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Gates Belt Drive goes long with new CDX:EXP high mileage sprockets, plus cheaper CDN models

gates belt drive cdx-exp high mileage sprockets

Planning a late season adventure by bicycle? Gates Belt Drive has you covered with new high-mileage CDX:EXP sprockets for their chainless transmission.

Designed with 25% more surface area then their regular CDX sprockets and made to work specifically with Rohloff’s internally geared hubs, the new sprockets are aimed at the trekking and expedition cyclists. They say the extra strength only adds a few grams. They’ll be offered in three front sizes ( 39T, 46T, and 50T) and four rear Rohloff-compatible sizes (19T, 20T, 22T, and 24T).

There’s plenty more new options and developments from Gates coming soon, and the full PR belts it all out after the break…


Interview: Michael Kelley Advocates for E-Bikes On The Trails


As a co-founder of IMBA and as Vice President of that organization until 1999, Michael played the strong diplomat in establishing use rights for mountain bikes first in California, then abroad. He helped to establish the argument for bicycles by working hand-in-hand with hiking and equestrian groups as well as state and federal spaces that strongly felt that mechanical advantage had no place on trails. Simultaneously, he helped to develop educational programs for trail users, personally posting “Rules of the Trail” at trailheads, so this new mountain biker trail user would have a code of conduct. He has spent countless hours since the early 80’s personally building and maintaining trails across the west. His life’s work advocating for mountain bikes won him induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2002.

Now 72, Michael has taken on a new role in advocating for bicycles – electric bicycles, which he views as the newest technology that can bring new people to the trail to enjoy the outdoors and to enjoy the ride as he has. And, as someone who initially argued for mechanical advantage use on trails for mountain bikes, he believes there is a case to be made for these motor assisted vehicles… READ MORE ->

BMW Helps Cook Up Belt Drive, Full Suspension HNF Heisenberg XF1 eBike


Belt drive full suspension mountain bikes are still pretty rare, but belt drive, full suspension, center motor ebikes? Those are pretty much unheard of – that was at least until the HNF Heisenberg XF1 popped onto the scene. Founded by Michael Hecken, Karlheinz Nicolai, and Benjamin Börries, HNF Heisenberg was started in 2014 to create the future of ebikes. This collaboration with BMW isn’t heir first foray into joint ventures with automotive brands for ebikes either as Michael Hecken and Karlheinz Nicolai started Grace GmbH in 2008 where they developed the Smart ebike for Daimler-Benz AG.

Offering a full range of impressive ebikes, the XF1 is their take on a full suspension mountain bike and it represents a major step forward in terms of e-suspension design. Previously, ebikes with center mount motors required the motor unit to be firmly attached to the frame. Without a way to make a concentric pivot around the motor, there was realy no way to make a full suspension frame that could keep a constant belt tension. Once BMW Group Forschung und Technik was on the job though, they looked at the challenge in a new light – why not just make the entire motor part of the suspension…


Kickstarter: Maxwell EP0 Minimalist E-Bike With Internal Frame Battery Pack


An interesting minimalist e-bike for for the urban market- designed to look and ride as closely to a pedal bike as possible. At only 26lb for the complete bike (depending on size), this model could accomplish that goal, as it is within the realm of pedal bike weight. This model features an interesting battery concept putting small battery packs within the frame tube members rather than in a single external consolidated pack. Check it out after the jump. READ MORE ->

Transport Little Ones And Cargo With Bosch-Equipped Xtracycle EdgeRunner 10e Versatile Hauler


Oakland, California based Xtracycle has long demonstrated its commitment to cargo. The second electric bike in its lineup, the new EdgeRunner 10e has a 10-speed drivetrain and manages to come in lighter than the existing limited release 9e. It features the standard EdgeRunner long wheelbase and massive carrying capacity, as well as a suite of add on accessories for you to tailor your ride to your needs.  Details after the hump. READ MORE ->

Pedego Delivers The Goods With Stylish New Stretch Cargo Bike


With a 400lb cargo capacity, Pedego’s new Stretch cargo bike is designed to haul anything and everything. Powered by a shiny 500W Pedego rear hub motor with options for both throttle and pedal assist, riders can have not only the power they need but have that power in the format they need for uphill starts as well as just riding along at speed. Featuring a highly modular integrated rear rack system, the Stretch has you covered, whether you’re hauling big flat cargo or little people. We deliver the details after jump…

PC15: Kalkhoff Impulse Drive Sahel and Classy Tasman Classic


One of the real surprises to me during my e-bike frenzy at Press Camp was Kalkhoff. The German e-bike brand is extremely popular in Europe and has been at the e-bike game for years, so it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Where as many bikes in the category still seem to be tacked together, the Kalkhoff bikes I saw and rode were relatively integrated, dialed in spec, and stood out visually. The Impulse 2.0 technology is extremely quiet and the batteries have relatively long ranges compared to others in the category. Both will be available to consumers later this month. See the new e-bikes invading this side of the pond after the jump… READ MORE ->

PC15 Dueling Yubas: Currie Technologies Spicy Curry and BionX elMundo Go Head to Head to eCarry your Cargo


Cleary there is a lot of debate around e-bikes, but if there was one category that should be fairly easy to agree on, it would have to be cargo bikes destined for the road. Trying to get hundreds of pounds worth of payload moving requires either the absolute lowest gearing possible with a ton of shifting, or the aid of a pedal assist motor.

Rolling with the increasing trend of eCargo bikes, two electric Yuba (Yubas?) were available for test at this Press Camp. Both were Class 1 e-bikes. Both had batteries and motors of similar capacity and power. Both designed and purposed for similar ultra-utility within their intended purposes. So I took the opportunity to test both to compare their drive systems. Meet the new Spicy Curry, powered by Currie Technologies, and the elMundo, powered by BionX and enter the Yubadrome after the jump… READ MORE ->

PC15: BEZV’s PS1 Compact and Zippy LX1 Cafe Racer, Discussion and First Ride Impressions


When it comes to user interfaces and electronic integration on BESV’s bike line, it is easy to see its parent company’s consumer electronics roots (its parent company, Darfon Electronics, manufacturers over 30% of the world’s computer keyboards, for example). Where BESV’s product really shines is on battery integration and their user interface, as well as the unique overall visual approach to product. Their current product is diverse, is visually distinct from the competition, and is a bunch of fun to ride. BESV also makes a point to completely assemble and ride test every bike they ship to ensure each e-bike functions out of the box. Oh, and they tune their torque curves on test rides up the mountain behind their facility. More on BESV after the jump.  READ MORE ->