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SOC14: A Closer Look at the 2015 Fox Shox Product Line

New Fox 36 2015 FloatEarlier this month we took a quick look at the big 2015 Fox product launch, but we finally had the opportunity to put our greasy paws on the new product at Sea Otter. In addition to snapping some photos and turning knobs, we also had the opportunity to sit down with Global Marketing Manager Mark Jordan to learn a little more about the new toys.

For this year, the big story is the revamped 36 fork. This is the model we all used to lust over, but it had fallen out of favor in recent years due to the emergence of the new 34mm standard.

So why does this new version of one of our favorite forks have us so excited? READ MORE ->

SOC14: New American Made Helm MTB Stems from Profile Racing


Profile Racing has a legendary reputation in the BMX realm across a wide array of product lines. From bomb proof cranks, high engagement hubs, and to , their American made products often inspire rabid loyalty.

Over the years, the company has also dabbled in the mountain bike arena, and produced mountain bike hubs for many years. At Sea Otter, Profile Racing was showcasing a new line of 31.8mm stems that they’ve designed to take the rigors of everything from Downhill to Enduro applications.

Jump past the break to catch a better look…. READ MORE ->

SO14: Gamut Launches New Cillos Line of Stems and TTr Chainrings

Gamut Cillos Stem (6)As a long time manufacturer of some of our favorite chain retention systems, we had to stop by the Gamut booth at Sea Otter to help them celebrate their 10 year anniversary, and check out their latest and greatest.

Late last year they sent us over a sneak peak of their new line of Cillos stems, but this was the first time we’ve had the opportunity to see the product in real life, and our crummy photos booth photos do not do the product justice.  READ MORE ->

First Look: WTB and Rocky Mountain Team Up For 27.5″ + Adventure Bike Prototype

Rocky Mountain Sherpa Prototype Adventure Bike

With the popularity of fat bikes at an all time high, the plethora of new tire/rim/suspension/frame options has allowed to designers and engineers to explore their wildest fantasies.

For Rocky Mountain, inspiration came from a set of over-sized prototype tires and rims from WTB, and the end result looks like the comically shreddable bastard child of a fat bike and adventure touring bike.

Jokes aside, this concept bike blends two incredibly different riding styles to create a seriously capable fat tire trail bike. Head past the break to learn more…. READ MORE ->

DVO Teases Soon to be Released Diamond Enduro Fork

DVO Diamond 27.5 ForkHot of the success of the recently launched Emerald downhill fork, DVO will soon be launching their new Diamond platform. Using many of the technologies developed for their top tier dual crown fork, this trail fork eschews the current trend of simplifying tuning options. Instead, it introduces an unprecedented amount of  user serviceability and customization.

So drop past the break to learn what all the knobs do!


SOC14: First Look! GT Brings A New Gun to The Enduro Fight With The Sanction

2015 GT Sanction enduro mountain bike

Teased in a video a few days ago, the all new GT Sanction has been redesigned from the ground up to be a weapon on the Enduro scene. The bike has been in development for over a year now, taking a lot of input from the Athertons, and borrows heavily from both the World Champ winning Fury DH bike and popular new Sensor and Force platforms.

We interviewed Engineer/Designer Etienne Warnery, Global Marketing Manager Chris Hopwood, and PR Manager Bill Rudell about the development and testing process behind the new bicycle.

Jump past the break to see why it shreds… READ MORE ->

Win a Juliana Roubion Before They’re Publicly Available

Juliana Roubion SweepstakesThe new Juliana Roubion we spotted last weekend is finally official! It’s said to have “the brawn of a Bronson in the spirit of a Juliana” and it won’t be available till June, unless you’re the lucky winner of the Juliana Bicycles Instagram sweepstakes.

The prize bike build is identical to Anka Martin’s enduro race rig, and is decked out with all the latest and greatest from SRAM. To enter the content, just upload your best riding photo from now until May 6th. The five photos with the most likes will move onto the judging phase. The winner wins an incredible prize package that includes an all expense paid trip to France, gear from Giro, and of course – one really really nice bike.

Visit Juliana Bikes to learn more.



Upside down and Right-side up, The Mirage Fork Caters to Every Wheelsize

Fakawitribe MIRAGE  upsidedown inverted fork Close up

Whether you identify yourself with the 26″ crowd or the wagon wheel crew, the Mirage fork uses a fancy acronym to cater to your every wheel size whim. Using a special hydraulic jack system dubbed FACRS (Free Adjust Control Reversible System), the fork stanchions lengthen and shorten to accommodate the big, bigger, and biggest wheelsizes that are currently popular today.
We’re not sure how the system works, maybe it’s a simple telescopic movement of the portly 45mm upper stanchions, or perhaps both the lower and upper tubes expand to accommodate different wheelsizes.


GT Ready to Unleash The New Sanction, A Trail Sized Version of the Fury

The new GT Sanction is just one in a long line of new drool worthy products that the New GT Brand has launched over the past year. Details are relatively scarce, but this new models looks like a scaled down version of the highly regarded Fury downhill bike which was recently revamped, and will be officially launched at Sea Otter.

It has been under development for two years under the Atherton racing team and has already been raced extensively on the Enduro world circuit under rider Dan Atheron. Considering that European Enduro courses are generally as rough as World Cup tracks, but raced on shorter travel bikes, we can only assume the new Sanction is ready to rumble.