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EB15: IRC widens road & mountain bike tires, adds junior sizes and a prototype fat bike tire


Between the two trade shows this fall, IRC had quite a collection of wider tires. Starting with the pavement, their Formula Pro Light tubeless ready road bike tire gets a new 25mm width. And the rainbow collection of colored Jetty tires, shown below, gets an even larger 700 x 28 option. Those are aimed more at the urban crowd and come in a whopping eight different colors.

The mountain bike tires get a wide, wider and really wide option, one for each wheel size, and the juniors get a couple of road and mountain bike tires just for them, too!


Eurobike Coverage Review – Week #3 PLUS 2015 Interbike Preview:

NAILD r3act stem and fork front suspension for commuter cyclocross road and gravel bicycles20150918_005836-1

We’re back from Interbike yet still have lots to bring you from Eurobike. Here is the 3rd installment of Eurobike coverage as well as a preview of some of the things coming up from this past week’s Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. Grab your favorite Fall beer, relax, and enjoy!

And if you need to catch up, here is Week 1 and Week 2’s indexed coverage of Eurobike 2015.


IB15: TRP gets real shiny with new Hylex RS hydraulic road brakes, plus new lighter thru axles


TRP blind-sided us with these new ultra polished Hylex RS brakeset, which we joked stood for “Real Shiny”. Built off the standard Hylex hydraulic brake system meant for singlespeed dropbar road/gravel/cyclocross bikes, these get a drilled lever blade on top of the chromed finish. They’ll also work with their add-on Di2 climber switch, letting you add them to any bike with gears or without if you’re wiring up Shimano’s electronic group.

They’ll also be available in a polished black. More pics of these and more below…


IB15: Clement Tires finally gets tubeless ready with new X’plor MSO, more coming


It’s been a long time coming, but the new Clement X’plor MSO 700×36 is more than just a new size, it’s the brand’s first tubeless ready tire.

Compared to the current 32 and 40 width X’plor MSO tires, which remain tube type for now, the tubeless ready version’s sidewall and bead are completely different. The sidewall has more rubber content to make it airtight and improve the supple nature of the tire. The bead is thicker, but not squared off. A protective belt runs bead to bead to reduce the likelihood of punctures.

Available in November, claimed weight is 425g and price is $75. There’ll also be a 60tpi tube type in the new 700×36 size. Look for the MXP and PDX tubeless ready versions to follow in February. Also shown above is the Strada LGG in its new 32 width, which also hits in November.


IB15: White Industries starts shipping 6-bolt hubs, adds Boost mountain bike versions


The new White Industries Boost hubs will come in Centerlock and 6-bolt options. They’re the same as the others, just wider, and only coming in silver and black. These just came off the line right before the show, so they didn’t have official weights. But, we brought our gram scale…


IB15: Wren’s ultralight ceramic alloy disc brake rotors pass testing, head to market

Wren ceramic aluminum disc brake rotors

We first spotted Wren Sports’ ceramic-alloy disc brake rotors at Taipei Cycle Show earlier this year, at which time they were still finalizing the shape. Now, they’ve settled on a “drilled” look with anodized center section and let us throw them on the scale.

They’re also in early production and expect to ship 10,000 pieces per month thanks to OEM deals he’s put into place. Founder Kevin Wren says they’ve passed ISO and CPSC testing and will be available on their website soon. Retail is $99 each whether you choose the 140, 160, 180 or 203 millimeter rotors.

The 160mm rotor above comes in at just 65g. Check out weights for the 140 and 180 below, along with technical info on the composite material’s benefits and testing protocols…


IB15: Pioneer adds single-leg crank arm power meter, lowering entry price to just $749 (UPDATED)

Pioneer single-leg crank arm power meter

If there was ever any doubt as to electronic giant Pioneer’s commitment to cycling, it should be about wiped out by now. Last week, they showed us their new flush mount transmitter design that opens up their top level systems to fit any frame on the market. Then they licensed power data metrics from TrainingPeaks for anyone using their meters. Now, they’ve added a single-sided option to bring the price of admission as low as $749 (UPDATE: They originally listed it at $699 but made a last minute change).

And it’s not a watered down system, either. It’ll still send their high def data in ANT if you buy their cycling computer, or standard power data in ANT+ to any modern head unit.

Like the full version, there are versions for Dura-Ace and Ultegra in a wide range of arm lengths, or you can buy the kit and send in your existing arm and have it installed. Then, down the road, you’ll be able to upgrade to a dual leg version whenever you want.


IB15: Outbraker gives you zero to 100% control over your hydraulic disc brake’s power


Hailing from Korea, Outbraker has created an inline power adjuster for hydraulic disc brakes that lets you set the limit as to how much rotor they’ll grab.

The device plugs into the brake hose, either directly at the lever or anywhere in between it and the caliper, and adds a cut-off valve that limits how much pressure is sent to the caliper. While they were mum on how exactly it worked, we asked another brake brand to speculate and the consensus it that works as a secondary master cylinder that limits the hydraulic pressure by closing off a check valve at some point between 0% and 100%. That point is user adjustable, letting you find the sweet spot of powerful braking without locking up the front wheel…


Ritchey and Cadence Put Left & Right Brains Together for a New Limited Stem/Bar Combo


Tom Ritchey and Dustin Klein of Cadence have done a number of collaborations together, from limited edition stems to completely one-off hand painted mountain bike bars. This time they come together for a limited edition C220 Stem and Evocurve handlebar set, with more standard options than they’ve done before. And to add a little backstory they’ve put together a short video talking about how their polar opposite left and right brain approaches to cycling components make them ideal partners in developing products to make cyclists happy.

Click through across the jump for the video, plus more shots of the bar and stem and pricing…