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NAHBS 2015: Cykelmageren Hand Builds the Frame, Brakes, Shifters, and More for Best Artisan Bike

Cykelmageren copenhagen nahbs (15)

Every year at NAHBS there are a number of different types of bikes. There are beautifully crafted traditional bikes. Cutting edge carbon bikes. Every manner of folding, cargo, tandem, and people carrying bikes. But then there are also bikes that stop you in your tracks with equal parts puzzlement, wonder, and awe. I think it would be safe to assume that this creation by Cykelmageren would fall into that latter category.

Based out of Norrebro, Copenhagen, Cykelmageren was founded by Rasmus Gjesing in 1994 and typically produces breathtaking-ly simple city bikes designed to get you from point A to point B. Just because they are simple doesn’t mean they are boring however as the company manages to create stunning works of art that are functional as they are beautiful. Certainly a departure from their usual builds, their prize winning show bike had more going on than just the radical frame design…


Ilumaware boosts car’s accident avoidance tech, helping them see bicycles better

Ilumaware passive radar reflector to boost a cyclists presence to automobile accident avoidance systems

With automakers like Volvo and Jaguar adding and improving technology to reduce the likelihood of a car hitting a cyclist, things are moving in the right direction. But many other brands already have accident avoidance sensors built into their bumpers to sense an impending collision and help bring a vehicle to a stop regardless of whether the driver sees the danger or not.

Now, Mercury Wheels founder Chris Mogridge has developed a completely passive device that amplifies the “footprint” a bicycle returns to the automobile’s radar, making a bike seem as big as a car…


The Future is Looking Up with Sony’s Concept HUD Module

Sony's Single-lens Display-module HUD unit

In today’s high-tech times, our world feels a little more like that of Star-Trek each day. One of the most advanced technologies finding its way into the cycling scene is that of Heads-Up-Display (HUD) units. These devices aren’t new, but recently they`ve shrunk to the point of becoming wearable technology.

A HUD unit attached to your sunglasses allows riders to display key information within their field of vision, eliminating the need to look down at your cycling computer or fumble around in a pocket for your smartphone. Sony has jumped into the HUD market with a Single-lens Display Module which is yet unnamed, as it’s still in the prototype phase. Could your next cycling computer be part of your sunglasses?

Head past the jump for a glimpse into the future…

Pedal at Highway Speeds with the RAHT Racer


For some, commuting to work by bicycle can be a drag. There is the preparation time required to kit up, packing lunch, packing clothes and the motivation factor. Sure, you may be the type who is organized and carted the week’s clothes into work last Friday, but swinging a leg over the top tube when the temperature is below 32º Fahrenheit isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And, there’s the complication of lugging around a laptop or running errands during a lunchbreak.

However, for those who like to commute to work by bicycle, but are looking for similar benefits offered by an automobile, there may be a solution for you, RAHT Racer; Recumbent-Automotive-Human-Transport. It takes pedal power to a whole new level… READ MORE ->

Saddle Lock Bicycle concept lets your frame, components protect your bike

Integrated Saddle Lock Concept Bike view

Featured on Korean design blog Designers Party, this concept by Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho, and Yeo Min Gu utilizes a button-actuated joint at the seat cluster and an integrated saddle lock (combination digits right there on the saddle!) for quick rear wheel locking without supplemental locking mechanisms. More images after the jump. READ MORE ->

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Plans are Underway for the World’s First Bicycle Superhighway. The city of London is thinking way beyond bike paths and protected bike lanes. As posted on, Transport for London which is the city’s transportation agency, last week approved the world’s first bicycle superhighway. London’s bicycle superhighway would run alongside the banks of the Thames River for more than 15 miles.
  • You love your fat bike more than anything, so give her something she deserves. Now for a limited time, all fat bike axles are discounted at 15% off when you use the coupon code CHUBBYCHASER at the Robert Axle Project. Choose from their hitch mount axles, B.O.B. Trailer axles or bolt-on replacement axles. But hurry, the sale ends on February 16th!
  • The unofficial start to Colorado’s cycling season, the annual Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival, which features a range of road and mountain bike events and is entering its 28th year, announced new courses today for its signature Century course and the increasingly popular all-day mountain bike event, the Subaru Sunrise Sunset. Riders can register now at and take advantage of early registration discounts, just $70 now for the century and metric century (62 miles) courses (until February 28), compared to $85 on event day, June 7, 2015.
  • SCICON Bags, a leading manufacturer of bike bags, bike protection and saddle bags, has just unveiled their new website. Visit to see their latest offerings.
  • Did you know? You may have experienced some weird stuff going on with your wireless computer that’s perched alongside your LED light on your handlebars. You weren’t imagining things, and that’s because LEDs create electronic noise which interferes with the function of wireless devices. All of SIGMA Germany’s lights are equipped with an “electronic shield” that prevents the light from interfering with your other electronics. Dealers may be interested in the Spring Promo Sale that SIGMA is having until the end of February on their bike lights.
  • H+I Adventures, one of the world’s leading mountain biking adventure companies, has undergone a total rebrand, featuring a new visual identity, online presence and tagline (‘The Art of Adventure’) that inspires adventure travellers to hop in the saddle. The contemporary website helps riders easily discover their ideal mountain bike holiday, and features 2016 holidays that are available to book now.
  • Do you have a GoPro and want to capture footage from your favorite trails at night? Light and Motion has developed the SideKick as the solution to do just that. The Sidekick is the perfect companion light for GoPro cameras. It is the smallest, lightest, most powerful light ever designed to mount with a GoPro. You now have the opportunity to become a backer of this project, via a Kickstarter campaign, and reserve your exclusive hand machined aluminum Sidekick – shipping next month! But hurry, the campaign ends Saturday, February 14th!
  • Anyone old enough to remember the CoreStates PRO Championship knows that Philadelphia can host one heck of a bike race. On February 11th Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that Philadelphia’s annual professional cycling race has been renamed the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic and will be produced by race operator g4 Productions. The Cycling Classic, which will be on Sunday, June 7, 2015, will feature an amateur course ride and men’s and women’s professional races. Information on the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic is available on its website Professional teams will compete in UCI races, including the only US Women’s World Cup in the nation!
  • Do you live in Washington, D.C. or Manhattan and want to send flowers to someone special in a unique way? UrbanStems offers beautiful handcrafted bouquets, delivered for free by bicycle. Treehugger reported on the sustainable company and their unique way of doing business.
  • Marin Mountain Bikes is recalling about 400 children’s bikes in the U.S. and 50 in Canada due to handlebars separating resulting in a fall hazard.
  • PeopleForBikes will partner with the 2015 National Bike Challenge. This nationwide program aims to inspire more Americans to ride bikes more often. The 5-month challenge runs from May 1, 2015-September 30, 2015. To learn more and to register for the National Bike Challenge, visit

Reader’s Rides: Fair Wheel Bikes’ Pivot Mach 6 “XXTR” 22.6lb enduro machine

Fair Wheel Bikes Pivot Mach 6 XXTR lightweight enduro mountain bike custom build

What goes down must be pedaled up, as they say, so anytime you can save a little (or a LOT of) weight, it keeps your legs fresher for those static squat holds while descending at redline.

No stranger to lightweight builds, Fair Wheel Bikes has turned their attention to enduro with a mashed up build on the very capable Pivot Mach 6. Dubbed XXTR, it combines the incredibly light Race Face Next SL crankset with an XX1 cassette and XTR M9000 rear derailleur and shifters.

While those may be standard parts, things get pretty creative and boutiquey from there…


Found: Woodster CNC Machines Dead Trees Into Beautiful Bicycles

Woodster Bikes Front.ighmw

It seems that wood bikes are the new thing that every designer wants to solve, and they all do it a little different. Woodster departs from the idea of craftsman putting a lot of hours into a piece of art, and takes a technological approach, CNC machining them into hollow structures to build a precise, consistently manufactured frame.

They say one of their reasons for using wood is that it is eco friendly, and they say buying a Woodster keeps 14kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, since wood is natural storage for CO2 pulled from the air by the living tree. We think it would actually reduce quite a bit more than that when you factor in the energy used to do heat treatment and welding on a steel frame.

Check out a few shots and a video of the swoopy cellulose rides after the jump…


Human Powered Vehicles Shown At The Detroit Auto Show By Future Cycles Artist’s Group


Artist group THE FUTURE PEOPLE is showing their new exhibit “Future Cycles” at the Detroit Auto Show through January 25th. Made to show human-powered vehicles that blur the lines between bicycles and cars, they show the world of internal combustion an alternative.

“We wanted to see just how far we could push the legal definition of bicycle to provide a car-like experience with very low energy input,” says designer Cameron Van Dyke. “In doing this we hope to get people to consider if there might be better ways to transport ourselves around the American infrastructure.”

More than just two HPVs, the rolling machines are also an exercise in design, showing that these functional vehicles can also look pretty cool. Take a look inside to see the “CYCLONE” and “ZEPPELIN” that are on display…