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Updated Shimano STePS – Fully Automated Di2 Shifting with E-bike Power Assist


Last year Shimano introduced an E-bike system on the European markets called STePS, as direct competition to the similar Bosch crank-based motor. Now a year later Shimano is taking it a step further and integrating the STePS drive motor with its Di2 internally geared hubs to offer a system with full automatic shifting. Shimano has rated the updated E-bike systems for “Light Off Road” use, which generally means trekking on gravel and forest roads but not actual mounting biking. But it is interesting that the bike they featured in the press release looks to have a true MTB tire and a low-riser bar. The system has apparently been beefed up for better shock absorption and has been updated to an 11-speed chain and chainring to add “compatibility for its 11-speed mountain bike rear derailleurs.” That sounds like something that could have more potential then Shimano is letting on to now.

Read on past the break for more info, and where we think it could lead…


Road to NAHBS: Ted Wojcik

Ted Wojcik NAHBS 2015

As punctuated by the brevity of his response to our questions, Ted Wojcik likes to let his product speak for itself. This year he’s been working with Fifield to produce a selection of thoughtfully-designed, show-stealing E-Bikes.  See them after the jump. READ MORE ->

Pedal at Highway Speeds with the RAHT Racer


For some, commuting to work by bicycle can be a drag. There is the preparation time required to kit up, packing lunch, packing clothes and the motivation factor. Sure, you may be the type who is organized and carted the week’s clothes into work last Friday, but swinging a leg over the top tube when the temperature is below 32º Fahrenheit isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And, there’s the complication of lugging around a laptop or running errands during a lunchbreak.

However, for those who like to commute to work by bicycle, but are looking for similar benefits offered by an automobile, there may be a solution for you, RAHT Racer; Recumbent-Automotive-Human-Transport. It takes pedal power to a whole new level… READ MORE ->

Felt Outfitter electric fat bike gets official, will be gone fishin’ soon

Felt Outfitter electric fat bike mountain bike for hunters fishers and outdoorsmen

We first spied the Felt Outfitter at Interbike’s outdoor demo last year, where it was billed as a pet project for avid hunter and company owner Jim Felt. Now, it’s in production and headed to the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo for it’s official debut.

It uses the same Bosch e-bike system as their other electric-assist mountain bikes, but comes ready to gear up for whatever outdoors activity you partake in. Shown above with front and rear racks, it’ll come sans accessories for $5,499. That gets you the double butted alloy frame and hydroformed rigid alloy fork, both with thru axles, a SRAM X1 1×11 drivetrain, SRAM Guide R brakes and alloy Felt cockpit with WTB saddle. But it’s what you can add to it that makes it really something else…


Raleigh STEPS Into Premium Ebikes with Shimano Equipped Misceo Commuter

Raleigh misceo e bike shimano steps ebike motor commuter (2)

As part of the Accell Group, the team behind Raleigh has access to a lot of electric bikes. Siblings to Currie Technologies, Haibike, IZIP, and eFlow as well as Raleigh all fall under the same roof. Because of that relationship Raleigh has been able to easily slip in a few e-bikes to test the waters with U.S. dealers. After exceeding their expectations with their entry level hybrids, it was time to step it up.

The Misceo is not Raleigh’s first ebike, but it is certainly the most advanced. One of the very first bikes in U.S. to use the new Shimano STEPS electric bike drivetrain, the Misceo will slot into the product range as their top end model. However, thanks to the Shimano system the Misceo will end up less expensive than comparable Bosch equipped bikes. Technically a 2016 model year product, Raleigh is giving consumers a chance to buy the future with Misceos available soon…


Evelo’s Omni Wheel Wants You to Have E-Bike Power On Your Existing Bike


Evelo is an electric bike company that already produces a range of complete e-bikes. To help those that wanted to keep their own bike, or had specific challenges such as cargo bikes, recumbents, or other special rides, they have created the Omni Wheel, which is a simple replacement front wheel incorporating the full battery and motor into one easily installable unit. Because of this, the company claims that almost any bike with a 26″ or 700c wheel can become an e-bike in as little as 30 minutes.

Another benefit they tout is that the Omni Wheel costs significantly less than a complete e-bike, starting at about half of the typical e-bike starting price. The unit also comes with a handlebar-mounted remote to adjust the boost needed, but it is not a throttle, it is only pedal assist, so it complies with e-bike rules and is not considered a motorcycle. It also has a sensor that must be applied around the bottom bracket to work with the pedal-assist function, and then a wire that runs up to the handlebar remote.

The company is ready to deliver the wheel in March of this year, so they are starting to take pre-orders now. Check out the details after the break…


Changes to Moab Trails: BLM Says Electric Is Out, Blue Dot Trail Now Legal & More


Moab Trail Mix is a volunteer organization that has been extremely busy lately constructing new single track around the destination town. Trail Mix is responsible for legendary trails such as Hymasa. Known as the Blue Dot trail, but illegal to ride, this trials-trail like area has now been legally opened, and will be called the Gold Bar Rim Trail. They have also been busy in the Navajo Rocks area, building two new trails, BLT and Coney Islands.

Very recently, the Moab BLM has decided that electric bikes are motorized vehicles, and banned them from Moab bike trails on BLM land. Things are changing very fast in Moab, get the details after the break…


EB14: Roundup – Sweet Cargo Bikes, Curvy Commuters, Geared Carbon Penny Farthings & More!


Hey Cycle has just two models, a men’s bike and this step-thru women’s bike, available with 1, 7 or 8 speeds. While the drivetrains may vary, the curvy lines, beautiful paint and color matched parts carry across entire range…and there are a lot of colors among them.

Check a few more options below, plus a wide variety of cargo bikes, commuters, city bikes and, yes, some more e-bikes…


EB14: Roundup – Commuters, City Bikes, Scooters (?) and More Beautiful Things


Schindelhauer’s bikes and booth always exemplify a clean, sleek appearance that screams high end. The belt driven track bike above streamlines everything into smooth shapes, recessed bolts and flowing lines. Same for the commuter bike after it, which has an equally quick looking frame but manages to hold lights, a rear rack and traditional flat bar.

There are plenty more examples of curvy city bikes after that, too…