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Shower’s Pass Performance Jackets for Kids, with Proceeds Supporting Safe Routes to Schools


Showers Pass is bringing their premium tech, design, and fit to an affordable new line for Children, and donating 7% of all sales to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to support their Safe Routes to School program, all as a part of their mission to normalize cycling as a safe form of transport for everyone. The new Little Crossover Rain Jacket, based on the adults’s Crossover, is designed for comfort and usability from bike to playground, with visibility a primary goal. In addition to just bright colors, it gets 3M reflective trim for driver visibility from all angles, even in low light.

Come past the fold for the full breakdown on the new jacket, its pricing, availability, and some background on Safe Routes to Schools…


Kickstarter roundup: Xtracycle converts Tern folder into cargo bike & clever Cloak’d saddlebag covers your seat

Tern Bicycles has partnered with Xtracycle to create the Cargo Node, an mashup of two seemingly opposing concepts: A massive cargo bike with 350lb load capacity, and a tiny folding bike that fits in the boot of a car. Or an elevator. Or apartment corner.

But that’s just what the two companies are doing, and they’re both bringing all of the features they’re known for to it, creating a massively versatile and functional bike that will bring home the groceries then fold down to a third of it’s size…


EB15: NAILD reinvents front suspension stem-and-fork system for road bikes

NAILD r3act stem and fork front suspension for commuter cyclocross road and gravel bicycles

Imagine if you could all but erase not just bumps, but vibration, too, from your commuter, road, cyclocross or gravel bike. That’s the promise of the new NAILD R3ACT front suspension.

It’s named for Newton’s third law that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and this particular prototype is made for flat bar road bikes, but designer Darrell Voss has bigger plans for it. It’s not really a stem suspension or a fork suspension, it’s both, and it requires a rider’s weight to be on the handlebars for it to work.

Voss explains that in the auto industry, they want about 10x the weight of the wheel:tire combo in the structure immediately surrounding it in order to properly deaden vibrations before they reach the driver. On a bike, that ratio isn’t practical, so he faked it by isolating the handlebars from the fork via a leveraged connection between the stem and the steerer tube. Press down on the frame and it barely moves. Put your weight on the bars and it absorbs bumps smoothly and easily…


Eurobike Coverage Review – Week #2: Chosen goes for 12 Speeds, Cippollini Gets Aero, DT Swiss & HED Get Wider and MORE!

2016 Cipollini NK1K aero road bike2016-Trickstuff-Direttisima-lightweight-powerful-disc-brake-lever012016-Maxxis-DD-double-down-aggressor-enduro-mountain-bike-tire01Haibike_Noon-8-50_carbon-cyclocross-bike_complete

Welcome back to Eurobike coverage part deux! With more categories to cover than ever, this year’s show was huge and kept us on our toes more than ever. Pour yourself a well deserved scotch, kick your feet up, and travel into this week’s coverage of Eurobike 2015.

And in case you missed Week 1’s exciting coverage, check it out!


45NRTH Evicts Fasterkatt for new Japanther Wet Weather Cycling Boot

45nrth japanther cycling bike rain boot (8)

If you listen to all of the #crossiscoming hashtags (#crossishere?), it’s pretty clear that fall weather is on the way. Not just the sloppy mud associated with cyclocross but the cold wind and rain “shoulder” seasons are known for. 45NRTH is preparing for colder weather with their all new Japanther cycling boots. Taking the place of their previous Fasterkatt boots, the Japanther rocks out with a redesigned upper for better fit while maintaining the same level of protection for wet and cold climates…


LIVALL Introduces World’s First Smart Cycling Helmet to Keep Your Head Connected 

LIVALL Bling Helmet3

We are living in an age where things like this shouldn’t surprise us anymore. From smart phones, watches, cars and forks, (yup, look it up), we are more connected with the products we use more than ever, and in recent years we have seen cycling become more integrated with technology. From using our smart phone to track our rides & performance to the more recent crash detection systems, Livall has found what they think is the next innovation that meshes technology with cycling.

Check out Livall’s feature loaded Bling helmet system and a video of how it all comes together after the break…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

UCI Worlds


  • 2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships  – This year’s Worlds are in Vallnord, Andorra and can be seen on Redbull.TV. The Men’s and Women’s Cross Country race is Saturday, September 5th while the Men’s and Ladies Downhill will be aired on Sunday the 6th.


EB15: Shimano Polishes Metrea Urban 1x Concept, Coming Soon?

shimano metrea urban group (7)

The point of this makeshift Urban loft wasn’t to show you how to display a bike. Instead, it was Shimano’s way of painting the picture of the ideal customer for their conceptual Metrea group. After being teased for a while, this is the first time we’ve seen a complete group under the Metrea label. While Shimano isn’t giving any indication to if or when the group would be produced, the level of finish and completeness of drivetrain options indicates to us that it will be available in the near future.

Built around multiple options with 1x or 2x cranks and derailleurs, Metrea maybe the newest option for 1x commuting…


EB15: Bell goes Heavy on MIPS for Commuters, Kids, Women, and More

bell joyride commuter mips kids eurobike 2015 (2)

While the Boba Fett and Stormtrooper helmets may have stolen the show, Bell also had a full range of new helmets that weren’t inspired by Star Wars. Although the new Annex Shield does look pretty futuristic. The top end model of the new commuter line, the Annex Shield is joined by the Annex and the Hub to make riding the mean streets a little more safe and comfortable.

Along with the commuter line, Bell was showing the full line of new women’s helmets, kids helmets, and a new road helmet…