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New Compact LED Lights From Lezyne Light Up Your Commute

Lezyne LED-MacroDuo-zoom1For their 8 year anniversary, Lezyne is launching a trio of versatile new LED lights that are targeted towards the commuter market. Their new Lezyne Macro Duo is an updated version of their popular Macro Drive format, that integrates a rear 5 lumen LED in the end cap.

The front facing LED is 400 lumens and runs for 1:30 at that brightness. Dropping the power down to 200 lumens, it will provide a claimed 3:30 of light, on a four hour recharge.  READ MORE ->

Kickstarter Roundedup: Ergo Carbon Universal Bike, Customizable Combination Handlebar Bell Light, and the Oooctopushy

Universal Bike FrameThe Universal Bike is versatile frame that can be adjusted easily to fit 99% of the population, and can be further modified to offer different riding experiences. Made from carbon, it promises to offer a comfortable ride, and help get more people out riding as a result.


Schwinn Prepares for 120th Anniversary with New Bikes for 2015

Schwinn Bikes 2015  (4)

At first glance it would be easy to mistake the 2015 Schwinn Classic Deluxe 7 as one of the original 1955 cruisers. Then once you notice the cable leading to the twist shifter for the 7 speed internal Shimano Nexus hub, the fact that this is a modern recreation of a classic becomes more apparent. Schwinn, while a vastly different company than that at the beginning, has managed to stand the test of time – 2015 will be their 120th anniversary. To celebrate, Schwinn is offering a limited run of Classic 7 cruisers. The vintage inspired bikes feature parts that will actually fit directely on the original Schwinns including fender mounted lights and the tank horn.

Last offered in 2008, the 2015 version of the Classic 7 will be limited to 500 bikes and sold for $699. Complete with the springer fork and burly rack the Classic 7 has a great ride – just don’t expect it to be light. The bike is, shall we say, stout. But if you dig the retro style, but want something with modern touches like aluminum rims the Classic 7 will get you there in style.


Video: Penny in Yo Pants, How to Cycle in a Skirt

If someone gave me a penny for every time I wanted to ride a bicycle in a skirt, but couldn’t because I didn’t want to expose myself, I’d theoretically have enough pennies to accomplish this simple life hack. The idea came when the group of inventors attended CycleHack, a 48 hour event aimed “at making cities more cycle friendly.” During the event, people are encouraged to come up with an idea that solves a barrier to cycling, and find a simple solution. So ladies (and gents, or gents in kilts) remember to keep a penny and a rubber band on hand, and treasure every moment of this summer.

Visit Penny in Your Pants for more info on the project

Sugoi Shines Bright with New Tech – Be Seen and Dry with Zap Bike Jacket

Sugoi Shines Bright with New Tech - Be Seen and Dry with Zap Bike Jacket

Do not adjust your computer monitor – this is simply the new Zap Bike Jacket from Sugoi. There’s clothing with reflective accents, and then there’s Sugoi’s Pixel fabric which uses thousands of silk screened glass beads to create a surface that seems to project its own light. Sugoi has been testing the fabric for years, especially when it comes to abrasion resistance. With Pixel ready for prime time, the innovative fabric treatment will be introduced with the redesigned Zap bike jacket and integrated into the rest of their bike line in the future.

What does the jacket look like in the day? Find out next….


Found: Bad Ass Homemade Miniature Penny Farthing e-Bike

homemade miniature penny farthing e-bike

Found in downtown Asheville, NC, this miniature “bike” is powered only by a hub based motor and the side mounted battery pack. It’s throttle only, there are no actual pedals, but we’ll easily overlook that because, well, just look at it. Awesome. We chatted up the builder outside the bar, and there’s no website or anything for his craft yet. He said he’s looking into options for selling them or the design. Until then, there’s more pics after the break…


The BikeParka Bicycle Cover Keeps Your Bike Dry Outdoors

BikeParka-Bicycle-Cover-1You don’t appreciate a garage until you don’t have one, and then a bike cover like the BikeParka becomes a god send. The simple cover has an elasticated bottom for a close fit around wheels, and eyelets for a bungie or small lock, and is large enough to cover almost any size bike.

In addition to the basic model, there is also an Urban version with a velcro side opening, that allows you to secure your bike and cover together in high risk neighborhoods. Both models fit in a small “stuff sac” that is convenient enough to carry. Both models retail for $59.99 and are available in either Ciel Blue, Ink Black, or Rosa Pink.

Learn more at Bike Parka

PatchnRide Promises Simple Flat Repair without Removing the Tire – Even on Tubulars

Pretend for a moment that you’re not an expert flat repair person, and that you barely know how to work a quick release. For that rider, or anyone else who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of repairing a flat tire, it looks like things could be getting a lot easier in the near future. A new company by the name of patchnride has taken on the flat tire, and is offering the simplest method of getting air back in your tubes without ever having to remove the tire. The secret lies in a clever device that “injects” a patch into the tire. Once inserted, the tire can be reinflated and you’re on your way in about 60 seconds.

See how it works after the break…


Specialized Introduces the Jynx and Relaunches the Pitch as Entry Level 650b Hardtails

Specialized Pitch Comp 650B For 2015, Specialized is bringing back the Pitch! Originally launched as an entry level version of the beloved Enduro, this model has been reborn as an entry level hardtail. Priced similarly to the 29″ version of the Hardrock, it sports tweener wheels, and is available in three different trims.

The entry level and sport models ($550 and $680 respectively), feature Shimano 3×8 drivetrains, disc brakes, a Suntour fork, and geometry that will be at home on both the street or light trail duty.

Updated with video, thanks for the tip Mat! READ MORE ->