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PC15: Kalkhoff Impulse Drive Sahel and Classy Tasman Classic


One of the real surprises to me during my e-bike frenzy at Press Camp was Kalkhoff. The German e-bike brand is extremely popular in Europe and has been at the e-bike game for years, so it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Where as many bikes in the category still seem to be tacked together, the Kalkhoff bikes I saw and rode were relatively integrated, dialed in spec, and stood out visually. The Impulse 2.0 technology is extremely quiet and the batteries have relatively long ranges compared to others in the category. Both will be available to consumers later this month. See the new e-bikes invading this side of the pond after the jump… READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Fly Pedals Refines, Lightens, and Improves Clipless Pedal Adapter In Version 2


A year after launching their first Kickstarter, Fly Pedals is back with refined version 2.0 of their universal mount clipless-compatible flat pedal adapters. They are lighter, grippier, and work with a retention strap system designed by the same company. Now you can ride casually without having to swap out shoes or pedals. See how you can reserve yours after the break… READ MORE ->

PC15 Dueling Yubas: Currie Technologies Spicy Curry and BionX elMundo Go Head to Head to eCarry your Cargo


Cleary there is a lot of debate around e-bikes, but if there was one category that should be fairly easy to agree on, it would have to be cargo bikes destined for the road. Trying to get hundreds of pounds worth of payload moving requires either the absolute lowest gearing possible with a ton of shifting, or the aid of a pedal assist motor.

Rolling with the increasing trend of eCargo bikes, two electric Yuba (Yubas?) were available for test at this Press Camp. Both were Class 1 e-bikes. Both had batteries and motors of similar capacity and power. Both designed and purposed for similar ultra-utility within their intended purposes. So I took the opportunity to test both to compare their drive systems. Meet the new Spicy Curry, powered by Currie Technologies, and the elMundo, powered by BionX and enter the Yubadrome after the jump… READ MORE ->

Weekend Round-Up: Nisnas’ Brompton fenders & giveaway; ERG! energy bars; Zeal Optics Photochromic & Polarized Power


Nisnas Industires Introduces Limited Brompton Fenders, Commuter Give Away: Looking for a gorgeous way of pimping out your ride? Nisnas Industries has, for a limited time, a run of Black Night Brompton fenders available through its website for fans of the 16″ wheel. The fender is made from exotic, dark Wenge wood, and features racing stripe accents. These fenders are available now through their website… READ MORE ->

PC15: BEZV’s PS1 Compact and Zippy LX1 Cafe Racer, Discussion and First Ride Impressions


When it comes to user interfaces and electronic integration on BESV’s bike line, it is easy to see its parent company’s consumer electronics roots (its parent company, Darfon Electronics, manufacturers over 30% of the world’s computer keyboards, for example). Where BESV’s product really shines is on battery integration and their user interface, as well as the unique overall visual approach to product. Their current product is diverse, is visually distinct from the competition, and is a bunch of fun to ride. BESV also makes a point to completely assemble and ride test every bike they ship to ensure each e-bike functions out of the box. Oh, and they tune their torque curves on test rides up the mountain behind their facility. More on BESV after the jump.  READ MORE ->

PC15: Bosch Syncs Electronically Actuated Automatic Transmissions with eShift Systems, Coming soon


Bosch initially entered the American market with their Performance Line, a high capacity battery with high torque drive unit capable of a 20mph top assisted speed. As new product becomes proven in Europe, we will find more of their line trickling across the pond to fill in the gaps of their line-up. The Active Line, a lower torque, higher range, lower price point system designed around the urban e-bike rider will start appearing on e-bikes this Winter. The new Performance CX line, a more compact, smaller Q-Factor, high torque drive system which is already being seen on new e-mountain bikes in Europe will start appearing on domestic e-bikes as soon as this Fall. These systems have been covered on BikeRumor in the past.

Also coming for next year will be a suite of electronic shifting systems, integrated with both the e-bike drive systems and Intuvia on-board computer, Bosch calls “eShift.” SRAM, Shimano, and NuVinci have each partnered with the German e-bike dynamo (see what I did there?) to sync shifting to motors seamlessly. At Press Camp we got a sneak peek of what is to come, both on and off the bike. More to come after the jump. READ MORE ->

PC15: Knog Adds Pop To the Party with Completely Replaceable Straps, Aero Seatpost Lights, iPhone Lights, More

Knog expose smart wrap iphone lights road mob pop seriesKnogIMG_8040

Knog has come a very long way as a company since the early days of the Frog. One of the original purveyors of lights with silicone straps, Knog admits they learned the hard way that non-replaceable straps aren’t the way to go. To address the issue (along with continuing to honor warranties), Knog is rolling out 21 new bike products and every light among them now has a replaceable strap.

That extends down to the all new POP Lights – at an impressive retail price under $20. One of their best product ranges yet, Knog has something for everyone, including roadies with aero seat posts…


Video: Whatever Your Route, the New Lezyne GPS will Follow Along

While it may seem like a big leap for a company known for their tools, Lezyne is attacking the computer market with three new GPS units. Initially shown at the Taipei Show earlier this year, the Mini, Power, and Super GPS offer a lot of features for comparative bargain. Will it be enough to chip away at the mighty Garmin? Time will tell, but for now just enjoy this clip of some of Lezyne’s top riders putting the new computers to the test.

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


Race Across America

  • Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes Wins 3,000-mile Biking “Race Across America”Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes, a group of four elite amateur athletes, today won the four-person mixed-gender division of the 3,000-mile Race Across America (RAAM). Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes crossed the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland in just six days, 13 hours, and 49 minutes. The race started in Oceanside, California on June 20. With the support of individual donors and sponsors including UFC and JPMorgan Chase & Co., Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes raised more than $640,000 for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.


4th of July Sales

  • Culprit Bicycles 4th of July SaleCulprit Bicycles is offering four specials until July 8th 2015.
    1. Pre Order a RoaDi frameset (6061 Alloy Road disc frame, Full carbon steerer with 15 mm thru axle, Full carbon seat post, Culprit Full carbon stem, Full carbon road bar) headset for only $704*
    2. Culprit Croz Blade frame + Token C55 disc wheel set for $2015 * (price includes frame, fork, post painted to order, TRP TTV rim brakes, TRP spyre disc brakes, Culprit jersey, torque wrench, carbon cage/bottle and a set of Token c55 disc brake/rim brake wheels.
    3. Culprit Arrow One frame set for only $704* price is inclusive of frame, fork, seat post , headset, which is painted glossy carbon with the font in matte carbon
    4. 10% off our junior road bikes. All models in stock including Junior One, Junior Two, S1 and S2 with the discount code of July4th.

More Sales & This Weekend’s Racing After the Break…