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Berliner 2015: Clean Designs from Schindelhauer City Bikes and Fixies


With the more approachable urban cycling nature of the Berlin Bike Show, there really is no bike company that fits the bill more than German brand Schindelhauer. They specialize in bikes with a simple classic look, based around polished, TIG-welded triple butted, aero-shaped aluminum tubed frames with unique detailing and plenty of polished aluminum. The Ludwig bike is a great example as a lightweight touring/commuting platform, and like all of their bikes is either set up as a singlespeed or with hub gearing, no derailleurs here. Also like all of Schindelhauer’s bikes (except one track-specific frameset) the Ludwig is equipped to take racks and fenders for more real-world versatility.

Follow us past the break to have a look at some of Schindelhauer’s slick details…


Nisnas Industries’ Dunstan Grips – Wood for the Concrete Jungle

Nisnas Industries Dunstan wood grip, left

If you’ve got it good for wood, you’ve probably seen some of Nisnas Industries’ other wooden grips and fenders. Or perhaps their stylish line of wood and leather cargo bags. Nisnas acknowledges that wood isn’t about to force foam/rubber grips out of the cycling marketplace, but for the urban rider who likes the feel and aesthetic of wood, they’re now providing yet another option in the elegant Dunstan grip.

The Dunstan is designed for better comfort and function than other wooden grips, and they’ve been able to drop the price by keeping production local, especially during their limited time pre-sale…

SOC15: Yuba heats up urban transport with new Spicy Curry E-Cargo Bike

Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike

With a bicycle-loving Frenchman at the helm, Petaluma, California’s cargo bike specialists Yuba seek to ‘spice up American mobility’ and bring the established European concept of car-free living to the USA. Yuba’s founder and owner Benjamin Sarrazin says their new Spicy Curry electric cargo bike is ideal for families, tradesman, and entrepreneurs who want drive less, pedal more and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Shop for a week’s worth of groceries. Pedal kids to school. Lug your tools to the jobsite. Deliver Pizzas. We designed the Spicy Curry to be the most practical, safe and powerful cargo bike on the market for the widest range of people,” says Sarrazin.

Yuba partnered up with Currie Technologies to develop the Spicy Curry in 2014 (which explains the name) and they’re now ready to release their electric cargo bike. The Spicy Curry has some clever options for mounting rear cargo, child seats and flat-deck carriers…

Kickstarter: LucidBrake 2.0 Acceleration-Sensing Wireless Brake Light for High Visibility and All-Weather Conditions


Having made their first successful batch in 2013, LucidBrake debuts their second generation wireless, weather-proof, acceleration-sensing brake light. Early adopters of the LucidBrake 2.0 can look forward to improved power management, motion-activated on and off switches, and beacon modes that align with EU requirements. Onward to your new and improved beacon of safe mobility after the break… READ MORE ->

Haul People and Cargo with Virtue Cycles’ Pedalist “Tadpole” Semi-Enclosed Tricycle

Virtue Pedalist profile

Commutes by bike are avoided by riders for a variety of reasons. They require special clothing for the elements. There is a lack of cargo carrying capacity on many bikes. You can’t carry passengers if you need to. And, of course, there are always safety concerns. Taking into account many of these and other factors that discourage people from commuting by bike, the people at Virture set out to create a vehicle that would expand the capabilities and ease of use of pedal powered vehicles through the design of a semi-enclosed, electrically assisted tricycle. Learn more about this terrific traffic tadpole after the jump… READ MORE ->

Selle Royal continues Project UP with Super Limited Earth Day Series

Selle royal earth day 1

Selle Royal created Project UP to raise awareness and celebrate several key themes, including Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, International Bike Day, and Children’s Day.  For Earth Day, five artists were chosen to create saddle designs to align with the holiday for application to a BECOZ Relaxed saddle, one that places a great emphasis on recycled and natural material construction. Only one of each saddle design will be made available to the public- learn how to get your chance after the jump… READ MORE ->

New Pahoj dual purpose child seat lets you ride with your stroller

Pahoj stroller child seat

It’s always cool to see a product come through Kickstarter, especially when it strives to resolve basic experiential gaps in cycling. The innovative Pahoj easily falls under this category by creating a bicycle child seat that doubles as a stroller, making child-wielding more reasonable while maintaining an active and car-free (or at least limited) lifestyle.

Check out how the Pahoj will replace both your child seat and stroller after the jump…


Litelok: Lightweight Flexible Bike Lock, Last Chance on Kickstarter


We’ve been keeping an eye out for alternate bike locks for years, ever since stuffing heavy u-locks down our waistbands or having their plastic frame mounts rattle and fail. Several weeks ago we spotted a different solution in what looks like a more flexible lock from upstart Litelok that makes use of a series of layers of lightweight materials, which combine together with an easy to use locking mechanism to offer pretty solid security (and resistance to attack) at a fraction of the weight we are used to.

Plus, that day-glo green is pretty cool too. Click past the break quickly as their Kickstarter only has a couple of days to go, and get some more details on the Litelok and its options…


Berliner 2015: Classic and Urban Lace-up Appeal from Quoc Pham Shoes

Quoc-Pham_classic-casual_cycling-shoes_tourer-black-riding Quoc-Pham_classic-casual_cycling-shoes_tourer-black

Quoc Pham Cycling Shoes have been around for several years, but we hadn’t really gotten around to them in much detail, really only mentioning them in passing and in their collaboration with Ergon on a unique Bavarian leather grip. They are a small UK-based company intent on bringing classic styling and hand-lasting to high-performing cycling shoes. Working primarily with full leather uppers, they have developed a line of traditional-looking shoes for urban cycling and touring that don’t shout bike shoes, allowing them to blend in off the bike while offering efficient functionality while pedaling. This goal of an all-day cycling shoe has led them to develop some great looking shoes that we wouldn’t have expected to be SPD-compatible at first.

We got the chance to chat briefly with company director Quoc Pham at the Berlin Bike Show about his eponymous shoes and their motivations, to have a look at their first non-leather offerings, and talk about what they have in the works. Step past the fold for some detail shots, their typical pricing, and some more info…