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Fuse Protection Gears Up For 2015 With New Site, New Line Of Echo MTB Pads


Fuse Protection is known for helmets, pads and gloves for the park market, and now they’re bringing their slim neoprene and cordura pads to the mountain.

Known as the Echo, the line will be a elbow pad, knee pad, and combo knee-shin pad made with SAS-TEC foam to protect your joints from impact. SAS-TEC is a soft and flexible viscoelastic foam with extreme impact absorption properties, and actually meets German standards for motorcycle protection. It’s layered inside a breathable perforated Duratex neoprene to create the pad, and then covers the back side with a dual layer of soft Lycra.

To celebrate the growth, they’ve launched a new website and a series of ride videos…


Kinomap Trainer Has Over 56,000 Training Sessions, Lets You Ride Indoors Anywhere In The World


Just released on a public beta version, the Kinomap Trainer integrates with compatible home trainers, and lets your virtually ride almost 50,000kms around the world. Kinomap’s app can integrate with Computrainer, Wahoo Kickr, Cycleops Powerbeam, and Elite trainers, as well as anything else out there by adding an external speed sensor.

There is a robust amount of features with the app such as maps, elevation plots, multiplayer modes, videos, calculated power, ride history, map searching, videos, virtual racing and TV mirroring, all in a simple interface.

The iOS version leads with multiplayer mode, workout reporting to Strava, Garmin connect and Training Peaks, all of which will also be coming to Android soon. The app is available in the Google play store for €5.99 a month.

Mission Workshop’s New San Francisco Digs, Plus A Sneak Peak at New Threads


For many years, Mission Workshop was based in a beautiful (albeit very small) workspace in the back of a dingy alley. Surrounded by some of San Francisco’s best dive bars, taquerias, and messenger scene, the company prospered.

To celebrate some well deserved growth, the company expanded from it’s original back alley location into an adjacent retail space - and into some prime real estate. The new storefront now opens onto Valencia Street, one of the most well trafficked streets in the heart of the cities bustling Mission District.

We were on hand for the opening party and caught a sneak peak at some new goods. Head past the break to read more… READ MORE ->

Brooks Extends Movember Auction, Own a One of a Kind Blue B17

Brooks Movember saddle auction (2)

Movember has come and gone, and while a larger portion of the mustaches have gone with it, the Brooks charity auction is still here. Originally announced last week, the auction has been extended until December 12th which means you can still get in your bid for this gorgeous custom B17 saddle. Bidding can be done at the Brooks B1866 store in Covent Garden, or you can email your bid to with “Movember Saddle Bid” in the subject. All proceeds will benefit men’s health initiatives.

The winner receives much more than just a saddle, details next…


Video: Cadence Raw Denim Cycling Jeans Continue to Work on and off the Bike

Need some new pants, but want something that is going to work on the bike? Cadence Denim was one of the first brands to offer cycling specific denim jeans when the brand was started by Dustin Klein in 2003. As a designer, artist, and most importantly an ex-messenger, Klein knew exactly what he wanted from a pair of jeans – namely something that would hold up. Not much has changed when it comes to the iconic jeans, but they did just release this video capturing the story behind the threads.

Made in Los Angeles out of raw denim, the original Cadence Raw Cycling Jeans use a Kabio stitch inseam, include 2% stretch for a bit of give when riding, a reinforced seat, and a tapered cuff so you don’t have to roll up your pant leg if you don’t want to. Other details include reflective accents, custom hardware, and double back pockets for carrying your U Lock all for $110. The Raw Denim jeans have been joined by what is now a large catalog of soft goods, riding kits, and accessories (including a few collaborations with brands like Ritchey).


Holiday Gift Ideas: Tyler’s Wish List


Each year, we put together our series of holiday gift guides disguised as our own wish lists. They’re also sort of like our version of an “Editor’s Choice” awards, only less formal. These are just the products we’ve seen and possibly tested this year that stood out in some way. Each of us have our own riding style, different terrain and unique preferences, but between us we represent a pretty good spread of the general cycling public. Each one is prefaced with a bit about us so you can see if your own style (or that of a favorite cyclist in your life) matches up.

I’m Tyler, and I like bikes. I ride road long and slow, XC mountain bike on flat-to-rolling singletrack with the occasional trip to the big mountains of Pisgah, NC, and my cyclocross bike sees use year ’round as a commuter, adventurer and generally fun bike to ride. I race only a few times a year, and only for fun, but I still like to see how well I can do and how far I can push myself and my equipment.


Gifts come and go, but experiences last a lifetime. So, topping our lists this year is the experience each of us would most like to have. For me, that’s a framebuilding class at Metal Guru. After meeting Vicious Cycles founder and Metal Guru owner Carl Schlemowitz at the Philly Bike Expo this year, his program stood out in that it brings in well known builders like Steve Bilenky and others to teach classes. Choose from steel welding or brazing and you’ll leave the 68-hour class with your own unique frame.


Halo Coating’s Reflective Powder Coat Now Available For Any Bike From Hub Powder Works



Halo Coatings is the the company that developed and patented the retro-reflective coating that’s used on the Mission Lumen. The bike that Mission kickstarted last spring was claimed as the world’s first retro-reflective production bicycle. Retro reflective refers to a material that reflects light directly back to its source, like road signs and Illuminite clothing.

Halo now has another new partnership as sort of a “next step” in making this technology available to people. Previously, the only way you could get this technology on your bike was to buy a Lumen; now, you can also get it added to your existing bike. Since it is a powder coat, it can be added to any bike, so long as it is entirely made of metal.

The new company is called Hub Powderworks, and they’re based in Boston, MA. For $599, they will strip and re coat your bike using this reflective paint, making sure you are seen at night. Currently only available in Zakim gray, the material is also a super strong coating, going about 7 times further than normal in the ASTM salt spray test.



Pactimo’s Latest Jersey for a Cause to Help Fight Ebola

r00219_ebola_jersey_front r00219_ebola_jersey_back

The Ebola scare might have magically faded away from front page news after the midterm elections, but unfortunately it hasn’t simply disappeared in West Africa. With death tolls continuing to climb especially in Sierra Leone, Pactimo is putting forth their latest Jersey for a cause as a way help.

While wearing the jersey might be a good way to continue to raise awareness for the issue, the real benefit comes from its sale. Pactimo has pledged to donate $30 from the sale of each jersey – a jersey that only costs $70 to begin with, to Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) and HOPE worldwide. Each Ascent jersey has a custom Fight Ebola design and is available in men’s or women’s cuts in many sizes.


A Pry Bar And Bolt Cutter Resistant Bike Rack Keeps Your Rig With You

The SCS Magnum is a bike rack that promises to be pry bar and bolt cutter resistant. Brainchild of Neil Johnson, he has been selling prototype racks in local bike shops around his home in Spokane, WA.

Based on the idea of a simple hitch rack that holds the top tube of the bike, the Magnum features a secure locking bar to wrap back around the bikes and keep them where you left them. This bar is said to be more resistant to theft than standard locking cables typical on hitch racks.

Currently featured on IndieGoGo, Johnson wants to raise money to get the new design into production. The Bonelocker is the prototype mostly shown, and the quality construction made locally to Spokane will carry through to the Magnum production version. Check out the details after the jump…