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PC15: GT Grade Gets Cross and Flat Bar Builds, New Women’s Grade and Mountain Line, More

GT road gravel path womensIMG_7957

While the mountain side of GT was keeping busy with the 25th anniversary of the Zaskar, the pavement/gravel/dirt side of the brand is carrying on where the Grade left off. Building on the success of the Triple Triangle all-road machine, GT is launching a few new build options that will make the bike even more versatile.

Even though the Grade technicaly wan’t built for cross, the bike is still plenty capable of making its way around a CX course and now there will be a build that is ideally suited as well. Called the Grade X, the SRAM Rival X 1x bike is meant to fit in somewhere between a dedicated cross racer and a fast gravel/dirt road bike. Additionally there is now a women’s Grade as well as new women’s mountain bike line with another version of the Zaskar Comp…


2016 Scott Addict Gravel bike hits the dirt road w/ new Schwalbe G-One tires

2016 Scott Addict Gravel road bike details and actual weights

Based entirely on the all-new Addict CX cyclocross bike just released this past April, the new Addict Gravel makes only a few changes to become their dirt road racing bike.

Built with their 2nd tier HMF carbon (just below their top level HMX fibers used on the CX bike), it essentially shares the same frame with a new paint scheme and gravel optimized tires. Key features are the same, including flat mount disc brakes, big tire clearance and adaptable cable ports to handle any drivetrain and braking scenario you can imagine.

Check out details, spec and actual weights below…


PC15: Stan’s Builds New Carbon Road and Mountain Wheels Around Neo Hubs

Stans bravo avion carbon mtb road gravel neo ultimate hubsStans avion neo hubsIMG_8007

Stan’s No Tubes showed up to Press Camp with two new sets of carbon wheels, but the material of the rim is only part of the story. The key to the new hoops was the ability to to build them off of their all new line of hubs. For years, Stan’s engineers have been making their own changes to existing hub designs, but as Director of Sales and Engineering Mike Bush put it – only a ground up hub design would be able to accomplish all of their design goals.

So that’s exactly what they did. In the making for over two and a half years, the Neo and Neo Ultimate line represents a complete reboot of Stan’s hubs. Only available in complete wheels (for now), the Neo hubs are the perfect anchor for the new Avion and Bravo carbon wheels…


PC15: Pivot Unveils All New Mach 429 Trail, Updates Vault Gravel/Cross Machine

Piovt Mach 439 trail carbon vault gravel cx bike 2015 2016 actual weightsIMG_7812

Even though we just visited with Pivot at their headquarters in Tempe, AZ, we knew something big was on the horizon, but we didn’t know what. Characteristically tight lipped about future bikes in development, Chris Cocalis only promised that we would get a chance to see everything they were working on once we got to Press Camp in Deer Valley, UT.

True to his word, we arrived to find a bike that many Pivot fans have been asking for – a slacker, short travel trail bike, only with 29″ wheels. That of course would be the new Pivot Mach 429 Trail. Described to us as sort of a mash up of the Mach 429 SL and the Mach 6, the 429 Trail checks off a lot of boxes. Not only that, but at the same time Pivot was unveiling the Mach 429 Trail, they also showed off the revised Vault carbon cross/gravel bike. Now disc only and full thru axle, the Vault could unlock the ability to have just a single 700c bike in your garage…


Review: Foundry Overland Titanium Gravel and Cyclocross Bike


With the ever expanding presence of cyclists taking to gravel roads, an equally expanding range of bicycles is complimenting this rapidly growing segment of the market. Manufacturers of all sizes are producing a gravel bike, with design features and sometimes frame materials, differing greatly.

Foundry Cycles of Bloomington, Minnesota, is a subsidiary of Quality Bicycle Products, the largest distributor of bicycle products in the United States. At Foundry, the mantra “Racing Matters”, means something real. Racing, coupled with research, testing and good design, boded well in our first impressions of the Foundry Overland. Since that time, we’ve put the Overland through the wringer. READ MORE ->

Spot Releases New Belt Drive City Bikes and Candy Colors for the Ralleye SS CX Bike

Spot Wazee commuter bike, with red gates belt

When your brand produces a wide range of commuter bicycles, it makes sense to partner up with Gates. Their clean, low maintenance belt drive systems are ideal for utilitarian city bikes, so Denver-area manufacturer Spot has sensibly outfitted the majority of their lineup with belt drive systems.

Alongside their commuters Spot also produces mountain and CX bikes, and a small line of components (and there’s a very unique full suspension bike coming). The brand has released two new models of commuters called The Five Points and The Champa and revamped The Wazee. Below the break we’ll also check out their Rallye SS cyclocross bike in some new eye-popping colors with flashy red drive belts…

Cannondale heading down a new road w/ Lefty equipped gravel road bikes!

prototype 2016 Cannondale New Road gravel road bike with Lefty suspension fork

Cannondale has just published a teaser video showing a Lefty suspension fork equipped gravel road bike, which looks to be the direction they’re taking for the single-sided suspended cyclocross bikes that’ve been spotted at the races recently.

Details are non-existent, but a few well timed screen grabs help get the story started. As does the blurb accompanying the video:

For those whose love for the road extends beyond just the road. For those whose thirst for fun and adventure cannot be quenched by mere road bikes or those dreary grinders of gravel. For all those who don’t necessarily want to road-ride, but who just want to ride the roads, and the verges, the trails, and whatever strikes their fancy, we proudly offer a road bike unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Check the video and more pics below…


Paul Components gets patriotic with Red, White & Blue QR Skewers for 4th of July


The Spirit of Paul skewers are a limited time offering that celebrates the United States of America’s birthday with a special red, white & blue anodized color scheme. OK, so it’s red, chrome & blue, which just makes those colors shine brighter!

No matter how loose you get on the holiday, the skewers promise to hold it all together to get you home safely. Or at least just keep your wheels from comin’ off. Well, your bike’s wheels anyway. They’re made of stainless steel and 7075 aluminum and are available in four widths. More pics and tech specs below…


Bontrager postures for better saddle fit, performance w/ new InForm BioDynamic designs


Built around five postures and three contours, the new Bontrager InForm BioDynamic saddle collection has something for everyone, from the upright cruiser rider to the horizontal professional TT racer.

Using leisure, fitness, performance, aggressive and aerodynamic postures as the different baselines for pelvic rotation, they then looked at the saddle’s curvature, profile and transition to make them as comfortable as possible while also maximizing performance on saddles aimed at more serious athletes (upright comfort riders aren’t really seeking better Strava times, after all).

As they describe it: “The curvature of the saddle is thought of as a cross-sectional view through the saddle at the critical point of the saddle where the rider is primarily seated. The profile contour is defined by the saddle’s shape in side view. The transition contour is defined by the edges of the saddle in the top view.”

Here’s how all that comes together in the performance-oriented Affinity, Montrose and Anja saddles…