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Felt Introduces Lower Price Point MTBs, Promises More to Follow Shortly

Felt Edict FRD

While Felt is a brand best known for its road products, the brand is firmly dedicated to mountain bikes. Knobby tires account for 40% of their global sales, and they’ve recently acquired an impressive CNC machine in order to help speed up prototyping.

In keeping with Felt’s new commitment to eliminate model years, there aren’t a ton of updates to write home about on the mountain side. Instead, the brand focused on small rolling updates – like different fork travels, shock tunes, and price points….as well as the promise of something entirely new dropping very soon… READ MORE ->

First Look: Felt Developing New Plus Sized 27.5″ Hardtail, The Surplus

Prototype Plus Size 27.5 Felt Hardtail

Plus sized bikes are here and like many manufacturers, Felt has been testing and evaluating the new platform. Their experience lead them to design the upcoming Surplus model, which is apply named, as it offers a little something extra between the stays (and has the word plus in the name).

The new model should be available later this year and will be spec’d with a 120mm fork and 3.0″ tires.  READ MORE ->

Prototype long-travel inverted suspension fork spotted from… Magura?

prototype magura inverted suspension fork

Aboard a couple of Rotwild’s new X1 trail bike were prototype inverted suspension forks disguised in patterned duct tape. While their reps wouldn’t say anything about them, we took a close look and lots of pics to make an educated guess as to which brand might be testing it out.

The anodized knob colors, the shapes and fonts and some of the finer details suggest its a Magura, a notion reinforced by the Magura brakes mounted to them (the other bikes had Shimano brakes).

The first thing that jumps out about it is that it’s mated to a 140mm travel bike, putting it in a different category than the RS-1. That could mean instant competition for the X-Fusion Revel when it finally starts shipping (it’s still in development, and we saw the latest versions at their HQ in April, we’re just not allowed to talk about them yet).


Shoe Surge: Shimano Introduces 18 New Shoes, New AM, DH, and Winter Specific Kicks Headline Mountain Side


Practically synonymous with clipless pedals, Shimano has a long history with their SPD pedals and necessary shoes. Rarely do we ever attend a group ride where at least one individual isn’t wearing Shimano shoes or using SPD pedals. Continuing their footwear dominance and celebrating SPD’s 25th anniversary, Shimano just introduced a whopping 18 new models for everything from triathlon to full on downhill. For those keeping track at home, that brings the total footwear models for the Shimano line to an impressive 71 different styles.

Clip into the new additions first with new options for DH, AM, Trekking, and even for the upcoming winter months…


Fox Factory Tour Part 1: Headquarters & Machine Shop

Fox Factory Tour HQ

Glancing at the modern carbon wonder bike, there are few if any parts that are still made here in the United States. Among those items are usually things like pedals or chain rings, but surprisingly enough, Fox produces its golden coated bits in the golden state.

The company is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, a small town just outside of Santa Cruz proper, that can claim its fair share of epic road rides, mountain bike trails, and old growth redwoods. We recently visited their facility to check out their production setup…  READ MORE ->

Fox Releases Limited Edition 2014 World Champs Fox 40 and 36

World Champs Edition Fox 40 and 36 7

To celebrate last years clean sweep of the top step ion both the World Cup DH and EWS Series, Fox is celebrating with a limited edition series of Fox 40 and 36 forks. Each fork will feature rainbow decals, athlete signatures, and black anodized adjusters and decals.

Ghost’s 2016 AMR platform builds three trail bikes from one frame, new Lector World Cup & more

2016 Ghost Framr 160mm trail bike using all new AMR platform

Ghost’s previous four bar linkage design is gone, making way for their all-new AMR platform for 2016. Short for “All Mountain Ride”, it uses one front triangle and one rear triangle to create three different bikes with either 130, 145 and 160mm trail bikes without compromised kinematics.

Only the lower shock mount changes, and they say it took quite a while to figure that out. The shocks are different, too of course. The 130mm Slamr and 145mm Slamr X use the same mount position and even the same shock length, only the shock stroke is different to allow the extra 15mm travel. The longer travel Framr flips the shock mount and gets a longer stroke shock to obtain 160mm rear wheel travel.

They’ll be matched up with appropriate forks – Slammer (32mm stanchion forks), Slammer X (34mm forks) and the Framer (35mm Pike or 36mm Fox forks). All models will be available with carbon and alloy front triangles, and that’s where one of the more interesting facets of the design comes into play…


Bionicon Updates Their Unique AM Bike with a New 2016 Special Edition Edison rEVO


Just like the Edison EVO we reviewed last summer leading into Eurobike, Bionicon is again offering a discounted pre-order on the revamped ride of the new rEVO. The new bike gets updated geometry, a lighter frame, and some trick new suspension tech. Bionicon chose to launch the update as a stealth limited edition build with a bunch of top-of-the-line, but understated components.

Read on for full details, options, pricing, and timing…


Specialized Clips Into new Era of Trail Mountain Bike Shoes with 2FO Cliplite


Photo c. Carson Blume/Specialized

In the grand scheme of mountain biking equipment, if there’s one area that has lagged behind in terms of options, in my opinion it would have to be shoes. Like a large portion of my riding buddies and the riding population, most of my riding fits in somewhere between XC and what we would now refer to as Enduro. According to industry lingo that would more or less fall under the “Trail” umbrella. Ever since I started mountain biking in the mid-90s, most riding shoes have typically been either too race-y for my liking or at the other end of the spectrum with a bulky shape and more protection than I really need.

Fortunately, along with the stratification of mountain biking has come an increased focus on what different types of riders expect from their equipment. The same thing that works for an XC racer is going to be very different than the needs of a recreational trail rider, and so on, and so on… Specialized certainly is not the first company to capitalize on this trend towards diversification, but they too wanted a shoe that was better suited to fast trail riding. Not quite Enduro/DH, not quite XC, with their latest footwear offering, Specialized is honing in on the perfect mix of Trail pedaling performance, walkability, and protection.

A natural extension to the 2FO footwear line, the 2FO Clip Lite could be considered the mutant offspring of the 2FO Clip and the S-Works XC shoes  – a shoe that is light and comfortable enough for all day epics, but still burly enough for when the trail gets rowdy…