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Suspension Stems are Back with the Redshift Shockstop for Gravel and Road Rides

Redshift Sports has made some clever designs in the past to allow riders to modify their road bikes for multiple disciplines. They’re at it again with….. you better sit down. It’s a new suspension stem. Though many may have just had Girvin and Softride flashbacks, (man, I miss the 90’s), this takes a whole new approach in not only design, but who this stem is meant for.

Flex on through to reconsider the suspension stem…


EB15: Birzman Guards Against Spray With World’s Most Aero Fender?

birzman fender aerodynamic faster (3)

We’ve come to expect an array of beautiful tools from Birzman, but fenders? That’s a new one. But of course it’s not just any fender. No, that would be way too boring. Instead it’s a fender that tackles a problem most people don’t even consider. As soon as you slap a fender onto your bike, the aerodynamics take a huge hit. If you’re going to run a fender, why not use something that actually makes your bike faster?

Sounds crazy right? But it’s true – Birzman’s new fender is not only a faster fender, but it’s also proven to be faster than certain deep dish aero wheels and they have the wind tunnel testing to prove it…


EB15: Lezyne Introduces Improved ABS 2 Pump Head, New Lights, GPS Shipping Soon

Lezyne gps lights abs 2 (3)

If the battle of the pumps was a thing, Lezyne would have just fired the next shot. An interesting addition to almost their entire line of floor pumps, their new ABS 2 pump head promises to make filling your tires even easier. The change comes as Lezyne also introduces the number of improved lights which cram an incredible amount of lumens into very compact housings…


EB15: Charge Color Codes a Revamped Line-up of Gravel/Cross, 27+, and Urban Bikes


UK-based Charge Bikes has pretty much simplified their bikes into three clear lines for next season with a color-coded palette across the board that progresses from barebones grey singlespeeds up to kitted-out raw titanium bikes at the top. Charge built a set of paint booths at Eurobike to show the more unified range and how the Colour Lab concept ties the bikes together. In between greys things get more colorful, with the Plug fat tire road bikes getting the brightest colors, the Cooker mountain bikes getting pure colors, and the Grater urban bikes more subdued tones. 

Roll past the break for a run down of the bikes with UK/EU/US pricing, and another amusing video of the 27+ bike in its supposed natural habitat…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

WARNING: This video features no riding whatsoever.

FIND YOURSELF OUTSIDE from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

Travel & Touring

  • Hipcamp Launches “Airbnb” for Outdoors | Unlocks Private Lands – Hipcamp, the website that makes getting outside fun and easy, is bringing the sharing economy, made popular by Airbnb, to the outdoors. Check out Hipcamp’s Land Sharing video to be transported to these unspoiled lands. Be sure to turn up the volume to get the full effect!

More news and pumptrack event info after the break…


EB15: Brooks Lays Up the New C13 Cambium Details, Plus Intros a Wide Urban Bag Range


It’s only been a few weeks since we first heard about the upcoming C13 Cambium and its public test phase, and already Brooks has surprised us with the new saddle. We had been mildly led off the trail when we had asked about the possibility of Ti rails on the new saddle, with the tech team’s comments that tubular steel rails were as light as solid titanium. But that’s not we get here, in what is a striking departure from their brand norm, and not something realistically we would have expected from Brooks. A carbon-railed Brooks; who would have thought?

Jump over the break for details on the C13 and more from the Metropolitan bag range…


EB15: Ritchey Hits the Trail with New Timberwolf Hardtail and Ascent Tourer; Plus Pedals and More – UPDATED Pricing


Ritchey had a few new off-road toys waiting for an adventure at the Eurobike Demo. We were immediately drawn in by the bright orange Timberwolf, a steel trail hardtail designed for a 140mm fork. But there was also an all new touring bike that can be setup with 700c wheels or 650b tires making it a pretty versatile bike for exploring any kind of terrain. In addition to the two new bikes, there were two new trail tires, a new on/off-road drop bar, and two new WCS pedals.

Hop past the break for pics and details, and a teaser of what else we might expect to find when the show goes inside….


Slick new cargo bikes from Horse, Yuba and XtraCycle

Designboom 1

Cargo bikes have been around for over 100 years, not long after the traditional bicycle as we know it today, came about. With the introduction of the combustion engine, the use of cargo bikes saw a quick decline until people started becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment. Previously used mainly for commercial purposes, in the last 10 years, there has been a glorious explosion of bikes made strictly for hauling stuff made available to people for everyday use and there are more versions to choose from than ever.

Check out some of the new haulers on the block from Horse Cycles, Yuba Cycles, and Xtracycle and determine if parking one of these bad boys in the garage should be in your near future…


Boxer Cycles Crowdfunds their way to some of the Most Eye Catching Trikes on the Planet


Boxer Cycles, located across the pond is using a Crowdfunding source that is almost as unique as the bikes they build.  My first thought was this bike is a Hollywood creation straight out of a Jules Verne novel. Then I thought that if I were to ever have a front load cargo trike, this would have to be it! What does it offer? Electric Assist? Check.  Hi/Lo beam light and blinkers? Check. JET ENGINE SIMULATOR THAT CHANGES WITH THROTTLE INPUT?…….. TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Check out what else they offer and how their Crowdfunding works as well as video showing the JET SIMULATOR.