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IB15: Coast Cycles Goes Fat for the Streets, Starts Wave of 26+?

coast bikes ruckus fat bike plus fun bikes (2)

Every year at the show, there is one brand that we haven’t heard of, or heard little of, that really catches our eye. This year, for me that brand was Coast Cycles from Singapore. Not because any their bikes were necessarily groundbreaking in technology, but because every bike they brought had great design and looked like it would be a ton of fun to ride.

Some bikes, like the Ruckus above are really meant for nothing but fun. However, other bikes like their award-winning Quinn cargo bike manage to blend fun and utility in a package that has to be seen or ridden to believe…


It’s Electric! Fairwheel Bikes’ Custom Di2/XTR 1×11 Gravel Grinder

Fairwheel custom gravel bike, full side shot

Many riders are probably familiar with Fairwheel Bikes as an online store, and if you live near Tucson, Arizona you’ve likely stopped by their shop. However, most average joes might not be aware that the shop’s mechanics have been building one-off custom bikes for more than ten years, including everything from road bikes to MTBs. Recently, Fairwheel put together this insane custom gravel grinder that features an electronic 1×11 drivetrain, made from a mix of Shimano Di2 and XTR components.

While many of their custom bikes have gone unadvertised, the occasional build gets a little media coverage. With its unique electronic 1×11 drivetrain, it’s hardly shocking that this one was deemed worthy of some extra attention. Bikerumor got all the details, which you can read through after the break…

EB15: Canyon leads several mountain updates with new Exceed CF SLX hardtail, plus a Speedmax Tri prototype


Canyon had several new bikes on hand at Eurobike, with most available outside at the Demo Day. While the Connected Bike concept looks like it is on the way and its Smart Bike Computer will be available in the spring, most of the new offerings that are available now are on the mountain side of things. The newest on the list is this carbon hardtail, the Exceed CF SLX which the Topeak-Ergon Team has been racing this summer, and on which Alban Lakata won the 2015 UCI XCM World Championship. Add to that a new aluminum Nerve trail 29er, the full-suspension slopestyle Stitched 720, and a lightened up alloy Grand Canyon AL SLX. There was even an interesting aero-at-all-costs triathlon bike inside the show that had already won a European championship. Join us after the break for a close-up look and some actual weights.


IB15: Moots Shows off New YBB+ Mountaineer Bike Packing Machine, New Carbon Fork and… New OWNER!

Moots YBB n stuff-6

Photos c. Moots

Moots surprised us with a couple of new items, but nothing grabbed our attention more than the YBB+ Mountaineer bike packing rig… well, the change in ownership is a pretty big deal too, but it sounds like a solid move for a steadily growing company.

Blaze a path past the break to see what Moots has packed away and see what Moots has to say about the changeover…


Bike needs a tune? The Otto Tuning System has an app for that, With Smart Phone based Derailleur Adjustment


Otto Design Works says that you can let your phone do the tuning with their “vision app” and hardware kit. As far fetched as this sounds, should we really be surprised? We use our phones for far more things than we imagined just 5 years ago and who knows, 5 years from now we might be performing our own root canals with the latest iPhone 12.

Download the derailleur adjustment details next…


28 inch Wheels, 188mm Dropouts, and 11-53t Cassette – If you like Standards, You’ll Love This….


The Roost Carbon steps a little A LOT outside the box to give you everything you want…. or don’t want in a bike.  Many think new standards come about too fast, but apparently some don’t think they come fast enough, or that there shouldn’t even be any standards.

Flip out past the break and see what all makes the Roost Carbon…..


IB15: Business In Front, Party In Back – Foes Mixer Series Blends 29 & 27.5″ Wheels, Goes Plus Size For Alpine

Foes fin-2

With the 29er wheel size reigning over all and the infectious enduroable 27.5″ wheel size all but swallowing up the existence of 26” wheels, how can someone not carry on the tradition of mixing up wheel sizes yet again? What are we going to call it? SevinFive9er… 79’er… 97’er?

Trip past the break and see what Brent Foes has been up to…..


No More OTB for Your KID? SureStop Equipped Bikes Promise to Keep JR on Two Wheels


The folks at Guardian Bikes think Kids’ bikes should be as safe to ride as they are fun. By adding the SureStop braking system, Guardian hopes to completely eliminate the possibility of an over the bars crash caused by too much of the front brake. The concept isn’t exactly new in the world of brakes, but the inclusion of the system on a kid’s bike is intriguing.

Skid (or don’t) past the break and see how it works and if it’s the right bike for your little minions…..


IB15: Klein Designs Reimagines Clipless with Honeycomb Shoe / Pedal Concept

klein designs shoe pedal bee hive concept (2)

While flat pedals seem to be making a resurgence, we also seem to be in renaissance of sorts of the flat pedal itself. First it was magnets, then float, and now a special shoe/pedal interface the promises more connection to the bike than your average flat pedal without ever clipping in.

Currently without a name, the concept comes to us by way of Klein Designs. As a former motocross rider, Maxwell Klein was looking for a better option when it came to pedals for his mountain bike. Wanting more control without having to clip in, the honeycomb concept was born and is currently seeking funding…