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TPE15: Pro-Lite lightens up w/ new Antero Carbon XC/Cyclocross wheels, road disc coming


The new Pro-Lite Antero Carbon mountain bike wheels will come in 27.5 and 29, with the latter working just fine for cyclocross, too.

They use their oversized pawl mechanism to get 84 points of engagement using six 2-step pawls. That’s clicking along next to an oversize Japanese EZO bearing to handle the higher loads caused by modern oversize cogs. The carbon rim has a width of 26mm ext/21mm int and measures 23mm tall. Check the internals and rim profiles, plus more new stuff, below…


NAHBS 2015: Roundup – Bikes from Cadence, Iride, Repete & Della Santa


Low Bicycles are handmade in San Francisco, all falling into the racing aluminum frames category. This particular example was used to showcase a new bar tape design from Cadence Cycling, who’s done some great collaborations with Ritchey in the past and offer denim and other clothing catering to the performance cyclist.

Check the detailed paint and attention to detail, plus bikes from a variety of other builders, below…


Review: Fezzari Foré Cyx Cyclocross Bike Can Hold its Own Come Race Day

Fezzari fore cyx cyclocross race bike carbon review bikerumor (5)

Thanks to the booming popularity of cyclocross, there is no shortage of bikes to choose from for your skinny tire, offroad needs. Brands big and small are all offering up their own version of a cyclocross bike which can vary greatly from bike to bike. For Utah based Fezzari, their consumer-direct model puts them in a unique place to be able to offer a true race ready package at a competitive price. But compared to one of the brands you’ll find in a bike shop what are you actually getting?

Our initial impressions of the carbon Fezzari Foré Cyx 2.0, were quite favorable so we put it through a season of cyclocross abuse to see how it compares to the competition…


Zipp takes new Course with Aluminum Disc-brake Tubeless and Tubular wheels


Two new wheelsets from Zipp, the 30 Course tubeless-ready and tubular variants, bring more options for disc-brake road and cyclocross riders. Zipp sees these wheels as an excellent multi-use speed weapon designed for everything from road adventures to full-on cyclocross racing. Being the first tubeless compatible wheelset from Zipp, they were developed around a wide 21mm internal width with a true shelf to hold tire beads at the lower tubeless tire pressures we can expect on the road, gravel, and cross courses. Both aluminum tubeless and tubular rims use a similar 25mm wide overall profile that is 26mm deep, combining some of the aero benefits and predictability in crosswinds of their top-level wheels at a lower price point and without the compromise of including a parallel braking surface that shapes the standard 30 wheels.

Roll past the break for more insight into the new wheels and their expected availability…


TPE15: Wheeler’s Thirtysixxer towers over slick 29er, cyclocross & other bikes


Wheeler is a Taiwanese brand with distribution throughout much of the world, including a U.S. agent despite the limited presence here. Most of the bikes on their website are mid-level, with a few slick looking full suspension mountain bikes and aero road bikes topping things out. For Taipei, they had several new models across new-for-them categories that featured some nice details.

The Thirtysixxer was rightly placed at the corner of their booth, suckering me in for a closer look…


Interview: Sacha White of Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen

Vanilla Workshop Sacha saw

In the early 2000’s, a class of small builders began to emerge as big domestic bike manufacturing continued its march towards overseas production. Rather than working their way up through years of different cutting processes, finish work, and ranks of existing factories or workshops (which were becoming fewer by the year) these new builders joined the game by jumping straight into frame building through classes at UBI or with individual builders and honed their craft through trial and error.

The captain of this class is Sacha White of Vanilla Workshop, a kid who knew what he needed to do with his life after watching a frame builder repair his broken messenger bike. After saving his pennies for the opportunity, he learned to build his first frame under Tim Paterek and has been working with a torch ever since. His obsessive attention to detail and visual and functional style in his bikes skyrocketed him to early rockstardom within the community and he has been working hard to live up to that hype.

Today, over fifteen years into the game, Sacha oversees a production house that contains both his Vanilla, for which he is the sole builder, and production Speedvagen lines and is currently gearing up for a West Coast fitting tour. Meet The Man from Vanilla after the jump.


Flexroute Cable Management System Provides No-Crush, No-Rub Mounting

Flexroute cable management system, clamp

If you’re looking to secure a cable to an odd-shaped tube, prevent frame damage from slippery zip-ties, or accommodate a dropper post cable on a bike without guides the Flexroute Cable Management System has you covered. Hawken Components and Cobra Products Inc. have teamed up to offer you a cable securing solution that provides a few advantages over the old traditional zip/cable tie.

The Flexroute rubber clamps affix cables to any shape of tube on your frame or fork with no risk of crushing the housing. They’re also designed to conform to tubes and not slip, preventing damage to your frame from a housing or bare zip-tie shifting around.

Check out more details below…

First Look – Shimano Flat Mount hydraulic road disc brakes debut, new 11-speed 105 Level hydro shifter & more!

Shimano BR-RS805 flat mount hydraulic road bike disc brake caliper

There has been a lot of speculation since Shimano first announced a new brake mount specific to road, but little in the way of details. Ironically coming on April 1st in Japan, Shimano is finally showing their hand and introducing two new hydraulic road disc brakes built specifically for the Flat Mount fitment. Announced along with a new 10 speed Tiagra group and WH-RX010 road disc wheelset, the new BR-RS505 and BR-RS805 disc brakes are non-series components at the 105 and Ultegra level respectively.

We have a feeling we’ll be learning more about these new brakes come Sea Otter, but the preliminary details are after the break…


TPE15: IRC Tire 27.5″ mountain bike treads weigh in, new tubeless cyclocross tire

IRC Serac CX Sand tubeless ready cyclocross tire

At Interbike last year, IRC added the Sera CX Mud for wetter conditions. Now, they’re completing the spread with the new Serac CX Sand, a file tread version for much, much drier conditions. It’s also suitable for grassy courses (that aren’t wet) and gravel sections. It’s sized at 700×32 and weighs in at a claimed 375g.

Also introduced at Interbike last year were the 27.5″ versions of their mountain bike tires, and now we’ve got weights and a few other new tires and goodies to show you…