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Mavic Honors 20 years of Crossmax with Pro LTD WTS, Clothes, and Gear

Mavic Crossmax LTD pro mountain bike enduro wheels _5894_1

Don’t compromise, ride Crossmax. That’s the slogan Mavic has been using for nearly 20 years since the very first Crossmax wheels were introduced in 1996. Originally introduced to offer what Mavic considered the best blend of performance and reliability, mountain biking has changed drastically since they came on the scene. Initially available in just one model, Crossmax wheels have evolved in step with riding to include 4 different models with over 100 pro level race wins in everything from XC to enduro, 4x, even slopestyle.

The latest addition to the Crossmax lineage blends much of what we’ve seen recently from Mavic with a few new touches that offer continuous improvement. Given the Crossmax Pro LTD moniker, some of the new product will be available in limited numbers and only in certain markets…


New Shimano 11-Speed XT 8000 Brings a 42T Cog, Plus More Crank & Axle options

2016 Shimano XT 8000 11-speed mountain bike component group details

Lots of new shiny parts today as Shimano has updated its workhorse Deore XT groupset to the same new 11-speed standard we’ve seen in the current XTR group. Plenty of tech makes its way into the new 8000 group, while still keeping the Trail and Race options that have helped make these upper level Shimano groups successful even as mountain biking specializes itself. Like XTR, the new XT offers 1×11, 2×11, and 3×11 setups with Shimano’s Rhythm Step progression aimed at keeping gearing steps smooth and consistent to maintain ideal pedaling cadence.

Shift past the break for all the trickle-down update details, new crank spindle options and expected availabilities…


Osprey Releases New 2015 Syncro, Zealot and Escapist Packs

Osprey Syncro 15 hydration pack, blackOsprey Syncro 10 hydration pack, blueOsprey Syncro 3 hydration pack, green

Although water bottle cages are making a comeback in the trail riding scene, they don’t carry anything but water – and not that much of it. Whether for fear of running dry or having a mechanical breakdown, many off-road riders won’t go too far without a good hydration pack. While there used to be one prominent brand in this market, companies like Osprey have jumped in with some nice looking product.

Osprey makes a full line of backpacks and hydration packs for hiking, biking, mountaineering, trail running, and backcountry recreation. They’ve just announced their newly slimmed-down Syncro Series (seen above) and enduro-focused Zealot pack, plus the revised Escapist Series. Stay tuned to Bikerumor for a full review on the Syncro 15 later this summer, but for now here’s the basics on Osprey’s packs…


TPE15: New Vittoria MTB tires cover XC to DH, plus a look at graphene carbon rims


Last year, the Geax line of mountain bike tires was rolled into parent brand Vittoria. Most of the existing models carried over, and the Peyote, Barzo and Jafaki are the first three new treads to roll out under the Vittoria name.

The Jafaki is a moto-inspired tire with big knobs and even bigger side knobs to keep your firmly planted during high speed (read: descending) maneuvering. The widely spaced center section should clear quickly, making it a solid choice for enduro on anything but very dry hardpack.

The Barzo and Peyote skew more toward all purpose trail and XC use with lower profile knobs and faster rolling center sections. All three tires use sipes on the tread blocks to improve grip.


Intense Partners with DVO for Limited Edition Green Tracer T275C


Ready to make your riding buddies green with envy? That will be the case if you happen to score one of these limited edition Intense Tracer T275C DVO builds. After partnering with DVO on the build, the bike benefits from a race tuned DVO suspension package with a Diamond fork set at 160mm of travel and a Jade Coil rear shock. To up the limited edition bling even further, the Tracer scores a color matched SRAM X01/X1 drivetrain and Stan’s Flow wheels.

The green rippers will be shown at Sea Otter, and limited to just 250 pieces…


2016 FOX 34 Trail Forks, Float DPS Shock, & EVOL Air Sleeve – Plus Technical Interview

34-2016 Last year Fox introduced a completely revised 36 series of forks that were lighter and more supple than anything else in their lineup. An important part of that trail taming recipe was a move to a new air spring system, which eliminated the use of a coil in the negative spring.

In addition to helping shave almost a quarter pound, the new design (which they’re calling the FIT4 in the 34 series fork, for fourth generation Fox Isolated Technology) provided a more consistent feel. Rather than having to pick a coil spring rate to accommodate a wide variety of riders, they borrowed from a design first introduced in their 1999 Float Shock, to automatically equalize the air in the negative chamber when the fork was deep into it’s compression stroke. This technology also meant that Fox could introduce volume spacers to tune the progressiveness of the air spring. (You can read more about the new Float air spring here, and check out our Suspension Setup Series to learn more in general.)

Due to the drastic drop in weight and incredible gains in performance, it was only a matter of time before Fox took this technology down market to its 34 series of trail oriented forks. As such, Fox claims the new 34 is the “little brother to the 36″ and is aimed at aggressive trail riders looking for a super lightweight package. READ MORE ->

SRAM Guide Brakes get the “Ultimate” treatment with better heat management, bleeding & lower weight


To SRAM, the original Guide was much more than a new brake. Truthfully, it was a redeeming Hail Mary, thrown in hopes of regaining consumers’ trust after the era of the Avid Elixir.

It worked.

We’ll have our long term review up soon, but the short version is this – the Guide brakes really are the brake SRAM needed. Big on power, good ergonomics, and smooth at the lever, the Guides were a perfect match with the new CenterLine rotors. In spite of how good the Guide brakes turned out, they’re about to get even better with the new Guide Ultimate. More than just a carbon lever and some titanium parts, the Guide Ultimates include an all new caliper, new bleed technology, and a lighter CenterLine X rotor to go along with it…


TPE15: Maxxis revamps mountain bike line, new fat bike tires, gravel, road tubeless & more!


Updates across the entire Maxxis range touch every discipline, from mountain and fat bikes, to road tubeless and tubular, to new gravel options. Only cyclocross tires were untouched for now.

On the mountain bike side, some of their best known tread patterns were reworked to improve performance. The Crossmark II gets a few redesigns to help with cornering and braking. The side knobs have been opened up by dramatically reducing the size of the round knob and spacing it out to every other section to help with cornering grip. The center section gets a ramped/stepped design instead of being full height all the way around. They’re also a bit wider, so there’s more of an end block on each ramp to bite in for better braking.


Velocity USA Offers New High End Blunt SS Wheelset with Industry Nine Hubs



If you’ve decided you want to upgrade to some wider rims but aren’t looking for something of the carbon variety, Velocity USA has a new option worth checking out. Based on their latest mountain bike rim, the Blunt SS, Velocity is teaming up with another domestic manufacturer for a killer wheelset. Calling it their top shelf mountain bike build, the wheels use equally top shelf hubs in the Industry Nine Torch Series. Combined with DT Swiss Competition double butted spokes and alloy nipples, the wheels still build out to a respectable weight in spite of 32 spokes per wheel and the wide aluminum rims…