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IB15: Business In Front, Party In Back – Foes Mixer Series Blends 29 & 27.5″ Wheels, Goes Plus Size For Alpine

Foes fin-2

With the 29er wheel size reigning over all and the infectious enduroable 27.5″ wheel size all but swallowing up the existence of 26” wheels, how can someone not carry on the tradition of mixing up wheel sizes yet again? What are we going to call it? SevinFive9er… 79’er… 97’er?

Trip past the break and see what Brent Foes has been up to…..


EB15: Cube Redesigns in Stereo with new Enduro and Trail bike updates


The 27.5″ Stereo 160 has been on the market for a few years, and after reworking a couple of shorter travel bikes last year Cube wanted to overhaul their flagship Enduro bike. With their new upgrade to their top C:68 carbon the new team bike has been putting Cube’s Action Team riders on the Enduro World Series podiums all season. With the Stereo 160 C:68 Action Team coming to market for 2016, it will be possible to ride the same bike as the Enduro pros, right down to the suspension and component spec.


EB15: DVO Topaz Air Springs Closer, Tests out Brown Diamond

DVO topaz air shock (15)

After being teased earlier this year, DVO is one step closer to offering an air shock of their own. After first starting with their Emerald inverted DH fork which was quickly followed by the Jade coil shock, DVO started in on enduro with the Diamond suspension fork. Looking to make it a pair, the Topaz will round out the enduro suspension lineup with air springs front and rear. Showing a few changes since we last saw it, the Topaz is almost production ready. The Brown Diamond suspension fork on the other hand – that may or may not see the light of day depending on consumer demand…


EB15: DMR Celebrates 20 Years with DeathGrip and New Plus Size Compatible Trailstar

dmr 20th anniversary trailstar brendan fairclaough pedal (15)

For a company that started with a simple chain tug hand packaged in a plastic bag with a paper tag, DMR Bikes have come along way since those early days. Specifically, it has been 20 years of pedals, frames, and other components all designed to take a serious beating and withstand the wet riding in the UK.

To celebrate, DMR was on hand with the latest incarnation of the legendary Trailstar, plus a new signature grip for Brendan Fairclough along with some of their very first parts…


EUROBIKE COVERAGE REVIEW – WEEK #4. KTM, and Hope Tech Have Been Busy!


We’re still over flowing with product coverage from Eurobike. KTM shows no signs in slowing down towards becoming a major player and Hope Tech continues to prove they know what they’re doing, plus more!

Sort through and “dispose” of what ever summer beer you have left and join us on another week of Eurobike 2015!


IB15: ODI Gets a Grip on Single Lock Ons with New Asymmetric Elite Series

odi pro series lock on single grips handlebar tape (5)

Following the successful launch of their single lock on Signature grips for Aaron Gwin, ODI Is rolling out three new grips with the new locking system. Calling it their Version 2.1 lock on system, the grip uses a tapered plastic core with a single locking collar on the inboard side for a grip that claims to not slip or rock even without the second collar.

While Gwin’s AG-1 will still be available, the new Elite series offers three new options depending on your grip style and preference…


IB15: 6D Brings DH Safety to Enduro with Prototype ATB-1A Helmet

6d atb 1a trail enduro helmet (1)

We all hate crashing. But when it happens, it’s nice to know you have a helmet on your head that’s going to protect you during impact. Recently, there’ve been a number of improvements in helmet safety technology all designed to reduce the impact to your brain and prevent a serious head injury. Most companies are using some sort of unique approach but for 6D Helmets, their Omni-Directional Suspension System certainly stands out.

Using a shell in shell design that is suspended with many elastomeric isolation dampers, the result is supposedly a helmet reduces impact to the brain in both low, medium, and high speed impacts. With no other helmet quite like it, the only limiting factor was that it was only available in a downhill specific full face helmet. Well, for now…


EB15: Focus Debuts Sam C, Spine C & Raven Max off-road, plus road racing Izalco Max Disc


Over the course of this summer Focus has introduced expansions and refinements to their two premium mountain bike lines the trail/enduro Sam and the cross country Raven, plus a new shorter travel trail bike called the Spine. The 160mm Sam gets an upgrade to carbon, the Raven hardtail gets Max-ed with a totally reimagined carbon frame, and the new 120mm Spine will now be available in both carbon and aluminum versions. Not to ignore the road, Focus officially debuted the disc-brake edition of their premier WorldTour Izalco Max at Eurobike, and went home with a best in show award. Plus, on that bike, and everything else that didn’t have rear suspension, Focus was featuring their new CPX Plus carbon comfort seatpost. Drop in past the break for photos and details of the new bikes…


RAT-A-TAT-TAT! Intense Blasts Everything in its Way with New Uzzi 275 and Carbon M16, Plus Limited Palmer Edition

2015 Intense-1

When you’re about to step foot into Intense Cycle’s booth, you know there won’t be a dull moment. Considered an innovator in this industry, Intense Cycles came full force this year re-introducing the Uzzi with some updated features and showing off their new M16C carbon downhill bike.

Send it past the break for the details on these gorgeous beasts and see what a lucky few might get their Palms on….