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SOC 14: Industry Nine Introduces Ultralite Carbon CX Wheels, 150mm Fat Bike Hub Adapter

i9 Industry 9 ultralight carbon disc 150x15 150 fat bike hub (5)

When we checked in with i9 on their all encompassing fat bike hubs at Frostbike, there was one hub standard missing – only we didn’t (officially) know it yet. That would of course be the new 150x15mm front spacing on the new RockShox Bluto suspension fat bike fork. Rather than making an entirely new hub, i9 is offering a replacement non-disc side end cap that will make their 135×15 hub Bluto compatible.

The end cap  adds 15mm in width to the hub, and requires a 7.5mm adjustment in dish to the non disc side which could mean that new spokes are needed depending on the build. One of the benefits of the 150mm spacing is that the resultant wheel is build with zero dish for improved strength especially on a fat bike. End cap kits to switch from a 135mm QR hub will run $30, and a single 150mm end cap will run $15 to switch from a 135x15mm set up.

Likely the bigger and more exciting news for most of you is i9′s new Ultralite Carbon disc wheels, which you can find full details on after the break!


SOC14: Raleigh’s Cylocross Line Better than Ever w/ New RXC PRO, RXS Singlespeed Belt Drive Complete, More

Raleigh 2015 RXC Pro RX5 single speed belt drive cross bike womens RXW RX2 RX1 (12)

Already known for their involvement in cyclocross with a number of competent race rigs, Raleigh is stepping it up for the 2014/15 cyclocross season with new mens’, womens’, and single speed offerings. Based partly on their sponsorship of the Raleigh Clement Cycling team and Raleigh’s own hodala style, the new bikes are better than ever and perfectly equipped for mud and cowbells. Now with 5 aluminum and 2 carbon models, the mens’ bikes are lighter, there is finally a complete single speed option, and women get another, better equipped model.

Ready for some racing? Get the details after the break…


SOC14: Marin Introduces Rift Zone Carbon, Indian Fire Trail Hartdtail, & Updates the Lombard

Marin rift zone indian fire trail lombard new 2015 (17)

The Rift Zone is a model that has been in Marin’s line up for years, but it was time to give it some fresh legs. Sticking with the 29″ wheel platform, the new Rift Zone is what Marin calls their Trail 29er with 110mm rear, and 120mm front travel. Other than the material change to carbon, the Rift Zone XC 9 gains Marin’s new Isotrack rear suspension design which uses a flex stay in place of the rear pivot. The result is a 29 FS just over 25 lbs that will be the enduro race weapon of choice for Kyle Warner…


White Industries Issues 20th Anniversary Polished Speed Racer Hubs, Plus New Centerlock Disc Hubs


White Industries is celebrating their long run as a lustworthy component brand with these new 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Speed Racer hubs.

They’re updated for 11-speed -the flanges and everything shifted a couple mils to accommodate the wider freehub body- but are otherwise the same as the classic originals. Retail is $460 for the set and it includes a t-shirt with the original ad artwork. Which you can see along with all the pretty colors for their new Centerlock disc brake hubs, below…


NAHBS 2014: Don Walker’s Still in Steel, Jim Kish Keeps it Titanium


As promised in his pre-show interview, NAHBS president Don Walker kept it simple this year. His traditional cyclocross, track and road bikes (this time a tandem) are unchanged, but he continues to highlight some great paint schemes year after year.

Last year we saw a Star Trek theme that was a bit out there. This year, things were a little more down to earth, including a digital camo and a few bold two-tones with lines as sharp as a razor. Check out the gallery below, along with Jim Kish’s beautiful titanium bikes…


Maxxis Adds Tubeless Ready Mud Wrestler Cyclocross & Single-Ply Shorty DH Tires

Maxxis Mud Wrestler tubeless cyclocross tire

Enjoying a huge success with their somewhat late to the party tubeless-ready mountain bike tires, and the emerging trend of road tubeless, it only made sense for Maxxis’ cyclocross tires to start ditching the tubes, too.

Running low pressures on a cyclocross bike can make or break one’s performance, but at the risk of pinch flatting with a tube, or having to deal with the cost and efforts of tubulars, tubeless ready tires make a lot of sense for the sport. And we’ve liked Maxxis’ standard CX treads, so these new Mud Wrestler TR tires are a welcome addition.


Paul Components Adds 1x Single Chainrings & Adapters, New Quick Release Skewers

Paul Components 1x single chainring and adapter

Paul Components has a new 1x adapter and chainring combo designed to fit their standard cranksets.

The chainring has thinner teeth for 1x geared systems, letting it work with the thinner 10 and 11 speed chains.  The chainring is 3/32″ wide, versus 1/8″ for the or singlespeed rings. It’ll come in 32/34/36/39 tooth counts.

The black spacer pushes the ring closer to the frame, keeping the chain line at the center of the cassette. Basically in the middle of the 2x double chainrings it replaces. Closeups and more below…


NAHBS 2014: Engin Revs Up Titanium Bicycle Frames, Shows One of Each


In short order, Engin went from showing an early (and impressive!) titanium build last year to a complete collection this year, making it his primary frame material. We got a peek into his change with our pre-show interview, then we got a look at the real bikes in Charlotte.

Not too many people opt to paint titanium frames, but when they do, they usually go for broke. The red one above gets a gorgeous candy apple gloss with masked sections to show the metal. Click through for detail pics and a look at road, ‘cross and a bare ti mountain bike, too…


First Look: New Shimano 105 11-Speed Group, Plus New Mechanical + Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes!

Shimano 105 11 speed 5800

It may be April 1st in Japan, but the new Shimano 105 is no joke. Equipped with many of the features that blew us away with the new Dura Ace and Ultegra mechanical drivetrains, the 11-speed 105 5800 group is sure to bring budget performance to the next level. Shifting is lighter, braking is better, there are more gearing options, and even a new asymmetric chain. The outgoing 105 group was an impressive workhorse, but the new 5800 group makes it even harder to justify spending more.

However, the 105 group isn’t the only news here – there is an entirely new shift/brake system. One that offers hydraulic disc brake performance without having to pony up for electronic shifting.

See the new 105 group plus the first mechanical/hydraulic road system from Shimano next…