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Luxury Collaboration between Berluti and Victoire Cycles


Just when I thought that I couldn’t afford the newest superbikes to come out of this year’s trade shows, I’m reminded that there are plenty of classically designed luxury brand bikes that I can’t afford either. It is always dangerous when a company says “Price on Request”, but it’s not too surprising when the collaboration is between French boutique shoe and leather marque Berluti (a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton) and beautiful French custom frame and component makers Victoire Cycles. The finishing is certainly nice, and it actually gives us a peek at a great looking frame builder.

Come past the break for more photos, what’s included in the don’t ask price, and how much a real frame costs…


Oregon Manifest: Five Designers Compete To Build The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

CHI-BLACKLINE-The-BLACKLINE-urban-utility-bike-1160x730The Bike Design Project by Origen Manifest challenges five teams based in cycling-centric cities in the United States to redefine the utility bike.  Each team is required to build a fully functional prototype and at the end of the development period, cyclists are invited to vote on the winning project.

That bike will be then be produced in a limited run through the a partnership with Fuji and will eventually be available in retail shops. Drop past the break for an overview of the entries and then vote! READ MORE ->

Northwave Teases Michelin Collaboration, Wild Grip’r Shoes Stepping Out?

northwave michelin bicycle shoe tire collaboration

We just received an invite to see a “revolutionary project by Northwave in collaboration with Michelin” to debut at Interbike Eurobike. At first, the image suggests tires, but the tread pattern is of the existing Wild Rock’R 2 Advanced. Then we noticed the itsy bitsy “soles” tucked underneath the Michelin logo. After all, Northwave is known for their kicks, not components, so we’re thinking some Michelin rubber may soon be glued to the bottom of Italian soles.

Perhaps an aggressive enduro shoe with grippy lugs? Or a cyclocross shoe that makes run ups a little less hairy? Both, hopefully! We’ll know soon, but if you’ve got a better concept, leave it in the comments.

Mad Max Meets Rat Rod Culture at McFly Customs

McFly Custom Apache Racer Seat MastFixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. There are only so many ways to build a track bike. Yet inventive fabricators always seem to find ways of pushing preconceived notions, and creating something extraordinary.

This custom build from Belgium builder Antoine Hotermans of McFly Customs brings together sugar, spice, and everything nice, to create one of the coolest track bikes we’ve ever featured.  READ MORE ->

2014 Speedvagen Surprise Me! Frames Experiment with Textural Paint

Vanilla Bikes Speedwagon Suprise me Edition 5
Every year, custom builder Vanilla Bikes produces a small batch of Speedvagen frames. They’re intended to be performance race machines and can be identified by their unique color schemes and graphics. In addition to the three graphic options offered each year, Vanilla also produces a Surprise Me! edition.

Since 2007, this fourth paint option has given Vanilla Founder Sacha the ability to experiment with different colors and techniques, and the results are always extraordinary. So how did he outdo himself this year?


Beer Brewer Oskar Blues to Open Epic Cycling Destination

oskar blues brewery launches reeb cycles bicycle brand with belt drive mountain bikePerhaps best known for their award winning Pale Ale, Oskar Blues Brewery is also gaining a reputation in the cycling industry for their other hobby – bike building. The company recently began manufacturing an array of bicycles under the name Reeb, which happens to be “Beer” spelled backward.

Originally based in Colorado, the Brewery now has an East Coat location, located just a few miles from Pisgah National Forest. The location was chosen because it’s one of owner Dale Katechis’s favorite places to ride.

Now to celebrate those dual passions, Oskar Blues is in the process of opening a 145 acre ranch, that will feature world class riding and beer. On the former Shoal Falls Farm, the brewery will grow vegetables and hops, and raise “home-grown” beef and pork for their four restaurants.

In addition to that, the farm will feature dirt jumps, a pump track, a swimming hole, waterfalls, tent camping, and easy access to the miles of single track in Dupont State Park. Reeb also plans to make bikes available for demo, and are partnering with a local bike guide/concierge service, to provide tours.

Head past the break for a video and the full press release…

Ditch the Saddle for a Harness with the new Flying Bike!

Flying Bike 1

Inventors are always targeting the bicycle saddle as an area of improvement – after all, for non cyclists they always seem to be a source of complaints. For Architect and engineer David Schwartz however, it wasn’t how he could redesign the saddle, but how he could remove it completely. That idea drove him to create the first proof of concept for the Flying Rider, a bicycle with no seat.

David says he came up with the idea for almost the exact opposite reason you would expect. Instead of eliminated the saddle for pressure relieve, David thought that if riders had something to push against with their back, they could generate more power to the pedals and be more efficient. The final result is a prototype with a cage that surrounds the rider who is suspended in the middle with a harness.

Strap into your new flying machine, next…


Kickstarter: FlyPedals Universal Clipless to Flat Pedal Adapter

Fly Pedal Clipless Adapter to Flat prototype

Clipless pedals offer many performance advantages, but can be awkward when heading out on a casual ride. Rather than carry a set of street shoes, or try to ride your clipless pedals with your regular shoes, the Flypedal adapter turns your clipless pedals effortlessly into flats.

These adapters are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and are drilled to accept any pedal cleat, so they work with every major brand of clipless pedal on the market.  READ MORE ->

Bike Intermodal: The World’s Smallest, and Most Impressive Folding Bike?

Bike intermodal smallest folding bike  (3)

Imagine a folding bike that was so small and light weight that it became more of an accessory rather than a vehicle. That’s the folding bike that Bike Intermodal is designing which they claim will be the smallest and lightest folding bike ever – and by quite a margin. Thanks to a €1.58 million grant in research funding from the European Union, the team behind the Bike Intermodal research project is well on their way to succeeding in producing a folding bike that may way as little as 7.5kg (16.5 lbs) and folds up to the size of a brief case.

If that wasn’t enough, the project is also developing a pedelec or electric assist version with one of the most compact direct drive motors we’ve seen. And it will be fully recyclable…

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