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Manual for Speed Brings Art and Cycling Together In “Artist Residency Program Volume One: Chaoscolormotiontracjectory” Summer Kit Series


Once again, Manual For Speed is having a bike party and has invited all kinds of cool kids to it. Introducing Manual For Speed’s Artist in Residency Volume One, a series of kits designed by artists in the theme of “Chaoscolormotiontrajectory” (explained after the jump). The kits are manufactured by Castelli and new artists will roll out their take on the theme all Summer long. And, like anything from MFS, there are healthily ridiculous photoshoots involved. Roll on up to the craziest kit party of the summer after the jump… READ MORE ->

Kickstarter: Lumos Smart Helmet Integrates Automatic Brake Lights And Turn Signals For All Around Safety


In order to combat challenges with visibility at night, Lumos was created to be an all-in one solution to help keep you safe in the dark. With over 60 LEDs integrated into the shell, the helmet is visible in all directions with a high positioning that makes it easy to see by motor vehicles. With automatic brake lights and a signaling system built in, the Lumos helps cars to see and anticipate your movements whether stopping or turning. It’s all wrapped up into a durable and comfortable package that you only have to worry about keeping recharged. More on how to light up your night after the jump… READ MORE ->

Shoe Surge: Shimano Introduces 18 New Shoes, New AM, DH, and Winter Specific Kicks Headline Mountain Side


Practically synonymous with clipless pedals, Shimano has a long history with their SPD pedals and necessary shoes. Rarely do we ever attend a group ride where at least one individual isn’t wearing Shimano shoes or using SPD pedals. Continuing their footwear dominance and celebrating SPD’s 25th anniversary, Shimano just introduced a whopping 18 new models for everything from triathlon to full on downhill. For those keeping track at home, that brings the total footwear models for the Shimano line to an impressive 71 different styles.

Clip into the new additions first with new options for DH, AM, Trekking, and even for the upcoming winter months…


Oakley’s 2015 Tour de France Collection Protects on and off the Bike with Limited Edition Style

Oakley 2015 Tour De France collection promo shot

Call me the victim of successful marketing, but ever since I was about 12 years old I wanted to own a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Back then there was less competition, and few would disagree that Oakley held the top spot among sports eyewear brands. When I finally did get a pair of Oakley’s a few years ago my childhood yearnings were justified, as I’ve been very impressed with their crystal clear lenses and sporty yet classy design.

While some of their early models have become highly sought after classics, Oakley churns out a slew of new and revised designs each year, not to mention special edition releases for major events like the Tour de France. Much like last year’s release, Oakley has announced three new sunglasses that make up their 2015 Tour De France collection including two performance models and one casual style with unique colorways, accessories and tiny Tour de France logos on the lenses…

Gore Bike Wear Celebrates 30 Years of High Tech Clothing with Anniversary Collection

Gore Bike Wear 30th anniversary clothing (1)

Great clothing for inclement weather is something we all take for granted. There was a time where waterproof jackets were as breathable as a plastic tarp and Gore wasn’t yet a household name. Fast forward 30 years and Gore Bike Wear is continuing their quest for high performance clothing that gets cyclists out “into the elements.”

Starting out in 1985 with the Giro jacket, Gore Bike Wear changed the face of cycling gear with the first waterproof, breathable jacket. A lot has changed in the years since, but Gore Bike Wear is still creating technical clothing like their new 30th Anniversary Collection…


Weekend Round-Up: Nisnas’ Brompton fenders & giveaway; ERG! energy bars; Zeal Optics Photochromic & Polarized Power


Nisnas Industires Introduces Limited Brompton Fenders, Commuter Give Away: Looking for a gorgeous way of pimping out your ride? Nisnas Industries has, for a limited time, a run of Black Night Brompton fenders available through its website for fans of the 16″ wheel. The fender is made from exotic, dark Wenge wood, and features racing stripe accents. These fenders are available now through their website… READ MORE ->

Wide Range Gearing Kits for Road, Touring or Gravel Bikes from Lindarets, New Rocks Belong Tees, More


Lindarets road bike 1x11 conversion

New Mexico’s component maker Lindarets has just announced a few new product releases, including something fairly ground breaking in the road bike gearing department. Confirming our suspicions after the Instagram photo from WTC went out, the company has been working on a wide range cassette adapter kit for road, gravel or touring bikes.

Lindarets also announced their popular ‘Rocks Belong’ t-shirt is now available in blue, a cooler colour for summertime, plus the Goat Link and Giant Cogs for 1×10 conversions are now available individually. Read on for the finer details and more photos of wide-range road conversions…

PC15: Sombrio Smuggles In New Pocketed Liner Bibs for Men, Shorts for Women, Fresh Style On and Off Trail

Sugoi sombrioIMG_7784

Just the other day I went on a mountain bike ride with a liner short that didn’t have any storage pockets and almost didn’t know what to do. Thanks to all of the recent bib liners with storage I’ve gotten used to leaving the bags at home and being able to carry all the essentials under my jersey on anything but the longest rides. Being able to carry bottles, tools, and food without the feeling of them bouncing around in loose pockets on your shorts or your jersey is definitely an improvement.

Considering it seems like a fairly easy addition to make to most bib liners, we’re happy to see brands like Sombrio joining the party with their new Smuggle bibs for men. Potentially more interesting is the new Luxe Liner for women – which build in some interesting pockets to a non-bib liner for women…


PC15: Sugoi Pads their FXE Chamois with Poron XRD, New Men’s Specific Shape

Sugoi rse climbers jersey rpm rsx alpha jacket sombrio smuggler bibs Sugoi sombrioIMG_7799

When it comes to road bikes there is a lot of talk about how various tires, frames, and saddles transmit road vibration to the rider. But what about the chamois? Part of the standard road kit, those padded shorts play a critical role in rider comfort. Why not try to make a chamois that is better at absorbing the chatter that is broadcast through the bike?

In a major redesign to their Formula FXE chamois, Sugoi hopes to do exactly that. Using a technology that we’ve only seen once before in a chamois, Sugoi is looking to the world of flexible protection to cancel out unwanted vibrations. At the opposite end of the pad, Sugoi is tackling another issue of rider comfort with something they call the Cradle…