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Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Memorial Day Sales

  • FitWell Bicycle Company is Having A Sale – Through Friday the 29th, all bikes are 30% off MSRP and you won’t pay shipping. FitWell produces bicycles that offer a great fit, stability and value with a clean aesthetic for riders that just want to go out and ride. Visit to see the great deals no some cool bikes.
  • TWIN SIX // MEMORIAL DAY SALE – 16% off all orders under $66 and 26% Off all orders over $66. Sale ends on May 25th at midnight. Visit for the deals.


Milanobike Introduces Frameblock- The City Bike With an Integrated Cable Lock

FrameBlock Shark Kickstarter Edition

While non-riders might disagree, in a forum such as this it’s safe to say not much could be worse than getting your bike stolen. In an effort to put bike thieves out of business Matteo Diego Caldiroli, the founder of custom bike studio Milanobike, designed and patented the FrameBlock. As its name suggests, a cable lock is built into the bike’s frame for security and convenience.

The FrameBlock provides some unique advantages, especially for forgetful people who simply neglect to bring a lock or keys when they go places. Aside from always being there the lock fits neatly into the frame for unobstructed riding, the bike maintains a clean overall appearance, and you never have to figure out how best to lug a heavy lock around.

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Brooks Carves a Hole in the New Cambium C15 Saddle


Even though it’s quite a departure from the iconic riveted leather saddles that Brooks is known for, their Cambium line has been quite a hit. Using a vulcanized rubber base with an organic cotton covering, the saddles still manage to stay true to the Brooks aesthetic while offering modern performance. Now adding even more options to the line up, that latest Cambium ships with a gaping hole in the middle…


Brompton Releases Limited Black Edition Folding Bike

Brompton Black Edition folding bike

Whether you prefer to call it ‘muted’ or ‘murdered out’ there’s something about a solid black bike that gives it a classy, composed aesthetic which seems to look equally impressive on road, MTB or even folding commuter bikes.

The UK’s Brompton is known for their folding bicycles that offer a high level of customization, typically including lots of choices for color combinations. Inspired by urban night riding (though not necessarily the best color for riding at night), Brompton has released a limited run of Black Edition bikes with special matte black componentry for those who like it simple and stealthy.

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Limited Edition 12×197 Paul RHUB Fat Bike Hubs Available Now

Fat Bike RHUB

If you’ve been waiting for a thru axle rear hub to match your Paul FHUB, now is your chance. According to Paul Components, the 12 x 197 thru axle compatible RHUB was only made in limited numbers and after passing them out to friends and family, the remainder of the first batch are now up for sale on the Paul site. As usual, the hubs are made in Chico, California and are built to be easily serviceable while durable enough to endure the worst conditions. With the introduction of the Thru axle RHUB, you can finally have a complete Paul hubset for your modern fat bike…


Thousand Introduces Lockable Helmet with Vintage Motorcycle Inspired Looks


Helmets. Love ’em, or hate ’em, they’re a fairly common piece of cycling gear. In spite of improvements in comfort and fit, many cyclists still choose not to wear one when out for a ride. Gloria Hwang was the same way. Never a fan of wearing a helmet, the loss of a friend to a bicycling accident made her question just why she didn’t want to wear one. That introspection led to the launch of Thousand – a “design driven lifestyle brand with one mission, to reinvent the bike helmet.”

While calling it a reinvention might be a stretch, the Thousand helmet does bring some vintage motorcycle inspired style to the table, along with a few other interesting features…


Fair Wheel Bikes, Rob English, and Geoff Mcfetridge Team Up for Wild Custom Townie / CX bike

rob english geoff mcfetridge fair wheel bikes custom townie cx photo c tina buescher (20)

Between Rob English and Fair Wheel bikes we’ve seen some pretty amazing custom builds. Now, they’ve thrown Artist Geoff Mcfetridge into the mix to create this striking townie which leads a double life as a CX bike as well. As usual, there are a number of custom touches that result in an extremely clean build. Between the modified shifter set up, hidden wires and extra junction boxes, and eye catching paint, this bike should turn some heads… READ MORE ->

Blackburn’s New Local Cooler Saddle Bags Offer a Cool Way To Transport Your Groceries

Blackburn Local Cooler panier saddle bags insulated (2)

Grabbing your groceries by bike is a great way to get some exercise not to mention make your trip to the store way more fun. When it comes to bagging up your purchase a simple backpack will do in a pinch, but there’s a good chance you might end up eliminating things from your list due to your ability to transport it.

Ice cream comes to mind. You rode your bike to the store – you earned it right? Well if your ride is longer than 10 minutes you might find yourself rethinking that creamy purchase for fear of it becoming soup by the time you get home. Blackburn’s latest rack mounted carrying units address that exact concern, plus double as a beach party on wheels…


The Add-E Electric Motor Kit is Generating Watts of Interest on Indiegogo

Add-E electric motor kit, title shot

Like them or not, E-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity. Nearly every big manufacturer has at least one for sale, but at the same time other players are producing retrofit motor kits that offer the same power assist advantage, and possibly a few others. The Add-E motor was invented by Fabian Gutbrod, from Villach, Austria. Gutbrod decided to produce an electric motor kit so customers could keep riding their old favorite bike, plus save space and money versus buying another complete bicycle.

The Add-E is a bolt-on electric motor kit that drives a friction roller to assist the rear wheel. The whole kit weighs just 4.4lbs, creates zero friction when not assisting and the motor and battery can be switched between multiple bikes with extra mounts installed. Their Indiegogo campaign is in full swing, with their goal of €100,000 already well exceeded.

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