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Gates Carbon Drive to Unchain the Masses with More Affordable CDN Belt Drive System

Gates Carbon Drive new CDN sprocket
Gates Carbon Drive has just announced their new CDN belt drive system as part of a value-oriented product line designed for urban bikes. The CDN uses the same carbon fiber tensile cord technology and Centertrack sprocket design as Gates’ CDX system, but it will sell for about half the price of the company’s higher end CDC/CDX models. CDN is essentially a lighter-duty iteration designed for low mileage city bikes in easy riding applications.

“CDN is our value-oriented belt drive for people who want a clean and stylish city bike for getting into town or around the neighborhood,” says Todd Sellden, director of Gates Carbon Drive. “It’s for bicyclists who ride in jeans or skirts and casual shoes, not spandex and race gear.”

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NAHBS 2015: Bilenky’s STePS e-cargo bike, new track frame & more

nahbs 2015 bilenky cycle works
Bilenky kept things rather mild this year, and brought only a handful of bikes. We saw the tandem at the Philly Bike Expo, and there’s a new track frame and a coupled travel touring bike. But the headliner was the e-cargo bike for the Shimano STePS competition.
Built around the motorized gear box, the frame shows all the quality Bilenky is known for, but maintains a much cleaner, simpler look than some of the wild creations we’ve seen in the past. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a few delightful surprises…


Cycliq’s Fly12 Looks After You, Your Bike and Itself with New Alarm Feature

Cycliq Fly12 headlight/video camera with alarm

Australia’s accessory brand Cycliq wants you to be safe while you ride, and now they’re going to help keep your bike safe too. The company first made waves with their Fly6 rear light/camera combo, and after requests from Fly6 buyers they designed the Fly12 front-facing unit to match, which BikeRumor covered last month.

On the first day of the Fly12’s Kickstarter campaign, a consumer suggested a built-in alarm would be a nice addition. Well, ask and ye shall receive- Cycliq listened to their customers once again and added a smartphone-controlled alarm and app feature to all their Fly12’s. The product’s successful Kickstarter campaign finished just days ago and Cycliq is now focused on meeting their projected delivery times, which are expected for around this year’s Interbike show (September).

To find out how the new alarm feature works, click past the break…

NAHBS 2015: Paul Brodie’s Winning City/Utility Bike

Paul Brodie custom build 4265  (17)

You could say Paul Brodie has a history of building bikes. Calling this city bike #4265, the number refers to the number of frames he has built over the years with Paul telling us that he has kept records on nearly every frame he has ever built. Paul also mentioned that in previous years he was disappointed that he wasn’t allowed to enter the design competitions with amazing creations like the Whippet from 2012, since he was technically at the show to promote his Frame Building class instead of the bikes.

After gaining the blessing of the show judges to enter the competition, Brodie came prepared with this elegant but extremely functional townie and walked away with the Best City/Utility bike award…


Ilumaware boosts car’s accident avoidance tech, helping them see bicycles better

Ilumaware passive radar reflector to boost a cyclists presence to automobile accident avoidance systems

With automakers like Volvo and Jaguar adding and improving technology to reduce the likelihood of a car hitting a cyclist, things are moving in the right direction. But many other brands already have accident avoidance sensors built into their bumpers to sense an impending collision and help bring a vehicle to a stop regardless of whether the driver sees the danger or not.

Now, Mercury Wheels founder Chris Mogridge has developed a completely passive device that amplifies the “footprint” a bicycle returns to the automobile’s radar, making a bike seem as big as a car…


NAHBS 2015: Groovy heads for the beach with Woody-inspired, surfboard carrying Kauai bicycle

Groovy Cycles Kauai 29er cruiser for surfboards

Groovy’s Kauai 6.5.0. is a titanium surfer inspired bike that takes cues from the old Woody SUVs, made to easily transport the owner and his surfboard to and from the beach…and the trail and the store, all without harshing its chill beach vibe.

The foundation is a titanium frame, built up with house-made titanium racks, cranks and a titanium-and-wood truss fork. Drivetrain is a Gates Belt Drive turning a Rohloff gear box hub. Those parts and materials make for a corrosion free ride that’ll hold up to the sandy beaches, salt water and ocean air.

When it’s time to hit the trail, the rack and fenders, which are all integrated into single pieces, have hidden bolts that make them fully removable. Pull them off and you’re left wtih a mountain bike, pure and simple…


Double Take: The Clinch D10 Folds Up With Dahon’s Slick Lockjaw Hinge

Dahon clinch D10 in riding position

Upon first look, its silhouette still gives the Dahon Clinch D10 away as a folding bike but you may have to peer a bit closer to find the hinge mechanism itself. No stranger to manufacturing folding bikes, Taiwan’s Dahon has created a high performance folder with one of the cleanest hinge systems seen yet.

Dahon’s Lockjaw hinge technology is designed to hold tight but be almost unnoticeable when in riding position. The Clinch D10 recently won the company a 2015 Taipei Cycle Design and Innovation award, and as a result their winning bike will be on display at this year’s Taipei Cycle Show, from March 18-21st.

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Shimano Updates Entry Level 11 Speed Wheels with the RS330


Shimano continues to work on refining and expanding their affordable road wheel options by introducing a new 30mm deep profile aluminum clincher wheelset that brings some of their tech and aero benefits from higher-end wheels into their everyman Road Sport training wheels. The RS330 replaces the RS31 wheelset, adding one more spoke in the rear with an optimized lacing pattern to build a stronger more durable wheel. Their goal was to complete their 11-speed offerings with a low-cost alternative balancing rigidity, durability, and lightweight for everyday riding.

Roll past the jump to see where it fits in their aluminum road line up, as well as for estimated pricing and weights….


NAHBS 2015: Silent Cycle’s gorgeously raw cyclocross bike & coffee delivering bakfiets

Silent Cycles steel cyclocross bike with raw finish

Silent Cycles, out of Chattanooga, TN, builds only with steel, and they had three very different bikes on hand. Above, a cyclocross bike with a very unfinished looking finish that was absolutely beautiful.

The frame was left looking very raw, with discoloration of the metal used to give it great depth and character. It’s a thru-axle design front and rear that, despite the rough look, was quite polished in the details. Sleek internal cable and hose routing, fender mounts and a bit of ornate detailing at the head tube and fork crown showed what they could do.

Plenty of pics, plus a massive front-loading cargo bike for fellow Tennessean Velo Coffee, below…