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Crankworx 2015: Norco’s Aluminum Aurums, a 20” Full Suspension Fluid and Longer Forks for the AM Bikes

2016 Norco-Aurum-a7-1-aluminum

Norco has been producing bicycles since 1964, and while they never rung a bell with me back in the BMX years I quickly became a fan of the brand when I started riding mountain bikes. Norco manages to stay up to date and produce aesthetically pleasing designs, yet always offer high-value models that normal people can afford (plus some very high-end options too).

In addition to showing the new aluminum framed 2016 Aurum downhill rig at Crankworx Whistler, Norco revealed next year’s Range and Sight all-mountain bikes that get beefier up front, and they also had a full-suspension 20” Fluid that junior-sized riders will pee their pants over. Read on for all the details….

Giro Elevates their Trail Helmet Range with New Montaro and Montara MIPS

giro montero montera enduro mips helmetDSC04797

Back in the day, it seemed everyone had a Giro Xen (myself included). The popular helmet offered additional coverage at a time when most helmets were still geared towards XC. Eventually though, the helmet market exploded with new options and the Xen faded away. It has taken some time, but by the looks of things Giro is back with a helmet that is a worthy successor to the venerable Xen.

As the latest Giro helmet to incorporate MIPS Technology, the men’s Montaro and women’s Montara are packed with all the necessary features to make the helmets work for the modern trail rider. Blending good looks, improved protection, and integration of goggles, lights, and cameras, the Montaro and Montara look like the Giro helmets we’ve been waiting for…


Commencal Fills Out Their 2016 Range from Kids Bikes to DH, with a Healthy Dose of Spank for a Purple Series


Last month we wrote about Commencal’s all new Meta AM V4 Race, and today they have release another 20 or so bikes for 2016. While mostly updates of current bikes and simplification of current lines, there are a few new (and renewed) bikes and new markets for others. Commencal has also done a good bit to try to lower the cost of entry into many of their bikes. And a curious way they have done that is by spec’ing Marzocchi suspension components pretty heavily. That is pretty interesting since our most recent news from the eminent shuttering of Marzocchi’s mountain bike division, but maybe Commencal knows something we don’t or they just believe in their resurrection? On the higher end side Commencal adds a special edition Purple series of bikes that get a more custom finishing kit the leans heavy on wheels and cockpits from Spank.

Jump past the break for an overview of the new/updated bikes and what we can expect…

Crankworx 2015: Leatt DBX Full Face Finally In Production, New Packs, Pads, and more


Just under a year ago, we caught sight of the first iteration of Leatt’s impressive new helmet. Boasting a number of technologies that promised a safer helmet, the DBX looked quite promising. Shortly thereafter, Leatt’s helmet factory apparently caught fire and burned to the ground. As you might imagine that caused a bit of a delay, but from the looks of things Leatt is back on track with the DBX 6.0 and 5.0.

Along with a number of new protection, hydration, and even medical brace type products, Leatt is very close to launching the DBX to the world…


Jamis attacks enduro with new Defcon full suspension mountain bikes


The 2016 Jamis Defcon is putting other bikes on high alert with it’s all-new 160mm travel platform.

Available in three trim levels, the bike puts brawny 27.5″ rubber from Vittoria underneath an updated version of their mp4 suspension system. The design uses a low leverage ratio to minimize stress on the shock and keep it very supple over the small bumps without sacrificing pedaling efficiency.

The design took two years to finalize and included everything from paper scribbles through to 3D models and then multiple rideable test mules before it was ready for its debut…


World Cup DH Mechanic Jason Marsh Spills His Secrets To Faster Spinning Cranks

Santa Cruz Syndicate Bottom Bracket Tricks

In an event where race results are within fractions of a second, mechanics often really on unconventional practices to help reduce weight and increase speed.

In the clip below (starting at 4:38), Greg Minnaar’s mechanic, Jason Marsh, explains some of the tricks he uses to help lubricate the cranks and BB. READ MORE ->

The New Smith Squad Goggle Attacks Fogging with Massive Ventilation

Smith Squad mtb goggle id series

Along with a big move of the company to Portland, Oregon from their long established roots in Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith continues to build up their mountain bike product line. New helmets, new glasses, and now new mountain bike specific goggles indicate the company’s dedication the sport. Thanks largely in part to the rise of Enduro racing and increased use of goggles with half shell helmets, mountain bike goggles seem to be making a resurgence.

However, many mountain bike goggles still share a large amount of DNA from their motocross siblings. With the new Squad goggle, Smith is providing a fresh look into the construction of a mountain bike specific goggle…


Interview: Michael Kelley Advocates for E-Bikes On The Trails


As a co-founder of IMBA and as Vice President of that organization until 1999, Michael played the strong diplomat in establishing use rights for mountain bikes first in California, then abroad. He helped to establish the argument for bicycles by working hand-in-hand with hiking and equestrian groups as well as state and federal spaces that strongly felt that mechanical advantage had no place on trails. Simultaneously, he helped to develop educational programs for trail users, personally posting “Rules of the Trail” at trailheads, so this new mountain biker trail user would have a code of conduct. He has spent countless hours since the early 80’s personally building and maintaining trails across the west. His life’s work advocating for mountain bikes won him induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2002.

Now 72, Michael has taken on a new role in advocating for bicycles – electric bicycles, which he views as the newest technology that can bring new people to the trail to enjoy the outdoors and to enjoy the ride as he has. And, as someone who initially argued for mechanical advantage use on trails for mountain bikes, he believes there is a case to be made for these motor assisted vehicles… READ MORE ->

First Ride: Pikes Peak Prototype: Rose Adjustable Enduro Bike


photo by Irmo Keizer

Not long ago we found ourselves looking at another bare aluminum European trail bike, once again screaming prototype. This time though we had a chance not only to get full details on the bike and take some photos to share, but also to throw a leg over it and ride it hard down some familiar trails. The bike was at Rose Bike’s press launch in the Austrian Alps and is the final working prototype they have used to dial in the geometry of their upcoming carbon Pikes Peak. The standout of the bike is a unique trailside-adjustable suspension setup that lets you not only flip between two different geometries, but also independently swap between two different shock progression rates in about 20 seconds with a single wrench.

Drop in after the break to see how the ProGeo adjustment works, more details on the upcoming production model, and see how it does on the trail…