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Fulcrum Adds Wider Disc Brake Road Wheel as Part of new Racing Quattro Family

Quattro fulcrum 2016 rider

Adding to an already vast line of road wheels, the Fulcrum Racing Quattro family is expanding. Named for the Italian word for four, the Quattro line revolves around a 40mm rim profile (35mm in aluminum) which Fulcrum praises for its versatility. Still light enough for climbing yet deep enough for aero benefits in many situations, the Quattro appears to be an excellent all around wheelset made better by increased options.

First introduced in the 35mm aluminum Quattro, two full carbon rims are added to the family including one that’s disc brake specific. More than that, all three wheels feature a revised rim shape with a wider profile for increased stiffness and comfort from the use of wider tires. Time to get #fulcrumfast with the new rim or disc brake Quattros…


2016 Scott Bikes weigh in – FOIL, Addict CX, Genius & Scale 27.5+ and e-Genius electric trail mountain bike


While Scott Week is coming up and will give us our first chance to rip around on all their new 2016 bikes, we’ve had plenty of exposure to them. They’ve formally announced the new FOIL aero road race bike, the 27.5+ versions of the Scale and Genius full suspension mountain bikes (plus the Scale hardtail plus bike) and even the new Addict Gravel racer, which is essentially a re-spec’d version of the all-new Addict CX cyclocross bike they showed off at Sea Otter.

Here, we have actual weights of all of the above, plus a new electric pedal assist version of the Genius. Above is the FOIL, which comes in at 6.98kg (15.39lb) with tubes, a condition it’ll likely keep since Zipp isn’t yet making road tubeless carbon rims. See what it adds by throwing a mini-pump, water bottle cages and stocked saddle bag on it…


Marin adds Gestalt gravel road bike, all-new carbon Cortina CX & BOS-equipped mountain bikes for 2016

2016 Marin Gestalt gravel road bike

Marin unveiled many of their latest bikes at Sea Otter, including the 27.5+ hardtails that helped celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary.

Now a few more join the lineup, including updated full suspension mountain bikes of all travels and the full carbon Cortina CX. But the mostest newest is the Gestalt “beyond road” bike. The alloy framed ride is named after a bar & grill near their HQ where a lot of cyclists compare Strava stats aprés ride. It has mounts for racks and fenders, endurance geometry and is made for both gravel and light touring.

And yes, this is the one that gets that new NAILD quick release system for front and rear…


Naild develops locking, ultra-quick thru axle system for road & cyclocross bikes, already getting OEM spec

Naild locking quick release thru axle system for road cyclocross and gravel bikes appears on Marin bikes for 2016

Already spec’d on the 2016 Marin gravel and cyclocross bikes (post on those coming soon), the Naild locking, quick release thru axle system takes everything good about thru axles and makes them better.

The system was developed by by Darrell Voss, who worked at Klein Bikes from 1984 to 1996, then started USUL Corp in 1995 while still at Klein’s then-new owner Trek to help bring North American companies to Asian manufacturing and do U.S. service and marketing for Asian manufacturers. Since 1999, they’ve been working as a service center for SR Suntour out of Madison, WI, though Voss himself is based in Portland, OR. During that time, he helped developed Suntour’s Q-Loc thru axle, which was among the first (if not the first) thru axle that didn’t use a thread-in design to secure the wheels. In Voss’ own words, “it works pretty well.”

Fast forward to the advent of disc brakes on road and cyclocross bikes and there are new load paths on the frame structure, which got him thinking…


Wide Range Gearing Kits for Road, Touring or Gravel Bikes from Lindarets, New Rocks Belong Tees, More


Lindarets road bike 1x11 conversion

New Mexico’s component maker Lindarets has just announced a few new product releases, including something fairly ground breaking in the road bike gearing department. Confirming our suspicions after the Instagram photo from WTC went out, the company has been working on a wide range cassette adapter kit for road, gravel or touring bikes.

Lindarets also announced their popular ‘Rocks Belong’ t-shirt is now available in blue, a cooler colour for summertime, plus the Goat Link and Giant Cogs for 1×10 conversions are now available individually. Read on for the finer details and more photos of wide-range road conversions…

Centurion brings back Trailbanger enduro MTB & Crossfire cyclocross bike, makes Backfire 29er lighter


The 2016 Centurion Crossfire puts them back in the game with a carbon cyclocross after focusing on alloy all-purpose ‘cross/allroad bikes for the past four years.

Merida is sharing the same frame, but it and the fork was developed by Centurion. Centurion has been made by Merida since the get go, but Centurion was doing a lot of interesting development. Over the years, they started working together more and more, and this is the latest collaboration.


Paul Component Engineering’s Klamper Disc Brake Is Fully Cooked, Available In Limited Release


After years of thorough development, design iterations, and aggro field testing, the most highly anticipated product of the year for Made in the USA Component aficionados has finally landed. Perhaps finally the last rim brake holdouts can broaden their stopping world view now that Paul Component Engineering has developed disc brakes. Meet the new calipers on the block that are sure to stop you in your tracks after the jump. READ MORE ->

PC15: GT Grade Gets Cross and Flat Bar Builds, New Women’s Grade and Mountain Line, More

GT road gravel path womensIMG_7957

While the mountain side of GT was keeping busy with the 25th anniversary of the Zaskar, the pavement/gravel/dirt side of the brand is carrying on where the Grade left off. Building on the success of the Triple Triangle all-road machine, GT is launching a few new build options that will make the bike even more versatile.

Even though the Grade technicaly wasn’t built for cross, the bike is still plenty capable of making its way around a CX course and now there will be a build ideally suited for just that. Called the Grade X, the SRAM Rival X 1x bike is meant to fit in somewhere between a dedicated cross racer and a fast gravel/dirt road bike. Joining it is a women’s Grade as well as new women’s mountain bike line with another version of the Zaskar Comp…


2016 Scott Addict Gravel bike hits the dirt road w/ new Schwalbe G-One tires

2016 Scott Addict Gravel road bike details and actual weights

Based entirely on the all-new Addict CX cyclocross bike just released this past April, the new Addict Gravel makes only a few changes to become their dirt road racing bike.

Built with their 2nd tier HMF carbon (just below their top level HMX fibers used on the CX bike), it essentially shares the same frame with a new paint scheme and gravel optimized tires. Key features are the same, including flat mount disc brakes, big tire clearance and adaptable cable ports to handle any drivetrain and braking scenario you can imagine.

Check out details, spec and actual weights below…