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SOC15: Chris King adds thru-axle rear road hubs & singlespeed hubs

Chris King 12mm front and 12x142 rear thru axle road bike hubs

Chris King has a new thru axle rear R45D hub to join the R45D front thru axle we spotted at NAHBS.

The front will only be available in 12mm for thru axles, and QR will remain in the line, too, using end caps to swap between the two. Likewise, the rear adds the axle ends to allow it to convert to 12×142 thru axle, so you can upgrade your current QR hubs if you get a new frame. Our guess is some Cielo bikes might be making the switch now that there are some house brand hubs to go with them!

Retail is TBD, available mid summer.


SOC15: Parlee Cycles builds all-new Z-Zero XD cyclocross bike, teases new parts

Parlee Z-Zero XD cyclocross and gravel road bike

Building on their top level, full custom road bike, the new Parlee Z-Zero XD disc brake cyclocross bike brings a few changes to the frame design that we hope will carry over to the pavement soon, too.

The XD, or “Cross Disc”, takes full advantage of the new equipment and capabilities Bob Parlee has been adding to his arsenal over the past couple of years. When we visited them for a factory tour, he had just acquired a roll press to make his round tubes. Since then, they’ve added more bladder molding equipment. This bike, from the headtube to the stays to the split wishbone behind the seat tube, is 100% designed and made in house in their Beverly, MA, facility…


SOC15: Hutchinson could take cyclocross tires wider for gravel, plus changes to road tires coming

Hutchinson Piranha cyclocross tires could go wide for gravel road bikes

According to some of the folks at Hutchinson, the Piranha 2 cyclocross tire is fairly popular here in the States, but HQ in France (home country of the brand) might want to discontinue it. However, not only is the U.S. team lobbying to keep availability but to get the pattern expanded to 40mm widths for gravel road bikes. The tread pattern certainly looks well suited to that use.


SOC15: All-new Felt FX TeXtreme Cyclocross bikes get lighter, stiffer & hotter – plus updated Compulsion mountain bikes

2016 Felt F1X TeXtreme carbon fiber disc brake cyclocross bike

After a couple years of iterative updates to their FX carbon cyclocross bikes, Felt has wiped the drawing board clean and created all-new, disc brake only bikes ready to go fast and get dirty.

The very top of the line is the F-FRD (Felt Racing Development), whose frame comes in at just 850g and is sold as a frameset only. More on that one in a minute. Immediately below it is the F1X, which continues Felt’s use of TeXtreme carbon fibers to make the bike lighter and stiffer. Its frame tips the scales at just 950g. And for 2016, that same frame is used on the lower level F3X and F4X level bikes, and all four share the same new 400g fork.

On the prior version, they had morphed the bike from their cantilever brake model over the years, which meant there was still a bridge on the seatstays, and the rear brake caliper was on the outside of the seatstay. To boost comfort, they reworked it to be disc specific and put the caliper inside the rear triangle. That let them do away with the bridge and create one long, thin seatstay that has some intentional compliance planned into the layup…


SOC15: SRAM 1x drivetrains head to the road with new Force & Rival single chainring groups

sram rival 1 road group

SRAM’s taken their 1x drivetrains to the road with new Force 1 and Rival 1 groups.

Essentially an expansion of their CX1 group and XX1/X01/GX mountain bike cassettes, it opens up the possibilities for gravel, cyclocross and even triathlon bikes looking to simplify the setup and save a little weight.

In fact, the CX1 group is now simply Force 1, and the Rival 1 group takes most of the existing parts and combines it with the pinned GX cassette and brand matched X-Horizon rear derailleurs.


SOC15: Scott Addict CX unveiled as lightest disc brake cyclocross frameset, alloy models coming, too

2016 Scott Addict CX 10 carbon fiber disc brake cyclocross bike

Scott set about the Addict CX bike’s resurrection with three main goals: Make it lighter, more comfortable and boost stiffness in the bottom bracket and headtube for better handling and power transfer. They also wanted to make the frame more ‘cross specific with race inspired and optimized tube shapes.

Since their last iteration, things have progressed a bit. So disc brakes are a natural, and they went with Shimano’s new flat mount standard and thru axles front and rear to keep it as future proof as possible.

The bike was first spotted in the pits at the UCI Cyclocross world championships with a semi-official teaser from Scott about the same time. Here’s how it progressed into a production model…


Turner hops into ‘cross w/ new Cyclosys, updates Burner & switches Sultan to 27.5+

2016 Turner Cyclosys cyclocross bike

Taking a slight divergence from mountain bikes without leaving the dirt, grass and mud, Turner is rolling out the all-new Cyclosys cyclocross bike. They’ve also updated the venerable Burner full suspension mountain bike and will offer the Sultan 29er as a 27.5+ bike. Full details are coming from Sea Otter’s pits, but here’s the preview.

The Cyclosys has been under Dave Turner’s butt on the race scene for about five years, being built and ridden as a personal project. Now, finally, he’s turning it into a production item for all to enjoy.

“In the 30 plus years I’ve been in mountain biking, I’ve seen the sport and the racing scene evolve and change over the years,” Turner says. “Some for better, some for worse. What I experienced at my first CX race in 2010 reminded me of the “good ol’ days” of MTB racing: a great sense of community and camaraderie, and a good dose of competitiveness.”

To make the most of those days, the bike uses modern features like a carbon fork, 43mm tire clearance, slick internal cable routing ports and (from the looks of it) geometry versatile enough to take it out for a day on the backroads.


Project: World’s Funnest Bike – Drivetrain, Wheels, Brakes & Install Notes


So far, our World’s Funnest Bike project has detailed the frame and the cockpit. Now it’s time to go over all the parts that make it go and make it stop. Most of the parts used on this project bike were new, but I did have some trusted components and lightly used parts that needed more time before a final review could be posted, so those made there way on board and will be noted.

The shifting is handled by Gevenalle’s latest GX shifter levers, which were designed around the Shimano XT rear derailleur to offer a wider range option for anyone wanting a more capable gravel/adventure/cyclocross bike. The Gevenalle parts were all weighed in with a full introduction in this post, so here we’ll go over their performance and use notes and show how it all came together with a mix of other components…


Rever Debuts with Dual-Pull MCX1 mechanical disc brakes for Road/CX

Rever MCX1 mechanical disc brake for road, cyclocross bikes
We all love to drool over tricked out, top-shelf componentry but when it’s time to go shopping -not window shopping, but real put your money on the table shopping- riders with finite budgets turn their attention to companies like Bloomington, Minnesota’s Rever. Launching at the Sea Otter Classic, newcomer Rever is bringing value priced components with claimed race grade performance.

“In today’s component world, cyclists have come to expect that with high performance comes complexity and a high price tag. We’re here to show that’s not the case,” explains Rever’s Brand manager Tren Blankenship.

Rever’s first product is a mechanical disc brake called the MCX1, a short-pull dual piston brake designed specifically for road and cyclocross bikes. An expanded line of competitively priced parts is planned for the future, stop in for details of Rever’s first offering…