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Boxer Introduces British Made Shuttle Cargo Bike


The Boxer Shuttle is designed and manufactured in the UK is the latest in that company’s line of cargo trikes. The Boxer represents a welcome economical departure from the brand’s luxurious, steampunk-inspired Rocket model- which is available for over twice the price. The Shuttle features a respectable base of standard features, with an emphasis on the safety and riding experience of the kiddie cargo, while still having enough upgrades and add-ons for riders to customize their kit to their climate, city, or bike infrastructure situation… READ MORE ->

SKS Teases Fat Bike Fenders, New RaceBlade Long II, plus Shows new Pumps, Tools, and More

SKS new for 2015 fat bike fenders pump phone case tom tool  (11)

Even though Magura didn’t have a huge amount of new product to show, long time partner for the Sedona show SKS stepped up to the plate – literally. Aside from the clever use of SKS pump handles for silverware, SKS had a ton of new products to show from pumps, to tools, to fenders. Most of which are available now, though a few like the fat bike fenders above, were a sneak peek of product yet to come.

Officially to be launched at Eurobike this year, we got a first look at the new Fatboard fenders plus a whole lot more after the jump…

The Cydekick Frictionless Bicycle Generator Powers Lights and Mobile Devices

Cydekick bicycle generator, full bike shot

When Nicolas Zamora’s friend left a bike at his house for safe keeping, they probably didn’t realize it was going to become a rolling science experiment. Thankfully this experiment didn’t involve any chopping or reshaping, instead Zamora’s friend will get their bike back fully intact with a frictionless, on-board generator installed.

Zamora and Bethany Hamm, the creators of Spinetics Inc., wish to promote healthy and green bicycle transportation by making it more convenient. The Cydekick was created to provide eco-friendly electric power for your mobile devices as you ride, without producing any drag for your legs to contend with.

The pair have completed all sub-assembly level testing, and should have a fully functional prototype within the next few weeks. Their Kickstarter campaign will begin raising money to put the Cydekick into production on July 30th…

Weekend RoundUp: GoPro Mount by Rokform, KEEN Strider Sandals, Luxury Lazer Street Helmets, Colorful BMX Tires, and More


New GoPro Mount Turns Smartphone Into Viewfinder: Rokform, maker of smartphone mounting systems for your car, motorcycle, or bicycle, is introducing a new aircraft grade aluminum, made in the USA GoPro Mount to ensure users capture quality images and video every time by turning your phone screen into a view finder. It is available alone or in a kit including one of its protective cases. There is also a version compatible with its existing v3 cases for iPhone or Samsung devices. READ MORE ->

North St. Bags Opens Retail Location in Portland, OR

North St. Bags Shop Window

North St. Bags was founded in 2009 by Curtis Williams, in Portland, OR.  The history of North St. Bags goes back further, however.  Curtis, a Vermont native, took his first bike tour home to Montpelier along Route 7 from New York City using panniers.  Sure, they got the job done, but Curtis wanted more.  He wanted a bag that had better design and more functionality.  

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Has Helix Created the World’s Best Folding Bike?

Helix Folding Bike, front view

Setting out to create ‘the best folding bike on the planet’ is a lofty goal, but it certainly looks like the Helix’s designer has managed to address an urban rider’s main priorities: It’s very lightweight but durable, rides like a normal bike, and folds down to about the size of its wheels.

The Helix accomplishes these goals by using a titanium frame, 24″ wheels, and nice components like mechanical disc brakes and a Shimano Zee crank. Despite all that, it’s surprisingly affordable for a titanium bike manufactured in Canada, topping out at less than two grand for the most deluxe build.

Click below the break for all the details…

Updated- SplitBike Swaps Couplers for Quick Releases with Full Size, Belt Drive Travel Bike

Splitbike S1 Terrain, front view

I’ll admit, until writing for Bikerumor I never realized how many companies made folding bikes, and how many different designs have been created from all over the globe. The Splitbike certainly takes an interesting approach, with a double-diamond frame that separates at the top and down tubes using quick releases.

Despite their urban practicality most folding bikes aren’t suitable for riding rougher terrain, and let’s face it, they still look pretty goofy most of the time. The Splitbike provides relatively compact storage from a full-sized frame with full-sized wheels, built around normal bike components. If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit more space, you can travel with a bike that feels familiar and can be easily customized with non-proprietary parts…

S is for Savings! Faraday Releases The Price-Conscious Porteur S E-Bike

Faraday Porteur S e-bike, lifestyle

Named for a British physicist whose research helped develop today’s electric motors, Faraday Bikes is an electric bike manufacturer based in San Francisco, CA. The original Porteur was the company’s first e-bike, featuring a classy design inspired by European delivery bikes of the 1940’s and 50’s. The new Porteur S is a more affordable model of the Porteur. It features the same frame, motor and battery as the flagship model but at a much lower price point under $3000 USD.

“We don’t believe people should have to compromise quality, or great design, to get an eBike in their price range,” said Adam Vollmer, Founder and CEO of Faraday Bicycles. “That’s why we worked so hard to make sure this bike delivered the same great experience as our flagship model.”

Check out all the details and where the money was saved after the break…

Wabi Cycles Releases Lightning RE Steel Road Bike weighing Under 19lbs.

Wabi Cycles Lightning RE steel road bike, red

If you’re fixated on fixies and think steel is real, you may be familiar with Wabi Cycles, a direct to consumer boutique brand from LA, California. The company started out by making competitively priced fixed gear bikes, and based on their successful Lightning single speed model (which we reviewed back in 2011), they’ve recently produced their first geared road bicycle called the Lightning RE.

Wabi’s founder Richard Snook believes people are missing out on affordable bikes that offer great ride quality by assuming non-custom built steel can’t make a high-end product. The Lightning RE is intended for anything from weekend cruising to race training, and to remind everyone that not everything has to be made of carbon to be lightweight and compliant…