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Bike Glow is Back With Eight Colors Of Light For Visibility With Style


After a several year hiatus, Bike Glow is back in business. Offering eight colors of its highly visible safety system, you can illuminate your ride in style. The waterproof light strand is powered by two AA-batteries, is simple to install, and turns your whole frame into a safety beacon visible up to 500 feet away. Great for visibility during your commute, especially when crossing intersections, or for generally expressing yourself in your day to day, on your local naked bike ride, club night rides, parades- you name it.

But wait, there’s more: if you want to pull the trigger on your own Bike Glow safety light, the brand is offering a discount to Bike Rumor readers. Get your discount code after the jump. READ MORE ->

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Video Series

  • The Seasons Collection – A multi-media photography collection of adventure sports-driven stories about people who push the limits in pursuit of their passion aka LIFERS. The video highlights all that happened this past week at Windell’s Sports Camp as the team followed Cadence Founder Dustin Klein, Windell’s Sports Camp Director Jamie Weller and legendary action sports photographer Bryce Kanights. You can also watch all of the other video recaps here.

Father’s Day Deals and more after the break… 


Bliss Protection starts padding its presence in North America – Interview and tech details


Bliss Protection isn’t a new company, but they’re just starting to make inroads in North America, so they reached out with info and samples…which we’ll be testing in the Alps over the next couple weeks. For now, we wanted to know what made them unique? After all, there are quite a few companies making elbow, knee and body pads.

The secret is in the material they use to keep the pads both lightweight and extremely flexible. It’s called Armorgel, and it brings several things to the table. First, it’s incredibly thin, just 6mm on some of the lighter pieces, yet it’ll dissipate about 80% of an impact’s energy. It does this by firming up under impact and spreading the force across a broader area. After the impact, it returns to its original shape and softness, regaining full functionality, flexibility and protection hit after hit.

It’s also breathable, using a porous, open design to keep air circulating to the skin underneath. Compared to fully enclosed pads, that could be reason enough to switch over during the summer. And it can be thrown in the wash up to 50 times without performance loss, so even if you are sweating like mad, it can stay fresh.

We spoke with Bliss founder and designer Matthias Ascherl to learn more…


House Industries Releases Velo Font and Velo Themed Product Line

House Industries Velo complete bicycle

While every company seeks to stand out with eye catching fonts or aesthetic themes for their marketing campaigns, the design studios who dream up these visuals also like to release collections of products to show off their ideas. Typically most of these products are useful and well designed, but others are simply overpriced kitch, or other brand’s goods that have been given a splash of design work and a larger price tag.

House Industries is a design firm from Delaware that started with typography, producing a book of fonts in the mid nineties that essentially launched the company. House has just released a Velo font set and mostly bike-related product collection that displays their new font and checkerboard aesthetic.

Some of the Velo themed items include a complete bike, cycling clothing and components, but the line also includes non-riding clothes and houseware items as well. Below the break we’ll check out the bike-related products from House’s Velo design line…

TiltShift Slots in with a new Premium Roof Rack with the Rail

Tiltshift Kickstarter bike rack rail (1)

If you think along the same lines as the founders of Tiltshift, then you’re tired of boring bike racks. To Tiltshift, a bike rack shouldn’t be just something you pick up out of need, but something you are excited to put on top of your car. Wanting to create exactly that, the team from Sheffield, UK has been working on the Rail – a premium fork mount bike carrier…

Sahmurai Sword Integrates Tubeless Tire Repair Into Your Handlebars


Stefan “Sahmurai” Sahm developed the Sahmurai Sword out of a frustration with the problems surrounding storing and carrying automotive-style tubeless repair kits. While an effective mode of repair, the sharp barb of the reaming and plug installation tools have a tendency of puncturing gear or clothing (or skin) making them hazardous on the trail. The tire plug material tends to get dusty or dry out if exposed to dirty or dusty trail conditions, or the contents of your bag.

The Sahmurai Sword resolves all of this by integrating the tools and storage for several plugs into the ends of your handlebar. Cut down on flats next… READ MORE ->

Limited Edition Crankbrothers M-Series Multi Tools Get Colorful


In spite of all of the fancy new tools Crankbrothers has put out recently, the company is still offering their long running M-Series multi tools. They still use the same design with an aluminum frame holding high-tensile steel tools which in our personal packs have held up quite well over the years. While the Limited Edition models don’t change the function of each model, they do add some new color to the line with black, orange, red, and green added to the original grey and gold.

Short of the m5, the rest of the M-Series line is ready for years of service, now in eye catching color…


Clothing Roundup- Summer Stitches from Search and State, Dare 2B and Mission Workshop

Mission workshop faroe hooded sweatshirt, title shot

Summer is here, and with the change of seasons comes new releases from clothing manufacturers eager to render the stuff you bought last year obsolete with fresh designs and technical improvements. In this roundup Search and State gets wildly colorful with a new jersey, Mission Workshop announces a simple but technical sweatshirt and we highlight some key pieces from Dare 2B’s summer cycling collection.

Sure, naked bike rides are a legitimate thing, but most of the time we have to cover up with something so it’s nice to have lots of options that look good while keeping us comfortable. Click below the break for photos and details on these new threads…

Hands On with the New JET Roll Phantom

JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (6)

After writing about a few of the newest models of tool wraps from Just Enough Tools, we finally had a chance to try one out for ourselves. It just so happens that when JET offered to send one in for review it coincided with the launch of their newest top tier product – the JET Roll Phantom.

On the inside, the Phantom is like any other JET Roll II. The Three pocket tool wrap is sized to carry the essentials for your ride all in one convenient package. Where the Phantom sets itself apart is in the premium materials it’s wrapped in. Starting with industrial grade synthetic leather, the Phantom’s skin is extremely soft and slightly stretchy which happen to be great qualities in a tool roll. Add in a few extra details like a crystal button closure and custom stitching and the hand-made Phantom stands out from the crowd…