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Zipp introduces Rotor Protectors, plus more Accessory additions


While the Zipp brand tends to be bring aerodynamics to mind, especially with regards to carbon wheels, they do also make some solid everyday components like bars, stems, and seatposts and offer a wide range of accessories from valve extenders to bottle cages to solve some everyday needs. Zipp just sent us a press release that mostly consisted of these same basic accessories in some slightly updated or expanded configurations, but what caught our attention were the forthcoming Rotor Protectors. While throwing spare cross wheels around for the past couple of years to and from races, the thought of keeping the rotors out of harms way sounds intriguing. Join us after the break to take a better look, and to get pricing and availability, also for the other accessory updates…

#RideTogether, a Fresh Look from Boardman’s Elite Endurance Road Range


We were in London last week meeting with Chris Boardman himself, his bike company’s director Andy Smallwood, and the other dozen people that make up the Boardman Bikes team to talk about their brand overhaul for the 2016 Elite bike lineup. They’ve reevaluated all of their top end bikes, and refocused their priorities. Boardman talked a lot about how the whole company wanted a bit of a change of direction. After chasing their tails to try and keep up with demand, he said they were a bit lost, and spent the last year finding their focus, especially for their Elite road bikes.

A lot of that focus is in practical bikes that can be ridden on any type of surface. That isn’t to say that performance is being sacrificed, as the bulk of the bikes are built of premium carbon (and now titanium too) and spec levels are in most cases Ultegra at a minimum. But what it means is that there is an endurance emphasis put on a lot of their new road bikes, with features like disc brakes, hidden mud guard mounts, and generous tire clearances throughout. Join us after the break for a close and detailed look at many of the new road bikes,  like the SLR Endurance Disc Signature edition above and ti, eTap, cross, women’s, and custom painted versions below, including pricing…


Review: 3T Discus C35 Team Carbon clincher Road and Cyclocross wheels – First Impressions & Actual Weights


We chatted with some of the Tech team behind 3T at Eurobike a couple of months back and they were keen to introduce us to their all new Discus disc-brake road line-up. To address the leap over the last year or two in the number of disc brake bikes in the road, gravel, and cyclocross markets, 3T wanted to develop some wheel solutions that would combine the better stability of wider rims and a bit of an aero boost from mid depth profiles. With five wheelsets on offer ranging from the 32mm deep, 575€ aluminum C35 Pro to the 58mm deep, 2600€ carbon C60 LTD, we settled on the mid range C35 Team carbon wheelset that we could put to the test as a set of cross clinchers with some autumn training and a bit of racing, and then throw on some fat slicks for gravel and endurance riding come spring. Roll past the break with us to see our first ride impressions and get the details like actual weights, and compatibility…


A Week in Review: Rad Kid’s bikes, Rapha’s Thermal Aerosuit, and a Roundup of some Awesome Tools and Hacks

Atherton Racing BSX-Insight_muscle-oxygenation-tracking

FENIX BYKES folding full size santos 275 plus mountain bike (5) reset-components-bearing-press-tool01

Tired of measuring power and want something even more involved to measure? We check out BSX’s updated Muscle Oxygenation sensing device. We also take a behind the scenes look at how Scott goggles are made, and find out what those Atherton siblings are up to.

Catch up on last week’s material and be sure to check out the comic strip of Yehuda Moon and how cynical and funny cycling can be….


Kindhuman Creates Dealer Program to Expand Brand & Advocacy Through Dealers with Similar Culture

Kindhuman 3

Kindhuman Bicycles has a unique approach to selling bikes with an emphasis on quality products at fair prices with a focus on giving back. Their Take the Lead Cycling Program program is designed to provide inspiring individuals with the bike and gear they may not otherwise be privy to as a method of developing personal potential through two wheels. Operating as a retail bicycle shop themselves, they understand the importance of experienced retailers and want to grow Kindhuman by spreading their mission through like minded individuals and dealers.

In order to do just that, Kindhuman has a new program that will provide better service to their customers and dealers alike….


Just In: Syntace 6-bolt Disc Brake Rotor Shim Kit


After grumpily complaining to myself about rotor alignment for the past couple weeks, a friend and the master wheel builder behind Light Wolf in Dresden reminded me that Syntace had my back, at least when it comes to 6-bolt hubs. Testing different cyclocross tires and wheelsets means a lot of swapping back and forth this season, and we’ve been reminded very quickly of the high tolerances required to keep disc brakes running smoothly and quietly, and of the wide variation from one hubset to the next. While there is a standard that defines where the rotor is supposed to sit in relation to the end of the axle, there is enough variation that almost every time we swap a wheelset I end up adjusting calipers. Conventional wisdom in cross has been to use the same hubs (and previously the same rims) on all wheels, but that is one luxury I don’t get while I am reviewing wheels for our readers. So to break down some of the hassle, hop past the break and see how Syntace’s shims can help center up braking across multiple wheelsets…


PBE15: Paragon Machine Works Polydrops in Flat Mount Compatibility

White Industries Engin Cycles Paragon Machine works t41 threaded press fit bottom bracket-25


Given the fact that Paragon Machine Works creates parts for frame builders to build bikes out of, many of their products aren’t marketed towards the consumer. But if you happen to own a bike with their Polydrops, listen up. When Paragon Machine Works first designed the Polydrop system, the idea was to create a modular dropout that could adapt to the many standards on the market. When the Polydrops were first designed, flat mount disc brakes weren’t even a thing. Now as a validation of the design, Paragon was able to create a new insert for the Polydrops that is now fully flat mount compatible… READ MORE ->

PBE15: Engin Cycles Builds for T47, Plus new 12mm Thru Axle Dropouts for Front and Rear

White Industries Engin Cycles Paragon Machine works t41 threaded press fit bottom bracket-10

To create a new bottom bracket “standard” you’re gonna need a test mule. For Alec White of White Industries, that test mule just happens to be a really, really nice Engin Cycles custom gravel bike. To help facilitate the creation of the new T47 bottom bracket and their prototype crankset, Alec worked with Engin to build this beauty that also features Engin’s new thru axle dropouts…


Industry launches new, larger threaded T47 bottom bracket standard – say goodbye to PressFit!


The first Engin Cycles frame with the T47 bottom bracket standard.

An idea has been floating around some of the smaller industry players for about a year now. Brands like White Industries, Chris King and Paragon Machine Works were all thinking that people liked threaded bottom brackets, but that frames and cranks had changed so much over the past decade, getting larger diameter tubes that didn’t go as well with the tiny English threaded BB. These ideas progressed in distinct conversations running their own courses until one company contacted another to make a bottom bracket, and then everything really fell into place to (hopefully) replace the pressfit bottom bracket.

The driving force was to take the advantages of a 30mm spindle and modern frames and combine them with the proven durability, quiet performance and lovability of the traditional threaded bottom bracket.

The result is a new standard called T47, for “Threaded 47”. It measures M47x1, meaning a 47mm outside-thread diameter with a 1mm thread pitch (25.4 tpi equivalent). That puts it very close to the 24 tpi (threads per inch) currently used on English threaded bottom brackets, so it’s essentially been proven on bicycles for many, many years. And that slightly finer thread pitch helps to manually hand tap and chase the threads, a handy feature for frame builders.