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Win a one-of-a-kind Celeste Green Rolf Prima VCX Disc road wheelset


Remember that one-off celeste green Rolf Prima VCX Disc wheelset they showed at NAHBS? They’re raffling it off to benefit the League of American Cyclists.

The finish is a special ceramic coating, and it’s laced to their XST hubset with titanium freehub body. They’ll swap in any axle ends you need, whether QR or thru axle, should you win. Raffle tickets are just $10, and you get bonus entries if you buy five or more. All proceeds benefit the LAB, which helps improve cycling infrastructure and awareness throughout the U.S.

Details and link to raffle ticket purchase page here. Another pic of the wheels below…


SOC15: Hands on with New Rever Dual Piston MCX1 Mechanical Disc Brake Plus Actual Weights

Rever mechanical road cross brake (6)

After introducing the newest mechanical disc brake for road and cross just before Sea Otter, Rever (pronounced like revere) was on hand in California for us to get a closer look. Clearly, one of the biggest calling cards of the new MCX1 is the fact that both brake pads are actuated by the lever arm. That makes this one of the very few on the market that offer true dual piston braking in a mechanical package.

Above and beyond the actuation, Rever has built in at least one extra feature that should leave rider happy when it comes time to replace the pads. More details and actual weights, next…


Grava hunts Appalachia’s moonshine stills with new Revenuer steel gravel bike

Grava Revenuer steel cyclocross gravel road bike on Kickstarter

About a year ago, many of our Asheville, NC, friends started showing up to the ‘cross races aboard a sleek looking carbon bike emblazoned with raised silver letters spelling out GRAVA. More and more of them started riding them, including some of the Industry Nine folks, and getting good results in the local and state series. That model’s called the Maple Sally, and that’s a story we’ll tell in another post soon.

Now, Lenoir, NC, based Grava Bikes is bringing their next model’s production to the States, and they’re looking to Kickstarter to make it happen.

Called the Revenuer, its name refers to the revenue collectors from the long defunct Bureau of Prohibition, whose agents would comb the Blue Ridge Mountains seeking illegal moonshine stills. Many of those dirt roads and secret paths now make for excellent riding through the area, and this bike’s made to handle them all…


SOC15: Foundry Harrow Evolves into New Valmont and Camrock TA and QR Cross Bikes

foundry cross bikes 2016 valmont camrock thru axle racing matters (3)

They may be a departure from Foundry’s initial vision of matte black on black frames, but at the core their new models still have the same focus. Repackaged into their new slogan, “racing matters,” the new Valmont  and Camrock cross bikes are still pure bred race machines – just with a little more color. In addition to the tasteful coats of paint, the bikes have another change that could be a big deal to the right racer.

Starting with the Harrow which already boasts a winning pedigree, the frame has evolved into two different bikes. The Valmont technically takes the place of the higher end build but the biggest change is the addition of thru axle dropouts front and rear…


SOC15: Lake Adds Floating Boa for Enduro, More Coverage, Updates MXZ 303, and New Flat Soled Boots

Lake Shoes enduro dk boot mx 165mx 168mx 228  (8)

You probably know Lake as more of a road or XC shoe company, but over the years they have done it all. While the new MX 180 and MX 168 launch the brand back into the more gravity oriented side of things, both shoes represent modern incarnations of past models. Between the DH 150 and the MX 165, Lake is no stranger to additional coverage and support but for their latest shoes they didn’t want to jump in without a specific advantage.

Lake puts a lot of emphasis on fit which is why so many of their shoes use head moldable sections, but for the MX 168, they had to invent a new approach to the Boa…


SOC15: Closeup look at new Turner Burner, Sultan 27.5+ and Cyclosys cyclocross bike

2016 Turner Cyclosys alloy cyclocross and gravel bike

Just before Sea Otter, Turner Bikes teased three new models with limited details: The all-new Cyclosys cyclocross bike, a completely redesigned Burner and a Sultan with 27.5+ tires replacing its standard 29er rubber. Here’s the complete story on the new bikes…

“I’m buried in cross all fall,” Dave Turner said. “I love it. I race it all winter long. But I don’t think you need a twitchey handling race bike. And I think most ‘cross bikes end up seeing a lot of other uses the rest of the year, whether for commuting or just regular old riding. And I don’t think most people need a true gravel bike either, most of those look like a 1982 Fisher or Ritchey mountain bike. Unless you’re racing the Dirty Kanza or riding gravel across an entire state, something like the Cyclosys is plenty stable with the right kind of tires. I’ve tried to split the difference.”


Quarq Brings Crank-Based Power to the People With New Affordable Riken AL

quarq riken al 110bcd chassis front

Following the recent price drop of the RIKEN R, Quarq is apparently furthering its march towards bring crank-based power measurement to the masses through the release of their new RIKEN AL. The new system, priced at a very competitive $799 MSRP (GXP configuration), is available now consumer direct through the Quarq website, and will begin shipping April 23rd. A closer look after the jump… READ MORE ->

SOC15: White Industries launching new XMR “Cross / Mountain / Road” 6-bolt hubs

White Industries XMR 6-bolt disc brake hubs for all types of bicycles

If you recall our NAHBS coverage of White Industries, they showed an early prototype of some new 6-bolt hubs. Now, they have a name and Alec White was ready to reveal the new internals.

A new pawl mechanism doubles the number of teeth on the ratchet ring and puts two teeth per pawl. That not only doubles the pawls’ grabbing points for better bite, it also doubles the possible points of engagement to 48. The result is a snappier 7.5° engagement, half of the originals.

This new pawl and ratchet system will launch on the new XMR (‘Cross / Mountain / Road) hubs, which will replace the MI6 and CX11 as the 6-bolt offering.


SOC15: Chris King adds thru-axle rear road hubs & singlespeed hubs

Chris King 12mm front and 12x142 rear thru axle road bike hubs

Chris King has a new thru axle rear R45D hub to join the R45D front thru axle we spotted at NAHBS.

The front will only be available in 12mm for thru axles, and QR will remain in the line, too, using end caps to swap between the two. Likewise, the rear adds the axle ends to allow it to convert to 12×142 thru axle, so you can upgrade your current QR hubs if you get a new frame. Our guess is some Cielo bikes might be making the switch now that there are some house brand hubs to go with them!

Retail is TBD, available mid summer.