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A week in review: Tons of gift worthy items, more bike porn from Philly, a bolt on power meter, plus lots more!

Robert-D-Jones-Photography_The-Crankset-Project_All-Rights-Reserved_Suntour-Superbe PBE Bike Richard Sachs (1) PBE Bike Breismeister (6) Syzr Chrome-Moly 2

Check out more super cool items from the 2015 Philly Bike Show, one of the more intimate events we get to cover, plus lots of gift ideas for your fellow cyclist…. (or that said cyclists can point to their friends and family). Plus, the new Watteam Powerbeat bolt-on power meter, sub 900g wheels from Spada, Speedplay’s less costly SYZR pedals and Brett Favre’s sick new Project One.

Grab that last piece of pumpkin pie before anybody else notices and delve in to last week’s coverage…..


Watteam Powerbeat bolt-on crank power meters almost ready to ship, carbon compatibility probably coming soon


If you were among those who pre-ordered Watteam’s Powerbeat stick-on/bolt-on power meters, the first batch is about to ship. If you weren’t, too bad, they’ll all sold out. But, you’ll be able to get in on the second pre-order opening up December 10th for the next production round, and they’re hoping that’ll be the batch that’s going to work on carbon crank arms.

Watteam’s production manager Omri Zerach says production of the first round is underway and should deliver by year’s end. The second round is planned for shipping in March 2016…


Speedplay Trims SYZR Price Tag with Chromoly Version, Offers Expansive Custom Spindle Program

Syzr Chrome-Moly

It may have taken a long time for it to arrive on store shelves since we first saw the SYZR prototypes, but Speedplay’s new off road pedal is finally spinning. A big part of the delay was figuring out how to build a pedal that offered the same level of energy transfer as their road pedals, but in a design that was walkable and dirt friendly. To accomplish this, the SYZR uses metal on metal contact between the cleat and the pedal rather than rely on the rubber tread blocks of your shoe to transmit power. Combined with their unique cleat with adjustable float and ceramic rollers for easy in and out and you have an interesting take on an SPD style pedal.

Now that the stainless and titanium versions have been shipping, Speedplay is offering up a more affordable chromoly version as well as one of the most comprehensive spindle length programs available…


Philly Bike Expo Roundup: Beautiful Handmade Bikes from Around the Globe Pt. 1

PBE Bike Stijl cycles (6)

The Philly Bike Expo is an interesting and entertaining show. A true mix of almost all of cycling’s weird niches, eccentricities, and different segments, it’s a great representation of city cycling as a whole. It’s also almost a mini NAHBS with handmade bikes from a number of different builders that are sure to stop you in your tracks.

Bikes like this wild Stijl Uber Commuter. Between the burly titanium tubing, gorgeous paint, and smart parts selection, this was a show favorite…


Review: Effetto Mariposa Carogna Cyclocross Tubular Tape – First Impressions


A big part of getting in the spirit of cyclocross for me each fall for the last decade has been the smell and mess of gluing up tubulars. Even with the advent of more tubeless tire options for cross, and wider clincher rims that perform better than ever, nothing really competes with the performance and ability to run ultra low tire pressures for maximum grip like a set of good, supple tubulars.

So as each season approaches, it has been time to inspect last year’s tires and get ahold of a couple pairs of new tubulars to fill in whatever gaps in tread patterns I found the previous season, or to try out something new. This year, part of that something new has been new ways to stick the tubulars to the rim. While Vittoria’s Mastik1 had been the go-to glue for a reliable and secure bond for many years, this year we’ve taken to experimenting with some alternatives so our readers don’t need to go blindly into these sticky waters. We were cautiously interested to hear that  Effetto Mariposa had a new adhesive tape option that eliminated the gluing mess. Their Carogna tape has been specifically developed to overcome the limitations (and failures) of past tubular tape. And as it is rated specifically for the low-pressure, high-leverage conditions of cyclocross and mountain biking, we knew we had to give it a try. We’ve been racing on Carogna tape since the beginning of this season in both Europe and the US, so join us after the jump to see how it has treated us so far…


Hack: How to prevent SRAM DoubleTap shifter levers from sticking (updated)

how to prevent sram double tap shifter levers from sticking at the top of the shift

The more I use SRAM’s DoubleTap road group, the more I like it, and I’ve been riding it for years on several of my road and cyclocross bikes. The one issue that’s persisted across groupsets during that time is the shift lever occasionally getting stuck at the top of its movement. That is, when pushed all the way in to move the chain up several cogs at once, the shift lever can kind of grab the rubber hood on the way back down and stick partially depressed. The shift action isn’t affected, but in the heat of a ‘cross race or group ride, it’s a mental distraction that takes its toll over time.

Also, it’s really easy to fix…


Videos Fresh and old, rad and bold: Portland’s Cross Crusade, World Enduro wrap up, World’s biggest Jumps & a 200+mph jet bike

From our friend and less than famous film maker Kevin Neidorf, whose edits of SSCXWC14 and others we’ve posted in the past, comes his edit of the River City Bicycles Cross Crusade. Watch as contenders’ powerful attempts to battle each other with some with less than graceful results, and a quick glimpse of the King himself at :50 seconds in…..

Skid past the break for more includng: Redbull TV’s wrap up of the World Enduro Series, some of the world’s biggest jumps on a bike with Nico Vink & Brendan Faircloughm and a 200mph “jet bike”…..


A week in review: Smart helmets, pink bikes, and that beee-utiful Garbaruk cassette adapter

Livall Bling Bh60 2 maxx-pink-girls-youth-fat-bike-mountain-bike01

Commencal_A-La-Carte-Project_Meta-SX-3-4 Garbaruk_Xtender-ST_steel-cassette-expander_Shimano-11speed_32-38-45_proto

This week we have some great round ups from the Philly Bike Show, Peaty is getting ready to say adios…. but not yet, and what is with all the things lighting up that are not lights? We took a look at new kicks from DZR and Northwave as well as a lot of really nice apparel from Rapha and the new to the U.S. eye-catching Attaquer brand.

Move on past the break to take a rather in depth glimpse of our week in review…..


PBE15: Bern Shows off new In-Mold, MIPS equipped FL-1 Helmet for the Road

bern helmet road mips (2)

Bern helmets have been a fixture in many scenes for a while now. They have helmets for snow and ski, water sports, skate boarding, and a number of bike helmets for fixed gear riding to mountain biking. But the world of light weight in-mold road helmets? That’s new territory for Bern.

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that their first offering for the race bike crowd would be something that stands out in a sea of aero lids…