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A week in review: Tons of gift worthy items, more bike porn from Philly, a bolt on power meter, plus lots more!

Robert-D-Jones-Photography_The-Crankset-Project_All-Rights-Reserved_Suntour-Superbe PBE Bike Richard Sachs (1) PBE Bike Breismeister (6) Syzr Chrome-Moly 2

Check out more super cool items from the 2015 Philly Bike Show, one of the more intimate events we get to cover, plus lots of gift ideas for your fellow cyclist…. (or that said cyclists can point to their friends and family). Plus, the new Watteam Powerbeat bolt-on power meter, sub 900g wheels from Spada, Speedplay’s less costly SYZR pedals and Brett Favre’s sick new Project One.

Grab that last piece of pumpkin pie before anybody else notices and delve in to last week’s coverage…..


Roundup: Quirky new goggles, rims, freehub bodies, pumps, trunk racks & more!


Miles Wide Industries started out with the humble Sticky Pod, a jersey-pocket sized soft case that keeps the essentials safe and secure while you ride. They also work great stuffed in a hydration pack to keep tools, pumps, etc., from bouncing around or small parts from getting lost.

Since then, founder and Asheville, NC, resident Miles Schwartz has been busy creating a few other storage and protective devices. Like the PanoWraps enduro goggles shown above. Offered in dark smoke, orange and clear lenses, they’re super lightweight wraps that protect your eyes from wind, water and dust. They also have a sweet retro aviator look, and they’re just $30.

Check out lots more from them and others, below…


Black Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • #OptToRide with Niner This Weekend – It’s always good to go ride, so Niner is telling us to drop the shopping and enjoy the weekend. Then come back on Monday for their Nine Days of Niner, where they’ll share gift ideas perfect for the Niner fans on your list. And on the Ninth Day of Niner, you’ll have a chance to get your hands on the ultimate holiday present when they unwrap a special something that everyone would want under their tree. Until then, #OptToRide this Thanksgiving, enjoy friends, family, food, and get out and Pedal Damn It! Subscribe to the Niner newsletter to get in the loop.


Ferro Bluetooth magnetic pedals: Flats that let you choose to be “clipped in”….. or not?

Ferro Proto

What if you didn’t have to choose between flats or clipless pedals? You know, for those times where sketchy conditions might reward the use of flats, followed by long pedaly sections on the same trail? Ferro thinks they are about to have a solution.

Jump past the break to see how the Ferro pedal actually works, plus something else we found up their sleeves….. READ MORE ->

Praxis Adds More 1x MTB Wide/Narrow Rings


We covered a bunch of upcoming crankset and chainring offerings from Praxis back at Eurobike, but now these new single ring mountain bike offerings are in stock and ready to ship in time to be stocking stuffers. Adding to their fairly simple 4-bolt 104BCD wide/narrow rings (which carry over), the new XT/XTR 4-bolt 96BCD and SRAM Direct Mount rings use a bit more shaping and style to lend aftermarket compatibility to an even wider range of cranks. Plus, a premium forged 4130 steel ring adds durability that might outlast your bike. Spin across the break to have a closer look, and get tooth counts and pricing…


Videos Fresh and old, rad and bold: Portland’s Cross Crusade, World Enduro wrap up, World’s biggest Jumps & a 200+mph jet bike

From our friend and less than famous film maker Kevin Neidorf, whose edits of SSCXWC14 and others we’ve posted in the past, comes his edit of the River City Bicycles Cross Crusade. Watch as contenders’ powerful attempts to battle each other with some with less than graceful results, and a quick glimpse of the King himself at :50 seconds in…..

Skid past the break for more includng: Redbull TV’s wrap up of the World Enduro Series, some of the world’s biggest jumps on a bike with Nico Vink & Brendan Faircloughm and a 200mph “jet bike”…..


A week in review: Smart helmets, pink bikes, and that beee-utiful Garbaruk cassette adapter

Livall Bling Bh60 2 maxx-pink-girls-youth-fat-bike-mountain-bike01

Commencal_A-La-Carte-Project_Meta-SX-3-4 Garbaruk_Xtender-ST_steel-cassette-expander_Shimano-11speed_32-38-45_proto

This week we have some great round ups from the Philly Bike Show, Peaty is getting ready to say adios…. but not yet, and what is with all the things lighting up that are not lights? We took a look at new kicks from DZR and Northwave as well as a lot of really nice apparel from Rapha and the new to the U.S. eye-catching Attaquer brand.

Move on past the break to take a rather in depth glimpse of our week in review…..


SussMyBike Suspension Setup Tool Hits Kickstarter, & we finally get to see how it works!

Sussmybike device

After getting a glimpse of the SussMyBike suspension setup tool, it left us with some questions of how it works and whether or not there would be interest in it, so we reached out for more information. Armed with more details, on paper it seems pretty impressive. Coinciding with the big reveal, the device is now on Kickstarter as well.

Spring past the break to see what it actually does and an update on the gadget’s status…..


Extend the new XT Cassette with a Garbaruk Xtender ST


We were just tipped off of a new set of beautifully-machined steel and aluminum cassette extenders made in Ukraine to get a bit more range out of the biggest of the current Shimano cassettes available. While Garbaruk had gone live this summer with their 29-35-42T cluster that fit on the top of 10 speed SLX, XT and even SRAM cassettes, the newest version targets the recently introduced 11-42 M8000 XT cassette. Spin past the break for a more detailed look at the range extenders they offer, as well as pricing…