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EB14: Centurion bringing Discs to German Speaking Cross and Road Bikes


Centurion apparently has strong cyclocross ties rooted in the racing career of its founder Wolfgang Renner, and their focus shows in the development of this carbon cross prototype which is expected to be available for cross season a year from now. They have a carry-over aluminum cross range available now, but our readers outside of the German-speaking markets of Centurion can still drool over this nice looking bike from what is a typically affordable company and a development partner with the much bigger Merida.

Read on for a bunch of detail images of the Crossdrive prototype, plus a nice line of disc road bikes that are available now…


IB14: Kappius Road Wheels Get Official, Plus New Fat Bike Hub

Kappius’ new rims and wheels first popped up this summer, but are available now, offering 29er and 27.5″ carbon clinchers and road clinchers and tubulars. All of the clinchers are tubeless ready, and the road wheels are disc brake specific. And they’ll work for cyclocross, too, as evidenced by Brady Kappius’ involvement on Niner’s team.

The road clincher uses the same channel and bead hook shape as their MTB rims, they’re just narrower. MTB rims are 30mm/26.4mm wide (int/ext) and the road clincher is 25mm/19mm. The tubular is 25mm wide.

The tubular’s profile was designed to be a little shallower than some, having a center channel depth that matches up with the glued shape of most tires.

Read on for cutaway photos and a look at their new fat bike hubs!


EB14: Rapha Hops in With New Cross Shoes, Supercross Gear, and More Winter Fighting Kit


Rapha just went online with most of the new products they were showing to us last week at Eurobike, so here we’ll give you a run down.

In Europe as cyclocross season looms, we were eyeing their new Cross Shoe particularly hard, which was developed together with Giro and Easton and is a follow-up to their Grand Tour shoes (and a precursor of next season’s light weight Climbing Shoe, which we’ll get to later.) We tried on a pair at the show and they seemed like a well fitting shoe that could serve well both on the cross course, as well as a high-end mountain shoe. Also of note were some Super Cross-branded pieces, a few special long sleeve jerseys with well-regarded sportwool fabrics, new men’s and women’s Rain Jackets, and few other bits and pieces to get you through the coming cold and darkness of winter.

Hop across the barrier for a bunch of details and pics of what we thought stood out from their new offerings…


EB14: Tufo Carves Out A Revamped Cross Tread, Adds Road Clinchers, and Guarantees Light Weights


Czech tire maker Tufo introduced us to an all new cyclocross tread at Eurobike that they have developed for this season, the Flexus Primus.  The Primus name carries over from the prior model, but the tread pattern is a reboot of their all-conditions cyclocross tire. It actually looks to borrow the fast rolling, arrow shaped center tread from their old, well-regarded Elite cross tire line from a decade ago, while combining with the more aggressive side knobs of their more recent designs. We’ve been promised a set in the coming months, and will be be very interested to see how they perform in the lead up to Cross Worlds in the Czech Republic this winter.

Tufo also had a good bit of new information on road tires, which account for most of their sales, so roll past the break for their new clinchers, specified weight road tires, and some rumors of growth…


EB14: The Amazing Frictionless Chosen Smart Hub Freehub Spins Freely in Both Directions

Chosen Smart Hub frictionless freehub body that spins freely and silently

Chosen is a Taiwanese hub manufacturer that is happy to work with you to bring your own projects to life. But that doesn’t stop them from bringing a few of their own clever ideas into existence either, and the Smart Hub is one of the more clever we’ve seen.

Inside is their Close Drive System, which allows the pawls to remain closed during freewheeling. When pedaling forces are applied, they open to engage the teeth on the inside of the hub shell, then immediately retract when not needed. The benefits are threefold: No pawl friction, no coasting noise, and the ability to freewheel forward or backward without moving the chain.

That latter feature means no chain drops from backpedaling. It also means you can pull your bike out of a crowded rack without having the pedals catch as they spin. And for folding bike owners, it means you can push or pull your folded bike in any direction without the cranks getting jammed up. Spin on down to see how it works…


LEAKED: Paul Components Road/CX Disc Brake Caliper

Paul Comp Disc

We have a sneak peek at the very nice looking mechanical disc calipers about to be announced by Paul Components. As a die hard aficionado of their road/cyclocross Minimoto V-brakes, I’m pretty excited. Execution and styling appear to be in line with Paul’s reputation, along with thoughtful functionality such as the frozen-finger-friendly adjustment knob. Keep an eye on Paul’s Facebook page for more details, and hopefully we will have a review after Interbike. No word on how this will effect T-Rex – Squirrel relations.

EB14: Storck Celebrates 20 Years of Carbon with Aerfast Aero Road and T.I.X. Cyclocross Bikes


Light bike specialists Storck focused our attention heavily on two completely new bikes that they  introduced last week at Eurobike, with the new aero road race Aerfast and the disc-brake cyclocross T.I.X. Both bikes are a bit of a departure for the company who has been typically known for their lightweight, fast handling bikes, but is both a good indicator of a significant move by European producers towards these kinds of bikes, and a good example how lightweight and high performance can adapt in the aero road and cyclocross specialties.

Hop past the break for the lowdown on these two, plus 20th anniversary special editions, and 4 more new bikes!


EB14: Connex Diamond Shape Chains Get Extreme Shaping for Better Shifting

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

Connex has a new chain design called Diamond Shape, which radically chamfers the outer and inner links and their interface with the rollers.

They’re compatible with SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo because they basically blend the chamfers and shapes used on those brands’ chains. All of them. And then they add a little more just to be safe. The result is a more angular leading and trailing edge at all points on the chain, helping it scoot from one cog to the next.

Detail photos and diagrams below that better compare the old with the new…


EB14: New Quarq Elsa RS Power Meters for Shimano 4-Arm Hollowglide Chainrings

Quarq Dura-Ace DA9000 power meter crankset

Quarq has added another option to their crank spider based power meter offerings. Already stocking units for a variety of SRAM cranksets (including the new XX1 mountain bike version) Specialized and Cannondale, now you can add Dura-Ace DA9000 to the mix.

The unit gets all the new technology introduced with the XX1 model, including the multipoint temperature calibration to keep it accurate from 0º to 130º F (-17C to 54C) and accelerometer based cadence measurements. Those combine with their usual features – OmniCal (maintains accuracy regardless of chainring selection) and Power Balance (captures left and right side strokes independently).

You will have to swap to their ExoGram hollow carbon crank arm, but if you’ve already got the Shimano crankset, then at least you won’t have to buy new chainrings. Yes, SRM has offered 11-speed DA power meter cranks since last fall with a version of Shimano’s crank to maintain the aesthetic, but they’re double the price…