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Berlin Bike Show: Interesting Finds From Berliner FahrradSchau


This weekend’s 4th Berlin Bike Show brought together a good mix of European specialty cycling producers together with some of the bigger international brands. The public show gives many smaller companies and distributors the opportunity to show their products directly to the end user; and Berlin is definitely a very cyclist friendly city and turned out big crowds. It also had several fun events, including a big bike polo tournament, an indoor BMX/4X track, several trials courses, and a junkyard-style cylcocross race that came in the exhibition hall and out through the junk out back…


2014 TwinSix Jersey Collection Shipping Now, New Sprinter Green Standard & Team ‘Cross Bikes


TwinSix’s 2014 bike jersey collection is out, and dealer orders shipped this week. As usual, the variety and artwork are fantastic with plenty of options for both men and women.

All regular jerseys are $80 (the premium Standard versions are $110) and are made in the USA. Some have matching bibshorts, and they’ve got a wide range of matching sock designs, too. Zip past the break for the full collection and more…


Chris Akrigg Does Cross, Plus More Video fun for your Friday

Definitely not your typical cross race, as Chris Akrigg takes to the skinny tires on his Mongoose Selous. Of course he shreds it to death using his trials skills and incredible bike handling, but even Chris has problems with the toughest mud at the end. We’re pretty sure there isn’t a bike Chris can’t just hop on and kill it with, but it sure is fun to watch.

If you’re still wondering about Enduro check out the How To video after the break. It’s mostly serious.


NAHBS 2014: Retrotec’s Monster Cross & Sycip’s Kid’s Bikes and Titanium Kickoff


Retrotec took home “Best Cyclocross Bike” honors at NAHBS 2014 for this beautiful monster crosser.

Built with 40c Panaracers that may as well have been skinny mountain bike tires, the bike was one of those that made me wanna just stow the backpack and camera and ride out without a plan. It used their signature curved design, with the arc of the top tube flowing directly into the seatstays. Even the paint scheme flowed, accentuating the curves. There were plenty of amazing ‘cross bikes at the show, but we see why this build won.

More pics of this, plus his Funduro 650B and 29+ hardtail as well as Jeremy Sycip’s first in-house titanium bikes (hint: they’re for kids) below…


RockShox Hints at Something Big. An Inverted Fork Design? A Cyclocross Specific Fork? A Fat Bike Fork?

RockShox Is Hinting at Something. An Inverted Fork Design? A Cyclocross Specific Fork?

RockShox Is Hinting at Something. An Inverted Fork Design? A Cyclocross Specific Fork?

Let the speculation begin. There have been quite a few rumors swirling regarding new products coming out of RockShox, but this is the first physical evidence we’ve seen. By the looks of it, it could be a lot of things – a new rigid fork, cyclocross, etc. But those fork blades look like they are spaced quite wide, with a lot of tire clearance. Could this be a new fat bike fork? It certainly doesn’t look like the original RockShox RS-1 that was introduced by Paul Turner, Steve Simons in 1989. According to RockShox, “Everything Changes” soon…

Updated – Check out more of the RS-1 after the break!


NAHBS 2014: Ritchey Builds His First Fat Bike & First Carbon Breakaway Road Bike! (UPDATED)


It’s not often we want to see someone get fat and go commando, but we’ll give Tom Ritchey a pass.

The new Ritchey Commando fat bike prototype is headed for production, likely coming out this winter. Price is TBD (likely around $1,100), as is some of the final spec. It’s a 170mm rear end for now, but they’re still playing with it and may go to 190mm.

The tubing is their triple butted, heat treated Logic tubing. This one’s a one-off fillet brazed prototype, but production frames will be TIG welded. The 1-1/8″ head tube will stay, and the fork will likely remain QR. Rear also uses a quick release skewer rather than a thru axle. It’ll handle up to a 3.8” tire.

UPDATE 1: Weight corrected for carbon road bike.

UPDATE 2: Price on Carbon Breakaway officially lowered to $2,999.95.

Streak through for more pics and a look at the insanely lightweight Carbon Breakaway road bike…


Thomson Adding More Traditional 25mm Setback Seatpost Design

LH Thomson adds new 25mm setback seatpost option

Our first stop at Thomson’s NAHBS booth yielded the dropper seatpost updates. On a subsequent walk by, they mentioned their setback seatposts will get a second design option this summer.

Their original set back post, shown here, uses a bent tube to achieve the offset. But, they admit that it’s not the best aesthetic choice for all bikes. So they’re developing a second 25mm offset post that’ll use a straight post and revised head to get the saddle further back. Look for it a bit later this year.

NAHBS 2014: Calfee Updates Manta Pro, Adds Cyclocross Prototype & Builds a Tandem for One


Calfee has updated their Manta Pro endurance road bike with new options, including a “lockout” block to convert the soft tail design into a hardtail, thru axle options and further refinements to the design.

There was also a prototype Manta Pro Cyclocross bike in the booth, plus a new version of their famous tandems that lets you convert the front and rear sections into a fairly normal one-person road bike for those days when you’re stoker’s a slacker.


NAHBS 2014: Alchemy Gets on the Gravel w/ New Bike & Fork, Plus 700g Helios SL & Serotta Designed Titanium

Alchemy Helios SL ultralight custom carbon fiber road bike at NAHBS 2014

We just toured Alchemy’s Denver, CO, factory last summer, and thought we saw a lot. They must’ve been keeping several projects hidden, though, as there were quite a few surprises at NAHBS!

Shown above, the Helios SL takes their very good looking road bike and drops a whopping 25% off the frame weight! By using a large proportion of lighter, military-grade hi-mod carbon fibers, designer Matt Maczuzak was able to shed considerable grams without having to change the molds. But the result is something he says is one of the very lightest “production” frames available today. As in, it comes in as light as 700g for a 54cm equivalent frame.

Of course, there are tradeoffs to making such a light frame. Read on to see what they are, and see what’s arguably even more exciting than a 700g frame…