for developing the EPO, to check its specs, as well as a video of Nick Simcik taking it for a little shred…


Week In Review: Euro/Interbike Coverage, Biggest Crash/Balls at Rampage, Lots From Poc & Lupine, and The Bike You Never Wanted

Lupine IB15-12POC (29)Rampage Crash-9Bird of Prey-9

To wrap up another exciting week, we’re bringing you a easy to scan round up of last week’s massive amount of coverage. Included are some crazy cool stuff coming from POC, Lupine takes us up another step or two with more tech & lumens, Redbull Rampage’s biggest fall/finish, and see this week’s most viewed and commented on train wreck of a….. err, bike.

Skip back in the past to see what you missed……


All New Felt Decree Carbon Trail / All mountain bike is 140mm FAST


The new Felt Decree is a statement against the typical bike release schedule. Rather than rush to get it ready in time for the trade show season, Felt held back on their Decree until it was exactly the bike they wanted – a super light but still very capable trail/all mountain bike.

Now the longest travel example of their FAST suspension system, the Decree looks to set the bar when it comes to weight, suspension performance, and frame stiffness…


EB15 Randoms: A little of everything from a Kid’s Fat Bike to a Posh e-Bike


There really is any kind of bike you can imagine for every possible rider type at Eurobike. We have been regularly filing reports on the bikes and gear we found wandering the halls for the last month and a half. As the week and our Eurobike coverage nears their ends, we’ve compiled a selection of bikes worthy of a look, even if they didn’t warrant a post of their own.

When we think of the first bikes from Early Rider, it’s bikes like the Trail Runner XL that come to mind. At 150£ the mother-of-all balance bikes gets an aluminum frame, massive 14×2.5″ rubber to roll over anything, and even a steering dampener/limiter to help out when the trail runs out. But Early Rider does a lot more in light and smart bikes to get kids pedaling and out riding too.

Come past the break to see more of the bigger Early Rider bikes, plus stand outs from Bergamont, Open, Silverback, and Lapierre…