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SOC15: Polygon brings enduro-ready Collossus N9 to USA, plus new 27.5 race hardtail & Bend CX bike


Polygon is still establishing their brand here in the states, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing a model built specifically for launch in the U.S. market.

The new Collossus N9 bumps things up from the Collossus T8 with more travel, slacker angles and a more capable fork and rear shock. The T8 has 140mm travel, but the new N9 gets 160mm and a one-degree slacker head angle, meaning it’s built for more speed on the downhills. Yes, that all translates to enduro…


Ion’s Tectonic Fit Pads Get You up to Speed and Bring You Down Safely


Photo by Ale DiLullo

They say to follow your passions, and that’s exactly what brought Ion into the cycling realm. Since 2004 Ion has been producing wetsuits and accessories for watersports, but since the company founder also happens to love riding bikes, they decided to take their experience in making wetsuits fit comfortably into MTB protection in 2013.

Ion’s new top of the line K Cap and K Cap Select pads are designed for maximum protection when you’re riding at maximum speed. Their design elements allow for full mobility and excellent protection so you can get up to speed, and stay safe when you suddenly go from full-tilt to full-stop…

SOC15: Bontrager Rolls 29+ with Line Plus Wheels, Intros new SE5 Light Weight Enduro Tire

Bontrager Line elite plus se5 enduro tire fat bike chupacabra hodag barbegazi (7)

With Trek going all in with the Stache +, it should stand to reason that Bontrager will be offering up a line of plus sized accessories. Already offering the Chupacabra tire for 29+ (27+ Chupacabras are coming), the big story is the addition of the Line Plus wheelset. Borrowing from many of the current Bontrager wheel technologies, the Line Plus is a wider version of their Line mountain bike wheelset that should be a great addition to your bike+ whether you need Boost or standard hubs…

SOC15: Evoc Teases Stage Hydration Packs, Shows Bike Travel Bag Pro

Evoc bags bike travel pro stage hydration packs (28)

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time for loading up your hydration pack and suffering with a sweaty back in the hot sun. OR, you could check out the new Stage Line of hydration packs from EVOC. Officially launching at Eurobike, we got a first look at what look to be some very well thought out packs…


SOC15: Yeti’s Ride Driven Clothing Collection Offers Turquoise Threads for Men and Women

yeti clothing enduro teller tolland  (12)

Ok, so it may not be as cool as a new Yeti mountain bike, but when Yeti introduces new clothing it still gains attention. When asked why Yeti is going so deep on apparel their response was that to them, Yeti clothing is a reflection of how they choose to build and spec bikes. The Tribe of employees, team riders, and friends like what they like and this is a way to offer that with a little Yeti style mixed in.

Adding to an already attractive line, the latest pieces offer something for man, woman, enduro, or trail…


All-new Easton Heist mountain bike wheels – choose width & size for one low price

Easton Heist wide mountain bike wheels first impressions ride review

It started with the Arc rims, offering three widths to suit everything from cross country to all mountain riding. Now, they’ve taken those rims and built them into very affordable wheels that are built to take full advantage of bigger, meatier tires and the more aggressive riding those tires allow.

The new Easton Heist wheels come in 29er and 27.5″ sizes, with internal rim widths of 24, 27 and 30 millimeters. They’re laced 3-cross to new X5 hubs, with 28 double butted spokes per wheel and silver brass nipples holding them in place. All of the spokes -front and rear, drive and non-drive side- are the same length, too, and the wheels come with five spares to make repairs quick and easy.

But you’ll have to earn those repairs with some hard ridin’…


SOC15: First look at new ultra wide 29er rims from Derby


Founded in 2012, Derby Rims was one of the first manufacturers to bring ultra wide rims to the market. In addition to being at the forefront of the wider is better trend, their product was unique because it was carbon, and affordable.

At Sea Otter this year, they were showcasing a new ultra wide 29er rim that should appeal to both ultra wide and mid fat loving crowd. READ MORE ->

SOC15: Deity Components Teases TMac Signature, Introduces BladeRunner Pedals, BlackLabel Bars, and Micro DM, Cavity 35 Stems

Deity tmac pedal bladerunner blacklabel micro dm stem cavity 35  (2)

Deity’s roots may lie in the dirt jump scene, but these days their namesake components are just as likely to be found on the DH bike of a World Cup racer as they are on an enduro bike at your local trails. Just over 10 years since the company was founded, Eric and Sadie Davies are still very much focused on the rider owned part of the company as well as staying true to their original vision. Still experiencing impressive growth, Eric mentioned that they were in the process of building a completely new headquarters (still in Idaho) that will give them a much bigger footprint to work from. Genuinely excited to see their products added to bikes on the World Cup DH circuit, Deity continues to pump out new products in an array of colors, even though Eric is still a big fan of just black.

Among the new goods that were officially launched at Sea Otter, the TMac signature pedals are slated for a June release. Get a first look plus full details on the new BladeRunner pedals, BlackLabel Bars, and Micro DM and Cavity 35 stems next…


SOC15: Hope 10 and 11 Speed Wide Range Cassettes, Full Boost Hubs, and Wild Show bikes

Hope boost 148 110 10 speed cassette 11 speed  (1)

Hope Tech is nearing production of their new wide range cassettes which should be music to riders’ ears – if they are running a Hope Evo hub. That last part is the catch. Due to the nature of the 10t small cog, the designs hinges on the shorter cassette body of a Hope Evo hub. Since the 10t cog hangs over the edge of the freehub it simply won’t fit other hubs meaning for now this a Hope only affair.

Those that do have an Evo hub built into their wheels or plan on it will be able to take advantage of either a 10-40t 10 speed option or a 10-44t 11 speed cassette in the future. According to Hope, they plan on releasing the 10 speed cassette first since they feel there are far more users looking for additional wide range 10 speed cassettes rather than 11 speed at the moment.

Hope also had their full Boost complement of hubs on display of which the big news was the new 15×110 front hub. We got an early look at the Boost 12×148 rear hub at Frostbike, so now there is a complete set. Both hubs use completely new hub bodies and center tubes while all the other parts are carry overs from the original Evos.

It wouldn’t be a tradeshow without some wildly anodized and customized bikes from Hope – you know you want to see them after the break…