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Long Term Review: Volagi Viaje Ti Disc Adventure Road Bike

Volagi Viaje Ti Road Bike

Even without the disc brakes, Volagi bicycles stand out against the crowd. After starting with just a single model, the company now produces three distinctive endurance road bikes, all using their swooping Longbow FlexStays.  If you’re new to the Volagi story, the arching seatstays are about more than just looks. Bypassing the seat tube completely, the stays allow the seat cluster to flex under harsh impacts providing a more forgiving ride than your typical racing-inspired road bike.

Volagi first made the transition in to metal with their category defying Viaje XL. Built to accept a wide range of tires and ride over any surface you can find, the Viaje sits somewhere between a cross, gravel, and road bike. Now, Volagi has updated the Viaje, instead crafting it from titanium. The details are the same – disc brakes, Long Bow Flexstays, generous tire clearance, and a carbon fork. But the ride? It’s safe to say the Viaje Ti is a new beast…

Ditch Your Frame Bag for a Hard Box with the new AK CODEPACK

ak codepack bike box hard shell kickstarter (1)

There is certainly no shortage of quality, made to fit bike bags out there to help satisfy your need for adventure. Whether you’re stashing the essentials for a big trip into the back country, or a few refreshments for your weekly after work sessions, frame bags are pretty neat.

The question then is what’s better than a frame bag? If you’re Cody and Justin Greenwell, the answer is firm. You need a bike box. Sort of the bike equivalent of a truck bed tool box, the AK CODEPACK is meant to easily carry all your gear while offering better access when you need it. Built using aerospace construction methods and materials, AK CODEPACK is a rugged option that may have you looking at storage in a new way…


Fuji gains traction in gravel road bike segment with new Tread

2015 Fuji Tread gravel adventure road bike or disc brake commuter bike

The new Fuji Tread gravel bike is a bit of a mashup, combining their alloy cyclocross frame and carbon fork with different gearing and components that make it a bit more appropriate for longer rides on rough roads. Or just very, very fast commuting.

The Tread comes with disc brakes, TRP Spyre mechanical brakes, Shimano Tiagra 10-speed group with a compact Oval Concepts (Fuji’s house brand) crankset. Tires are 700×32 Vera CityWide slicks with flat protection, so you’d need to grab another set of rubber for off-road use. The frame is custom butted alloy with a tapered headtube, and the fork has carbon legs with an alloy steerer and dropouts.

All that and an Oval Concepts alloy cockpit is yours for just $1,049. Given the price and spec, you’ll need to head over to their “Lifestyle” bikes category to find it, but with the same frame as their Cross bike, it’s a decent budget option for a multi-use ride.

Raleigh STEPS Into Premium Ebikes with Shimano Equipped Misceo Commuter

Raleigh misceo e bike shimano steps ebike motor commuter (2)

As part of the Accell Group, the team behind Raleigh has access to a lot of electric bikes. Siblings to Currie Technologies, Haibike, IZIP, and eFlow as well as Raleigh all fall under the same roof. Because of that relationship Raleigh has been able to easily slip in a few e-bikes to test the waters with U.S. dealers. After exceeding their expectations with their entry level hybrids, it was time to step it up.

The Misceo is not Raleigh’s first ebike, but it is certainly the most advanced. One of the very first bikes in U.S. to use the new Shimano STEPS electric bike drivetrain, the Misceo will slot into the product range as their top end model. However, thanks to the Shimano system the Misceo will end up less expensive than comparable Bosch equipped bikes. Technically a 2016 model year product, Raleigh is giving consumers a chance to buy the future with Misceos available soon…


The Efneo Bicycle Gearbox Crank Hits Indiegogo, Puts 3 Speeds Up Front And Internal

Back in October, we showed you Efneo, a company out of Poland trying to bring a planetary gearbox crank to market. They have finally gotten the crank to crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and amazingly have already reached more than 1/3 of their goal in just 3 days.

Internal transmissions can be a love it or hate it idea for cyclists, but they are an excellent option for more casual cyclists, and the Efneo is created for these riders. Riding through a city, coming to many stop signs, and then taking off from each one, it takes time to train your mind to downshift your bike before each stop, and many casual users end up trying to take off again in a hard gear. The beauty of most internal drivetrains, and the Efneo, is that it can be downshifted without moving.

The other thing that sets the Efneo apart is a decently low price. Starting at just $220 during the campaign, it is considerably less expensive than say, the Truvativ Hammerschmidt, and still less than the similarly designed FSA Metropolis.

Take a look after the jump where the director of Manufacturing, Wictor, shows you how it works…


Obsydian Invictus welds a bulletproof bike for the big boys

Obsydian Invictus Alloy Road Frameset Mid Ride

British bike manufacturer Obsydian is new to the industry as of 2013 but came to market unlike the gram counting, carbon obsessed pretty-boys who are so in vogue today. Obsydian wanted to go about things differently, offering a lifetime guaranteed road chassis capable of taking whatever abuse and pounding even the heaviest of riders could throw at it. The Invictus frameset is Obsydian’s first offering for the hammerhead-clydesdales amongst us. It’s for those who ride hard and put it away dirty. If you cringe at the sight of advertisements heralding 7.3% decreases in frame weights for a price tag rivaling the average family sedan, read on…


LEAFXPRO Bicycle Umbrella Leaves You Dry and Protected

LeafXPro bicycle umbrella fender bubble (1)

To be entirely honest, it will probably be awhile before products like the LEAFXPRO catch on in the U.S. Far more likely to succeed in countries where infrastructure is built around cycling as a true form of transportation, not just an afterthought, LEAFXPRO is the next evolutionary step in protection from the elements. Almost certain to draw some stares, a bicycle umbrella is as it sounds – a protective barrier from the wind and rain. Only, this umbrella is attached to the bike so you don’t have to ride with one hand and fight with an umbrella at the same time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like the LEAFXPRO either as you couldn’t step foot outside Eurobike without running into similar contraptions. Where the LEAFXPRO stands out though, is in the aerodynamic design and modular construction. It may look funny, but the bicycle umbrella should keep you dry if you choose to use it…


Found: Woodster CNC Machines Dead Trees Into Beautiful Bicycles

Woodster Bikes Front.ighmw

It seems that wood bikes are the new thing that every designer wants to solve, and they all do it a little different. Woodster departs from the idea of craftsman putting a lot of hours into a piece of art, and takes a technological approach, CNC machining them into hollow structures to build a precise, consistently manufactured frame.

They say one of their reasons for using wood is that it is eco friendly, and they say buying a Woodster keeps 14kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, since wood is natural storage for CO2 pulled from the air by the living tree. We think it would actually reduce quite a bit more than that when you factor in the energy used to do heat treatment and welding on a steel frame.

Check out a few shots and a video of the swoopy cellulose rides after the jump…


SKS Helps Fatter 29″ Tires Cover up with New X-Tra Dry XL and Shockboard XL Fenders

SKS X-tra dry xl shockboard mtb mountain bike fender (5)

If you’re lucky enough to have somewhere to ride your mountain bike when it rains, decent fenders can be a helpful addition to your bike. But since no one really likes to ride around with fenders when it’s dry out, it helps if the fenders can be quickly removed and installed – otherwise they’re going to sit in your garage unused. As tires continue to get bigger, so must the fenders which is why SKS has introduced the new X-Tra Dry XL rear and Shockboard XL front fenders. Designed to provide more coverage, the X-Tra DRy XL measures in at 80mm longer and 10mm wider than the original, while the Shockboard XL adds 60mm in length as well.

Still just as easy to put on and take off, the pair is worth a look for anyone riding 29ers or fat 700c tires…