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PBE15: Womo Designs TRIs Out Bottle and Light/camera Mounts for Aero Bars, Adds Mounts for iBike, Swivel Mounts, More

PBE womo bike mounts tri bottle aero bar ibike (7)

Since the last time we checked out Womo designs, their product portfolio has drastically expanded. In an ever expanding marketplace of lightweight computer mounts, Womo’s dual clamp aluminum designs may  have come off as way over built. However, the company seems to have found its stride offering support for multiple accessories – not just computers. They also provide the ability to run one accessory above and one below, including their latest addition of water bottles…


Laugh and Relate to Yehuda Moon Through the Trials and Tribulations of a Bicycle Life in a Not So Bicycle World

Yehhudamoon 4

If you are a die-hard commuter or work in a shop, you may be pretty familiar with the webcomic, Yehuda Moon. It’s been some time since they’ve published anything and since then volume 5 has sold out leaving fans wanting more.

Commute past the break to see what they’re doing to bring back #5 as well as make a book #6 available…..


RCC15: Wide-Eyez Flips any Helmet into Integrated Visor Mode

Wideeyez helmet shield flip up visor (2)

Thanks to Bryan from RTR Magazine for modeling Wide-Eyez for us!

At first glance, it’s pretty easy to tell if you’ll be a Wide-Eyez customer or not. We’re guessing many people will look at the add-on visor and immediately write it off as a fred-ly accessory that clearly will clash with your full Rapha kit. But, as evidenced by the number of people checking the visor out at the Recumbent Cycle Con tradeshow (yes I went – it was in my home town. I pretty much had too, right?) that there are a number of people who are willing to risk looking like a fred to have a more comfortable ride.

And truthfully? Depending on the helmet, it doesn’t look that bad…


PBE15: Fenix Flies with Full Size Folding 27.5″ and 27+ Santos Mountain Bikes

FENIX BYKES folding full size santos 275 plus mountain bike (3)

Having already created a clever way to create a full size folding rigid 29er/road bike, Fenix Bykes owner Scott Turner decided it was time to adapt the technology to smaller wheels and bigger tires. Specifically, Scott wanted to be able to take a bike with him when he went to visit his family in Florida. Not far from one of Florida’s best spots for mountain biking, the Santos trails served as the inspiration for the Santos and Santos Plus. If you’ve ridden Santos you know that thanks to all of the jumps and features (that are still being added to by folks like Ray Petro), a bike with suspension and slacker geometry can come in handy.

Wanting to put a full size hard tail mountain bike with a longer travel suspension fork and 27.5″ wheels and even a plus size mountain bike into a travel suitcase meant a few modifications to the design were required…


PBE15: Take Your Lane Makes the 3 Foot Rule Come to Life with Adjustable Safety Flag

take your lane 3 foot rule flag commuter bicycle bikeDSC07901

The three foot law is an unfortunate necessity in almost every state, but it’s one that not everyone truly understands. For the cyclist, it’s incredibly easy to know when the rule has been violated. For motorists though, it turns out that many drivers struggle to judge the distance between their vehicle and cylcists, or simply aren’t paying enough attention.

That need for additional visibility and safety is what drove “chief flag waver” David Storper to create the Take Your Lane safety flag. At this point we’ve seen many home-brew set ups to the same effect, but the Take Your Lane flag includes some useful features so that you’ll actually want to use it…


PBE15: Velo Orange Pass Hunter Arms itself with Disc Brakes, New Dajia Far Bars add Dirt Drop Option

velo orange disc road bike new dirt bars pass hunter dajia noir drilliumDSC07946

Named after the somewhat obscure sport of Pass Hunting, Velo Orange has a new frame that’s perfect for the task. Considered an All Road frame by design, the Pass Hunter Disc continues with big tire clearance and a steel frame with features befitting the style Velo Orange is known for. Blending modern and retro style, the Pass Hunter disc could be a great option for your next bike…


Go Go Gadget Stem! SpeedForce Smartens Up Your bike With Fully Loaded Stem


With electronics getting smaller and more powerful at the same time, companies and inventors are constantly looking for ways to better our world. That includes helping us become more integrated with the things we use…. even the bicycle. SpeedForce looks to do just that when they put integration front and center with their new feature rich “smart stem”.

Transport yourself past the break to see how many things they fit into this slick little stem….


Review: Apidura’s Bikepacking Saddle and Handlebar Packs


At the beginning of last winter, we gave our first impressions on Apidura’s lightweight take on bags for bike touring. Since then, we’ve had a chance to take the bags out on several adventures on both road and trail, and have gotten a better sense for light bikepacking. Until we got ahold of these bags, most of our touring had been either the extremes of full racks and panniers, or  just lashing a stuff sack to the handlebar and under the saddle. But two of our testers have realized that since most of our trips are just overnighters, having a proper secure set of bags for these short trips has made packing and riding with them even easier. Come past the break to take a closer look at see what we’ve stuffed inside…


Ducks In a Row handlebar backpack puts your things in order, with style


With commuting on the bike becoming more prevalent than ever, there is no rule that says you shouldn’t look good while doing it. We’ve seen a lot of stylish garments cross our desks, like this and this, so it’s only appropriate our gear follows suit. Though really nice and simple looking, Ducks in a Row’s new handle bar mountable backpack has features that confirm it was designed by someone who actually commutes by bike.

Fly past the break to see more features than meets the eye with Ducks in a Row’s swank little pack…..