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Sixthreezero’s Paisley Women’s Cruiser Bike Now Available in 3 speed version

sixthreezero paisley women's cruiser, 3 speed model

The fashion and pop culture conscious folks behind sixtreezero were always bike lovers, but were particularly smitten by the beach cruiser culture in their hometown of Hermosa Beach, CA. Longing to be part of that scene the company was founded in 2005, and met with success as today tens of thousands of their bikes are cruisin’ across America.

Sixthreezero makes cruisers for men and women, but the women’s Paisley model is far and away the company’s most sought after bike. They’ve sold out of them several times, and each time they build up a long waiting list for the next batch. The company is happy to announce that not only is the Paisley available again, but now comes in two models with a new three speed option in addition to the single speed version. Check out all the details and more photos after the break…

Friday RoundUp – Bicycles Bits & Pieces


  • 2015 UCI MTB World Cup presented by Shimano // Fort William (UK) – Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Round Two of the DH world cup makes its stop in the Scottish Highlands for what is always a great event for racers and spectators alike. Will American Aaron Gwin and Frenchwoman Emmeline Rago continue their winning ways and hold off the strong Brits? Log on to or to watch LIVE!
  • Philadelphia International Cycling Classic – The mens’ America Tour Race begins at 8:00 AM and the womens’ World Cup Race begins at 12:30 PM. If you’re in the Philly area and want to check out the race, The Philadelphia International Cycling Classic course is packed with great locations to watch the action and enjoy the day. For more information visit


  • Win a Pair of Shimano Road Shoes – Art’s Cyclery is giving away a pair of Shimano R321 road shoes to one lucky winner. Take the survey for a chance to win.
  • Guess the Distance and Win! – If you can accurately guess Bradley Wiggins’ distance on his Hour Record attempt this Sunday then you may win a free custom Velo Zephyr bar/stem. Submit your guess at


Light Up More than the Road with the The Unique Ding Bike Light

Ding bike light- bottom view

While cycling lights have become much brighter in the past few years, urban riders are looking in a whole different direction when it comes to light innovation- sideways. Recently Bikerumor previewed the Hueray light-up grips which follow this principle, but the Ding goes a step further and projects a large beam of light on the ground around you. The idea was hatched after the Ding’s creator Des Burns was almost hit by a motorist, who said they didn’t see him even though his front and rear lights were on.

The Ding light has typical forward lighting for the cyclists visibility, but a separate light also projects downwards in a rectangular shaped beam that covers both sides of the rider to make you much more visible to drivers. The Ding’s Kickstarter campaign is already in full swing, but still needs some funding to go into production. Check out the details of the Ding below the break…

The Scandanavian Side Bike- An All-Season Carbon Fiber Sidecar and Sleigh

Scandanavian Side Bike, in red

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and time and time again it proves to be true. Such is the case with the Scandanavian Side Bike, which was created when Mom and Dad duo Eva Lindmark and Torben Skov Andersen decided they wanted a bicycle sidecar for their own child. It was later pushed into production after attracting plenty of attention from people on the street asking where they could buy one.

The Side Bike was developed and produced by this small family business in Denmark with high quality design and functionality in mind. It is intended for moving cargo or young kids on asphalt or gravel, and also quickly converts into a sleigh for winter travel. The Side Bike is available with either a lightweight carbon fiber shell or a more affordable fibreglass version.

Click past the break to see the Side Bike’s promo video and all the details…

New Speedvagen Urban Racer For Those Who Take Fun Extremely Seriously

Vanilla-Workshop_Speedvagen_Urban-Racer_CompleteIf you’ve been at all tuned in to what the kids have been chattering about the past few weeks, you’ve known that the Vanilla Workshop has been cooking up something really cool. Sacha White started developing the concept for his Speedvagen Urban Racer over a year ago, elevating the street bike from the heavy, durable, no frills, ultra-utilitarian station wagon to a hot rod- a fun, fast, beautiful, extravagant plaything. It won’t slog your family or groceries. It’s not for cruising casually down the bike path. The Urban Racer’s geometry and spec and numerous available upgrades are intended to facilitate play and speed in your every bomb through the city, with each feature distilled down in that conceptually tight Speedvageny fashion as to maintain clean lines and thoughtful interface detailing. Nothing on this bike is “bolted on.” Every corner is tucked.

It’s a fun concept precisely because it is so contextually excessive within the current urban landscape, though it is completely unapologetic about it. But, really, what is so unreasonable about packing all of the fancy amenities and design considerations that are typically reserved for more classically-purposed, performance bicycles into something you will race and play on and enjoy daily? Why wouldn’t you put that same level of investment into a bike purely intended to make your every ride through the city a game rather than reserving it for your occasion bike? The Urban Racer is for the rider who believes that the daily experience is worth the investment, that fun should be taken that seriously.  READ MORE ->

Cool Crowdfunded Commuter Components – Light-up Grips and a Handy Waterproof Seat Cover

Hueray light up grips, title shot

With the advent of websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, clever minds from around the globe suddenly have the reach to broadcast their product pitches to the world. Fortunately for us, cyclists are already seeing lots of interesting bikes and components coming from upstart inventors using this new tool to launch into production.

While we don’t tend to see high-end, competition grade product coming from crowdfunded projects, we are seeing plenty of cool ideas for commuter bikes where performance isn’t as crucial and riders tend to accessorize with lights, racks, or other devices.

In this article we’ll look at two cool commuter accessories that came to light this way- Keep on reading to check out a portable, waterproof seat cover and grips that light up the ends of your handlebars…

Dahon’s Flatpak Design Allows New IOS D9 to Fold Fully or Flatten Out

Dahon Flatpak technology width diagram

As a leading manufacturer of folding bikes for over 30 years, Dahon didn’t just create one folding system and use it on all their bicycles, but instead have continued brainstorming to produce a few different designs like the nearly invisible lockjaw hinge that Bikerumor recently previewed. One of their other innovations is Dahon’s Flatpak technology, which allows a bike to quickly fold into a narrow shape with the handlebars turned and pedals removed or flipped up.

The Flatpak components are equipped on some non-folding hardtail models from Dahon, which provide similar advantages to the aftermarket Flipcrown system. The IOS D9 bicycle goes a step further by employing the Flatpak design and components, but still folding down fully for even more compact storage or transit purposes.

Click below the break for photos, info and specs on the IOS D9…

The Vela Electric City Bike Looks Shockingly Normal

The Vela Electric city cruiser, side

I remember when hybrid cars first started appearing as prototypes, and while the idea was promising it seemed like every manufacturer was trying to make the cars look like ugly space shuttles on wheels. The development of electric bikes has been similar in that initially everyone focused their efforts on getting one to market, but now the next logical steps are to make them perform and look much better.

Frankly electric bikes aren’t too hideous, but it’s hard to do much with the massive battery packs most of them carry. By going with a simpler, lower powered unit California’s Vela Bikes has managed to create a bicycle that hardly looks any different from a standard cruiser, yet has electric pedal assist power, an alarm system, GPS tracking and a charge port for your mobile devices, all at an introductory price well under $1000 for Kickstarter supporters…

Review: Versatile VP R62 flat-and-SPD pedals get you thru the trail & to the store

VP Components R62 flat pedals with single sided SPD clipless entry

During the off season, my cyclocross bike multitasks as a commuter and general purpose fun bike. Often, that means I need to hop on quick with whatever normal shoes I’m wearing, to the pedals need to accommodate something like a Keen Coronado or Commuter Sandal without any cleats installed (I love me some Keen shoes).

But I’ll still whip the bike out for a spirited ‘cross training ride, so being able to clip in with a proper mountain bike shoe without having to swap pedals is pure bonus, and the VP Components R62 pedals prove equally adept at multitasking.

With the build of the World’s Funnest Bike complete, these pedals replaced the Eggbeaters as a more all-round component and have worked for numerous runs to the store, trail rides and even a game of bike polo wearing Five10 freeride shoes…