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Broken Garmin tabs preventing a secure mount? Dog Ears has your fix!

Dog Ears GPS plate fixes broken Garmin cycling computer tabs

Perhaps you’ve been a little too aggressive twisting your Garmin onto the myriad machined alloy mounts available or it’s just been on and off so much that the little plastic tabs that secure it inside it’s home have worn to nubs.

Dog Ears has the fix, making it quick, cheap and easy to get your Garmin securely back in action. Called simply the “Plate”, the machined alloy piece wraps over the round part on the bottom of the cycling computer and provides new wings to slot into the mount.

Twist on in for install notes and detail shots…


Sombra has a lampshade for your tail light


Night-time cyclists everywhere are thankful that LED tail lights have gotten extremely bright in the last 10 years. So bright though, that at close range they can be distracting, or even painful to look at.

Sombra is a bicycle tail light diffuser. It makes your tail light visible from any direction and reduces the bright spot effect of a high-powered LED. Inspired by a ride in London where inventor Offer Canfi was blinded by a passing cyclist’s rear light, he then when he went home relaxed with a book. While reading, he noticed the lampshade on his lamp, and voila! An idea was born…


Prototype Smith aero helmet spotted in the wind tunnel atop UHC


Photo: UHCprocycling on Twitter

We’d heard rumor late last year that the United Health Care pro cycling team was helping test a new aero helmet from Smith, and now it looks like they’re taking it the wind tunnel. The pic above was tweeted from @UHCprocycling and shows the helmet being worn by Slovenian cyclist Janez Brajkovič in the Faster AZ tunnel. No details to report, but it’s certainly less exotic looking (in a good way) than some other aero helmets on the market. No doubt the visor takes advantage of Smith’s experience with optics, and we’re guessing it’ll come in a few different tints if/when the helmet comes to market. Here’s what Smith’s marketing rep Cassie Abel could tell us for now:

“SMITH is committed to the experience. Our goal is to elevate human performance through essential product evolution. The cornerstone of our long-term partnership with UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team is collaborating on the development of next-level products that meet the needs and demands of cyclists while offering superior protection with aerodynamic innovations. SMITH is working closely with UHC to bring a new TT helmet to market as part of our 2016 product assortment with more details of the project to emerge Summer 2015.”

In the meantime, check out larger and more pics on UHC’s Twitter stream and Facebook page.

French Company ACSE Parts Rolls Super Light Hubs With A 5 Year Warranty


Super light European hubs are always great to look at, and adorn dreamy 11lb road bike builds. French company ACSE is building a line of hubs that fit the bill, yet also offer a 5 year warranty. Of course, following the mantra of “strong, light, cheap; pick two”, the pair of hubs runs €568, or about $670, even with today’s low exchange rate to the Euro.

The hub shells are made from 7075-T6, and ACSE says that even though the hubs are lighter than most, using this stronger material, and proper design means the hubs have no maximum spoke tension limit. Even without the low weight, a hub with no tension limit and a 5 year warranty is pretty impressive.

Take a look inside to see more details on the impressive hubs, and one unfortunate detail that will keep them from Americans for the time being…


Free Raven 3.0 Insoles with Every Pair of Lake MX331 Cross Shoes during January

AustinCXNationalsUSA Cyclocross Nationals have come and gone a little later than expected, but not before leaving us with some tremendous racing and hard fought battles. To all those feeling the ‘cross hangover, you can ease the pain by gifting yourself a pair of Lake’s MX331 cross shoe in preparation for next season. It’s as good a time as ever considering Lake and Stage Race Distribution are running a special promotion in honor of Nationals that runs until the end of the month. Purchase a pair of the cross specific shoes from your local Lake Dealer and SRD will throw in a pair of the heat moldable Raven 3.0 Fiberglass insoles for free.


Update: SRAM Corrects XX1 Black Rear Derailleur Photo, Confirms Only Color Changes


In our post introducing the new SRAM XX1 Black group, we reported that there were no mechanical changes to the group, only cosmetic. Some of our eagle-eyed readers noticed visible differences in some of the photos. Readers “zoso” and “steve” noticed that the pulleys looked different in the photo, lacking the “wide/narrow” tooth pattern and windows in the pulleys of the original.

We followed up with SRAM to see if they had made running changes to the derailleur. Duncan Riffle, SRAM MTB PR guy told us that the photos were incorrect in the launch, and re-issued the proper photo to us, shown above.

UPDATE: Some readers also noted that the mounting bolt appeared to be an allen key. Riffle said “the mounting bolt is a T-25 actually. The pictured image has a previous version used in older style XX1 Red (5mm Allen). It can be confirmed that new XX1 Black will have a T-25 just like XX1 Red.”

So while the photos may not be entirely correct, SRAM is stating again that there are no mechanical changes to the Black products over the red colored XX1 line.

UPDATE: Readers also noticing the “Type 2.1″ inscribed on the clutch, so we asked Riffle about that as well. “Regarding the Type 2.1 clutch, this is a simple running change implemented last year actually. Since  the introduction of our Type 2 rear derailleurs with Roller Bearing Clutches, we have made numerous improvements and small refinements.  The new Type 2.1 is the culmination of all these updates.” So, while Type 2.1 is something new, its not technically new to the XX1 Black group, as it appears to have already been in production on red colored XX1 groups for some time.

Thanks to our readers for being detailed in their viewing of the photos!

Stripes are Back as Trek Factory Racing Unveils New Team Kit


The 2015 pro peloton is shaping up to be one of the best dressed yet – or at least interesting. Cannondale has their new Green Argyle, Tinkoff Saxo has camo, neon yellow, and Sagan, and it looks like Trek still has their pinstripes. On the bottom half at least. Riding in on new Viper Red Trek bikes, the team will clad in rather smart looking black, white, and red combined with white helmets.

Promising to tell their fans first after asking their opinions on the design, Trek took to Instagram to unveil the design in a fairly clever way. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, check out the thumbnail composite after the break….


Need Winter Cycling Gloves? The Answer Sleestak 3 In 1 Mitts Are Severely Underrated

Answer Sleestak 3 in 1 winter mitt glove gloves cold weather (8)

I would assume that if you asked most cyclists why they don’t ride more in the winter, the answer would be two-fold. First, no one likes cold hands and feet and second? Quality winter gear is expensive. Given the fact that sometimes it feels like it takes longer to get dressed than the actual ride, it’s clear that cold weather cycling requires quite a bit more equipment.

When it comes to winter riding gloves, there is no shortage of options. However, if you need something seriously warm that is also affordable, the herd gets thin, quick. That’s why I am very happily surprised by the Answer Sleestak 3 in 1 mitts. Available for just $39.99, these might be the best winter gloves you’ve never heard of…


FOUND: 9point8′s Torque Keys Make Proper Bolt Torque Affordable & Easy


9point8, the Canadian company that brought us the Pulse Dropper Seatpost, has created another unique idea. This time, using the inherent flex in a set of long allen keys, they created a simple measurement device that uses that known flex, and correlates it to the torque needed to make it flex that much. This may seem like a very simple idea, but it is how most automotive torque wrenches work as well, they just add a scale to a long bar that flexes under the load.

Many cyclists don’t use a torque wrench when they should, and this can be because the wrenches are large, cumbersome, and can be expensive. But now, rather than claiming to all your buddies that your hand is calibrated within 1Nm, these simple wrenches are no different to use than a standard allen key, and can measure many more torque values than the pre-set clicking t-handles that can only measure a single torque value.

Best of all, they are affordable. Only the 4mm is available right now, and is listed at $8.99. They list the 3mm as coming soon, and we hope that others will follow soon after. Click past the jump for a short video showing how they are used, and the specs…