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Berliner 2015: Cargo Bikes Everywhere We Look


For another year the moment we set foot (tire?) in Berlin we started spotting cargo bikes everywhere. While it would be out of the ordinary to find cargo bikes locked up on the street in the states, or really even in Prague where we have our EU base, in several European cities they are all over the place. There a sizable number of people who truly replace cars with cargo bikes, and many delivery companies that find them more convenient or affordable than cars. The first we ran into at the show wasn’t even from an exhibitor; it was this Danish Omnium Mini-Max (retail 16750DKK or ~2250€) that was locked up out front of the show in the sea of townie bikes of attendees. The Mini-Max is relatively short cargo bike at less than 2m long, and is often set up with a woven inner tube platform that gives both a shock absorbing rack surface and can strap down objects by just adding a few extra tubes.

We got some good feedback last year asking for more cargo coverage, so we are happy to oblige. Come past the jump for all variants of new cargo bikes, as well as the most appropriate application for e-bike drivetrains we’ve yet seen…


Berliner Fahrradschau 2015: An Eclectic Mix of Cycling and Lifestyle Products


Another year of Berlin’s consumer Bike Show kicked off this weekend highlighting a lot of the urban and lifestyle segments of the bike industry that sometimes get glossed over with new derailleur and suspension tech. That means a lot of classic city bikes, many e-bike applications, internally geared hubs, and belt drives, plus more cargo bikes than you can shake a stick at. Over the next week or two we’ll try to roundup a bunch of things that we spotted that stood out from the crowd and the free flowing Henrick’s Gin and Tonics and German beers.

Read on for a modern take on a classic, city bikes and great finishes, some custom bags, and an e-bike to sneak on some group rides…


NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Green Pea Bikes


Paul Daniel is the owner and builder behind Green Pea Bikes of Ashland, Oregon. His company philosophy is simple – combining his passion of cycling with green energy systems, and creating performance electric bicycles. Paul’s NAHBS bike features a unique frame design, along with an innovative front suspension system, and of course an electric motor… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: Bilenky’s STePS e-cargo bike, new track frame & more

nahbs 2015 bilenky cycle works
Bilenky kept things rather mild this year, and brought only a handful of bikes. We saw the tandem at the Philly Bike Expo, and there’s a new track frame and a coupled travel touring bike. But the headliner was the e-cargo bike for the Shimano STePS competition.
Built around the motorized gear box, the frame shows all the quality Bilenky is known for, but maintains a much cleaner, simpler look than some of the wild creations we’ve seen in the past. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a few delightful surprises…


Trek Introduces Full Suspension Powerfly + FS, U.S. Not Included

Trek Powerfly plus FS (1)

The landscape of e-bikes is quickly changing – faster than the opinions of the motorized bicycles. The idea of electric mountain bikes is especially controversial at least here in the U.S. which is probably why Trek’s new Powerfly FS + won’t be making it here any time soon. Trek is calling the Powerfly FS + a “Europe only” model which is why you won’t be finding it on the Trek U.S. website. But if you happen to be one of our international readers or just want to see what Trek and Bosch have been up to, read on…


Road to NAHBS 2015: Sycip Slays With Killer Kid’s Bike

Sycip NAHBS 2015 kids 1

We can look forward to several very cool custom bikes for kids this year at the show, but the one in Jeremy Sycip’s booth may be the raddest.  Inspired by his children’s size and potential for getting rad, Sycip built a boss 20″ real-deal mountain bike for his son.  See the envy of every kid in the neighborhood, as well Sycip’s take on an all-terrain e-bike, after the jump. READ MORE ->

Updated Shimano STePS brings fully automated Di2 shifting with E-bike power assist – new updates


Last year Shimano introduced an E-bike system on the European markets called STePS, as direct competition to the similar Bosch crank-based motor. Now a year later Shimano is taking it a step further and integrating the STePS drive motor with its Di2 internally geared hubs to offer a system with full automatic shifting. Shimano has rated the updated E-bike systems for “Light Off Road” use, which generally means trekking on gravel and forest roads but not actual mountain biking. But it is interesting that the bike they featured in the press release looks to have a true MTB tire and a low-riser bar. The system has apparently been beefed up for better shock absorption and has been updated to an 11-speed chain and chainring to add “compatibility for its 11-speed mountain bike rear derailleurs.” That sounds like something that could have more potential than Shimano is letting on.

Read on past the break for more info, and where we think it could lead…


Road to NAHBS: Ted Wojcik

Ted Wojcik NAHBS 2015

As punctuated by the brevity of his response to our questions, Ted Wojcik likes to let his product speak for itself. This year he’s been working with Fifield to produce a selection of thoughtfully-designed, show-stealing E-Bikes.  See them after the jump. READ MORE ->

Pedal at Highway Speeds with the RAHT Racer


For some, commuting to work by bicycle can be a drag. There is the preparation time required to kit up, packing lunch, packing clothes and the motivation factor. Sure, you may be the type who is organized and carted the week’s clothes into work last Friday, but swinging a leg over the top tube when the temperature is below 32º Fahrenheit isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And, there’s the complication of lugging around a laptop or running errands during a lunchbreak.

However, for those who like to commute to work by bicycle, but are looking for similar benefits offered by an automobile, there may be a solution for you, RAHT Racer; Recumbent-Automotive-Human-Transport. It takes pedal power to a whole new level… READ MORE ->