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Kettle Cycles Redesigns SiCCC Carbon Fiber Brake Rotors, Adds Colors & New Metallic Pads


Since our first experience with Kettle Cycles’ SiCCC (Silicon Carbide Carbon Ceramic) brake rotors, founder Aaron Stephens has been very, very busy. And not just filling orders – he’s added metal brake pads designed specifically for use with the composite braking surface and reworked the adhesives and resins to make the rotors stronger.

The new 2014 F-Series rotors use a revised carbon / ceramic ratio that makes it much stronger. Their production process moves the rotor from the heat mold to a furnace, where they’re subjected to high heat for up to two weeks. In testing, the new version is as strong after one heat treatment session as the originals were after eight sessions. Furthering the strength gains are improvements to the ceramic bonding between carbon layers and final stage production methods.

Of course, rotors only need to be so strong, but by making them stronger, he’s able to grind them a bit thinner, letting them fit better in a wider range of calipers. The changes also seem to have helped Aaron catch up on production, too, and he’s come up with a few additional ways to improve forecasting and operation, all of which mean a better deal for you… READ MORE ->

New Rotor Power LT (Light) Crankset Saves Weight w/ Single Left Sided Sensor


Costa’s bike with the new Rotor Power LT. Photo: Rotor’s Facebook page.

Introduced in the heat of the Tour de France aboard Rui Costa’s Merida Reacto KOM, the new Rotor Power LT takes their crankset based power meter introduced at Eurobike 2012 and covered in great detail in this post.

That system used a separate power meter gauge on each crank arm, each with its own transmitter and four distinct strain gauges inside each arm, using their 3D drilled design to tuck them inside the alloy arms. For the new Power LT, they simply dropped the drive side meter, relying on a single group of strain gauges and transmitter to process the data. Like other one-sided systems, it likely just doubles the measurement to send a single power figure to ANT+ compatible cycling computers rather than separate left- and right leg measurements.

Like the original, it still measures deformation of the crank arm in three axes, which lets it determine torque effectiveness (how much your leg drags on the system on the upstroke) and pedal smoothness (max torque vs. average torque). And it still only requires a single zero calibration when changing batteries, self adjusting for temperature, altitude, etc.


It’s CX-Mas In July! Reynolds Giving Away CX Tubular Tires and Caps with Purchase

We’ve all heard of X-mas in July, but as cyclists Reynolds has something better for us – CX-Mas in July. Yes, the Tour has just started and the mountain bike trails are just about perfect, but there are a number of people already counting down the days until the first cross race of the season. You know who you are, I’ve seen your posts on Facebook. Changes in cross bike design, specifically disc brakes mean a number of riders are buying new wheels so Reynolds is hoping to make it a little easier on the wallet.

For the month of July, buy a set of Reynolds wheels (disc or rim brake) and get a free pair of tubulars, plus a cap. Which wheels qualify? Find out next…


BMC SLR03 Gets Affordable, GF02 Goes Carbon & New CX01 Cyclocross Bike Jumps In


In addition to the new Speedfox mountain bikes, BMC has just unveiled three new skinny tired bikes. There’s something for every budget and style, whether it’s cyclocross, adventure riding or just good ol’ fashioned road riding.

For pure pavement, there’s the new entry level (but still carbon) Teammachine SLR03, an affordable way to get the Swiss brand’s racy road bike in a very upgrade worthy package. Three builds will be offered, all on the same 1230g carbon frame (size 54, with hardware). Overall, it’s very similar to the higher end SLR02, but adds an even smaller size 47 to the mix to fit more riders than ever…


Silca Gives Those Pesky Valve Stem Extenders the Silent Treatment

silca valve extenders for presta valve bicycle tubes

Silca’s new Presta valve extenders’ clever use of elastomers and sealants put an end to the annoying rattle inside the rim hole and prevent air leaks.

On the outside, an elastomer ring is designed to sit snugly inside the rim’s valve hole and hold it firmly in place. That prevents it from rattling around until your nerves are shot, and it’s a good sight more attractive than electrical tape. You’ll need to measure the distance from valve hole exit to the inner rim bed and figure out the difference between that and you current tubes’ valve length to make sure it all lines up, but your sanity is worth it.

On the inside, they worked with a company that specializes in thread sealing to coat the inner threads so they seal tightly against the tube’s valve threads. Then, they added elastomeric gaskets at both ends of the interface to further plug the joint. The result is no air loss. Or at least no more than you’d get with just the regular tube.

But wait, there’s more…


First Look – Kindhuman’s new KÜDÜ Cross machine – Plus Cross Camp with Adam Myerson

Kindhuman KuDu CX Frame

Its already time to start thinking about training, this season’s bike and what the Scotch ale of choice will be. That’s right! Cross season is coming up fast, and the passionate and giving crew over at Kindhuman who are known for their Take the Lead cycling scholarships, have a new crosser called the KÜDÜ that may suite your wants needs. They even have cross legend and newly sponsored rider Adam Myerson putting on a camp to teach you how to ride the thing!


WTB Trail Boss Speeds Up w/ Tighter Knobs, New Cross Boss Hits the CX Course


First mentioned at Taipei Bike Show alongside several other new and updated models, the MY2015 WTB Trail Boss is now shipping…and we’ve got pictures.

Designed with a very similar tread block shape to their Vigilante enduro tire, the Trail Boss gets ramped center knobs to be a faster rolling tire for rough XC but burly enough for all mountain pursuits. It’s only slightly less aggressive looking than the Vigilante, and only because the blocks are more tightly spaced. Side knobs are supported for hard cornering, and all blocks get a big, shallow sipe to help them conform to the little stuff. Rated for hardback through loam, dry to damp conditions.

Roll through for specs, size options and a close up of the tread pattern…and the Cross Boss…


Van Dessel WTF Gets Makeover, All New Carbon Road, Cyclocross & MTB Bikes Coming Soon

2014 Van Dessel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot monster crosser gravel road bike

This year’s Van Dessel WTF (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot) do-it-all bike gets a new raw steel finish but is still the same super capable, extremely versatile bike everyone loves. A corrosion resistant treatment coats the bare looking tubes, though, so it’ll remain rideable year after year.

Founder Edwin Bull has been working on more than just new colors – he’s been growing the carbon fiber line and just sent over renderings for a whopping three new/updated models. One for road, one for cyclocross and one for the trails. Check out the sneak peek, plus detail shots of the WTF, below…


Friday Features: Lars Sternburg Gets His Braap On, Cyclocross Training Tips from Transition, and More

Watch this edit for the loam shredding and 2 smoke noises, then stay for the  Super 8 footage of Bob Fox racing motorcycles in the 1970s. READ MORE ->