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Strava preps Apple Watch app (updated)

Strava app for Apple WatchThe Apple Watch is coming on April 24, 2015, and already Strava has an app for that.

While details are scant at the moment, the screenshot available shows a weekly goal recap, highlighting hours ridden, miles covered, elevation climbed and a daily and overall graphing of progress. At least six other screens appear to be available, and we’re thinking some basic controls like start/stop and finish/save will be among the options.

We’re thinking it’d be cool for the watch to vibrate at certain points, whether for an upcoming turn when using their mapped ride navigation feature, or if you’re falling under a training threshold. Or if it’s just time to start an interval.

They do mention “real time tracking” in their teaser, but the watch does not have GPS built in, so you’d need to keep it in a pocket or arm band to keep a breadcrumb trail of your ride. It does have an accelerometer, though, so it should be able to figure out cadence and general activity.

We’ve reached out for more info and will update as it comes in. UPDATE: Got it, full PR after the break.


Northwave Expands into Elite Kit with their Extreme Graphic Clothing Line


Best known for their quality shoe lines, Northwave has in recent years expanded more and more into high performance cycling clothing as well. Almost seeming like a click bait name the updated Extreme Graphic (yet thankfully not extremely graphic) line presents their top-end clothing, designed to appeal to both road and dirt crowds. Building on over two decades of producing Italian designs, Northwave’s new kit includes a healthy dose of fluorescent yellows, greens, and orange and reflective details, but also some more conventional colors in shorts and jerseys that manage to be striking and branded, while somehow remaining relatively subdued.

Join us after the break for some more color samples, a bit of fabric tech, pricing, and availability….


NAHBS 2015: NixFrixShun creates super grease for freehubs

Quick: Name a few greases that are safe for free hubs. If anything came to mind at all, it was probably Phil Wood or Shimano’s Special Grease.

According to NixFrixShun developer Joshua Simonds, freehub-safe greases are tough to make because it’s in very tight spaces, so it can’t change properties drastically or it could cause the freehub to fail. And it has to deal with moisture, oxidation and contamination, and it can’t creep out of where you put it. Basically, it needs to be incredibly stable.

Challenge accepted….


NAHBS 2015: Custom Silca Pumps are the Perfect Match for your Handmade Bike

Silca custom pumps frame builder designs martini (13)

Silca pumps are already known for being timeless works of art, so how could you make them even more exclusive? Handing them off to some of the best custom bike builders on the planet would be a good way to start. It’s one thing to own one of the new Silca Super Pista Ultimate floor pumps, but it’s another thing entirely to own one that perfectly matches the custom bike that’s built for you.

According to Silca’s owner Josh Poertner, the lifetime nature of the Super Pista design means that the pump will live on – sometimes long after a custom bike has gone away for one reason or another. Much of the success of Silca stems from the personal connection customers have had with their surviving pumps, and Josh sees the custom aspect as just one more level of nostalgia layered on in beautiful paint and metal flake.

Along with the builder’s own take on custom pumps, Silca will be offering a limited edition version that you do not want to miss…


NAHBS 2015: Abbey Bike Tools Spinning Pedals on Limited Basis, New BB Socket Fit for BSA30 Cups, More

abbey title

You might not think a $130 pedal wrench would be a hot commodity. Just 30 minutes after NAHBS 15 opened on the first day though, Jason Quade had already sold his allotment for the day. Granted, he is limiting sales to just three pedal wrenches per day for the length of NAHBS since he only had 9 to sell. Still, one of my very first conversations of the day included a friend asking if I had seen the Abbey Bike Tools pedal wrench, and that he had already bought his.

Yes, the Abbey Pedal wrench is finally being sold but on a very limited basis. Calling it an extension of the prototype, the wrench will be going into full production very soon with an expected retail price of $130. Why is any pedal wrench worth more than some mid level pedals? For starters, it’s an Abbey tool so you know you won’t be buying a new one any time soon, and the wrench is one of the first that we’ve seen to incorporate a 15mm pedal wrench plus a 6 and 8mm allen wrench for pedals without flats. The hinged design of the allen wrench section allows the user to break the pedals loose or torque them down with the bit at a 90º angle, then swing the handle out and quickly spin off the pedal. Made with American White Oak on the handle, the pedal wrench seems tailor made for NAHBS 2015 with the local bourbon barrels crafted from the same wood.

In addition to the pedal wrench, Abbey had few additional tools that we haven’t seen yet, next…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Our friends at sent us this great video they made of footage from the 3-day Chico Stage Race Presented by Sierra Nevada. This “Director’s Cut” version shows off their great video editing and production skills with on-bike and aerial views in and around the beautiful region of Chico, California. Enjoy!
  • Cyclevox, the UK’s leading cycling commentary, PR and production company, has today announced the launch of the world’s first dedicated women’s cycling video channel, Voxwomen. Cyclevox Founder and UCI Women’s World Cup Commentator, Anthony McCrossan, is launching Voxwomen to give female professional cyclists a voice and to encourage equality across the sport.
  • Jamis® Bicycles is launching its West Coast Bicycle Test Ride Experience program. Building on the success of their popular East Coast program, Jamis is broadening its reach by supporting an expanding dealer network west of the Mississippi. Visit to reserve your Jamis bicycle for upcoming events like The Sea Otter Classic and Ragbrai as well as keeping up to date on all Jamis related events, races and upcoming Bicycle Test Ride Experiences.
  • Are you heading to Louisville, Kentucky for NAHBS this weekend? Well then stop by the Road Holland booth and say hello. If you cannot make it to the show then perhaps the next best thing is to save 20% off of anything at by using the promo code NAHBS15.
  • Isadore Apparel, the high-end cycling apparel brand owned by Pro World Tour rider Martin Velits (Etixx-Quick Step) has opened exclusive Isadore Pop-Up Store in Majorca, Spain. The store is located in Port D’Alcudia in partnership with cycling rental company Bikehead and Bike_nnet Guided Tours in exclusive new surroundings close to the harbor of Port D’Alcudia.
  • Edible Pedal combines two passions shared by many Sacramentans: farm-to-fork food and bicycles. Here’s the video about John Boyer and his 10-plus employees who are using bicycles to deliver food from Sacramento’s farm-to-fork restaurants.
  • Cycling-friendly city Amsterdam is out of bicycle parking spaces, so it’s building 40,000 more by 2030 to alleviate the problem. Over 880,000 bikes are used around the city and they need parking spaces along the canals. With more bikes than parking spaces it’s a big problem that costs the city and illegally-parked bike owners a lot of money.
  • Lynchburg, Virginia bicyclists will have some creative places to park after several artists put finishing touches on racks that will spruce up downtown this summer. Four winners were named in a design contest for the new racks. They are Matt Perkins, Phillip Gabathuler and Davey Hazelgrove, all of Lynchburg, and Roanoke resident John Wilson. Here’s more on the story.
  • Are you a traveler, athlete, adventurer or executive? Then you need a Greenbelly bar, a healthy meal that provides 1/3 of your daily nutrition. Made with all natural and delicious ingredients, Greenbelly is a Complete Meal On-The-Go. Now Greenbelly needs your to help the company grow. Check out their Kickstarter campaign.
  • Get your kicks on Bicycle Route 66 – Adventure Cycling Association announced the release of their latest route, the 2,493-mile Bicycle Route 66. The route follows the famous corridor from Chicago to Los Angeles on roads appropriate for cyclists through six states. Visit Adventure Cycling Association for more information on Bicycle Route 66 and their other bicycle travel routes..
  • The Mystic MTB Race presented by Owenhouse Bicycling Co. is proud to announce that it is back for the second year in a row and will be hosting the event on Saturday July 18, 2015. Featuring 40 miles of challenging climbs, world-class descents and remote scenery, the Mystic MTB Race offers mountain bikers an opportunity to challenge themselves on some of the most enjoyable connector trails in the Gallatin National Forest.
  • Are you interested in mountain biking in exotic locals but concerned about the “What if?”. Well H+I Adventures, the specialists in premium mountain biking holidays, has aligned with Global Rescue, a world-class emergency service provider that offers medical and security evacuation assistances and destination reports. Global Rescue will be included on all H+I Adventures trips, whether it is an advanced biker’s journey to Ecuador, or a beginner’s ride in Namibia. Plan your dream trip!
  • Josh Bender & Lindsay Beth Currier promise to teach you how to ride with more FUN and FLOW! They’ve announced their 2015 Enduro Mountain Bike Skills Camps schedule. After being asked by her female pupils to coach their husbands, boyfriends and kids, Lindsay recruited her significant other, Josh Bender, to provide a series of COED Enduro Mountain Bike Skills Clinics in their home region of Northern California, and surrounding areas. The first camp starts in April.

Frostbike Roundup 2: Bikes, Clothes, Grips, and more

frostbike roundup (3)

Continuing on with Frostbike coverage, TRP was on hand with the final production version of their carbon cross fork. Most of the fork’s specifications were decided when we first wrote about the fork earlier in the year, but TRP has now settled on the production finish. Using a two tone matte/gloss finish, there is a tastefully simple TRP logo on the upper quadrant of each leg.

More on the fork plus Foundry, Cogburn, Mechanical Threads, One, Odi, Ergon and more next…


Hirobel’s Carbon Frame Clamp Aims to End Costly Compression Damage

Hirobel's Carbon Frame Clamp

Carbon fiber is a wonderful thing for today’s cyclists, allowing us to ride road, cross-country or even downhill frames with a previously impossible balance of high strength, ride compliance and low weight. It also allows manufacturers to get creative with frame designs in the pursuit of their structural and aesthetic goals. However, these unique frames have made life more difficult for mechanics.

The simple act of putting a bike into a repair stand suddenly became a bit of a head-scratcher with aero tubing and odd designs becoming commonplace. More importantly, traditional repair stand clamps leave delicate carbon frames vulnerable to compression damage. After watching a shop mechanic struggle to safely secure an aero-framed bicycle to a repair stand, Brandon Hirokawa and partner Marc Bellet created Hirobel Cycling Components’ flagship product, the Carbon Frame Clamp.

Get a grip on how it works after the jump…

Spy Optic gets loud & makes cycling lenses happier, Lazer leads the Way


Spy Optic has a few new full coverage, single lens models for men and a new full frame sport shade for women, some using their Happy Lens technology and some with a photochromic shading that adjusts to ambient light.

Above is the Screw, the middle of their series with a top frame. The others, called Screw Over and Screw Under have smaller or larger lenses respectively, and all can be interchanged. On this one, you get plenty of lens and frame color options, but the two top ones are the Happy Bronze with Green Spectra and the Bronze Photochromic with Silver Mirror.

They’ve branched out into headphones and Bluetooth speakers, too. Peek below for larger styles , why the Happy Lens makes you happy and some new lifestyle shades from Lazer Sport, too…