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Kickstarter: Rogue C6 Lightweight Hybrid Commuter Bicycle

Rogue C6 Commuter Bicycle

The Rogue C6 Commuter Bicycle

David Lupafya, the designer of the Rogue C6, has a personal story that is interesting enough. He grew up in Apartheid era South Africa with bicycles as the primary means of transportation. Unable to afford bike repairs, he began fixing bikes on his own and eventually turned that into a business. Fast forward to today, and David is now designing bicycles with quality and affordability in mind – a likely nod to his humble beginnings.

David designed the Rogue C6 Commuter Bicycle to be a “lightweight, efficient machine” that you can take on a “commute, tour, or leisurely ride with the family”. Besides creating a unique, custom design, David wanted to make an affordable bike. To do this, he stripped away several levels in his company’s supply-chain that helped him move from a retail price of $3,500 for the C6 and $1800 for the C6+, to $1,950 and $950 respectively. The Rogue C6 features a proprietary High Modulus Unidirectional and 3k woven carbon frame & fork. They say that makes it 7.5x stronger than a standard steel frame, which should help it hold up to daily abuse. The other benefit? It weighs only 3.5 lbs!


Brooks Utility Range of Bags Change Colors with the Seasons

Euston Shoulder Bag  Dove

I distinctly remember the day I realized my grandparent’s had a Brooks cycling bag. The company’s heritage finally clicked in my adolescent brain and I knew it was something special. Now having made their cycling bags for over 120 years, Brooks doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, new colors and styles are being added at an impressive rate for such high quality bags.

Bags like the new Stone Euston Shoulder bag above are all made in Italy from bluesign standard waterproof fabric that is guaranteed to keep your stuff dry and should last generations.


EB14: New Ribcap Cycling Cap, The Modern Day Hairnet?


ribcap (2)

Say for some reason you really don’t want to wear a helmet but would like to at least have something on your head. That may be the reasoning behind Ribcap’s newest offering which comes in the form of a cycling cap. Ribcap started out with a number of winter hats that claim to offer an additional layer of protection thanks to viscoelastic protectors sewn into the layers of the hat.

Much like the winter offerings, the new cycling cap doesn’t claim to offer the same protection as a helmet but does offer something over a standard cap or nothing at all. If you’re the type to reach for a cycling cap instead of a helmet, the newest Ribcap may be of interest…


Eurobike Round Up: The Beautiful, the Odd, and the Curious

odd curious beautiful bikes (34)

Eurobike is an interesting place, chock full of nearly everything you could imagine that is related to the bicycle even in the smallest ways. Among the numerous hangers, biergartens, sausage stands, and fashion shows, there are also quite a few one-off displays and oddities to lasso your attention and draw you in.

Explore some of the more beautiful, odd, and curious next…


VeloToze Reinvents The Shoe Cover with New Rubberized Protection

veloToze Tall shoe covers - White copy

There are a lot of different shoe covers on the market, but for Joe and Danny Feng who co-founded VeloToze, none of the current options were cutting it. Coming out of Sonoma County, California, VeloToze is a new company that is focusing on keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Not only are the VeloToze shoe covers completely waterproof, but they are wind proof and more aerodynamic than many competitors.

The flexible, light weight material stretches over your legs and shoes and will just as easily fit in a jersey pocket or saddle bag. Better yet, the covers sell for less than most other options making them very intriguing for anyone wanting to keep riding in wet and cold climates.


EB14: Gallery of Electra’s Latest Cruiser, City & Mountain (?!?) Bikes


Since we’ve started making the trip to Eurobike, Electra has commandeered an entire hallway between main halls, showcasing their expansive collection of cruiser and city bikes in a dark, classy fashion. Each year, the paint schemes and decorations update, but the foundation on which those colors are applied remains more or less the same. And that’s fine, because they look great and cover the range of casual riding opportunities. From rolling along the boardwalk to cruising to the coffee shop to commuting to work, there’s something here to help you do it in style. And we’ve captured it all in a fine gallery.

What is new for 2015 is the Moto, a mountain bike line with beach cruiser aesthetic. Considering Trek’s their new parent, the similarity to the Gary Fisher Sawyer can be forgiven. Scroll on down to see them…


Want a Bamboo Bike? Build it yourself with the Bamboobee BIY Kit


If you’re a fan of DIY, you might want to check out the Bamboobee Bike’s BIY kit. Designed as an economical way to get your own bamboo frame, the kit takes is a step further by providing the raw materials to build a frame along with some instruction. If you have been longing for the satisfaction of building your own bicycle frame, this is probably as easy as it gets – until Lego makes a life size, rideable bike that is.


EB14: Roundup – Random and Beautiful Saddles, Stems & Related Accessories


As usual, there’s simply too much to see at Eurobike to stop and talk with everyone about every product. So as we’re dashing through the halls, we’ll snap things that catch our eye for roundups. Not that they’re any less cool than the brands we dedicate full posts to. On the contrary, there’s often quite a bit of ingenuity to be found in the recesses and shared 10×10 booths. Here’s the first of many roundups to come from Eurobike 2014.

The Bpeople Unica saddle is a simply gorgeous melding of premium, vegetable dyed Italian leather and carbon fiber. Saddle weight is claimed at just 138g. The frame is 4K woven carbon fiber, shaped with a center relief channel on a 263×140 shell.


Set Up Camp With the New Blackburn Outpost Adventure Bags


If you’re daydreaming at your computer thinking about your next big adventure, toying with the idea of bike packing, you’re going to need some bags. Packing light is key, but you still need a way to carry the essentials. As bikepacking has become more popular Blackburn has used their Ranger ambassador program to help develop some killer new bags that will get you out there and get you back home.

Capable of crossing the Great Divide, or making sure you’re well stocked for a day trip, the Outpost series includes a Handlebar Roll, Top Tube Bag, and a Seat Pack. Certainly not your ordinary seat pack, the Outpost model provides an extra large capacity that will mount to nearly any bike. Adjustable to fit smaller or larger items, the Seat Pack includes a stuff sack  but is also compatible with standard dry bags.