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EB15: Canyon Brings Connected Concept to Life with Android Smart Bike Computer


At last year’s Eurobike show Canyon had a project bike developed around the concept of integrated and connected electronics. This year they’ve taken a couple of big steps towards making that concept real with a brand new first-of-its-kind App-based cycling computer and further refinement of the connectivity hardware. Given the name Smart Bike Computer, Canyon worked with electronics heavyweight Sony to develop an open-platform solution that will deliver Android Wear app functionality to cyclists this spring, and offer a future-proof product that can be updated as new apps are developed.

Connect with us after the jump to take a closer look at the computer, a video of its integration, and the apps that are already ready to go…


Dirt Flap Develops FIRST Dropper Mud Guard Plus Rock Guardz new Non-Carbon Front Fender to Keep the Muck Out

Flap 2

One of cycling’s greatest enemies is the stuff we love to hate. MUD. It can take a brand new chain and trash it in one super nasty race, grind brake pads down till sparks are flying, crush all but the best riders into submission, and just about ruin anything with moving parts. Aside from the frame, suspension forks and  dropper posts are the some of the most expensive accessories on our rigs.

Because of the rear tire’s tendency to sling anything it grabs and send it flying up and forward, the dropper post and suspension fork are in the path of a constant mud shower and despite having even the best seals, those little particles slip past the barrier and slowly “wet sand” anything that moves against it.

What’s the answer? Mark from Bentley Components came up with as a solution with his Dirt Flap for our droppers and Rock Guardz first NON-Carbon Evo2stealth Mudguardz front fender to keep our stanchions clean at a tidy price…


Rose Bikes BIKETOWN, their first concept store in Munich


While the consumer-direct model has spread through Europe in recent years, many cyclists still don’t want to shell out thousands of Euros sight-unseen. So consumer-direct companies like Rose Bikes have started to build brick-and-mortar retail stores to reinforce their brand and connect to customers in a real world sense. We had a chance to stop in at Rose’s first concept store in Munich, which opened last fall and it seems to nicely bridge the gap between their internet shop and their customers. Read on to see how they are reaching out to the internet bike shopper….


MagLOCK is Back With a Lighter, Cheaper, and More Refined Version of their Magnetic Pedals

Red Pedal w Black Screws Photoshopped Resized

Not too long ago, MagLOCK thought they had a lock on the next great idea in clipless pedal technology. Imagine a system that truly offered effortless in and out of the pedals with full 360 degree power, offered infinite float, and was 100% street shoe compatible when not clipped in? While the first generation MagLOCK pedals delivered on all fronts they also weighed nearly as much as three pairs of standard pedals.

After a failed Kicksarter, Dave Williams wasn’t about to just give up and went back to the drawing board. The new and improved MagLOCK pedals drop over a pound of weight per pair and manage to drop the price in the process. This could be the magnetic clipless system you were hoping for…


Upstart Velocipedo Nails the Finish in Ti and Carbon


Young German builder Velocipedo has some new bikes that really jump out at us with some subtle but amazing ti frame detailing and not to be missed paint schemes on their carbon bikes. It seems that Velocipedo has been set up with a goal of delivering “attainably-priced” limited edition bikes with an exceptional level of finishing detail, so that customers could be sure to ride away with a unique bike. Most of their standard bikes come in a numbered series of either 15 or 25 pieces before the entire finish and model line will be reworked. And that doesn’t even count the option to fully customize like this CrossingOVER model for a completely one-of-a-kind bike.

Read on past the break to see a couple of Velocipedo’s Unique Cycle line, one of the standard Collection line, but more so just to peep some of the details…


Sneak Peek: Revolutionary Carbon Tubeless Rims from Alchemist

Alchemist tubeless carbon rims wide (1)

Tubeless rims have almost always been a compromise. On one hand, you can run a sealed rim bed without the need for rim tape as long as you’re ok with using proprietary spokes, nipples, or complicated attachment methods to the rim or hub. On the other, you can choose to go the simple way and use a pierced rim bed that is easily sealed with tape and sealant. The later method adds a bit of weight and also makes spoke repairs more frustrating when you have to peel back the layers of the onion to get to the offending spoke.

Apparently not a fan of compromise, Alchemist sent us a few teasers of their all new X-Sens rims. Judging by the photos, these are not your average tubeless carbon rims in almost every way…


Cannondale heading down a new road w/ Lefty equipped gravel road bikes!

prototype 2016 Cannondale New Road gravel road bike with Lefty suspension fork

Cannondale has just published a teaser video showing a Lefty suspension fork equipped gravel road bike, which looks to be the direction they’re taking for the single-sided suspended cyclocross bikes that’ve been spotted at the races recently.

Details are non-existent, but a few well timed screen grabs help get the story started. As does the blurb accompanying the video:

For those whose love for the road extends beyond just the road. For those whose thirst for fun and adventure cannot be quenched by mere road bikes or those dreary grinders of gravel. For all those who don’t necessarily want to road-ride, but who just want to ride the roads, and the verges, the trails, and whatever strikes their fancy, we proudly offer a road bike unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Check the video and more pics below…


A Cardboard Bike with 3D Printed Parts and Aero Bike’s Wooden Beam Bicycle

Aero wooden bicycle, lifestyle shot

It’s pretty interesting that creative designers and engineers sometimes build bicycles to pursue the study of new ideas or concepts. It piques our interest even further when the frame construction materials are a little outside the box…or perhaps part of the box (or crate)!

Two rather peculiar bikes have recently been created as engineering projects, one made almost entirely from cardboard and the other featuring an architecturally inspired wooden frame. While neither was made with the specific focus on producing a marketable bicycle, the Aero wooden bike seen above may not remain a prototype forever.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but will bikes one day? Click below the break to see…

Forget ceramic, Coo Space loses the grease to get 10x less bearing friction!

coo space greaseless bearings have 10x less friction

Thus far, we’ve all had to rely on some sort of lubrication in our bearings to keep the balls spinning freely. Why? It’s not because of the inner and outer surfaces. It’s all because we’ve relied on cages in between them to keep each ball bearing separated from its neighbor.

That prevents the balls from rotating against each other and slowing things down, but it also adds friction.

Now, Japanese company Coo Space has developed an entirely new inside surface that separates the balls without the need for a cage. And without any grease, lube or oil.

Check it out in the video below that’ll leave your head spinning…and spinning…and spinning…