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Review: Superleggero Leggera Silk Scarf – On and Off the Bike


Over the summer we received a few silk scarves from a small company based out of the Swiss Alps called Superleggero, that touted them as both a versatile transition season neck warmer and all-season fashion accessory. We liked their look and soft feel against the skin, but didn’t think we would really change our wardrobe to benefit from their luxury, fashion side. However, when the weather turned first wetter, then cooler they started to join us on almost every ride, as we tried to see what fine silk really had to offer. Follow past the break to see what our tests revealed…


Booq, Bigo & Wolffepack: New Backpack Design Roundup

Bigo-CasualCarrying gear on the body the challenge that never seems to be perfectly solved, at least in the mind of entrepreneurs that continuously tackle new ways to make it better. Booq brings us a bag that is classy and waterproof, Bigo brings us a bag that can also double as a poncho or blanket and wolffepack brings us access to our gear without removing the pack.

Check out the ideas to make your ride a bit more convenient…


Fitwell Puts You On The Right Bike For Your Personality, Flexibility & Body Type

FitWell Bikes (2)

Fitwell Bicycle Company is hoping to change the way we buy bikes. They see a future where there is more than just a handful of sizes to pick from based on your height, where we can truly fit a person to the bike by their unique body type. $500 fitting sessions and $5,000 custom frames are the norm in this area, but Fitwell plans to bring this level of body fit to normally-priced bikes.

Vice President Ryan Cate is responsible for all product, sales and marketing of this small start-up, and his ideas on fitting a person to a bike are a ways ahead of the standard industry. He was approached by a friend in the industry to create a brand that was more fit and sizing specific than gender specific, because gender is not an accurate method of sizing. There are a lot of men that may have proportions more like a standard women, and vice versa.  Ryan noticed that there were a lot of bikes being ridden with large spacer stacks on forks to fit the rider, or other strange modifications in the attempt to make a poor fitting bike work. So they set out to make a change. READ MORE ->

EB14: Roundup – Coffee Bikes, Cargo Bikes & The World’s Smallest Tandem!


Mmmm, coffee. Anytime we find the two combined, we stop. Fortunately this fine young lady was pressing some amazing espresso and capuccinos. Once properly rejuvenated, the bike came into clearer focus. The frame was built by Nicolai and incorporated a Bosch motor at the crankset, angled to maximize ground clearance. From there, it used a nifty mix of Nuvinci Harmony internal gear box, chains and belt drives to put the pedal power to the rear wheels.

Pour your own cup and dive in for other great bikes…


Specialized Teases Possible New Supermoto Singlespeed Street Bike

specialized supermoto flat bar commuter city road bike teaser

Photo: Specialized, via Instagram.

Generally when you think of a Supermoto dirt bikes come to mind. Specifically, dirt bikes with 17″ wheels, slick tires, lowered suspension, and better brakes. Just spotted on the Specialized Instagram feed looks to be their bicycle interpretation of a supermoto. Captioned simply as #Supermoto is ready for its closeup, does the teaser point to a new model from the big S?

Even if it turns out that the bike is just a concept, it’s worth a closer look.


EB14: Roundup – Sweet Cargo Bikes, Curvy Commuters, Geared Carbon Penny Farthings & More!


Hey Cycle has just two models, a men’s bike and this step-thru women’s bike, available with 1, 7 or 8 speeds. While the drivetrains may vary, the curvy lines, beautiful paint and color matched parts carry across entire range…and there are a lot of colors among them.

Check a few more options below, plus a wide variety of cargo bikes, commuters, city bikes and, yes, some more e-bikes…


EB14: Roundup – Commuters, City Bikes, Scooters (?) and More Beautiful Things


Schindelhauer’s bikes and booth always exemplify a clean, sleek appearance that screams high end. The belt driven track bike above streamlines everything into smooth shapes, recessed bolts and flowing lines. Same for the commuter bike after it, which has an equally quick looking frame but manages to hold lights, a rear rack and traditional flat bar.

There are plenty more examples of curvy city bikes after that, too…


PBE14: Velo Orange Has a New Black, New Disc Touring Hubs & Giant Water Bottle Cage


Velo Orange has gone dark with their new Noir hammered fenders and Grand Cru seatpost and stem. The black versions complement their black leather tape and saddle and help complete the look for stealthier commuter bikes.

Shown above on their Pass Hunter touring frame, the noir fenders are simply a black anodized version of their VO Hammered 45mm alloy fenders for 700c wheels. They include black hardware, too, and fit up to a 35mm wide tire. Kit comes with the alloy wire stays, bolts, brackets and everything else needed for front and rear install. Retail is $65.

On the front of the bike is the new Six Pack Rack. It’s an add-on cage for several of their standard mini front racks and is sized just right for a sixer of your favorite beverage.


Gallant Bicycles Designs, Paints & Assembles Affordable Bikes In Downtown Toronto


Starting with just two bicycles, the No. 1 (lean forward, ride fast) and the No. 2 (sit back, relax), Gallant Bicycles has been selling bicycles from Toronto for $699 since March of 2013.   Due to popular demand, they started a Kickstarter campaign for a No. 3 (road and fitness).

Gallant says their expertise is in powder coating, so the frames are coated to order in Toronto, allowing customers to pick and choose colors, and even add on options such as painting certain components. Full customization of components is possible, even adding internally geared multi speed hubs, racks and higher end saddles