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Skylock Offers Keyless, Solar Powered, Smart Phone Connected U-Lock That Helps When you Crash


What’s better than a bike lock? How about a keyless, solar powered, smart phone connected super lock? That’s exactly what the team behind Skylock have set out to accomplish. Skylock isn’t the first lock to connect with your smart phone, but it takes the concept of the smart lock to the next level. We all know that even the best locks are no match for professional thieves with the right tools and know how. That’s why Skylock has a triaxial accelerometer that will notify you if the lock is being tampered with. The same technology allows the lock to notify your preferred contacts if you crash or are hit by a car.

Thanks to the built in solar charging panel, the Skylock will recharge itself while it’s sitting in the rack. No sun? The battery will last a month when fully charged, and can also be charged with a micro USB cable. Skylock connects to your phone using bluetooth or Wifi, which allows the bicycle equivalent of keyless entry when you get close to the bike. What if your phone dies? You can use the capacitive touch pad on the lock itself to unlock. That smart phone connectivity also opens up a new world of bike sharing based on the Skylock app.

Add in a proprietary dual locking mechanism, and you have an extremely smart lock that should also function quite well as a… well, lock. Key into more details next…


Video: Painful Head on Car Collision Captured on POV Camera

Patrick Knetemann BMC Accident

While commuting to work, Patrick Knetemann was thrown from his bicycle when a black VW Golf with fake plates swerved into his path. Despite wearing a bright red helmet, and having a light, it appears the driver did not see him as he attempted to enter a driveway.

After hitting the cyclist hard enough to throw Patrick to the ground, sheer the front end of his bike off, and fracture two cervical discs, the driver sped off.

Footage after the break

NiteRider Shines with Longer Run Times, More Lumens, and Visible Bike Lanes for 2015

Niterider Lumina 750

In the world of bicycle lighting, the past few years have focused on the lumen wars. More is better, right? To a certain extent, yes, but only if you have enough battery to run them for the duration of your ride. That’s why for 2015 NiteRider has focused not only on improving the amount of light, but the battery life of their products. Add in efforts to improve cyclists’ safety and a decrease in pricing and you have a winning combination.

In the case of their most popular all around light, the Lumina series, most of the models gain an additional 50 lumens with a decrease in cost. New lights include the Lumina 750, 550, 400, and Micro 250, with the 400, Micro 250, and Lumina Flare dropping the price by $10. Lumina lights still feature an all in one design for a compact yet powerful self-contained design.


Kickstarter: Funnell Rain Jacket Parachutes Out To Protect Against Elements

Funnell Eject Jacket and BackpackDesigned as a combination backpack and jacket system, the Funnel Eject was created for cyclists, motorcyclists, and other non-car commuters.

What makes it unique is that with a quick tug, a jacket is deployed, which quickly prevents rain from soaking your clothes and the contents of your bag.  READ MORE ->

New Compact LED Lights From Lezyne Light Up Your Commute

Lezyne LED-MacroDuo-zoom1For their 8 year anniversary, Lezyne is launching a trio of versatile new LED lights that are targeted towards the commuter market. Their new Lezyne Macro Duo is an updated version of their popular Macro Drive format, that integrates a rear 5 lumen LED in the end cap.

The front facing LED is 400 lumens and runs for 1:30 at that brightness. Dropping the power down to 200 lumens, it will provide a claimed 3:30 of light, on a four hour recharge.  READ MORE ->

Kickstarter Roundedup: Ergo Carbon Universal Bike, Customizable Combination Handlebar Bell Light, and the Oooctopushy

Universal Bike FrameThe Universal Bike is versatile frame that can be adjusted easily to fit 99% of the population, and can be further modified to offer different riding experiences. Made from carbon, it promises to offer a comfortable ride, and help get more people out riding as a result.


Schwinn Prepares for 120th Anniversary with New Bikes for 2015

Schwinn Bikes 2015  (4)

At first glance it would be easy to mistake the 2015 Schwinn Classic Deluxe 7 as one of the original 1955 cruisers. Then once you notice the cable leading to the twist shifter for the 7 speed internal Shimano Nexus hub, the fact that this is a modern recreation of a classic becomes more apparent. Schwinn, while a vastly different company than that at the beginning, has managed to stand the test of time – 2015 will be their 120th anniversary. To celebrate, Schwinn is offering a limited run of Classic 7 cruisers. The vintage inspired bikes feature parts that will actually fit directely on the original Schwinns including fender mounted lights and the tank horn.

Last offered in 2008, the 2015 version of the Classic 7 will be limited to 500 bikes and sold for $699. Complete with the springer fork and burly rack the Classic 7 has a great ride – just don’t expect it to be light. The bike is, shall we say, stout. But if you dig the retro style, but want something with modern touches like aluminum rims the Classic 7 will get you there in style.


Video: Penny in Yo Pants, How to Cycle in a Skirt

If someone gave me a penny for every time I wanted to ride a bicycle in a skirt, but couldn’t because I didn’t want to expose myself, I’d theoretically have enough pennies to accomplish this simple life hack. The idea came when the group of inventors attended CycleHack, a 48 hour event aimed “at making cities more cycle friendly.” During the event, people are encouraged to come up with an idea that solves a barrier to cycling, and find a simple solution. So ladies (and gents, or gents in kilts) remember to keep a penny and a rubber band on hand, and treasure every moment of this summer.

Visit Penny in Your Pants for more info on the project

Sugoi Shines Bright with New Tech – Be Seen and Dry with Zap Bike Jacket

Sugoi Shines Bright with New Tech - Be Seen and Dry with Zap Bike Jacket

Do not adjust your computer monitor – this is simply the new Zap Bike Jacket from Sugoi. There’s clothing with reflective accents, and then there’s Sugoi’s Pixel fabric which uses thousands of silk screened glass beads to create a surface that seems to project its own light. Sugoi has been testing the fabric for years, especially when it comes to abrasion resistance. With Pixel ready for prime time, the innovative fabric treatment will be introduced with the redesigned Zap bike jacket and integrated into the rest of their bike line in the future.

What does the jacket look like in the day? Find out next….