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First Impressions: The Flexible Mixed Surface FABike


After having met up with the head of FABike at the Dresden bike show a few months back, we arranged to give their bike an extended test to see how the crowdsourced project worked out. Designed in Italy, built in Taiwan, and assembled and distributed out of the Czech Republic, the FABike intended to be a multi-purpose road bike.  The bike achieves its primary goal of flexibility through the use of an adjustable and interchangeable sliding dropout design that can be quickly and easily converted from a geared bike to singlespeed and from 130 to 120mm rear spacing and by accommodating up to 35mm tires (and thus gives the bike its name F+A+Bike.)

Find out more details, our initial setup, and some brief first impressions after the jump..


Kona Esatto Morphs into Endurance Road Bike with Discs, Plus 2015 Road and CX Highlights

Kona 2015 Road esatto humuhumu kapu disc bikes cx super jake (18)

In addition to a few new mountain bikes (with 26″ wheels no less), Kona has been hard at work on the skinnier side of the line up for 2015. One of the biggest additions to the range is the new Esatto road endurance disc series. Introduced in 2014 as a titanium, rim brake frameset manufactured by Lynskey, the Esatto is now a bonafide Kona with the added benefit of disc brakes. As an “Endurance Road bike,” the Esatto now makes up the entire category with the DDL, D, and standard Esatto (rim brakes), while the Zone road bikes are moved into the “Race” category to replace the  Zing series.

While discs are the big story for the Esatto, Kona has a number of exciting new bikes including the steel Kapu, new Rove models, and the return of the Humuhumu!


Thomson Covert Dropper Seatposts Now Shipping, New Stem Sizes Pop Up, Too

LH Thomson stealth dropper seatpost with 27-2 option

Thomson’s been teasing and testing their Covert stealth dropper posts for some time, but like with the original, they’ve used those days/weeks/months to make sure they’re gonna hold up to their reputation for bombproof quality. Now, finally, they’re here along with the 27.2 external dropper.

Despite just hitting their docks, the Covert posts are moving quick. They’re seeing more movement on the 30.9 size and are out of stock at their HQ, but there is currently stock at their distributors (BTI and QBP). The 31.6 have higher stock both at Thomson and in their distributors. The 27.2 dropper also started shipping recently, hitting distributors last week. They don’t have the Covert stealth routing option, but they are one of few options for bikes with the thinner post diameter.

Retail on all three of these are $479, about $30 more than the externally operated 30.9 and 31.6.


Friday Features: Working Man Hustle, Open Loop Backflip, Cyclocross In the City, & More

Most athletes at the top of the podium dedicate their entire lives to training, yet these working class hereos manage to regularly hold down the hot seat – and punch in on weekdays. Like their style? Give them a like on their Facebook page.

Head past the break for more good times.


Genesis Launches Four New Adventure Ready Bikes For 2015

Genesis Caribou Fat Bike For 2015, Genesis has launched four new bikes built for adventuring. From 29+, to full fledged fatty, and all the bike touring/gravel grinding/cyclocross capable things in between, there’s a little something for anyone seeking to enjoy the outdoors.

First up is the fatty. Developed for all season abuse, the Caribou excels in conditions like mud, sand, powder, and is fun just about everywhere else. For this year, they’ve also introduced a smaller 16″ frame size, more competitive pricing, and a beautiful new Orange color scheme.


Found: Bombtrack Arise SSCX Bolt-On Hubs (UPDATED)


Bombtrack’s Arise hubs make it easy to build stiff, solid singlespeed wheels thanks to their wider spacing compared to running a stack of spacers on traditional freehubs.

The flanges are set wider, and the freehub section gets narrower, providing just enough width to let you fine tune your chainline. That it uses a standard freehub shaped section rather than threaded cogs makes it even easier to use over the long run, too, and provides plenty of options for after market cog sizes. That is, if the included 15/16/17 tooth cogs aren’t enough for ya.

Spacers are also included in the deal, and matching front hubs are also available. Check full specs, color options and more pics below… READ MORE ->

Kettle Cycles Redesigns SiCCC Carbon Fiber Brake Rotors, Adds Colors & New Metallic Pads


Since our first experience with Kettle Cycles’ SiCCC (Silicon Carbide Carbon Ceramic) brake rotors, founder Aaron Stephens has been very, very busy. And not just filling orders – he’s added metal brake pads designed specifically for use with the composite braking surface and reworked the adhesives and resins to make the rotors stronger.

The new 2014 F-Series rotors use a revised carbon / ceramic ratio that makes it much stronger. Their production process moves the rotor from the heat mold to a furnace, where they’re subjected to high heat for up to two weeks. In testing, the new version is as strong after one heat treatment session as the originals were after eight sessions. Furthering the strength gains are improvements to the ceramic bonding between carbon layers and final stage production methods.

Of course, rotors only need to be so strong, but by making them stronger, he’s able to grind them a bit thinner, letting them fit better in a wider range of calipers. The changes also seem to have helped Aaron catch up on production, too, and he’s come up with a few additional ways to improve forecasting and operation, all of which mean a better deal for you… READ MORE ->

New Rotor Power LT (Light) Crankset Saves Weight w/ Single Left Sided Sensor


Costa’s bike with the new Rotor Power LT. Photo: Rotor’s Facebook page.

Introduced in the heat of the Tour de France aboard Rui Costa’s Merida Reacto KOM, the new Rotor Power LT takes their crankset based power meter introduced at Eurobike 2012 and covered in great detail in this post.

That system used a separate power meter gauge on each crank arm, each with its own transmitter and four distinct strain gauges inside each arm, using their 3D drilled design to tuck them inside the alloy arms. For the new Power LT, they simply dropped the drive side meter, relying on a single group of strain gauges and transmitter to process the data. Like other one-sided systems, it likely just doubles the measurement to send a single power figure to ANT+ compatible cycling computers rather than separate left- and right leg measurements.

Like the original, it still measures deformation of the crank arm in three axes, which lets it determine torque effectiveness (how much your leg drags on the system on the upstroke) and pedal smoothness (max torque vs. average torque). And it still only requires a single zero calibration when changing batteries, self adjusting for temperature, altitude, etc.


It’s CX-Mas In July! Reynolds Giving Away CX Tubular Tires and Caps with Purchase

We’ve all heard of X-mas in July, but as cyclists Reynolds has something better for us – CX-Mas in July. Yes, the Tour has just started and the mountain bike trails are just about perfect, but there are a number of people already counting down the days until the first cross race of the season. You know who you are, I’ve seen your posts on Facebook. Changes in cross bike design, specifically disc brakes mean a number of riders are buying new wheels so Reynolds is hoping to make it a little easier on the wallet.

For the month of July, buy a set of Reynolds wheels (disc or rim brake) and get a free pair of tubulars, plus a cap. Which wheels qualify? Find out next…