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Pop Quiz: Name That Roadie

In celebration of their recently released Global Cycling Network Kit, GCN is giving away a set to a lucky winner who guesses at least five of the ten riders being impersonated in this video and subscribes to their network. To enter the competition go here.

Flying Machine Sharpens 3D Printing, Offers F-One-HD with Invisible Titanium Lugs

Flying Machine 3D printed titanium bike f-one-hd (5)

As one of the few companies 3D printing titanium for more than just small components or dropouts, Flying Machine kicked things off with their original 3DP-F1. Using 3D printed titanium lugs, frames were created by bonding the resulting shapes to 3AL-2.5V titanium tubing. In addition to quickly creating titanium frames, the design also allowed for frame with fully custom geometry to be created with super short lead times.

Improving on their original design, the new F-One-HD takes the concept of 3D printed Ti lugs to the next level. Instead of visible external lugs, the new frame uses “invisible” lugs that connect with seamless Ti tubing for a more modern look. The new frames still include the made to measure custom geometry and are offered in both rim and disc brake models.

Details next…


Luxury Collaboration between Berluti and Victoire Cycles


Just when I thought that I couldn’t afford the newest superbikes to come out of this year’s trade shows, I’m reminded that there are plenty of classically designed luxury brand bikes that I can’t afford either. It is always dangerous when a company says “Price on Request”, but it’s not too surprising when the collaboration is between French boutique shoe and leather marque Berluti (a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton) and beautiful French custom frame and component makers Victoire Cycles. The finishing is certainly nice, and it actually gives us a peek at a great looking frame builder.

Come past the break for more photos, what’s included in the don’t ask price, and how much a real frame costs…


Blackburn’s Brightest Front Safety Light — Central 100 & 20 Light The Path Ahead & Behind

Blackburn CENTRAL 100 FRONT LIGHT Riding High

Blackburn is shaking up the light scene again. Rumor has it this is only the start of a series of new lights we will be seeing from them. Just released is Blackburn’s Central light set — these appear to be well thought-out commuter saftey-lights with a unique translucent bezel that provides for increased visibility from a wider range of viewing angles. Details illuminated, next…


2015 Sneak Peek: Raleigh Brings Back Steel, New Willard Gravel Bike, New Women’s MTB, and More!

©Earl Harper

It’s been great to see Raleigh reborn over the past few years, and our little glance into the future indicates they have no plans of slowing down any time soon. In 2014, the brand took a break from their steel classics series, but for 2015 they’re back. Not only is the company bringing Chromoly back, but the new bikes include bigger tires, more tire clearance, new geometry, and even a Ritchey Break-Away model at $2100 (above). In addition to a number of new options in steel, Raleigh is expanding their “gravel” line with the all new Willard – an aluminum version of the Tamland that’s both lighter and more affordable.

On the mountain bike side the Skarn full suspension bikes are in production now and will range from $2,500 to $4,000. Raleigh is also introducing a new price point, single pivot 27.5″ full suspension bike which starts at just $1,000. There’s even new women’s specific mountain bikes designed with input from Caroline Mani and Courtney McFadden. Raleigh has definitely been busy lately and the new product looks to be ideal for many – quality bikes with great design, that won’t break the bank.

Details on a few of the highlights, next…


New Collapsible Stash Bottles From Hydrapak

Hydrapak stash-blue Collapsible Bottles

Designed with camping, adventuring, and everyday use in mind, the new Stash bottle from Hydrapak conveniently collapses for easy transportation.

Currently available in 750ml size, the bottle is built from a soft walled TPU plastic that is BPA free. The bottle collapses from 7.2″ to 2″ via a molded top and bottom which snap fit for storage. When used in conjunction with other Stash bottles, they easily nest for mutli unit storage.  READ MORE ->

Oregon Manifest: Five Designers Compete To Build The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

CHI-BLACKLINE-The-BLACKLINE-urban-utility-bike-1160x730The Bike Design Project by Origen Manifest challenges five teams based in cycling-centric cities in the United States to redefine the utility bike.  Each team is required to build a fully functional prototype and at the end of the development period, cyclists are invited to vote on the winning project.

That bike will be then be produced in a limited run through the a partnership with Fuji and will eventually be available in retail shops. Drop past the break for an overview of the entries and then vote! READ MORE ->

Rollout Trailers Will Haul Your Cargo For You — Meet The Brouhaha

Rollout Trailers Brouhaha Zero Towing Force Self Propelled Tailgating With Beer Cooler And Grill

As more people abandon their cars in favor of two wheeled bliss the demand for augmented alternative-transport grows. The electronically assisted Brouhaha Bike Trailer augments your cycling by doing the grunt work for you. It generates the precise power required to propel whatever cargo you care to pile onto it. You can now ditch the car and still head to Home Depot…or the big game. Pull through the break for more…


Jagwire to Introduce New Wet Weather Pro Rim Brake Pad


Jagwire Wet Weather brake pads inserts

This one goes out to all the riders currently using rim brakes, and that don’t plan on changing any time soon. Rim brakes might not have the same wet weather stopping power as disc brakes, but there are things you can do to improve wet weather performance. Like changing your brake pads.

The new Jagwire Pro Wet brake pads use an improved compound that not only offers drastically improved performance in the rain, but offer better dry stopping power as well. The trade off? Well, the pads are a bit softer so they will wear faster but if you like being able to stop in the wet it should be a worthwhile trade off. Designed for aluminum brake tracks only, the pad inserts will be offered in Shimano and Campy style road as well as the standard mountain bike rim design. Price on the red stopper is TBD, but expect them to be available this August.