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Scott teases all-new disc brake cyclocross bike for UCI World Championships

2015 Scott Sports disc brake cyclocross bike with thru axles

Scott has just posted these images of the bike Marcel Wildhaber will be racing at the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic, tomorrow (which you can catch via live streaming at

It’s an all-new bike for them and, without a current ‘cross model in the lineup, puts them back in the game. From the looks of it, there’ll be thru axles front and rear, internal cable and hose routing, and a very stout front end and downtube.

Here’s hoping they keep this paint scheme as a stock offering! More pics below…


Long-term EU CX Test: Stevens cyclocross Super Prestige Disc – weighed, ridden & raced


As we lead into the upcoming UCI Cyclocross World Championships this coming weekend here in the Czech Republic we want to give a complete rundown on one of the bikes we’ve been race testing all season as a part of our EU CX test series, that will see some elite-level international racing under some of the world’s best athletes.  The updated 2015 Stevens Super Prestige Disc, which we introduced back at Eurobike, is billed as an all-out race bike so we’ve been doing our best to shake it out in our national series of Masters cross races, coincidentally co-sponsored by Stevens Bikes along with Czech clothing producer Lawi.  Besides our amateur level racing and their support of grassroots racing programs throughout Europe, the Super Prestige has recently been ridden to a lot of great results under professional racers.

At the start of 2015 Stevens expanded their pro team sponsorships to include the Stevens Racing Team, Corendon-KwadrO, and now cyclocross powerhouse BKCP-Powerplus. With the new team sponsorships in place for all of the 2015 national championship races a couple of weeks back, riders on the Super Prestige and Super Prestige Disc took home 7 national titles including: German women’s elite,  German men’s junior, German men’s elite, Belgian men’s U23, Swiss men’s elite, Czech men’s elite, and Dutch men’s elite. Clearly the bike can handle the top level of racing, and we look forward to seeing if one of these Stevens-sponsored riders will stand on the top step of the podiums at Worlds in Tábor. Until then, join us after the jump for our full breakdown on how the bike performed under us, both on and off the cross course.


Louis Garneau Unveils 2015 Dream Factory Custom Paint Program

Dream Factory 2015 options 2

Even when you’re buying a bike “off the rack” in terms of geometry and spec, custom paint can’t be overlooked in terms of cycling panache. Whether you’re trying to match your team kit, your favorite sports team, or just your favorite colors, LG is continuing to bring custom creations to life for 2015. Their Dream Factory Custom Paint Program ranks among a few other companies offering custom paint on a large scale in spite of the logistical concerns to make it work.

In 2015, the program applies to five different bikes in a number of builds, including framesets. Details on the Dream Factory next…


TRP Hops the Barrier into other Parts with new Thru Axle Carbon Cross Fork

TRP carbon road cx fork disc thru axle  (2)

Initially spotted at a recent UCI cyclocross event, TRP is shedding some light on their entry into the world of bicycle forks. It may seem a little weird for a company that deals primarily in brakes to take on a component usually found in framesets, but to TRP the move makes a lot of sense. According to TRP’s Bryce Olsen, one of the primary motivations was that there simply aren’t many aftermarket options for a thru axle carbon fork. With the exception of the Whisky No. 9 carbon fork, there are very few ways to upgrade the front end of your bike to run a 15mm axle.

While the additional availability will be nice, TRP also points out that their fork should be lighter than most of the competition with a total claimed weight of 450g. That weight of course is for the 15mm thru axle version – though TRP is also working on a 12mm thru axle option. That little detail is crucial – much like TRP was on the leading edge for the implementation of road and cross disc brakes, the company feels that 12mm thru axles will soon become the standard for road and cross bikes. Eventually the forks will be offered in both standards, but for now 15mm will be the only option since it is the current standard.

Along with offering more options for the consumer, TRP also took fork design as an opportunity to better learn the relationship between disc brakes and carbon forks. Being able to study the interaction between the two and make changes to the fork has given TRP the ability to “see what they might be able to do in the future.”

Ready for a 15mm thru axle fork now? More details, plus availability after the break…


Are you a Surly Superfan? Spread the Love with $150 Off Your Next Bike!


Surly bikes are a bit of an anomaly in the bike industry. Never ones to follow the trends of the next “game changing” bicycle design, Surly has simply stuck with quality steel bikes that are fun to ride. Whether it’s a cargo bike, a fat bike, or just a mountain bike, you could say they are a fan of the KISS principle and are well, kind of surly about it.

Even with numerous high end bikes flowing in and our of the Bikerumor offices, a Surly Pugsley that I bought years ago is still hanging on the wall. You could say I was introduced corrupted at an early age while working at the shop of Yafro’s father, but there has always been at least one Surly in the collection. But I know I an not unique. Surly has built their brand on legions of devoted followers who also like simple, fun, steel bikes that don’t cost a fortune.

As a way of saying thanks to their Superfans, Surly is offering an impressive $150 off any Surly complete bike at your local bike store, or in stock at QBP. Unfortunately, the deal is only valid in the United States, and you have until April 1st, 2015 to cash in. Check out the coupon after the break.


Why Isn’t Road Tubeless More Popular? Part One – How We Got Here

Bontrager RXL TLR Wheels Road tubeless (6)

Road Tubeless is an interesting topic, because it came on the scene very fast in 2010, and many thought it would become the next big advance in road bikes through 2011 and 2012.  However, as we venture into model year 2015, it still has not taken off in a significant way, with modest or underwhelming offerings from a handful of suppliers that may or may not work together.

So, what’s the hold up?

Well, to put the whole situation into perspective, we need to look at the evolution of mountain bike tubeless tires.

Lets step back to 1999, when the first standardized mountain bike tubeless system, UST, was launched by Mavic. Established over 16 years ago yet really only becoming popular in the last half decade, mountain bike tubeless also took a while to catch on, even though there are arguably a lot more benefits to tubeless tires off road than on. But, despite nearly universal agreement that mountain bikes perform better with tubeless tires, there is still not an agreement what the interface between tire and rim should look like…


Free Raven 3.0 Insoles with Every Pair of Lake MX331 Cross Shoes during January

AustinCXNationalsUSA Cyclocross Nationals have come and gone a little later than expected, but not before leaving us with some tremendous racing and hard fought battles. To all those feeling the ‘cross hangover, you can ease the pain by gifting yourself a pair of Lake’s MX331 cross shoe in preparation for next season. It’s as good a time as ever considering Lake and Stage Race Distribution are running a special promotion in honor of Nationals that runs until the end of the month. Purchase a pair of the cross specific shoes from your local Lake Dealer and SRD will throw in a pair of the heat moldable Raven 3.0 Fiberglass insoles for free.


Gevenalle adds GX drop-bar shifters for Shimano 10-speed MTB derailleurs – First look & actual weights!

Gevenalle GX drop bar shifter levers for Shimano mountain bike rear derailleurs

Ever dreamt of putting a mountain bike drivetrain on your drop bar bike. You know, to create the ultimate adventure bike with wide range gearing and a fast front end?

Gevenalle has expanded their line of index-or-friction shifter equipped brake lever with the new GX model, which pulls just the right amount of cable to keep an XT rear derailleur in line with your MTB cassette. It’s compatible with Shimano’s modern clutch-equipped DynaSys and Shadow Plus 10-speed rear derailleurs with a cassette capability up to 36T. That’s a big jump from the 28T max of their BURD rear derailleur, putting you in the gearing range of the CX1 group.

Like the CX shifters, which work with Gevenalle’s own rear derailleur and other 10-speed road derailleurs, the GX gets a modified Microshift lever set attached to a Tektro lever bodies…but even those have been heavily customized and improved…


Watch USA CycloCross National Championships Live Stream By SRAM Now!

Biowheels Gerry Cain Schulze podium

Photo c. Mitch Graham, Biowheels

With tree-gate behind us, the USA Cyclocross nationals are in full swing and only a day late. After some tremendous racing that saw Cincinnati locals like Gerry Schulze with Team Biowheels in 5th for women’s Master cat, and Nicholas Petrov taking the Junior 11-12 win for the Lionhearts Junior Racing Program, you can catch the rest of the racing live, today. Thanks to SRAM and BTB TV, all of the glorious, muddy, and only slightly rerouted racing is on now! Good luck to Nicholas’ brother Spencer duking it out as we speak!

Schedule after the jump…