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League of American Bicyclists Announces 2015 Bicycle Friendly State Ranking

2015 League of american Bicyclists state rankings


Today kicks off National Bike to Work Week. Whether you rode into the office for the first time or the 10,000th time, how your home state approaches bicycle infrastructure and advocacy can have a major impact on your commute. To honor those states who have been doing it right, the League of American Bicyclists has compiled the latest list of the best and the worst states to ride a bicycle.

Check out how your state measures up next…


Do You Have the Balls to Ride in the City? Now You Can Buy Them

bike balls anatomically shaped bicycle tail light

They say it takes a pair to go toe to toe with cars on the mean city streets, so why not show the world just how confident you are?

Bike Balls is exposing itself to the cycling world with a Kickstarter campaign to bring its anatomically similar tail light to the streets. The LED is cradled inside a squishy silicone sack, which is wholly illuminated as it swings to and fro under your saddle. The effect, they suggest, is a bigger, more noticeable hit of light that grabs drivers’ attention by the, um, you know…


Interview: Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles Talks New Brand Direction and Her Trouble Maker

Sweetpea Trouble Maker 3

Frustrated with the experiential gap between the women and men on bikes around her she saw as a messenger, Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea studied fit under Michael Sylvester (co-founder of the Serotta fit school) and went to UBI in order to learn to create the bike/rider experiences she wanted to see for women in the world.

Ten years on, Natalie works to expand her effect by stepping back from the torch. Working with builders such as Co-Motion and Land Shark for frame construction and Gladys Bikes of Portland as her public portal and fit-studio, Natalie is able to focus on bicycle design for her individual consumers- though, she’s certainly not done building. READ MORE ->

Giant’s Spinoff Brand Momentum Wants you to ‘Move Happy’ with their New Cruiser Bikes

Momentum bikes, two riders
Momentum is a new brand of lifestyle bikes that wants people to ‘move happy’ on their comfortable and convenient cruisers. Rising from under the umbrella of Giant Bicycles, Momentum is bringing their parent company’s expertise in a new direction with a line of affordable, fun and functional urban bikes.

The brand seeks to produce stylish bikes with elegant designs that are comfortable and easy to ride, and feature a few interesting touches to help you move through your daily life…

Knog Improves on Original Milkman Cable Lock with Combination


The Knog Milkman keyed lock has for years been a handy little guy you can throw in your jersey pocket or to just have in your bike bag just in case. It’s small, lightweight, and is nearly effortless – except that riders must remember or keep handy the lock’s key. Improving upon that initial design is Knogs new Milkman Combo lock, an even more effortless version of the original Milkman. Features after the break. READ MORE ->

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



  • Central Region Voting is Now Live – Is your local trail one of the candidates to receive the grant from Bell Helmets? Vote now through May 10th. The project with the most votes will be awarded the grant on May 25th. Visit to place your vote.
  • Win a Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD road bike – The athlete nutrition experts at The Feed are giving away a Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD road bike to one lucky winner (valued at $7,500).  Visit to register for the contest and be sure to check out their other deals.

Clothing – Gear – Tools

  • Microsoft Partners Strava and MapMyRide for Band Smartwatch – Microsoft has responded quickly to early criticism of its Band product’s cycling-specific functionality by announcing a partnership with Strava and MapMyRide. Building upon the initial Bike Tile introduction in February, Band customers will now be able to compare performance or share routes with other riders using the popular apps. Here’s more details.
  • Tribike Transport Introduces New Service: Ship & Ride – TriBike Transport (TBT), triathlon’s first fully assembled bicycle transportation service, is proud to announce their newest service: Ship & Ride, for those athletes interested in taking their bike with them while traveling for work, vacation, or for any instance that takes them away from their home and vis a vis, their bike.

Plenty more cycling tidbits and how you can help Nepal after the break…


Connected Cycles’ GPS-equipped pedals go live on IndieGoGo, meet goal in first day

Connected Cycle teased their smart pedal a while back as an easy way to both track your ride and improve the odds of finding your bike if it ever got stolen. Today, they’re officially live on IndieGoGo and they’ve just about hit their funding goal as of this post.

The pedal itself has a lot going on inside, using GPS and Glonass receivers to know its position and GSM and GPRS cellular data connections to transmit that location to the cloud. The rest of the embedded electronics capture distance, elevation, average and maximum speeds, ride duration and estimated calories burned for each ride. It automatically starts and stops, too, so you never need to start a ride at the beginning or have that “Oh shart, I forgot to turn on Strava moment” I frequently enjoy about half way through my own rides.

Once the ride’s over, everything is automatically sent to the cloud and viewable through their smartphone app for free…


SOC15: Lake Adds Floating Boa for Enduro, More Coverage, Updates MXZ 303, and New Flat Soled Boots

Lake Shoes enduro dk boot mx 165mx 168mx 228  (8)

You probably know Lake as more of a road or XC shoe company, but over the years they have done it all. While the new MX 180 and MX 168 launch the brand back into the more gravity oriented side of things, both shoes represent modern incarnations of past models. Between the DH 150 and the MX 165, Lake is no stranger to additional coverage and support but for their latest shoes they didn’t want to jump in without a specific advantage.

Lake puts a lot of emphasis on fit which is why so many of their shoes use head moldable sections, but for the MX 168, they had to invent a new approach to the Boa…


Berliner 2015: Clean Designs from Schindelhauer City Bikes and Fixies


With the more approachable urban cycling nature of the Berlin Bike Show, there really is no bike company that fits the bill more than German brand Schindelhauer. They specialize in bikes with a simple classic look, based around polished, TIG-welded triple butted, aero-shaped aluminum tubed frames with unique detailing and plenty of polished aluminum. The Ludwig bike is a great example as a lightweight touring/commuting platform, and like all of their bikes is either set up as a singlespeed or with hub gearing, no derailleurs here. Also like all of Schindelhauer’s bikes (except one track-specific frameset) the Ludwig is equipped to take racks and fenders for more real-world versatility.

Follow us past the break to have a look at some of Schindelhauer’s slick details…