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Thomson Adding More Traditional 25mm Setback Seatpost Design

LH Thomson adds new 25mm setback seatpost option

Our first stop at Thomson’s NAHBS booth yielded the dropper seatpost updates. On a subsequent walk by, they mentioned their setback seatposts will get a second design option this summer.

Their original set back post, shown here, uses a bent tube to achieve the offset. But, they admit that it’s not the best aesthetic choice for all bikes. So they’re developing a second 25mm offset post that’ll use a straight post and revised head to get the saddle further back. Look for it a bit later this year.

NAHBS 2014: Calfee Updates Manta Pro, Adds Cyclocross Prototype & Builds a Tandem for One


Calfee has updated their Manta Pro endurance road bike with new options, including a “lockout” block to convert the soft tail design into a hardtail, thru axle options and further refinements to the design.

There was also a prototype Manta Pro Cyclocross bike in the booth, plus a new version of their famous tandems that lets you convert the front and rear sections into a fairly normal one-person road bike for those days when you’re stoker’s a slacker.


NAHBS 2014: Alchemy Gets on the Gravel w/ New Bike & Fork, Plus 700g Helios SL & Serotta Designed Titanium

Alchemy Helios SL ultralight custom carbon fiber road bike at NAHBS 2014

We just toured Alchemy’s Denver, CO, factory last summer, and thought we saw a lot. They must’ve been keeping several projects hidden, though, as there were quite a few surprises at NAHBS!

Shown above, the Helios SL takes their very good looking road bike and drops a whopping 25% off the frame weight! By using a large proportion of lighter, military-grade hi-mod carbon fibers, designer Matt Maczuzak was able to shed considerable grams without having to change the molds. But the result is something he says is one of the very lightest “production” frames available today. As in, it comes in as light as 700g for a 54cm equivalent frame.

Of course, there are tradeoffs to making such a light frame. Read on to see what they are, and see what’s arguably even more exciting than a 700g frame…


NAHBS 2014: Appleman’s Rock Solid 29er Mountain Bike & More

Appleman 29er mountain bike custom carbon fiber bicycle nabs 2014

Appleman gave us a teaser in our Road to NAHBS preview, but his custom 29er still had a few surprises. For starters, it was sitting atop the prototype ENVE carbon rigid fork.

The frame itself was made for a 250lb, 6’4″ guy, so it comes in around three pounds and is the strongest tube set builder Matt Appleman offers. He uses a custom tube maker in Minnesota, which lets him get a specific diameter, wall thicknesse, layer count and layup for each bike and it’s rider.

But the tube set wasn’t the only thing making this bike tough…

Taipei Sneak Peek: Ritchey’s 35mm Bars and Stems, Swiss Cross Disc Frame, New Wide Tubeless Wheels, More

Ritchey 35 bar stem disc cross frame (1)

As a company steeped in tradition, Ritchey looks like they have no problem keeping up with the latest componentry as illustrated by the number of new products tucked away in their booth in Taipei. Most of the new goods will be new for 2015, but it gives you a taste of what’s to come. In addition to disc brakes for cross, Ritchey also had 35mm bars and stems, new 220° stems, and super wide, fully tubeless rims for mountain bikes on display.

Details after the break.


First Look! Ergon Cyclocross Saddle Slips Into Production

ergon cyclocross bike saddle

Ergon has expanded the saddle range to include a cyclocross specific design. Based on their road models, it’s a bit flatter and smoother to make for easier dis- and remounts.

It has a closed cell EVA foam with more padding than the road saddles, and the shape is flatter since your moving around more on a ‘cross bike. The cover is stitched of two different materials – the center section is slightly grippier to keep you from sliding around, and the side/nose panel is slippier to prevent friction in the “pedaling region of your thighs” (my quote, not theirs).

Slide past the break for more details…


Race More with Less with New SRAM Force CX1 Cyclocross Group (UPDATED)

SRAM CX1 cyclocross xx1 launch adam craig giant20140130_0811

Prototypes and spyshots no more, the SRAM CX1 single-ring cyclocross group is official.

‘Cross is hard enough on bikes, but it is especially hard on drivetrains. From broken derailleurs to dropped chains, CX groups have to work even when they’re encased in a layer of frozen muck. As one of the main weak points of a drivetrain, CX1 gets rid of the front shifter and derailleur entirely thanks to the chain grabbing ability of the X-Sync Chainring. Add in the stability and control of the X-Horizon rear derailleur and you end up with a system that is ready for the toughest conditions – if you’re ready to run a single ring.

Ditch the granny after the break…

UPDATED: Video added to bottom of post.


Road to NAHBS 2014: Festka Brings Back European Titanium & Expands Product Range

Festka-Mist-Ti-disc-brake-cyclocross-fabrication-jig  Festka-Mist-Ti-disc-brake-cyclocross-fabrication-bottom-bracket-chainstays-builders

After a quite successful year of growth, we sat down with Festka founders Ondrěj Novotný and Michael Moureček, and new team partner Svatopluk Zatloukal over coffee to catch up with all that has happened in the last year, to talk about their progression at NAHBS, and to see where they are going in the next year. What started out as a quick road to NAHBS feature grew into a pretty deep extended interview, especially about their new projects.

Festka’s made-in-the-Czech-Republic bicycle lines are growing and the company is rapidly expanding into components and clothing. Last year they seemed focused on some extreme eye-catching (or even retina-burning) builds, but let’s take a look at what new things we’ll see from them at this year’s show. Like a new ti ‘cross bike…


Taipei First Look: Challenge Takes on the dirt with new Gravel Grinder Clincher and Tubular


Challenge Gravel Grinder Tire

Growing almost as fast as fat bikes, gravel bikes are another category that is pushing the development of bikes and components. Needing to be both fast rolling and grippy on loose surfaces, those who frequently venture off road with skinny tires will have a new option for the perfect tread with the new Gravel Grinder from Challenge.

Check out the tread pattern next.