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Cross Over Full Face? IXS Introduces the Xult Enduro / DH Helmet

IXS Xult cedric gracia

While the rise of enduro racing has inspired a new generation of discipline specific bikes and components, it has also led to a new category of apparel. Combining DH worthy descents and speeds with climbs and sprints that could be equally at home in an XC race, Enduro brings with it unique requirements for your equipment.

Helmets are one area where riders are still having to make a tough decision based on the event, the course, and even the weather. With certain races requiring full face helmets for timed stages, and others allowing anything, racers are forced to choose between carrying two helmets for the same race, wearing a convertible full face/half shell, or using the most protective, but ultimately hottest solution, a dedicated full face.

The inspiration for the IXS Xult came from that grey area between a full face and a half shell. With the help of Cedric Gracia, IXS set out to create a helmet that offered the protection of a true full face, yet was ventilated enough to keep it comfortable all day long…


Troy Lee Releases A1 Helmet in Three Limited Edition Colorways

TLD A1 Helmet, limited edition drone turqouise, angle

Even if ten years from now the current frenzy for enduro racing has completely died, there’s one thing it’ll leave behind as a legacy- the development of more protective trail riding helmets. In a season or two, what we initially called ‘enduro-style’ helmets have all but replaced the XC lids from yesteryear, and they even brought Troy Lee back into the half shell market.

The A1 helmet was greeted with a warm reception, as the stylish lid has already found itself on several industry ‘top ten’ lists. In addition to the numerous stock choices available for 2015, three new limited edition color schemes of the A1 have just been announced. Customers can now get the A1 in Camo desert, Camo Midnight and DRONE Turquoise color schemes alongside the rest of the TLD 2015 Collection. More photos below…


Don’t Replace your Dropper Remote, ReMount it with new Adapter from Lindarets

ReMount v8 Specialized Command

Not happy with the current arrangement of your dropper post’s remote? At this point we’ve seen a few different options for improving the ergonomics of the drop from replacing the remote entirely, to modifying a front shifter. But for an easier, more cost effective solution, Lindarets is turning dropper remotes on their head, or on their side as it may be.

Rather than completely replacing the remote the new Lindarets ReMount allows you to reposition your current lever and adds increased adjustability in the process…


Review: Magura’s Mighty MT7 4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes

Magura MT7 hydraulic disc brakes review (2)

It’s been a while since the Gustav M was the heavy weight king of the Magura line up. Since then that top spot has been taken by a new comer, the four piston MT7. While still offering massive amounts of power, the MT7 sets itself apart with a lightweight build that somewhat hides its heavyweight punch. On one hand the MT7s are light enough to find a home on enduro rigs but are powerful enough to stop full on DH bikes.

After living with them for a few seasons, the MT7s were a surprising fit for a completely different kind of bike as well…


SOC15: KHS SixFifty 7500 full susser gets complete makeover as an enduro racer


At first glance, the ultra low saddle and its excessive tilt could make you think this was a new downhill bike. But then you realize that it was prepped for Sea Otter’s “gravity” courses and that the fork’s angle wasn’t nearly slack enough for a true DH bike. What this new KHS 7500 really is is a totally overhauled mountain bike designed for enduro racing. And it’s drastically better looking than its predecessor.

Just as interesting as the frame is the production story. This isn’t the first incarnation of the new 7500. Those were on the water, but when everything got held up in the big California freight debacle, they actually changed the frame design and sent the originals back. So, these new ones are somewhere between production and in the warehouse, considered a late 2015 model introduction…


SOC15: Polygon brings enduro-ready Collossus N9 to USA, plus new 27.5 race hardtail & Bend CX bike


Polygon is still establishing their brand here in the states, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing a model built specifically for launch in the U.S. market.

The new Collossus N9 bumps things up from the Collossus T8 with more travel, slacker angles and a more capable fork and rear shock. The T8 has 140mm travel, but the new N9 gets 160mm and a one-degree slacker head angle, meaning it’s built for more speed on the downhills. Yes, that all translates to enduro…


Ion’s Tectonic Fit Pads Get You up to Speed and Bring You Down Safely


Photo by Ale DiLullo

They say to follow your passions, and that’s exactly what brought Ion into the cycling realm. Since 2004 Ion has been producing wetsuits and accessories for watersports, but since the company founder also happens to love riding bikes, they decided to take their experience in making wetsuits fit comfortably into MTB protection in 2013.

Ion’s new top of the line K Cap and K Cap Select pads are designed for maximum protection when you’re riding at maximum speed. Their design elements allow for full mobility and excellent protection so you can get up to speed, and stay safe when you suddenly go from full-tilt to full-stop…

SOC15: Bontrager Rolls 29+ with Line Plus Wheels, Intros new SE5 Light Weight Enduro Tire

Bontrager Line elite plus se5 enduro tire fat bike chupacabra hodag barbegazi (7)

With Trek going all in with the Stache +, it should stand to reason that Bontrager will be offering up a line of plus sized accessories. Already offering the Chupacabra tire for 29+ (27+ Chupacabras are coming), the big story is the addition of the Line Plus wheelset. Borrowing from many of the current Bontrager wheel technologies, the Line Plus is a wider version of their Line mountain bike wheelset that should be a great addition to your bike+ whether you need Boost or standard hubs…

SOC15: Evoc Teases Stage Hydration Packs, Shows Bike Travel Bag Pro

Evoc bags bike travel pro stage hydration packs (28)

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time for loading up your hydration pack and suffering with a sweaty back in the hot sun. OR, you could check out the new Stage Line of hydration packs from EVOC. Officially launching at Eurobike, we got a first look at what look to be some very well thought out packs…