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Video: Pinning it on a Nicolai Argon Pinion Fat Bike

Fat Bike? Check. Gates Carbon Drive? Check. Gearbox? Check. Half lid paired with goggles? Check. Yup, this may be the most hipster video I’ve ever seen, but it’s still bad ass. #SoEnduro

Santa Cruz Launches New 27.5″ Chameleon Hardtail

Santa Cruz 27.5 Chameleon Hardtail (2)Buried under all the excitement of new (and more affordable) carbon bikes, was the launch of the updated Santa Cruz Chameleon. A long standing favorite among hardtail junkies, not much has changed, except it’s now rolling on 27.5″ wheels.

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Bike Porn: Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon Cutaway

Santa Cruz Carbon Nomad Cutaway (1)During a quick visit to the Santa Cruz Factory earlier this week, I had the opportunity to peruse the showroom floor. Nestled in a corner, was this cutaway of the latest Santa Cruz wonder bike.

Drop past the break to see it’s internals neatly displayed…


New Specialized Roval Traverse Fattie All Mountain Wheels Show Fat’s Where It’s At

Specialized-Roval-Traverse-SL-Fattie-Wheel-(1)Photo credit: Specialized / Dan Barham

Just like apple pie, when it comes to wheels, bigger is definitely better. This time though, the big industry push isn’t towards larger hoops, but rather wider internal rim diameters.

It’s not a novel concept, but one that has only recently gained traction, and is strongly backed by on the trail performance, and lab testing. READ MORE ->

Spotted: New Shimano Enduro Racepack

Shimano Enduro Race Pack

Spotted over on the Shimano Lifestyle Gear website, this new Enduro Racepack is a new addition to their promising line of hydration bags (reviewed by Zach here).

This new model appears to be on the smaller side of the packs in the existing line up, with only enough room to carry the racing essentials. The straps above and below are likely intended to slog the full face and guards that are becoming mandatory equipement at many race venues, while the X-Harness should keep everything firmly (and comfortably) secured.

We’re still waiting for more details regarding the 4L pack, but stay tuned to the product page here for more info.

New Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank Tightens Up Your Ride

New Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank Tightens Up Your Ride

When Race Face introduced their Next SL crankset they not only set the benchmark for light weight durability, but compatibility as well. Offering a single crank that would work on XC, Enduro, even fat bikes, with multiple ring combinations, the Next SLs quickly became a hit. However, thanks to their carbon construction the Next SL cranks are fairly pricey.

Enter the new Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks – all of the versatility of the Next SL that you’ve come to love, just in aluminum. What does that mean for the weight? Find out next…


Hutchinson Launches New Enduro Range of Tires


Available this July, Hutchinson is launching a set of new performance tires targeted towards the Enduro race scene. The new Squale is designed for dry to rocky terrain, the Toro is for mixed to muddy conditions, and the DZO for slop.

Each of these tires receives an all new rubber compound that provides optimum grip, and sidewall reinforcement, but keeps the weight down. READ MORE ->

Sun Ringle MuleFüt Fat Bike Rim Brings the Snow, Plus More from Hayes Components


Bicycle companies already have to work pretty hard to forecast future sales, but it seems that forecasting the weather is also fairly important. At Summer Press Camp 2014, Hayes Components seemed to know exactly what was coming as the only brand on hand with a fat bike to take advantage of the wet, heavy snow that fell on Park City. Naturally, Big John Wells was happy to demonstrate the new MuleFüt 80′s abilities on an extremely slick walkway.

We might have gotten the first details at Sea Otter, but we have the full details including weights on Sun Ringle’s new tubeless fat bike rim, plus a few other goodies after the jump…


First Impression: Shredding SRAM’s New Guide RSC Disc Brakes

Sram Guide RSC Brakes

With their latest MTB stoppers in short supply, I was fortunate to get my hands on a set of the new SRAM Guide RSC disc brakes just in time for the very challenging Pisgah Enduro.

Not often would I consider swapping my favorite stoppers, Formula R0’s, for something different the week before an event that incorporates roughly 55 miles spread over 7 stages with around 13,000 feet of technical and rough climbing and descending. But the Guides were easy to set up and felt good right out of the box.  Still, I did pack my Formulas in my tool bag juuuust in case a 20 mile pre-ride left me in doubt.  Needless to say, the Guides stayed on.”