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Evelo’s Omni Wheel Wants You to Have E-Bike Power On Your Existing Bike


Evelo is an electric bike company that already produces a range of complete e-bikes. To help those that wanted to keep their own bike, or had specific challenges such as cargo bikes, recumbents, or other special rides, they have created the Omni Wheel, which is a simple replacement front wheel incorporating the full battery and motor into one easily installable unit. Because of this, the company claims that almost any bike with a 26″ or 700c wheel can become an e-bike in as little as 30 minutes.

Another benefit they tout is that the Omni Wheel costs significantly less than a complete e-bike, starting at about half of the typical e-bike starting price. The unit also comes with a handlebar-mounted remote to adjust the boost needed, but it is not a throttle, it is only pedal assist, so it complies with e-bike rules and is not considered a motorcycle. It also has a sensor that must be applied around the bottom bracket to work with the pedal-assist function, and then a wire that runs up to the handlebar remote.

The company is ready to deliver the wheel in March of this year, so they are starting to take pre-orders now. Check out the details after the break…


Changes to Moab Trails: BLM Says Electric Is Out, Blue Dot Trail Now Legal & More


Moab Trail Mix is a volunteer organization that has been extremely busy lately constructing new single track around the destination town. Trail Mix is responsible for legendary trails such as Hymasa. Known as the Blue Dot trail, but illegal to ride, this trials-trail like area has now been legally opened, and will be called the Gold Bar Rim Trail. They have also been busy in the Navajo Rocks area, building two new trails, BLT and Coney Islands.

Very recently, the Moab BLM has decided that electric bikes are motorized vehicles, and banned them from Moab bike trails on BLM land. Things are changing very fast in Moab, get the details after the break…


EB14: Roundup – Sweet Cargo Bikes, Curvy Commuters, Geared Carbon Penny Farthings & More!


Hey Cycle has just two models, a men’s bike and this step-thru women’s bike, available with 1, 7 or 8 speeds. While the drivetrains may vary, the curvy lines, beautiful paint and color matched parts carry across entire range…and there are a lot of colors among them.

Check a few more options below, plus a wide variety of cargo bikes, commuters, city bikes and, yes, some more e-bikes…


EB14: Roundup – Commuters, City Bikes, Scooters (?) and More Beautiful Things


Schindelhauer’s bikes and booth always exemplify a clean, sleek appearance that screams high end. The belt driven track bike above streamlines everything into smooth shapes, recessed bolts and flowing lines. Same for the commuter bike after it, which has an equally quick looking frame but manages to hold lights, a rear rack and traditional flat bar.

There are plenty more examples of curvy city bikes after that, too…


Must Watch: Rocket Powered Bicycle Breaks 200 MPH, Leaves Ferrari in the Dust

Photo c. Gérard Toutin - Exotic Thermo Engineering

Photo c. Gérard Toutin – Exotic Thermo Engineering

What has two pedals and can reach speeds over 200 MPH? That would be the bicycle designed by Arnold Neracher that was piloted to near warp speed by François Gissy this past Friday at the Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet in South of France. The term bicycle may be a bit of a stretch, but it can be propelled using human power alone. It just also happens to have a rocket built into the frame that set a new world record after racing a 1/4 mile in under 7 seconds and topping out at 333 km/h or 207 mph.

Catch the insanity after the jump…


EB14: Rotwild Brings Schley’s Shredder to Life, Make Race Bikes Lighter & Show AMG Team Road Bike


Spotted in prototype form this summer at the bike park, Richie Schley’s new 200mm gravity bike is not so much for downhill as it is for him to crush trails in Whistler.

They finished up testing this summer and, thanks to a killer response from riders after seeing it in prototype form and Schley himself, made the commitment to go into production. It’s designed with a low BB, low standover and a short rear end (440mm chain stays) so he could whip it in the air. Goal was to give it the bigger roll over capabilities of 27.5″ but keep it as nimble as a 26″ bike.

More details on this, plus the revised team 29er FS and hardtail bikes, the road bikes they train on and *gasp* e-bikes, below…


EB14: German:A Unveils Inverted Fat Bike Fork, Integrated e-Bike Display & More

German:A Trace inverted fat bike suspension fork

Building off their existing inverted fork designs, the new German:A Flame fork takes the internals are from their 130mm 26″ fork, then limits the travel to 100mm to allow proper tire clearance at the crown under full compression.

It’s built around a 142mm front hub and has clearance for 26×4.0 tire. Up top is their travel adjust button, found on all their forks, which uses a dual air chamber with a valve in between. Simply put your weight on the fork and push the button and it’ll drop into its travel. Stop it anywhere you want and release the button and it’ll stay there, working as normal in the reduced travel mode.

But that’s only part of the interesting tech they had on display…


Kickstarter Roundup – Mountain Bike Clothing, Integrated BikeLocks, Camera Mounts & More!


The cycling industry is notoriously full of very passionate entrepreneurs, which can lead to some excellent ideas that may just not have the funding to see the light of day. Crowdsourcing, or attaining funding from a large pool of small investors has been a great injector to the ingenuity of the tech and design world, with Kickstarter leading the way as a web-based resource for inventors to show their ideas and have people contribute money to their project. We’ve covered plenty of them, like when industry vet Steve Domahidy using it to successfully fund his namesake brand back in March, and here are four more ideas…


EB14: One Ride Review – Faraday Porteur E-Bike Rolls with Ease

Faraday Bikes e bike commuter townie (3)

Electric bicycles on mountain bike trails may be causing a stir, but the pedal assist market for commuting is booming. This may be more so the case in Europe where Eurobike was overrun by electric assisted bicycles, but the U.S. probably isn’t very far behind -  especially with new bikes like the Faraday Porteur making it to production. Originally part of a Kickstarter campaign, the Porteur is making its way into reality with a few changes. Compared to the original bike shown on Kickstarter the overall design hasn’t really changed, which is good – it’s one of best e-bikes we’ve ridden.

Find out why, next…