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How Low Can Your Gauge Go? Kappius Offers Incredibly Accurate Pressure Gauges

Kappius pressure gauge fat bike cross ultra low bicycle

A lot has been made recently about bicycle pumps and the ability of their gauges to be accurate at low pressures. Most tend to maintain the highest level of precision at pressures well above where the average fat bike, cyclocross bike, or even mountain bike is run. One or two psi off might not seem like much, but when you’re only running 10 psi, up to 20% variance is a big deal.

Apparently, when Brady Kappius isn’t busy rethinking bicycle hubs and designing complete wheels, there is enough time to come up with gems like his new Digitial Pressure Gauge. Available in 3 varieties, the Gauge will be sold in Fat Bike, Cyclocross/Low MTB, and Cyclocross/MTB pressure ranges. The Fat Bike model will measure from 0-15 psi with 0.01 psi resolution, then 0-30 psi also with 0.01 psi resolution for the Cyclocross/Low MTB option, and finally 0-50 psi with 0.02 resolution for the Cyclocross/MTB gauge all with a +/- 1% accuracy.

Each gauge is for presta valves only and includes a bleeder valve so you can pump up the tire past the desired pressure, then bleed it down to the precise number. Powered by an included 9v battery, the gauge has a 20 minute auto off feature, and each model has a pressure limit that is twice the intended pressure range (so don’t use the fat bike model on your road bike!). Available for pre-order currently on the Kappius store, each gauge will run $159.99 with your choice of units and will look slightly different than the early prototype gauge above.

Review: Rolf Ares4 Disc Brake, Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Rolf Prima Ares 4 carbon disc brake road bike wheels long term review

After beating the snot out of their Ralos CXC carbon 29er wheels last summer and riding away very impressed with their durability, I was curious if that same quality transferred to their road wheels. Over the summer and through the fall, I’ve been testing the mid-height Rolf Prima Ares4 disc brake road wheels aboard my Alchemy, and, sure enough, they met all expectactions.

Designed to be light, fast and generally capable of anything, the Ares 4 comes in at 42mm deep with a slightly bulged aero shaped rim. It’s available for rim brakes, too, but it’s the disc brake version that was tested. They say it’s perfectly fine for cyclocross, however my testing was on pavement and gravel/dirt roads only, on which it excelled…


Silca Dials in Low Pressure with new Superpista Ultimate LP Low Pressure Floor Pump


For almost 96 years now, the name Silca has been synonymous with the best pumps money could buy. Now owned and run by Josh Poertner out of Indiana, Silca has been quickly rolling out a new product line that honors the heritage of the storied brand. Just as many of the pumps from the 60′s and 70′s are still in use today, Silca’s new products are designed to stand the test of time.

Largely due to the increase of higher volume tires, a lot has been made recently about high volume or low pressure pumps. The very mechanics of a floor pumps internals usually dictates that it will be easier on the higher side or the lower side of pressures but generally not both. While the original Silca Superpista Ultimate is a pump for high pressures built with NASA like precision, it was time to introduce something new – something designed for much lower pressures….


Holiday Gift Ideas: Cory’s Wish List


The holidays are here so it’s time for me to dust off my wish list as well, one so my wife will see it, but also so it may give you some ideas. Just to give you an idea where I am coming from, I’m a rider of any kind of bike that involves getting the tires dirty. That means that even on a road bike with 23s I end up hitting the dirt roads, and prefer to keep the bike rides in the forests. I’m based in Prague, so my list has a more European tinge to it.

I’m in the middle of masters cyclocross racing, so while predominantly a mountain biker, now is the time of wet, muddy, snowy, and slippery rides on skinnier tires. I am spending a lot of time trail riding on cross tubulars, a little bit of dirt and gravel road training, and a lot of rides where I come home cold and wet. But I am dreaming a bit of cross country rides in crisp snow, of hitting some steep root and rock strewn technical descents, and getting in some all day exploring rides when warm weather returns. Most of my picks then are to get me through the dark days of winter, with the hope of warm, dry rides to come.


24 hours of mountain bike racing without lights above the arctic circle in Finnish Lapland. How can that not sound like an amazing idea? On the weekend of the summer solstice each year, the Levi ski resort 170km north of the arctic circle runs the Levi24, a unique 24hr race with sunlight through the night. I’ve done plenty of 24hr races over the last 15 years and always loved the sunrise lap, but have experienced nothing like this. Its next running is 12-13 June 2015, and could be a great chance to throw the family into a camper and go explore some fjords and gravel roads. 


Lynskey Introduces UrBANskey, Commuter Smarts with Road Bike Speed


If your idea of a commuter is drop bars with bigger tires and a fast ride, Lynskey would like to present the UrBANsky. Previously, Lynskey had offered their Cooper CMT or Cooper Commuter which was basically their Cooper CX bike dressed up for work. Built with new road specific cable routing, the UrBANsky combines tire clearance for 33mm tires (when running fenders), plus rack and fender mount compatibility.

Check the video break down from Lynskey, plus the modular dropout system next…


Gearing Up For Adventure, Brodie Bikes Adds New Models In Ti & Stainless


Building on their mantra of “real bikes for real people”, Brodie Bikes from Vancouver, BC, is releasing new models for adventure off-roading, as well as complete bikes in their high-end frame designs.

“We’re in the business of making bikes we can be stoked on”, says Bruce Spicer, Product Manager. “We continually evolve the bikes, depending on technology advancements, our own riding styles, and the needs of our customers.”

One such bike is the new Wolff, a stainless steel disc brake road bike in their Speed series. The Romulus, Remo and Tiber all switch over to disc brakes, too, all with clearance for wider tires and/or fenders.  Some that don’t get discs move to long-reach rim brake calipers to get the same benefit. Plus, the bikes will be offered in more complete builds of both the titanium and stainless steel frames…


Must Watch: Chris Akrigg in Chriscross 2 (Revenge of the Curly Wurly Bars)


It is always so much fun to watch this guy ride. Yet again, Chris Akrigg proves that no bike can keep him from having a good time. The current cyclocross season convinced Chris to get back out on the skinny tires and produces a follow up to Chriscross. As always, Chris manages to make the incredibly difficult look easy, even on a cyclocross bike!

Video next…


SRAM CX1 Just Rebuilt Meredith Miller’s Back Deck

SRAM’s sponsored cyclocross pros have a lot to say about how CX1 changed their lives in this fun PSA that goes from amusing to nuts pretty quick. Friends don’t let friends ride janky component mixes that just don’t work. We gave our first impressions on CX1 a couple months back, and can attest to it being a well-put together complete system that Tyler still is happily riding on his Moots cross bike.

SRAM Adds Wider Range 11-36 Force CX1 Cyclocross Cassette (UPDATED)

SRAM Force CX1 PG1170 11-speed cyclocross cassette 11-36

If you’re taking your ‘cross bike on more adventuresome rides than the stock 11-32 cassette allows, then the new 11-36 option should be just the ticket…and it opens the doors to more and more affordable 1×11 mountain bike builds, too!

Offering a 13% lower gear than the 32-tooth cog of the other WiFLi option, this cassette does require the use of a medium cage X-Horizon rear derailleur since none of their standard road rear derailleurs are designed to move around the larger 36-tooth cog. On the smaller end, the 11-tooth still provides the speed needed to crush the flats and descents. It’ll fit any 11-speed road freehub body, so all current road wheels should work with it.

And, since some modern mountain bike freehub bodies are 11-speed compatible (Rolf Prima, American Classic, etc.), this should fit there, too. That doesn’t mean you’ll get the range of the XX1/X01′s 42-tooth cogs, but you’ll get the smoother transition between gears that 11-speeds offer. And, in our opinion, it sets the stage for a non-XD style 11-speed mountain bike cassette for an X9 level group in the future…no reason why they couldn’t build it out to a 40 or 42 tooth max and have it fit a standard 10/11 speed compatible freehub body. Others have done it.

UPDATED: Additional compatibility notes at bottom.

Tooth counts, specs and weights below…