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Torch Flux Packs a bright punch with the largest rear light available, integrated into a backpack

Torch Flux fiber optic LED cycling messenger backpack with large light panel

Why put lights on your bike when your actual gear can be the light? Starting with their T1 helmet, Torch has taken advantage of today’s light tech to create pieces with integrated illumination. Now they’ve made what you could call a huge move and  incorporated a massive light system right into their new Flux pack’s actual material.

Check out how this thing works and see it in action past the break….


Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! Livall adds another full featured “smart helmet” to the lineup

Livall Bling Bh60 2

We covered Livall’s Bling smart helmet a while back and it looks as though they have a new model with the same smart features. Crash detection, communication & ride tracking via Bluetooth, turn signals, and a freaking walkie talkie! What’s your handle?

Head past the break to see what the future might hold….


PBE15: Bern Shows off new In-Mold, MIPS equipped FL-1 Helmet for the Road

bern helmet road mips (2)

Bern helmets have been a fixture in many scenes for a while now. They have helmets for snow and ski, water sports, skate boarding, and a number of bike helmets for fixed gear riding to mountain biking. But the world of light weight in-mold road helmets? That’s new territory for Bern.

Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that their first offering for the race bike crowd would be something that stands out in a sea of aero lids…


Schwinn Vantage Points Towards Smoother Riding with Interesting SRT Elastomer Suspension


The perfect ride quality seems to be the white whale of the bike industry. Whether you’re talking multi-thousand dollar carbon road bikes, or hybrids for the family, building a bike that blends comfort with performance is always a tricky balance. Add in the challenge of keeping the price to that of an entry to mid level bike and you have a puzzle that keeps companies going back to the drawing board.

Schwinn is addressing that very issue with their latest hybrid, the Vantage. Available only in Schwinn Signature independent bike shops (read, not Walmart), the Vantage uses a technology we’ve seen before but implements it in a unique way…


Blaze Fires Up with 100 Lumen, 24 LED, Easy to Attach Rear Bike Light

burner rear light laserlight blaze (2)

Whether it’s due to the rapid increase in lighting technology, the number of car vs. cyclist incidents, or the tech industry trying to home in on the bike industry, there have been a lot of lights released recently. And that’s a good thing. More options make it easier to light up and keep yourself seen. Also, increased competition usually leads to better products which seems to certainly be the case with front and rear lights.

After successfully funding their Laserlight headlight, Blaze is back with an impressive new tail light. If the overall brightness doesn’t attract your attention, the way it mounts to your bike just may…


Reelight Neo Promises World’s Brightest Battery Free, Magnet Powered Bike Light


Bike lights have come a long way not only in how bright and compact they are, but also how efficiently they run with new LED technology. Reelight is a company based in Denmark where people ride for more than just fun and exercise, so simplicity and convenience is key. Reelight’s new no-friction Neo light uses no batteries, separate generators, or external magnets to power up. Just needs any rotating aluminum rim.

Beam past the break to see the magic behind the magnets and find out what Eddy has to do with it…..


Mack Workshop’s Boutique Cycling Bags and Accessories

Mack Workshop The Sack backpack, front

Necessity is the mother of invention, and quite often in the cycling industry new companies pop up when an entrepreneurial individual just can’t find exactly what they’re looking for. Jon MacKinnon wasn’t quite happy with his options for cycling bags and storage accessories, so a few years ago he started Mack Workshop.

Mack Workshop is an independent manufacturer, eschewing mass production in favour of putting out hand-cut quality products made one-by-one. The brand aims to create simple, high quality goods for fair prices. MacKinnon tests all his products in real-world conditions, and his designs will likely continue to evolve, as we’ve already seen with The Sack backpack pictured above. Check out the bulk of Mack Workshop’s product line after the break…

Where’s Waldo? You’ll always know with the Waldo bike tracker and alarm system

Waldo tracker

Paranoid about someone stealing your bike? The Waldo puts a Lo-Jack and alarm on your bike in case it’s not where you left it. Sometimes things get taken, borrowed, or even misplaced and Waldo takes the guessing out of “Where’s my bike”?

Look past the break and see what some of the uses are and how Waldo works as a theft deterrent…..


Rapha Gets Dotty for the Female Body and Velocio Releases the Recon Vest for Men and Women

Velocio Recon vest, mens and womens

A good piece of cycling clothing has a few jobs to do – it has to fit well and allow mobility, it has to keep you protected from weather conditions while controlling your inner climate, and it’s gotta look good all the while. Thankfully companies like Rapha and Velocio are putting out thoughtful, quality garments with us riders squarely in their sights.

For the ladies, Rapha has added some functional style by popping high-vis reflective dots all over the back of their existing Women’s Rain Jacket. Fellow garment makers Velocio have recently added a new vest to their versatile Recon collection, which comes in both women’s and men’s styles. Click below the break for the finer details of each…