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PC15: Cannondale Airs Out New Mountain Bike Helmet For Shaved Heads, Plus Combo Tire/Shock Pumps and more!


“I’ve been looking forward to [this model year] for a long time because there is just so much good product,” said Cannondale North American PR Manager, Bill Rudell. Here, we’ll focus on some of the compelling helmets and accessories that are flushing out the line. There is something for everyone.

On the off-road side of helmets, we have the new RykerAM Helmet which features special heat-sealed moisture wicking, anti-microbial air cushion pads. Cannondale claims that pads are especially comfortable with the clean-shaven headed riders as they keep soggy foam pads off bare skin, helping skulls stay cool and dry. These pads also aid in protection, boasting a 15% impact redirect in the case of a crash… READ MORE ->

Spot Releases New Belt Drive City Bikes and Candy Colors for the Ralleye SS CX Bike

Spot Wazee commuter bike, with red gates belt

When your brand produces a wide range of commuter bicycles, it makes sense to partner up with Gates. Their clean, low maintenance belt drive systems are ideal for utilitarian city bikes, so Denver-area manufacturer Spot has sensibly outfitted the majority of their lineup with belt drive systems.

Alongside their commuters Spot also produces mountain and CX bikes, and a small line of components (and there’s a very unique full suspension bike coming). The brand has released two new models of commuters called The Five Points and The Champa and revamped The Wazee. Below the break we’ll also check out their Rallye SS cyclocross bike in some new eye-popping colors with flashy red drive belts…

Bike Glow is Back With Eight Colors Of Light For Visibility With Style


After a several year hiatus, Bike Glow is back in business. Offering eight colors of its highly visible safety system, you can illuminate your ride in style. The waterproof light strand is powered by two AA-batteries, is simple to install, and turns your whole frame into a safety beacon visible up to 500 feet away. Great for visibility during your commute, especially when crossing intersections, or for generally expressing yourself in your day to day, on your local naked bike ride, club night rides, parades- you name it.

But wait, there’s more: if you want to pull the trigger on your own Bike Glow safety light, the brand is offering a discount to Bike Rumor readers. Get your discount code after the jump. READ MORE ->

Bombtrack Builds Up for Bikepacking with a Journey Beyond


If you’re looking to ditch your 9-5 for a true adventure, there has never been a better time to take up bikepacking. Not only is the equipment better than ever, but it seems that somewhat often traveled routes are becoming more established as more bicycling nomads take to the world’s less traveled roads. Better known for their line of fixed gear and city bikes, Bombtrack bikes is packing their bags and getting in on the touring action with their new Beyond project…


Interview: Paul Price of Paul Component Engineering


Paul Price, AKA the founder of Paul Component Engineering, was always going to make stuff. Cool stuff. Having gotten his start building and selling skateboards in middle school, and making and installing his first set of cantilever brakes as a teenager, it seems like he was predestined from childhood to one day build a candy-colored component empire.

But it’s evident from speaking with Paul that he doesn’t take his empire for granted for a second, being one of the lone survivors of the slump in the component market that knocked out many of his domestic competitors in the nineties. He’s constantly evaluating himself and his product and always looking for new opportunities for new cool stuff, reserving a whole CNC machine in his factory for new product development at all times. “I ride most mornings. Come up with ideas. Can we make that? Do we know how to make that? There are days where I go for a ride, come up with an idea, get into the shop, and we’ll have a functional part by the end of the day. I think it’s pretty special that we can do that.”

When I visited his factory for a tour, we talked about the stories behind two bikes from his personal collection- bikes he built during critical times in the component company’s history… READ MORE ->

House Industries Releases Velo Font and Velo Themed Product Line

House Industries Velo complete bicycle

While every company seeks to stand out with eye catching fonts or aesthetic themes for their marketing campaigns, the design studios who dream up these visuals also like to release collections of products to show off their ideas. Typically most of these products are useful and well designed, but others are simply overpriced kitch, or other brand’s goods that have been given a splash of design work and a larger price tag.

House Industries is a design firm from Delaware that started with typography, producing a book of fonts in the mid nineties that essentially launched the company. House has just released a Velo font set and mostly bike-related product collection that displays their new font and checkerboard aesthetic.

Some of the Velo themed items include a complete bike, cycling clothing and components, but the line also includes non-riding clothes and houseware items as well. Below the break we’ll check out the bike-related products from House’s Velo design line…

Boxer Introduces British Made Shuttle Cargo Bike


The Boxer Shuttle is designed and manufactured in the UK is the latest in that company’s line of cargo trikes. The Boxer represents a welcome economical departure from the brand’s luxurious, steampunk-inspired Rocket model- which is available for over twice the price. The Shuttle features a respectable base of standard features, with an emphasis on the safety and riding experience of the kiddie cargo, while still having enough upgrades and add-ons for riders to customize their kit to their climate, city, or bike infrastructure situation… READ MORE ->

SKS Teases Fat Bike Fenders, New RaceBlade Long II, plus Shows new Pumps, Tools, and More

SKS new for 2015 fat bike fenders pump phone case tom tool  (11)

Even though Magura didn’t have a huge amount of new product to show, long time partner for the Sedona show SKS stepped up to the plate – literally. Aside from the clever use of SKS pump handles for silverware, SKS had a ton of new products to show from pumps, to tools, to fenders. Most of which are available now, though a few like the fat bike fenders above, were a sneak peek of product yet to come.

Officially to be launched at Eurobike this year, we got a first look at the new Fatboard fenders plus a whole lot more after the jump…

The Cydekick Frictionless Bicycle Generator Powers Lights and Mobile Devices

Cydekick bicycle generator, full bike shot

When Nicolas Zamora’s friend left a bike at his house for safe keeping, they probably didn’t realize it was going to become a rolling science experiment. Thankfully this experiment didn’t involve any chopping or reshaping, instead Zamora’s friend will get their bike back fully intact with a frictionless, on-board generator installed.

Zamora and Bethany Hamm, the creators of Spinetics Inc., wish to promote healthy and green bicycle transportation by making it more convenient. The Cydekick was created to provide eco-friendly electric power for your mobile devices as you ride, without producing any drag for your legs to contend with.

The pair have completed all sub-assembly level testing, and should have a fully functional prototype within the next few weeks. Their Kickstarter campaign will begin raising money to put the Cydekick into production on July 30th…